Allan Kinch Saga – Savvy on the Bay

There is more than meets the eye between Savvy on the Bay (Allan Kinch) and government.

It should be obvious to onlookers there is more than meets the eye concerning Allan Kinch rumble with government and developments at Savvy on Bay on Bay Street. A recent pronouncement on the matter by Attorney General Dale Marshall that two of three tracts of land owned by Kinch will be acquired by the government for car park has only served to trigger questions about why the government has taken a decision to acquire land that was sold to Kinch by a former government. The lack of transparency regarding this transaction AND others adds to a growing distrust by the public of the government.

Here is a summary of events in the matter up to now from one perspective.

  • The acceptance letter from BTII was in 2015 which means the disputed lands at Bay Street from application until it was approved for sale straddles both DLP and BLP administrations.
  • Kinch had to forego investment income on 4 million to purchase the property. He was told BTII would help with the planning process and that the plans would add to the Tourism development planned for the area.
  • BU understands Kinch had a developer bring in $180,000,000. Richard Sealy at the time spoke about the many jobs it would create.The proposed project was obviously in sync with what government planned for the Bay Street area.
  • Mia won the government in 2018 and George Payne’s law office took over the sale for the government which was completed [note AG Dale Marshall was a partner in Walton’s law firm before his appointment as AG].
  • Trevor Prescod for some unexplained reason removed trees on the property and directed a verbal attack at Kinch hiding under the protection of parliamentary privilege, referring to him as a white shadow. Was he directed to breath fire rage by those on high?
  • Fast forward to the problems with parking and a reality that from all reports Bernie Weatherhead at Copacabana complained that Kinch took Copacabana’s parking. It is understood  BTII had been renting the land to Weatherhead for free. [It is also reported that Copacabana built without permission and utilized public lands at Lewis Alley which  is still awaiting approval by town planning?]

There is more the blogmaster can post about the ongoing real estate battle but the blogmaster suspects the average reader will not be interested at this juncture. The bottom line is that for a reason not made public, the government through Attorney General Dale Marshall has decided to boot out many small operators from a space that was laid waste by bush and infested with rodents to build a car park. A decision that lacks commonsense given the abandoned buildings at Jemmot Lane on the other side of the road. Barbadians should recall the haste with which the rat infested Liquidation Centre was knocked down to make way for the Hyatt hotel 4 years ago. Barbadians also should recall AG Marshall and Member of Parliament excusing himself from entering the Joe’s River dispute in the event his office had to represent the matter in court. AG Marshall should be smart enough to know that Allan Kinch seems the kind of businessman who will seek redress to the courts.

Are we having transparency with this matter Prime Minister?

Barbadians should also recall the haste with which Maloney receives or ignores approvals from government and Town Planning for one project or the other, however, Kinch has had to be happy with his matter stuck at the approval process since the mid 2000s.

What about the shops at Worthing Square operating without planning permission?

What about that application with Fort Carlisle that is a large condo building applied for next to Yacht Club in January and already approved? Has there been a town hall meeting as part of the EIA process Ambassador David Commisiong?

One law for the medes and another for the persians indeed.


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  1. The whole development process in Barbados has become a Mafia style cartel where the big ‘Don’ makes their private deals with their con-men friends, and then use the AGs office, the Town Planning department and the police force as enforcers.
    Meanwhile they mobilize their lackie political pimps to make the issue into a ‘political’ matter.

    The highway robbery of Mrs Ram was legendary – no matter what kind of person she has been. But so was the blatant change in land use to accommodate projects such as the move of the Geriatric hospital to the Belle to facilitate another million dollar hotel project in Bay street.
    This is what happens when you get away with Four Seasons, and Clear Water scams… you feel entitled..

    Bushie’s Ital shack is probably on the list to be acquired at some point, so the Bushman starting the defense action well before this happens…
    Lotta shite..

  2. The property was sold to Kinch by the previous Gov’t and now the current Gov’t wants it back. In biblical terms one could say that “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”. When I listened to the sonorous voice of the AG reading his statement, I thought that the Gov’t had special plans for the site, and you could have knocked me over with a feather when he said that the intended use was for a car park. Meanwhile the people in Joes River (the constituency of the AG) have been take your pick (1) sold down the river (2), up s..t creek without a paddle (3) left high and dry (4) fishing in a dry pond.

    Never a dull moment in Bim.

    • Living in an age of uncertainty

      “You’ll find rest, you’ll find peace in Barbados”, sang the Merrymen and we Bajans agreed. This administration started competently with COVID-19 czar Richard Carter guiding us through the epidemic. The Welcome Stamp Initiative brought us wonderful citizens (who buy and drink my goat’s milk and want to live here). But suddenly we’re seeing a mad rush to policies which defy logic, destroy our stability and create stress.
      Ralph Jemmott’s masterpiece on Has Barbados Lost Its Way, and subsequent emails asking if he’s the only one astute (or brave?) enough to speak out, prompted me to offer support. Let’s hope that “Is Barbados going to hell in a hand basket?” isn’t on the horizon. (Miners were once lowered down mine shafts in baskets to set off explosives. Not all got out in time.)
      Jemmott tells how we’re now living in a world where “many of the old certitudes have disappeared”. He mentions the troubling crime scene, vandalism in a school and unfortunate deaths while “our leadership seems preoccupied with climate change and external borrowings”.
      Is Nero again fiddling while Rome burns?
      (Someone remarked how, after every speech on the Bridgetown Initiative, the days seem to get hotter than ever before.
      Maybe we’re missing something.)
      Of particular concern to any of us who own property in Barbados is the latest Jeff Kinch and Savvy On The Bay saga, especially coming on the heels of the “Mrs Ram” property takeover and something similar in Dover. Apparently, Kinch bought an area from Government, spent money and developed a popular, Bajans-involved enterprise. Now Government wants to take back part for use as, believe it or not, a car park! And give him back the same money he paid for it!
      Lord have mercy! There are three issues playing out here. First, property rights seem to be going through the window. Government will no longer restrict itself to “compulsorily acquiring” property needed for public use like road widening. Your land can be taken and handed over to a developer. Secondly, it seems you won’t be paid the market value for the property you developed. And thirdly, God only knows when, or if, you’ll ever get paid.
      A 90-year-old lady often tells how some of the property her policeman
      husband owned was acquired by Government.
      Her husband remarked that “I’ll be dead before I ever get paid what I was promised for this land”. And so true, he’s been gone over ten years and she’s still owed.
      My wife and I bought 14 acres here at Morgan Lewis in 1977 and worked like slaves to clean it up and pay for it in eight years, two years before due. We rented and worked two adjoining acres for nearly 40 years. (That has now been sold to a developer who owns the 26 acres between us and Morgan Lewis Beach. The asking price was over $300 000.) My dream was to leave our property to our children and grands.
      Recently, a surveyor who was admiring our field remarked: “You know, under this Government, it is quite possible for your land to be compulsorily acquired and turned over to a developer who wants to put down a wind farm or solar panels!” I went cold. Was the surveyor making a general remark or did he have inside information and was warning me?
      Surveyors are obviously on the inside track with development information.
      Of particular relevance here is an ad which you can Google under “Land for sale, Green Pond, St Andrew, Barbados” – 6.5 acres – “Large lot on the tranquil East Coast of Barbados which is perfect for sustainable development. Price US$395 000”. Prime Minister David Thompson wanted this part of the island kept as a national park. Prime Minister Owen Arthur specifically blocked a proposed development of the Green Pond area, saying it should be left for the use of Barbadians who fish, graze animals and relax there.
      So, should I cut and run? Sell my property before it is taken from me for a pittance which I may never collect?
      Or risk staying? Please let’s return to a stress-free Barbados where you’ll find rest and you’ll find peace.

      Richard Hoad is a farmer and social commentator. Email

    • Savvy land dispute raises questions
      Article by Barbados Today
      Published on
      July 14, 2023

      The recently publicised land dispute between the Government and businessman Allan Kinch has made for interesting headlines and reading over the past few days.

      The property at the centre of the dispute, which is sandwiched between the old Eye Ward and the Copacabana Beach Bar on Bay Street, is the home of Kinch’s Savvy on the Bay food establishment and several vendors who rent space from him.

      The issue has been a hot subject on call-in programmes and social media. Some of the vendors are afraid they will be displaced and are pushing back against the Government’s plans to turn the area into a car park.

      But Attorney General Dale Marshall has insisted that the Government has no interest in stopping small businesses from thriving. At the same time, he said the status of those businesses has to be regularised.

      “We are committed to reacquiring two of three parcels of land at Bay Street that were formerly vacant and freely utilised by generations of Barbadians. Barbadians must not be robbed of that right, and whether car park or otherwise, we are intent on securing those rights for Barbadians. Some things are priceless,” he announced on Wednesday.

      “We will be seeking to negotiate with Mr Kinch as a first option. If we cannot reach an agreement, then the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act will be relied upon for the acquisition of the properties and the court will be asked to set the compensation that Mr Kinch will be due, which is also provided for under the Act.”

