Rap Brown Snared

Rat Browne

Ashford Athelbert ‘Rap Brown’ Jones

As a youngster growing up in Barbados the exploits of Ashford ‘Rap Brown’ Jones was discussed under the street light while slamming a dom, firing one in the village shop or under the breadfruit street.

There was Buddy Brathwaite and his ability to repel all comers with dynamite and there was Rap Browne.  Once on your trail it was inevitable you would have been captured dead or alive by Rap Brown and co. Those were the days the local constabulary demanded and earned the respect of the citizenry for enforcing law and order albeit by any means necessary.

The news that Rap Brown was arrested this week charged with having 100 rounds of .40mm ammunition in his possession without a valid license provoked much sadness in this blogmaster. Growing up in the 70s and 80s Rat Brown was regarded as a legend, a reputation earned for the fearless manner he executed his duties. We felt safe with policemen like him on the streets. Hopefully he will get his day in court and all will be revealed. Former Attorney General Michael Lashley is representing Rat Brown.

What the hell is a 72 year old retired policeman doing with 100 rounds of .40mm in his possession? Is this the tip of the iceberg? Who are you supplying Rat Brown? Who are your suppliers? How did you get those rounds? Was it via a port of entry or are you distributing for a middleman onshore.

This is a serious matter Barbados!



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  1. After some research those bullets fit into a semi automatic pistol which holds anywhere from 7 to 18 bullets, so…he would need 5 guns to fit all those bullets at 18 bullets per clip with bullets left over……ah did me reseach..

    and then, Piece siad…

    “Piece the LegendOctober 18, 2019 5:21 PM

    @ WARU

    The article on Rat Brown should get it’s own blog BECAUSE IT DEALS WITH POLICE PRIVILEGE and how policemen can break the law with impunity

    You may not know this but a former policeman from st lucy was selling guns, recently one shot a man in Bush Hall, and now Rat Brown travelling with a trafficable amount of munitions.

    And he get bail AND A GAG ORDER IS ISSUED so Marston who ent does his job with decisions/judgements IS NOW PREDICATION PUN WHO IN BARBADOS CANN TALK BOUT A CASE where it is obvious someone who broke the law, is being given preferential treatment BECAUSE HE WAS A COP!

    You would figure he would know the law right?”

  2. The former Station Sargent who is an excellent marksman is a member of the BRA at Paragon(Rifle Ass’n).
    .40 caliber ammo is used for sporting purposes. Note also ammo is provided in boxes of 50 cartridges thus 2 boxes are easily used in a sport shooting match.
    Do not jump to conclusions before ALL of the fact are presented in court

  3. That crooks for a Cj can never stop me from talking I would never take orders from crooks, If someone gave me the information I will post and talk all I know,,We are sick of all these crooks hiding truth in the courts, The rounds had to come into the ports and sold to him by other police or other white crooks or drug men like the Goddard also has boats that bring in more than just drugs, but also the guns to enforce collections of the money,You fools keep playing with your Lives, None of them don’t know the level mind of WAR,

  4. But do they use LIVE ROUNDS ON THE RANGE…asking for a friend…and would they charge him for dummy bullets…

  5. Supporters will forget in 5 seconds FLAT or less…that he is accused of having NO PERMIT for the bullets..ah mean one can be forged and produced in no time at all …..but what do i know,

    • @Vincent

      You read the comment by the blogmaster earlier that sometimes it is better to read and avoid comment?

      We know that if a member of a shooting club you may have a license to carry and approved number of bullets. Then there is the other clarification you may not have license to carry. In which case bullets and gun are used/purchased and stored at the club.

      The blogmaster would hazard a guess that Rat Brown is licensed to carry, the fact he was arrested means he was not licensed to carry that quantity or type of ammo.

  6. Lots of questions to be asked, who provides the live rounds on the range, if you don’t have a permit….and if ya don’t have a permit why ya running around on a sunday with 100 live rounds, but of course there is a GAGG..

