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The blogmaster has been in town too long to accept the Nation’s headline ‘Outdoor facilities awaiting green light emblazoned on today’s page 3A. There is no doubt in the mind of the blogmaster traditional media is easily manipulated by the political directorate and shadows with deep pockets not necessarily in that order.

Barbados Underground has posted blogs highlighting the ongoing struggle and frustration of Allan Kinch to develop his property located on Bay Street. The blogmaster does not have a bone in the fight, however, there is prima facie case as presented in the court of public opinion to more than hint there is more in the mortar than the pestle.

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What triggered the Nation newspaper report was a recent fire at the popular Worthing Square. We have been enlightened by Maria Bradshaw’s report that Planning and Development Department (PDD) will take action against Savvy On the Bay (Allan Kinch) this week to block ongoing restoration of the National Trust protected structure which use to be the eye care facility. 

There is so much to unpack from today’s Nation newspaper story. One wonders if the newspaper should not have anchored its story on the fact planning permission concerning the property is mired – deliberately or by design who knows – in a government department since 2012. Senior Minister William Duguid’s barefaced confirmation is in today’s Nation newspaper report. The manipulators of news would have us believe that PDD has been galvanized into action as a result of the recent fire at Worthing Square. 

Two subplots to this story is first the role of Prime Minister Mia Mottley. There should be little doubt that all decisions concerning big works in Barbados must pass Mottley’s smell test. In today’s story Kinch is quoted referring to an onsite meeting with Mottley and AG Dale Marshall in 2021, “I had a meeting onsite with her with the Attorney General present, Kinch said, pointing out that he gave Mottley the undertaking that he would develop 60 feet of parking space as well as a shower and bathroom facility ‘for the people of Barbados’….”she said once you are willing to do that I am good,”…she (MIA) said once you are wiling to do that I am good,”…she told the planners at that meeting to get permission sent out and I (Kinch) am still waiting .

Another of the considerations tagging this matter that should be of concern to Barbadians are the competing developments in the area. We have the start of construction of a show condo unit by Hyatt, there is The Daisy Group whose interest in the locality have largely been sliding under the radar? To identify only two.

Here we are with businessmen applying to develop our coastline, unapproved development allowed to continue for years a stone’s throw from the Prime Ministers office and it takes a random fire at Worthing Square to encourage the Nation newspaper to present a one sided view of the issue. Maybe, just maybe this is the first of a a series of articles to shed light on the matter as a responsible member of the fourth estate.

Money talks and bullshit walks!

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  1. Outdoor facilities awaiting green light
    By Maria Bradshaw