      Many have compared the development to what happened to Asha Mrs Ram Mirchandani in 2019. Her Liquidation Centre business on Lower Bay Street was compulsorily acquired by the Government to make way for the construction of the Hyatt Hotel.

      At the time, Marshall told the House of Assembly that development must go on and that Government cannot focus on carparks but real development.

      “The acquisition will go ahead because the business of rebuilding Barbados stops for no man. Let us focus the minds of the Barbadian people on what our real issues are. This is the first acquisition that this administration has done and I’m happy that we’re doing it at the cusp of our first year in office because it is being done as part and parcel of a truly important developmental imperative.

      “We need to get this country building again, we need to get this country working again. We need hotels on our finest beaches and not carparks. We need investment in our country and more from the private sector than from the Government,” he said at the time.Therefore, it is intriguing that a car park is exactly what the Government wants to use Kinch’s land for now.

      Kinch said he bought the property for $4 million more than eight years ago when it was being sold by the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. That was under a previous administration.

      But the AG explained that from the time the Mia Mottley-led came to office in 2018, it made it clear to the landowner it did not share his approach for use of the land.

      He said the Planning and Development Department had issued an Enforcement Notice as well as a Stop Notice to Kinch in respect of what he was doing on the lands.

      “We cannot have one set of laws for the Medes and another set for the Persians. Mr Kinch has disregarded these notices and continued to do his business. How can we seek to enforce these various rules when it comes to small business operators and even homeowners while turning a blind eye to what Mr Kinch has done and continues to do?” he questioned.

      But in an interview with Barbados TODAY, Kinch said: “I am shocked that the AG would try to create a story in the news and on the call-in programmes instead of responding to the numerous emails from my attorney asking for a draft agreement since the site meeting on June 2nd, 2021, where the PM [Prime Minister Mia Mottley] asked him and my attorney to finalise the swap of about one acre on the seaside beside Copacabana for two acres on the west end across the road on the corner, beside the traffic light.”

      One commentator on social media questioned why Government would take $4 million and invest in land for a carpark when the money could be put to better use: “Wouldn’t it benefit Bajans more if Government was to invest that $4 million-plus on redeveloping the nearby dilapidated building which once housed the Ministry of Health? We need additional healthcare facilities to take the strain off of the hospital. We would be grateful since health care is something all of us need as some point in time.”

      A caller to a popular radio programme questioned Government’s move to yet again displace a business on that stretch.

      “Why is Government so focused on that area for redevelopment?”

      Another raised the question: “First Mrs Ram, now Savvy. Why doesn’t Government use the millions of dollars to develop and improve the lives of those living in nearby areas like Nelson Street, Wellington Street and Cypress Street?”

      While we cannot venture to answer any of the questions posed to the administration, we hope that the cries and concerns of tax-paying Barbadians can be addressed by the Government that has touted its pledge to engage citizens at every turn of major decision-making.

    • Lest we forget, the recently announced Dental School by the Canadian owner of a private high school, included a huge amount of land, some of which was to be acquired by eminent domain.
      “Government, through a Resolution brought by Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance, Dwight Sutherland moved to acquire 9.024 acres of land at Harrisons Plantation in St. Lucy for the public purpose of education, economic and tourism development.

      The land being acquired will add to another parcel some 74 acres being sold by the Barbados Tourism Investment Incorporated to accommodate the school.”

      First, why does a dental school need 80+ acres, and second, why can’t the dental school owner acquire the land?

  3. The Knox family must be watching in disbelief at an instant replay of their saga. The Barbados Mafia Inc. (BMI).

    • The government is being flayed in the public opinion space with good reason. Yesterday David Ellis our only veteran and respected journalist started to probe the matter then …

  4. Well here is my view on this matter. Had the government enforced the first stop notice when it was ignored the matter would not have gone this far. So to government I say wunna got youself to blame here too. Mr Kinch was guilty of breaking the law and wunna guilty of not enforcing it.

    Now moving along we have other issues here. Kinch aint the first to do such deals with the good old Dems in the still of the night. Remember when Maloney bought the hotel there by Chefette Rockley and we heard that the Accra carpark to the east was included in the sale? It was only when the Bajans here and went to the meeting armed with some good cuss words that the said issue died a natural death ( we hope). I cant understand when I home sleeping these land owls does be out hunting!

    So I declaring my had now who corns get mash sorry to hear. I herby delcare my support for law and order as delayed as it may be, and wish the matter be settled quicky once and for all. I further would like to advise the AG that next time someone disobeys a stop order, wunna dont wait for moss to grow on the illegal structure but act quickly. That way be they black white or mixed blend, no one could find fault with your decisions.

    Right I gone (only fuh now though)

    • The stop order was actually only issued a month ago and the health authorities have been around long ago to check on things to make sure all is well and come back periodically. I would be careful taking the AG words as if they were the whole truth!

    • You like you know the nature of this beast …

      Like all pirates, this one keeps face to the wind with trusty parrot on the shoulder – said bird listens, then tells me things.

      Someone asked earlier up, what is specific performance that the AG referred to … let me try to explain as best possible (parrot is talk nuff and fast) …

      Kinch paid a deposit in 2015, the intention was to close the sale once he got his required permissions in place. Government changed in 2018 and immediately Kinch was asked to back out of sale. Kinch declined and (as we will probably see again soon) took government to court to force the sale closure.
      The government would have known that he had a legal binding agreement to purchase (albeit still hoping for a back out) but kinch still did not have any permissions. Specific performance is, according to google “a specialized remedy used by courts when no other remedy (such as money) will adequately compensate the other party”. Things went real quiet after that.

      What BU has not been fed, is a little inside scoop of other goings ons in court at the same time with said gentleman.

      My parrot flies bout the place and one is the courts. Lo and behold that at this same time the goodly gent was in court battling his ex wife and parrot understood that he had a serious stash of foreign currency safely held overseas. Couldn’t let come to light (everything hidden), so he took a chance to guh long with the purchase despite not getting necessary permissions with the mindset of a tyrant that he would do the usual and try to bulldoze getting permission.

      So, for appearances, the gentleman went long and spend a few dollars on the premise of operating some food trucks and “providing” washrooms and lots of delicious business ventures for the small man (coz he’s known to be an altruistic nice person) (lawwwd, I nearly choke reading that); anyway ….
      These vendors have been sucked into his ploy and are now sacrificial lambs ultimately when government now flexing their rights (better late than never), and now showing they’ve had enough of his grandstanding..
      y’all really think, for one horsehair in a pig head, that kinch ever intended his development plan of the area to have free full public access to the amenities on the property or to breeze through his property to get to the beach. Joke!! Bare Lies. Manipulation. This was all in the ploy to garner public sympathy after knowing he had no permissions but still went ahead with his construction. Don’t take him for some poor me victim – he smart like a rat on a sinking ship -he decided to cha way with legally binding notices and now vex (and a lot pissy) that the enforcement of the law has knocked his plan. Even parrot here sucking he teets at the notion that kinch had any other ulterior motive other than to spin money after money, juk out whoever eye he can, lie, tief, pretend he all caring and sharing whole blatantly ignoring the law and laughing in the face of the government offices in question. He jokey in truth.
      It was never bout no helping the small man in business
      It was never bout no damn food trucks
      The man just like to do what he like, how he like and puff up the few little feathers he still got left like a pouterpigeon. Whoever want to say he get wronged – consider it pure, sheer and delightful karma at work.

      But hold up – what I reeeeeallly wanna know, is how this man who always crying poor, no money, he getting unfair etc, where and how he managed to have a cool $4 million floating bout. That was a cash purchase, no mortgage, no nothing so –
      Who got that kinda cash lying bout boh ? oh right – him!!!!
      The wind picking up – sails full – I gone.

    • PegLeg
      Sounds like the man should be a politician?
      He has all the skills. Lieing, teefing, even the offshore account.
      Yet, you dun know whenever eminent domain is used, he is getting Bonds. Probably a new personalized series like K-Bonds.
      If he’s as smart as you suggest, any cash exit is a win?

  5. @JohnA
    What “still of the night”? There was a public tender for bids. That was answered, and when the bids were opened Kinch was the high bidder.

  6. David
    Uh huh, I’d say so too if I were struggling to defend someone who put up a whole development without permission and have to resort to red herrings. By the way this is the same parcel of land BUers lambaste when it was revealed that it was sold for $4M, when it was fenced and when the trees were planted?.

  7. @ Northern

    Man you didnt tell me you sat in the tenders committe and got the inside scoop.

    Serisusly though you swallow that. I mean I does hear about these kind of things all the time. Well I remember a few years back a fellow had won a tender and it was “alleged” that a piece of land in st Philip was the sugar in the cup. Nothing to do with this issue of course just saying.

    • @JohnA
      You just need to read the several prior BU threads on this matter, to appreciate the process which occured.
      It took long as shiite as is the norm in Barbados, but it wasn’t hidden.

