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The coming General Election constitutionally due early next year promises to be one of the most interesting in our history.

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart despite a feeble challenge to his leadership manifested by the effort of the Eager 11 and baring no further attempts is expected to lead the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) into the next general election.

Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur who relinquished the leadership of the party to Mia Mottley after the election defeat in 2008 is back after winning support from his parliamentary colleagues.He too is expected to lead the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) into the next election.

The other political parties – People Empowerment Party (PEP) and People Democratic Congress) PDC – have not been able to offer a credible third party option.

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  1. The BLP can gain the upperhand in the INTEGRITY stakes in this 2013 campaign by doing one simple thing.

    Publish a full page ad , video clip and audio clip of William Duguid recent unparliamentary outburst and at the end of each version have Owen Arthur do a VOICE OVER at the end saying these words


    However , one little bit of advice… not give this task to the OWEN ARTHUR whose used to poisonously CUSS fellow Prime Ministers at CARICOM meetings .

    Miller you and other BLPites ( including David of BU ) have an easy assignment before polling day.

    The Barbadian electorate keepeth WATCH .
    Hello David,

    How the above project coming along. Already the DEMS out of the gates. Chris Sinckler has apologised to June Fowler.

    Can you get OSA to apologise to the Barbadian public. And if he did can you publish it

  2. Miller and Observing,

    We on BU recognise you two , in particular , as the masters of describing phenomenal photographs.

    That being the case, can you two give us your unvarnished comments about the photograph and questions that appear on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 February, 2013.

    We wait with……bated breath !

  3. Seems liek Noel Lynch’s idiocy in St. Joseph was a “bump in the road” for the BLP in what was otherwise an almost flawless campaign.

    The man is a complete buffoon. Hands down. He’s now rendered to absolute obscurity. Freundel should send him a thank you card someday.

    Just Observing

    • @Observing(…)

      Political Scientist Joseph dealt with this matter very well a couple of weeks ago in his weekly column.

  4. @ Observing

    Bump in the road?

    That was a calculated disclosure by Noel on behalf of his good friend Mia. That was the ‘plan’ that Mia, Wickham, Noel, Rawl and Cynthia had as a kind of rolling of the wicket for Fruendel to destroy the little bit of Owen’s legacy and chances of becoming prime minister again.

    According to Dr. Estwick, the drunken runt from St. Peter done and on the 22 February there will be much rejoicing and general merriment in Barbados.

  5. @rendered assistance
    a party that purposely implodes itself to the point of losing doesn’t deserve to win again, ever.

    agreed, one day it would be interesting to find the motivation for the “outburst.” Owen went into damage control the very next day and here has spoken more strongly on it today. Lynch is toast in SMS. He will have no place in a BLP government or Opposition ever.

    Reaction from this weekend’s meetings and the “follow up poll” will tell alot. Individual seat characteristics are what count though. People still have reservations about Freundel despite his preferred leadership status.

    Just Observing.

  6. Mia has to carefully plan how she will recover the leadership of the BLP.

    Owen’s note has gotten her a lot of empathy from fair minded Bajans.

    There is no way that MIA can dismiss the note as anything other than Owen’s desire to get her out of the BLP.

    Verbal banter can be dismissed but writing a comment is deliberate.

    Mia Mottley is intelligent. Watch the ride.

  7. @David is there no other BLP politician he could have offered?

    It is insulting and demeaning to dismiss Mia Mottley the former leader of the party as chattel to be bargained with.

    I believe Owen meant what he wrote.

  8. @ David | February 18, 2013 at 1:13 PM |
    “Actually writing the note was puerile.”

    Puerile indeed; but also politically naive.
    He, OSA, knows that Stuart hates every bone in his political body and shows total disrespect for him both inside and outside Parliament.

    A savvy, well-cured, long-in-the-tooth experienced politician would never allow himself to be so exposed after the undressing and denuding Stuart did to him in a very early budget speech under the then DLP administration led by the late David Thompson.
    During that speech OSA was so humiliated that not even a fig leaf of self respect was offered by that Serpent and viper of words called Stuart.

  9. @Miller

    What explanation can you offer for the act?

