40 electricity outages in 2023 so far

Barbados has experienced 40 outages between 1January 2023 and 22 September 2023.

Amit@caribbeansignal blogs with analytics top of his mind. His latest project, track electricity outages in Barbados. By his research Barbados has experienced 40 outages between 1January 2023 and 22 September 2023.

Read his evidence based report at the following link – Electricity Outages in Barbados January 1 to September 22 2023.

Barbados Light and Power (BL&P) – a company owned by EMERA out of Canada must do better for the people of Barbados. The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) where the buck stops must do better. Why should it take 2 years for a rate hearing to be closed and in the meantime BL&P continues to enjoy an interim rate increase. It does not make sense. Barbadian consumers may have a good case to question if the FTC has been acting fairly.

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  1. No win for Light & Power

    Last Thursday the Barbados Light & Power Company (BL& P) was the subject of public discourse following an islandwide power outage for several hours which halted some businesses and caused early school closures. Not surprisingly, social media was littered with memes poking fun at the BL& P’s “cut off” game.
    I, therefore, thought it a fitting time to discuss the recent decision of the Employment Rights Tribunal (ERT) in the case of Jepter Lorde vs the Barbados Light & Power Company. In a decision delivered by deputy chairwoman Ms Kathy-Ann Hamblin, SC, the tribunal found Lorde had been unfairly dismissed when he was terminated in 2016. The tribunal ruled that the BL& P committed several procedural irregularities in dismissing Lorde, which began as early as their investigations into the alleged misconduct upon which they relied to terminate him. The tribunal labelled these procedural missteps as “fundamental errors” that made the dismissal unfair. These errors were seen in (1) the BL& P’s decision to rely on unsigned and conflicting statements from witnesses whom Lorde did not have the opportunity to confront, especially since the statements conflicted with video evidence of the event; (2) the conflation of people on the investigative and disciplinary panels; (3) BL& P’s failure to present evidence of the charges at the disciplinary hearings; (4) BL& P relying on evidence that didn’t support a reasonable belief in the alleged misconduct of the employee. The appeal hearing was also criticised as procedurally unfair.
    This decision provides useful guidance on issues such as the right to cross examine witnesses at internal disciplinary hearings, the usefulness of an appeal hearing to correct errors, and my favourite, it is the first ERT decision that has addressed a claim for reinstatement in great detail. To my recollection, this is the fourth instance in which an employee has requested the remedy of reinstatement instead of compensation for unfair dismissal.
    In the previous cases, the tribunal was constrained to comment in detail on the law relating to reinstatement due to the failure of the parties to lead any sufficient evidence in favour of or against the claim (in one case the employer failed to attend the hearings).
    However, in the present case, both parties led some evidence and provided submissions on the issue. As a result, the tribunal was able to explain the factors and evidence on which it relied to deny Lorde’s request for reinstatement. This part of the judgment provides useful guidance for those seeking to claim or rebut a claim for reinstatement.
    Finally, the comments made by the deputy chairwoman at the end of her written judgment provide good guidance on the conduct of hearings before the tribunal. She criticised the “more than a year” the case took to be heard by the tribunal and remarked that “the tribunal was forced to devote an inordinate amount of time and resources to this complaint, depriving many other waiting litigants of a timely hearing . . .”.
    She attributed the inordinate length of the case as being the “casualty of multiple requests for adjournments by the respondents”, “the lawyers buried the tribunal under approximately 300 pages of pleadings”, the two witnesses “being subjected to several hours of cross-examination on the minutiae of the claimant’s dismissal”, and witness statements “stacked with information relevant to nothing in issue”.
    Quoting from relevant case law, the deputy chairwoman reminded that the tribunal is not “obliged to read acres of irrelevant materials . . . or listen day in and day out to pointless accusations . . . that do not advance the case”. She further stated that “the process was never intended to replicate proceedings on Whitepark Road. It was designed to be simple and accessible to ordinary citizens who want an assurance that their complaints will be disposed of swiftly”.
    Unfortunately, many internal disciplinary hearings have also adopted an overly litigious style.
    On another note, why hasn’t a new ERT chairman been appointed? Can there be reasonable doubt over a suitable appointee given the quality of jurisprudence emanating from the deputy chairwoman?