    • Part of the problem in Barbados is the average person only reacts to the controversial and salacious. The governance process is not understood or cared about NO. Take your favourite Clearwater. What has caught Bajans interest is that small operators will have to close for a car park to be constructed AND how this matter is commingled with Joe’s River. A pity we don’t have an active political opposition/movement to assist with leading on these types of issues.

    • Where is Dub? Cdn songstress Mitchell and big yellow taxi…
      They paved paradise and put down a parking lot … 😃

  8. Wait David i heared there was another fellow here that had a quarry that a stop notice was issued on and just so in the still of night, the quarry get lease out to another maguffy and kicking stone all night now.

    Cant remember the quarry name or who running it now though, must ask David Ellis to find out for muh.

  9. Anyhow as chairman of the shop keepers association for the betterment of rum sales i herby bequeath the following.

    In light of all matters pertaining to said facility and as a result of, but not limited to the uncertainty about said facility I hereby state that effective today the facilty will now be referred to by the association and all its members as SAGA ON THE BAY.

  10. @ Northern

    Alright all sport aside now. My issue here is adherance to the law. If the Town Planner issues a stop notice, then it should be adhered to and enforced in event of failure to adhere.

    We cant have a run away society where people with money, be it theirs or others, feel that they have the right to bulldoze their way through regardless of the law. We already appear to have a run away society on our roads and when you trying to hold a fete. I am not saying we can correct all this overnight, but a start must be made. Kinch is not the only one though that doesnt give a rats ass about the TCP. Its just that his is the most topical.

    I also believe the authorites have to hold some licks on this too. If you issue a stop notice and its ignored, well go up by the MTW and borrow a working bulldozer. Having said that we also cant seem to control the motorcycles on one wheel every sunday, the ZR culture or the rules on our roads, so maybe we are a lost cause who knows. I however am an optimist and say let this be a start of a more aggressive regulatory and enforcement system on the rock.

    As for the law of acquisition, it speaks clearly why its there and yes this piece of land would qualify under the acquisition act. All I would ask is if you acquire it, then for Gods sake pay the man for the land before he dead.

    • @John A

      Does it remind you of that time a piece of Coverley encroached on the highway for years without attention from TCP?

    • JohnA
      I agree with adherence to the law (whatever that is?)
      Yet, “if” other proposals for development get stonewalled, sometimes you have to play ‘their game’?

  11. @ David

    Yes it does and that is my point. TCP has the right to enforce the law, but in some cases you cant help but wonder if they ” friten” to. Also does the TCP need the sign off of the AG to enforce the law? I dont know so here asking.

    • @John A

      How does any government foster investor confidence if SOME have to tie up significant sums waiting on a process that is influenced in a less than a professional way? A parallel can be made to erosion of confidence in government securities. We have to get serious!

  12. “A pity we don’t have an active political opposition/movement to assist with leading on these types of issues.”

    Kindly amused that no matter the issue, now, one of the reasons becomes the lack of an opposition.
    Prior to today, the solution was to sweep out the incompetents. Today, the strategy is to keep the incompetents and blame lack of an opposition.

  13. @ Northern

    Yes sadly that is the case. Thing is we know under the DEMS the chosen followers did the dog. Truth is though if you go back in time you will find offenders wearing both coloured shirts.

    Point is though the days of milk and honey gone since 2008. We must manage our business now more efficiently and transparently. You have to also understand the younger voter is way better informed than in the cornbeef and biscuit days. We cant jump on the backs of the young and poor, if we dont set the example by making it clear the law applies to all first.

    But dont mind me I got my approved plans here from TCP in an old Sodabix tin safe so I could talk powful!

    • Lol…Sodabix tin?
      I know my mother kept the Sodabix in a tin, but I can’t remember a Sodabix tin.

  14. There is an expression “shiit flows downhill”.
    Don’t start at the bottom of the hill “lack of an opposition” . Start from where you can see the monkey butt and work downwards

  15. @ David

    Exactly and i cant remember us having made any progress on improving on the ease of doing business scale either. We have to start being more serious about adherance and enforcement, along with climbing up the ease of doing ratings. We are known as a country of red tape where ever you turn. From licensing a car to paying customs duties we aint easy.

    Let me however say I had some dealings with the NIS recently and I have to say I was really impressed by the ladies i dealt with. They were knowledgeable and professional so not all are bad. But dont think it is only the government. Try calling a bank to discuss anything!

    In the end though the laws are there for all and must be adhered to and enforced regardless of colour or social and economic standing.

  16. @ Northern

    Serious you dont remember a sodabix tin you must be was too young. They were aluminum in colour and about 1 foot cube with a steel top you took off. Sodabix tins were the safes of the elder country people. Lol

    • My family’s money couldn’t fill the old tarnished silvery dry mustard tin, my mother used to hide it in….lol
      Country folk must have a good few blenzers to use a tin that size.

  17. It is simplistic to talk about ‘enforcing the Law’, when on one side you have an ordinary citizen… and on the other side, you have the Government, the Planning Department – that is micro managed by the government, the AG’s office -that is micromanaged by the government, (and which ‘makes up’ and enforces rules arbitrarily); the acting Police force – that is micro managed by the government.

    … ALL representing the interest of Malmoney and others of such ilk, who fund the ‘private’ needs of ‘the government’….?

    This is EXACTLY how the Mafia works…. except that ours claim to be legal.

    …and most brass bowls are disinterested…??

    What a place!!
    What a curse!

  18. Finally something to which I can contribute.

    I remember the Sodabix tin and the Eclipse tin. 😊

    De rest uh dis ting got my poor little brain tie up. I cyan mek head nor tails uh rit.

    All I know is that there aren’t so many acres left to sell to the foreign developers. I hope they have a plan that involves keeping some of Barbados for Barbadians.

    “To [car park] or not to [car park]” seems a very silly question, to be honest.

    Another epic back back by this government, apparently.

    Is it “one step forward and two steps backward”? Is it time to tremble?

    Just say when, all ye of big brain fame!

    • @Hants

      The government owns too many old buildings across the street that are occupied by vagrants and occasionally attract arsonists. Adjoining Barbados Family Planning

  19. David

    In the Sunday Sun of 30 April 2023, a representative of Worthing Square said they started to operate but were notified that they needed planning permission and subsequently submitted one. This suggests that they were served with something by TP and subsequently applied for what is called an “application to retain unauthorised development”. Here is what the law says:

    “Where, before the enforcement notice takes effect, an application is
    made to the Board in accordance with section 31 for the retention on land of any buildings or works or the continuance of any use of the land to which the
    enforcement notice relates, the operation of the enforcement notice is suspended pending the determination of that application.”

    From what I’ve read in the paper, Kinch got both an enforcement and a stop notice, and the latter suggests that what he’s done is far more problematic than food trucks on a former car park not on the beachfront.

    Read this Barbados Today story about the fencing off of the space:

    Like I do, you should do some more reading to understand processes before jumping to conclusions and being hoodwinked.

    • @Enuff

      The blogmaster is sharing positions held on this matter, it is up to those guarding the information to come clean with the public. Why should the blogmaster have to wade through newspaper reports to filter pertinent information? The same occurred at the Coverley exit, the same occurred at the Shallow Draft with Rock Hard, the same occurred with many other projects.

    • @enuff
      Is that really the issue here?
      What led to Kinch back ending the GoB, as the same GoB is trying to achieve internationally with Bridgetown initiative, climate change etc. Just looking for a seam that leaks.
      Seems he has found one?
      Young local entrepreneurs being asked to move for a parking lot?
      To besides, who really wants to park metal objects, ok I know nuff plastic these days, in the salt air?

    • It is a great irony the government has not shown itself to be as forceful enforcing rules in the PSV sector for example. Definitely agree with the AG there is one law for the Medes and another for the Persians.

    • @enuff

      The highlighted paragraph is for your attention. The article is dated 2010. You are smart enough to get it.
      One law for the Medes and another for the Persians? All the politicians in the BDLP are the same man.


      BLP COLUMN: Fairness and truth

      August 27, 2010

      Article by rhondathompson

      Fairness and truth were a formidable tag team at the Barbados Labour Party’s well-attended meeting in Heroes Square last Sunday night.Mia Mottley delivered a surgical prosecution of Michael Lashley’s response to his sacked chairman, Marilyn Rice-Bowen, and to his performance as Minister of Housing.Truth discovered that Lashley never answered the charge laid by Rice-Bowen that there was no contract in place with the contractor for the building of houses at Constant in St George.

      Truth was not fooled by Lashley’s attempt to hoodwink the Members of Parliament and Bajans into believing that a term sheet for a loan with CLICO International General Insurance was any sort of contract, finance or otherwise.Truth was found in the minutes of the National Housing Corporation (NHC), presented by Mia, that expressed both the general manager and the board’s alarm that despite repeated efforts, the contractor had not signed a contract.

      Truth and the crowd concluded that Michael Lashley had been grossly economical with the truth. Fairness determined that it was unjust to acquire a man’s land for development when he had applied to develop the same land for the same purpose.

