‘Players’ laughing at we

We have a few rich people who are able to facilitate large local transactions and receive offset offshore requires attention from local authorities.

In recent days the blogmaster has had the irresistible urge to ‘mumble’ in words a concern. It is a concern many Barbadians are unaware. It centres around how ‘players’ in Barbados operate to influence decision making by decision makers.

In BU’s early years the late Denis Lowe featured in many blogs when evidence surfaced he was an errand boy for Peter Allard of Graeme Hall Sanctuary fame. The plan was for Allard to fund his campaign, in return he would have no choice but to be compliant. Too many are ignorant to the fact it isn’t elected politicians who call the shots, it is the faceless others that contribute to finance campaigns and hold keys to important gateways.

It is a puzzlement why the previous government – then Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler – redirected funds from the Industrial Credit Fund to ensure Mark Maloney was paid for an obviously overpriced Grotto project. It was a project that attracted unfavourable comment in the Auditor General’s 2016 Special Audit report with predictably no repercussions. This was at a time government owed too many small black business persons. To be compliant the government had to ignore a protrusion at the entrance of Coverley Gardens, a prefab construction next to the flour mill on the renamed Mighty Gryner among two that come to mind.

What about members of the merchant class who from all reports continue to establish companies/storefronts in foreign lands with the purpose of managing the invoicing? If people on the streets are aware why have we never heard about anyone being identified and arrested for the practice? Barbados is a company always on the hunt for foreign exchange, we borrow at a price to future generations. The fact we have a few rich people who are able to facilitate large local transactions and receive offset offshore requires attention from local authorities.

Is this a case of local authorities lacking resources to investigate in order to minimize this level of white collar crime? Is it a case of endemic corruption which is a challenge for all countries in varying degrees? One gets the sense that in Barbados there is no attempt to arrest this type of criminal activity, the result is that we have a band of players who game the system. The result is that millions of dollars in foreign exchange are redirected and secreted away in offshore accounts in Miami, Cayman and elsewhere. It is naive for Barbadians to believe those among us with the ability to earn significant revenue are unprepared to look for opportunities to convert from soft to hard currency. There are also Barbadians who earn foreign exchange overseas who look for ways to keep the funds offshore. The fear of putting all the eggs in one basket is real. The disloyalty to country is real. Greed being a deadly sin will be everlasting.

Isn’t it ironic the government at one level is engaged on an aggressive campaign of borrowing to bolster our foreign reserves, BUT, we have crime being committed by individuals of respectability and high social standing that is undermining the process? Unfortunately given this level of collusion that is bought and paid for, it is unlikely we will ever see any of the players taken down by local authorities in the same way Donville Inniss was successfully snared by US authorities with the help by a foreign corporate citizen.

Unfortunately through the lens of a lowly blogmaster, it is unlikely our weak governance framework, combined with a poor appetite from authorities to pursue the rich and powerful will we have progress to take out players. Instead, the minions will continue to protest against this that and the other while the players continue to laugh all the way to overseas banks.

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  1. One must remember that some of the same politicians are themselves very wealthy and practice the very same dirty games.

    The truth is more and more people are doing this now because they have no confidence in Barbados. They have no confidence of their finances being here. They are encouraging local and foreign investors to invest so they can move their eggs from a basket that they know they are not safe in.

    • @Sarah

      Some politicians are wealthy because they do the bidding of the ‘players’ because of greed/avarice. It is a deadly sin do not forget.

    • It is all about and active citizenry supported by a professional fourth estate working to ensure the best governance framework is maintained.

    • Everyday the blogmaster reads about corruption in developed countries as well, the difference is that there is a better chance of holding transgressors in those countries accountable.

    • The other big one BU has posted many blogs is media practitioners open to facilitate having stories planted by players and their minions for some form of bribery. Why is this important? Information disseminated by traditional and so called respected media plays a big part in opinion shaping; conditioning of the masses.

    • When Michael Lashley and Denis Lowe were caught out leasing luxury vehicles from Lloyd Brathwaite owner of Trans-Tech was it considered a conflict of interest by the citizenry? Did anyone care? It doesn’t mean there was bobble going on, it was more about demanding transparency. Trans-Tech at the time was a major supplier of services to government and ministries the 2 gentlemen represented. As a people we have t do better.

    • It is interesting to note the audit by the PAC headed by former leader of the opposition Bishop Atherley went nowhere and died with the last parliament.

  2. They, the politicians, are the facilitators, fir their cut, or so many billions could never be missing from the economy over so many decades and no one held accountable…

    .Keltruth Blog out of Miami and Barbados Free Press ..exposed this level of in your face thievery from the treasury over 20 years ago….time for those who believe they are untouchable and use world corporations as a cover hiding behind to face the music, they and their wannabe Empire friends…

    ..the embarrassment and black eye to people and country is now worse than ever….with so much more to expose, these need to turn themselves in, cause no one have a problem exposing them all even more….they are coming down one way or the next…

    The rats believe they can jump ship and assign blame to the known crooked minorities SOLELY, their business partners when knowing they are the facilitators….that’s why they were told when they had their fowl called 2 of the local families names on a blog, and claimed that these minorites have extorted and blackmailed the local politicians…. these families who have engaged in this diabolical practice of seizing and sabotaging any of the African descended progress in the last hundred years, so the PM was asked on air, since you went into the environs of the corporations since 1994, why did you not complain to your employers who fund the island that you were over your heads in corruption, a group of minorities were out of control and need to be brought to heel…instead nearly 30 years later…these crimes are still committed and you do nothing still as someone being allegedly blackmailed and extorted according to your offshore domiciled fowl…

    More to come on that topic on air.

  3. @ David

    Miami is a place not many Bajans will touch now since the issue with the Don. Plus with them being part of the USA they are subject to the US judicial system.

    Cayman has been the choice of these activities for years, as it is very difficult and practically impossible for the USA to touch anyone there. Do you know some Cayman institutions do not take deposits from US citizens for that very reason?

    Thing is there is really no reason to siphon off profits overseas now through invoicing companies as the tax rate here is only 5%. Those still doing it are doing so simply to blead this island of its FX.

    FInally check and see what we upstamp sterling to here for customs purposes. It is a currency that floats, but do a little checking here and see what happens with the costing of UK imports done in sterling when they land in Bim. Many have set up companies overseas just to handle the UK imports as a result when all that is required is for customs to use the daily rate for sterling when calculating duties as opposed to the fixed rate they use at over $3 barbados.

    But wunns don’t take my word for it check for wunna self.

  4. Ahhhh, the blogmaster is highlighting the crux of what has dominated the news recently.

    @John A – you have touched on a jurisdiction that is very much in play. Interesting if not curious that Sarah Taylor was the first responder to this post The UK passport seems to also come back into the fore

    • All will agree Kinch is/was a player, he is not the only one.

      The real issue is that the vast majority of Barbadians are clueless to this reality. That is, how players are able to influence policy and at the same time game the system to make money of the backs of regular people. All the while facilitated by sweet sounding politicians.

      A big F for a moribund and supine fourth estate.

    • We also have a large upper middle class whose only objective it seems is to funds ways to deposit monies to foreign accounts. It is a tough situation.