    Two popular outdoor food and entertainment facilities are operating without approval from the Planning and Development Department (PDD).
    Sunday Sun investigations reveal that the Worthing Court Food Garden at Worthing, Christ Church, and Savvy On The Bay at Carlisle Bay, Bay Street, St Michael, have both submitted applications to the PDD for retention but have not received any planning permission to proceed with their operations.
    This newspaper understands that this week the PDD will take action at Savvy On The Bay against the ongoing restoration of the National Trust-listed stone building which was once an eye care facility.
    Worthing Court Food Garden, which was previously a car-park, started operations in 2021 and presently have more than 20 food trucks on location. According to reports, those concessionaires pay from $1 000 upwards in rent monthly, depending on the size and space utilised.
    Over at Savvy On The Bay, there are 14 food trucks and a bar with operators paying $1 500 monthly in rent.
    When contacted, Dr William Duguid, Senior Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office with responsibility for coordinating infrastructural projects as well as the PDD, confirmed that there was no planning approval at both locations.
    Asked if that meant that they were operating illegally, he said: “I can’t say what is illegal or legal but obviously, the process is that you put in an application and once you get permission then you start.”
    He said officials from the PDD had recently visited Worthing Square since a fire gutted one of the businesses two weeks ago.
    When asked if this was a widespread practice in Barbados, to proceed without planning permission, the Senior Minister would only say that there were applications on file at the PDD since 2012 awaiting approval.
    The proprietors at both locations also admitted they had no planning permission.
    Allan Kinch, who bought the lands at Bay Street back in 2015 from Government, said he had an outstanding 14 applications on file at the PDD for various projects but indicated that he had a meeting with Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, who is the minister in charge of planning development and Attorney General Dale Marshall, at the site in June 2021.
    “I had a meeting on site with her with the Attorney General present,” Kinch said, pointing out that he gave Mottley the undertaking that he would develop 60 feet of parking space as well as a shower and bathroom facility ‘for the people of Barbados’.
    “She said once you are willing to do that I am good,” Kinch revealed, adding: “She told the planners at that meeting
    to get the permission sent out and I am still waiting.”
    Kinch said he submitted three applications for the Bay Street site, including condominiums, the rebuild of the jetty and the restoration of the old building.
    He estimated that there were more than 100 people employed by the concessionaires at Savvy On The Bay, which is a 24-hour operating facility and which has proven to be a major eatery and entertainment attraction for both locals and visitors.
    Kinch also confirmed that he met with planning officials last week but said they only spoke about the restoration of the building which overlooks the traffic lights on Bay Street.
    “I went to a meeting at the request of Dr Duguid to discuss the 14 town planning applications that have been outstanding, waiting on a decision, some of them from as far back as 2006, over 16 years. When I got to the meeting, they said they are not dealing with any of those, but we are discussing my application for Savvy. I sat down with more than ten Government officials and listened to what the Attorney General had to say and I asked him to put it in writing for clarity so I can respond.”
    Kinch said he was informed he could not replace the roof of the restored building.
    However, pointing out that the building which has already been totally renovated downstairs into bathrooms being utilised by the public, Kinch said he could not understand why he could not replace the roof on an existing building that was built in 1805.
    “They tell me it is illegal to put the roof back on. It is remarkable to learn that if somebody has a house and the roof blew off or damaged that you can’t put the roof back on. So I am waiting to hear formally what it is that they are complaining that I am doing wrong. The building is the first National Trust listed building that the plaque was placed on by Errol Barrow and it is a protected building and therefore it is to be restored to its original state and not demolished or changed.”
    He recalled that when the property was put up for sale by Government it was advertised for tourism development purposes.
    “I was the highest bidder and they got back to me and said even though my bid was the highest bid I would need to pay a million dollars more. I agreed and I put down my deposit and I completed the sale.”
    Kinch further explained that the food trailer application was a limited life application as his intention was to reinstate the jetty and relocate all the food and bar vendors onto the jetty.
    Of the Worthing Square operation, spokesperson Neysha Soodeen told the Sunday Sun that after three years in operation we “have not been given approval as yet”.
    However, she stressed
    that: “Worthing Square was allowed to operate while awaiting approval.
    “It started off as a community project of which we were then told we need Town Planning approval. Plans were then sent into the Town Planning Department and they came in and did their inspection and said we could operate while waiting on approval,” Soodeen said, adding that they also received permission from the Environmental Protection Department and the facility was inspected every month by health officials.
    Soodeen, who indicated that she works for Government as a consultant, emphasised there were no “structures” on the land. “It’s just food stalls there and they are on wheels,” she explained, adding that the operation was started during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist those involved in the food industry.
    “It was really just done as a community project because we had the land but we could not do anything with it because our father had passed away and it was held in the estate. At the end of the day, we can’t do it forever because it is not a profitmaking project . . . . We don’t make money off of it,” she said.
    Questioning the length of time it had taken to get a decision from the PDD, Soodeen said: “Most people do not go ahead operating a business for three years if they think that they are going to be held up in court . . . so we are allowed to operate until Town and Country Planning says yea or nay and if they say nay then we have to close down and if they say yea then we would continue.”