      Fairness ruled that there was no equity in the award of NHC building contracts with one large contractor getting 75 per cent of the work.Fairness considered it a backward step in the empowerment of small contractors that they had now been reduced to the role of sub-contractors and not given the opportunity to grow their businesses.

      Fairness was flabbergasted that 220 000 square feet of our land should be “rented” to a big contractor for 99 years at the peppercorn rent of $100 a year!

      Fairness questioned why the NHC had not insisted on a rent-sharing agreement for the commercial buildings to be built on the land.

      Fairness took a dim view of the haste with which the planning permission had been granted for Coverley when other developers just down the road at Searles had been waiting for six years on their permissions.

      Truth and fairness both agreed that Michael Lashley should resign his Cabinet appointment and, if he failed to do so, that Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart should fire him. After all, this blue-eyed boy had come to office on the ideals of transparency, accountability and good governance. Bruised and battered, black and blue by fairness and truth, he is being defended by some of his Cabinet colleagues as a paragon of virtue. He was systematically disrobed by speaker after speaker on the BLP’s platform.

      When all the layers of public relations had been stripped away, we saw a man who had overstepped the boundaries of his authority with the NHC board; a man who failed to admit to the truth of the charges laid against him by his former chairman; a man who practically gave away the Government’s land to a wealthy contractor; a man who had not lived up to the promise of his party’s manifesto to give work to the small man.

      The Dems’ defence for such behaviour is that he is getting the job done. We disagree. He has fallen far short of their promise to provide 2 000 houses a year.And even so we cannot condone his behaviour for the sake of expediency. If his Cabinet colleagues are so blinded by the light of this 40-watt bulb that they cannot rein him in, then they deserve to fall with him. Errol Barrow backed fairness and truth when he dismissed popular Minister of Housing Joy Edwards. What will it take for Freundel to follow Barrow’s example?

  20. Yes and I gather this saga on the beach issue is not the first incident where he ignored an enforcement notice either.

    There is much here that needs to be reported on and brought to light so all can understand the full picture.

  21. @ Northern what you have said is true but remember the TCP also moved on the one in Rendezvous as well, so no one can say that Kinch is being victimised. Unless of course you consider breaking the law then being stopped makes you a victim.

    The difference seems to be that unlike The Food Court who stopped and rectified their issue so as to comply, this fella seems to have “pelt the letter oneside.”

    • @John A

      There a new food stall to replace the one that burned recently at Worthing Square. What is your point ?

  22. @JohnA
    What issues are to be rectified?
    Is the food court to stay if a) and b) are complied with, or is the option sell de land back to we or else?
    And what other development proposals were rejected and why?
    Why was TPrescod involved?
    There is surely on long story here?

  23. I am saying that worthing square had a issue with the TCP and did not ignore it but addressed it. That is the difference here.

    Also the ZR issue as i understand it from a police friend, is the backlog in the court system. It is time that we introduce on the spot fining with the fine having to be paid in 2 working days at any police statement, failing that will be impounding of the vehicle where a much larger fine will have to be paid. Government has nuff land, let us fence off 4 acres and start there. No vehicle on road means no money for driver or owner.

  24. @David

    Yes I can see it but the area then pre 2005 was the parking used for the old hospital building on the beach side then? Lord that would of been before the QEH time when there was a jetty there. Would love to see some old photos of there around 1950 or 1960.

  25. Mia Mottley

    Has put down two formers. Maybe a third?

    In “passing” we heard somebody saying or singing “Tank de lord”.

    As was once gloriously sung as a tease, even challenge, to Tank Williams. LOL! LOL!

  26. Trouble coming. Big trouble.

    Americans are starting to “trust” groceries.

    Indeed, its a new segmentation of the pay-day type, bottom-feeding, financial sector.

    When working two and three jobs and can’t afford the worst kinds of edible substances.

    Must be another indication that a big deckie seeks flight.

    • Thx Sarge. I just wondered where Kiki was. The lyrical maestro doesn’t miss much.

  27. Now that the Govt of the Republic of Barbados (ROB) has established the precedent of aquisition of property for friends of the regime what will happen when the govt changes?
    “Dem do it so we gine do it too”.
    You reap what you sow.
    Plantocracy pimps gone wild.

  28. Mr. Kinch has a simple option open to him.

    Go to court and challenge the constitutionality of this and the last parliaments.

    Br prepared to take it to the CCJ though!!

    Parliament is unconstitutional and everything it has done is null void and of no effect.

    One of the ways of overcoming such a challenge would be to call elections quick, get an opposition and then have a new constitutional parliament legitimise what the past two parliaments have done.

  29. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
    —Martin Niemöller

  30. Barbados is going down a very slippery slope and it’s only a matter of time when officials and enforcers feel a vicious backlash….time is longer than time

  31. I smell a very stinking political scam by politicians for their paymasters. Do politicians realize what happens in the us when citizens are pushed. I have a piece of land I bought for my return to BIM when I retire and I am scared it too may be taken away.

  32. FearPlay on July 14, 2023 at 7:38 AM said:
    Rate This

    The Knox family must be watching in disbelief at an instant replay of their saga. The Barbados Mafia Inc. (BMI).


    I suspect the Dees supporting CLICO here and the Bees Massy.

    I just get the feeling this is a carry over of plans made 30 years ago.

    Check this 20 year mortgage deal the Dees entered into with SBG and the Joint venture partners in 1994.

    SBG was a JV between Bees and Dees.

  33. Anyone remember the ownership of those buildings?

    Most of the real estate was BS&T, bought out by Massy.

    A significant portion however was Plantations Limited.

    That was bought by Plantations.

    Some was DETCO.

    Where are the problems?

    Ms. Ram was in Plantations real estate.

    Which one is Kinch in?

    Plantations, BS&T or DETCO?

    It looks almost as though somebody is trying to put all the land together!!

  34. Clearly, somebody wants all!!

    Only way of huffing valuable assets is compulsory acquisitions.

    However, the Act does not allow GOB to accumulate land for anything but the stated purpose.

  35. Keep your eyes wide open, they got caught and STOPPED trying to pull off a motherlode heist on the continent..before they could begin
    .this is their plan B…people on the island could lose EVERYTHING as Bushman intuited…

    “a plan from 30 years ago”…sounds about right..

    They can continue with their covetous eyes on what dont belong to them on the continent and watch me make sure that is where they draw THEIR VERY LAST BREATH…let the craven creatures test that theory.

    They are not builders or creators, they are fly by night thieves.. They must be STOPPED from carrying out that criminal behavior of THIEVERY and now hope to spread it across the Caribbean with their fraudulent initiative..the only development plan they have.

    “Sandra on July 14, 2023 at 10:13 PM said:
    1 Vote

    I smell a very stinking political scam by politicians for their paymasters. Do politicians realize what happens in the us when citizens are pushed.”

    You can guarantee that’s their business plan.

  36. There are serious issues in Barbados with the supply of water. Unless these are solved multiple hotels are pie in the sky.

    Then there is sewage!!

    You will probably find the same conmen at work.

    • Prime Minister Mia Mottley has been uncharacteristically silent in the matter of Bay Street, preoccupied with international matters maybe?

    • Jostling for chance in big seat
      Cou Cou is getting word of some major rumblings and grumblings taking place in a certain camp where the buzzword is leadership and who will be the next in charge.
      All along when the chief cook and bottle washer has had to skip town to attend to certain duties, a certain lass has been sitting in the big seat to run things, and this has been made pellucidly clear to all and sundry, so no big issue there.
      Even if some think there has been a case of supersession in this instance, many have resigned to the reality that “it is what it is” and have more or less toed the line as far as this placement is concerned, However, what is creating the noise and, from sources in the know, caused a big stink recently, is who sits in the hot seat when neither of the two big-ups is around to lead the forces.
      That is where the fire starts to burn. A fly on the wall said it was “cat . . . and pepper” on a recent day when one of the field soldiers wanted to know, in no uncertain terms, why he could not get a look-in on the action, as he believed he was senior enough to get a day or two in the chair, which would boost his CV, or ego, in the process.
      Soft spot
      Apparently things seem to favour a certain good fellow for whom it appears the general has a soft spot and who has been allowed at times to handle the reins of leadership, even if just at face value. In fact, to think of it,
      he is increasingly being tasked with more serious responsibilities in his day-to-day job, so it may not be totally surprising that he is among those blessed and highly favoured in the scheme of things.
      But don’t tell that to the slick man with the gift of gab who wants to know what this chap has that he doesn’t possess, and why should he be getting preference all the time. In essence, he wants a bigger piece of the action, and wants it now.
      Some observers say this is something the general should keep a close eye on and not simply dismiss it with her sharp tongue, as such rumblings and dissatisfaction are often the beginnings of “palace coups” or other forms of organisational insurrection.
      They say too that with the general nearing retirement – at least that is what she has said for now – such jostling for positions can lead to major fractures within that can create a backlash or “sting in the tail” with severe consequences for all involved.
      They are urging all to remember the morale of the dog and the bone scenario and that in a quest, or even lust, to gain power or position, all can be lost in one day.

