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  1. One would think that after losing so many times and then “barely” getting in that Mr. Boyce would have wised up and solidified his position in the constituency or at the very least crafted a positive, powerful national image.

    Alas, all of us don’t learn lessons quickly enough and soon it will be time to say farewell to Dear John.

  2. Last election Boyce referred to his opponent as Dr Dolittle. He has had a fairly powerful ministry (Transport & Works) at his disposal but yet has not used that to any great advantage. Whether we evalauate the Warrens area, Boarded Hall or Coral Ridge Boyce will be placed o the defensive. It seems he has not used Patrick Gollop to good effect!

    The perception is that Boyce seems more caught up in the internal politics of the party moreso than being out and about in the riding. His involvement in the Eager 11 setup does not add to his resume in a constituency that swings back and forth like the tide at Miami beach.

    What about how some perceive he has sidelined Lady St. John as far as the Oistins Fish Festival is concerned. BU understands from first hand sight the Goodland Gards flooding problem remains a sore. Why can’t the fishermen in Oistins get their gas pump fixed? How about proper parking at Miami Beach?

  3. David;
    To be fair re. perceptions of the Warrens area. After a horrendous initial TRIAL of the roundabout during which many vehicles were damaged, it seems that they have got it right. I’ve only seen the evidence of one accident there over the last 3 weeks as compared with almost daily accidents around December / January. The traffic also appears to be moving fairly smoothly. This one is a plus for Mr. Boyce.

    Re. the roundabouts in general, they seem excessive and costly but they should do the job for a time, at least. The roundabout by the Baobab and the traffic plan there also seems to be working and is a vast improvement on what it was before.

    I can’t speak to the other areas you raised vis a vis Boyces’ stewardship but I agree with what seems to be a consensus position. With a national swing against the Dees advantage is to his opponent at this stage.

  4. @david
    You’re just putting icing on the cake. Boyce doesn’t have a chance in high hell of getting back in. His loss is even more sure than suckoo’s!

  5. swing or not Boyce gone…..perception or not Boyce gone…interaction or not Boyce gone.

    Just observing

  6. As a constituent of Ch Ch South i would say minister Boyce is doing a fairly good job and is working tirelessly in his constituency with both the young and the old

    • Minister Boyce will have his work cut out on the election trail when he is asked about the nature of relationship between the workshop consultant at the Ministry of Transport and Works and himself?

      As discussed on earlier BU blogs the maintenance work of the Transport Board that was outsourced to a certain garage in Kendal Hill at prices triple what they were paying for similar services at UCAL for one.

      There is also the allocation of permits at the Transport Authority on closed routes such as Sugar Hill, Oistins/Speightstown

  7. The sitting M.P. will be washed away with the swing.It is unfortunate(true D.L.P. style) that Lady St.John’s work has been so blatantly sidelined. Some may say, “Well, that is the nature of politics” but I would say, “Honour to whom honour is due”. This Government has done a nasty thing in sidelining and bypassing all the great B.L.Pites who have made sterling contributions to this country. It is very very childish.

  8. Minister Boyce and MP for Ch Ch South is quoted in today’s Nation that there is a normal 2.5% swing against an incumbent government. Where did he source this number?

  9. @Dave
    Let me tell you something. the idea for the OISTINS FISH FESTIVAL was not conceived by Lady ST. John, it was conceived by HIll Top Club of which my borother and I were members. We went to the represntative for the area with the idea and thats the extent of her initial involvement. She has never acknolwledged who conceptualised the project, But as it grew, she was upfront and centre accepting all the praises. Ask Dan Cater how the project was conceptualises and who were the initial architect of it..

    She got what she deserved, she was disengenious to give the impression that it was her idea. It pains me that in this society, you go to politicians with developmental ideas and the architects of the ideas are marginalised because politicians want to have all the glory. To this day members of the said club which is now defunct lamented involving the politician.

  10. @Dark and Lovely | May 9, 2012 at 11:06 AM |
    As a constituent of Ch Ch South i would say minister Boyce is doing a fairly good job and is working tirelessly in his constituency with both the young and the old

    In Worthing?, seen him once, abut 4 weeks ago when he was campaigning

  11. The represenative is the minister that has presided over the most unfinished road work in recent history.

    Check the Kingsland road which is now a dust bowl. Highway# 7 has been defaced and repaved from GAIA to DHL building in a most bumpy and crude manner. The remainder has been left to gather potholes and provide marl snuff to the residents and businesses of Pilgrim Road. The boatyard in Oistins still to be finished adn the roads in this island are in they poorest state ever.

