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  1. There is a lot that Jones can be hammered with on the political platform. I think enough to sway a few votes. If there is also a significant away swing the results could be close. More on-the-ground info might suggest otherwise. However, based on his positive exposure and no-nonsence persona i think he has the advantage.

  2. My cut again Check-it..this Joseing act he puts on in Parliament and on the platform really works for him…we can say what we like…when Ronald starts with that hand gesticulating..everyone stops and listens….JONESING ..the dance he is credited for..its really catchy…to beat Ronnie tie dem hands…..lol..its called charisma..

  3. I would say that Jones will win back handsomely. The Kingsland and Lodge Road boxes are heavily Jones and that is always a killer for a BLP candidate. I do not think that Sands is any match for the mouthy Jones. Swing or no swing! Only way Sands can win is if the middle class people in Kingsland are hurting badly enough to vote against the government.

  4. @ Prodigal
    Boy that too is most likely….Travel n Entertainment allowance…nuff teachers up in there also.

  5. Perhaps Gabby Scott should be the man representing Ch Ch EC,as we hardly see Mr Jones around here , election or no election. Gabby Scott is his John de Baptist and arch-angel.
    Maybe the construction of the RDJ Highway from Deighton Griffith School to Gall Hill/Water Street will earn him some votes.

  6. I didn’t know that Gabby Scott was associated with Jones. If so, it strengthens my initial impression that Jones should have an edge but of course the swing is the thing.

  7. Jones has a lot of political goodwill. But will this goodwill be sufficient to overcome his inaction on the Alexandra matter, his apparent tiff with PM Stuart for his role in the Eager 11, his concentration on football in the shadow of Jack Warner? His opponent is the son of the former MP for the constituency Duncan Carter but it doesn’t seem as if Mr Sands is getting in adequate groundwork . Is he relying on a national swing? MR Jones would have lost a lot of his support when he lost favor with the PM to act in the substantive role of Deputy PM being he was known for acting as PM when the PM was out of island (Now overshadowed by Richard Sealy).


    The DLP brought Barbados to its economic and political knees starting in 1986 with the RICHIE HAYNES BACKRAISE BUDGET and give-aways that the Bree St. John led BLP had indicated the country could not afford.
    By 1988 , Barrow was. Sandiford stuttered and Richie Haynes Bolted. The Budget of 1988 was described by Richie Haynes as A BACKSTREET ABORTION. In the 1991 election campaign at Eastmond Corner, Sandiford declared that the economy was batting like Sir Garfield Sobers, two weeks later gave away 33 million dollars to retired civil servants who disposed of the money on consumer durables and the country was pushed into a hole further with the 8 % salary
    cut. Many persons lost ‘things’ in the most sordid and darkest period of our recent history. Man I could go on but I dont have to justify anything . To France wid you and your crap.We made a mistake in 2008 due to lies and deceit from the DLP and voted against a wonderful party and Government. We will correct this whenever ‘Mr. SLOTHFUL’ call elections. Simple !


  9. WUNNA DOES MEK ME LAUGH. Alot of popular ministers lost seats last time to new candidates with no track record and some with little work. Its swing time.

  10. Man ya gotta give Ronnie he jacket……..Its time to Jonesing…..
    Ronnie …..I hear Sands making in roads though..I hear he planning to outwit you at your own game…..
    He even go a calypsoian wukkin on a sound called SAND-PAPERING…lol
    Watch ya back !

  11. On a more serious note Mr.Minister
    I was speaking to a friend of f a parent…and I can report on that wicked and vindictive precedent that is being exposed in front of innocent school children and parents..that of disc-ing the opposition candidate when they go the school graduations with gifts for the school.Yes it was done to Hinkson at St.Silas ..yes it was done to George Payne in St Andrew..Yes it was done to Sandra Husbands at West Terrace graduation…imagine the BLP candidate’s gifts are not given out ( you were present too, WT,)…. or presence acknowledge during the proceedings….just in the name of puerile politics. It is most shameful when theyl stoop to such levels..in front of parents, teachers and children..
    WE NEVER DID SUCH…..what do you think the parents will think ?

  12. The only thing that may go against him is the badly managed project on the Kingsland Road which is really John Boyce fault. John Boyce may cause Jonesy to lose some votes due to his incompetence of managing his ministry…

  13. @Please help.
    True re John Boyce. But don’t think that’s enough to help Sands doh. Jonesey been doing what he has to do from what I “observe.”

  14. tbh as a floater i think sands has a chance, especially as he is continously within the commuities helping people who cant even get jones let alone his representative to give assistance or return a call. I am from wotton and have not seen jones since 2008. i like jones solely based on his charisma but in all honesty i cant say i trust him. Nor should i say i trust sands, but i prefer to put my vote on a man who pretending to car and shows his face rather than one who stole votes and forgot who put him where he is, Not picking sides but jus saying jones may have a battle on his hands and even with his loyal dlp support, us floaters determine the tide of the sea.

  15. @ David

    Christ Church South is not shown on your list of constituencies (the pictures) and Christ Church East Central is shown twice.

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