      Source: Nation

    • The little testing the blogmaster has done the weight of public opinion is not with the incumbent BLP government. Again, this is an excellent issue for the political opposition to enter the public debate, public commentators like Dr. Ronnie Yearwood, Grenville Phillips, head of NGOs and private sector agencies and others.We have ti do it together.

    • @enuff

      Had a thought, is Kinch being blackballed by TP because he does ‘play ball’? Compared tgo a Bernie Weatherhead and Maloney for example?

  37. What garbage. Sometimes, I don’t have a clue what Wura is talking about, but this is much worse as there is not a single item with sense in it.

    Those in the know may be able to pick sense from the garbage.
    But without that kind of information … utter garbage

    • Who knows know, the simpliest things trip you up. We dont need you anymore confused, or finding yaself trapped and unable to find your way out.

      All you need to do is take a patriclan test or have a sister, aunt, mother etc take a matriclan test and you wilk maybe understand better…cause then you will find your REAL story too..

      I do not need to give details…THE corrupt THIEVES in Barbados KNOW exactly what am speaking about.

      ….those on the continent to WHOM IT CONCERNS know who and what am speaking about.’s really a NEED TO KNOW, everything else is PRIVATE PROPERTY.

      ..i know there is no respect as a culture for other people’s information, no boundaries or limits…. ..but this is not for gossipy public consumption…only WHAT I DECIDE IS RELEVANT to the narrative.

      Hope that assauges your curiosity.

      Your question should be directed to the well known THIEVES….and all their DOCUMENTED THEFTS that will soon hit some human rights court….you should ask….why do they steal so much, and mostly from those who look like them…that’s the moral of the story…i DID NOT attempt to steal anyone’s birthright and will NEVER stoop that low..

      If you want a more indepth read…check out Kush Quarterly Magazine on AOP…July-September 2023 issue…it’s become a popular read across continents..especially in the US…..but dont presume to tell me the value of MY story that you admit to knowing nothing about.

      Maybe one day it will become clearer…hope you have no land or estate on the island to get stolen cause you will never get it back…then you will know and respect the feeling…

      If you want to enable, coddle and support thieves, entirely up to you.

  38. @Rabbit
    “There are serious issues in Barbados with the supply of water. Unless these are solved multiple hotels are pie in the sky.

    Then there is sewage!!

    You will probably find the same conmen at work.
    I find your take on these matters to be more refreshing and sensible than most of what is written here.

    One of the reasons that the island cannot progress is that Bajans lack the courage or desire to tell the truth. Most will come here and carve out some fancy story; they will act as if they know something that you don’t know; they do not realize that their fancy and ‘erudite’ explanations adds legitimacy to the action of scam men.

    Bajans need to call these actions for what they are.. a scam in the making, a scam in progress or just a scam. Start there and avoid the byroads. The island can go nowhere when folks spend time describing piss as if it is drinking water

  39. Waru’s messages get lost in it’s form of delivery by repeated complaining..
    If you say that someone squares the circle, you mean that they bring together two things which are normally thought to be so different that they cannot exist together.

  40. the U in Coloured
    If you are Colored in 🇺🇸 or Coloured in 🇬🇧 or even in 🇧🇧
    Play Fool Fe Get Wise, Get Wise Dub,

  41. An army is defeated under to two general conditions.

    Of course, in this case it would be the third and final Ukrainian army, two having been destroyed previously in a brutal war of attrition.

    An attrition where the West has no more weapons nor the industrial capacities to replenish their stocks.

    This is what financialization and the idiocy of services economies deliver.

    Only yesterday Mottley was praising Sandiford for having so led. She too is so favorably disposed. Even as NATO’s war on the Russian Federation has given the lie to services and services alone as being able to replace a real economy for the production of physical things which people can touch and hold and use and store.

    The metrics of a military defeat.

    One, when an army attacks and cannot penetrate the enemy’s defenses.

    Two, when it defends and its defenses are continuously penetrated.

    Both these conditions have long been present in NATOs war on The Russian Federation.

    But neither laws of war nor standards of war are to be applicable when you have a country run by Nazis, willing to give its life’s blood for the Western ideals of White supremacy, globally.

    Even as it’s titular leader has been treated like a errand boy at the recent Vilnius NATO summit.

    Not only on the Ukrainian battlefield but in ALL the other theatres the Russians have won or are winning.

    The Achilles heel of the West has been severed and the Devil will soon bleed out. The dollar, Euro, Yen.

    Who then will rent these marginal hotel premises that so much national energy go into?

    Weeee estimate that just as people were pretending to live high off the hog and use land as a means of earning foreign exchange, under OSA.

    That it will only be after the demise of this Western plaything, Mia Mottley, that the asses, focused on foolishness, will then see what a monumental idiot was this Mottley.

    Like we’ve seen with the absence of any benefit from the work of OSA. Misdirection rite large! A national barrel of crabs always doing the same thing, expecting different outcome. Madness!

  42. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ 🎼 🎵 🎶
    A Big Tune
    (Dedicated to Pacha’s Mummy)
    Great Musical Battle
    The Russians Are Coming
    Take Five
    Dub Take Five

  43. Do you realise that Four Seasons at Paradise is a product of politicians who took Paradise Beach Club from way back in the 60’s and 70’s?

    Just look at the lawyers involved in the cases that arise.

    Whatever private sector endeavour the politicians touch they destroy.

    The problem is the pick the plums and eat whatever they can of the meat … like monkeys but far more destructive.

  44. Another politician driven development was Golden Mile Resorts down Heywoods side. If I remember it was investigated by the Duffus Commission when EWB lost the 1976 elections.

    “All roads lead to EWB”

    After independence the private sector was sucked dry by the politicians so today our economy is a shambles.

  45. @Wura,
    My ‘garbage’ comment was not directed towards you but was pointed at the ‘Cou Cou’ nonsense immediately preceding it. Read it and could not make head or tails of it.

    • That’s how it goes sometimes Theo. No biggie.

  46. That there seems to a falling out between the two parties over Kingsland is shown in this frontpage clipping where David Thompson took the then High Commissioner to London to task over his attempts to get the then Minister of Finance, the said David Thompson to task over signing the agreement between the GOB and his company, SBG and its joint venture partners.

    Peter Simmons, who used to contribute to BU under a moniker which shall remain unnamed, wrote in 1993 urging the then Minister David Thompson to get up and go. It took the minister until September 1994 just before the elections occasioned by the no confidence vote in Sandi, for an agreement to be signed.

    David offered his sympathies at the passing.

  47. Northern + David

    According to Barbados Today dated November 4 2022,

    “Savoy Development (Barbados) Inc.’s original proposal to the BTII was to erect a 351-room five-star hotel on the site, rebuild the jetty, and renovate the old eye ward. Due to the long period of time the purchase/sale agreement took to be completed, those plans were changed, taking into account the considerations of the Government and the community regarding public amenities and the height of the hotel. Until Kinch could obtain permission for what was reduced to a 24-unit condominium building and public facilities on 60 feet of land, he applied for temporary permission for an events venue, beach bar and food truck park.”

    Stop behaving like their plan is to have food trucks there permanently.

    • The plan was to have the condos, provide an area for public washrooms and parking. Build back the Jetty which would have public access. There would be a restaurant on the end of the jetty and vendor stalls on the jetty… Nothing hidden

    • C’mon enuff, did I say that? Or imply it?
      I said, AK found a leaky seam (like MAM had with Bridgetown initative, climate change etc), and was playing his hand in a similar fashion.
      It is called pushing the envelope.
      Of course he desires a bigger, more permanent footprint.
      But in the process, he has also caught the AG talking in circles.
      Again…look at this
      Do you see a car park anywhere there? (Beyond that of the RC Church). This is dated 2019, and you might “think” the GoB owned ALL the land they are describing. They do NOT.
      Also note the idea described….”The transformation of Bay Street into a pedestrian priority boulevard animated by cafes and restaurants”.
      So AK, has provided cafes and restaurants??
      WTF is a car park doing smack dab in the middle of a ‘pedestrian priority blvd’??
      Actually, expanding the old car park was part of the D’s Master Tourism plan ’14-’23. To besides, they could demolish old buildings in the old GH and provide a temp parking surface easily.
      Go to p3 in above .pdf, and you will see precisely the plan for the land in question.
      This land is to be the waterfront access for the redevelopment of the old GH site. Somebody fucked up and sold it. Now the GoB wants it back? BUT, it was sold before this plan came out in 2019?
      So buy back the land. Mistakes cost money.
      Why did they close the deal in the first place? The D’s stalled for years.
      I am no lawyer, but the AG went on about ‘specific performance’, what exactly does this mean in Barbados? I know it has something to do with damages.
      This is now all about money.

  48. @David
    This government has decided that that corridor MUST be developed at any cost and preferably the HIGHEST cost.

    Whoever gets in the way will have to go. Passi g strange AG Dale can speak on this but has to “shut up” on Joe’s River.