    The man is rude and pompous and cares for no one. He always blame the last Goverment for everything. They left office 4+ years ago and he can’t get his team to support him, due to his arrogant and know all attitude.

    His last PA left him and his new one who is well known in the area is not happy either as he is known to call a spade a spade and will not tolerate Boyce’s deceit and “lookdown attitude” on the people of the area.

    Boyce came in on a swing and will leave on a swing. Every thing he touches turns to lead as he is lazy and bombastic with his loud voice. This has been demonstrated in the House recently when he questioned if the representative of St. Thomas had attended UWI. The idiot knows that she did not but he likes to practise sarcasm.

    Lord please deliver us from this incompetent man.

  12. Has anyone driven on Montrose and Highway #7 (Pilgrim Road) this evening during or after the rain??? Two of the major accesses are obstacle courses !!!! How much worse can it get ?? We need help…..

  13. Have you visited the following roads … sorry tracks.
    (1) Lower Burney …. a dust bowl
    (2) Crane
    (3) Golf Club Road
    (4) Road opposite St. Martin Church

    We need help more than ever……

  14. Dear John, please fix the roads in Christ Church we are tired of the dust and potholes.

    Dear John, please visit the depressed areas in the constituency. Jerome is visiting, when will we see you. You promised much and delivered nothing.

    Dear John, when will you fix the swamp sluice gate?

    Dear John we need to see you and not your help. You asked for our vote they did not. Being ” very busy ” is not an answer, when in a few months you will come a calling begging for an X.

    Dear John we need representation, we voted for representation, we have received little or none. You fooled us… not again.

    Dr. Doolittle as you constantly refered to him may have done little but he is pleasant and caring. Can,t say you are, can we ?

    Don’t send people knocking on our doors when we need to see you. Not everyone wants to come to your office as your workers usually recommend.

    Dear John do you expect to get another five years ? Get on your hind legs and come see us, you are a faint memory…

  15. Good news the loud mouth empty vessel has awaken and begin to fix the mess he started.

    Pilgrim Road paved.
    Coral Ridge paved
    Boarded Hall road marked.

    Lower Burney still in marl dust and mush now the rain falling. Wow poor people Dear John fix the road. elections soon call.

    Montrose, Kingsland still in marl dust and slush. Dear John will you let Ronald Jones a decent man lose votes because of your incompetence and pettiness.

    From media reports on the lunch time lecture last Friday- August 10th. Dear John bellowed loud like a jackass in the pasture. Promise this ,promise that and we ain’t see action yet. Blamed the Opposition for things that happen almost 5 years ago. Time to stop that “chorus” Dear John we want action not whining like the wimp and freeloader you are.

    Promise to stop cell phone use whilst driving, yet he is seen talking and texting on his whilst driving. Breathalyzer test ain’t happen yet, but when you worship at the altar of Bacchus you would get trap by it as well. Got to protect yourself Dear John delay it as long as you can.

    Ya know he was only talking to 8-10 persons as his colleagues or branch members or constituents were not present. Dear John hasa no friends either in the party or in the constituency. Only a handful of persons defend him. His PA and CA who has to and a few hanger ons who he appoint to boards to bring news back to him.

    Lord help us please……………..Take this burden off our shoulders.

  16. Dear John

    Why don’t you get some one from the ministry to check the paving on Highway # 7. It is bumpy and full of holes where hydrants are.

    Why you don’t stop using tax payers money to pay for piss poor work. I hope Freundel don’t reappoint you if the DLP win back the Goverment. You are the worse Minister of Transport & Works we have had in the last 30 years.

    But then that is consistent with your work history. Consistently Poor in every place of employment.

    Lord hear our prays.


    Get up and let people see you in the constituency we can’t take anymore of Dear John – or “Mr. Know it All”.

    Whine, complain, look down on people attitude. I am better than you !!!

  17. To: The Lost one ……. Please leave John Boyce alone. Don’t bash the man, he is trying his best.

    We need help now more than ever. Just 7 months more at the most of him.

  18. How you mean give him a break..He is an imposter, he does not care about people.

    I will give him a break, I will canvass for Jerome or Dr. Dolittle as he likes to call a decent man..

