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  1. I have a relative who lives in this constituency. Actually she said people were shocked that Wood lost as he was a true representative. It is well known that the boys on the block got good money to vote for Brathwaithe. Wood used to attend every neighbourhood meeting in her area. They never saw Brathwaite at any of their meetings since he was elected until last month. He said he was busy and travelling. For four whole years?? Brathwaite will have a hard time this time around as even the boys on the block are blue vex with him and there is no CLICO money around this time to entice them to go and vote. His win was a fluke, he may not be able to repeat this time unless the Dems get access to the monies in FAMILIES FIRST account.

  2. @pringles
    If I were the only one brathwaite would have half of a chance 🙂

    Wood needs convincing. The loss last time stung. He stands a great chance at redemption but as they say “once bitten twice shy”

    Brathwaite has been a disappointment in the constituency. Almost reminiscent of another SPS representative 3 cycles back.

    Care to surprise us with specific reasons why??

  3. Ruby Park/Union Dev. holds the key to who wins in St.Philip South.At this point in time Wood is being asked to run again, last time he made the same mistake they all make. Frundel Stuart was very popular when he won but then even though he lives in the area, he stopped mixing with the people, Wood did the same, now Brathwaite follows in the same path. St Philip on the hold is a strange parish, they can make you and break you in a hurry, ask Cappy?

  4. Wood was taken out in the swing in 2008, nothing to be ashamed of. Bear in mind Brathwaite helped Wood to campaign in 2003 and would have been familiar to the constituents.

  5. @Observing(and polling)
    When politicians get defeated, they must not go to those whom supported them and ask back for gifts they gave. Take it from me, the youth will not vote for Wood. If you really know St.Philip South, you should know that Brathwaite is well liked in Union Dev. Ruby has changed a lot so I can not honestly tell you , in my opinion, how Ruby will swing.

    Point is that the youth vote is critical. The Scout has described St.Philip as a strange parish. I agree with him to an extent. It is very strange to those whom do not understand that St.Philip, for the most part, has a huge percentage of independence and many of these are young people. St.Philip also tends not to suffer fools gladly. If you represent the parish and think you can isolate yourself from people or treat them with scorn and escape, you lie!

    Anyway, I am no expert and I can be wrong on this one. I have been wrong in the past. LOL! But best person to run against Brathwaite is Mona.

  6. David of BU,

    You have to make an amendment.

    Roger Smith was up to challenge Dr. Estwick in St. Philip West.

    Roger Smith was NOT up to challenge Adriel Brathwaite in St. Philip South.

  7. paragraph 2 line 4–should be huge percentage of ‘independents’. Just meking de correction in case any body get cornfuse.

  8. Oilman
    The thing is, will the youth vote? I also agree with you, Mona is a worthy candidate and would challenge Adrial greatly or even win the seat.

  9. @The Scout
    I understand your point about the reliability of the youth vote. However, if the money is flowing in the North, which I suspect it will be (LOL), you can see a spill-over into the south and hence an energetic youth movement. I have witnessed this phenomenon before.

    Now, in this regard, Michael Lashley can become the king maker for the Dems. A lot therefore depends on DLP strategy and collaborative abilities. Odds are that the BLP will win neither St.Philip North nor St Philip West. I think most would agree with this view.

    However, St.Philip South is in play if the BLP goes with Mona. Her work with the youth, as she was heavily involved in netball for years, will serve her well. She is well known and does not come across as an arrogant, self seeking individual like others who wish to take on Brathwaite.

  10. @oilman
    Is this mona alleyne you refer to?

    Could the bios be placed as links instead of full text? This would cut down on scrolling and avoid the “illusion” that one candidate is “on top” of the other. No pun intended 🙂

    St. Philip is interesting. “Shady” lashley, “silent for now expected more by this time estwick”, and “should be glad he get in far less get mek AG” Adriel.

    Oilman is right, west and north are locked. Brathwaite will need lashley and estwick if he’s to stand a chance against anyone.