    Talk what ya like. MaM has promised out from Needhams Point to the Port. It MUST be done!!!!!

    Just Observing

    • @Observing

      We know how this script will end. The government will get what it wants, Kinch will take the offer and it will be business as usual. Come next general election Mottley and her followers will run a platform on what she has done to place Barbados on the map again, how the government has been transparent and offered hope – because of zer credible options a choice will have to be made by a dwindling, cynical and apathetic electorate, B or D.

    • David
      You flailing all over the place and nothing landing. But your ears hard so get through.


      I clicked on the pdf, it appears that the old eye hospital site is redeveloped and the adjoining site is an open space. That is an illustrative plan identifying opportunities, not a detailed plan. Simply illustrative so the site appearing as open space indicates zero buildings. So the absence of the car park is irrelevant. Again illustrative and therefore subject to change.

      According to the newspaper though, “the small businesses that are there, some of these businesses are located on lands that are not even owned by Mr Kinch. A significant part of the lands adjoining the foreshore remain the property of the Government of Barbados. Mr Kinch knows this and still has located businesses on Government lands.” Kinchy squatting but collecting rent?🤣🤣 Anyhow no more from me. Y’all too blind.

    • Enuff
      Adroitly avoiding, illustrations WITH accompany text proclaiming that area a ‘pedestrian priority blvd’.
      And yes all is subject to adjustment. Including I would imagine building a hotel on the seaside, vs across Bay St in the old GH lands as illustrated?
      AK may well be on land he doesn’t own. My point was, in 2019 the GoB claimed to own all the land described, and they did/do not.
      Note: I never said AK is following the law, I said he is pushing the envelope
      BTW, how deep are the foundations at Hyatt Ziva? It mussee opening soon?
      I wonder when the GoB enacts eminent domain here, what will be the stated use of land? Care to guess?

  49. Observing on July 15, 2023 at 5:32 PM said:
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    This government has decided that that corridor MUST be developed at any cost and preferably the HIGHEST cost.

    Whoever gets in the way will have to go. Passi g strange AG Dale can speak on this but has to “shut up” on Joe’s River.

    Talk what ya like. MaM has promised out from Needhams Point to the Port. It MUST be done!!!!!

    Just Observing


    Looong term planning!

  50. Ms. Mockley was first elected in the 1994 elections when the GOB had signed an agreement SBG and its Joint Venture partners.

    She is just trying to execute the plan that was hatched by the politicians back then that saw thousands of acres of agricultural land run to rack and ruin,

    What ever they touch turns to dust.

    Check page 8 for the Coxfam/Clico Joint venture. Small Ridge Investments Inc. and you will see it includes the lands of Small Ridge and Hope Plantations, July 31 2008.

    Small Ridge and Hope along with the lands of Kingsland (1041 acres) comprise the bulk of the 2,400 acres SBG was after.

    Directors of CoxFam and the purported directors of Kingsland are the same people, Richard Cox, Gerard Cox and Allan Cox who also purport to be the directors of Classic which purports to be the principal shareholder of Kingsland.

    One of the principals of Classic is David Shorey who was represented in certain Canadian proceedings by Paul Schabas who also represented SBG and its principals.

    CLICO will never be resolved by any court in Barbados given the reach of its tentacles right up to the top.

    …. and CLICO bought Plantations Limited and all of its Carlisle Bay real estate.

    Polly Kinch, Allan Kinch’s father owned Wakefield Plantation in St. John which was bought along with Todds, Henley, Pool, Villa Nova and along with the 2,400 acres in Christ Church was allowed to run to ruin.

    There is alot more in the Mortar than the pestle!!

    All I have left to do is explain how Iain Deane aka BWWR, Amused etc. fits into the puzzle.

    Night runs till day catches it.

  51. 2400 acres is about 3.75 square miles or about 2.3% of the island or one fiftieth of the nation.

    Michigan the 12th biggest state in the US is about 2.23%of the US.

  52. I smile when I hear that someone purchase 400 acres in Barbados. This is 0.376% of our land mass.

    That would be the equivalent of buying a property larger than the size of any these state in the US

    42 Maryland 0.33%
    43 Hawaii 0.29%
    44 Massachusetts 0.28%
    45 Vermont 0.25%
    46 New Hampshire 0.25%
    47 New Jersey 0.23%
    48 Connecticut 0.15%
    49 Delaware 0.07%
    50 Rhode Island0.04%

    Do you get it? The plans are larger than the island. This will ensure that some can never own a piece of the rock. Navel strings are buried offshore.

    Don’t be fooled by the plans of 5-year operators.

  53. There are some phrases that I avoid and hate. ‘Crab in a barrel is one such phrase’.

    But when folks are allowed to buy/steal huge tracts of land and block off beaches then we are creating the sides of a barrel.

    Slavery and generational poverty can be the only outcome of this model. It is inevitable.

    It doesn’t pay to be silly when your leaders are wicked.

  54. Honesty, mathematics, economics or common sense cannot support what we do in Barbados. They cannot be a part of the model we are currently employing.

    Trickery and thievery in legal garbs are the only avenues for doing business. Tourism is an exploited and explored frontier but remains as an avenue for big deals.

    New avenues are the medical centers and medical marijuana. Token licenses will be distributed to a few, but there is no room/plan for including the majority population.

    TheO’s Outlook: a bleak future is ahead. Schemes and scams are rampant. B then D, but always misery. IMF stop bullshitting us when the government changes.

  55. Going to my good deed for the day.

    I have seen a number of videos of Barbadian playing steel pans. These are not at the same level of videos that are posted by Commander Hants.

    Would suggest tuning the pans before turning on the camera.

  56. Grasshopper

    You know and I know that the local peeps acted for outside interests, no way they had the coppers to buy 2,400 acres.

    Sounds alot like the Chinese currently buying up land in America but even they can’t manage the whole state of Michigan.

    Could have been the Russians back then as that was when the USSR disintegrated and all sorts of billionaire oligarchs were being created with an urgent need to do their laundry.

  57. So, let’s see if anyone knows how many billions the island owes, where it came from and where it went?

    I sure as hell don’t know … it is a state secret!!

  58. The villain in this article is Capitalism.

    There is a phenomenon called The Crisis of Capitalism.
    Under Capitalism business combine labour and materials to create goods or services for sale.

    Each year, they must make money than the last to compete or else be crushed by their competitors.
    They do this by lowering wages and raising prices.
    Now these workers have less money to buy the products with and the company loses money.

    It’s why our developers and real estate companies have rents go up as wages go down pushing people into the street.

    It’s why our power company shuts our lights of regularly, instead of spending money on upgrades.

    How do the fix that situation?
    By again, lowering wages and raising prices.
    It’s a downward spiral during which we have large numbers of people who can’t afford many of the goods that the economic system produces.

    Our power comes from the fact that we are the ones that create profit.
    All of these problems have the same immediate solution.
    We shut everything down and force their hands.
    It’s all connected and that’s how we have to fight it.
    We give them a choice, cede to our demands and make less profit, or we shut you down and you make no profit.

  59. “Barbados is desperate for money. In the euphoria that followed independence in 1966 this tiny island of 250,000 people went on a borrowing spree – borrowing everywhere and everything. The country borrowed an enormous amount of money for its small size. The borrowing continued until the island plunged deep into debt. Today Barbadians owe more money per person to the international community than any other people.”


    • Now the majority have mostly woken up. Gotten smart and want these colonial negros who are going absolutely nowhere in terms of development, generational wealth creation and progress in Afrikan lives…to get lost, get gone…tired of the colonial negro clown show..

      And it’s about time too…way past.

      How anyone could look uo to that cast of characters, like or follow them anywhere, given their awful history, is a real bring down.

    • David, do you agree this is a very interesting article? The only thing I disagree with is, ‘Barbados drives on the left, while the rest of the world drives on the right,’ because it is not entirely true.

  60. Crisis of Capitalism on July 16, 2023 at 4:39 AM said:
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    The villain in this article is Capitalism.


    No, the villain is communism, socialism and fascism … left wing ideologies.

    They seek to concentrate the means of production into the hands of a small elite.

    Capitalism is about the freedom of individuals to do their best in open competition.

    • Look. Calculate. You may discover this 1% exists in many places, irrespective of which ‘ISM you select to associate with the nation.

  61. … and because the elite does not have the skill set to survive in open competition it uses its absolute power to stymie anyone or anything it considers to be its opponents capable of giving it a run for its money ,,, or power.

    • Yeah, the begging borrowing dependent pretend…elites on the islet…who only tief to benefit themselves.

      I remember about 2 years ago i posted a comment that went something like this, because i could feel the SLEAZE:

      …wunna wont by any chance be plotting to buy gold for wunna SELVES ONLY in Africa….the coverup artist swiftly removed the comment….but

      Wont you know it, wuh buy gold wuh…when ya could TIEF IT using the information ya have on Afrikan descents on the island and ACROSS THE REGION…not only that but the size of thev planned heist in other areas was enuff to make even the heads of the REAL elites SPIN.