    Michelle M. Russell is an Attorney with a passion for employment law and labour matters. She is an advocate for mental health and social justice. Email: mrussell.ja@gmail.com

    Source: Nation

  2. Having a discourse about power outages without understanding what is happening with national grids around the world is a waste of time.

    Grids are transitioning, true true fact.

    But this is a different kind of transitioning from people transitioning.

    The grid transition is caused by the climate change hoax and the headlong rush into renewable energy.

    Politicians have made available billions of dollars in incentives to people to generate solar and wind energy.

    This amounts to a transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to selected persons.

    People think they can just invest money into a technology, generate electricity and make BL&P/Emera buy it at a profit to them.

    It has to be integrated into a complex grid and synchronised with demand.

    You should google terms like “electricity grid transitioning” and you will appreciate what sorts of unreliability is being imposed on grids throughout the world.

    The problem to solve is how to get the airhead politicians who only see $$ to see the inconvenience their airheaded decisions impose on the rest of us.

    What is the cost of transitioning the grid to accept multiple inputs from multiple people?

    Costs of electricity will rise and reliability of the grid will fall as the transitioning progresses …. and there is no guarantee we will be better off.

    Most difficult concept to accept is that climate change is a hoax.

    Next step is to do a cost benefit analysis of the transitioning.

  3. Customers of BL&P/Emera can seek compensation if the terms under which they supply electricity are breached.

    In the same way BL&P/Emera is a customer of their various suppliers and also should be able to seek compensation from any one of them who causes BBL&P/Emera to be exposed to compensation claimed from any of its customers.

    Clearly proper investigations need to be done regardles of who owns the offending supplier.

  4. “Amit@caribbeansignal blogs with analytics top of his mind.”

    He seems to collate accurate data from available information sources.

    It would be interesting to hear his/anyone else’s conclusions about the causes of data trends, and also suggestions for developing strategies and remedies for the prevention and control of any worrying trends.

    For example, there are a couple of new nasty Covid viruses in circulation again. Common sense says Cruise ships are dangerous sources for incubating and spreading viruses among families and passengers etc.

  5. When we have Emera, a company headquartered in Halifax.

    And a parliament whose speaker recently lauded a Nazi in that house as a SS Galicia veteran.

    Within the context of Operation Paperclip where Nazis were spirited out of Germany settled in Canada and many countries of this hemisphere.

    A company with a Canadian PM who was just guided by Biden to suppose that Indian killed a Sikh separatist on Canadian territory.

    A scenario having to do, no doubt, with India’s leading role within BRICS. Even as a Canadian here still maintains that Western sanctions are not deleterious to Cuba, for example. When indeed Western or White people’s sanctions are the centrally causal reason for the ending of Western imperium.

    Currently being lived!

    When coops are so misguided that there is some role for them with this neo-liiberal beneficiary. When the Barbados government is in lock step with the Nazis in the West running the world.

    We would not be surprised if it were found that Emera itself is closely connected to these forces and under these circumstances its virtually impossible to remove these Nazis from a succulent power teet.

    But of course, fascism like bulling, have both been awarded a thorough White washing. History, culture, have both been turned on their heads.

  6. The Ukrainians fought the Russians because they viewed Stalin as the devil incarnate.

    Stalin and Lenin before him had killed more Ukrainians through starvation than people who had died in the entirety of WW1.

    Ukrainians were fighting Russians from the 1920’s to the 1950’s when the NKVD finally wiped out the Ukrainian insurgent Army.

    The Nazis just fed their natural hatred of the Russians (Communism) until it became obvious they were no different from the communists.

    The Ukrainians then turned around and slaughtered the Nazis too.

    The speaker of the Canadian House does not know his history.

    Communism and Fascism are one in the same.

    Both are creatures of the left, they give rise to totalitarian regimes which slaughter until they are slaughtered.

    Absolute dummy!!

  7. A little bit of information is a dangerous thing.

    Even if your misguidances were completely true, then tell us why were the Americans had to partner with the Soviets, the Communists, fighting together to defeat the fascists, throughout the world.

    And if the oft repeated nonsense that fascism and communism are from the left, as you say. Then why are the descendants of fascists, emerging in ever Western capital, as long seeded plants to defeat Russia, which is as far from communism today as it has been in 150 years.

