What Is Your Connection To Peter Allard Minister Lowe?

On the island  they call it ‘thieving’ (Teeving) endemic in a country where one learns to blame 200 years of oppression against the master (white) even when they have been independent for 40 years —this is how the politicians, the lawyers and the whole cartel rip off the system and get away with no follow up or enforcement – Peter Allard

Barbadians may recall the Cash for Questions Scandalin October 1994 when The Guardian newspaper alleged that London’s most successful parliamentary lobbyist, Ian Greer of Ian Greer Associates, had bribed two Conservative Members of Parliament in exchange for asking parliamentary questions, and other tasks, on behalf of the controversial Egyptian owner of Harrods department store, Mohamed Al-Fayed. The Guardian’s story alleged that Al-Fayed had approached the paper and accused Ian Greer of paying, most notably, Neil Hamilton.

The UK scandal exposed from within the bowels of what is considered by many the bastion of Western democracy, the opportunity for the super rich to attempt to influence government policy. BU’s conclusion from the affair is that, if it can happen in the UK in can definitely happen in Barbados. It is why BU has always been apprehensive about Prime Minister David Thompson’s proposal to invite investment to Barbados by wooing foreign philanthropists.  The openly materialistic lifestyles of some of our politicians make our environment ripe for corruption. In the absence of Freedom of Information and Integrity legislation in Barbados politicians who are unsure about the implications of their actions do not have to be concerned about penalties.

BU recently read a transcript of a conversation between Member of Parliament William Duguid and Kathleen Davis principal behind the Keltruth Blog which is funded by Peter Allard. It is the right of William Duguid to have a conversation with whoever he desires. What concerned BU was the ease with which Duguid exchanged information, some of which we consider a sensitive nature, with a party (Davis) with whom he did not have a relationship. BU has been able to gain access to the complete files of K. William McKenzie filed in public domain with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

If the Duguid/Davis conversation created some concern imagine our dismay when we read other documents which provoked BU to direct the following questions to Minister Denis Lowe:

  1. Did you receive monies from Peter Allard and Co to pay for cell phone and Internet in the period (2006) leading up to the last general election? If you did how much? Remember BU has the records!
  2. Did you receive help from Peter Allard and Co with planning campaign strategy leading up to the last general election e.g. building website, mailing list etc?
  3. Did you have reason to communicate with Peter Allard and Co which necessitated encryption software to be loaded on your computer?
  4. Why did you take a decision to fraternize with Allard and Co, given the implications?

The quote above credited to Peter Allard whether by accident or design  does not appreciate the time it takes for a society to mature. It takes a lot longer than 40+ years to build an equitable and fully integrated society. It took centuries of struggle for the British race to evolve from a mix of a majority of Saxon underlings and Norman overlords.

What the K. William McKenzie Files have exposed is the extent to which people with deep pockets will go. Barbadians should not become complacent and be happy with the attitude that all our politicians are innocent. Bajans must question them – like we do.


  • David,

    What did the Allards and those related to them want to achieve by backing Lowe and others like the charter for change?

    If you add Clico, alot of money went chasing the then opposition, probably more than ever before – but what did these sponsors want for that money that they were not getting from the then government?


  • @Conrad

    You are correct that Arthur appeared not to be Allard’s favourite people. You can further see this in this email. Remember there would have been a lot of bad blood coming out of the GHNS affair. Arthur would have been a seasoned PM in 2006 and not easily approachable.


  • Is this BU, BFP or BUBFP?

    Doan mine me doh cause de onliest time I evah hear bout Peterrallard in on BFP and nowadays pun BU.

    I neva hear dah name on CBC, CTV or see um in de National post.

    Eff a Canadian wanna be a big up he jus gotta car a couple million to Babadus an he cuh play he is a maguffee.

    I en wasing muh time reading dis cropola. I gine an read Tom Clark book More.
    Clarkie is a real maguffie up hey in Canada but he got brain and intuhlectuals so I mite learn sumting from he.

    I hope uh doan get ban fuh distractin and detractin from the topic, One ting doh, tell allard de proper bajan pronouncement is “teefin”.


  • Conrad

    What did the Allards and those related to them want to achieve by backing Lowe and others like the charter for change?

    My memory may be faulty but I seem to remember Lowe promoting FOI and Transparency prior to elections. Perhaps this is what the “Charter for Change” refers to, but as always this is a calculated guess.

    As to the attachments in the article, I will apply the modern day interpretation of Shakespeare’s line from Hamlet.

    “There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.”


  • @sargeant

    You still one of my favourites here on BU. This thing transparency is in the mind of the beholder .That is what one yuh dem told me! How about something stinks to the high heavens, another one. “Follow the money” All that glitters is not gold. A penny earned is a penny saved. Which yuh dem is the politician synonmous with.


  • BU received a note from sources close to the Minister refuting our story.

    BU stands by our story.


  • News in Bim spread like wild fire. They have brought out the fire hose . Damage control.


  • Hants, you are another fool. If you really had any understanding of what an important author Tom Clarke is, you would know that it is Clarke with an E !


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    Your smear campaign against the Democratic Labour Party has begun in earnest.


  • Was Denis Lowe a paid employee of Peter Allard at any time?


  • @Brutus

    See attached email from Mckenzie (Allard’s lawyer) to Allard referencing Lowe.


  • @David,

    The first email you published is more interesting:

    “If he can’t discipline himself to work with us this way…not a very hard thing to do especially when it is your paid job…then I despair as to how he would achieve anything that he stands for once he is elected”.


  • Anon (2)

    uh khan spell too good. da is why uh spell de gentleman name wrong.
    But Tom doan give a rats bowl cause I does buy he books at chapters
    an gih way as presents.

    I does support de autors from Babadus.Even doh i ent nuh schola.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    Did you get your bogus documentation from Simmons?


