Savvy Saga

The following is a clarification statement issued by Sarah Taylor, an associate of Allan Kinch, to respond to an article published in the Sunday Sun (13 August) titled Savvy Setback. See full Sunday Sun article posted below at the end of the submission.

Old Eye Ward

I want to give some clarity on how the statement in question came about.

I was messaging the journalist pertaining to the petition to keep Savvy On The Bay open and I told the journalist I signed for 2 documents weeks ago that turned out to be a stop and enforcement notice on the Old Eye Ward building. It ordered that work had to stop and spoke about returning it to the state it was in before we started working on it. It was not something we discussed at length, I had mentioned it because I remembered getting a nose bleed as soon as I read it.

I was lost as to why the planning department served the notice without determining the application that was submitted in 2020 and updated two weeks prior to the notice being served. I was was also lost as to why they asked for an application to be submitted in the notice when they had already been submitted.

Some people tell us we should not speak out and that we will be victimized more. Others who speak out on our behalf are also told the same thing. Something is deeply wrong when people are told not to speak out about injustice because they will be victimized. Speaking the truth should NEVER be considered wrong especially when it is spoken to prevent evil from prevailing.

This property was sold by the BTII for tourism development. Barbados Tourism Investment Inc’s welcome statement on its website states as follows: The BTI is a critical conduit to guide your Barbados investment experience by providing details on all relevant private sector and government agencies to help you better leverage your time and resources. Their vision statement says: To be the lead Agency for facilitating investment in tourism and urban regeneration in Barbados.

The properties in question, both the Old Eye hospital and the lands that Savvy on the Bay lay on were advertised and sold to Mr Kinch. Mr Kinch was the highest bidder. The process was extremely long and stressful. The land was advertised and described with boundaries to the sea. This description was in both the advertisement and the tender document. The agreement from BTII said that a surveyor was to do a new plan to the high water and to point out the line marks to the purchaser which was done… As we all know no development is supposed to be allowed at least 100ft from high water as the beach in Barbados is public and that is not disputed by Mr Kinch. He very much supports this.

From that time to this our lives have been wrought with stress over this investment. From delays over the sale, a Minister trespassing on the land and cutting down trees worth thousands of dollars and Mr Kinch being defamed in Parliament by the same Minister. We have also endured destruction of property on more than one occasion and downright bullying.

It was no secret what Mr Kinch intended to do with the land as plans had to be submitted with his tender document to BTII . BTII’s acceptance letter stated  “The Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. has reviewed your proposal and the accompanying development concept which you have envisaged for these properties. We believe that your plan, should it come to fruition, it would enhance the tourism product offering in the Bay Street corridor which form a part of “Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison” which has been designated world heritage status.

Sadly I believe I will have to say and share much much much more on the debacle.
How can any person whether a Barbadian or a foreign investor consider investing in a country where things like this happen and NO responsibility is taken. As a young man who called in to Brasstack said, why should he break his back working only for the government to come and take up what he worked so hard for.

We have suffered for years begging the Government to meet and to do the right thing. Begging them not make our country to look so badly. At the end of the day we are all humans, one no different to the next, flesh, blood and bone and yet we have been treated callously without care or thought. A few weeks ago  I sat in my doctor’s office and was told your heart is in arrhythmia, your blood pressure is high and your cholesterol is high and I was told how dangerous it was.  I would like to ask the government what will it take? What pound of flesh or loss of life will satisfy them!

Bajans have a saying. Don’t air your dirty laundry. I have a saying do not have any, don’t keep dirty laundry. Wash your laundry and put it out in the sun and wind to dry. When people will not meet to resolve matters in private there is a point that it must become public especially when we live in a society where the law courts do not work and we are reminded of that by the very one given the task to ensure they work! We are told accept it or take it to court and you know how long that will take!

A part of the agreement also stated that if at any time before the purchase was completed if the government wanted to acquire the land the sale would stop and the purchaser would be refunded his deposit. I say that to say the government up to the end of 2019 could have gotten out of the sale if they so desired.  They say that the sale of the land was a policy position of a previous administration and that from the time this government came into power they made it clear to Mr Kinch that they wanted to preserve that part of the overall site for the public of Barbados. They claim they could not stop the sale but according to the agreement that  is not true and yet they chose to complete the sale and take Mr Kinch’s money and land tax dollars for years and proceed to frustrate and ridicule him from that time to this.

Sadly yes there is much more to this story. To quote a great leader for whom I once had great respect for but that respect is fading quickly.

The leader said it was wrong that three countries were not at a meeting and that we need to speak with those with whom we disagree, and we don’t only need to narrowcast.  The leader stated  “That’s the part of the problem of the world. There’s too much narrowcasting instead of broadcasting. There’s too much talking at instead of talking with. But secondly, those countries must equally recognize that you cannot want to fully participate if you’re not prepared equally to engage and to see progress. The simple priority must be people, not ideology.” The leader went on to say in closing “I hope that we leave here today conscious that we must never again come to a summit to talk at each other, but simply to talk with each other in partnership and for the purpose of the prosperity of our people.”

