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  1. Chris will lose some votes with a little swing. I believe that Gregory just needs to do some work and stay focussed. The swing will do the rest

  2. wishful think JB. History and groundwork shows that the seat will stay with Chris.

    Advantage – DLP

  3. I haven’t been down there lately so I’m really running on history, Chris’s work in the national,, party and constituency eye and the financial resources he has at his disposal. If you’re on the ground often I’d have to be guided by you… but my mind still tells me

    Advantage Chris,

  4. Plain n simple……the unfinished work..that ALL expected ….true leadership and no backing down (Eager 11)….as a matter of fact..”crumpled like a deck of cards.”…showed that Stuart was MOE man than you….for that you will pay GEESE-LY….if Stuart falls…all you fall…New Boy Nicholls going direct you to the Black Rock early retirement home…..opportunity a begging…

  5. If this seat was so easy to win for the BLP , Mascoll would would have rushed back in – the fact that the BLP bring a neophyte like Nicholls is proof enough-
    Sinckler is doing a lot of work in that constituency while holding down the most challenging of ministries in a global recession. Class is Class – It is bare licks in Nicholls’ ass.

  6. I must also congratulate BU for this fantastic forum – it is obvious that this is the place to be to hear a range of different views. We might not always agree but people can see different viewpoints not like the onsided columnists in the Nation newspaper.

  7. @old onion
    You really believe that by apportioning blame re. unfinished work,speculating “Eager 11” etc joining with the rumor mill can make what you have convinced yourself about the honorable member come to past?
    WOW such desperation!!!


  9. @ Pringles
    You tell me. ? Rumor what rumors…Would you seek to re-elect a man that showed no spine under pressure and running scare ( denial was on CBC TV) …whereas ….you being the nxt highest ranked at the time…buckled like a empty saucepan under fire FIRST ? Donville should be leader…sad to say it..or even Irene Sandiford Garner….all the rest have “nada pelottas”……a leader as he often portrayed….was expected …and he RAN….shameful….All it called for was lil ball grease..How could you have confidence is such ?

  10. @balance
    I actually believe Mascoll would have feared a better chance than Nicholls. I was surprised at the choice. but hey, so is life and politics.

  11. @old onion
    To the best of my knowledge there are candidates now seeking reelection with all kinds of reputations preceding them.Some who have subscribed to plots of ousting their leader; some who are tyrannical by nature;some who only now they are on the other side have all the answers to our problems which didn’t just begin in 2oo8 if you can at all be honest! Need I go on cause honestly old onion i think you know the truth even if it has to hit you between the eyes!On the topic of confidence How can you be so myopic by placing your confidence in a despot/tyrant to manage BIM Again?

  12. Pringles
    You started on an eye catching intro…..but fell away to oblivious crass…Owen is a proven leader …that we in Barbados, Caribbean , the World knows. Works speak for themselves so we not going there …Where else can we (including you being honest) now find a leader, given what we were occasioning ? Just ear dropped on Brass tacks..a gentleman states..this crop was the worst ….in the history of politics..and we both
    know that is undisputed. So come with facts Pringles…..the crop lousy…and everybody knows it.

  13. @old onions

    Oh dear dear!! Are we talking about a “leader” or track records? I guess cubans would say Mr. Castro has a proven track record!! What kinda leader are you looking for? Obviously we are different and looking for different things in a leader therefore I believe that you and all like you should leave the voting to each voter and stop seeking to influence the decision one way or the other.As a young person the type of leader that was 14yrs ago is truly undesirable! The youth want someone who is approachable; a listener; a thinker;of course educated someone that they can look to for guidance with admirable qualities etc. Be honest with yourself if possible and go figure.I gave you a lot more credit than that for who is reponsible for the success of the crop COME ON !

  14. Boss ..I going stop talking to you . You like you wanna tell me how to think….what Cubans what ? …man ya talking balls…OSA is the undisputed best leader in the Caribbean Hemisphere during 1994- 2007..just chk United Nations figures or ask Kofi Annan..Do you want to dispute those figures ??? Back to the point….Sinckler has proved he is a coward ….he lacks economic skills in Parliament..tabling a lot of badly drafted Bills eg.. Govt travelingdirectorshippensions…he needs ousting and will be soon ….Nicholls go strangle Ole Blow ard.. its about time… lol

  15. @ Pringles
    What kinda leader are you looking for? Obviously we are different and looking for different things in a leader therefore I believe that you and all
    like you should leave…..snip
    My dear Pringles…..I and many others for sure knows the kinda leader ..we DON”T WANT AGAIN……sure you want me go there ???

    ref; sin john

  16. @observing

    What is Lynch offering as a suggestion for Almond? Is he forgetting this is a private entity although it is known the NIS is a small shareholder?