  • @Cadogan

    We should repeat for your benefit. The documents we have used to support this story are in the public domain. They are documents which were made public by the Ontario Court in the William Mckenzie matter. To jog your memory he was the lawyer for Peter Allard in the matter Nelson Group Vs Barbados defendants. You have obviously been asleep in recent months,


  • Is Allard 4 Real ?

    Dr Lowe, has said that even prior to the last elections his communication was non existent with Mr Allard it dried up, and that never has Mr Allard ever paid a phone bill on his behalf.

    Here we have a member of Parliament trying to be thrown around like a rag doll by someone who’s creditably is all but lost, being accused by someone of dubious background who in his quest for control of land, power and prestige has carried a most disgusting act of carrying half of our people to have them named in a court action that he paid for against Barbadians sickening, it almost seems to me that he wanted or planned to be a WHITE SHADOW by using his money to buy power thank god that it was not allowed to happen.

    Dr Lowe makes no bones about it he was helped between the 2003 and 2008 Elections by Mr Allard in providing help with Summer Camps for 150 of our youth, a grass cutting program for the elderly of the community, and generally providing for the aged in the community.

    He also has asked to ask of you why accuse him of accepting help that helped his people of the constituency while he was not an elected member and even before he became an elected member ?

    His ties were severed but he ask why not also ask the question why was it that you did not question when as sitting members of the house MP Reginal Farley and MP Billie Miller attended a meeting at Allard’s home a Tuesday evening and each one of them walked away with $ 125,000.00 in cash while they were sitting members of Parliament and Ministers of this island.

    Dennis pointed out that his relationship ended prior to being elected and he has not seen heard or met with this man who took half the citizens to court in Canada in his selfish act of power and arrogance, this story is baseless and as he indicated we are reaching new lows fuelled by power hungry animal of Mia Mottley and it seems you are endeavouring to find favour with her in supporting these vile and wicked accusations.

    Were any of these charges made of any substance do you think that Peter Allard the vulture that he is would not have made this known to all and sundry prior to the elections ?


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    This all smacks of Barbados Labour Party desperation. They are obviously roping you in with promises of some sort to assit them in their quest to be returned to office.

    I am that you have more sense than that and you will see the plot which is developing and you will refuse to become a part of it.


  • @Cadogan

    Thanks for crediting us with some sense, appreciate it.

    You should read this comment which was posted early this morning. You all need to make your minds up!


  • Early this year, in response to Inwell’s concern that BU was a being easy on the government on FOI and IL matters we responded that the government needed some time to settle i.e. honeymoon period. We have given it some time to settle and in our opinion the honeymoon period is over. BU will call the issue as we see them whether B or D.


  • Wishing In Vain

    BU will call the issue as we see them whether B or D.

    We would not want it otherwise, but tell us more about Muttley and Dottin eavesdropping on your calls, my call and anyone that they require information about and their calls ??


  • Wishing In Vain


    Do you not see that Muttley is very desperate ?

    Do you not see she is fighting to stay in the peoples eyes so much so she want to sue CBC like a spoilt child ?

    Do you not see that she is pretending to be a leader while looking over her shoulder constantly looking to see how close Owing is to grabbing power and control from her ?

    She is a moraless piece of work that Barbadians do not trust with their girl children’s future or generally anyone’s future.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    I am not accusing you of being Barbados Labour Party, I am simply asking you not to let the Barbados Labour Party pull the wool over your eyes, that is all.

    The Barbados Labour Party also known as “Alibaba and the forty thieves” are desperate to return office to continue their rape of the Barbados treasury. All that I am asking you is to not become an accomplice to a national crime.


  • @Carson C. Cadogan // July 27, 2010 at 8:37 AM. My own politics and political views are simple. No government has any right being in office for longer than 10 years. History, which is constantly repeated, shows that governments tend to forget who put them there if allowed to linger too long. Complacency and ego and megalamonia take the place of public service. Because of these political views, therefore, I voted DLP at the last election.

    What you are now saying is, however, an indication that maybe I should start reducing my time frame for parties to be in power to 3 years from 10. I do not agree your plea to David not to bring to the attention of the public matters that need to be explained on the spurious basis that it affords comfort to the other side. If this is the modus operandi and urging of the current government, then the integrity legislation (if and when we get it) will be nothing more than the fruit of the poisoned tree.

    Therefore, let us see some integrity. It is really simple and, far from discrediting the government and the DLP, would enhance its stature and set it up as a role model for future governments to follow. The evidence is there. Thanks to the previous postings on BU, I am satisfied that it is sworn and verified evidence. So, let the PM (actual or acting) make a statement to the effect that the questions to which the evidence gives rise are to be fully and transparently investigated AT ONCE. The upside to the Government is that it will be seen to be espousing integrity in fact (if not in legislation). There is no downside to the Government. The upside to Minister Lowe is that, if innocent, he will be cleared of all suspicion – I will not visit the downside.


  • I have been following these blogs for a long time and find David to be very fair as against BFP.
    I do not think the DLP supporters should be making excuses for politicians who seem not to understand that there are a lot of Barbadians who voted for change.
    Not a change in government but a change in the way government carries out the affairs of Barbados.
    It makes no sense attacking David because; this government will lose the next election if they do not introduce FOI or Integrity legislation.
    Barbadians will no longer allow politicians to get away with foolishness.
    The BLP will be allowed to rape the treasury again if the above legislation is not put in place. The DLP has the opportunity to put these things in place.
    I believe there was corruption under the last government but am totally disappointed that no kind of charges were brought against anyone. Therefore it was only rumour


  • The PDC had the following to say some time ago in a 7:08 AM, June 4, 2010 post under the thread: Compulsory Acquisition of Brighton Land:

    “Let’s repeat!!