    Also, re youth vote, for those who choose (or don’t want) to admit it, the majority of the 2008 youth vote was all about David Thompson, full stop. The Dems have not and maybe cannot harness that again, and definitely not with FS at the top.

    Youth advantage – BLP or neutral (neutral is bad for the DLP by the way)

  11. Well yes, in that case Brathwaite will have a hard time. And nothing related to party, politics or government.

    Poor fella.

  12. It seems Brathwaite will now certainly follow in the tradition of his ministerial predecessor where SPS is concerned.

    Just observing

  13. Yes the St. Philip South went BLP in the 90’s but St. Philip generally leans DLP. If the BLP wants to regain this seat they would have to do lots and be very inspirational. They dont even have a candidate for St. Philip South and its soon July. I have a strong feeling that Brathwaithe will get back in. He is strong in Union/Ruby and surrounding areas. He will certainly get my vote.

  14. Ha Ha ha……stuppesss pun you boi…..D Master just letting the seat catch lil air…..and you waana touch um….lol

  15. @ TJ
    A lil birdie informs Adriel old office has always been cleaned and kept spic n span for his return to the Harbour Rd……the girls also miss him..lil sparrow tweets.

    • Adriel won by less than 300 votes in 2008. Do we feel that he has done enough on the ground to counter a swing away from government? Probably not but how much will be the swing?

  16. Bad boys does have to run when the sheriff in town…..I hear of 5%…all the 300 voters gone..Donville, Adriel, Esther, John,and plenty others…

  17. @David
    Looking like Wood in SPS. Not sure about West but Estwick has publicly started his strategy there already so he should be ok regardless. And, no, I don’t Brathwaite withstanding a swing,

    Though St. Philip is more generous to the DLP, remember what they SPS did to a one termer in 1999 even though the seat had NEVER went BLP.before. I don’t think they’d think twice about doing it again to Adriel, particularly when the one termer now leads the DLP and the country and will be fresh in their minds. Plus, familiarity is a powerful emotion

    Conventional thought says Wood should have won in 2008, but that’s how things go. Brathwaite will have a hard time against any one that comes unless he publicly and frequently aligns with Lashley and Estwick as well as distances himself from the man who gave him his job.

    predicting a swing is tough with the amount of uncertains and won’t says. Won’t know until a date has been set. But, the amount not voting along household lines as they did in 2008 says alot.

  18. @Observing
    People in St.Philip who were ‘in the know’ were not surprised by Wood’s defeat in 2008. Wood thought that school hampers and promises could secure a win despite the negatives he indulged himself in. And don’t ask me what negatives I refer to. If yah ent know yah just ent know.

  19. The reality is this. I am a youth from St. Philip South. I am not one of those who received money from any of the contestants for support but I can tell you this. In all my life, all of the infastructural improvements St. Philip South has received in recent times came when Wood and by extension the BLP were in power. St. Philip South seemed to be non existant before Wood and after he lossed. Wood might not have done something for everyone personally but things were done in St. Philip South that everyone could have benefitted from. For example, it was during Wood reign that the Oistins to College Savannah bus started travelling through Foul Bay and that really assisted alot of folks in the Foul Bay/Rices area. Also, the road through Foul Bay and various side roads were paved. Most of the districts in St. Philip South are now well lit at night, thanks to Wood. Just before he left office, St. Philip South received a modern sporting facility at Rices outfitted with lights. And note that St. Philip West in the area of Brereton and St. Philip North in the area of Hilda Skeene had a sporting facility for a number of years before. Anthony Wood sponsored an annual cricket competition that encouraged community organisation. This competition was popular and was always well attended at all grounds where matches were played and an event which St. Philip South looked forward to. Adriel Brathwaite’s term compared to what went before him, cannot be compared. He hasn’t done enough or lived up to the hype that won him the seat. I believe the youth went with the notion of “time for change” and all the “hand outs” they received last election, but the youth and by youth I am also referring to the boys on the block, aren’t stupid. The difference in performance between Adriel and Wood are clear to see. It’s left to be seen if the youth exercise their right to do what is right for them.