  5. @ Wizard

    Lord this reminds me of when I was young and did the dot to dot games. Lol

    You know if Maddox had operated in Cayman and not the USA he would never have been jailed, as long as he did not accept a USD from a US citizen or resident.

    They say the world is a small place and it truly seems to be getting smaller by the day.

  6. We should all examine ourselves and our roles in facilitating these infelicities. Do the politicians vote themselves into office?Do we see any objections / exposures in the press? They look for breaking news. Not the education of citizens about the immoralities.Gossip not Enlightenment.

  7. @John A. Think it is Madoff
    The master of the Ponzi scheme.

    @David. I tend to agree that Kinch is and continues to be a player. Not everyone is as greedy and the timing of it all is what let him down.

    The question remains, where did his funds come from. Follow the money trail

  8. David, ‘players WILL ALWAYS influence policy,’ especially if they’re ‘holding you by the balls.’ Case in point, tourism. Sandy Lane Hotel has been operating in Barbados for several years. And, despite the fact a hotel school existed in Barbados perhaps since the 1970s, as well as UWI for 60 years, Sandy Lane claimed it did not received suitable applications for two recently advertised posts of ‘Executive Sous Chef’ and ‘Chef de Cuisine.’ And intends to apply for work permits for non-nationals.

  9. Yuh mean there hasn’t been a minister of tourism, labour or home affairs, from successive BLP & DLP administrations that ‘was NOT BRAVE ENOUGH’ to tell Sandy Lane, ‘stop the shiite??’

  10. @ David

    Listen all this moving of large amounts of currency could not be going through no central bank either and this is why I say so.

    I went to send 250 sterling a little while back to a relative in the UK. When I went in the bank I was told I had to go to the Central Bank Forex site and fill out an application. So I did and it ask who I was, where I live what I want the money for, who it going to etc. Well I did and within minutes of sending in the form I got back an email from the bank saying my application was received and 2 days later I got another email saying it was approved and check with my bank. The whole process was all very professional I have to say.

    Now my point is if I had to go through all that for 250 pds, nobody could not move bout millions in foreign exchange through no central bank for shady reasons. So if it didn’t go through no central bank, a Big Up over and away who got access to foreign money would have to do it, preferably from a country outside the USA. Cause since Don nuff Bajans frighten to even fly over the USA farless go there.

    When I think of what I had to do for 250pds my blood does boil when I read what the ” connected” get away with!

  11. A country claiming to be a leader in tourism , after 60 plus years in the business, boasting of a hotel school, could not find one national to head its Tourism office.
    A country with highly acclaimed musicians; has produced world class writers and poets. with dozens of local creative artistes , could not create a jingle for its own tourist industry.

  12. @Skinner
    A country claiming to be a leader in tourism , after 60 plus years in the business, boasting of a hotel school, could not find one national to head its Tourism office
    According to the PM at her last Press Conference, some qualified Bajans don’t want to work for what they consider the “Government” and that’s how they view BTMI.

    • But Sarge you are usually the master of reading the tea leaves.
      In the same address, didn’t the reason of being able to pay more to employees one reason for a new, more independent NIS ( like the Central Bank it was said 😆😆).
      This will be a reason to privatize anything. If you create ‘task forces’ (or whatever they are called) and stock them with private sector folks to examine BWA, TB etc, the solution is likely to encompass structural changes?

  13. @ Sargeant
    Perhaps they don’t want to be told by political blow hards how to do their jobs.
    We can find locals to do everything else. Just check the “ pedigrees “ of those getting some top jobs in the same industry.
    Question: How’s it that a national who started as a construction laborer at a world
    class hotel could end up in a top position but we can’t find one single national for some positions.

  14. This is merely another symptom of the dead ended system which the writer believes is the best money can buy.


    What we really have here is the rent-seeking mentality innate to neoliberalism.

    Rent seekers always aim at making a higher than normal profit. And will move heaven and earth to so do.

    Therefore ‘corporate structuring” will always be an obvious port of entry, pun intended.

    This is nothing new or unique to the current violators to the writer’s irrational expectations.

    Maybe, tal vez, consideration should be given to deeply help notions about the lionization of socalled successful business people.

    For it has always been impossible to be uber successful in business without the consolidation of surplus value generated by others.

    Or teifing from the state to achieve an abnormal profit.

    What is being described centrally is the financialization of everything. An issue we’ve written about since neoliberalism started.

    A time when Cave Shepherd had a company in Miami to consolidate and re-invoice everything they bought. This was 30 years or more ago.

    And what of the always present philosophical contradictions.

    Of loving neo-liberal capitalism but when the constant ills present then seeking succour in a misconceived and nonexistent morality which has never been a characteristic of the rent-seeker.

    Weeeee suggest the big deckie. Not de small one. De big one. Has to be driven into dey pooookertz.

  15. “A time when Cave Shepherd had a company in Miami to consolidate and re-invoice everything they bought. This was 30 years or more ago.”

    Remember a company in NY supplied them at knock down prices….when those same items reached here, the markup to sell the local people was pure criminal…they can never get my money…too greedy..

  16. The rent seekers are making a killing in Ukraine toooooo!

    Dey laughing all the way to a rent seeking halcyon over the bodies of 400,000 of their Nazis lying dead. Over one million injured.

    As their sponsors in the West lose the nerve to continue, are unable in terms of industrial production to feed the maw of this, an artillery war.

    But the money changers at the centre of corporate greed have gorged themselves with the flesh of the dead, the injured.

    Just like the local culprits need to be disgorged of the flesh of Bajans.

    A sameness of a sameness.

  17. Speaking of being laughed at, am sure everyone remembers when I posted the OAS document detailing the indigenous in the Americas…and was attacked on BU because fowls did not know Barbados was in the Americas or that they were born in the Americas..

    ….one year later…indigenous became the new buzzword in the parliament where it was NEVER used before or the people told about their INDIGENOUS status…well wont you know it….a UK presenter said the PM came out with her news that 40% of the people on the island are indigenous….PURE NONSENSE… if they had done proper research would understand exactly what that entails and why their announcement cant make sense..

    ..but when ya got neferious plans ya make up anything and only the sheep would go baaa..cause they know no better…..evabody else already knows what time it is…weee had a good laugh…

    Let them wait for politicians who themselves know nothing to educate them….

    It just keeps getting worse..

  18. The economic players in the USA are laughing.

    They have so brought their own “democracy” to its knees that there is a total vacuum at the centre.

    What was is now in complete meltdown as money, graft, buying off of everybody, being as disconnected from the people and serving vested interests, even supreme court justices are in on the illegal money runnings.

    Everything has been torn down! Thrown asunder!

    We are likely to have Trump, who this writer called a fascist long before it was popular, reelected even from prison. Of the 90 odd charges at least one will stick. Look to Georgia in this regard.

    This speaks to an ignorant population still looking for an asshole like Trump to solve problems, above his pay grade and not even approached last time he was there.

    The president of the USA was always a mere figurehead. Powerless!

    And Biden as head of the other wing of the crime family, even as his handlers try to shield him, owning to dementia, being impeached or brought before the criminal courts for racketeering in Ukraine, even under Obama.

    The pantomime of other players in the Dems, GOP and third parties, though a few are making good noises, are unlikely to move to the centre of perceived power. And even if one, other than the two above did, as Biden claimed last time “nothing much will change”.