    Source: Nation

    • 22. Unauthorised Development – 522/B/0010/2018 (Investigating)
      Coordinates: N/A
      View decisions/conditions

  2. “I sat down with more than ten Government officials and listened to what the Attorney General had to say”
    WTF was the AG doing at a meeting of the PDD, where the SENIOR Minister in charge of the PDD was already present + 10 unspecified Govt officials.

  3. We fail to see any departure from the opaque culture generally associated will such developments in Barbados.

    And when we say culture we mean the culture of politics, economics, social. Issues like racism, classism etc. Whether one is seen as a member of the “golden billion” or not.

    We’ve certainly seen other people running down behind successive governments for decades to get approvals from town planning but essentially the ministry of finance or economic affairs.

    We also know that certain people, acting with a sense of entitlement, have a history of seeking to force the hand of government, sermingly acting ultra viresly. This method has not always been unsuccessful!

    Has the country not recently had extreme circumstances where if development projects were to be approved a dead Cow Williams would have had to be the developer. A culture connecting the FIRE sectors directly to foreign exchange earnings.

    • “We also know that certain people, acting with a sense of entitlement, have a history of seeking to force the hand of government, sermingly acting ultra viresly. This method has not always been unsuccessful!”


    • 20. Formal Application – 0548/04/2018B (Submitted)

      13.092174902000068, -59.61052382999998

  4. It’s worse than you have estimated.

    Some people get turned down, flat out. While others get approved on the same parcel, for a development more at odds with suggested guidelines.

  5. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    The ones who give the corrupt permissions, hold the town and planning portfolios.

    • Why should permissions sit at Planning from 2012? How does this align with the need to support private sector with best in class business facilitation? The blogmaster notes the period of time straddles both BLP and DLP governments.

    • @enuff

      Here is the Online Nation chatterati, clueless.

      We are all clueless.

      Online readers blast lengthy wait for permission
      YESTERDAY’S SUNDAY SUN exclusive article on Worthing Court and Savvy sparked extensive debate on the Facebook page of The Nation Barbados.
      It revealed that neither Worthing Square in Worthing, Christ Church nor Savvy On The Bay at Bay Street, St Michael – two areas involved in the food and entertainment service industries – had received permission from the Planning and Development Department.
      Both had submitted applications, but approval had not been granted.
      Here are some the comments: John Eagleson: SUNDAY SUN investigators should perhaps investigate the level of difficulty an entrepreneur has to endure to receive said approval to start either of these popular tourism attractions.
      Probably it would be the root cause or contributing factor.
      Daniel Burton: And how many vendors on the ABC Highway?
      Winston Grecia: What about the unsightly heaps of coconut shells being left on the
      side of the highway?
      Christopher Hadchity: Don’t we also need to get permission and proper planning to vend otherwise?
      Why is vending of food, fruits and vegetables allowed on our highways and byways? Issue the permits and licences and let the people get on with earning an honest living. Obviously, one is not paying attention to what’s happening today all over Europe with the popularity of mobile food business. Why do we insist on one foot forward and two backward? Enough of this old, antiquated way of thinking.
      Dorry Pi: This is what we do. Don’t act shocked that Barbados works exactly how we know it does.
      Jimmy Bishop: From what I understand, it is that all the food trucks are mobile and all have wheels . . . . I like that the reporters in Bim are becoming investigative, but they need to do the whole job and not halfway. I would like to hear the whole story . . . and also both sides of the story . . . . Now I may be wrong, but can a food truck because it has wheels, get permission from a
      landowner, park anywhere and sell food without [Town Planning] permission? Because I think it can.
      De Shortest TallGirl: Something ain’t right and it shouldn’t have taken the fire for authorities to be aware, so bring the whole story.
      Chad Thomas: If they had to wait on planning permission, the business idea would remain in a folder on their laptop.
      Ethan De Freitas: It’s temporary and it’s providing a grand service to Bajans. (KG)

    • Another thing enuff, the people will always be clueless just take the reluctance of successive administrations to enact FOI for example. Not even to wave it in name only?