  20. Are we only concerned about ‘winning the seat’? No wonder politicians treat us as they do. When any politician comes to my door, I don’t want ‘nuttin’ from him/her. All I want to find out is what are their plans for the contituency and my dear beloved island. We need to stop being so selfish and narrow minded and think of our nation – who are the people to run the affairs of Barbados with responsibility and accountability. I also want to know something of their character, not reputation, since they are supposed to be representing me. Chees-on-bread, man.

  21. St.Philip Youth, the mistake that many politicians make is that they think that once they build a little structure or put up two or three street lights, that such deeds give them the right to do as they please in other areas of social endeavour, like trying to behave like a ‘wuk for wuk politician’. I have been around long enough to know that St.Philip is not like St.George or St.Michael.

    I put it to you, St.Philip Youth, that it was the votes of about three St.Philip families alone that took out Anthony Wood. I think it was some ancient philosopher who warned politicians to leave the women of constituents alone. Anyway, lemme tell you, even some of his own branch members voted against him in the last general election. So you can talk about the things Wood did, but you should also talk about the things he did that I am sure he would wish to forget and the things he did that caused many of his branch members to vote against him.

    This belief that once you build a little building and give away a few hampers gives you the right to behave like some heartless Lord over all or some come yuh village ram should never be allowed to stand!

  22. Ok Oilman, i heard all you points. But honestly can you say that Adriel’s performance is better than Wood’s when a thorough comparison is done? I think not. Adriel hasn’t done anything at all. Where Wood left St. Philip South is just where it is now. No kind of development at all.

  23. St .Philip Youth, I heard your points too. Reality is that St.Philip South is not exactly the worst off of the constituencies. Tell this forum what is needed in St. Philip South. What is it that you wish for Adriel Brathwaite to do? You cannot expect him to go and undo what Wood did just to reinvent the wheel so he can claim he did more than Wood.

    In other words, a representative can only build on what has be done before. In some cases, a representative may find that the needs of a given constituency are not really structural but more personal, whereby individuals are in need of jobs or assistance with personal matters etc. I am merely interested in having a representative who can truly represent me in terms of strength of character and a moral standing that is at least of some note. I do not beg any of them for anything.

    Look, my daughter was taught by Wood at U.W.I. Now Wood as far as I know is a trained economist and not even Owen had enough faith in Wood to put Wood to use in a ministry that reflects his obvious expertise. When Owen has his talks on economic matters, do you ever see Wood at the table? This says a lot.

    It seems to me that a big enough swing against the government will see many DLP held seats change hands. So whoever the BLP puts to run should definitely win in St Philip South. Although I am of the view that if Wood runs, it will be much closer than if Mona is given the nod. Again I don’t support any party and it is neither here nor there with me, but I prefer to have a representative that brings a certain measure of dignity and respect to the office.

    I know Mona because my daughter would have come under her ‘wing’ while playing netball. I was very surprised to hear that she had any interest in politics. Be that as it may, as St. Philip South stands now and with the state of politics in this country we need representatives that can restore some sense of dignity and honour to offices at all levels held in this country.

    The perfect alternative is to have a third, fourth or fifth party, or a party of independent candidates who wish to change the way politics is practiced in this country but that may not happen in my life time. Next best thing is to support candidates who at least have a clean slate and who at least intend to bring that level of honour to the office they wish to hold.

    Many don’t understand that people are really fed up with politics in this country. It is clear that many on this forum are well aware but many partisan yard fowls and party members do not get it. Many people have told me they are not voting. Tell yah de truth, despite my position as presented here, I don’t intend to vote either. I does vote with me mouth and that is why I writing this ting hay.

  24. @St. Philip Youth & Oilman, do you guys go to the SPS constituency meetings? Brathwaithe did a constituent’s report in 2010 and another I believed in June. If you were really that interested you would of gone and see what he did. Just because you are not seeing something done with the naked eye doesnt mean that nothing is being done. Here’s two: RDC repaired lots of people’s houses; Roads were and still are being done (a lot borders with St. Philip West). I am also a ‘youth voter’ that voted for DLP (aint know nothing about money being given away).