    The power within the USA never resided in any of the branches of government.

    The march towards oblivion shall continue, at pace, ineluctibly towards imperial decline. These forces can no more be averted than can gravity.

    This is not just about money. It’s certainly not limited to the local mindless fools.

    The only question which remains is whether the survivalist instincts of the Bajans will kick in before the Titanic, finally brought down by wokeism and bulling, disappears under the tectonic shifts.

    Writers should dispense with their inclinations to tinker. With determinations that quick fixes are possible.They should engage radical systems analyses and go to underlying causation.

    The hard decisions, the big deckie!

    • What is fascinating, is the Auditor General and his report…he religiously publishes them annually, even though state entities refuse to give up financials so he can complete his audit..

      ….both corrupt governments laugh at him and the clowns impacted by all the thefts, NIS, Vat, treasury…laugh at him too with their it happens everywhere mentality…so it could happen here too…”wuh we int nuhbody”

      Just like the dummy telling their employers, as begging borrowing, dependants, wuh you corrupt so i could be corrupt too….problem is, that is all they will ever be….beggars….cause they cant tief anything else to be anyone else…stopped in their tracks..

      …..the ignorance is palatable a living and breathing thing, no wonder the corrupt got so full of themselves they crossed a line and now stuck….the supporters are stuck too, not knowing what will happen to them next….

  19. @David, you are a funny guy truly. You really, really, really expect sensible people to miss your sleight of hand joke that: “Too many are ignorant to the fact it isn’t elected politicians who call the shots …”

    That is a ROFLOLLL. Do you know it’s now well over 40 years since like maestro magician David Copperfield someone made (my favorite model for infelicities) Mark Stokes go ‘poof’ and disappear in broad day-light! POOF. Seriously David !

    The only Bajans who don’t over-stand how things really work and who does really call de shots are those like Stokes who surely no longer breath, those lost way in Jenkins and can’t get their meds … and jackasses!


    Oh and we need to get a grip pon dis belief that in the so called “developed countries […] that there is a better chance of holding transgressors in those countries accountable.”

    It often seems so because from time to time there is a very public case in the courts … but if we consider the plurality of the egregious cases that eventually leak it’s clear that MANY more companies and politicians are getting away with wanton corruption.

    So “better chance” sounds pretty and all that but it does not stop massive corruption!

    We actually see only the tip of the freaking problem – in Bim we only see the tip of the tip – but the simple point is that corruption between pols and private enterprise is MASSIVE, period … and WE ALL know that!

    • @Dee Word

      You admit some transgressors are held responsible?

      You admit Barbados isn’t the only spot on earth where corruption is endemic? The blogmaster would never have guess.

  20. See…that’s the 50 ton elephant in the room that no one can see…so blinded by… it happens everywhere…but cant see or say what will happen to them next since they have NO CONTROL over their destiny…trapped…dependant on the wiles and fanciful DELUSIONS of dangerous politicians..

    Millions of people in bigger countries have been making preparations for YEARS…some even went off grid and wont be impacted cause they knew what to do……..yet these are still looking at those who are proactive..

    Pacha…wuh if they cant see the big able picture in front of them…no use saying anymore….i see you trying but…

  21. RE: “Speaking of being laughed at, am sure everyone remembers when I posted the OAS document detailing the indigenous in the Americas…”

    If by OAS you mean Organisation of American States, then you’re misleading the forum.

    How I remember the issue, which could be substantiated by BU’s archives, was you criticised the judicial process (and, rightfully so), of a case involving a white UK visitor who assaulted a Barbadian female.
    And, presented excerpts from the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, specifically ‘Article XXII. Indigenous law and jurisdiction 1’ to justify your argument. [July 9, 2020 4:52 AM]

    You further went on to argue that Africans brought to the Caribbean as slaves were indigenous to Caribbean and the Rights are therefore applicable to their descendant.

    A contributor indicated that perhaps you may be incorrect and further stated:
    “The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is a non-legally-binding resolution passed by the United Nations in 2007. Among the indigenous peoples are those of the Americas (for example, the Lakota in the USA, the Mayas in Guatemala or the Aymaras in Bolivia), the Inuit and Aleutians of the circumpolar region, the Saami of northern Europe, the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia and the Maori of New Zealand.” [July 9, 2020 7:30 AM].

    You became aggressive and abusive as is the norm when you’re either challenged or proven to be incorrect.

  22. RE: “…and was attacked on BU because fowls did not know Barbados was in the Americas or that they were born in the Americas..”

    You responded as follows:

    WURA-War-on-U on July 9, 2020 at 9:34 AM said: “ya see the ni*ger Robert telling ya straight up that black people are not indigenous to the the Caribbean or anywhere else and neither do they have any international human rights…i dare him to bring any Articles that says so…”

    The contributor never indicated in any of his contributions that he did not know Barbados is in the Americas.

    You introduced that argument in a desperate act to ‘save face.’

  23. You’ve got to feel sorry for Mia. She has to balance the conflict of governing a ponzi economy whilst at the same time try to serve the interests of the populace.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from her, shortly, with her address on the NSI.

    I wish her luck. Looking from the outside. It would appear that organised criminals have had a profound effect on our economy. They have been aided and abetted by our local lawyers.

    I have just seen Mia giving a lecture in South Africa this year. She was extraordinary and lauded by those in attendance. Her words were poignant.

    She’s a rock star on the international stage. But a failure in her own country. Is she man enough to break the ponzi chains and at the same time willing to dismantle the lawyer fraternity class who have ruined the reputation of our economy.

  24. @David, it’s all about a good laff seems to me! You know full well that the point is NOT about an admission that some “transgressors are held responsible” NOR that “Barbados isn’t the only spot on earth where corruption is endemic”. No brother!

    The point you made is that Bajans and people generally “…are ignorant to the fact [that] it isn’t elected politicians who call the shots” and THAT is the joke!

    Politicians can only get their jobs if they get lots of money to market themselves; most of them do not have that money themselves and even if they do they still seek more from wealthy donors first … thus it’s quite obvious that he who pays the piper determines the tunes to be performed!

    And we KNOW this … ALL (sensible people) do!

    Nothing to quibble about … it’s as basic as 1.2.3!

    • @Dee Word

      Why is Bobby Morris calling for citizens to be taught civics for example?

      It is a call the blogmaster agrees.

      One only has to listen to citizens daily to understand they are clueless about how to participate in our brand of democracy/governance.

      The only way change will occur is from the ground up.

      As always your opinion is respected.

      A government and leadership is not some nebulous circumstance, it’s vibrancy comes from the potency and desire that resides within the masses. As it stands actions by the masses are in the main control by information and opinion sharpers.

  25. Actually, David, it’s MSc or PG Dip Tourism Development & Management. I do not know when the program started, but remember referring to it on BU some time ago.

  26. David, according to Transparency International’s 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) Report, Barbados is the least corrupt Caribbean island.

  27. Seems a lot of folks have been “laughing at we” recently?
    I thought a foreign passport and bank account were honour badges, a status symbol.
    Seems at least 2 from the current elected slate were famous for establishing offshore entities, particularly related to local real estate, while lawyering. Though memory is the BVI was a preferred jurisdiction.
    Cost avoidance, because they are not all taxes, is basic to many. Why pay into a system, where the decision makers will piss it away anyways? National pride?

