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  1. Morning Irene
    You play dead……like ya hiding from Onions….Like ya send Daddy Donville fa we…..but again…he intermittent like a firework….nuff exposure and display….for a short while……get it up girl Onions wants to know wha gine on…..

  2. Seems like the serenading has not worked…..like I go have to rhapsodise this damsel I distressed……Where is Irene….the blog wants to know…Hants esp…..

  3. Onion…why don’t you stop pestering Miss Irene? Didn’t yuh mudder tell yuh nat tah tawk wid yuh mout full? Golong and finish yuh souse yuh ole dawg!

  4. I know I smelled a soggy onion too.. George old boy ya keep making the wrong moves, you believe in time of need and desperation some people in secrecy asked the outgoing MP for money years ago to help them……you know Payne’s flock put the names on Facebook and talk um out and now the St. Andrew sports teams and some individuals fuming hotttttt that he put their names on the road…Payne ol boy time election you int gonna have any support..As a lawyer you should know about confidentiality… Worst off one of ya closest buddies tell the woman from walkers bay ya had meetings and how ya need more young people to canvass ….she know George she know.. Wuhloss de girl got he better than last time..

  5. Paul
    Boy..tell Irene…..she nor none a these people can’t turn nabody is a Bajan crappo… so body ent frighten fa she ologunu….. D whole lotta garbble she send you in here wid can’t even fill a tea spoon. Tell the nu gu nu man wasting she $$$$$$…it might be better spend sprouting winds for a flight out of Walkers.LOL

  6. Onion

    I dont get my information from the Senator I get it from the people, I don’t come unto these sites because the real mass of voters aren’t on here, they are on Facebook and on the roads of St. Andrew.. Facts present themselves that the lastest flock up that Paynes people made lost him even more support these are the facts, you can’t deal with them…

  7. I cud see Irene got you under a spell……a mid night bath by Edgewater Inn might help….lol

  8. I can see George has you under his — only thing is when he joins the rest of his colleagues in opposition I won’t have to engage you… 🙂 anymore.

  9. When pigs grow wings and birds scales my good man…..then and only then…but for now Patrick Manning got to go….Irene you will need a let down….Paul be there for her hear…

    • A good political strategist will value all channels to pushe the message.

      All blogs on BU are deposited in the FB space and many over there eventually land here.

      Importantly, BU’s audience is made up by many of the key players in the political and media world.

      BU then becomes a good place to sharpen arguments and lead wider opinion by convincing others.

      However politicos are free to strategize as they pleaseth.

  10. This is a SUPER ARGUMENT…….Anyone please ..help a fella nuh..he in denial…he wants a way out…this is too much for him to fathom….HELP A FELLA nuh

  11. WED, JULY 18, 2012 – 12:03 AM
    Opposition Leader Owen Arthur wants Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to call elections.
    The sooner the general election is out of the way the better it would be for the two political parties to work on reviving the economy, he said yesterday.
    “The best thing that can happen in this circumstance is that we should be allowed to put the election behind us. Let us get this behind us and let all the fundamental decisions that must be made about the country’s future be made in a period of calm and seriousness rather than in a period of electoral frenzy,” Arthur said at a media conference yesterday.
    The former Prime Minister was reacting to Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the country’s economy to junk status yesterday. Arthur said the report from the international rating agency must be taken seriously by all.

    Tonight we read:
    SEC, Department of Justice investigating S&P

    NEW YORK — Regulators are investigating Standard & Poor’s over some of its ratings, according to a regulatory filing by the S&P’s parent company.
    The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., which owns the S&P ratings agency, says the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating whether the S&P broke federal laws when rating certain investments.
    McGraw-Hill says the accusations are unfounded and that it will vigorously defend itself.
    The company didn’t give details, and analysts didn’t ask about the investigation in a conference call about McGraw-Hill’s second-quarter earnings.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/26/2914022/sec-department-of-justice-investigating.html#storylink=cpy

  12. @ Irene Sandiford-Garner | July 26, 2012 at 9:11 PM |

    And your point is?
    Should we take what S&P wrote about us seriously or not? Is the message reasonably fair as an assessment of our economic circumstances?

