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  1. I totally disagree with you David what
    Rawle had that this political want to be and political bandit does not benefit from is humility and and class.
    If for one example walking into an elderly ladies home at after 9.00 pm one evening and then hearing from the lady that did not want to see him because of the lateness of the evening, his reply to this old lady was not to worry as he would win the seat with or without her support.
    I am told this manner is not new to him as he is a Johnny Come Lately with an over sized ego and an abundance of arrogance to compliment his stupidity.
    On the other side of the equation we see a very humble and decent person in Harry Husbands who has been bonding well in the constituency and in his own quiet and humble way getting tremendous work achieved without fanfare or fuss in a constituency that has formerly supported the BLP but received nothing in return other that tired representation from a person who served as a Minister of an Arthur Government and representative for 20 long years.

    I will take my chances we humility and honesty as we saw an over abundance of arrogance from the BLP the last time around and there is no evidence of anything different in Hinkson this time around either.

  2. Harry Husbands is a serious contender. He is a man that will serve people first – regardless of their party affiliation- that is what is needed-A down to earth man with who brings rich experience and knowledge – and a unique perspective as the only man in Barbados who has been involved in the social partnership as a represenative of the union, employer and government.
    He would be a refreshing change in St. James North. It is a huge task but he will not back down.Despite being in a BLP stronghold, he will fight for every vote.

  3. The DLP is running the wrong Husbands, the Husbands that should have been candidate and stand a good chance at winning the seat was AUSTIN. Without the support of Austin in that constituency Harry will lose badly. I understand that Austin is bitter because after doing much ground work, he was unceremoniously oused than asked to introduce Harry, instead of supporting him I understand Austin is canvassing against him.

  4. Reality,

    Sometimes it is not nice to repeat things you hear. The picture you have just painted of Eddie Hinkson is not the man I know. He is one of the nicest persons you can ever meet. He is not arrogant and what you said he said is not something he would say. He is an honest lawyer, he has devoted his life to helping the poor and physically challenged with his work in the Lions Club, he has hosted fundraisers at his house to raise funds for these projects. On the other hand, the things you say of Harry Husbandsare not what I know of him, having worked with him and you dont want to hear what those in Immigration have to say of him.
    Sorry, he is a loser here.

  5. Prodi
    We dun know Hinkson got that constituency LOCK….STOCK n BARREL…Husbands is another one of those who is going to get HIS SHARE…lol..baaaa baaa

  6. !
    So would Austin Husbands, why did the DLP not run the man who had done all the donkey work? Was this a status call?

  7. This is a another one that the DLP will lose. Bringing this unpopular man to a community ..when he should be in Black Rock. Husbands like Verla are being sent to BLP strong holds as lambs to the slaughter. How could he even expect to make a mark against Hinkson who has been introduce as Rawle’s prodigy.. heir to a seat which was held by BLP for 25 years Husbands like Verla, were given Senator-ships for reasons.

  8. St James North Mothers Day Luncheon at St Albans Church today.

    The funniest of events in politics took place today at the Mothers Day Luncheon at St Albans Church this afternoon.

    Here we had Sen Harry Husbands attending this luncheon and so to Hinkson, the officiating Minister opted to introduce the two gentlemen to the crowd gathered, when the Senator was introduced he received a rousing welcome from all who were gathered there for lunch, then the Minister introduced Hinkson and there was barely a clap some said it may have been a dog scratching itself was what the noise was, so it prompted the Minister to say to those gathered and to Hinkson, Mr Hinkson these people like they don’t know you but they seem to know the Senator very well.

    Work is ongoing with Senator Harry Husbands and the people of St James North for the people of St James North

  9. Old Bags, don’t rush to judgment to soon and let’s do like the blind man said let’s wait and see.

    The person in Senator Harry Husbands is an approachable and a person with a common touch and relates to people not now because of the demands of politics but for most of his working life in the service to this nation, I have worked with this gentleman and he exudes humility and sincerity and does what he says he will do.

    I am not at surprised that he is bonding with the people of St James North he would bond with these people in or out of politics, I am happy that he has already started to work for the people of St James North after the neglect that they have endured for way too long.

    Upward and onward my friend I salute you for your hard work for as long I have known you.

    • The monthly meeting of the St James North Branch of the DLP will be held on Sunday 20th May 2012 at the St Albans Primary School at 5.00 pm.

      The guest speaker at the meeting will be Minister Housing and Lands Minister Michael Lashley on the vast improvement in the availability and quality of the housing stock in Barbados.

  10. @David
    The wagons are circling. Go figure, for the past 3-4 years I can count on my fingers and toes the number of DLP branch meetings that have been openly publicised beforehand…. now we hearing 2-3 every week. And look who they’re sending to light the early fires…so predictable it’s funny. stupse.

  11. Lashley better be careful, he may be popular nationally through his housing fat pocket programme, but he has lost much popularity in St Philip North. It is not that he will be beaten, but if he keeps it up, he might get the same dose that Cappy got.