  28. Prigozhin is dead.
    Denis Lowe id dead.
    COW is dead.
    Steve Jobs is dead.
    Unlike the ancient pharaohs they did not get to take their chariots their gold their wives nor their slaves with them. And none of us will even build a pyramid to memorialize them for ever. Because in truth we never cared anything about them.
    Other people now rightfully enjoying their sweets. Such is life.
    All of the current “players” and their political minions will be dead, dead as well before 25 years have passed.

  29. True or false?
    Great wealth ensures that those who own and control that wealth will be happier and healthier than the average person.

  30. Reading now:
    The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness
    by Robert Waldinger M.D. and Marc Schulz Ph.D | Jan 10, 2023

  31. Laughing? A country in Central Asia recently charged the equivalent of 2 USD to fill a tank with gas. True it was LNG.

    The power of PPP is a world which makes fools of those thinking current realities are all there is. Not sooooooo!

    • Things are being changed around everywhere …especially in Aftica….except where the people are lied to the most, one of the smallest islands in the world..

      ..although it seems they were promoting this weekend, first time i ever heard …..Toni Moore telling the people to release their colonial mindsets…..that turn around was quick…

      …but they unleash these brain bulb moments without understanding there is a process and protocols to follow…to achieve the desired emotional and mental outcomes …their minds must be RETRAINED….trained out of slave mode…the ones who still are….many have waken up….over the last 20-30 years…no thanks to the parliament…there are even less too dumbed down to think properly…..easier to work with…

      Politicians remain fly by night thinking because they say something, it automatically happens…without INPUT, expenditure …and expert specialist help..

  32. @DPD
    We have convinced ourselves that the people/masses are ignorant. Such a position is ultimately based on by some kind of deluded intellectual superiority, that nobody should attempt to use as an excuse, to condone systematic and systemic failure of a floundering ill-equipped leadership anywhere.
    Such thinking when stripped of it’s pathetic semantics, reveals itself as nothing more than intellectual corruption , that in many cases is even just as nauseating as the corruption, we are pretending to disdain.

    • Well Skinner
      If the vast majority are not ignorant or made ignorant by everything we’ve been exposed to from the womb to the tomb

      How then would you explain how the mass of not ignorant people continue to allow us to go further and further down a slippery slope?

      And please, refrain from entering your overused port of call – leadership or misleadership as classism. For leaders have been few and given the orders of magnitude it wouldn’t take tooo many bullets to dispatch them out back. But this never seems to happen, except rarely.

      Does this not go to a generalized ignorance?

      If you find it irresistible to go towards your leadership unpersuasive discourse, then you’ll have to explain the exceptions which prove the rule.

      Meaning, don’t we have scores of circumstances where a few people bucked the general narrative, as supported by this writer, that the vast majority of people are ignorant.

  33. If they take the FIRST step with followup and follow through to REMOVE the people from the expired caged comfort zone of colonial mindsets….the most vulnerable who were unable to break free and AWAY from those bonds by themselves over the decades, with a little help, can rise above that never ending cycle of mental self entrapment…

    They may as well start the process, cause all those big brain plans they had will go nowhere…too many everywhere are aware…and of course some of us are connected to young aspiring leadership on the continent and will guide them accordingly…..so these may as well see after the needs of the population on the island, who voted them into office….

    And forget the glamor life they got planned…it’s never going to happen……..not at the expense of the real inheritors anyway..

    Pacha…at least they are reading the tea leaves, but will there be followup to completion…

    It would be a stretch to see them do something about the corrruption…too many enablers on that front gaslighting to keep it in play because….it does happen everywhere… is the lame brain justification….a tiny islet with no resources, always on a begging borrowing spree…. prefer corruption as a staple although there is only one way out for practitioners…..fine, let the stink of corruption envelope them since it makes them happy….everyone else can move away from it and them so as not to become contaminated..

  34. We just tell ourselves that we are the best, we are performing well. And this is from both sides of the aisle.

    One joker boasting of ‘glorious years’ though he was given a 30-0 trashing. Who on earth would reject glorious years?

    And now we have a next pretender only basking in international headlines and accumulating frequent flyer miles. And, yet some will still come here and proclaim
    that we have the greatest and smartest leader in the world.

    Time will be harsh on her. Her inability to make use of 60-0 and prior skullduggery will be her historical headstone.

    • One blogger loves the word “ring fence”.

      Each time he uses it I see a bunch of chickens in a closed fence and a hungry lion on the outside.

      Do you see our politicians placing anything out of their reach? And even if they did, do you think the bunch of chickens will fight against the hungry political lions on the outside?

      Some ideas are great, but we should always link the with practicality.

  35. There is a fleeting thought that crosses my mind every now and then.

    There will be no recovery. The descent to hell may be slowed but the destination is fixed.

    Was hearing that there are some errors in the new NIS rules that need to be fixed before it becomes law.

    Mediocrity is now our national standard. Common sense has fled leaving us in the grips of incompetence.

    Mottley and her mediocre motley misfits misdirect us by hogging the microphone. Everything they do, they have to do it twice or thrice. Even in selecting the head of BTMI.

    Prediction… We will be looking for a next head of BTMI in 2024.

  36. I wonder if I am cursed? Am I fated to sit here and watch folks come the bar and grab the microphone?

    Do they know, just like I know, that this is not karaoke? You just cannot grab the mic and sing whatever song you want.

    Look at the greatest hits
    Crime happens everywhere
    It happens elsewhere
    The same thing happens in the US

    And after those song we get the
    Lorenzo flyby
    J2 miscue
    And 000 greatest shits

    ‘Father, if it be thy will take this cup away from me’

    Oops. Father, I am not talking death or anything serious.

    Have a great day.

  37. @budavid is always consistently trying to square the circle which means (a) construct a square equal in area to a given circle (a problem incapable of a purely geometrical solution)
    (b) do something that is considered to be impossible
    by injecting morals into the mindsets of politics and law careerists and government and judiciary service
    or likewise public service into the banking and financial industries

    perhaps a better idiom is to fit a round peg into a square hole
    greed runs tings and lawyers and judges are as corrupt as criminals and brotherhood of masons and banks spunk the money they have in custody on investments for their own gain
    no one acts in public interest except for lip service

    Student of the Book of Life
    Not to be antisemitic but jew±ish people are a small percentage of the world’s population who have a disproportionately large percentage of the world’s wealth. A meme that is doing the rounds on social media is that the original version of the hebrew bible had a 20 word passage that people should repeat everyday as a mantra to rewire their brains.
    “I am so happy and grateful now that abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly consistently on an everyday basis”

    Falasha tribe
    A black rastafarian (and bu meme) is that the original Israelites were a tribal family of people of colour and the 12 tribes of Israel spread out and are the same people, and also that the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah in the book of revelations is His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie and them pale faces who speak with fork tongue cowboys took the secret books and kept the information for themselves for the illuminati and freemasons

  38. @ Theo

    Government needs to be careful how they play this out. Alot of younger people are very weary of putting money in the fund due to its history of mismanagement and politcal interference. If we are now hearing about the NIS Fund becoming a State fund, then this does not make many of these folks comfortable with the future of the fund. So will the NIS as a State Fund, become the secondary bank for shortfalls and misconstrued government projects? This is what many fear, more Grotto type failures.