    Why not call Arthur’s bluff and let the people decide? If it is accepted by both parties that immediate radical surgery must be performed to improve the health of the sick patient (albeit stable in your view) why delay the inevitable. As a person charged with the responsibility of providing and maintaining a good healthcare system for the nation you are in an ideal position to know that the longer the delay in treating a disease the more risks of terminal illness there are, with resulting exorbitant costs to save the patient. Time is of the essence. The earlier the administration of the bitter but necessary medicine the better the chances for the country’s economic recovery.

  13. Wait you still up in Amerca…raising funds? That is what the BIG BOYS can play… not lil thousands like we …the financial term is retaliatory influence…..That ent no good news for us…..but at the most, for them….ours will not change. The fellow to watch now is Moody in November….Have a good trip !

  14. Overly highlighting repair to 9 houses on TV last night and on VOB today, while worthy …..will not win a seat. George got the place pun lock..have’nt you noticed?…….E ent EZ …St.Andrew has a lot other needs so don’t get too hyped……”you painting a mustang wid a two- penny brush.”

  15. Communion wine does make yuh taller?

    Good Morning teacher’s Good morning Friends.
    @ Onion Bags

    With visible doubt and obvious shame i watched parliament when George stood up with a carpet sized artists impression of his then governments plans for a community center in St. Andrew which (he was not able to start), mind you, the monstrosity was not a document of Parliament neither had anyone ever heard or seen it other than him.

    If this man can rant and rave about getting a terrible drawing done why can’t the incoming MP report on what she has done….People like Onion bags operate on the premise that Barbadians are Barbarians, but we are very aware of who is and has been working in St. Andrew in the last 5 years, 2007 included. The house which was highlighted was totally destroyed and St. Andrew people respond in kind to her efforts–pushing for the people, while your highly politicized and bias comments state 9 houses Sandiford-Garner sees it as 9 households Barbadians regardless of political choice who she reached out to in the absence of the man that said Lakes people dont vote fuh me….

    “Overly highlighting” is the way a sheep such as yourself would put it, but St. Andrew see’s it as progress.. Your understanding of progress and development of St. Andrew people is like a new pink polka dot dress to Stevie Wonder you just don’t see it but like a sharp sword George will feel her Victory.

  16. @DMTPGA
    I feel your pain.,seeing all that is happening around ….blunders and bleeps and all the stupidity due to a “Green Horn-ism” outbreak.. .Ever seen a school boygirl who manages a ride in a SUV for the first time? Why there is no need for all the jump up jump up. We had storms damaged houses in St. Andrew before and will again. What really stinks is.. the other victims island wide, while Ministers flying $273,017.13 to Rio to talk greening. A real shame for poor people who put them there in the first place eh?

    Such exuberance is totally uncalled for..photo op or not….so too is the melee behavior of all the REST :-
    Like the reason the Catastrophe Fund ..that was not setup and Urban had to kick in at this emergency….Or how a lowdown dump could spew letters (posted today by BU)….informing residents of shortcomings and in capacitance.

    Why Doc, come to think of it, maybe affa all I can better fathom some of your elation..for YOU DID GET SOMETHING DONE…Unlike your rampaging Don Quixote em battlement with the doctors…a tongue twister indeed…You can bet those troglodytes shall be remembered and the embarrassing to the nth.

    En closing Doc..tell your good Senator.friend… our VoB moderators are not dolphin boners and deserve to be treated with better care….That was not one of her proudest moment …hopefully you can see why we cannot now afford to elect the goodly Senator.
    She may deserve more…..but coming in for ‘a less’…Not all things are set by candle light but normally by fate,hard to ‘believe’ but true.

