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  1. Ding ding ding. The battle is on.

    Many “below surface” variables will come into play here but the edge definitely goes to Stuart.

  2. @david

    Dirty and expensive. The tide of victory will not hinge on Lynch nor Stuart but on “surrounding, local” factors. Were I a Bee (maybe I am 🙂 ) I would put copious time and resources here….

  3. Observing (and polling). You got me on this one. I was searching for the slightest reason for you deciding on Stuart but fail to understand your rationale. Bayland people are down to earth and talk bajan. Stuart will have to alter his vocab to relate to real bajan terminology which he constantly overlook. Just picture him being bombarded by an unkempt individual trying to hug and kiss him? Oh what a sight.

    • @TMW

      Stuart will garner some votes by virtue of being PM. Lynch has some bouncers he will have to hook, duck or get lick down.

  4. @TMY
    It’s more an understanding of the dislike for Lynch than the “virtues” and “down to earthedness” of the PM. As I said, their victory will not be of their doing but dependent on others and “other things”….at this exact moment, it’s Stuart by a head.

  5. David. The only bouncer that Stuart can bowl at Lynch is the overplayed talk about a visa which up to now we have no confirmation from the Embassy. Remember the umpire in this match is the voters. This is no Bye Election, Every man jack got to pilot his own destiny.

    • @TMW

      Stuart may not have to bowl the bouncer while standing at the non striker’s end.

  6. @david
    Stuart has a delicate balancing act to play for the first time. He has to fight for his seat (which no other PM’s have had to, barring Bree) and, he has to maintain and improve a national personal and party image. This is no small feat even for the best of politicians, far less one whose perception in the public eye is less than “inspirational and far reaching.”

    I believe this will be his challenge moreso than Lynch himself, who will have time, money and opportunity to whittle away at those 800 odd votes from 2008.

    Mathematical thought for the day.. a loser by 800 votes in 2008 only needs to get 401 votes turned around to draw even.

    Advantage – Stuart, BUT, changing national conditions could affect that.

  7. WHY did the SLOTH of the South fire the MOUTH of the South as deputy Prime Minister ???

    The real Battle in this election will be fought between the SLOTH of the South and the MOUTH of the South

  8. There is a exhaustive laundry list from which Stuart can pick to immobilise Lynch. A few examples Lynch announced his retirement from politics. The world cup fiasco was Lynch’s baby. The lies told to the public on the world cup would fill the Three W’s stand. Recession hit taxpayers still paying for the Carnival cruise ship madness Lynch arranged and on and on. Stuart could ask Obadele Thompson and Adrain Loveridge to speak on his platform.

  9. @george
    It’s not how much votes Lynch can lose, its how much votes Stuart can secure (y) preferably without breaking a “sweat”

  10. It appears PM Stuart has used the constituency meeting of his most loyal supported to fire up the political rhetoric. Look forward the PM becoming increasingly active in the weeks ahead.

  11. @David
    “Look forward the PM becoming increasingly active in the weeks ahead.”

    The observation shouldn’t be just the activity, but the “where” and “to who” of the activity.

  12. Boys I can picture it now…..Mr. Latin Lingoed makes a long, cool EZ boy walk across Bayland pasture and heads for home…it is 1.30 PM ..and the results are in…In the background, I can see Barney Boys jumping and skinning cuffings all bout D pasture….Stuart unmoved…thoughts..” Had only I did handled the CLICO matter differently…..had only did I not turn around them teachers….Had only I read or pretend to have read…. the Judicial Report..I won’t have been seen as arrogant..sniff sniff.
    Now dis…..stupesssss.

  13. One of the main points in this area is how Stuart has performed as an MP. The word on the streets is that Stuart works in his riding and does not come around the people. He does not respond to the needs of the people . You may get away with that some places but not all . He should have a word with Liz Thompson about neglect and he may get to understand. With all his faults foilbles and failings Barney has proven to be there for his people and the support is there . This area is like man rejected by a woman and now she is sorry. Would do anything to show remorse. Stuart is a waste.