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      From where am sitting, they all look too sweet..murdahhh!

  6. Forgive me, I did not read the comments or the original post. For me, there is no mystery. Peel off the layers and its just a next example of sham, scam, payoff, cronyism and corruption at work.

    It’s all thievery built into a legal framework. Not guns and knives, just public officials . Don’t waste time following the noise and highfaluting discussion.

    Everything is a scam.

  7. In his retelling, “The Elephant in the Dark”, some Hindus bring an elephant to be exhibited in a dark room. A number of men touch and feel the elephant in the dark and, depending upon where they touch it, they believe the elephant to be like a water spout (trunk), a fan (ear), a pillar (leg) and a throne (back).

    It’s lack of FOI
    It’s a slow bureaucracy

    • Bushie
      What does Enuff mean?

    • @Bush Tea

      What can enuff say to disabuse our minds that patronage defines our political culture whether under B or D? This is the system of government we practice and love it.

  8. That sale should never of taken place to begin with. This government needs to acquire the car park for public use and then move those blockages off the beach so that Bajans can have an unobstructed access to the beach. If Kinch wants to keep the historic building then so be it.

    That beach is one of the heaviest used beaches by locals who walk to the area and they have already lost the use of large slabs of it from December to April.

    If you or I built on a room without permission, TCP would of issued and enforced action against our illegal structure. Why hasn’t this been done with Kinch, is he one of the ” untouchables?”

    • John A

      How is Kinch obstructing the public?

      Kinch has provided washrooms and showers, a kids playground, free wifi and entrepreneurs and opportunity to earn for their family. The rates are also reasonable.
      The parking is also far improved.

      He has not built over public land like his neighbors have
      20. Formal Application – 0548/04/2018B (Submitted)

      Not sure if your agenda but speak the truth!

      Like the fact that the same people who really used the parking were the ones who complained their parking was taken their parking they leased from the government for $0
      If this land is acquired by government it will NOT be for public parking but to facilitate one of those real shadows that’s keeps Barbados stuck in the muck and mire of corruption and entitlement.

    • John A

      Are you aware that the agreement to sell stated that the government could stop the sale at any time if the government wished to acquire so why did they not stop it then but instead took Kinch’s money and had him pay land tax for years and spend money on the property. The agreement was done under D and the finalizing under B so if B was against this why did they not stop it then. They were fully aware. Was the point only to steal Kinch’s money?

    • @mariabradshaw

      Are you reading?

      Do you understand how a responsible media house must unpack the facts of this matter how planning permissions are dispensed in Barbados? Appreciate if you can do a follow up this time with a focus on Paul Altman and the shadows he fronts for.

    • There a so many issues that a relevant political opposition and NGOs can use to advocate and agitate for better on behalf of an apathetic, cynical and disengaged citizenry. These days it is left to a fragmented few.

  9. @ David

    What i see happening is that Bajans are to be blocked from accesing their own beaches in the name of development and its always by a certain type of person. Maloney in the still of night, bought the hotel opposite Accra beach then we learnt the purchase also included the beaxh land oppsite. Bajans rose up and that access seems to have been protected. Now Kinch goes and buys the property in Bay Street and one of the last accesses to that beach for those in the area is lost too. I am dam tired of watching a few displace the many.

    If this government is truly one for the people, then acquire the carpark are for the generations to come.

    • Did you miss the part where Kinch offered the government to add 60 feet to the current public access for the public and to put on washrooms showers parking and disabled access in exchange for permission. What you call planning gains?
      Is it not Kinch’s washrooms and showers the same public is using now?

    • @Equalizer

      Unfortunately we have reached a point on the island where people are fed up and all transactions of this type being highlighted with be file under ‘same old same old, two barbadoses’. It will not matter if intentions are honourable.

  10. @ Equalizer

    The people who use the parking sadly will not complain for they have accepted that this is the way its done. As for an Agenda yes i have one and i will write it for you in capitals below so you understand clearly my position.