My hope and prayer is for fair engagement and  to see progress and prosperity for ALL Bajans. Both for the investor Mr Kinch who entered into an investment being lead to believe his vision was supported by the Government but also the vendors who stand with us and all Bajans current and future. We must honor our forefathers by continuing to plant good seed, seed that sees not just ourselves but our community and country flourishing. In doing that we will honor and do credit to our nation.

See Sunday Sun article below.


Developer ordered to restore building to original state

By Maria Bradshawmariabradshaw@nationnews. com

The owner of Savvy on the Bay has been ordered to return the National Trust listed building which he now owns to its original state of ruins.

That building, which is located next to the traffic lights at the corner of Bay Street, St Michael, has been undergoing restoration since 2020 and is now at an advanced stage of refurbishment.

Popularly known as the “Old Eye Ward”, it was previously in a state of ruin for several years with no windows, doors, roof, filled with garbage and occupied by vagrants.

Allan Kinch, who has been embroiled in a land acquisition with Government over the beachfront Bay Street lands which he bought from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. in 2015, has already undertaken significant restoration of the building to its original design as required by the National Trust and he has installed bathroom facilities which are already being utilised by the public.

However, Dr William Duguid, minister with responsibility for planning and development, had previously told this newspaper that Kinch undertook all of this work without planning permission.

A source close to the situation said two weeks ago Kinch received anenforcement notice from the Planning & Development Department (PDD) ordering him to cease works on the building and to return it to the state it was in before such works started. He was also warned that he could face imprisonment or a fine for failure to adhere.

Last Friday was also the deadline for the 30 days that Kinch was granted to accept Government’s financial offer to repurchase the three sections of the land in that area, including the section known as Savvy on the Bay, a popular food truck business. Failing that, Government could use the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act to compulsorily acquire the lands.

All of this is occurring in the midst of an online petition which was also started on Friday called “Save Savvy”.

When contacted yesterday for an update on this situation, Attorney General Dale Marshall, who last month announcedGovernment’s intention to reclaim sections of the land for public car park purposes, said there was no update and that he was not aware of the petition.

When the Sunday Sun attempted to reach Kinch, we were advised that he could not speak to the media since he was involved in negotiations with Government.

The petition which indicates it was started by Marsha Lovell and has so far garnered close to 500 signatures, accused Government of refusing to properly negotiate.

It noted: “Savvy On The Bay is a tiny 24-hr food truck village in Barbados on the beautiful coast of Browns Beach in the Carlisle Bay. Since it was constructed last year, it has quickly become an extremely popular hangout spot. However, the Government of Barbados wants to use their power to take the land from the owner of the property to build a car park.

“This decision would leave over 150 persons unemployed, including all of the small business operators and their staff. Since it’s announcement, this move has been very unpopular, especially among Bajans and tourists who frequent the area, with many trying to figure out why would anyone destroy a thriving small business hub to build a carpark that nobody asked for. In a time of economic hardship, this decision would be catastrophic for all of the vendors involved.

“The Government of Barbados is refusing to properly negotiate and they have given the owner of Savvy on the Bay less than a month before they enact the legal procedures to reclaim the land. The vendors at Savvy need your help to stop The Government from carrying out this thoughtless decision!”

Sarah Taylor, the owner of Tranquillity Cruises and Beautiful Barbados Tours and Excursions Ltd, whose offices are also located at Savvy, said her offices were also in jeopardy.

“I have been operating tours in Barbados for over 20 years. We provide excursions for thousands of visitors to Barbados every year as many as 500 in a day on a busy cruise ship day. My company was awarded a Viator Experience Award for 2023. We are one of only ten in our region that won it so it’s a big deal.

“I have a passion for entrepreneurship and understand the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making a business a success, so I really have an understanding and have great compassion for the struggle small entrepreneurs face,” she said, as she promised to reveal more about the negotiations between Government and Kinch, who is her partner.

Kinch bought the three properties on the land – Zepherin House site, the area on which Savvy now stands, and the old eye hospital for $4 million from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. in 2015 with a specific agreement that the property was to be used for tourism development purposes.

He revealed that he had submitted plans to the PDD for developments such as a hotel and condominiums among others but none had yet been approved.

90 thoughts on “Savvy Saga

  1. I remember when that criminal built the protrusion at the entrance to coverley dog kennels that killed the 11 year old boy, despite years of demanding its removal all calls were ignored and the government did not lift a finger to remove it while the other nuisance government upon lying their way into the parliament had the innocent mother arrested to protect the criminal…

    …Jokebados, shame, disgrace, blight and curse …pit of corruption…with only injustice and no functioning judicuary….no wonder they are all now famous everywhere as the frauds they are and always will be…

  2. (1) I have a saying do not have any, don’t keep dirty laundry.

    (2) Wash your laundry and put it out in the sun and wind to dry.

    (3) When people will not meet to resolve matters in private there is a point that it must become public.

    Mr Kinch made three powerful statements right there.