  14. @ttf
    Hence he will be judged three times! As an MP, as the PM and as the man that was supposed to do better than Barney. Difficult task….not impossible though.

  15. People on this blog keep going about Noel Lynch, the World Cup and empty cruise ships.

    How quickly people forget. The fact of the matter is that Pakistan and India got knocked out of the Cup in the first round, we had the murder of the Pakistan manager which sent panic and distress through the whole Cup. The Pakis and Indians who had all booked to come to the Caribbean cancelled and did not come. What else you all wanted the government to do when they had to have all the arrangements in place? The ICC were hard on the local organising committees to have all arrangements in place.

    History has a strange way of repeating itself. Freundel Stuart has never won a seat twice. Noel Lynch defeated a PM of the DLP before. Sandi was aloof with his constituents, it is widely reported that Freundel is the same, history may yet repeat itself.

    Added to all this, another incumbent government lost yesterday in a landslide.

  16. This constituency is one that requires a representative that links with and connects to the ehart of the people. One person is bland, and the other you love or hate. One is esoterical, one is practical, doer and go-getter. However the people in this constituency have suffered from the bad policies of this gov’t. It has cost them their jobs, cost of living is killing them, ease of access to health care and proper drugs has been affected, gas prices and light bills murdering the people. Seriously does anybody genuinely think that this gov’t can win back or Stuart hold his seat. Nice man, a good man, but is that enough. The people will vote and I tell you it is a washout for the Dems. On the ground all over this country people are saying they cannot give the Dems their vote and that is coming from the Dems.

  17. Stuart has played the same game he played in St Philip South, he lost then and he stands a good chance of losing now.could be the EAGER 11 would do the same thing Tom did to Bree to get the rid of him. Secondly, having Stuart as the leader means he CANNOT leave his constituency too often to help any other candidate and this can be a problem for the DLP. The mistake Stuart made is his failing to resign from his South seat and run in St John’s safe seat, now every turkey has to fight for his/her own craw


    The DLP brought Barbados to its economic and political knees starting in 1986 with the RICHIE HAYNES BACKRAISE BUDGET and give-aways that the Bree St. John led BLP had indicated the country could not afford.
    By 1988 , Barrow was. Sandiford stuttered and Richie Haynes Bolted. The Budget of 1988 was described by Richie Haynes as A BACKSTREET ABORTION. In the 1991 election campaign at Eastmond Corner, Sandiford declared that the economy was batting like Sir Garfield Sobers, two weeks later gave away 33 million dollars to retired civil servants who disposed of the money on consumer durables and the country was pushed into a hole further with the 8 % salary
    cut. Many persons lost ‘things’ in the most sordid and darkest period of our recent history. Man I could go on but I dont have to justify anything . To France wid you and your crap.We made a mistake in 2008 due to lies and deceit from the DLP and voted against a wonderful party and Government. We will correct this whenever ‘Mr. SLOTHFUL’ call elections. Simple !


  19. Donville Inniss was just invited to speak at that meeting so that the P.M could embarrass him. The question about Sir Roy was arraigned, the P.M spoke first, then Inniss tried eating stale humble pie. Was this the same Inniss that was so vocal on the topic in the House?

  20. Scout; One wonders what is the strategy here. Why does the PM consistently try to embarass and humiliate his Ministers in Public? Anyone recalls that he did it to Donville Inniss after that Minister’s implementation of a policy that (he said) saved the Government 12 million dollars? Remember also during the heat of the eager 11 affair he had Chris Sinckler tagging along with him and again embarrasing himself after it seems that he might have been forced to give a self incriminating interview to the Nation and declare that he had no prime ministerial ambitions?

  21. @check it out
    you presume that a strategy exists. It was unfortunate given Donville’s statements from the parliament floor. Stuart would have had opportunities to state his views. Even if he feels the way he did it was the stridency and emphatic nature with which he publicly spoke completely counter to the known opinion of his guest speaker and fellow minister.

    Only two big fish left to embarass now, let’s see how long that takes (y)

  22. I watched Stuart address his constituents last night on CBC News…..I never saw more disgruntled faces at a meeting……I also heard the cry..”We have nothing to apologize for as a pep talk .”
    Seems it didn’t work this time……Talk bout people did vex..