    Your genetic racism is the father of such ignorance. And the crypto-racism which has suborned your ilk is central to the problems at BLPC. And having long failed as an institution in local baccra hands it must now be the very people your kin despise, in the Coop movement, who must seek to save the country’s power generation capacity.

    We reassert the application of the big deckie in Wunna crotch. For as long as you roam this earth never will there be justice.

  8. Pachamama on September 25, 2023 at 8:11 PM said:
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    A little bit of information is a dangerous thing.

    Even if your misguidances were completely true, then tell us why were the Americans had to partner with the Soviets, the Communists, fighting together to defeat the fascists, throughout the world.


    It is very simple.

    Two left wing totalitarian states looked to consume one another after one first tried to consume capitalist culture in search of world domination.

    The capitalist culture was fighting the first one when the said first one (left wing fascists) decided to consume the second totalitarian regime (left wing communists).

    Churchill put it this way:

    ” If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

    As far as Churchill was concerned, Communist Russia was hell and Stalin was the devil.

    … but Hitler was even worser!!

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    Why can’t you get this simple truth in your head?

  9. Let’s take another example!!

    Trump and MAGA represent the capitalist culture.

    The Democrats, RINOs, Globalists, Communists represent totalitarian regimes.

    None of the totalitarian regimes are looking to consume the other.

    Either the Capitalist culture survives or the totalitarian regimes consume it.

    My bet is the Capitalist culture will win but will leave some of each of the totalitarian to regroup and come again.

    Good and evil will always fight.

  10. Churchill was a racist. All the critical historiographies leave this in no doubt.

    He therefore represents no high water mark. Indeed, the reverse is true.

    Churchill also called the Arabs ‘sand niggers’ and therefore fit for being set upon by mustered gas.

    He was just as racist towards Indian, Soviets and Afrikans.

    And if your false rendering that the enemy of one’s enemy is a friend. Then tell us why that traitor Churchill was planning to bomb the Soviets even before the war was won by them for the West.

    You know nothing about the complexities of this epoch. All you’ve done is to repeat memes long issued by pseudo historians with racist agendas. Including the titularly Black one Stowell often cited by you.

    If Hitler was condemnable why did your Western governments airlift hundreds of thousands of fascists to every country in the West?

    Why did Western companies, like Ford Motors, IBM and others supplied the Nazis with the technology to run their fascist regime?

    Germany had no industrial miracle.

    The capitalists weren’t fighting shiiite! The reverse was true. America, for example, only lost about 400,000 in WW2.

    While the Soviets lost 35 million.

    Lastly, this idiotic equalization of fascism with communism is a perverse recreation of history intended to serve the very racists intending to rewrite what actually happened.

    Yours are the same people seeking to convince the world that a sweet poooooookey is the same as a pooch hole. Only White fascists are so capable.

    And the Russians having to defend its territorial integrity from racist, fascist like you and Biden a modern day Churchill still wanting to balkanize Mother Russia, as was always the real but hidden aim.

  11. You are looking at Churchill as a strong man dictator despot like what Germany produced (Hitler) and the Soviet Union (as opposed to Russia) produced (Stalin).

    Churchill lost the election immediately after the WWII, Stalin was dictator for life, two different systems.

    Churchill was only ever elected.

    Hitler was destroyed by the Capitalist system which not only contributed to the supply of the Red Army which devoured him, but also the army of the Capitalist system.

    By the end of WWII, the USSR was down 10’s of millions of people because of its totalitarian system. As many died in WWII as were killed by the totalitarian system it espoused by starvation, the NKVD, the Gulag etc.

    Germany was down 10 million mostly casualties of the war, devoured by a bigger totalitarian system, USSR.

    Hitler was a come lately after Lenin/Stalin.

    Mao in China knocked off even more in his totalitarian system that the USSR lost in theirs. Most died from starvation, not war.

    Then there was Pol Pot with his totalitarian system and the mass extinctions.

    Notice the Capitalist system did not lose the number of people that its competitor lost.

    Two reasons for this fact:

    1) the capitalist system is driven by faith in God and God is life,

    2) America and Britain were isolated by water!! … and water is life.

    The only way to destroy the capitalist system is from within which is what you see happening today, bar Donald Trump.

    Like Churchill, Trump is elected by “we the people”, unlike Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot etc. and any other strong man a totalitarian system throws up.