    • So why John A do you have no issue with those that actually built on public lands right next door?

      And do you know the land was bought from government and plans had to be submitted and the government said the plans were in keeping with what they wanted.

  11. @ Equalizer

    So here is my final comment on the issue in the form of a question to you. Its a yes or no answer so no rambling needed.

    Does Kinch have TCP approval for what he has done and has a stop notice been placed on him, if so has it now been lifted and approval granted? I only ask as i seek enlightenment on the issue.

    This question is similar to ” are you pregnant?” There is no half pregnant option. LOL

    • @John A

      Your question is at the heart of the permissions process we have in Barbados.

      Allow the Blogmaster to ask you a question as well- did Maloney have permission to suffer the public with that encroachment at the entrance of Coverley Villages?

      The point- this is how we roll in Barbados. This is what is tolerated by our elected and unelected officials. This is the culture of how we do business.

    • John A

      I have a question for you

      When enslaved persons cried out for freedom for justice and for what is right and they were denied should they have stopped there. Because those that made the rules and had the power were only interested in abusing them and using them to gain financially should those who were enslaved have sat and accepted it?

      Sometimes when there is great injustice people must join together against it to effect change.

      I am one for rules and those who know me know that but above that I am one for justice.

      CORRUPTION hurts the poorest in the community and that I have no stomach for. Bajans have been disadvantaged for years first by colonialism and now by those who put on the cloaks of colonizers and act without thought compassion or feeling against their fellow countrymen. Sadly some politicians who think they are smart hide behind race and try to make it seem it s about race whilst they point the finger at one white man when all the while they are in the bed with another.

  12. @David

    Guys thatis why I say a stand must be taken on this issue.

    How can we expect the man that builds an illegal canteen to respect the law of the TCP when others are seen blatantly doing as they like? You cant expect people to take the rule of law seriously if it does not apply to ALL, both big and small. Under the last government we know it was a brek fuh yuself, so let this government not enforce the law as laid down by the TCP.

  13. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha..we could not make any of this up even if we tried…this is a whole movie series coming together all by itself, writing its own script…lawd..

    Ya done know i already got the book rights…started a chapter last month, and will now just let the book write itself…..too sweet.

  14. I tried, but I cannot raise my level of thinking to the high level as some of you are able to do.
    Tier 1 thinking is out for me.
    Here you use acronym like TCP, PDD, AG, FOI … in your comments.

    Tier 2 thinking is out for me.
    Tier 2 is where you talk of shadows, ghosts and untouchables and provide snippets of scams that worked out in the past.

    Tier 3 is the best I can do.
    All is a scam.
    And until Bajans start calling a spade a spade and stop pretending that they are engaged in legal transactions these scams will continue. Just one smart and two smart outwitting each other.

    The truth is, many of these government offices could be closed or manned by a single individual with a knapsack to collect the money.

    I refuse to participate in nonsensical palaver.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      It is indeed nonsensical same regurgitation i have seen for 11 or 12 YEARS..

      But from yesterday, many more eyes are OPENED WIDE to TRUTH and REALITY…no more hiding in the shadows for corrupt scammers with their sleight of hand ….dem get EXPOSED in real time.

      People are so RELIEVED…

      None have the power to cover it up or stop what’s ahead…

  15. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Theo….ya had to at sometime see in clarity of thought…re subject matter…trust me, you are not alone…everyone is now clued in about the collective SCAM that is Barbados and the fact that it can no longer function without corruption.

    Pacha…they did say this was quite possible.

    “First Republic Bank Seized By US Regulators

    The embattled First Republic Bank has been taken over by regulators and will be sold to JPMorgan Chase, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) announced on Monday.”

    • Waru, capitalism or democracy, same thing, is innately a corrupt system.

      Then there are those who will give the misguided quote from the fascist Winston Churchill that all the rest are so much worse, sic

      We will then rejoin by asking why then have the capitalists-democracies spent so much time and energy to establish a governance monopoly.