  23. Ole Barney Rubble must be practicing somersaults early after reading this morning’s Nation…..Stuart unmoved.

  24. SMS has now officially become election Ground Zero. Whether Lynch intended it or not he’s -now the defacto tip of the spear.

    If he and the BLP wins, it’s all over with a new government and LOTO..
    If he wins but the DLP marginally wins, we’ll have a new PM.
    If he barely loses but the BLP wins, we’ll have a new LOTO
    If he loses but damages Stuart enough and his party wins, he’ll get the sweets.

    None of these scenarios look good for PM Stuart. Desperate times call for drastic action.

    • We know that the late David Thompson used social media to good effect. Stuart appears to not be that way disposed. The BLP has learned from the last general election and has ramped it up on Facebook and BLP surrogates are trolling BU, good for them. In contrast the DLP is playing catch up. How we bury the lesson of the past.

  25. Observer
    Talk cheap……..words to deaf ears…..Stuart remains unmoved. You can poster all you like…Stuart unmoved,,,lol.

  26. Interesting that Lynch has come down on the right side of the REDjet issue according to the poll. How will this help him in the riding? Hmmm

  27. Lynch’s success will depend on

    A) the BLP’s ability to link national frustration and constituency doubts
    B) the amt of time and resources he’s prepared to spend. He spent more in 99 than 94, and less in 08 than 03. The results speak for themselves
    C) from what a little birdie has been tweeting in some trees there are local factors that could give him an edge or take away Freundel’s. Time will tell.

    I’m waiting to hear if there are any more tweets.

  28. I could not help but notice the PM Stuart recieved the notice of the poll with phelegmatic serenity. I could not help but wonder if the people in the Bay Land and Brittons Hill will note that Stuart does not care about what the people say. He will go on without reference to their feelings. He does not care about the people . he cares only for himself and the people of the South will deal with him in their phlegmatic defiance.

  29. BTW
    Nobody aint talk bout Sunday’s parlance…..Cappy bring down the house..Wood…hard as leather…sticking eva…IT WAS A GOOD
    ONE…700 strong….the best part it did only a SPOT MEETING…..
    Chk the BAYland this Sunday….it gine B a riot !

    FIREWORKS…come to town !

  30. The BLP is clearly rolling out its ground game while the DLP tries to cross off items on the government’s agenda…attendance and enthusiasm at this stage will provide a good gauge. Seems like Wood is making up his minds. SPS should move from undecided to BLP if he does….

  31. Wood like Hard Wood……..TIGHT!…Nuff ah DEM wild boys..better seek a obeah man….like like…$ 2,400 a pop….green candles selling like man I hear. BIG FISH gine toooooooooo.

  32. old onions,
    You make me laugh so much, you really have sense of humour. That sure was a good meeting last Sunday. Tell the Dems Kerry’s joke that brought the house down. That was sweet, sweet, sweet. I was telling all my friends of it this week. Good stuff. See you in Beckles Road tonight!

  33. Battle lines will be draw out clearly in another 4 hrs…..Gauntlet will be dropped….on a square hole..Battle for the Bayland begin….miss this at your own peril….Ovseas-er …view BLPTV….for blow by blow commentary….

  34. A little levity but did anyone see Barney in his RED shirt on the iMc coverage today? The CBC management probably thought of switching to NBC…lol.

    Mey yet turn out to be a savvy move by the tourism man.

  35. If elections are called now ,the Dems will lose,if elections are called at or near the end of the term,they will still lose…..any sensible person would therefore go as” close to the bone ” as possible….pay days are sweet !

  36. The BLP is set to assume the reins of Government once again come tomorrow January 25, 2013. The BLP under the leadership of party leader Owen Arthur completely destroyed the DLP under the leadership of Freundel Suart. The final election result shows the BLP winning 29 seats , the DLP GAINING NO SEATS and an independent candidate, a former member of the DLP winning the other seat Meanwhile former Prime Minister Stuart who lost his seat to a returning Noel Lynch said that he would retire from elective politics.