    The DLP and the BLP must – within the next seven years – be SHOVED TO HELL out of the parliament of this country, for all the evils and wrongs that they have been doing to so many people in this country, whether or NOT they would have been committing such evils and wrongs when they were holding the reins of government or not.”

    And more recently we had this to say in an 8: 18 AM, July 17, 2010 post under the thread: What’s Wrong With Our Politicians: “Both these DLP and BLP factions must be sent packing from the parliament of this country within the next seven years.

    So, in the lead up to 2017, there must be substantial moral, political, material, financial and other supports given by “all and sundry” to the PDC, the PEP, or any other serious people-centered developmentalist parties that are or will be around to receive them.


    Well, given the above links to these very obvious pieces of evidence of these once potentially corrupting subversive relationships that existed between Dr. Lowe, Mr. Peter Allard, Mr. Bill Mckensie, and others in the shadows of the dark, it is clear why the broad masses and middle classes of people in Barbados must make sure that both DLP and BLP – two essentially corrupt very anti-masses anti-middle classes very pro-big business pro-elite factions in this country – are SMASHED to smithereens in this country.

    It is damn well clear for the umpteenth time!!

    Barbadians who really and truly love this country and many of its treasures and traditions, and who are politically conscious of many of the political things that have been happening for so long in this country must emphatically declare – ONE AND FOR ALL – that they have had enough of the rot and sleaze of both these mindless factions – notwithstanding that small groups of political scoundrels that exist within both of them are doing very immoral and wicked and corrupt things to further sully the names of these parties.

    They must also declare political war on the DLP and BLP in order to help salvage what politically and socially little that remains or that can be restored to assist in making Barbados become far more socially and politically decent and materially and financially prosperous for every one.

    We must act NOW!!!

    For, Barbados belong to Barbadians, NOT ANY DLP, BLP, PDC, OR PEP, or any rabid narrow minded self interests zealots found at anytime within any of these parties.

    No party or any government led by any party must be made to feel that they own Barbados or the government of Barbados, or even be made to feel that they have some Divine Right to continue for as long as until Christ Returns to grossly and recklessly – and with impunity – mismanage the affairs at the highest levels of this country, or that they can continue to treat the affairs of the government and people of this country as if they are theirs, especially when there have been persisting for a very long time increasing mounds of evidence of the multiplicity of scandals after scandals, rackets after rackets implicating the DLP and the BLP.

    No way AT ALL!!

    Now, where Dr. Lowe is himself concerned, there is a certain individual by the name of Mr. Patrick King, who – along with many others – will be taking care of him and his acolytes in the Christ Church East riding in the Next Elections, FOR ALL THE EVIL WRONGS DR LOWE HAS DONE TO THIS GENTLEMAN.



  • Carson C. Cadogan


    How many votes did you get in the last election?


  • Fair Play // July 27, 2010 at 9:17 AM. Very well stated. That says it all for me.


  • @ Carson
    You have just demonstrated why FOI will always be an elusive goal for us. Do you understand what FOI means?

    It means openness and transparency.

    No one is condemning Denis for accepting money from Allard, ALL politicians accept money from whosoever would give them. …..what we are calling for is transparency. In other words, we want to understand the kind of relationship that exists/existed between one of our ministers and this exposed scamp.

    Are you saying that Barbadians have no right to an explanation?

    Are you saying that we should only question the BLP?

    If the man is above board then let him as man explain his position publicly and we will all know where we stand.
    If there is/was underhand activities that show him to be of like character to Allard – or a traitor to Barbados, should we not also know that…?

    Bush Tea is becoming increasingly convinced that the very best FOI in Barbados will come from BU, and from blogs like this.
    Anyone who is unwilling to have their business discussed in public should stay the hell out of public life. It is the secrecy and hidden agendas that lie at the root of our problems….
    I am surprised that you cannot see this Carson.


  • I from East and I tell you this is all like gobbledygook to me, I not understand…yeah?

    I state with confidence that my family has dealt with plenty plenty politician and immigration people from small developing country and we have very little problem making them speak in our language. They are very very easy people to work with and we make friendly with them. But I tell you if any of our immigration people or politician are caught doing what these people do, they are treated with shot to the back of the head …we give them very nice hair cut …yeah?


  • @Is Allard 4 Real ? // July 27, 2010 at 7:06 AM.

    First question. Is Minister Lowe incapable of engaging us himself? If so why? Is this post from you supposed to imitate “It is announced from Buckingham Palace…….?” Remember, Minister Lowe is a servant of and employed by the people of Barbados. It is NOT the other way around.

    Second. If, as you say, Mr Lowe was being assisted by Mr Allard for grass cutting activities for youth, maybe HE (not you) would like to explain why this was taking place under the legal supervision and direction of Mr Allard’s Ontario lawyer who was billing several hundred Canadian dollars an hour for his time for speaking to Minister Lowe about grass-cutting activities of Barbadian youths. The need for a legal opinion and legal supervision and a raft of e-mails dedicated to Minister Lowe contained in the client files of a law firm in Ontario in connection with litigation against Barbados and many of its citizens, frankly escapes us. The fact that these files are now a part of the record of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice now begs the question as to why grass cutting by Bajan youths would be so important. Levity overcomes us and we have to ask if this is because of the type of “grass” being harvested.

    Third. Your remarks about payments made to Reginald Farley and Billie Miller are scandalous and unsupported by any kind of evidence and we refuse to give them weight or credence. As such, BU disassociates itself from them and unreservedly apologizes to Dame Billie and to Mr. Farley and, if either one of them cares to e-mail us requiring that we redact that portion of your post, we shall do so immediately. However, as the tactic used exactly imitates the discredited tactics of Mr. Allard and his Ontario counsel, we suggest to Dame Billie and Mr. Farley that any damage done is not to them, but to the anonymous author of these unsupported and scandalous allegations and to the person upon whose behalf they are alleged to have been made. We therefore ask that they allow your comment to remain intact and their silence shall be seen as denoting their consent to this.