  7. People like this fall in love with these tools of their trade. We hardly think that this man represents a criminal threat.
    Indeed, if there are people out there so concerned about their genuine security we would prefer somebody like rat brown ‘intermediating’ than real criminal elements. Of course, the introduction of increasing numbers and lethality of firearms has long been a concern. Sadly, this state of affairs will, seemingly, never be reversed. Dead are the days when a policemen carried a baton, and that alone.

  8. At my age i would prefer just go practice on the range, no need to store live rounds anywhere, especially enuff for 5 guns..would it not be easier to get your ammunition on the range….let’s say someone had broken in wherever he stored that and stole it…imagine the mayhem…of course he never would have reported it, ya know why, no permit…and you know what else, someone would have had ammunition to sell.

    no one should be allowed that amount of ammo, only gun traffickers deal in that quantity.

  9. One day our father came home and told us that he had encountered Buddy Brathwaite. My father was NOT a cop, he was a tradesman by training, but his first love was farming, which he was doing the evening Buddy passed through the cart road right beside where dad was working. They said hello to each other and Buddy went on his way. No dynamite. no violence, no cell phones in those days, heck no landlines even, no Crime Stoppers, and dad certainly wasn’t going to leave what he was doing to walk miles to the nearest police station, so Buddy lived a while longer.

  10. They should test the bullets to see if they killed people. No one above the law. The police, the lawyers that keep.people money, no one. The courts should investigate where he got those bullets from, he didnt get them off amazon. Remember the police that kill himself? And things get covered up, he was from the pine.

  11. Arresting him my xxx. For what, when known drug runners get free for all , bail, walk about freely.


    Who did he upset? Getting too close for comfort? I want the FBI in here. Investigate all.

    Who don’t like it, lump it.

  12. David
    October 20, 2019 7:08 AM

    Who cares?

    What is the latest with Bou… and how is Church Village doing these days?

    How is the northern lord?


  13. Nanci: October 20, 2019 6:22 AM: “They should test the bullets to see if they killed people.”


    Could you please explain how the bullets found in Jones possession can be tested to determine if they were used to kill people?


    An excellent contribution re: October 19, 2019 9:21 PM.

    Your perspective on this issue is rational and reasonable.

  14. “What is the latest with Bou… and how is Church Village doing these days?”

    People are saying the minorities on the island….KNOWN drug and gun runners of the white/indian/syrian persuasion would have some answers there too…lol

    Ah wonder if all that protection is now coming to an END…..nothing lasts forever.

    Where is Barbados Whistleblower.

  15. I give up…
    100 round or 100 pounds???

    Barbados today
    “The former crime sleuth first appeared before District ‘A’ Magistrate Joy-ann Clarke this morning charged that on October 13, 2019, he was in possession of 100 pounds of .40mm ammunition without a valid licence to do so.”

    Top 5 percent or top 5???

    And who the hell is Bou….??

  16. Ah take it whether it’s 100 rounds or a 100 pounds of ammo, what people are now saying is a little tooclose for comfort…lol

  17. @ WARU

    Why is all this surprising?

    He was a criminal police when he was active duty who choose to work with the dealers and crime lords he was receiving a kickback from whilst terrorising locals.

    He never stopped being a criminal police even though ‘retired’.

    Rap Brown represents the norm in Barbados among Police both active and retired and want losting away in Dodds Prison.

    I have CONSTANTLY mentioned there are many local Police from top to bottom who are involved in guns, drugs, human trafficking, planting evidence and extortion.

  18. All bullets purchased at the range must b e signed for and used on range and what are unused must be returned there and then with signature attesting to such.

  19. Thus, register is checked by PoPo occasionally. Some persons in the past have exploited the previous laxsystem to carry excess rounds and even sell a couple. Not saying or imputing this is the case.