  17. Lynch is offering exactly what the other BLP candidates are offering at this point. 🙂

    All ears will be glued to Arthur’s address later this week. Let’s see what the Dems pull out to counteract/dampen the media coverage.

  18. Pray tell what Nicholls brings to the table apart from cigar smoking acting like he arrived and jousting with george griffith as Owen See Thru Arthur’s chief pimp. Chris we backing you to wipe the floor with this idiot.

    • If you like the modern day politician who doesn’t mine wearing baggy pants and two ear rings, Nicholls is it.

  19. A leader is someone International people would listen to, both to give advice, share advice or get advice, Sinckler can do none of the three.

  20. You know politics really makes you tough… Nichols will learn that — Owen couldn’t pay, bribe or hug me enough for me to go up against Chris sorry but Gregory will be SUNK.. should have sent Clyde but after all they beat him to a pulp in 2008.. reality is the BLP does not have any answers if they ever get back in power they will fire Gov’t workers and borrow loans then the Dem’s have to save the country again…

  21. @ Chris
    For a man who preferred car of choice is a Jaguar…. 245 lbs…nicknames geese or whale…you should be ashamed and show some remorse…of entertaining discourse and jokes of eating blackbirds in these hard times in Parliament with peers. Especially when some of your constituents may find eating of the bajan cousin of the dove ( the only meat now for some)…..By the way, many people in Black Rock still tend to sheep and pigeons….to show how distant you are on tings….

  22. Onion you know you and I have a lot in common only thing I’m not bag blind.. How the hell you expect Gregory to beat him down there spend time on real nominal seats and leave the slaughters to the just come strategist and analyst yuh too greedy you well know Gregory isn’t ready.. Stupes

  23. You should be worrying about your sheep…or have you finally come down to mother Earth…affa seeing the light…?…..all things are possible wid a swing hon. ( sometimes a switch).

  24. Christopher Sinckler at St. James branch meeting
    Entire Speech: http://youtu.be/d_XO9CYKo4o
    USA/Obama Barbados/DLP comparison – http://youtu.be/d_XO9CYKo4o?t=0h10m57s
    DLP’s performance was against difficult circumstances – http://youtu.be/d_XO9CYKo4o?t=0h20m12s
    DLP’s human response to difficult times – http://youtu.be/d_XO9CYKo4o?t=0h25m12s
    DLP about people – http://youtu.be/d_XO9CYKo4o?t=0h35m05s
    BLP contributed to current public sector problems –
    Suitable leadership for Barbados –
    The IMF in perspective – http://youtu.be/d_XO9CYKo4o?t=0h54m53s
    DLP’s commitment to education & UWI – http://youtu.be/d_XO9CYKo4o?t=1h16m19s

  25. @David | September 11, 2012 at 6:05 PM |
    “The IMF in perspective”

    So why is Barbados still a member State with the IMF?
    Is it compulsory that we remain a member?

    If there are no benefits accruing when waste taxpayers’ money paying membership dues? Just “google” (or in his case ‘goggle’) and keep abreast of the irrelevant talks and recommendations spewed out from the “jokey” economists like ‘phoney’ Mascoll and Owen.

    Why can’t Barbados also withdraw from assessments made by the rating agencies? Can’t we tell S&P to bug off since they are telling lies on us?

  26. Onion rings…


    Did you hear the the latest..
    Calling June a dunce…
    “A not so sharp tool in the shed.”
    But some should remember….
    Fourteen in Maths is but dread..
    D Kung Fu Panda master
    Of all people who spoke…
    For those who could remember
    Days on the Hill, we mean..
    Geese din no bright shiny machine.

    On the contrary…
    Man ee did bare Xte ….
    Once asked about Pythagoras
    His retort was… a Kite?

    Now that was a man
    We all looked to for more
    Sadly now, all’s left is the door
    So Mr. Wang Yu..
    We bade you farewell
    Next time we meet..
    Let’s hope.. you lose the bel-((y))

    Head aint brains, that we learned
    Oh too well…
    But to lash out at the fine lady
    Most venomously too
    We must say…
    Is proof that you were the wrong man
    Definitely, to compare…

    May the mutineers forgive you
    For their blotched up fight
    Had you the fortitude…
    Today.. Maybe,
    They won’t have a soon coming fright nite
    And you might have been ..
    Like sleeping giant be..
    Holding on to the pendulum
    Like Alice in Wonderland..
    Begging us to set him free.
    Rest assured too..we will….

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