  17. Okay Doc I got baton now. I running this evening. Onion Bags really gotta get a raise from Pain. Work becoming impossible for him. It too hard. He deserve more money from the Barack fund. He hurting baaaaad. And we seeing and feeeeeeeling the Pain. We woman cant fart before he sniffing. She got de brutes by the short and knotties fuh sure. Sweet. Every single ting we woman do Onions in. He see. He hear.
    And she doing good. Real good. Talk yuh talk woman. Handling good. And working smart.
    Pain eat the 46 votes last time. We aint mekking the same mistakes two times. Different team. Different men. We ready. You want piece o she Onions. Yuh gotta tek we. all now she corning votes 24/7. No time fuh wunnuh boy hey no more. We get call out and we onnnn. You gotta deal wid we. We gine be on you like you on we girl. Str8.
    You in de past. Like Pain. We can’t vote on history book Yesterday men. We looking forward.
    And in our closing our woman is no fish seller. Respect due. She doan do bullies. And the hog moderator had to wheel and come again. I know yuh feel bad. She got tummuch class. U ain accustom to class. Pain woulda cuss an put down the phone. Or storm out like he storm out Sista shop couple weeks back. Or like he storm outa church two Sundays back. Man arrogant is c*** den!!! Senator too sweet. And sharp. Head woman. Brains and beauty. As Ms.Knight say she is who deserve apology and u kno. Cant spin an mislead street men Onions. You outa touch. We went school too. And we kno street. An we like we Senator baaaad baaaad. She real. Pain frauding politricks DUN.

  18. You keep your batons et al…and run thee well. Three in one and one in three. But remember the race is not for the swift …but HE who will endure to the end. A word to the wise St.Andrew japonica…

    Books thousands on shelves –
    Wisdom of ages.
    Folly if not in me

    When two words do
    for ten, then there is
    the possibility of wisdom

    When ten words set out
    to do what two will do
    then there is foolishness

    George Bruce

  19. @Onion bags I keep telling you that y’all so feel Barbadians are Barbarians, NOW George starve St. Andrew people for too long — Sandiford-Garner beat him last time too but who belly int full with ballot paper, pocket full with money.. This time the chips stacked different, All of wunna so cant sleep when the night come, reality is Irene is better for St. Andrew, so my advice to George is to face the woman and stop getting on prissy, you always measure up so short next to her (pun intended)

  20. Doc
    I really can’t believe you too come in here looking to beat up on Onions when you see, he duz get kick bout ..just because a polls show the truth….they even went as far as to say I is Wickham…goodness gracious…..
    If only certain people would face facts (polls) and see what they cud do ..now knowing the true position..NO NO is let we go and beatup on Onions, he is the one we cus find to beat up on…..EVABODY FLACK ONIONS unfairly…but you don’t see Onions running to mommy like a baby….Is Ok doa..I love Irene and Doc if I know ..you gine tell her she is d only true outsider….(Wickham din say that ,,I did). but to beat Hats gine take a lot of beating….

  21. @ Onions, remember what my advice was to George? Face Irene! ah int talking bout a pole unless it is a poll on the Ermy Bourne Highway.. Face the woman, well actually i mean look up at de woman and leggo Peter coat tail cause he has no love for George — actually politically George like ah VCR — outdated, nuttin new to watch, hasn’t worked in ten years and ya waiting on the soonest occasion to fling he out ah ya house..

  22. Doc
    I thought you cud read between the lines, but as usual..all the meetings go come as soon as Chief sounds off….no need to waste gas at its price nowadays.

  23. @Onions

    Buddy you sound frustrated, seems to be a common thing in the St. Andrew BLP camp, people frustrated with Kathy long and no spoon tactics, George fed up with the people because Irene push pass him… he sounded a little like this “can’t believe them, all ah unna so, wunna voting fuh she, Dale you feel she cuh win, fran looka these blasted ungrateful people voting fuh she, wuh tuh do? ah gine shut down a shop!”

    I’m sure you can appreciate the theatrics Onion you like posting that kinda thing in here, I hope yuh doan deem it as petty, know Bee’s dont like to get hit..

  24. @ Doc
    So wait he can’t buy me a beer? Wha wrong wid you ..? You duz can’t sleep doa? stupppess..LOL

  25. You put in D wrong words…it went more like this…..She and dat next dracula was seen passing here…. DEM so cheap….could not even buy a fella a beer….BARE UPSTART DEM !

  26. @ Onions, I’m glad i dont have to wait on you to be creative cuz like George you will also come in second..

  27. Lol, that pic ain’t photoshopped, more over you can’t use real in any context when it comes too George unless pathetic follows. Any how Onions lets get down to some business, how do you feel about the issue that Mia helping men in St. Andrew to get out George? Also do you know who from St. Andrew BLP give Irene details about the strategy meeting wunna had? And who tell ME that George doan feel such good when he break promises to de men in orange hill bout work? Lolololololol talk ken, talk.