  20. Murdahhh!!!!!…lol

    Whistleblower…..it’s been long time people were saying the criminal minorities were being PROTECTED…

    ah guess some clearly saw their PROTECTION DISAPPEARING RIGHT BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES…so yes…BRING IN FBI ….PLEASE…..wuh they are asking right..

  21. De ole man said thus earlier but it may not have been posted because it was part of some comments leveled at the Honourable Blogmaster’s favourites

    this situation wit Rap Brown is why Barbados is where it is BECAUSE ONE SET OF FVUCKERS GETS A FREE PASS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE RH UNTOUCHABLES!

    Rap Brown broke the fvucking law, to be in unlawful possession of 100 bullets, AND HE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP!



    My point that I will always adhere to is that there is on RH law and if you BREK um, because your black ass is a Mottley or a Simmonds or Owen Arthur brudder, you brek de RH law and you gine jail

    The RH problem in Barbados right now is dat de cuntry is being run by criminals.

    I wonder, if Justice Jeffrey Cumberbatch used to be on this site commenting, I wonder what he would have said on this matter.

    let me see

    “…Rap Brown was a police office extraordinaire THEREFORE IF HE HAS ILLEGAL BULLETS, AND THEY GET USED IN A CRIMINAL ACT OR HE USES THEM IN A CRIMINAL ACT, like shoot a feller, he has a get out of jail free card, because he was a policeman…”

    Dat is like us saying former Inspector Darnley Dottin is free to illegally wire tap citizens in 2019 cause, AS A FORMER COMMISSIONER OF POLICE,HE HAD ACCESS TO WIRETAPPING EQUIPMENT, SO WHAT HE DOES TODAY, MEK IT OKAY!.


  22. “The RH problem in Barbados right now is dat de cuntry is being run by criminals.”


    NAH…….decades now..

  23. I think the infamy bestowed on offenders of the law like Buddy Braithwaite and legendary status bestowed on law enforcement officers like Rap Browne and Keith Whittaker have been misplaced
    How many people did Buddy Bratwaithe or Doctor Rat or persons accorded such infamy kill, maim or rob and how many dangerous criminals did we have in Barbados at that time

  24. AH see the fowls are acting like this thread got the plague.

    they always know everything, so they must have known how many hired snipers and shooters are out there at any given time..

  25. @ WARU,

    yesterday, while commenting on this blog, you noted the scarcity of remarks and hinted at the inverse relationship about “being bold enough to comment on a post about a former policeman INVOLVED IN A CRIMINAL ACTIVITY ,and life expectancy”

    De ole man prepared to bet US$27 million MONOPOLY DOLLARS ( and dem games does cost some money so I bettah had LESSEN dat amount) but I gine say dat THERE IS NOT ONE ARTICLE ON THE ENTIRE BARBADOS UNDERGROUND PLATFORM which is about the known Drug Dealers in Barbados!

    The same way we have castigated Ernest Jackman de lawyer who responsible for Stephen Archer ‘s lost settlement of $2.4 million why is it that NOT ONE ARTICLE LISTS THEM ALL ANONYMOUSLY?

    And the answer comes back, “people who gone dead anyways AFRAID TO OPEN DEM MOUF, cause dem is FRAID DEM WILL DEAD!!”

    Dat mekking sense to you?

    Death, which comes when it will come, now has men and women fearful.

    But if we were to push such fears to the wind, one would have two questions

    Which current police officer or official in the know would have the information on these criminals to create such an article?

    And do they have the confidence in a Blogmaster to submit that article online CONFIDENT THAT THEIR IDENTITY WOULD NOT BE EXPOSED?

    And, would the Honourable Blogmaster, champion for these matters, but unafraid to publish same?

    Oh dear me, de ole man can’t count so remove any one of dem questions to straighten up the count

  26. Well the people have always known and not one of those hypocrites in the parliamnet CANNOT say they did not know, it is all part of their wicked plans, always has been..he should say only certain drug lords, willing to do these demon minister’s bidding.