    Could it be Arthur exposed his insecurity as Opposition Leader by trying to empathise with Stuart read E11?

  10. Maybe Owen knows that Mia has the support of the likes of powerful people like millertheanunnaki and Amused so he is under constant temptation to get rid of her.

    Mia just has to plan very carefully and the BLP will soon be hers.

  11. @ Hants | February 18, 2013 at 1:39 PM |

    If only OSA had your perspicacity and perspicuity he would not be up shit street’ today.
    There is only one way out of this political cul-de-sac . Announce that MAM will be his deputy to be in charge of the economic salvation and restructuring but with him at the helm as captain during the next 18 months to two years of rough economic seas but will be handing over in a timely fashion.

    Meanwhile he can groom Mascoll as his heir apparent for the St. Peter riding with the disappointing refrain: “This is my politically adopted son in whom I was once pleased but had to sacrifice for the greater good of the party and electorate”.

    If not, Amused and the miller can wait for a few more months or even two years when our star girl will be at the zenith of brilliance even if in Opposition and the Queen in waiting to make Barbadian history.

    Trust me, that Privatization child that the DLP has conceived but currently denying will be the bearer of retributive justice leading a party of youthful revolutionary rebels should that party be returned to the role of “loco parentis” and be deposed within 24 months.
    How can a parent promote enterprise and independence, and when the well-educated child reaches the age of majority in a modern technologically sophisticated world, does not want that offspring to exercise his or her enfranchisement, economic or otherwise.

  12. @ Georgie Porgie | February 18, 2013 at 2:40 PM |

    Smarter, definitely ‘Yes’.
    More devious and sinister certainly ‘Not’!
    She might be more cunning and with a streak of bruising aggression; traits required of a elite soldier of political success.
    But she cannot be accused of being disloyal, a backstabber, a cheat, thief, crook and most of all a blatant bold-faced liar.

  13. David; I thought I should push my mout in your discussion with Miller of 1.35 pm today. There are a number of things about the note that was reproduced in Barbados Today that is somewhat troubling

    1) Only a portion of the note is given. The first portion is not shown.
    2) It is evident that the writer considered the first part of the letter shown “I sent a note to you by Hal Gollop etc.” as the most important part of the note and that he confirms that he would not get involved in the Eager 11 situation as he knew the problems involved in keeping a party together.
    3) It is also clear that the above discussion did not come out of the blue. There must have been some discussion between OSA and Freundel about the eager 11 which led to this note.
    4) The note was mainly about the eager 11 situation
    5) The note ends with “you can help me by taking mottley”. It does not say I am giving you mottley, especially since Mottley was not OSA’s to give. It says (let me repeat) “You can help me by TAKING mottley>. To my mind that puts an entirely different complexion on the matter. It suggests to me that moves were afoot for Mottley, perhaps by mottley, to go over to the DLP. Indeed that was rumoured on this blog around the time of the rift. So the note then becomes one where OSA might be saying I am not getting involved in your eager 11 affair as I told you through Hal Gollop and as a matter of fact you are free to TAKE mottley as it is rumoured that you are considering.

    If that is so. and I am almost certain it is, then the spin by FS is disingenuous at the best and shows a total lack of integrity at the worst. People of integrity do not publish notes themselves sent to them in confidence (something falling off a truck and published by someone else might be par for the political course but is unheard of for someone who promotes himself as being a paragon of virtue).

    If FS wins the election on the back of ploys like this one and the privatisation volte face the Barbados electorate would deserve him. I still think he won’t as there are enough undecideds who can read him like a book.

    FS would have cemented himself, in my books, as being equally as duplicitous as his former boss David Thompson and vying with him for being the worst Prime Minister that Barbados and the Caribbean has ever known.

    The spin machine of the TTP’s of this world is alive and well.

  14. @ Observing

    The word on the ground in St. Joseph is that they are disgusted with Owen. When they see Dale, they see Owen. They think both Owen and Dale have stabbed Mia in the back. So that is why Dale is Deputy and not Mia. It seems this has turned some voters against Dale and word is that he is now buying votes at $500 a pop.