    Personally I would like to have seen the fund distanced from political interference and not brought under the MOF’S wing. However the counter argument here is ” well under board management it did bare s*** anyhow, so what’s the difference?” To that we can say valid point, but under board management did not sinkyuh also manage to get his hands on the NIS cheque book? So is the fund more safe under one form of management than the other. Answer is clearly no.

    • @John A

      You have found support in the person of Professor Mickey Waldrond.

      Fund should be beyond ministry

      THE CURRENT DISCOURSE on the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) has concentrated on the actuarial report that the fund will be depleted in about ten years on its present path, and the consequential recommendation to raise the pensionable age.
      The actuaries seem reluctant to mention why their previous projections failed.
      The facts plain and simple are that a significant portion of the workers’ contributions deducted by their employers, both Government and private sectors, have not been tendered to the NIS.
      This has been exacerbated by the governing boards over the years allocating some 80 per cent of its investment portfolio to Government projects under the “direction” of successive Ministers of Finance.
      These investments saw little or no return – maybe none was expected – and now over a billion dollars or one-fifth of the fund has been written off the books “to save the country and the value of the dollar”.
      I cannot pretend to understand the intricacies or the “scientific truths” of boom or bust economics, but there is no retirement fund that can be managed and raided in this way and survive.
      There have been reported instances in the private sector of fund “raids” where the managers have been prosecuted. There will not be, nor should there be, any such prosecution in this case since it has all been done under the cover of law and Parliament.
      However, the people should not want it to happen again and in the absence of any expression of regret from the political entities responsible, the people must demand change – not just in not raising the pensionable age or looking at the gross inequity of the politicians’ pension scheme.
      A demand must be made to stop the NIS fund being used as a “piggy bank” by governments.
      I propose that the only chance of achieving this is to make the fund management independent of the Ministry of Finance. The managers of this “people’s fund” should be appointed as an independent authority by and under the aegis of the President of the republic.
      The appointments should be made with a view to both the person’s expertise and their demonstrable sense of civic responsibility for a period that does not relate to any change of government.
      Pie in the sky!? Surely better than the mudpie on the table.


  39. @Commander Hants
    You may have solve our problem by providing this link with different portfolios. All our investment officers have to do is to study and then do similar investments.
    In fact I am nominating you for the job.

    C&RoBCIO Hants
    Commander and Chief Investment Officer

  40. @ David

    I agree with Sir Errol completely. If the younger folks are to have confidence in the fund it can not be business as usual. Neither can it be window dressing in terms of a restructured format for the fund.

    What we need is an isolation of the fund from political interference. I would venture further and state the $1.3 billion written off probably in real terms, reflects a third of the funds value. Remember all the overpriced real estate would be booked in the fund at the cost of completion. That has nothing to do with market value what so ever. So when you build a project and it cost $500 a square foot because of leakage, that does not mean the market value is $500 a square foot, if the same could of been done for $300 a square foot.

    Trust in the fund can not be obtained by repeating the past and our leaders need to accept this.

    • @John A

      If you listened to Chairman Haynes yesterday, you would get a better understanding of what the government is about regarding the fund. It is a philosophical thing apparently. His point is that the policy of the government is a blend of investment and development. This means government wants access to the funds.

  41. @ David

    I am going to share below some simple numbers that show the seriousness of our position. For this example let’s say the true value of the fund prior to restructuring was $3.9 Billion and the average return on investment was 6%. Let’s look at the annual return before the debt restructuring and let’s ONLY factor in the cost of the debt restructuring at the $1.3 Billion written off.


    A. $3.9 billion x6%= 234 M

    B. $2.69 Billion x6%= 161.4M

    Loss on annual revenue based on write off of 1.3 B = 72.6 million yearly.

    Now remember $72.6 million is only the annual revenue lost from what was written off, but it DOES NOT include the annual loss on the rest of government paper that the NIS still holds that saw its interest slashed from 7% to 1% rougly!

    Alright let we move on to the next part.

    So how much annual yield would $2.69billion have to earn to give us $234 million, or put the funds annual yield back to where it was when it had the $3.9Billion? 8.6% IS WHAT YOU WOULD NEED TO EARN. Good luck with that in todays markets.

    Remember though when you factor in the loss from 7% to 1% roughly on the paper still being held, the annual loss on investment revenue when one adds the written off potential earnings to the cut annual earnings on retained paper, this then moves the loss of earnings to in excess of $100 million a year! It could also be way higher but based on the lack of audited financials that can not be quantified. When this is factored in the fund without a cash injection would need to earn in the area of 11% percent plus annually to survive on its current asset base. Dat is de pickle we tail in and numbers don’t lie so who want to challenge them feel free.

    • Good calculations to show the effects of the debt restructuring

      How about some comparisons to show the effect of

      A. If the dollar was devalued instead of the restructuring

      B. If government had send home a few thousand in 2018

      C. Both A and B And the additional effects of Covid

  42. That’s why people want to know why the population is being LIED TO…

    ….you have an OUTSTANDING BALANCE a deficit….which grows and grows, in case liars dont know, unless plugged…deficits INCREASE …based on market conditions, inflation, hyperinflation and this and that…..weee have seen this time and again with runaway deficits…

    So what’s a 1.3 billion deficit today can within years grow to billions more…basic math…

    ..how could you tell the people if you repay it they will suffer when THAT IS WHAT’S CAUSING THE PRESENT SUFFERING…..disrespect most vile..

    On another note, it will be interesting to see how de-coupling colonial mindsets will work out…

    • Development????? An insurance fund should be looking for return on investment! We signed up for benefits. That’s what the deductions are for, not development. That should come from another source.

      So…business as usual then! Why would self-employed persons contribute?


  43. Breaking news
    A good reporter is like a bloodhound when there is a story to sniff out. For others the trail had gone cold, but my dogged determination and perseverance has finally paid off.

    Ladies and gentlemen, not only have I located IT, but I now have IT in my possession. I found IT.

    I have Mia’s red bag and it pains me to tell you of its contents. A greasy piece of paper and a stale half eaten ham sandwich and one page in an evelope with the initials CS on it.

    My team is telling me that CS stands for Chicken Sandwich, but I disagree. My crack research team is trying to figure out who could be CS. Caswell has been eliminated because of his surname and Fruendel has the wrong first name. We will find out who CS is.

    Questions we are working on.
    Where was the bag found?
    Who hid it?
    Why did it surface at this time?

  44. You dont have to look any further than US to understand how deficits work…..i remember in the 90s US deficit was in the billions…today it’s in the TRILLIONS…what a difference 25 years made..

    .how could they not know that’s the damaging effects of not plugging deficits…..

    .what kind of auditors, not the Auditor General, cause he does his job religiously, and they and their supporters promptly ridicule him….but the other government auditors and accountants should know this is the fallout…what knid of advisers do they have…they could never advise me if they cant expose expired politicians for lying to and misleading the people…

  45. @ David

    That little saving from moving the age by 1 year ain’t worth mentioning in what I outlined. Remember we were being kind and saying the assets held are performing at 6% you really feel the NIS portfolio performing anyway near there ?