      All i can tell them, go right ahead….see if this will be ya very last heist or if ya will get another opportunity for the very, very last one …let’s see ya bravery at play…now that ya got NO COVER.

      Stop coveting what elites have, what AFRIKAN DESCENTS ARE ENTITLED TO…and build ya own.

  62. David
    on July 16, 2023 at 8:29 AM said:
    Rate This

    Yet in capitalist societies 1% controls a disproportionate amount of the wealth.


    Not true!!

    The American Dream proves different.

    Any individual can attain it.

    It proves the fallacy in the communist manifesto that the proletariat will revolt against the bourgeoisie because there is, or was no one who felt they could attain that dream.

    Now we watch left wing ideology trying desperately to destroy that dream by destroying the economy by any means necessary.

    Because a capitalist economy ends the left’s ability to impose misery and control and get control.

  63. “According to the Small Business Administration, small companies generate 1.5 million jobs a year and account for 64% of new jobs in America. Small businesses also contribute 44% of the U.S. economic activity, so as the number of new businesses grows so does their economic contributions.”


    The shutdowns were aimed at the vibrant small business sector by the left, briefly in power in America.

    The GOB is a left wing government seeking control of all the means of production.

    Dictators only exist in left wing countries, … check it and see.

  64. It is easy to confuse wealth with riches and treasure when the fruits of a fruitful life are more important.

    The top 1% has its treasures laid up in stocks and financial institutions which we have watched collapse time after time.

    What’s more important is the ability and opportunity to create fruits and use them wisely because the vagaries of life are many … and then there is death.

    Luke 12:16-34
    King James Version
    16 And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:

    17 And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?

    18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.

    19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.

    20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?

    21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

  65. Capitalism is another form of white against black racism ism and schism
    Boots Riley Says a ‘Gentler Capitalism’ Won’t Save Society

  66. The PDC must inform Mr. Allan Kinch – just like we have been informing so many others in Barbados – that with there having been no Constitution of Barbados and no legally valid and enforceable laws since October 11, 2021, all the governing structures in the country have become ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY constituted and their acts, proceedings, procedures and omissions are ILLEGAL, NULL and VOID and of NO legal effect…

    As has been the case and continuing since that very dark time in our people’s history, there has been utter and serious constitutional mayhem, disorder and breakdown..

    The Barbados Defence Force backed by a REVOLTING MASS of people and along with much assistance of some important sections of the international community are the only effective vehicles through which this horrible terrible chapter in the annals of Barbadian history can be brought to an end..

    Thus, Mr. Kinch must make it his business to appeal to the BDF, the mass of people and the international community for assistance against this fascist thuggery and banditry that are taking place in our island…

  67. For years we warned their must be an international intervention on the island to stop this wholesale dated thuggery.

    We warned, and warned, but no one paid attention. Now it’s gotten too bad and big to ignore….or cover up.

    Too many lives impacted and threatened by fools with no morals, ethics, integrity or scruples…an international embarrassment unfolding.

  68. My cousin Iain Deane, was the residuary beneficiary of the estate of Colin Deane, my uncle and one of 9 equal tenants in common, Marjorie Ilma Knox et al, who formed Kingsland Estates Limited and conveyed 1,133 acres of land to it in a cashless transaction on 2nd July 1958.

    It was a standard transaction at the time and bread and butter for solicitors of the day. I can find such companies being formed as early as 1940 by such solicitors as Eustace Shilstone.

    The issued share capital of Kingsland of 200,000 one pound shares was divided equally among the nine except for my grandfather who got an extra 2 shares.

    The consideration each of the 9 tenants in common received was the shares in Kingsland.

    The residue of the consideration was an undertaking as from 1st July 1958 when Kingsland was formed to pay satisfy discharge and fulfil all the debts liabilities contracts and engagements of the 9 tenants in common in relation to the land and to indemnify the 9 tenants in common from any proceedings claims or demands in respect of the debts liabilities contracts and engagements.

    So each of the 9 tenants in common received as consideration for the 1,133 acres of land in 1958 the following:

    a) no cash
    b) 22,222 shares
    c) an undertaking
    d) an associated indemnification

  69. Misleading the public comes with very serious international consequences.

    They too love to say upon slick tricking their way into the parliament drooling lies…iz we turn now..

    .indeed it is, in more ways than one.

  70. Woe to those who make unjust laws,
    to those who issue oppressive decrees,
    to deprive the poor of their rights
    and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people,
    making widows their prey
    and robbing the fatherless.
    What will you do on the day of reckoning,
    when disaster comes from afar?
    To whom will you run for help?
    Where will you leave your riches?

    Questions from Isaiah….

    • With Savvy in the news robbers decided to carry way a cash register with $200? Things that make you go hmmm.

    • Savvy on the Bay owner in negotiations with Government

      Article by Barbados Today
      Published on
      July 20, 2023

      Talks have started between the Government and Savvy on the Bay owner Allan Kinch regarding the administration’s intention to acquire the businessman’s land at Bay Street, St Michael to build a car park.

      Kinch met at the negotiation table on Wednesday with Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Dale Marshall and Senior Minister with responsibility for infrastructural projects, Dr William Duguid to reach an agreement on the sale of the property.

      When contacted, Dr Duguid declined to comment while Kinch would only say that “negotiations are ongoing”.

      Last week, the Government threatened to compulsorily acquire a portion of the land owned by Kinch if they could not agree on its purchase by the State.

      In response, the businessman said he was shocked at the Attorney General’s decision to go public on the issue at that stage.

      The property, which is sandwiched between the old Eye Ward and the Copacabana Beach Bar, is the home of Kinch’s Savvy on the Bay food establishment and several other vendors who rent the land space from him.
      Courtesy Garage_ 2023_300x300 July 7- 20

      Marshall is adamant that the Government wants to preserve part of that overall site for the public to have free access as a parking lot.

      “We are committed to re-acquiring two of three parcels of land at Bay Street that were formerly vacant and freely utilised by generations of Barbadians. Barbadians must not be robbed of that right, and whether car park or otherwise, we are intent on securing those rights for Barbadians. Some things are priceless,” he said in a statement last week.

      “We will be seeking to negotiate with Mr Kinch as a first option. If we cannot reach an agreement, then the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act will be relied upon for the acquisition of the properties and the court will be asked to set the compensation that Mr Kinch will be due, which is also provided for under the Act.”


  71. From BT
    Government is adamant that it will preserve and expand windows to the sea. And, according to Senior Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of Infrastructural Projects, Dr William Duguid, this will be done by constructing hotels inland.
    “Let me make it clear to the people of Barbados. This Government is committed to maintaining and even expanding windows to the sea in this country…because whether you like it or not, most of the fields and most of the places where we are building those types of hotel infrastructures are not greenfield; they’re brownfield.
    “So vast majority means knocking down, demolishing a hotel, demolishing a warehouse, whatever it may be, to be able to build there, because we just don’t have access to shoreside land anymore. We don’t have access as most of it has been built out. So what do we have to do? We have to move hotel infrastructure inland and then have access to the beach that people can transfer from the hotel facility over to the beach land,” he said in Parliament on Tuesday.
    Using Rockley Beach Club and Royal West more land as examples, Duguid said this was not unfamiliar to the island.
    He said many tourists had become accustomed to having to take a short trip to get to the beach.
    “We are a little spoiled in this country because to us being by the beach means that you can literally walk out onto the sand…. The people that come here understand that going to the beach does not always mean walk out of your room and walk onto sand. A lot of them know and recognise that it may mean taking a short trip a mile, half-mile, three-quarter [mile] down the road. For them, that is still by the beach and we have to get our minds around it and understand that as we continue to develop as a country and as a nation, we have to start thinking outside of the box and start putting away the norms and saying ‘let us try this and let us try that’,” Duguid added.

    Tends to prove the issue has nothing to do with a car park? Rather the “plan” is a hotel, and other structures, will be built eventually on the old GH lands, and the land Savvy acquired is much of the beach side land to allow access from the old GH lands.

  72. You will be told the ‘Master Plan’ allowed for a beach front hotel at that location.
    In other places, this would fall under a land zoning issue.
    At days end, it is always about those in control and the ‘wishes of the day’.
    In big cities stories abound of lands where re-zoning applications had been denied, and suddenly, usually a major developer congregates some land parcels and almost as if magic, gets zoning which had previously been denied.
    It’s all a game.