  12. Peter Symmonds aka the SCOUT with your history I would have expected something more sensible being written by yourself.

  13. Hinksy…we behind you 100%…Here is what DAVE had to say on another blog for confirmation….
    In all the General Elections held in Barbados, LEADERSHIP has always played a key role:it cannot be downplayed. This D.L.P. will lose badly for a number of reasons, given of course that the B.L.P. hopefuls work they buts off; 1. Too many broken promises
    2. Bad handling of the Economy
    3. The P.M. is a gentleman, but does not have a clue
    4. Promised that Heads will Roll; Coup or no Coup, and has taken no Action.
    5. The CLICO debacle .
    6. After promising that COST of LIVING would be priority no. 1,2,3, has failed miserably in trying to address the issue.
    The Dems will be lucky to win 6 seats.

    …march on comrades.

  14. Wow what a way to kick off an official opening of the branch office of his branch in St James North last evening,

    With hundreds of people in attendance the next representative put down a presentation of presentations, having been bouyed by the support of the out going representative for the constituency Rawle Eastmont, who has said to many that Harry is the most able and likeable person to replace him.

    The evening was one of praise of Sen Harry Husbands who was spoken of with affection by all who spoke and was said to be a person on a mission to serve the people of St James North as he is so ably doing already.

    The Prime Minister and Minister of Health put a strong case forward as to why the frauds the make up the BLP need to behind bars at Dodds.

    The bitterness shown by Rawle Eastmond to the BLP and the bitterness shown by the BLP to Rawle Eastmond and the total lack of respect and regard shown to him by Mr Arrogance is amazing, if you remember only as recent as last weekend Rawle Eastmond REFUSED to go anywhere near the BLP conference he has said before in private circles that he is neither an elitist B as Mottley is not a tiefing and crooked B as Arthur is so he could not fit into their schemes of corruption and violent acts of the type that Mottley is known for and has a reputation for, coupled with the fact that Rawle Eastmond was offered a payment by Hinkson to attend and speak at his luncheon and a week later when he went to collect his payment Mr Arrogance told him in no uncertain terms to go fly a kite and fck off because his endorsement was lack lustre and devoid of any genuineness so he refused go give Rawle Eastmond a cent of the agreed payment for his service rendered in his name.

    Do you know the effect this action had on Rawle Eastmond? It was devastating to him it hurt him he is even more bitter today than he was when he first lent his support to Senator Harry Husbands, he said Mr Arrogance should not be the face of the BLP in St James North, he is not a people’s person or will he ever be a people’s person not now not in this life or the next life.

    Ask the lady of 3 Ave Lower Carlton what respect she has for Mr Arrogance having raped her of her $ 12,000.00 in Legal Fees for a job he never completed a then has the Gall and temerity to go and tell this same lady to come and vote for him, she is so ready to nail him to the cross of honesty it is not funny.

  15. Man David
    Like you did RIGHT……now things heating up.. the Candidates writing in fast and furious…a wunda who gine B next?…DEM still frighten unlike Sen. Ire and Ms. Sandra Husbands to put them name….hope that changes soon too…IT WOULD BE MORE IMPACTFUL…and a good chance to show they READY.

  16. Seems from reports that Hinkson has reported that his new found strength in the constituency is that of his service to the women within the constituency as he himself has been touting the women love him for his below the waist performances, he has written off all of the young vote in the constituency as he said they are supporting the Senator and not himself and they do not vote but he is doing his stroking with the women and they all love his performance there.

    I am sure his goodly christian wife Beverley who was brought up in the Methodist Church by her father Eric and her mother must be some what unhappy to hear that Her husband Hinkson has all this sexual vitality for the women in St James North but none for at home in his shared bed for his wife Beverley.

    But then again no one ever suggested that he was clever in the least

    I must say having watched Hinkson that I to am led to believe that he thinks himself some what of a second star and is quick to claw and paw at vulnerable and women who are prepared to pay with their body for the $50.00 he will give out when he does visit the constituency every so often.

    So I tend to understand why he sees himself as a second symbol as opposed to a worker for the people .

  17. @ Resident SJN

    Hinkson going wash off Husband’s Brass Bowl……so you cud Hush.
    Husbands promised a sandpapering……he will be getin grind to D metal…..and you can take that as a Gospel according to St.James North son !

  18. Her husband Hinkson has all this sexual vitality for the women in St James North but none for at home in his shared bed for his wife Beverley.
    Like your icon….this is the level of politics you can offer….now all can see why. POOR—- PISS POOR !

  19. You may not like the facts but the facts are what they are the facts, he Hinkson is an oversexed depraved beast, that is unfaithful to his wife Beverley nothing more nothing less

  20. 20 odd years of BLP representation and nothing to show the residents for it NOTHING, not even Rawle Eastmond supporting Hinkson and you got talk for me ? You have not got a clue about real politics you have view as a die hard Best Liquor Party but that is a one sided view point.