    They got a wash of paper from the state earning 1%. The got real estate assets like the GROTTO that I doubt clearing 1%. Are the rents to the NIS from the state up to date? If even they are what is the net return to the NIS on said rents? Trust me the few cents saved from pushing back a year in the bigger picture is like taking 5 grains of sand off Bathsheba beach and expecting to miss them.

    It’s alright for the chairman to talk about using the fund for social good. He lost track of the fact this is a Pension Fund for persons retirement. If you want to enter into none performing activities do so out the consolidated fund not a pension fund owned by its depositors.

    • @John A

      Where are the audited financials? We simply guessing the financial health of the NIF. What we know for sure is that the NIF is bound to get an audit comment.

      We are seeing all these reforms and at the core of the matter are missing audited financial statements.

  46. Industry Standards
    Barbados used to be big ballers shot callers in the offshore banking but now OFAC forced implementation of AML and Client and Income Reporting Financial Laws Globally the top rankings got a spanking in their banking and custodians clients funds migrated quicker than the bajan IT boys and girls could say boo and implement the statutory system changes as per the stakeholders white papers instructions.

    Oldies but Godies
    Blimey, listen the “jokes” here are like Déjà vu all over again DAY-zhah-VOO, “already seen” is a French loanword for the phenomenon of feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before.It is an illusion of memory whereby—despite a strong sense of recollection—the time, place, and context of the “previous” experience are uncertain or impossible
    The comedy duo of old geezer plug one who is full up of ideas where none of them resonate with anyone and the senile old geezer plug two the end worlder git double teaming having a dig thinking they are jesterers is like pre-pubescent school boys taking the piss in the playground and laughing out loud wetting themselves repeating the same shit like one trick pony corny motherfuckers with nothing else in their repertoire and only a hammer in their toolbox to put in a screw but are really just girls

    (Love Comes from the Most) Unexpected Places
    London Soundsystems can teach Studio 10 in Bridgetown a thing or three how to string a sound to mash down Babylon, everyone knows living in a multi-culti place that Barbadians, other Caribbeans and Africans home and abroad and youth men and women from all other tribes should be more like Jamaicans as it is dread dung in Babywrong.

    3rd and 4th Generation after Windrush
    Linton Kwesi Johnson on the British Black Panther Youth League
    LKJ Mi Revalueshanary Fren the Dread Beat and Blood Poet says that it is myth that Black Youths did not want to be part of British Culture when they were protesting and rioting in the 80s

    But why worry about them when you can pray them away..
    Jah Man who art in Zion
    Hallowed be thy name
    Down here in Babylon
    Down here in every land
    Thy kingdom come
    To earth Jah Man
    Thy pwer and thy glory
    For ever and ever
    Alpha and Omega

    If you love the Israel Vibration let me hear you shout out Bibow!

    Murder!.. Murdee!.. Murtilla!

  47. @ David

    Exactly. If the last audit was 2015 I think the PM said, no one can speak to a valuation of the fund after that. Well we know around there it was supposed to be worth around 3 billion, but then we had this thing called Covid that decimated funds worldwide. So how badly were our foreign investments hit by covid? How negative are these valuations still? During the period of Covid and thereafter how much did the fund lose in non contributions due to unemployment? There are so many questions here unanswered that nobody can be taken seriously when they say ” the fund is in good shape.”

    • @John A

      According to ‘Sinkyuh’ to borrow your renaming of former MOF , his government has been relying on the management reports which are prepared by our diligent public servants, what is the problem?

  48. So how badly were our foreign investments hit by covid….
    JohnA…stop it
    Not one RH. Unless they were sold at the bottom and were not reinvested.
    Don’t try to guess. It is a fecking mess, that’s why there are no reports. It has not one shite to do with accrual vs any other accounting method.
    And despite being current up to 2015 you still haven’t seen one shite yet?
    You are being played 😂😂😂

  49. @ Northern

    To be played I would have to believe the story first. LOL

    Been round numbers too long to be fooled by grand standing and promises of change.

  50. Well Well!!!
    The concept of ‘brass bowls’ being used as night stools to accept assorted urine and jobby over the last 20 years, (BUT PARTICULARLY since Froon installed the ridiculous ‘monument’ at the Garrison) is FINALLY becoming clearer to many in Brassbados…

    The very IDEA that a PM would come PUBLICLY and talk shiite about MAJOR changes to the NIS …. WITHOUT THE FINANCIAL REPORTS, has to be more than Enuff to confirm that WE ARE CONSIDERED IDIOTS.

    The FACT that NO SERIOUS ATTEMPT has been made to complete financial reports AS REQUITED IN LAW, should be Enuff to tell us that some ILLEGAL shiite is amiss…

    Then we see the key people (Chairmen /Boards/ministers/PS) who FAILED to complete these MANDATORY reports …all being PROMOTED… HELLO???!!

    Then the ONLY SERIOUS AGENCY who seems interested in answers (Auditor General) cannot get adequate staff….??!! And the political Circus that has been conceived to create a PRETENSE of transparency (PAC) has been sidelined – ..after being KILLED by a suspicious election call…

    Who goes about radical organizational changes in pensions without knowing the ACTUAL FINANCIAL situation to be addressed? ..but can promote lunatic idiocy such as mass immigration into a little shiite island which CURRENTLY has housing shortages in the tens of thousands.

    Only confirmed and baptized brass bowls could manage to absorb so much shiite….
    …But of course Crapover was a hit…. somewhat!!!

    • Bushie
      Talk to Skinner.

      He seems minded still that there is a popular reservoir of the absence of ignorance operating amorphously.

  51. 4:41
    Be careful. You are almost at the stage that I am at.
    The maths don’t add up. Nothing make sense.
    It’s all a scam.

  52. Breaking news
    It came as a complete surprise to learn that the big red bag (BRB) was found at police headquarters. This led us to suspect that an investigation was started
    We have some additional questions
    Were there files in the BRB and if so, are these files missing or stolen?
    Who was the investigating officer?
    What is the state of the investigation? Is it ongoing, was it stopped or was there a not enough evidence to pursue further?

    We will pursue this matter to the end

  53. I remember explaining on BU why it was a complete NO NO to combine the role of Prime Minister and Minister of Finance with one person. It does not take an Einstein to predict the pitfalls of such an arrangement.

    These two roles are the highest positions in government. The holders of these roles should be both Alpha types, experienced and the smartest amongst their colleagues. Historically, they come into conflict on a regular basis in a strong and healthy democracy. There combined presence should provide the necessary checks and balances within a political party to ensure that a Prime Minister could be opposed and could never become a dictator.

    It would appear that your average Bajan is not comfortable with this arrangement. They are happy that Mia occupies both portfolios. How strange!

    • TLSN
      Is the separation what saved the former administration?
      It is meaningless.

  54. They can paint it up in all kinda pretty colors, tie it up in multicolored ribbons, apply glossy lipstick to it, it’s still TREASON.