    Who needs to travel and store dirty laundry. Wash, rinse and hang out to dry. Hang out for all to see. Let sunlight and fresh winds act as a cleanser and a purifier.

    Sometimes the underhanded, pettiness of some can bring out greatness in others.

    Mr Kinch, this may be your moment to shine. You may lose but you are exposing the ugly belly of the beast.

    • Was there, or was there not, planning permission for work done at the old Eye Ward?

    • Who gives planning permission, …and in what timeframe does the LAW require that decisions be made?

  3. Petty, childish, bullying, senior government ministers…
    Pure and simple!

    It works everyday with everyday brass bowls bout here, ..but every so ofter they come up against a real HUMAN BEING.

  4. @ David

    I am a bit confused after reading Mrs Taylor’s article so can you help me please.

    Was it a case where the TCP granted approval and then after work was started came in and stopped it?

    • @John A

      You are well aware TP approval was not expressly given and that the issue is more complicated. When it took a minister (Trevor Prescod) to accompany a team to cut down trees on an open space we knew something was brewing.

      By the way, how is the goal by government to plant 1 million trees? The link below shows Prescod the minister who oversaw the cutting down of trees on Bay Street planting a few. The irony!

  5. That’s how they get the fool “sheep for mutton to comply”…tell them dont say nutten, it will make de island look bad…keep their evil secrets..

    .that’s why the criminal politicians/lawyers in their syndicate of thefts and their equally evil minority sidekicks got away with stealing SO MANY BILLIONS OF YOUR DOLLARS, from past and current generations, stealing so much land and estates from past and future generations and, committed so many heinous crimes for so long against the vulnerable, while their dumb followers feel proud and go baaa..keeping fool mouths shut..
    Expose them everywhere, i did not hesitate to make that vicious criminal well known EVERYWHERE especially in the places they wanted no one to know what they are capable of, whirling around, slick talking, lying and pretending so they can set up anti-Afrikan crimes……once i found out how EVIL and dangerous in mind they truly are everyone else now knows too…look how far down they droped themselves..waiting for them to tell the population exactly what they did and why…envious common class thief….hardcore dirty politicians…vite beggars fornot get secrets…EXPOSE THEM EVERYWHERE..for their malicious presumptousness.

  6. Okay now that Ms Taylor has backpeddled and basically admitted they misled the public and then allowed the false narrative to run wild, here are further questions she can a answer

    1) where did the money (USD $2mill) come from to purchase this property ?
    2) how was it was earned? Legitimately?
    3) are there any other STOP notices that Mr Kinch has ignored and continued to flaunt his bullying?

    Google Earth shows that up to April 2023 there was no roof on the building. And while it may look far better now, thank the Lord, he had no permission to alter the state of it. That is a fact

    Within the last 30 days ( notice to cease from government) kinch has taken in yet another food truck and probably told them they are safe.

    Ok let me te read. Yes I think it’s okay.

    The nation news clearly did not do their homework before printing and you David also seem hell bent on supporting kinch without know any info other than what he and Sarah have fed to you

    • Wait. We are to wonder where a measly BDD$4M came from?
      When foreigners who have been accused elsewhere of shady practices buy Apes Hill and ICBL for much more, we do not ask? What about the Canadian who owns a boarding high school, who suddenly can enter the dental school business. And get the GoB help to acquire more land!!! Should we know what the GoB paid for that, and the property they acquired from Mrs Ram.
      We also know his brother has money. He invests large sums for local firms. How do we know? Those firms actually produce Annual Reports. What a concept!!!

      When was Kinch supposedly slandered by MP Prescod? Is he the white shadow prior to 2018 elections? This adds a new twist, if so, that predates the Bs in power. What’s the basis of that spat?

      Too sweet when you have a bunch of crooks trying to make it look like they are playing by the rules 😂😂😂

    • @Shady Stuff





  7. @ David

    I dont know what is the case now as i have read conflicting statements over the weeked from everyone including the Nation, who should of got their facts clear before printing the article to begin with.

    I am covinced more than ever now the 4th estate is more concerned about sensationalism than facts. Instead of educating the public to the facts they rush to be ” THE DAILY MIRROR.”

    If as you say this is a complex issue, then only the facts can help us understand it, as it involves everyone from the NCC to TCP and in between. None of which it appears The Nation bothered to contact prior to printing their dribble.

    Anyhow in the end the PDD made a statement that brought some light to it.

  8. @ David

    I agree we need to get projects going, but not without the proper approvals and considerations for all including the general public.

    Anyhow unlike some, I for one will alwait ALL the facts before forming an opinion based on the dribble of last weekend.

    • @John A

      This the TP reply to the Nation article. The question is if Kinch has submitted Applications, where are the TP responses?