  21. I see a lot of service in Senator Harry Husband’s resume he has been a long serving servant to the people from the outset.

    Nor is he of the belief that every lady in the constituency of St James North is after his body nor does he try to seduce every woman he meets with sex for money.

    • The following received from DLP St. James North:

      As part of the on going effort of Senator Harry Husbands to keep St James North Safe, Clean and to avoid the risk of flooding that has been the norm in this constituency and in particular in the area of Weston.
      Earlier this morning we saw as a follow up to Senator Husbands  earlier effort of a few months ago where the waterway received extensive attention and a major clean up and again this morning hardworking crews from MTW and The Drainage Division of the Ministry of The Environment Drainage Resources were on hand and carrying out work to avoid the risk of flooding in the area again.The area is once again very clean and tidy and all rubbish and obstacles to the free flow for the drainage of the area have now been removed.
      A sincere thanks to Senator Harry Husbands for his continued hard work in service to the good people of St James North and the St James North branch of the Constituency Council for their continued service to the people of St James North.
      Neglect of St James North Constituency is No Longer.We Now Have True Sincere Hard Working Representation in the person of Senator Harry Husbands.
      Picture 1
      Picture 2
      Picture 3
      Picture 4

  22. I was told that PM Stuart recently asked the Cabinet, “what is the meaning of empowerment, and how best can we empower Barbadians?” Quick off the mark with an answer was Senator Harry Husbands. He said empowerment means “having access to a whacker,” and all the DLP has to do “is to make sure that there are enough photographs and images of people receiving whackers” so that people will have the willingness to use them and thus become ’empowered’ because of the DEMS. There was unanimous agreement among the Cabinet members, with Harry being congratulated for making things simple for those unlikely to do much thinking on the matter.

  23. I was carefully reading through the postings on this thread, and came to conclusion that one or more DLP operatives are deliberately setting out to stain the name and character of someone that is a good man, full of integrity, and would be of tremendous benefit to the people of St. James North.
    I have known Edmund Hinkson for the better part of 45 years. I have come into contact and have been acquainted with Harry Husbands for about 12 years. On both counts, I can say reasonable men all things being equal. Nevertheless, a man with the type of family values such as Edmund demonstrates by his living ought to be things that Harry should try to emulate given that the Deane he worships is not a dean in reality.
    It is most unfortunate, and I have no doubt that it is a ploy being utilised by the most miscreant sections of the campaign attempting to aid Harry, to make sordid and distort the good name of Edmund as a husband, father, and attorney. As a practicisng lawyer for almost three decades, Edmund Hinkson is a name that is equally as clean as the name of Freundel Stuart. Yes, Edmund is a decent man whose integrity has never been called into question, and whose clients if they will be honest, have NEVER had any reason to challenge his work in the law courts or with the Bar Association.
    The person or persons writing some of the nonsense and blatant lies in these posts should be admonished for such crass and unprovoked behaviour. I would advise all and sundry inclusive of the writer(s), Harry Husbands the candidate and his campaign manager and team to refrain from such damaging and defamatory remarks.
    While I know that a word to the wise may be sufficient, and that it is easy to manufacture lies on someone and their reputation, in this case I am appealing to the moderator of BU to demand supporting information and documents and not uphold ludicrous claims that have the potential to destroy a person’s family life, career, and integrity in the market place. I shall leave this here, for now, but if persons who want to villify and make nasty Edmund’s name, who of course will be the next parliamentary representative for the people of St. James North, I too shall be back. Not with contrivances, but with FACTS and EVIDENCE!


    You talking ya mouth full and aint presenting no evidence, the man closet so clean that you had to go to all lengths to make him look bad, but guess what you really did him some good cause all you did was waste your time, his wife dont have to respond to you because she knows that type of politics you guys work with……..once again i say BRING THE EVIDENCE!

  25. George,
    I second all that you have said. Is this the only way that the Dems know how to do politics? Good Lord, it is appalling. We know for a fact that this is what the Dems have planned, we overheard a top Dem saying this…..we have to sling mud and hope some stick.

    I have known Mr Hinkson for over thirty years, he is my lawyer, I refer anyone who wants legal advice to him. No one that I have ever referred to him has ever said a bad word about him. He works quickly and does not keep your business drawn out. He has integrity which cannot be questioned. Wish we could say the same about his opponent.

    Mr Hinkson has given back to the society by his work with the Lions Club and with the Disabled Society even opening up his home to do fundraising for challenged people. Have we ever heard about HH giving back to society?

    The person who posted that filth above should ask the man he/she supports about the lady who Esther Byer Suckoo fired from her constituency office and what happend when his wife called the police when she saw someone driving HH’s jeep. The person posting the filth should ask around in any place HH has worked and they would be shocked!

    The Dems are desperate and would do any thing!

  26. Interesting to note that Rawle Eastmond accompanied Edmund Hinkson to the Nomination Centre yesterday. One would not have thought this possible given some of the comments above.

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