  55. So the PM reminds us, amongst other things, the incoming administration in 2018 had a US$100M loan due. Now if you owed $100M would you borrow $1 billion?
    Ah ha, here comes the Bajan bogeyman, DE-valuation.
    You have to borrow more to prop up the dollar? But it didn’t devalue through Sinkyuh years even though he had no credit and a junk rating, and he was grabbing $$ from the NIS and wherever he could.
    But had no trubble blowing BDD$124M on whatever at Clearwater. (The talk shows finally catching onto this) And MAM had no trubble paying WOaks BDD$190,000/month in retainer PLUS $50M in success fee, even tho she admits the NIS and CBB has enough exposure to guarantee success as the deal was structured.
    Ya’ll are being played like a badly tuned piano.
    And Bushman gets upset bout Petra. Ya’ll tekking it harder than he and just as often. But thank goodness for Simple Simon, cause none of this buys happiness.
    Ignore. Go about your daily business and Que Sera Sera.
    I love you, the cheque is in the mail, and I promise (oops Dah bad) #MIACARES #FROONCARED #YOUAREALLIMPOTENT (except on election day)

    • Bushie

      Not so much as you are want to say.

      You are just like the economists, in reverse, they never learnt how to substract.

      For in the circumstances, if this writer owed 100 milion but could borrow a trillion, so would do.

      On the proviso that there was a master plan to engineer the country into a more productive and sustainable position within the near term.

      We concede that the latter point has been missed by Mottley. And that, like OSA, when she tooo is dead and gone there will be the further advance of terminal decay.

      At the same time she is refusing to see the near term possibility for wipping out the total national debt.

  56. The bulk of politicians schemes actually fly under the radar undetected.
    When they’re in office they’re more interested in setting themselves up with lucrative future deals and careers when out of office. They often get hired by networks of wealthy businesses and individuals on the speaking circuit for millions to chat bollocks.

  57. @Geezer
    Good points….BUT..
    Bushie is not ‘upset’ about Petra… the bushman just feel sorry for his donkey – knowing how Frenchmen have treated low esteem blacks over the last centuries.

    Like in Haiti, Francophone Africa, and now Niger in particular…(You see how the French Ambassador refusing to LEFF de people country..???)

    When those ‘Frenchies’ find a burro to ride – Dem fellas does ride um to death hear..?

    …but even so, …Bajan Brass bowls are even more gullible….
    We are literally ‘vaseline bosses’…

  58. Bushman…this falls under when you are a SHAMELESS, LIFE LONG professional beggar, know nothing else…but pretending otherwise…

    “Posted as received:

    “Well we heard it from the horse’s mouth! LESLIE HAYNES, Chairman of the NIS openly admitted TODAY with David Ellis on brass tacks that the adjustments to the NIS ACT were enforced by the IMF. That gives the lie to what Jordan the minister and others were saying. Caswell Franklyn had forced him into a corner, hence the admission!”

  59. Pacha…another coup and military overthrow on the continent…of another puppet…..this time in Gabon..

    People are sick and tired of parasitic families refusing to relinquish pauperizing criminal control. .

  60. Breaking news
    Early this morning officers of the RoBPF entered our office and seized the Big Red Bag.

    We would have been caught by surprise but for a phone call from someone inside the RoBPF. This leaker has promised to share the results of the investigations into the Big Red Bag and a secret tape.

    Things may have stopped falling off the truck, but the Big Red Bag is squealing like a stuck pig.

  61. Big Red Bag …list
    Our sources revealed that the Big Red bag had a paper with a list of 20 names.

    DI was not the first name on the list but was around number 5. After DI was arrested, the list disappeared from the Big Red Bag and the Big Red Bag was then handed over to the police.

    We were told that GoRoBCOP (Chief of Police) was angry at losing this list and had some harsh word for the owner of the Big Red Bag.

    Stories we are working on
    The list was stolen, but not destroyed.
    We have seen the old names.
    Not all are DLPites
    The list has grown

    • Mottley like all politicians came up with a theme to anchor her presentations on the campaign trail which was bought by an intelligent electorate. Nothing new here.

  62. Let’s hope WHEN this is over and weee have put in all the hard work to actually get results and workable solutions applied, to end these vile acts of criminality…. enablers dont jump out as usual to steal credit from those who actually have a backbone to do something… re crimes against Black humanity..


    Let’s see if ALL the bar association lawyers have such a love and weakness for human rights abuses against the people that they are willing to go down with the ship…SS Barbados Corruption..

  63. Republic of Barbados Police Force

    Look up this word Frank.. satire.

    Please get off the internet; you aren’t ready. Or stick with AOPC, that is more your size

    Do I have to put a disclaimer on what I write…

    Any resemblance to a living person is purely accidental
    Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
    No animal was harmed in this production.
    No red bag was destroyed

  64. It gets worse
    It is a sad day in Barbados. I saw the names that were added the list and it may explain why investigations were stopped.

    There were six BLP names added to the list. My lawyer has advise me not mention any names and has dropped me as a client.

    For my personal safety, I have suspended investigations into the Big Red Bag. I have lowered my standards to that of the Nation Newspaper.

    Hopefully, Frank can sleep better.

  65. David,

    Do you still believe Barbados can assist Africa?


    Will the French send in paratroopers this time to restore their Gabon puppet?

    I’m thinking this is more than they can handle. Too many coups coups! Cyan fight all! (Sorry Lil Rick, although you would surely approve.)

    Donald Trump and his Clown Court no longer commands attention.

    All eyes on Africa! Revolutions cyan done!

    • @Donna

      It depends on what you mean by assist. For many years Barbados was invited to participate in election monitoring, sharing best practices on public service establishment, teaching service etc.

  66. “It depends on what you mean by assist. For many years Barbados was invited to participate in election monitoring, sharing best practices on public service establishment, teaching service etc.”

    Confession… I work hard trying to be funny, but the blogmaster is a natural.

    Oh lawd, muh belly. You gun kill muh. Murdah

  67. Must laugh, these have NO SOLUTIONS for the injustices perpetrated against Afrikan descents in the island, by evil politicians and their minority sidekicks,

    no solutions for the corruption, the thefts, the oppression the exploitation, the racism and apartheid, repression abd suppression,

    no solutions for the under and miseducation of the population , the slavemindedness, the lack of knowledge of Afrikan history, languages cultures and tradition….they dont even try because they dont care as enablers of corrupt, dangerous politicians,

    No solution for the FRAUD ELECTIONS on the island, with dead and nonexistent people voting…but they got SOLUTIONS for Afrika…something they know nothing about because they REFUSED to keep up in the last 5 years..and DO NOT UNDERSTAND the dynamics now playing out…they ..fought down those of us trying to educate the people …they have NO SHAME..

    Afrika needs NONE OF YOU …have heard all about you…..stay in ya lane.

  68. For in the circumstances, if this writer owed 100 milion but could borrow a trillion, so would do.
    @ Pacha
    Boss, if you had a viable master plan to generate productive enterprise in brassbados, do you think you would need to borrow $100m to turn over existing overdue debts?

    Long term borrowers and beggars are people who are incapable of being productive. They selfishly focus on what they can get for themselves, and end up as non-producing parros… but some can talk pretty as shiite doh…

    You probably don’t even understand such a mentality….high society flyer as you are…

    It is a special category of brass that we are trying to classify and to understand here, Pacha…..
    You would need to understand more about ‘curses’….

    • @Bush Tea

      What you are not factoring is that you are in a debt trap. You will not be able to extricate from the mess by leveraging organic growth options.