  19. This is for the ” The Lost One”.

    Do not deride and insult ” Dear John” he is a human being trying his best though he believes that it is better than any body else.

    He is from my alma mater HC he paid and I went free. Something of value should have stuck.

    He is surrounded by good people but due to his arrogance he thinks he is the source from which knowledge flows. MAny have tried to help him but he is so set in his ways that nothing anyone says sways him.

    When you ask him if he needs help “I am good” the poor gentleman and I use it loosely thinks his seat is safe. I would advise him to enjoy his last few weeks as a MP. All the freeness he enjoys will come to and end when his status reverts to a commoner.

    I therefore ask fellow bloggers to spare the soon to be former represenative and not deflate his fragile ego. He exhibits all the signs of someone with low self esteem. Persons with similar behaviours take out they frustration on their household beings be it the cat, dog, fish or humans.

    Please do not put pressure on this fragile soul as he is under pressure all around.

    He needs help now more than ever.

  20. @ Please help this country

    Are you a trained mental health worker ??? uh uh uhh

    Does your school mate exhibits signs of the below;
    PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS ++ Does he have many true friends ? Are people attracted to him. Does he care about people ?
    SOCIAL LIFE ++ Does he listen to criticism and try to improve; Is he the only one that has an opinion that counts on most matters?
    WORK ++ does he communicate and work well with others including subordinates ?
    NEGATIVE BEHAVIOUR ++ Is he destructive and indulges in excessive behaviour ? Drinking, smoking, sexual promiscuity etc

    If you have answered yes to two or more areas above you have assessed Dear John precisely if not back back to school for you.

    Well he will be a thing of the past very soon. The good people of Christ Church has found him out, low self esteem or not.

    Back to you doctor ask you patient to improve his image !

  21. Dear John is quoted in the Nation newspaper bellowing about ” Park & Ride” why don’t the General Manager and Chairman of Transport Board tell the Minister that “park & ride” can’t wuk if there are not enough buses.

    You can barely manage to service the routes with the few brek down buses ya got. How the hell ya gine carry large volume of passengers ? Dear John people got sense, treat them with some respect and stop talking shaving cream.

    Where will I park my vehicle when I use “park & ride” ?? Will the old brek down buses be more comfortable than my airconditioned car ? Will the buses get me to my destination faster than said car ? Come one Dear John use ya big head. Learn to use the intelligence around you !! You are surrounded by bright persons talk with them instead of down to them as you are known for in all your previous jobs!

    The country can’t wait to see the back of you. Roads bad, Transport system in tatters, all staff unhappy with your leadership and you talking shaving cream.

    People of Christ Church south, please do not send this man back to lead this country. Save your fellow Barbadians from frustration.

    I thank you. Please heed my words, enough is enough.

  22. Dr. Walcott exposing John Boyce in Sayers Court. Will update the blog later. Dear John seems ” Dr. Dolittle ” is on to you.

    Is it too late fro you , Dear John. Standby for future updates.

  23. Hint, hint he may need anger management classes. Should make a donation to the “Abused Women” organisation president young Miss Daisley. Dear John you need to change your ways.

    Your reputation seems to be bad. I am here in Sayers Court really thinking that you do have self esteem problems.

    ” Dr. Dolittle ” really whipped your backside. Dear John enjoy your last few months of freeness !!!!

  24. Check the attendance at the DLP lunch time lecture tomorrow and you will see that Dear John is an outcast in the party. The attendance will be greater than the ten (10) persons that attended his address a few weeks ago.

    Dear John, Dr. Dolittle cut your backside last Sunday night ( August 26th.) in Sayers Court. You have a lot to answer and he was just starting when he ran out of time.

    Misuse of power, abusive, unpopular etc. said more will follow, wish you were there to listen. Dear John, last election was your moment in time. Enjoy your last few months as an elected member.

    Dear John adds another chapter in his resume of failures —- all due to his inability to get along with persons.

  25. To the Lost One

    Why don’t you stop hammering the represenative for Christ Church south ?
    You know what you have, you don’t know what you gine get !
    But then we had Dr. Dolittle before and he was changed.
    Give John a break he is trying his best in these hard times.

  26. I hurd according to a finalist in the calypso finals that Dear John PA is planning to leave as he can no longer tolerate his obnoxious behaviour. Heard that he is happy to go home and look for a job.