    “Drug lords are exercising overwhelming influence on communities and families in a way that outstanding community figures once did, charges Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley.

    And they are being facilitated by some politicians.


    And the answer comes back, “people who gone dead anyways AFRAID TO OPEN DEM MOUF, cause dem is FRAID DEM WILL DEAD!!”

    Good reason for all of them to be afraid at THIS TIME…of EACH OTHER..they are ALL ARMED…they all have INFORMATION ON EACH OTHER…

    And now Joe is talking out what HE KNOWS about ALL OF THEM…as seen above..lol….

    their operations against the populi have gone on for far too long….it is clear Joe is saying that these criminal ministers NEGLECT THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES to the people and PASS IT ON to their drug lord friends/employees/family etc, they don’t want the people’s millions going anywhere near the people, they have bigger thieves to consort with while allowing small time dons to control whole communities…CRIMINALS in suits.

    No one should be surprised by the degraded state of the island after decades of this, the people have had GOOD REASON to be afraid, when there are so many hired shooters around….few snipers but MANY SHOOTERS.

    If one of those involved will come forward and SHUT THIS CRIMINALITY from the parliament down….things will change…and they have to remember, they will die anyway, especially now when everyone knows they know, have participated and are NOW just as likely to die as the people who have been victimized for years….now that the coverups have gotten much more serious, their DEADLIEST WEAPON now gone, they are all at risk themselves, more so now than ever, if they continue to keep their MOUFS SHUT..

    but we shall see.

  28. Drug lords ‘held high’

    Drug lords are exercising overwhelming influence on communities and families in a way that outstanding community figures once did, charges Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley.

    And they are being facilitated by some politicians.
    The St Michael West Member of Parliament, speaking in the House of Assembly yesterday, has challenged fellow parliamentarians to refute his claim.
    “Since 2008 it has been clear to me there are people involved in the practice of politics at elected level in Barbados who are attaching themselves to persons involved in illegal drug activity in Barbados to help their cause. If there is anybody in here to stand up and say that is not true, you may say you do not know, but you can’t say it is not true,” Atherley said, thumping the table.


    Some people are like hard hearing children.

    Last year the BLP invited 5 of the biggest local Drug Lords to the opening of Parliament along with Freddie Hill Reggae Promoter in his own right a drug kingpin and human trafficker.

    Your so called DECEIVING leaders hands are very very dirty.

    Added to this many Police including Senior and Detectives are involved in a criminal syndicate with same drug lords whilst the poor and unfortunate seeing jail.

    The only justice in Barbados is injustice.

  29. Problem with Joe’s pronouncement, concorting with those who could ably promote their crimes against the people has been going on for decades and decades and certainly DID NOT START in 2008…..and BOTH corrupt governments have always been involved.

  30. Some people’s memories are extremely short especially when it involves family members in the drug trade, well ya know as soon as ya start talking, others will start taking too, so now that Joe has opened his mouth, others retaliated by mentioning the family by marriage Brown Boy from Hindsbury road..come out things..it is for the best.

    Which reinforces my point, none of this started in 2008 but becades before that and all the politicians/ministers are well aware AND many participated in one form or the next as now being exposed on whatsapp.

    Piece..ah have no clue why any of them thought that everyone had forgotten, or died.

  31. Have they even tried to find out where these FORMER police and marksmen are getting illegal ammo and guns from, cause ya can’t use ammo without guns and vice versa… or is that too hard….ya certainly don’t need 100 rounds for one gun unless ya fighting a war..

    “Jones was granted $90,000 bail last week Friday for illegal possession of over 100 rounds of .40mm ammunition.


  32. Piece mon ami…it is being said that before Lion Man passed away at QEH…remember him, now deceased former Inspector of Police…. he called all the names of the people whom he MURDERED AND FOR WHOM….wuhloss…loud Enuff for the WHOLE HOSPITAL TO HEAR…they said he suffered, suffered, suffered to die…they will never learn..

    c’est la vie..

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