    • You will not be able to extricate from the mess by leveraging organic growth options.
      Bushie presumes… are speaking generically in your reference to ‘you will not be able…’
      …and not about stinking Bushie… 🙂

      What are the other options Boss?
      …besides the obvious serfdom?

    • @Bush Tea

      We have so many problems at play, many seeking simple solutions forget we are in a deep hole.

  69. A people who steadfastly for millennia retained their Afrikan mother tongue languages, their ancient cultural traditions….OVERSTAND what’s happening and can do this..they KNOW what’s at stake and they have to act…


    Many islands in the Caribbean, South and Central America…RETAINED their Afrikanness…

    ..Barbados is not one….it is now the standard bearer and burden carrier for an EXPIRED colonial system and slavemindedness…because of cowardly TRAITORS and a mentally WEAK population…who adore lying treacherous politicians…therefore only the few on the island have the backbone to do any of the above…

  70. Bushman….come out things…

    “Though the members of Mottley’s cabinet are bold-faced, shameless liars like her, the revelation by Leslie Haynes should be taken with caution at this stage since these vagabonds may want to use the IMF as a scapegoat. The BERT programmes, which were willingly signed by the government, included reforms to the NIS, public sector pensions, and the SOE as commitments. However, the Mottley administration would be ultimately responsible for the options they choose in each case.
    This unworthy bunch of misfits, liars, and incompetents may also want to blame the IMF for the administration’s decision to write off almost $2 billion owed to the NIS.
    What was the worth of the recommendations provided by the firm responsible for the actuarial reviews and the consultant actuary, Mr. Derek Osbourne? Also, as expected, the farcical town hall meetings were indeed a waste of time.”

  71. David, David, David! Look how you gun kill TheO……and me!


    The last thing Africa needs is “help” from those who still look to the West!

    This is about EMANCIPATION!

    • Genetic testing will tell you individualy which Afrikan countries are relevant to Caribbean folk..

      …that is why AU is ADAMANT that genetic results are available to identify which TRIBE is yours…if you want to identify as a descent and all that signifies..

      That’s how impostors got tripped up…if ya dont carry the bloodine…ya can’t play…..cant pass yaself off as just anyone…..or coming from just any tribe…they dont recognize things like that…

      …it’s not like the Caribbean and this skin tone class, and which parish and which school and other frivolous nonsense…you must know your ancestral tribe…that’s the first thing they ask…WHICH TRIBE…are you from….best to know upfront.

  72. Pacha…not surprisingly, me thinks the parliament REFUSE to tell their supporters how to maneuvre through the Afrikan ancestral space to benefit them….i know why, am sure you can guess….they cant say they dont know after running up down and around the continent for 5 long years…but will sit say nothing and let them believe it has something to do with only countries..

    At least i gave them a starting point and THEY can find out the rest themselves…. they either find out the easy or hard way…up to them…

  73. Democracy promotion, talk about freedom, environmental concerns – real or not, are parts of this same hybrid warfarism.

    Shiite that these people get away wid in many countries they’ll go to jail for in the USA.

    Funding democracy promotion. All types of nascent advertising advertising campaigns in target countries, etc. All aimed at influencing the social and political systems are hybrid warfarisms.

    The functions of USAID and so on

    We’ve even had a man Wickham spying on Caribbean countries for the Americans.

    And he did not lose his head!

    Frustration! We’ll be fools to presume that Mottley is entitled to frustration with agendas which serve imperial interests.

  74. The continent taking off is definitely a plus..long over due, and exposes all the bad intent….that weee would never know of otherwise.

    I think Dompey, who actually alerted me something was wrong, unaware he was doing so, he can now rest assured that once he knows his tribe, he will feel connected..

    I just could not understand why he could visit the continent and feel no connection when some dont need to be there to feel the source…due to certain other things of import… .

    But now that the wicked politician’s criminal agendas have been thrown out of alignment..they can’t get away with anything, can’t move forward while being watched from every corner….and have to tear up that blueprint of pure evil……it’s smooth sailing all the way….

  75. Especially when you steal all their opportunities, their future, their money and sell or give it away….selling out the population.

  76. The citizens must finally understand that Barbados still operates like a plantation! I said that many times before …


    • Boss..
      Barbados IS a plantation.

      ..Just that the names and terms have been changed to protect the gullible.

  77. People should take note of the order of the establishment order in the time continuum where we live in the present but the past is still the present and the present state is the manifestation the future. A state of enlightenment in the present state is the path towards an enlightened manifestation of the future reality. Reality time is Culture time.

    1. New World Order
    Was a colonial plantation order, in the New World Colonies,
    where the colonial nations greed wanted to rule the world in dominion.
    To reiterate the plantation owners ruled the whole world.

    2. Barbados Underground Order* established by @budavid
    This is a Counteraction of the interaction in engagement with the plantation nation leaders who are the world rulers and is the intended goal is to be a site for the antithesis of world rulers achieved and desired goals.

    (*) Disclaimers & Dangers
    The plantation leaders who rule the world pretend to be friends and spy on the site and steal ideas from public to stay in power and shortchange them.
    One must chose words carefully as 3 wicked men Mr Slavedriver Mr Exploiter and Mr Criticiser are backbiters.

    3. Zulu Order
    Was the order before the New World Order, where the Zulu Nation were tribal warriors. Now the Zulu Order Warriors are renegades against the establishment order.

    4. Dub Order
    These are Spiritual Sound Systems playing Spiritual Music from the 60s
    and music was the thing that kept people together.
    ‘Cause when the people left Africa to go to Jamaica and the Caribbean
    all they could bring is their songs.
    You can hear words on a record and it is like you are actually there.
    The Soundsystem was formed for a vehicle for the message.
    To bring message of peace
    To bring people together

    The fate of humanity lies in the capacity to write a song.
    Once told they’d save the universe during a time-traveling adventure, two would-be roots radics reggae rockers find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their destiny.
    In 2024, Humanity has failed to write the prophesied song to unite the world. Time and space are beginning to collapse.

  78. So what will hapoen now that the REAL Pan Afrikanists on the continent of Afrika and across the western diaspora have been made aware of the fake bougeoise, wannabe elite pan afrikanists in Barbados…the most vile of pretenders and their criminal act against the Afrikan population for the last 40 plus years…what now..

    Better dont carry that 2-man Con-Missiong and Press-cutt show of shite anywhere else, keep it in Barbados where it belongs, no one is impressed…

    …you crisis actors never advocated for Afrikan education, culture, traditions or languages in the schools of Barbados or the Caribbean,

    ..never advocated for the proper preservation of the neglected graveyards of our Afrikan ancestors now we are hearing about a slave hospital where Grantley Adams school is located, no preservation of the site…or educating the population about its existence…WHAT USE ARE YOU…other than to FAKE IT and now seeking reparations….

    Since all of your pretensions have boiled over and now overflowing…consider yaselves worldwide famous as FRAUDS.

    And as for the worldstage whirler and twirler….the dangerous liar…and most recent pretend pan afrikanist, that no one knew or ever heard about, parading as a PM…..there are no pan africanists who have sat in Empire’s chairs for 30 years as an employee…so cut out the fakeness…it’s grotesque even for you..and ya bullshitism…Afrika is not amused…and yes, i told them..

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