    The final result in the election is as follows:

    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

    November 25, 2012 at 11:07 am


    BLP and DLP same Massive Fraud PONZI team. Owen as PM and Mia as AG and David Simmons as AG and CJ . Along with Sir C.O Williams, Sir Richard L.Cheltenham , DE Fraud Barbados . These good Crooks is no better than Madoff and Sir Stanford.
    If you all think that the only PONZI was done in the United States think again. What ever happens in America come to Barbados next.This is now Barbados turn to feel the pain of Massive Fraud by this group. BUT the true owners of the land have a Plan to fix.

    Freedom of Information Act was talked by the DLP.
    Once in Office they see why they can not or will not pass it.
    If they pass it now All of Barbados will see the truth
    Audit of the Island Books will show that the records have been re- written and books and pages missing from the Island History.
    Archives and land Registry ram sacked , hidden , removed papers to hide what Some did ,and others covered up for gains in there over seas off shore bank accounts. Both BLP and DLP living well above their means.
    Beatrice Henry 1892-1985 Will to Violet Beckles 1918-2010 Will to her Heirs.
    After probate in 28of1986 done by Sir Sleepy Smith , Sir Cheltenham was given the Plantation Deeds to Ascent in the name of Violet Beckles.
    Sir Ham kept the deeds and told Violet Beckles he cant find them.Sir Ham then went in to business with C.O Williams.The 18 page statement signed with the Police Fraud Squad in 2009.Police took copies of over 90 Percent of the Information including Plantation deeds .
    When Violet died Aug 23rd 2010 and the PM David died Oct 23rd 2010 the police stop looking .

    The web site http://www.plantations.bb was remove this year 2012 that was to show who owned Plantation and Slaves in Barbados from 1630 to modern times 2012. .
    C.O Williams listed as to own 1 plantation cane field 238 acres. If even that is to be true.
    In 1756 on the Maps of Barbados the Maps will show 2 plantations in the name of Agard and 3 in the name of Jemmot. The Family names of Beatrice and Violet.Those name do not show up in any records of Barbados.Inland Revenue even remove Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles from there records hoping no one will look or ask for them.
    The so-called 10 greatest Bajan and the Two Queens of Barbados not even listed as even being on the Island , The birth papers and the death papers are here and the same graves at St Mary’s Church in the City.
    The massive Fraud was looked in to and report confirmed the truth . covered up 2002 report called it a Massive Fraud.
    Moving The Land To Please was always heard on the TV and radio by C O Construction .
    This is why the BLP and Now the DLP have to sell over priced land to overseas people and Investors.
    Why people claim they dont know whos the owner are. Law One , All land have an Owner.
    1630 we knew 1730 we knew, 1830 we knew, 1913 we knew 1920 we knew 1926 Beartice Henry bought up 200 to 300 of the over 400 Plantations that makes up All of Barbados and of that 231 Sugar Plantation listed.
    Most whites leave the Island during WW1 and WW2 sold their Plantations, as sugar prices fell, at Auction by D”Arcy Scott.As far back as we see to Beatrice Henry.The records show us from 1926 to 1978 recorded on print out of 1980 and other Deeds showing 1926 and the next 50 years. The Family of H.W Clarke worked for Beatrice Henry for over 50 years as surveyors.
    Next CLICO.its Also clear to us that the BOOKS of CLICO was stuffed with the Plantations to boost the PONZI bottom line. To fool investors to come in with there money like British America .. 9%return on your money and the Banks was at 3%?
    The Al Barrack deal also build in the Lands of this Estate, not paid for, High Court not paid for, Oval not paid for, ABC high way not paid for, Oil in the not paid for, All dealing with land.
    This is Why things are the way they are , looking into this from 2007 front page news over 200 sites found , By DEED ALONE HIGH COURT move against land fraud. Printed but nothing was done as you see investors leaving the island for there are no CLEAR titles to be found,
    New RULES on FRAUD, OH hide it with lies for 20years and now you have GOOD title ,,NOT , Still Fraud, need clear title ,The brake in title between the Land Registry and the Archives is 20 to 30 year GAP , Most lawyers to make the land deal or sale will only go to 20 year and be done.
    Today the PM area is Brittons Hill area or the Baylands? The deed we have is for 286 acres and there is no listing for this plantation in records of Barbados , Ghost Plantation and there is more not even listed.
    Violet paid over 50 lawyers for more than 20 years to lie to her and then take from her deeds
    Land Tax Mr Ford , land tax number moved to other names with out deeds, Mr Cummings with the UDC land Bank with no deeds. Inland rev wiped names off list, Banks Kept her funds or missing, Water company turn on water for crook to make money of rentals but not the owners with deeds,
    The Estate is to have 4000 house ? and all other built buy application and with out Permission of the Owners.
    Any Questions? Ask who you look to VOTE for If they cant answer then they are Lying
    Sorry to Much to LIST.
    Ask your question here? or in Person
    posted also on BU