      PDD responds to Savvy issue
      THE DIRECTOR OF THE Planning & Development Department (PDD) said yesterday it was a “complete untruth” that they had ordered the owner of Savvy on the Bay to return the National Trust listed building at the corner of Bay Street, St Michael, to its original condition which was a state of ruins.
      However, quoting from the enforcement notice, Sarah Taylor, who is the partner of Allan Kinch, the developer who was restoring the building, told the DAILY NATION: “The notice does state ‘Town Planning hereby requires that the following steps be taken to restore the land to its condition before the development took place’.”
      In his statement, director of the Planning and Development Department, Trevor Leach, noted: “There has been much written on the Savoy property and the works being done at that location. At no time has the developer been ordered to return the building to its original state of ruin. Indeed, Paragraph 5 of the Enforcement Notice has simply ordered the developer to stop the unauthorised development and submit an application to the Director of Planning and Development.”
      Listed Building
      He added: “The facts are that the developer ought to know that no development can be done on a listed building without permission from the Planning and Development Department. This is required by Section 20 (3) (e) of the Act and reinforced by Section 54 (1).
      “Further, the developer knows the process of applying for retention, given this has been used by the developer on the adjacent location where again the lot was developed without permission. Once again, an Enforcement and Stop Notice were served and the developer then applied for retention.”
      Leach explained that once a “Stop Notice” was issued, no further development should take place until that application is then determined.
      He stated: “Accordingly, the notion that anyone has been asked to return a building to a derelict state is a complete untruth. Development of listed buildings is monitored to ensure that the refurbishment takes into account those matters that are necessary to preserve the integrity of the characteristics that led to it being listed.”
      He submitted a copy of the enforcement notice which at Section 5 under the heading What You Are Required To Do advised the developer: “The Director of Planning and Development hereby requires that the following steps be taken to restore the land to its condition before the development took place: (a) Immediate discontinuation of the unauthorised building, engineering or other operations on the land that materially affect the character, appearance and setting of the listed building; (b) Submit to the Director of Planning and Development
      an application for Planning permission in accordance with Sections 31 (1) and 54 (1) of the Planning and Development Act 2019-5 to ensure both the proper assessment of the unauthorised development completed to date and any further works are appropriate and sympathetic to the character, appearance and setting of the listed building.”
      While Kinch could not be reached, Taylor, who also has offices at the Bay Street location, said last night that an application for change of use and the restoration was submitted in 2020 after the property was purchased.
      Updated plan
      “An updated plan was submitted to Town Planning about two weeks before the [enforcement] notice was received. This was done to ensure all works that had been done was correctly represented on the application plans.”
      She pointed out: “The notice does state ‘Town Planning hereby requires that the following steps be taken to restore the land to its condition before the development took place’. The document spoke about submitting an application for change of use but as one had been submitted in 2020 and updated two weeks prior this too made no sense.”
      Taylor further noted that: “All works that have been carried out have long been applied for and no decision has been forthcoming.”
      She said the National Trust was contacted for guidance prior to the commencement of works, adding: “Thankfully, we were able to get an old window from a kind person who had salvaged some when they had been thrown out by the previous owners and we were able to remake the windows by using the provided old one as a template.
      “No work is currently going on with the restoration. One would hope that the Government of Barbados would support such a project, especially when the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. sold the land and building to the owner, Mr Kinch, and he had to submit plans prior to his offer being accepted and the restoration of the building was part of the plan.”
      Kinch bought the beachfront property back in 2015 from Government and the deal was completed in 2019. However, Government is now going after him to reclaim a section of the land for public car park space. (MB)

  9. Is this another Kingsland Estates debacle where we have supposedly powerful people intent on confiscating lands in order to enrich themselves? Or is it a RamChan property grab as in lower Bay Street? Manipulating the law court to do their evil bidding? Which local milti-millionaire has now cast his/her evil eye upon a dastardly opportunity to commandeer another slice of Bay Street upon which to build another edifice to him/herself and political handlers?

    How much longer will we allow administration after administration to suck the last drops of blood from this nation in order to acquire another Mercedes or own another block of apartments? Tongue Planing is as big a joke as is Unfair Trading.

  10. @Shady Stuff are these questions that government and/or you normally ask of investors or is that a Special for Mr Kinch?

    1) where did the money (USD $2mill) come from to purchase this property ?
    2) how was it was earned? Legitimately?
    3) are there any other STOP notices that Mr Kinch has ignored and continued to flaunt his bullying?

  11. The building was never demolished so perhaps Mr. Kinch should have restored the exterior walls, roof and windows back to their original design without changing the building footprint.

  12. Maybe the time has come for our laws to impose a severe penalty on Tongue Paining after a given period, in order to massage a response from them, in one way or another, relating to applications. Or are they operating under the same rules of engagement as our Law courts?

  13. @ David 4.12 am

    Daivd when you say in your 4.12 am reply to me that ” approval was not expressly given” what exaclty do you mean by that?

  14. @ David

    Yes I see where they offered their assistance with the project ” should it come to fruition.” That has nothing to do with the approval of the TCP though. Neither does the BTMI sit on the TCP approval review Committee.

    Dont really see how anyone could present that letter and say they have approval. What the buyer should have done is make his offer SUBJECT TO TOWN PLANNING APPROVAL.