    So, once again, Minister Lowe, BU invites you, not some anonymous blogger purporting to speak for you, to comment on the documents we have published.

    BU is about Barbados, meaning the people who employ those who govern Barbados. THE ELECTORATE. Remember them? BU, as far as is possible for
    Bajan voters, is above political parties and their petty bickering. BU provides a forum for all sides to air their views and share their information. At the end of the day, we do all we can to serve the PEOPLE, a people who have been promised integrity legislation AND ARE STILL WAITING.


  • @David. A real yorker. And a hat trick.


  • @Bush Tea

    Well stated, BU as always stands ready to air the other side.


  • David,

    Honest question. Should we allow payments to politicians but demand they are transparent (British/US model) and make the penalty for non-disclosure very high, or should we ban all payments altogether and pay political parties a fixed amount related to their votes (the German model) or ban all contributions but pay our politicans enough that they do not need to be corrupted (the Singapore model). I bet there will be no votes for the Singapore model today, but at a different time, it may be worth reflecting on.

    To be honest, I am not sure myself which is the best sollution, but I am sure our system has become corrupted and needs to change. I just worry that the scale of the problem and duplicity is such that transparency alone may not be enough.


  • David // July 27, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    @Is Allard 4 Real ? // July 27, 2010 at 7:06 AM.

    Is this post from you supposed to imitate “It is announced from Buckingham Palace…….?” Remember, Minister Lowe is a servant of and employed by the people of Barbados. It is NOT the other way around.
    Stupse. Raising legitimate concerns is one thing but an anonymous blog owner taking the attitude of “… Minister you are hereby summoned to Buckingham Palace….”

    There’s a thin line. Careful BU doesn’t get carried away with its own sense of importance David. BFP paid the price for that. Yeh, bite back at muh now, cos I frighten fuh yuh!


  • @ Anonymous

    “There’s a thin line. Careful BU doesn’t get carried away with its own sense of importance David. BFP paid the price for that.”

    Hope David got a lot of teeth ’cause he would have to bite back at me too…yeah? Please BU the East appreciates you, but my intelligent agent informs me of Confucius.. “Monkeys should only climb high when they know how to use their tails” …yeah?


  • @Conrad

    A good question and like you it perplexed. Included to go with your first suggestion it should be complemented with FOI and Integrity Legislation. Do Barbadians have the will to prosecute in such circumstances?


    Thanks for your caution.


  • Anonymous // July 27, 2010 at 1:20 PM. Are you being deliberately obtuse? The meaning is clear. The role of head of state (Queen or Governor General) is not an elected one and therefore it is expected and customary for either to have an announcement made for them. Usually, it falls to the prime minister to make that announcement. However, for a politician who will very soon come and shake us by the hand and do everything they can to win our votes, to adopt a regal or vice-regal attitude when questioned by the voters, is stupid. I got that meaning in one reading. I hope I am right. It seemed obvious. It seems in keeping with the fact that government is responsible to the people and must answer to them – DIRECTLY.

    And if after many more years of independence we do not achieve integrity legislation and FOI, then the quote from Mr Allard (premature at the moment) will have become fact.

    Without taking any political sides, I associate myself with the comments of David, Fair Play and Bush Tea. I see no party political axe being ground here. Any government of Barbados has got to address as their first priority the provision of integrity legislation and freedom of information. If we had that, this issue would probably not be worthy of discussion, as there would be transparency – and penalties for politicians who failed to act in a transparent manner. I do not in any way accuse Minister Lowe of misconduct, but, like David, I question the conduct and circumstances surrounding the “explanation” by his alleged mouthpiece.

    I am also dismayed by the unsupported allegations made against other political figures. If you can (and are willing to) support the allegations, all well and good. Do it!!!! Otherwise, it is childish. Sort of getting caught out doing something naughty and accusing others of something similar, in order to deflect attention from yourself. It makes me wonder if we are governed by a kindergarten class.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Anonymous // July 27, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    David seems not to realise that too far East is West. He is making a significant error.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    If David is demanding so much “transparency” then he himself should not be operating anonymously. He should have the courage of his convictions and he ought to make himself known to all and sundry. That is my challenge to him. Let me see if he will rise to it.

    This is a real case of the pot calling the kettle black.


  • @Carson C. Cadogan // July 27, 2010 at 4:24 PM. Man, don’t talk shite. Read a little. The following may enlighten you, if you can manage to get away from your petty political party platform and concentrate on the greater good: http://bajan.wordpress.com/2010/07/25/setting-the-record-straight-now-and-going-forward/

    And guess what? That reference also involves Minister Lowe’s friend Mr Allard. Lord, but you people make me tired with your petty party political point-scoring. This issue can only become a major one if the Minister fails to come clean as the people of Barbados have every right to demand that he does. Why are you insisting on turning a simple question for transparency into a scandal and then blaming David and BU for it? And demanding that the one organ of the press that provides proper investigative reporting, rather than the political yard fowls we got in the Fourth Estate, identify themselves. IT IS THE MESSAGE THAT IS IMPORTANT, NOT THE MESSENGER. Lord, give me patience. Since when did political affiliation transcend the transparency owed to the people? Since when is it wrong to ask questions of our elected officials anonymously?

    The Advocate backs one party, the Nation another – and to hell with the real issues, unless they favour the party that one or other of them is backing. That is not reporting, it is PROPAGANDA. And we Bajans have had enough of it. You vote for change based on promises and all you get is same old, same old. I vex! Gone go and drink a rum and lie down.