    I hope it is not true as this is the final nail in Dear John’s coffin. His current PA is very well known in the riding and if he opens his mouth Dear John will lose vital votes at a time when his popularity is falling fast amongst his supporters.

    Stay tune for breaking news if his PA gives him his resignation letter.

  27. Dear John; why would you pave the road leading to Enterprise Beach (Enterprise Drive) ? The road had a few rough patches I agree. But was there need to pave the whole road ???? Come on John.

    The people in Wotton, Montrose and the surrounding districts inhaling marl snuff. You have eased them from the constant dust and grime. But you repaved a decent road in your constituency and leave Ronald Jones rear exposed due to your stupidity and greed. Or is it further evidence of your class prejudice, middle class Atlantic Shores and Enterprise Coast Road versus working class Wotton and Montrose ??

    Dear John nothing can save you now !!! Enjoy your last days in office my boy, you have been a big let down.. Promised so much and delivered nothing.

  28. Now Transport Board acting up. Dear John it is really not your season. Pray for John, he continues to update his resume with failures.

    Only his Personal Assistant and the Constituency Assistant are his only help this election. Poor old Johnny the failure of the South.

    The only thing he is good at is alienating people. Wuhloss he must be kicking up at home or kicking ??? You decided.

  29. To The Lost One: Give the representative for Christ Church South a chance.

    We know that his seat gone, swing or no swing. The people of the area are fed up with him. He does not return calls and is very rude to them.

    He has done little or nothing to the road infrastruture. I tried to defend him against the blogging of “the lost one”. I will be the first to admit I was wrong.

    But should we give him a chance, let the people of Christ Church decide when the bell rings.

    We need help now more than ever.

  30. Dear John have you forgotten Lower Burney ? The road over here is a marl road, worse than it was before it was interfered with.

  31. @ John Boyce supporters

    Today I am going to do a little BSc in Nat Sci with a Maths major that Whisperer should understand.

    physics The primordial beat of a drum features much in history’s many wars many armies even had a drummer boy to keep cadence in the middle of the fray. A violin or other higher pitched instrument was not used simply because it would be engulfed in the cacophony of war but one does note that very few of the timeless sounds/music scores have drums and that super bass voice while it has its place in amorous dalliances when mixed with a swine like disposition can and will only kill your fast fleeting political career.

    Biology. Cross pollination is natures way of improving on the species. You have for these five fast and furious years use this deleteriously and produced ligers/tigons and mules which are incapable of breeding – your transport authority led by that dimwit formerly at mtw. But you yourself sought to play demigod when you appointed you family at said authority and now you blaming all and sundry including nightnurse your ps man he did a bungler when I was teaching at *** you can’t make a silk purse out of ..

    Chemistry. Body chemistry or isokinetics. Man you voice deep and you big already. Not as big as de buffalo soldier Sinclair ( I like tuh change he name nut) but you ent so far behind neder. On a sidebar Harold Hoyte say he gine hafta charge double fuh all GIS ads wid Stinkler causing he so fat dat dem (not the Dems) does got to put he picture in de nation in installments en Anne say dat she gine charge dem four times as much

    But serious doah you got to do someting bout you mannerism cause people doan vote fuh somebody dem doan like and you voice does broadcast people private business outta you office at de constituency

    Mathematics Do the Maths. Bowled out and back in de pavilion for five runs and you ent getting no second chance.

    Let me console you with this parting word John the brilliance of making the highway a double lane past Redman village even that oblongsbout at warrens, if you had surrounded yourself wid men wid balls and people who don’t cringe when you pull you voice from in you guts and bellow, u wudda had a chance but 5 into 5 equal one and you is outta here

  32. Most of the great leaders Mao Tse Tung, Alexander the Great, Fidel Castro has lead fro in front.

    I challenge John, and de General Manager of de Transport Board to take de bus for two weeks if they have any confidence in the system that they have been fuc***ng up for the past five years ( her recent appointment notwithstanding.

    I willing to bet that neither he nor she would spend even two weeks on their national catastrophe walk a mile in my shoes…..

  33. To : Pieceuhderockyeahright

    The way you are writing is too complicated for Dear John to understand. He is the proverbial empty vessel. Keep it simple for him.

    Dear John will soon be out of here. He is the poorest represenatative Christ Church South has ever had. I hurd that a second PA has left him, due to his belligerent and know all attitude.

    Dear John how I hate to see you go — I lied. I can’t wait to see the back of your big ugly head.