  12. Pachamama on September 25, 2023 at 9:41 PM said:
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    And if your false rendering that the enemy of one’s enemy is a friend. Then tell us why that traitor Churchill was planning to bomb the Soviets even before the war was won by them for the West.


    Where was he planning to bomb the Soviets?

    By the end of WWII, FDR was the dominant figure. Britain was broke.

    Interestingly enough, FDR, like Woodrow Wilson was a leftwing operator, a Democrat.

    Read Mark Levin’s book released a couple of days ago and you will see how the left seeks to destroy America from within.

    If you don’t like reading and don’t want to pay, you can get it read to you for free.


  13. @Rabbit 🐇/🐰

    9:41 was a good dismantling of much of your regurgitations of the words of rightwing windbags.

    You may have noticed that I do not attempt any heavy lifting. I flit from comment to comment with the hope of adding some serious notes between those that I think are humorous.

    It pains me to see you attempting heavy lifting and then having to abandon the weight and resort to quotes from Levin, Limbaugh, Sowell and a other right wing hosts.

    Time has allowed us to put the right metrics in place to examine some of your heroes like Churchill and it is possible to comment on both his war effort and his failings as a human being. This is the main flaw in may of your argument, you refuse to see their Achilles foot.

    Well, I attempted some heavy lifting.

  14. Do a cost benefit analysis on Mahatma Gandi or Martin Luther King and tell us what you find?

    After all my years knocking around I have heard all sorts of allegations and can judge for myself whether the world was worser off or better off for their time they spent here.

    Takes no time at all.

  15. TheOGazerts on September 26, 2023 at 8:01 AM said:
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    You may have noticed that I do not attempt any heavy lifting. I flit from comment to comment with the hope of adding some serious notes between those that I think are humorous.

    It pains me to see you attempting heavy lifting and then having to abandon the weight and resort to quotes from Levin, Limbaugh, Sowell and a other right wing hosts.


    If you keep avoiding any heavy lifting your brain will atrophy. Sad to say but more and more you exhibit signs.

    Here is a new book by Thomas Sowell at age 93 exposing the fallacies of socialist thinking and the importance of family. The heavy lifting paid handsome dividends.

    The book is called Social Justice Fallacies.

    Sowell started out as a Marxist (that is left wing for those not accustomed to heavy lifting and only flit) until he started examining the numbers and doing some heavy lifting.


    He was also interviewed by Mark Levin about his new book.

    Good to keep tabs on heavy lifting people who routinely write bestsellers and keep people informed. Ignorance is not an alternative I like although I see it again and again.


    Rush Limbaugh was another author who wrote multiple best sellers. He did alot of heavy lifting. Millions listened to him on a daily basis before he died as they do with Mark Levin.

    Rush wrote serious books that appealed to all ages.

    He had a popular children’s series in which he condensed heavy weight concepts and through history put them into a form a child enjoyed, the true sign of genius.

    The great thing with those who do heavy lifting is they will share the fruits of their labours with the those who can only flit.

  16. Grasshopper

    I will show you another way of thinking about sea level rise.

    If you look at your graph again on the vertical axis you will not only see that the total rise over the decades shown is 4″, but that it was both positive and negative, or rather negative first and then positive.

    Every now and again you will spout a little mathematics so I put it to you that your graph is part of a natural oscillation, and I am going to bold and say sinusoidal and even bolder decaying oscillation.

    The measurements represent the last few decades of oscillation of a forced damped oscillation, common in nature and based on Simple Harmonic Motion, SHM.

    Here is an example of what I mean as it appears in classical mechanics.


  17. If you feel inclined to do a little math, you can take your graph and use your coordinates to determine the physical constants behind the forced damping.

    You may ask why as you flit through here.

    …. because if you get the natural frequency and other physical constants you can calculate in how many years a peak will be reached and how high that peak will be.

    Looking at your 4″ rise in 30 years, my guess is the maximum rise will not be much greater before it begins to fall … but it will take years.

  18. While you are flitting about, solve the simultaneous equations that result from the data you provided and figure out when the highest sea level rise will occur and what it will be, simple stuff, no heavy lifting involved.

  19. @Rabbit
    I am searching for the graph that you said I provided but I am not seeing it in this blog here. Could you follow-up and direct me to it.