  • I would love to see the day when we as bajans and voters learn to hold politicians accountable based on issues. I am tired of party politics. This thing about when my party is in power I will defend them to the hilt no matter what, and when they are not I am going to do everything to discredit the other party really needs to stop.
    For to long we have been allowing both parties to pull wool overour eyes. All they ever do is advance they own selfish cause, and when the rumblings get a bit to loud they throw a hush snack at us.
    We need to remember that WE are the ones who put them there and WE are the ones who can remove them. All we need to do is remove the partisan mote from our eyes, judge them squarely on performance and promises kept. If we don’t like what we see VOTE THEM OUT.


  • If the two political parties believe that they can run the same tired cornbeef and biscuits political platform next general election they need to rethink now. The recent T&T general election demonstrated the influence of Facebook and other social media on public opinion. BU notes many Barbadian politicians have been introducing themselves to Facebook, this is good but we also note the mostly youth segment on FB have a mind of their own.

    There is nothing to say the DLP government cannot practice transparency if they mean it before* the legislation is enacted, if it is.


  • @ David

    I agree with you, if they really wanted to enact this legislation they would.
    I hope they don’t wait until near election time to all of a sudden bring this piece of legislation, I assure you the voters of Barbados will smell a rat.


  • David, which section of the FOI or IL would cover this? Are you alleging corruption, undue influence, dishonesty, what? Or are you out of your league?

    What specifically would Denis Lowe have done wrong? Did he give Allard some benefit he was not entitled to? Or at all?

    Secondly, can you check the record (since you are still clearly jerking-off on this “scoop”) in the Canadian Courts to find out what has happened to the action by McKenzie?

    If you are not sure, call Sir David Simmons, Sir Philip Greaves and others all of whom were put to great expense beause of this mad man McKenzie.

    You make much of sworn documents (what a deadly scoop you have such that you can threaten people to reply or you will present sworn documents!). I hope you never find yourself at the other end of some dishonest litigant. Thank goodness our system allows for both sides to put their story!

    But, Dave, sorry to report that allof this was carried on the Allard-funded-BFP and Keltruth blogs before. Booooorrrrring!!


  • My choices are either BLP or DLP. In Trinidad it was either PNM or UNC/COP. In Jamaica the choices are JLP or PNP. So regardless of BU or Facebook or whatever we are going to get the same old khaki pants unless….we (the people) change. Then Facebook or no Facebook we shall find those that respond to our new objectives and only then will DLP/BLP be irrelevant.

    Keep it up BU maybe the image of ourselves that you provide will jolt us into making that change.


  • @ annonymous 7:08 pm

    I agree the parties are limited, hopefully that will change, but in the meantime , since we cannot change the parties, let’s do the next best thing and start changing the indivuals that represent. In any case if we start sending strong messges that it will not be business as usual then things will start to happen.
    Instead of waiting on a party to inact change, maybe we should start the change ourselves.


  • @June Plum

    FOI and IL is presumed to nurture a climate of transparency.

    Have the drafts of our alleged FOI and IL laws been publicised to date?

    Lastly wasn’t Denis Lowe a Senator in the period leading up to the last general election?

    More noteworthy wasn’t Lowe a Senator during the period dated on the emails published so far?

    Do you think FOI should cover the activity of all* our members of Parliament?


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    You are beginning to remind me of Don Quixote. All you need now is your Sancho Panza.


  • No new blog will be updated tonight. Thanks!


  • Ok So you expose the corruption amongst the crooked politicians, Now what? The system of corruption is so intertwined, so robust and so well organized that I am doubtful if any politician fears the mouthings so eloquently articulated on the blogs.

    Also it is alleged that a certain MP who is mass producing low cost housing for Barbadians (at least he doing something for poor people) is getting a lot of a little something for every house he built. How you gine stop that if it is true as John 3 16


  • @Jokers

    You are correct of course. The strategy by the politicos over the years has been to ignore the people, let it blow over – PR 101. The advent of social media in particular the blogs will cause a revision to that strategy. Until the questions posed by Minister Lowe are adequately responded to by him it is something which will go into our rotation. It is one reason BU has decided to leave it as the lead blog today. Unfortunately the traditional media and we had hoped Barbados Today would have taken a different path continues to lack imagination about how to challenge the status quo.

    We long for the day when a politician feels compelled to respond to the people because of the backlash he or she would get for not doing so.

    Let us see what else we can find in the files. We will be back to this issue for sure Hartley Henry.

    Here are some memos of interest found in the files of Peter Allard’s lawyer which are court docs made public by the Ontario Courts. We stress Public*


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    In the interests of transperency, when are you going to tell us who you are?

    I am waiting. Come clean with everyone and every one will come clean with you.

    How does that grab you?


  • Why should David of BU have to come clean with anyone?
    Did he promise the people anything?
    Did he ask the people to vote for him?
    Was he elected to any Government office/position?

    Are you clean CCC?
    Have you come clean with the people or will you ever?


  • In West you have two parties or maybe one party and two half parties that change about and serve same shite… In East we have one party that serve same shite… yeah? Now who wiser… At least in the East we don’ wast time an’ money on Electing shite… we spend our money making friendly with everybody…yeah?


  • I now like this blog. It tek yuh long to realise dat dese Dlp people is joking.
    they don’t know wha they are doing.
    Only my girl Mia can rule this country. Dah tompson only playing that he sick. but we sick of he too. I hope he don come back.


  • Flavour of the Month

    bajejun !!!!

    well said
    all we needed to do in Jan 2008 was to change a few persons and tweak a few things


  • Blp forever
    You should hang your head with shame with your political yardfowlism to want a person like David Thompson not to come back to Barbados. Mia Mottley will never utter those words because of the friendship they share.
    You must realize that the electoral support for both parties is very close. Your attacks on David now, for the doing the same thing he did against the BLP will alienate the independent voters who will vote in and out governments until they recognize honesty, transparency and accountability in government is required.