  38. Barbados currently has a Cabinet that invests more time and energies into naming and renaming places, institutions inclusive of schools and other facilities than on thinking how best can Barbados emerge from its downward social and economic trajectories. I am amazed that the Prime Minister endorses this clear abuse of power and misuse of human resources when everyone else in Barbados is struggling and barely surviving; I almost forgot that sleeping is not unfamiliar to him. The DEMS must be sent packing! VOTE NOEL LYNCH and save Barbados from fumbling away those things built by our forefathers.

  39. I am new to this section. Why is this profile of the two not balanced? We have a full thing on the PM and nothing really on Noel.

    • @Roverp

      At the time this page was built Lynch’s bio was not updated on the BLP website. It is now, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  40. Lynch after all that nasty talk ,I hope we never meet, and you to be better choice than the PM ?
    Talk the facts and the truth,


  41. Mitt Romney is a wealthy man, one of the wealthiest men ever to run for president [United States] but lacked money early in his campaign, and he never really recovered. The search for cash led him to a Florida mansion for a private fundraiser where Mr. Romney secretly recorded remarks that 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes. That remark damaged his campaign, that and another “binders full of women”. Moreover, the truth about his Bain Capital company damaged both his character and campaign. In the end, Mr. Romney lost nearly every swing state and ultimately the election.
    The DLP since 2008 seemingly does not know what they are doing, have contributed nothing of significant but possibly could not contribute nothing of significant simply because the BLP before them didn’t know what in the hell they were doing. Bajans during the BLP administration got Kensington Oval and ABC Highway; both properties belonged to Violet Beckles; they, Arthur and the BLP took over someone’s property without purchase. Six Men in St. Peter belongs to Violet Beckles as does site of the famed Sandy Lane Hotel. Violet Beckles also Al Barack embarrasses Barbados, mainly the Owen Arthur and the BLP. Derrick Crawford and the Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin embarrases Barbados, the Myrie rape embarrasses Barbados as does the Terry Schwarfeld and Colin Peter murders.
    Government according to Clyde Mascoll is all in the red, flat broke, but government before 2008, before entrance of Thompson and the DLP was not financially stable. Three S&P downgrades prove this. The BLP, additionally started some wild fires – some still burning. The BLP gave birth to Al Barack. Thompson and the BLP accepted Al Barack – without choice. Violet Beckles, also those arch cot, Britton Hill deaths root from the BLP administration; all handicaps the return of Owen Arthur. Maybe. The BLP and DLP alike provides evidence of poor governance, more of it is visible on the BLP side of the road, but character, Stuart in the character arena wins without difficulty – Owen Arthur, Oh! Oh My God!!! Owen allowed himself a wife and significant other both same time and he’s a drunk. Several Youtube videos prove this. Ex-president, George W. Bush [United States] allowed photo with Arthur, President Obama I’m sure would not. Mitt Romney, maybe. LOL
    Bajans could do better than Stuart, better than Mottley but certainly without Arthur.

  42. Noel ‘Plantation Owner Overnight’ Lynch will get beaten so badly he will have to run back to the safety of the closet he recently left, a wife on the stage not withstanding.

  43. Well i hope he have a clear title for that plantation deed , or he soon will be moving .

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