    You said that I spout a little mathematics which made me smile. One of your techniques is to hits us with words from physics and hope that we don’t understand. Besides mentioning Fourier Transform in the past you now hit us with
    natural oscillation, a
    decaying oscillation.
    forced damped oscillation,
    Simple Harmonic Motion, SHM
    classical mechanics

    Your next step which you did here is to hit us with some video that can be highly technical

    W.C. Fields — ‘If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.’

  20. To be fair, this mystification of topics is a national trait. In the areas of politics, it can be richly rewarding as skillful practitioners have reached the level of Prime Minister.

    It should be pointed out that at the expert level, a practitioner may ‘vault off’ the local stage on to the international stage where they display a pseudo-mastery of topics that they are not truly knowledgeable of.

    A few of us, like the rest of the crowd watch in excitement, but we know there will come a time when it it will be obvious that the “queen has no clothes”. It is my sincere prayer that when that phrase is uttered, some innocent child will say ‘but she has a scarf’.

  21. @ The OGazerts on September 28, 2023 at 9:01 AM said:
    “A few of us, like the rest of the crowd watch in excitement, but we know there will come a time when it it will be obvious that the “queen has no clothes”. It is my sincere prayer that when that phrase is uttered, some innocent child will say ‘but she has a scarf’.”

    What a ‘well-written’ piece of sarcasm of the highest order!

    It does prove that the pen can be must mightier than the sword.

    But we have to admit that the Queen Bee of scarves is the epitome of what the BU Bush Tea man would define as ‘Bajan-Brass-Bowlery’ in full bloom; that is: ‘All Talk, No Action’.

    How can a country- with a leader in his or her right mind- get on the world stage highlighting the geo-economic vulnerability of small islands states (like the same Barbados) to the pending vagaries of global warming aka climate change meanwhile- ‘back at the ranch’- back home promoting the building of outdated sewage-producing hotels on the same seashore which will be the first victim(s) of the same coastal devastation resulting from the same climate change?

    By Emmanuel Joseph
    The Barbados Light and Power Company (BLPC) could face a $100 000 fine if a Fair Trading Commission (FTC) probe finds that the utility breached the Guaranteed Standards of Service or failed to act with prudence over last week’s island-wide blackout, the utility regulator said on Thursday.
    The power cut forced the early closure of schools, government offices and businesses, with full restoration of electricity supply returning more than eight hours later.
    A probe will be carried out by the BLPC itself with the FTC making a ruling following the company’s submission of a full report of its findings.
    Confirming that an investigation is underway, FTC Chief Executive Officer Marsha Atherley-Ikechi told Barbados TODAY that the commission has already received a preliminary report from BLPC on the interruption of the electricity supply.
    Following further inquiries, the company is to hand in its final report to the regulator.
    “Any major outage is always of interest to the Fair Trading Commission, and (Light and Power) are required to report to the commission on it.
    “As per the requirements, they must submit a formal in-depth report within six weeks of the occurrence of the event.
    We will assess that to determine whether they acted prudently or not and if there are any things of concern to us,” the CEO said.
    Asked what the FTC can do if the probe raises concerns, Atherley-Ikechi said there are provisions, depending on what the determination is, for the commission to impose penalties or fines.
    The FTC developed the penalty framework after a series of multiple blackouts in 2019, the worst in generations.
    In a 48-page decision on Standards of Service for the Light and Power for 2023-2025, the commission has set out the penalties and fines for breaches of those guaranteed standards as well as compensation for individual and multiple customers whose electricity supply has been disrupted due to a fault within the control of the company.
    Light and Power is now required to restore power to customers within eight hours of service loss, according to the guaranteed standards.
    If the company is found to have breached any of the service standards or failed to act prudently, it may have to pay a penalty imposed by the FTC under section 38 of the Utilities Regulations Act.
    Once the commission has determined the Standards of Service applicable to a utility, those standards are binding and must be strictly adhered to by the utility.
    According to section 31(1) of the regulations, “every service provider which fails or refuses to obey an order of the Commission made under this Act is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $100 000 and, in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine of $10 000 for each day or part thereof during which the offence continues”.
    Light and Power spokeswoman Jackie Marshall-Clarke had told Barbados TODAY the outage which occurred around 11:30 a.m. on September 21, was the result of a fault on the BLPC’s 24KV transmission line in St Thomas “which caused the entire system to cascade”.
    She said the process to restore power to customers started within the hour but was hindered by system stability challenges that the company was investigating.
    Managing director Roger Blackman said later that the electric company would be investigating the instability issues that were seen, though he appeared to blame fluctuations in power supplied by solar photovoltaic systems which he said created some challenges to balancing the load on the national grid. emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb

  23. https://imgur.com/FqZIPuC

    The snapshot over the last 30 years satellite measurement was done fits into any of the circles you choose.