  • One thing my intelligent agent has informed me that will not change because it is heart of illusion of democracy… it is issuing of the contracts…yeah? If there was ever an appointment of a very truly independent Contractor General, Western people and indeed members of my family would stop contributing of party campaigns and political parties in the West would die a natural death…. yeah? So this talk about transparency and so on.. not healthy …yeah? Of course our Eastern campaign is based on value for money …yeah? Our prices cheap cheap and you pay for what you get… yeah?


  • The news from Jamaica should serve to illustrate to bajans what happens when accountability and transparency is replaced by blind party loyalty and cronyism…. which breeds corruption that can spin out of control and spill over into the daily lives of many in the region.

    The defense of ineffective leadership and bar side deals has to stop or else, as we can see what happens as in the case of Jamaica, a nation that really should not be in this position (even in hard times).

    Our prayers are with Jamaica in these troubling times.


  • Who you calling a yardfowl? yuh beta check yuhself.
    nuhbody want back musty tompson. leh e sta wuh he is.
    onely the labourites can rule dis kountry propely.
    I glad fuh help from dis blog to get rid of dese no dlp bastards. dem in no wha dey doig. we is de oneliest people dat can run bimshire.
    kick dem out, get dem out, put in de real people. Labour party.


  • hear there was a gig wig meeting in the gap for lunch yesterday.. anyone got info


  • Those that think David is being harsh should wait until 2013 and there is no FOI from this DLP led government.

    BTW: it seems to me that it does not take very long for someone to realize that Dennis Lowe is one lazy bastard with a lot of talk and little action to back it up. I suggest that he lose some weight, and moderate his diet of meats, and carbohydrates, and start building a habit of regular exercise.

    The sweet sounds of his prophetic voice and tone is being overtaken by the weeds of his inactivity, and downright laziness.

    If he is a Lowe from Bellplaine St.Andrew he might be related to me. I care about family. tough love!


  • Finally common sense is prevaling in this corner of the internet.
    The next thing we want to see is the removal Hartley Henry’s rediculous articles. It was a little long in coming,some people are a bit slow, but better late than never.
    Now that everyone can see clearly that this pack of dlp baffoons really don’t have a clue about what is going on, we welcome your help in removing them at the end of this term.
    Together we will restore Barbados to its past glory. They will be jobs for all and the economy will be vibrant again.
    I know that you made a mistake but we will not hold that against you. You were probably misled by the dlp fools.
    Anyway thanking you in advance for your valuable support, together we will make this country strong again. When you go the polls soon vote BLP.
    Oh, we will institute integrity legislation as well. Very important. No fooling.



    Yes. Maybe finally common sense is starting to kick in, but that should not make the BLP hopeful either, for common sense will also remind us that the BLP had 14 years to implement this same legislation and refuse to do so.


  • If you read this link previously posted of William Duguid’s conversation with Kathleen Davis it gives a vivid insight about how politicians feel about Integrity Legislation which can probably extend to FOI.


  • Well! WELL! the BLP is having a field day onthis thread frothing at the mouth like pit bulls . Cant wait to kick the Dlp out of office . Even asking the help of David to do so. How pompous can they they get . Really you guys have no Shame, Afterall it was the Blp who robbed the taxpayers and none of yuh haven'[t answered to the public yet. Now yuh like vultures trying to pick the bones of the DLP . Wait a minute when you guys going to answer the public about all the thiefing you done and all the payol you give to yuh mistress to keep their mouths shuts. There is a lot of dirt to be shovel out there on all wunna . Don'[t get too cocky because I will be the first in line to dig it up. Dirty bastards


  • We in the East understand the meaning of hard currency… that is why we succeed today… yeah. A dentist that has never earned a cent in foreign exchange in his life could enjoy the pleasantries of Florida on a yearly basis with his family is worthy of metamorphoses of the Eastern kind…no? ( ie. An introduction to a high velocity projectile to the back of the head… make a change of mind..no?)

    Click to access k-davis-and-duguid-1.pdf


  • Arise Sir Denis Lowe

    A knighthood for Denis Lowe: Why? According to the evidence provided by BU, before being elected to the House of Assembly Mr Lowe used money given by one Allard to improve conditions in the constituency he now represents. Since being elected Mr Lowe has not only distanced himself from the same Allard but has clearly refused to support any policy or action that would be to Allard’s sole benefit or approval. Isn’t this the behaviour of a man that cannot be bought?

    Now CLICO is another matter and another politician!


  • @Arise Sir Denis Lowe

    On reading the several documents related to this matter it is not about Lowe accepting money and then distancing himself from Allard after gaining government. It is the kind of conversations which took place in that period. We continue to read the files, we shall see.


  • @GIGO // June 28, 2010 at 1:16 AM @ Adrian Hinds // June 27, 2010 at 12:31 AM I don’t think we should forget anybody or anything mentioned in these documents. I have always been a supporter of Loverage and his opinions on Barbados tourism plant, however if he is in someway linked to this sordid dealings, it must be made known. Was Ian Bourne’s name mention in any documents?
    @Amused // June 26, 2010 at 6:40 AM If you want to find out how much his hourly rate is and how much he charged for meetings with you, you need only go to Exhibits A and B of the Jessica Duncan affidavit. It is all listed there, along with the number occasions on which McKenzie alleges to have met with you – which appears to be a lot more than 3. There is another exhibit in which the accounts to Allard are presented and you may also wish to check them out.
    Convert the two Exhibits to searchable pdf documents or to Word Documents and you can search for anything you desire. Three instances of Loveridge appear in Exhibit A and none in Exhibit B. One is on the 11th November 2005, the other is 23rd November 2005 and the third is 25th May 2006. Ian Bourne’s name appears in neither!! Please note David that Exhibit B is a case in Miami and quite different from Exhibit A. Amused, you are making a habit of this!!!!!