    How do you sleep at night making young girls work twice for their salary ? Wuhloss the one shot wonder gone !! Paying for beer at Yemmu bar will not save Dear John. You only getting eat and drink out. See ya.

  34. Bus service = poor
    Road surfaces = poor
    Transport Authority performance = poor
    Therefore Dear John’s performance = VERY POOR.

  35. DEAR John,

    When will you fix Callenders Roaad by the golf club where you spend you mornings and afternoon, whilst your PA & CA canvass for you???

    When will you fix Lower Burney marl filled road ?

    When will you finish Montrose leading to Gall Hill ?

    When will you fix highway #7 ?

  36. Dear john ,please fire the transport authority board, the member have fail the travellin public, the board unable to get the psv to wear a uniform, unable to allowed the psv or mini vans to return tro lower van stands,the board can not deal with the venders in the vans stand , unable to get the taxi operator to relocate, to ther new location
    does mr king the chairman know every body talking about these illigal 2m vans on the market hill, proute village, the abc new route, spiegtown bye pass route, tell us was is the board really doing , what have they done still bein apponted, well kept re interviewin the same people for permitt. fed up owner, mr boyce tell the transport authority that the zm vans have tooken over the route in market hill and proute village, ,,, waiting ans seein

  37. @ old man river

    have you thought about writing to Jerome ‘Ladybird’ Walcott on the matter?

    Sometimes women have a way of resolving things better than men. In certain situation is better to be a man, in other situations it is better to be a woman and in his case he can both. Sometimes his a man and other times he is a woman.

  38. @the poorest he
    So will a man or woman defeat John Boyce? Either which way CCS will have a new representative.

    Just Observing

  39. Anything can beat Dear John –the beater. all the roads in poor state. Transport Board in poor state, Transport Authority in poor state.
    Wuhloss every thing that man touch in poor state. He ain’t buy a bus in four years! The scheduling gone south.
    He going through PAs – two in four years. When they get fed up with him they leave. The last one gone and he can’t beg him back as he was sick of John’s hoggish behaviour. The first one he had left as he was fed up as well. Dear John went and beg him to come back. The CA who was hoping that she would be a PA the first time the PA left was hoping again but was overlooked. She will be his downfall as people fed up with her ignorance.
    Don’t back a loser, he has done nothing for the people of Ch. Ch. south.
    He merely looking to secure a pension, that is why he hoping to win a second term. If he gets it he will do nothing for you as he is guaranteed a pension after that term.
    What has he done ? Nothing !! The people of Ch. Ch. south deserves better. The pig headed rat should be dropped. An empty vessel with a loud voice. A free loader, never pays for anything.Ask any of his friends. He does not know what the word share means except when he is sharing licks or heaping his plate full of free food.
    But does he have friends ? No-one stays around him for long.
    Another time.

  40. Clearly these comments are not from persons who live in Ch Ch South. I do. Who is the candidate for the BLP for that area? Has he been around. Four years ago Dr. Walcott and his lackies came around, and after that never to be heard from again. Is he running in 2013?

  41. @ Maria

    Clearly you must be live in the heights cause i have been living in ch. ch south for the past five years and the first time i saw Boyce was on Errol Barrow day. I have always known who my BLP representative was from day 1 to now…come again, in my gap he aint getting none of our vote and thats a good 50 and counting……out with Mr. ITS ALL ABOUT ME … stupse…

  42. Do Not Vote – John DE Boyce: Mr. Know it all. He is a colossal waste of time.

    Vote – Jerome Walcott. A human being, a good man. Vote BLP in Christ Church South.

    Vote – Ronald Jones – Vote Dennis Lowe – Vote -Stephen Lashley.

    Do not vote John Boyce – a loser. make the change in the south.

    I have known him since he entered HC in 63
    I KNOW when he was offered a vacation job at Banks
    I KNOW when the person that got this job for him at Banks recommended that Banks offer him the scholarship that enabled him to study at St Augustine
    On returning JOhn made it impossible for his benefactor to use the company’s van, which his benefactor used to do many good things for poor folk in the community.
    John is such an ass that he failed his brewing exams
    John is such an ass that when he got fired from Banks, EVERYONE was happy to see him go.

  44. Georgie Porgie

    He is really an ASS. Today is his last day as a Minister. His seat gone. He really is a waste of time…bloody freak.

    The only bdy he cares about is himself…. one term loser John ” the jackass” Boyce.

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