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  1. What are we missing?

    Toppin referred to the Governor as a Yardfowl albeit off mike and he refused to apologised.

    The Opposition walked out in solidarity.

    Are there lessons here to be learned?

  2. The rules the rules. The Deputy Speaker should apply the rules always or he can ask for guidance. The Speaker cannot hear asides nor can he rule on asides. Mr Best showed how person in charge can be wrong and yet right . Is yardfowl a term of endearmnet?. Is it one of ridicule or is it just a descriptive term like Egyptian Jew and therefore Toppin has nothing to apologise for? think on these things

  3. wait he call the cG a barn owl…? well if ya cud see thru darkness..must b a owl then…

  4. Since the Deputy Speaker heard what Ronald Toppin said, how much attention was he paying to the person who was speaking? Kenny Worst always picks on the members of the Opposition. Never mind, Kenny Worst, as soon as Fruendel calls the election, our august chamber will be rid of the likes of you.

    Ronald Toppin called it as he sees it, the CB governor is a yardfowl, he has so politicised the job that he has become the first governor to be so political. He became a party hack for David Thompson. He is old and tired and should never had been given that job. I laugh when I hear the diehard Dems saying that Owen Arthur is old, Freundel is the same age as Owen and this man is nearly 70 years old.

    I agree with Toppin.

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