    I went back looking through the searchable version I made of Exhibit A of Jessica Duncan’s affidavit this time looking for the times Mr. McKenzie met with Dennis Lowe.

    Click to access duncan-exhibit-a.pdf

    I only found one instance, and that was on 25th May 2006 and the meeting seems to have been with Adrian Loveridge as well.

    Here is what the note says. “MEETIN GWI TH. ADRIAN LOVERIDGE AND DENIS

    The email in this article referring to Dennis Lowe occurred on 20th June 2006, a month or so after the meeting. Looks like a report on Dennis Lowe’s capabilities.

    My suspicion is that someone had one of these three tailed to the meeting.

    Mr. McKenzie was clearly stirring up a storm in Barbados.

    Dennis Lowe was an opposition politician.

    I could see the ruling party wanting to keep tabs on him but that is just an opinion.

    Adrian Loveridge may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and attracted the horrible threats from whoever had the group tailed.

    He may have been viewed as part of the opposition.

    I still think Ian Bourne attracted the attention he got because he correctly called what he saw in the commonality in language that was used. He unsettled the originators of the threats. I can’t find his name in the 111 pages of details and he appears to have no link.

    The transcript of the conversation in 2008 with William Duguid in which he implies that threats may have come from parliament supports a possible political component to the threats that arises from the above analysis of the data available in Ms Duncan’s affidavit.


  • @GIGO. You got to be using a different search to me – maybe you shoud update. Mine shows communications (whether telephone, e-mail or face-to-face, I will call them “meetings”) Nov 11, 2005, Nov 23, 2005 (and that is an interesting one cause it looks like McKenzie was meeting with Loveridge and an investigator – but because of the way in which it is written, I give the benefit of the doubt). Then, the one on July 30, 2008 reads, “Meet Adrian, blogging…”, so again the benefit of the doubt – will accept confirmation or denial as I merely ask, not accuse. Then, there is Aug 26, 2008 when McKenzie met with AL, DL, JG and JK – and maybe I could be enligtened as to just who DL is, since it is confirmed in his cross-examinations by Mckenzie that JG is Jane Goddard and JK is John Knox – but because of the commas, I cannot accuse Loveridge of meeting with all of them together. See, I am a fair man. Then there are other meetings, one on June 17, 2008 and another on May 20, 2006. And while we are at it, there is the one on August 26, 2008 – did you miss that one? Never mind, what about the one on May 25, 2006 – also with someone you might all be interested in knowing about.

    So, GIGO, instead of trying to blind me with your out of date systems and badly dated science, get a new system and update your software. And try, just for once in your pathetic life, to be FAIR!!! Jackass.


  • @Amused // July 29, 2010 at 2:49 PM @GIGO. You got to be using a different search to me – maybe you shoud update. Mine shows communications (whether telephone, e-mail or face-to-face, I will call them “meetings”) Nov 11, 2005, Nov 23, 2005 (and that is an interesting one cause it looks like McKenzie was meeting with Loveridge and an investigator – but because of the way in which it is written, I give the benefit of the doubt). Then, the one on July 30, 2008 reads, “Meet Adrian, blogging…”, so again the benefit of the doubt – will accept confirmation or denial as I merely ask, not accuse. Then, there is Aug 26, 2008 when McKenzie met with AL, DL, JG and JK – and maybe I could be enligtened as to just who DL is, since it is confirmed in his cross-examinations by Mckenzie that JG is Jane Goddard and JK is John Knox – but because of the commas, I cannot accuse Loveridge of meeting with all of them together. See, I am a fair man. Then there are other meetings, one on June 17, 2008 and another on May 20, 2006. And while we are at it, there is the one on August 26, 2008 – did you miss that one? Never mind, what about the one on May 25, 2006 – also with someone you might all be interested in knowing about.
    So, GIGO, instead of trying to blind me with your out of date systems and badly dated science, get a new system and update your software. And try, just for once in your pathetic life, to be FAIR!!! Jackass.

    Here are the dates you call with the activities beside them.

    Nov 11 2005


    This is the first of three meetings with Adrian Loveridge which appears in Ms. Duncan’s Affidavit. I already got that since June 28. You are repeating.

    Nov 23 2005



    This is the second of three meetings with Adrian Loveridge which appears in Ms. Duncan’s Affidavit. I already got that since June 28. You are repeating.

    May 20 2006


    “Et Al” is a legal term used to denote “and others”. Surely you have come across its use. By no stretch of the imagination could this be AL as in Adrian Loveridge. Besides, Adrian Loveridge’s full name is used up until this point in time.

    May 25 2006


    This is the third meeting with Adrian Loveridge. Note his full name is used and also note there is a second Adrian in the data set, Adrian King. This is the first meeting with Dennis Lowe. Note, the email specifically mentioning his name occurs a month or so later. I got this already since June 28. You are repeating.

    Logic dictates that any entry after the date of the email cannot be appear in the email. You are therefore left Amused, with the foregoing four instances to support any thesis you are making. One of the four instances you appear to have mistaken the ancient legal term “ET AL” for something other than it is.

    June 17, 2008




    Can’t find any mention of Dennis Lowe’s name for June 17 2008. This is two years after the three meetings with Adrian Loveridge. AL could be Adrian Loveridge but it seems strange that up to now his full name has been used.

    July 30, 2008




    Adrian could be Adrian Loveridge or Adrian King, the second Adrian in this data set. It is just impossible to tell.

    Aug 26, 2008


    AL and DL could be Adrian Loveridge and Dennis Lowe but it seems strange that up to now their full names have been used.

    Amused, I reckon you are clutching at straws.

    To me of far more interest is how the meetings of 2006 fit with the threats.

    I also notice (and I am no Ian Bourne) you are again quick to resort to expletives, not unlike the purveyors of the threats.

    Try googling “black woman who reads” jackass pathetic and see what you find.