    • @John A

      You missed the point. It is not approval but the head of BTII would not have implied such without being directed.

  15. @David
    Your search has become too sensitive.
    Once I could enter a search term and get information by title,
    Now it appears that search is scanning posts and returning numerous hits.
    You may have to make your search feature more advanced.

    • @TjeOGazerts

      There is a second search box under, feel feee to test and advise. Have to work with options available.

  16. @ David

    I can’t agree with you here in that the BTMI letter you shared above, was the basis on which work should have been allowed to commence on this project. Of course the minutes from this meeting would make for an interesting read. Lol

    • @John A

      You are stretching the point being made. Do you expect the man bought the land to do what. Why has TP been ignoring his applications?

  17. So is it true, sellouts doing what they do best…

    …am really pleased with the population, traitors now have nowhere to hide their crimes… one to hide behind…even their fowls get exposed too and evabody know who they are…..and running in the other direction, far, far away from all of dem.

    “BAJANS did you know your government is selling out *BRIDGETOWN & EAST COAST* to the highest bidder?? What does this have to do with the *KINCH* property/ *SAVVY ON THE BAY??*

    Plus Union members threatening to leave UNIONS due to lack of representation over *PENSION & NIS BILL!!* Union Leadership under PRESSURE!!

    *PULL BACK DAHH BILL!! March & Rally Sat. Aug. 19th, 10am.* “

  18. David

    “I was lost as to why the planning department served the notice without determining the application that was submitted in 2020 and updated two weeks prior to the notice being served.”

    A planning application is an application, it is not grant of planning permission’ Therefore, if you go ahead and restore a listed building without permission you are liable of being served with a Stop Notice and Enforcement. Unless an application to retain the development undertaken was submitted, this argument is irrelevant. Did I not mention this a few weeks ago? Now I read in the TPD release the same suggestion.

    “The Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. has reviewed your proposal and the accompanying development concept which you have envisaged for these properties. We believe that your plan, should it come to fruition, it would enhance the tourism product offering in the Bay Street corridor which form a part of “Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison” which has been designated world heritage status.”

    The BTII is not the the town planning department. The BTII therefore cannot grant assurances/planning permission to do otherwise would be to act ultra vires. The above is merely support for the concept because the BTII would not have been provided with a detailed application and certainly would not have carried out a thorough assessment like the TPD is expected to do. So permission must still be sought from and given by the TPD/Minister, which is the body mandated by law to do so. If in doubt, go read the Pat Castagne v Chief Town Planner and the Attorney General, Suit 1015 of 1979 case. In that case the plaintiff Castagne was ordered by the Court to remove a wall he erected on the instruction of a Minister who had no standing in town planning.

    I just read the Enforcement Notice on GIS website

    You are all (the journalist included) being duped by persons who are trying to circumvent the law to get their way and claiming victimhood. Imagine this on BU, the den of righteousness where paragons of virtue.reside.

  19. It is hilarious, that suddenly we can quote from a Planning and Development Act, when for 16 years, not a soul seemed capable of quoting from the National Insurance Act. Particularly Section 33.
    This selective treatment is why certain places are known as Banana Republics. One day an Act means something and the next it is to be ignored.

  20. “You are all (the journalist included) being duped by persons who are trying to circumvent the law to get their way and claiming victimhood”

    Since when does THE LAW matter?
    The law says very clearly that the public shall receive annually via the Minister a 3 part Annual Report. But neither the current administration of the GoB, nor the three which preceded it, have found it necessary to comply with THE LAW.

    Does THE LAW say anyone in the GoB can redirect monies it has collected via NIS contributions from its public employees to anyone other than the NIS? Is non compliance with THE LAW a crime? Or only when we choose it is.

    Does Corporate LAW not require public companies to submit annual reports? How could somebody within the GoB seek to write off $124M when Clearwater Bay Limited has NEVER submitted an Annual Report?

    What again is THE LAW?

    • What about the ambiguous and sometimes irrelevant replies to audit questions from the Auditor General?

  21. The people are confused because supervisors seem to see through shenanigans only in certain cases. The people, including minority shareholders, would understand if supervision was consistent.

    • Supervision will never be consistent because those who give generously during campaigns have to be rewarded. In our system of government political parties have to be funded by the economic elite. It has been established that in recent years public servants do not have the backbone to compare with back in the day.

  22. David
    For operating within the four walls of the law? I’m convinced there is more in the mortar than the pestle too, but not what you think. I supported the one against Maloney and support this too.

  23. @ David

    Sadly the average Bajan does not even read the auditor general report. I have seen great topics here struggle to get 50 comments, while others topics affecting persons or politicians in their private lives, get brek down with comments.

    We love discussing gossip it would appear more than we do our future.

  24. David
    And you even better. You just can’t accept that you’re dead wrong on this one. But this happens when you don’t read and research before being fooled. Yuh see how Maria Bradshaw story makes her look silly?

    • @Enuff

      The blogmaster will always admit once the evidence comes to light. Even you admit there is more in the mortar than the pestle. Feel free to post a link to inform so that we can all get on the same page.