  28. @ Doc
    Wake up chile wake up….Ya hear the news? Stuart says ELECTIONS GOTTA COME BEFORE JANUARY…D money run out…and nah moe money coming til ee show ee hand…..well well….the sinew show and tether had to let go…Doc wakeup wakeup…THE DAY COMING….whalosss whaloss ! St .Andrew gine B in turmoil….LOL

  29. Any how Onions lets get down to some business, how do you feel about the issue that Mia helping men in St. Andrew to get out George? Also do you know who from St. Andrew BLP give Irene details about the strategy meeting wunna had? And who tell ME that George doan feel suh good cuz he break promises to de men in orange hill bout work? Lolololololol talk ken, talk.

  30. Sorry Doc
    Onions don’t do stale cakes…….but you should know that….come a fresh. know now that is the 12th hour…heart beat rates high and snatching at anything nowadays is the norn…..I see Stuart answered the pundits with a resounding UNMOVED and G.O is go in his books..as he charges nonchalantly headlong like a Subway Express, wish DEM luck…whaloss…. tell DEM so…..D man is class….LOL

  31. Onions you just broke Ryan’s record with a remarkable 13:12, you ran from my questions leaps and bounds and your reply had nothing to do with the questions, the PM running in St. Andrew? face de woman, you like a lil school boy, lets go back to some facts, is it true that George plans to push people in St. Andrew off their land if he gets back in so he can sell it to foreigners for a big pay out? Owen and George may not get along but they surely share the BLP motto… SELL OUT, PRIVATIZE & VICTIMIZE

  32. Some constituents eg St Andrew are truly blessed, in that they have a candidate who is enthusiastic, dedicated and who has the interest and welfare of their constituents at heart. This is not always the case even in a democracy, here is hoping that eventually they will do what is best for that blessed Parish.

  33. A quote from Barbados Today from the outgoing mp, “This election is for Arlene and I hope that everything will go all right.” LOL that sounds like a confident man? lolol Irene ah want ya beat de hat offa he lololol

  34. In the mp’s comments in B’dos Today..he focus’ on the neglect of the social centers in St. Andrew, yet he boycotted parliament yesterday, at an opportune time where he should have been representing St. Andrew on the said issues. However, in comparison his buddy Dale actually got the St. Joseph center done, which reminds me of the boy who talked all day in class and never got any work done while his friend talked but worked as well. So Payne got no results in the last 10 years, incluisive of when the BLP administration was in office, but now is asking for our vote .. I SAY NO TO PAIN.

  35. @ Onions, Scout, Ammy, et al…
    Latest CADRES poll fingers out St. Andrew as one of the weakest BLP seats in the entire country. A seat which was once a stronghold of the ailing BLP. St. Andrew will be a result the entire nation will seek, however the statistics suggest St. Andrew is certainly ready for a change….

  36. Well well well. George in water hall is like buying beach furniture in St. George. Desperate is the word that comes to my mind. First of all he never used to canvass up there and secondly the people said he shouldn’t come now either.. See, George has a huge problem in the fact that he hasn’t done a thing in these areas in over 10 years. So when u go to people as a rep of over 20 years and they have never seen you before that is the response ya would get. The mayor isn’t out and about, he is 64, overweight and has political nightmares in the day. I dare Payne to not canvass for two weeks if he is a man. I wait for the big belly man he has handling his online battles to reply. One Ken white lip smith.

  37. George would like to give people the impression he good but let me give wunna the S. he NEVER used to mass canvass on Sundays and ah watch Orange Hill people hug up Irene and welcome her inside their homes, that orange hill box gonna jump george like a positive pregnancy test while on the pill and wearing a condom. The BLP needs to find a candidate to replace George his day is done.

  38. The word on the street is that Irene is doing well and the electorate of St Andrew is rallying to support her. They seem determined to elect a candidate who “WILL” represent them and let their voices be heard. . . it appears the “long silence” is almost at an end.

  39. I waited because time is a great healer. I cannot find words to express, how sorry I am that you were not given the opportunity to represent the people of St Andrew. Despite the result I have great faith in you, and I honestly believe that a time will come for you to play a part in Barbados’ politics from a position that you desire.

    Going forward good fortune to you and your family.

  40. To political inntelligence, doctor make the pain stop, and yard broom…..’guh long roun clowns, wunna get knock down by payne, again’.

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