    Ian Bourne is a genius!!

    Only three instances.

    1. Barbados Police Continue To Cover-Up Threats Against Adrian …
    May 25, 2008 … Pathetic clowns. From BLP Cash Distributions On Election Day, 2008/01/27 at 11:28 PM …. You got to stress “on the Board” otherwise that jackass will try … Black Woman Who Reads…. why are you so against a police and …
    arbadosfreepress.wordpress.com/…/barbados-police-continue-to-cover-up-threats-against-adrian-loveridge-court-witnesses-bloggers/ – Cached
    2. Update~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part …
    Dec 4, 2008 … These posts become more and more pathetic. The two of you old hens not finished …… British Bachelor is Infamous “Black Woman Who Reads”! …
    bajan.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/kingsland-nelson-barbados/ – Cached
    3. Canadian Lawyers Recommend Videos Of Cross-examiniations Kept …
    Oct 8, 2008 … One half only is goat and the other half is jackass. …. Black Woman Who Reads Is Back~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estates Court Matter Part …… That sort of pathetic, manufactured evidence is not for us Bajans. …
    bajan.wordpress.com/…/nelson-barbados-group-kingsland-ontario-global-risk-international/ – Cached


  • @GIGO. Ah, but you see you have not had the advantage, nor have I, of seeing the correspondence files yet. BUT, I understand that they are VERY interesting. I hear there is one piece of correspondence in which McKenzie offers to drop everything and travel no matter where to meet Loveridge. McKenzie suggests London or Miami. At $400 Canadian an hour? Plus travel expenses? You do the math. Your preoccupation with this issue has now become very apparent to all. So, I am asking David and Pat to send me a copy of these files and I will oblige you by fully investigating them and sending David my findings. Happy now?


  • @GIGO. Something else occurs to me. This is a report about Minister Lowe, not Adrian Loveridge. Why do you bring Adrian Loveridge into it? I think that it was made clear to you some time ago that there were bigger fish to fry than Loveridge who is, after all, a very vocal, but very small hotel owner in Christ Church practically in St. Philip, so he is hardly mega in either economic or tourism terms. But you persist in bringing him into this political discussion and trying to exculpate him for something no one has accused him of. BUT A LIGHT THROUGH YONDER WINDOW BREAKS!!!!! Might it just be that the DL who was meeting with McKenzie and Loveridge is (do I dare even breathe the name) ………………………………..Dennis Lowe? And swift as a flash, one of McKenzie’s $650 a month bloggers (GIGO) flashes into action to avert (and thereby draw attention to) an issue that might well not otherwise have been noticed or commented on.

    McKenzie was right. Blogs are extremely influential, especially this one. But there are a few guidlines that, had he other than the brain of a nanny goat (which is insulting to the goat, so let us made that a wilted carrot) he would have done well to set down:

    1. Always present BOTH sides of the story – if you just do one, you can be sure that someone will know (and post) the other one.

    2. Always admit when you are in error – apart from being good sense, it is also good manners. People tend to respect you more for it, even if they appear not to. Trust me. They may give you what appears to be stick, but they will more readily go towards you than towards the wrong and strong.

    3. Remember, the public are not fools……they can spot a scam (most of them, anyway). They will note the scam and may say nothing (to you at least). But that too is good manners.

    4. If you are in an indefensible position and no one has noticed (or appears not to have noticed) don’t draw attention to it by defending it. The old saying, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”. Very good saying. Apply it.

    5. Do NOT hire people of severly compromised cognitive abilities (like GIGO and Anon (2)) to blog for you. Disaster lies that way. They make you look like what you are – as stupid as they.

    6. Finally, do not make the error of government. Apply absolute transparency at all times, as far as you are able. The public now wants and demands transparency and you will be as extinct as the dodo if you do not provide it.

    Come to think of it, these are suggested guidelines not only for blog campaigns to follow, but for politicians as well. Maybe Minister Lowe would care to note them down for possible future reference.


  • @ac

    Yes you need spending but a small country like Barbados that means it will negatively impact foreign exchange reserves. It is a very difficult situation one caused by the protracted nature of the global recession but the root cause by years of borrowing to support a runaway consumption lifestyle.


  • @ GIGO

    “Ian Bourne is a genius!!”

    GIGO be Ian Bourne…no? Otherwise we in East can find no cure for you…! Please avoid public places and do not travel to East until we have established vaccine…


  • BAFBFP // July 30, 2010 at 7:54 PM. Very funny. Enjoyed that. Once you have developed the anti-IB vaccine, please ensure you provide about 186,000 doses for Barbados. Maybe the philanthropic Peter Allard will pay for it.

    By the way, Ian Bourne is not a genius. It is much more serious than that. He is a legend in his own mind.


  • @ Amused

    Man, you do not want to go through all this correspondence. All the petty notes, email, etc. It is so much, hundreds and hundreds of pages. I am trying to put some order to it, but it is slow. I do not have much time these days. This is farming season.



  • I know, Pat. But the truth is that we got to do something to put integrity legislation in place. Otherwise we poor Bajans will have no status in our own land. The only people with status will be politicians and civil servants and those with enough money to pay them for favours. Then everything will be up for grabs, not based on rule of law, but on the highest bidder. Therefore, the only way we can ensure that we have any rights in our own land is to expose everything we know about our political servants who think themselves masters. And instead of voting for any party, vote for the individual – and let them work it all out afterwards – and if we don’t like it, vote their asses out of office. Neither side has clean hands, but at least if there are penalties for those caught with their hands in the cookie jar, it will encourage greater caution and give the power where it belongs – the electorate. If going through the documents in this one case can in some way hasten the legislation, then I am happy to do my bit, as I am sure you are. So what will you be bottling this year? I hear the crops are good where you are.


  • Is Dr Denis Lowe compromised and who else within the DLP may have unclean hands?


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