    Developer ordered to restore building to original state
    By Maria Bradshaw mariabradshaw@nationnews. com

    The owner of Savvy on the Bay has been ordered to return the National Trust listed building which he now owns to its original state of ruins.
    That building, which is located next to the traffic lights at the corner of Bay Street, St Michael, has been undergoing restoration since 2020 and is now at an advanced stage of refurbishment.
    Popularly known as the “Old Eye Ward”, it was previously in a state of ruin for several years with no windows, doors, roof, filled with garbage and occupied by vagrants.
    Allan Kinch, who has been embroiled in a land acquisition with Government over the beachfront Bay Street lands which he bought from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. in 2015, has already undertaken significant restoration of the building to its original design as required by the National Trust and he has installed bathroom facilities which are already being utilised by the public.
    However, Dr William Duguid, minister with responsibility for planning and development, had previously told this newspaper that Kinch undertook all of this work without planning permission.
    A source close to the situation said two weeks ago Kinch received an enforcement notice from the Planning & Development Department (PDD) ordering him to cease works on the building and to return it to the state it was in before such works started. He was also warned that he could face imprisonment or a fine for failure to adhere.
    Last Friday was also the deadline for the 30 days that Kinch was granted to accept Government’s financial offer to repurchase the three sections of the land in that area, including the section known as Savvy on the Bay, a popular food truck business. Failing that, Government could use the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act to compulsorily acquire the lands.
    All of this is occurring in the midst of an online petition which was also started on Friday called “Save Savvy”.
    When contacted yesterday for an update on this situation, Attorney General Dale Marshall, who last month announced Government’s intention to reclaim sections of the land for public car park purposes, said there was no update and that he was not aware of the petition.
    When the Sunday Sun attempted to reach Kinch, we were advised that he could not speak to the media since he was involved in negotiations with Government.
    The petition which indicates it was started by Marsha Lovell and has so far garnered close to 500 signatures, accused Government of refusing to properly negotiate.
    It noted: “Savvy On The Bay is a tiny 24-hr food truck village in Barbados on the beautiful coast of Browns Beach in the Carlisle Bay. Since it was constructed last year, it has quickly become an extremely popular hangout spot. However, the Government of Barbados wants to use their power to take the land from the owner of the property to build a car park.
    “This decision would leave over 150 persons unemployed, including all of the small business operators and their staff. Since it’s announcement, this move has been very unpopular, especially among Bajans and tourists who frequent the area, with many trying to figure out why would anyone destroy a thriving small business hub to build a carpark that nobody asked for. In a time of economic hardship, this decision would be catastrophic for all of the vendors involved.
    “The Government of Barbados is refusing to properly negotiate and they have given the owner of Savvy on the Bay less than a month before they enact the legal procedures to reclaim the land. The vendors at Savvy need your help to stop The Government from carrying out this thoughtless decision!”
    Sarah Taylor, the owner of Tranquillity Cruises and Beautiful Barbados Tours and Excursions Ltd, whose offices are also located at Savvy, said her offices were also in jeopardy.
    “I have been operating tours in Barbados for over 20 years. We provide excursions for thousands of visitors to Barbados every year as many as 500 in a day on a busy cruise ship day. My company was awarded a Viator Experience Award for 2023. We are one of only ten in our region that won it so it’s a big deal.
    “I have a passion for entrepreneurship and understand the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making a business a success, so I really have an understanding and have great compassion for the struggle small entrepreneurs face,” she said, as she promised to reveal more about the negotiations between Government and Kinch, who is her partner.
    Kinch bought the three properties on the land – Zepherin House site, the area on which Savvy now stands, and the old eye hospital for $4 million from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. in 2015 with a specific agreement that the property was to be used for tourism development purposes.
    He revealed that he had submitted plans to the PDD for developments such as a hotel and condominiums among others but none had yet been approved.

    Source: Nation

    • We have to applaud the persistence of government on this matter. If only it can be transferred to other matters.

    • What persistence?
      You mean spitefulness!
      This is a clear case of two senior government officials using their ministerial powers to force their own personal agendas – and where both are KNOWN to have been involved questionable agendas previously.
      What a damned place!

    • PDD responds to Savvy issue

      THE DIRECTOR OF THE Planning & Development Department (PDD) said yesterday it was a “complete untruth” that they had ordered the owner of Savvy on the Bay to return the National Trust listed building at the corner of Bay Street, St Michael, to its original condition which was a state of ruins.
      However, quoting from the enforcement notice, Sarah Taylor, who is the partner of Allan Kinch, the developer who was restoring the building, told the DAILY NATION: “The notice does state ‘Town Planning hereby requires that the following steps be taken to restore the land to its condition before the development took place’.”
      In his statement, director of the Planning and Development Department, Trevor Leach, noted: “There has been much written on the Savoy property and the works being done at that location. At no time has the developer been ordered to return the building to its original state of ruin. Indeed, Paragraph 5 of the Enforcement Notice has simply ordered the developer to stop the unauthorised development and submit an application to the Director of Planning and Development.”
      Listed Building
      He added: “The facts are that the developer ought to know that no development can be done on a listed building without permission from the Planning and Development Department. This is required by Section 20 (3) (e) of the Act and reinforced by Section 54 (1).
      “Further, the developer knows the process of applying for retention, given this has been used by the developer on the adjacent location where again the lot was developed without permission. Once again, an Enforcement and Stop Notice were served and the developer then applied for retention.”
      Leach explained that once a “Stop Notice” was issued, no further development should take place until that application is then determined.
      He stated: “Accordingly, the notion that anyone has been asked to return a building to a derelict state is a complete untruth. Development of listed buildings is monitored to ensure that the refurbishment takes into account those matters that are necessary to preserve the integrity of the characteristics that led to it being listed.”
      He submitted a copy of the enforcement notice which at Section 5 under the heading What You Are Required To Do advised the developer: “The Director of Planning and Development hereby requires that the following steps be taken to restore the land to its condition before the development took place: (a) Immediate discontinuation of the unauthorised building, engineering or other operations on the land that materially affect the character, appearance and setting of the listed building; (b) Submit to the Director of Planning and Development
      an application for Planning permission in accordance with Sections 31 (1) and 54 (1) of the Planning and Development Act 2019-5 to ensure both the proper assessment of the unauthorised development completed to date and any further works are appropriate and sympathetic to the character, appearance and setting of the listed building.”
      While Kinch could not be reached, Taylor, who also has offices at the Bay Street location, said last night that an application for change of use and the restoration was submitted in 2020 after the property was purchased.
      Updated plan
      “An updated plan was submitted to Town Planning about two weeks before the [enforcement] notice was received. This was done to ensure all works that had been done was correctly represented on the application plans.”
      She pointed out: “The notice does state ‘Town Planning hereby requires that the following steps be taken to restore the land to its condition before the development took place’. The document spoke about submitting an application for change of use but as one had been submitted in 2020 and updated two weeks prior this too made no sense.”
      Taylor further noted that: “All works that have been carried out have long been applied for and no decision has been forthcoming.”
      She said the National Trust was contacted for guidance prior to the commencement of works, adding: “Thankfully, we were able to get an old window from a kind person who had salvaged some when they had been thrown out by the previous owners and we were able to remake the windows by using the provided old one as a template.
      “No work is currently going on with the restoration. One would hope that the Government of Barbados would support such a project, especially when the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. sold the land and building to the owner, Mr Kinch, and he had to submit plans prior to his offer being accepted and the restoration of the building was part of the plan.”
      Kinch bought the beachfront property back in 2015 from Government and the deal was completed in 2019. However, Government is now going after him to reclaim a section of the land for public car park space. (MB)

      Source: Nation

    ‘Furthermore, my client has allocated kiosk #1 to another person, and that lease has been executed and is to take effect from August 1, 2023. My client, however, will undertake that in the event of one of the kiosks becoming vacant, your client would be given the first option.’

    They are at it again. The old tricks have not stopped. You can’t teach an old political dog about new ‘integrity’.

    • @TheoG
      I couldn’t help but notice the lawyers on the opposing end of this issue: one Arthur Holder is appearing for the NCC and Ralph Thorne is appearing for the person occupying the kiosk.

      Unless there is another Artur Holder practising law the Speaker of the House is appearing for a Gov’t entity and a Gov’t backbencher is on the other side.

      Somebody will get screwed

    • TheO
      This was the gem IMO
      “But in a letter dated July 28, 2023, addressed to Thorne from the NCC’s attorney Arthur Holder, the commission informed that Best had no legal right to take over the operation.

      “The executed lease between the National Conservation Commission and your client expressly prohibited your client from transferring the operation to her daughter, Ms Monique Best, and thus, there is no contractual relationship between my client and Ms Best,” Holder wrote on behalf of the NCC.

      Is Thorne representing the deceased or the ‘daughter’ seeking to assume the lease?
      How can a lease for physical space prohibit someone from transferring ‘the operation’.
      Or possibly the lease was not transferable?

      Maybe MAM can step in and guarantee all existing operators continued tenancy regardless of who owns the units.

  75. Anyone else notice how all these issues boil down to petty, partisan, emotional, reactions to personalities and personal associations – RATHER than on sound policy, PRINCIPLE and Law?

    How hard can it be to determine whether the Rules allow for such familial continuity, or if the contract ends with death or termination of relationship?

    Even if THAT is clear, then we have the petty decisions made in the past to ignore the rules – when the person in question was in the ‘good books’.

    It is NOT hard to guess what the ‘official Savvy position’ would be if another popular developer was in that driver seat… even if located next to the damn Flour Mill…

    This is the very definition of a banana republic….
    Where arbitrariness is the prevailing way of doing things.

    What a cursed little place.

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