    • @Enuff….

      What would convince you that it is Mr Kinch that has been mistreated?

      Would hearing the PM say that a Government agency unfaired him convince you?

      If so perhaps you will get your wish before this is over or perhaps what you want to hear is already available…

      I ASSURE you I can stand FULLY on what I claim and more will soon be available for ALL to know the truth. May the good lord help us all.

    • Hearing the PM say that “a Government agency unfaired Mr Kinch” will NOT impress Enuff.

      Enuff knows only too well that NO government agency bout here has the BALLS to ‘paint a wall’ without the prior detailed instructions from on high.

      Of COURSE the PM will say this eventually, .. when the Law is referenced, and of course NOT A BOY will say a word or resign..
      LOL we ALL know who authorized the IDB Survey fiasco…..

  25. David
    “Even you admit there is more in the mortar than the pestle.”

    I said no such thing therefore I can’t post any links. So please don’t misconstrue what I said. I said I’m convinced there is, not that I know there is. This is based on the info which like you I’ve seen in the newspaper.

  26. The evidence is as clear as water in a see through glass, just drive down Bay Street. 🤣🤣
    Development on the site has been done without permission, TWICE.

  27. @ Enuff
    Everyone knows how the Mafia works.
    You allow the ‘patsy’ to commit their resources to some exotic project and then string them along with ‘permissions’, licenses, certificates and permits until they come to understand that the Piper MUST be paid…

    Those who understand the games and who are ‘malleable’, quickly learn to slide from DLP to BLP and back as required, and from ‘independent’ to ‘parrot’ as appropriate, and to stock up on vaseline.

    The alternative is to be destroyed by the shiite legal system, the warped Public Service minions, and most particularly by the mendicant jokers who parade bout here as ’the Press’.

    You can always tell the independent outliers who refuse to be humbled and to invest in vaseline.

    They become ‘enemies’ of BOTH shiite political parties..
    Government actually COMPETES with their business – as they did with goat milk and asphalt…

    ..and all kinds of shiite ‘technicalities’ suddenly arise, to frustrate their every attempt to operate without paying the required bribes.

    What a CURSED and DAMNED place our once blessed Barbados has morphed into….

    The only thing worse that those like Enuff who smirk and justify the status quo, are the hoards of brass bowls who wink, and smile and accept the wickedness as par for the course.

    Bushie thanks God daily for Caswell and the few of his ilk, who have been put here to SHOW UP our national brassbowlery. This is so that, in the fullness of time, when we reap our just rewards, NO ONE of us can claim that we were ignorant….

    Bushie is sadly disappointed in you Enuff…. 🙁
    Many BBs are clueless, but you fully understand the wickedness…especially when you were on the wrong side of the game….

  28. @enuff
    Not sure what you were asking.
    Has permission be granted for any of the works? No
    I am still confused, if the contents of the Taylor note are accurate, WHY the GoB via whatever agency (BTI?) close the deal? They knew they wanted the land, or at least two of the parcels to go with the Old General Hospital site.
    The current land owner is just pressuring to get what he ultimately wants. An old game. The govt has all the tools and leverage.
    Is a response still overdue on a 2020 application?
    And what is this about the law? We forget about the law on the NIS, CBL and redirecting contributions, but NOW it matters.

    • Too much hypocrisy and skullduggery…that’s why they are not only exposed, everywhere, out to sea, but still begging, borrowing dependents, pretending they are elite and special but still riding the handouts and borrowing trains….no independence, progress or development in the future, just more of the same…go nowhereism….

      while the inteligent move forward and watch them from a distance…

  29. The property was bought in 2015 & this is now 2023. I have to assume an application was applied for at Town & Planning. And in all that time there was no response from Town & Planning. That in itself is a sad state of affairs.

    • You would think this is an angle to this matter the fourth estate would take the time to focus on. One suspects the matter of applications outstanding before the TP and those to be ruled on by the Minister of TP makes for interesting viewing.

    • Development on this side of the island which no doubt included Bay Street about to get busy.

