Auditor General Special Audit of the National Housing Corporation -The GROTTO and Valerie



In 2008 Barbadians voted for a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government by booting the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) out of office after 14 long years. Then under the leadership of Mr. Integrity Fruendel Stuart they won a close election in 2013.

There was an expectation by those who bought into the DLP manifesto promises that mistakes made by the BLP would not have been repeated by the DLP. Ladies and Gentlemen we make available the Special Audit National Housing High Rise – 2016 prepared by the indefatigable Auditor General. Although the Auditor General does not say it, there was blatant corruption associated with the projects audited.

If you were watching a game on football game on TV this would be when the REPLAY is played.

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  1. Watchman November 12, 2016 at 3:00 PM #
    “Walter Blackman is a man, just like Lowe and others ministers , who think he can achieve the goal of getting rich in Barbados…”

    I spent 4 years at UWI (Cave Hill campus) studying Public Administration. I spent 2 1/2 years at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus) studying Actuarial Science at the masters level. I spent about 7-8 years studying for my actuarial professional exams. I spent 21 years in the USA, arguably the most regulated and complex pension market in the world, gaining experience and insight into designing and valuing all types of pension plans. Most significantly, I spent the last 4 years waking up to “a cold and grey Chicago morn” so that I could master the design of smaller pension plans which are better-suited to Barbados and the Caribbean.

    Today, there is a global shortage of actuaries. The education, experience, skills, and expertise which I have amassed are all marketable.

    If I market my skills in Barbados and become rich by doing so, what crime have I committed?

    Indians, Syrians, Lebanese, Arabs, Jews, Gentiles, Europeans, Latin Americans, North Americans, and Asians with far less skills than the ones I possess leave wherever they were born and come to Barbados to get rich. Almost all of them succeed.

    Like some trained dogs on the island, your mind has been programmed to only notice and bark at black Barbadians. Pity and scorn should be your reward.

    Whilst I was investing time in my education, you were wasting your years “dribbling and drooling” over Tom Adams’ speeches and his picture. Today, you have grown into a bitter, spiteful, envious, and malicious old man.

    Sticking on to my “behind” like an undersized spandex underwear, and trying to pull me down every chance you get, will not create a better life for you.

    I recently heard Ed Bushell advising a youngster : “Don’t be bitter. Be better.”
    That’s good advice for you also. Take it.

  2. @ Walter Blackman

    The Lowe man,say he has Phd degree , yet in the eyes of many Barbadians he is one of the despicable men in the DLP that you need to be company with, I liken you too, in 2008 if the dogs were really trained, as you said, Barbados would not be in this state,

  3. David

    We agree on the different skill set but the methodology would have to be the same for the traditional village rum shop that afforeded credit and loans to the community as well as offering guidance and child support.

    The majority of those shop keepers were women as well who incurred debt,borrowed money trusted goods and sent children to school.

  4. David

    Ellis on Brasstacks today spoke about a document falling off a truck pertaining to some lawyers letter to MOF over the same NHC audit on here,requesting answers of him……can you find the truck and see if a copy will drop off again?…….what was interesting was Kellman calling in a bit upset over him reading it out on the programme.

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