    Do you remember what George Payne said about the people of SPS? He said ‘If the people of SPS want something they have to vote BLP’. So I guess that’s how Wood got in. Its a known fact that if your representative is in opposition, it will be harder to get stuff done in your constituency.

  25. http://bajan.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/the-violet-beckles-affair-separating-fact-from-fiction-part-i/#commentsAUD


  26. @St. Philip Youth,
    If what you have stated in your first post was true, why did Mr. Wood disappear after the last elections? If his true wishes was to serve the people, why did he turn his back on his constituents when he lost? Even if he took a break, as one would expect, but a complete hiatus for five years and now looking to come back because things are heating up. No one will take him serious..what will he say to us…”Hey, I am back?” When Mr. Wood was the representative in Parliament for my constituency, he completed the road from just above Gemswick to Diamond Valley. It is noted that Gemswick is considered a DLP stronghold, however, he was a representative of the whole area and not the part that he choose. Points to note that his constituency office is in Crane, just below the Diamond Valley area. So in essence, Mr. Wood ensured that his drive to and from his office was smooth, while other members of the area had to endure the bad roads of Gemswick to get home. Because of this lack in judgement, an alternate route was sought which is an area for constant accidents, (not holding Mr. Wood responsible, but there is always a reaction to folly). The same was done with Natural Gas pipelines and sidewalks….there is a lengthy list.
    Mr. Wood was voted out because he, like other members in his party, were complacement and didn’t have any respect for the people who made it possible for him to be at the level that he was at.
    Now, to say that Mr. Brathwaite didn’t do anything for the constituency within the last five (5) years, that would be untrue. I am young member from St. Philip South and I refute that claim. There is nothing wrong with supporting your party, just don’t lower yourself to the level of speaking untruths.
    You are correct, the constituency doesn’t have to depend heavily on the services of government and can actually hold their own.
    I agree with you and the problem comes when people keep using the label “The Youth’ to make a statement.
    You shouldn’t shortchange the constituents of St. Philip South, that is one constituency that does not depend on cornbeef and biscuits politics.

  27. @Leanne

    Well said. How comes every time this Anthony Wood speak he got to be telling de public that all is forgiven and he kiss and mek up wid de ppl in
    St. Philip South? LOL . Guilty conscience?! I really had no plans on voting but since them bring back de dead Wood I go have to vote for de dems as a form of protest!

  28. Chalk and cheese…..persons that are not from Sps should not comment on this thread…I have not seen one Mr.Brathwaite since the last election and I hope to never see him again. He has done nothing for my constituency, to the person that commented and said we don’t see everything that is done…this is not a case of Jesus Christ where I can’t see him but I still believe. Give me a break! Those who voted against Wood last time should be ashamed……

  29. Interesting to see Harold Hoyte in Today’s paper call St.philip South fuh de Dems. LOL. I still believe de BLP shoulda run Mona instead. In all my years I never see a representative cuss de constituents like how Wood cuss and get on when he get beat in 2008. Tekking back things he give de young ppl and even asking back de woman that give he a jacket baby fuh de things he give to she. Now he telling ppl he sorry. LMAO.

  30. @Damani

    Once again if you all wanted to know what Brathwaithe did you should of gone to the two constituency report meetings.

  31. Why should it be a big deal to explain what Brathwaite has done in the constituency? A check on the website lists that he lays claim to building houses, a couple parks, a breakfast program and otherwise improving the social and physical infrastructure in St.Philip South.

  32. For me the interesting thing is the Freundel who was supposed to be a liability in the election now seems like an asset, while Arthur seems a drag on the BLP.

  33. Brathwaite has been a non representative. Wood has been a “man scorned” loser. This one is a toss up with a lean towards the DLP although it has nothing to do with Brathwaiee’s accomplishments or work.