    He went to my cousins door and she cussed him royally. She told him he is like Santa Claus, but where as Santa comes every year, she sees him once every five.

    I don’t think Dale and his people realize that she is “fambly” to the DLP candidate. He is asking for her support especially after her brother implored him to try and have his house moved so it would not fall down a gully in Parks Road. He made promises and sent nice sounding letters, even from NHC, but that was all until her brother Colin had to call in the Nation.

    Dale’s staunch supporters and canvassers, the Olivers, are also fambly to Holder. So Dale greases their palm regularly. Don’t know how they will vote though. I well remember what the Josephines did to Coward many years ago.

    Holder is popular with the young. He went to West as did his brother and the locals fondly call him “The Professor”, because he is a teacher.

    I hope he beats Dale’s ass to smithereens.

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  16. @ Checkit-Out | February 18, 2013 at 5:18 PM |
    “People of integrity do not publish notes themselves sent to them in confidence (something falling off a truck and published by someone else might be par for the political course but is unheard of for someone who promotes himself as being a paragon of virtue).”

    Well put, Sir!
    People of Integrity do not have to seek constant validation from a fickle audience.
    Integrity is a moral character that resides inside an individual and shines through like a constant beacon of light to guide people to follow your direction.

    The light beam of Integrity will expose all those involved in transgressions of corruption lies, and deceit even if those perpetrating such are members of your Cabinet or party.

    Integrity does not cover up wrongdoings and hypocrisy behind a veil of darkness for the sake of political expediency. If Freundel is a man of Integrity why is it not shining through to his other ministers like the lying Sinckliar, the porn king of bestiality Donville, The money launderer Michael and the kickback kid Lowedown?

    Even his close pal Leroy the leper Parris would by now have changed his spots by doing a Saul to Damascus conversion to Paul by returning his ill-gotten gains to the CLICO policyholders while beseeching Mara to follow suit and ask for contrite forgiveness.
    Freundel’s hypocritical position and public doublespeak on the issue of Privatization is indicative of the duplicitous nature of the man.

    Freundel is just one big Fraud that needs to be morally undressed and exposed as a liar and fake.

    “A pure hand needs no glove to cover it.” ~Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

    “The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out.” ~Thomas Babington Macaulay

    “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” ~George Bernard Shaw

  17. @Pat

    Thanks for the update. I don’t often get out “that side.”

    Let’s see if Holder as a new candidate can rally all of Rouse’s former support plus his own with a swing going against the party. I doubt it but should be interesting.

    Just Observing

  18. Two things of note as well

    1. Grenada votes tomorrow. Let’s see how those results feed into the psyche of the undecideds

    2. If you think that shirts / posters / stated party loyalty means anything, see this link.

    there is a significant voting bloc that doesn’t care one way or the other. Money and “pahtee” talks. The party that captures(d) them early will win by small margins in lots of seats.

    Let me also toss in that Wickham’s poll left out alot of what was covered back in May and September. I eagerly await any credible updated information. It’s down to the wire guys and gals!!

    Just Observing

  19. Observing;

    There are a few seats where I think the Barbados Today guesses this morning are possibly wrong.
    1) I think Dwight Sutherland is likely to beat Esther Sukoo Byer.
    2) I think Irene Sandiford Garner is likely to beat Payne.

    3) I think the Freundel Stuart – Barney Lynch fight will be close and that BL might even win (FS was spending too much time going around the Island attacking OSA and leaving his own constituency to the wolves. I think the Bree St. John precedence might also play out here).

    4) I think Donville Inniss might lose his seat;
    5) I dont think Chris Sinckler is as safe as everyone else seems to think.
    6) I think that Stephen Lashley’s seat is not safe.
    7) I think that Mara’s likely victory will be a pyrrhic one.

    Will continue later today.

  20. @Checkit-Out | February 19, 2013 at 9:32 AM |

    Checkit ma boy you never came back to finish your post as promised. You and Observing couldnt predict when an egg is boiled far less an election. Hello Checkit the Dems won. Dems now Dems again! By the way Fruendel humiliated Barney you really should take a remedial class in politics 101.

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