      Building boom – BDF headquarters may move as part of tourism plan

      THE BARBADOS DEFENCE FORCE (BDF) headquarters at St Ann’s Fort could be relocated.
      Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley revealed yesterday that the site at the Garrison, St Michael which is the home to the regiment may be “more amenable to tourism development”.
      She made the disclosure following a tour yesterday of the soon to be opened Wyndham Grand Barbados Sam Lord’s Castle Hotel where she gave the media a highlight of the tourism projects slated for Carlisle Bay, Bay Street right up to Needhams Point Development, the Garrison and Hastings, Christ Church.
      “We are discussing the possibility of relocating the headquarters of the Defence Force for all kinds of reasons. We will keep the historic aspect of the Drill Hall and St Ann’s Fort there but the truth is, it is not practical for the BDF to be there and it is more amenable to tourism development.”
      She also revealed that there were people who were examining the old Mobil site which was located along Needhams Point and which has been out of use for many years due to an oil spill.
      In terms of the Hyatt Hotel, which has the involvement of prominent Barbadian businessman, Mark Maloney, the Prime Minister revealed that work on it should start soon.
      “We had meetings with the current lender and investors with Hyatt yesterday [Tuesday]. We expect that to be coming close to an end of the legal closure and should start soon as well,” she noted.
      Warning that it would be difficult to move through Bridgetown next year because of the construction, Mottley said Government was hoping to get all of the projects slated for the Bay Street area coordinated around the same time.
      She said the construction of another hotel on the other side of the Pierhead where Carlisle House now stands was also being discussed.
      “They are now beginning to talk to us about our lands next to it,” Mottley said.
      She further revealed that Government officials also met with potential investors yesterday morning for another section of land along that stretch.
      “We would like to have all of the construction taking place more or less at the same time so that there is no further disruption of Bridgetown,” she said.
      In terms of the north of the island she also disclosed that the Royalton Resort in St James should start soon with a completion date of 2025.
      Additionally, Mottley told the gathering, which comprised tourism officials, that Hotel Resorts Limited had advertised Blue Horizon Hotel and Savannah Hotel for sale again.
      She said: “These had been done before COVID but all of the interest that had been expressed went dead during COVID. The interest is now renewed from a number of people. We have gone to tender again.” Mottley explained that the process would close on August 25.
      She once again stated that the Airbnb and private shared accommodation sector will be regulated and said this was being done to ensure protection of visitors.
      “I expect that the Minister of Tourism would also be tightening up on the regulation in respect to Airbnb and the private accommodation shared sector because if people come here and have a bad experience that is as reflective on the island as if they were in a hotel. So we have to make sure that we level the playing field while at the same time not making it uncompetitive for the average person to be able to get their share out of the tourism product.”
      She further disclosed that Florida International University would be setting up a campus here at Coverley, Christ Church.

      Source: Nation

    • NO
      Ducking? No! Refusing to engage in sophistry with you, a resounding yes! The scenarios aren’t analogous. Yuh reaching.

  30. Just as expected…go nowhereism, only tourism prostitution, where the money remains offshore, what comes to the island GETS STOLEN…and only pay overheads and the slaves ….if they are lucky…., same dirty players involved, more corruption and poverty, no creativity, progress or real development for the Afrikan population…..or island..

  31. All yuh don’t hold the same view for squatters, whom in many instances feel aggrieved by the system too and resort to squatting (an unlawful act that is far less egregious than what has happened in this matter) so they can have shelter. Pass me with the bs do. BU’s resident expert in albinocentrism is once again being evaginated. Murdaaaa!.

    • Lol, u too sweet.
      I said it is unlawful, both the renovations and the food trucks, neither of which have permission.
      But you don’t touch the unlawful acts by the NIS, a former GoB in withholding NIS premiums, nor CBL.
      Instead you introduce squatting?
      You are getting more like @ac with every passing day.

  32. Looks like the entertainment this year and going forward will be unmatched….camera…action…

    Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. August 17, 2023. @ 1:18 PM

    The time is drawing near. Wicked politicians will go down for human rights violations. Wont find this in newsfeeds…coming directly from the Dutch.

    “This week major lawsuits are being filed in The Netherlands by renown attorneys against top government officials, for crimes against humanity committed during the pandemic. Dozens of politicians have resigned in the past weeks alone, as these nations are being shaken by the rockslides of unstoppable truth.”

    • I knew to whom you referred.
      But you ducking.
      Egregious? Now you going to compare AK unlawful acts, of creating jobs and renovating without the required permissions, with squatting. Why you don’t compare to attempting to write off $124M without ownership of the collateral. Or turning a blind eye to over $300M in NIS contributions from public employees, and saying Cuhdear, here are an equal amount of Series J bonds for the cash that was grabbed.
      Or the continued failure of the current GoB to submit NIS Annual Reports. That is unlawful too.
      And all are MORE egregious that what Kinch is doing, though I don’t believe in scaling, it is either lawful or it is not.

  33. @ Enuff
    Good word …albinocentrism, has a ring to it…

    This is one of the few times that you seem to be lost for words.
    Not surprisingly so…

    N.O. has dealt with the absurdity of comparing a man trying to restore assets, create jobs, and enhance the tourist product … with brass bowl Parro squatters… come on…!!
    This was a case to let slide, and to let FAIRPLAY determine the outcome.

    There is/was no excuse for childish political bullying being taken to this level.

    • Let the games begin.

      Worrell says Bajans’ properties could be easily taken by Gov’t

      Article by Barbados Today Traffic Published on August 17, 2023

      Who’s next?That was the question the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) first vice president Andre Worrell posed to Barbadians as he contended that any one of them could lose their property if the Government saw it fit for its purpose.

      He drew reference to the Government’s acquisition of the Bay Street, St Michael property on which Asha Ms Ram Mirchandani’s Liquidation Centre was built to facilitate the construction of the Hyatt Hotel and, more recently, the Government serving notice that it wanted to take back lands sold to businessman Allan Kinch along Bay Street to construct a car park.