    Just Observing

  34. @Observing(…)
    That is why I put de case earlier on that Mona was the best person to run up here in St.Philip. If de BLP loses this election I think poor candidate selection must be seen as one of the factors.

    I tell wunnah de BLP should have run MONA ALLEYNE instead! How could the BLP in good conscience bring back a man who curse the good people of St.Philip because they sought, at that time (2008), to send him a message of repudiation via the ballot box? I told them early o’clock to send MONA but them wanted WOOD so tek de result you get in St.Philip South! Congrats to the DLP. You did far better than I thought you would.

  36. Oilman,
    The youth of SPS have spoken. You have been correct from the start despite the untruths being spoken by all those critics. We have not forgotten or forgiven Mr. Wood and don’t want him to ever come back.

    As a youth person using your blog, your submissions and submissions by some of friends against the govt have been so biased and have been used by our group to teach the younger ppl not to allow persons with prejudice views to lead them astray. It has now been viewed that the BU is the soapbox for the BLP and can’t be trusted to having neutral opinions even if the fellow bloggers held their own view. You will now to rated along with the National newspaper as full of propaganda and will have to work hard to earn any creditability in our eyes. As the youth have spoken against the BLP, we have now place your blog on notice.

    To all other naysayers,
    We the youth of SPS, stand by Mr. Brathwaite and plan to work with him to make our constituency even better than it is currently.

  37. @Leanne
    I am glad the DLP prevailed in St.Philip. For the BLP to send back a man like Wood after how he treated the young people of St.Philip South was a gross error.
    I also noticed a little bias on BU’s part. I agree with Leanne. This election showed me that the management of this blog is really in the BLP corner. Yes you allow all and sundry, of whatever political colour to voice a view but when the election got into full swing, I noticed that BU’s management declared its hand. That’s your right to do but please recognise that we out here now see in which corner BU stands

  38. @Oilman

    Believe what you will. BU like many believed the BLP would have won the election. So what is your point?

    Wood was beaten by about 300 votes despite of the fact Brathwaite was a less than a stellar candidate. What does this tell you.

    BU was proDLP in 2008 and according to you proBLP in 2013. It would be great if we were to be pro(someotherparty) come next election.

    What is evident to BU is that nothing much has changed as far as politics is concerned.

  39. @Oilman

    in all fairness, David tries to be balances in his presentations. Smoetimes he deliberately write or say thinks to evoke discusssions. Sometimes he and I would agree on issues, as well as disagree and when we reach a stale mate we would agree to disagree.

    LOL. I did not say that David does not try to be balanced. I did not say that David was proDLP in 2008 and proBLP in 2013. I also believed the BLP would have won the election. I said just what I said and that is, that I noticed a bias. From what I see Leanne has noticed this bias as well.

  41. @OILman

    the politicains read this blog. Let us put forward some ideas for the development of this country, after all we have to live here. Something I want the Ministry of tourism to concentrate and develop a policy on community tourism as one of its development strategies

    I want to see those overseas missions evaluteted to determine whether we are getting a retun on invesment, after doing swot analysis..

  42. @David
    Oh yeah. De voice of de people is de voice of God. After all you say bout Brathwaite, de people chose Brathwaite as their representative! What does that tell you about WOOD?

  43. I don’t know who has give you the right to speak on behalf of the youth of SPS. I certainly did not vote for the man who said he keeps in contact by Facebook and he didn’t know he had to come out and interact, that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. This will be Mr. Brathwaite’s last run, if it was up to me, he wouldn’t even have been barely given this one (yeah he barely got this one). I single handedly will make sure of this. Not sure if he is one that passed money, but I would hate to know that SPS youth prefers to get fish as oppose to learning how to fish. Don’t bother to reply because I’ve said what I have to say.

  44. Just shows my theory about Bajans loving bad treatment; you don’t like the blog but you keep coming back for more lmao. You don’t like that things are so expensive but” cuh dear it was the recession, give dem more time” is just like ” cuh dear he only hit her once, he just looking out for her best interest”.

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