    I say sea level follows a damped sinusiodal shape and from your data derived from satellite measurements you can calculate the natural frequency and hence period of the sinusoid.

    Once you know the period you know how many years before the next maximum.

  24. Two types of sea level change, one is isostatic and the other eustatic.

    Either the volume of water can change or the land levels can rise and fall.

    The volume can change in La Nina years when there is a lot of rainfall and water is taken from the sea and deposited on land.

    It then flows back to the sea causing the level to rise.


    Temperature can rise and fall and cause thermal expansion.

    Your 4″ rise over 30 years could be the volume increasing from temperature rise and we know from past data temperature fall will follow.

    So you can expect oscillation at a natural frequency.


    Platetectonics can cause land to rise or fall and displace more or less water.

    What happens when plates slip?

    Instantaneous energy, tsunamis or whatever, ie forced damped oscillations in sea level.

    SHM and exponential decay in amplitude of oscillations.

    All you have to do is to fit your line to the decaying sinusoid and determine the natural frequency of oscillation which will give you the period in years.

    It isn’t going to be billions of years.

    There are going to be many plate movements so you expect sea level to oscillate but it will oscillate at its natural frequency which the satellite data can determine.

    Simple application of earth sciences.

  25. Let’s say after the investigation it is found that the instability was caused by the renewable energy sources turning back on, who does what?

    Is the FTC manned by a multitude of lawyers and non technical personnel equipped to do such an investigation or to sniff out any BS it may be given by the BL&P/Emera.

  26. Let’s suppose BL&P/Emera informed the FTC that the reliability of the grid was being negatively impacted by renewable energy suppliers.

    You know and I know that some of these suppliers are seriously connected to the highest level.

    Do you think the FTC is going to dare hire a consultant to tell the GOB that its 100% goal for renewable energy by 2030 is total BS and its attempts are negatively impacting grid reliability?

    Easier to suppress the BL&P/Emera findings!!!

    I hear the intervenors are being deprived of information!!

    … conspiracy theory right?

  27. Grasshopper

    There is another source of water in the core of the earth.

    Plate tectonics may force it down or bring it to the surface and sea level may fall or rise.

    I’ve come across a theory suggesting this may have been the source of water which caused the flood in the Bible.


    ….. and also this theory.

  28. Yesterday was the hottest day in Barbados on record, as the temperature peaked at a sizzling 34.2 degrees Celsius.

  29. Hants

    Guess what, after all the hoo haa about yesterday decided to take a look in Schomburgk from 1848 to see what the highest temperature he saw here.

    “I have noted during my observations in Barbados ,by placing the thermometer flat on the coral rock fully exposed to the sun is124 Fahr. The temperature in the shade was at that time 88.5 Fahr.”

    That was in March!!

    124 Fahr is 55.1 Centigrade.

    On the brighter side I reckoned the full moon would bring rain the week before or the week after September 29, the date of the full moon.

    It did, like 99% + of the time since I’ve been watching.

    Well, we had pouring rain this morning and it is cool today!!

    The prediction for this week is continuing heat wave!! We will see but I suspect the type of rain we had will give us a cool week.

    There is no climate change, weather just changes from time to time.

    This table in the link below tells me all I need to know about the weather.

    Looks like next year will be a dry year, after 3 or so years of surplus.

    Last time it was really dry was 2016.

    So it fluctuates as we all know.

    I reckon the numbers in this chart will soon turn red.

    Ignore the climate hoaxers!!


  30. I have to admit though, I have rarely seen a tropical system like Philippe which brought the rain behave like it did.

    Could be the change from a pretty extreme 3 year La Nina will mean a pretty extreme El Nino.

    Messes with the upper level winds.

  31. Philippe still remains east of us.

    There is more wind than yesterday and cooler.

    Can’t remember seeing behaviour of a tropical system like this.

    Downright weird.

    It still looks angry.

    Last night we had more thunder and lightning.

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