      “When they did it to Miss Ram, we did not speak out about it. . . and they put a whole bunch of people out of work . . . . Some Barbadians didn’t mind, because who it was being done to. You have now a Barbadian who invested money to buy land to redevelop that land. [He] did an excellent job in terms of restoring a building which was an eyesore.

      “And just because this administration does not believe that he should be the person to benefit from that investment and having that property, they are doing everything to frustrate him, and if they can do it to him . . . all of you who live on beachfront property with a complexion like mine, or who come from humble origins such as myself, they ain’t gine care for you. They just gine come and give you 60 days notice to move from your property, and they will take it. We have to speak out against these things,” the former senator said at a political meeting at Deacon’s Farm, St Michael on Sunday night to endorse businessman Ryan Walters for the leadership of the DLP.

      He further charged that the Government was not working with average Barbadians to develop their businesses and only a “chosen few” were benefiting from incentives.

      “The incentives are only going to the elite and the outside investors but not to the average Barbadians. And these are things that we need to talk about and recognise are an injustice and things that ought not to be happening in Barbados,” he said.

      The former St John candidate for the DLP, supporting the meeting’s theme, Rebuild, Renew, Restore, Reclaim, pointed to the need for the DLP to be a strong opposition with a voice in places that matter.

      “We need to rebuild, restore and reclaim that ground to represent the people of Barbados. They are crying out. Some of them are crying in shame because of what they did the last two elections. . . But we care for them, we love them, and we want to see this country prosper for its people because we are the ones who live here,” Worrell said. (BT

  34. @ David
    How come you have not shared the video with Alphonz and RH Ratley that is making the rounds?
    Enuff would appreciate it… LOL

  35. The Gov’t held every advantage in this matter. They then allowed Savvy on the Bay to open and prosper, while doing SFA. Despite knowing they had no permissions.
    Now the balance has switched. Kinch has done, what most govt’s cannot; create jobs without major taxpayer contributions and concessions.
    They can close him down but not without political cost.
    It takes some serious ineptness to let Kinch euchre them. And he has.

  36. It takes some serious ineptness to let Kinch euchre them.
    But they have the resources needed for such ineptness. Look at the legacy of the joker who is running the show…

    A Licensing Authority that is a laughing stock and a pain at the same time.

    License plate stickers that are useless and meaningless.Now we have expensive electronic vehicle tagging infrastructure to add to the waste…

    The West Coast highway fiasco where the coast was closed for almost a year past the scheduled time,

    The ‘plug and play’ steel houses from China that are still not plugged after $25 million and three years.

    Did you note the resulting PROMOTION gained during this path of ineptness?…. reminds one of the longest serving chairman of the NIS….

    Boss, we are WELL positioned to extol ineptness…. we reward it.

  37. Murdaaah! That Bajan Poppetry was too sweet! I nearly died laughing.

    Even sweeter was Dale Marshall’s car park clip.

    These people are forgetting that Emtage pioneered the search engine. Everything at our fingertips these days.

    I smell a fish rotting from the head! Enuff could hold his nose and talk chalk! I smell decaying fish!

  38. @ Enuff
    In the UK Act, does the Minister have the singular, unilateral, right to prescribe and determine planning applications like the Minister in Barbados does?

    If so, when disputes arise, and there is a clear conflict of interest between the minister’s roles as ‘Town Planner’ and that of ‘minister’, does the English minister ALSO get to be judge and jury …like we do it here?
    …asking for a friend…

  39. Wait all you know in British norms. I thought we race way the monarchy and it’s attachments, and became a Republic.
    I have agreed AK is without the required permissions.
    So close him down, employ the Land Acquisition Act, and build a car park.
    What are they waiting for, permission from King Charles?

    • NO
      Says the man perfectly writing the Queen’s/King’s English. Every time I expose ignorance shift the goalpost. Y’all can’t win with me.

    • In case you hadn’t noticed, NONE of us matter.
      The issues will ultimately be decided by the parties involved.
      We cannot win or lose, we have no skin in the game?

      So, shut down Savvy, employ eminent domain and build a car park.

  40. I have been following this saga a bit and what I can say is, it’s quite an exercise in manipulation.

    Can anyone else not see the several alter egos that Taylor writes as? She even has now tripped herself up not knowing who she was talking as or who she was to be talking to

    So Sarah/Bimlady/fairnessandTruth/real bajan
    Probably most recently BAJE too it must feel like quite a circus inside your head to keep it all balanced.
    Interloper, the lack of grammar gives you away, probably should add you to the above list

    This is all a farce now, and the sheeple have bought it. Would have been better and more believable to have only written as yourself, you have now lost my support.

  41. Red Cherry
    Who gives a f**k who you, or I, support?
    This is about a man playing the politicians as best he can. Without a single TCP permission he has upstaged the Guvment. The people know their Guvment will break the law as it suits them, so they are not bothered by a few infractions. He is providing jobs, the holy grail of Bajan politics. Mia has already dealt with Payne, time to deal with Dale. He is an awful liability.

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