      For this is the existential phenomenon of these times. The Bushman put it best when he declared this is a good time to be alive.

  16. Whose interest is the government covertly protecting? Perhaps if we follow the money we may uncover after a couple of drinks during hobnobbing the truth may be uncovered.

  17. Truth is stranger than fiction…or delusions..

    Not many people can handle truth….but a train load of truth will unload EVAWHERE soon enuff….lawd..

  18. Waru

    Yuh see that fecker, Charlie King, is fixing to be coronated.

    He’d promised months ago that Camilia was not going to be queen but merely king consort.

    Now Camilla is queen of Barbados. Ignore republicanism. Ignore the pledge of the palace.

    Dey even asking “subjects” to make a pledge of allegiance to Charlie. When the reverse should to demanded. That Charlie pledges allegiance to the “subjects”.

    How things have changed. A socalled royal family gives legitimacy to an adulterous man who was partly responsible for his wife’s death. And a queen, a divorcee who was engaged in adulterous affairs for years, including with Charlie. From a criminal family reaching hithertofore unknown levels of decadence.

    These are the Lord’s annointed. Your king and queen. Let’s hear your public pledge😅

    Maybe he’ll get planning permission to develop some of those plantation lands inherited in Bim and held since slavery😄

    Hear the Bajan monarchists singing. “god say our king, god save our gracious king”😄

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Pacha…gotta make sure they can’t use me when they get their disappoints for the billion dollar reparations haul they are so thirsty and salivating for, like they tried to use me re Empire.

      Everything is getting REAL…time to throw up even more boundaries .

  19. And on the seventh day. The DON, Mia, exclaimed to her subjects, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 (NIV)

  20. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    “Now Camilla is queen of Barbados. Ignore republicanism.”

    Wow, when did this happen Pacha?…..we know republicanism only exists in twisted minds, but ah thought they had closed all the loopholes in their escape from Elizabeth…

    These are the Lord’s annointed. Your king and queen. Let’s hear your public pledge😅”

    Nuff jokes, lol….but cousin Charles, is really cousin Charles, no joke…lol

    Since all kinda reveals are in the air, may as well reaafirm that one…..but i can only look on….let the life of the party have fun…..

    Did ya hear of any invites for the local wannabes yet? Am sure they will be happy to bow, scrape and curtsy….that one is way beyond my abilities bosie… too much of a commoner…lol


    @ David,

    Why would a country that has recently become a republic allow such foolishness to be celebrated on their own soil.

    “Barbados Celtic Festival 2023″
    A vibrant music and food festival celebrating the very deep history between the sunny Caribbean island of Barbados and the Celtic countries of Scotland, Ireland and Wales and all the areas of the world where the Celts flourish – in Nova Scotia in Canada, in Brittany in France, in north west Spain, in Australia.”

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      The wannabes are not interested in teaching African descents about their European history, wuh they refuse to teach them about their African history, too busy promoting others and fine tuning a reparations heist.

      While calling themselves leaders…..meh..

  22. Waru
    Even the much beloved Diana, by the public.

    The late great Ron Hope, an insurance man, a monarchist to the bone, but a jovial chap, loved her too. He called Camilla a “dragon”.

    But have you ever been convinced that Charlie got Town and Country Planning permission for that second boy – a red head looking nothing like Charlie.

    This of course, has implications for Diana as well. There’re books making claims. Even citing DNA evidence.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Definitely outside of boundaries for me…

      …what can we say, life in all it’s gory glory…every century tells a different tale.

    • TLSN

      Yes, absolutely!

      Sometimes we can have what Bajans call “striking back”.

      This is always a high possibility. Such is the nature of DNA.

      But that both parties were having extramarital daliances for extended periods of time. And Diana just happened to have accepted the application for Town and Country Planning approval from a military man looking just like Harry, certainly other possibilities cannot be discounted.

      Do you really want to suppose that Buckingham Palace, knowing all of this, and given the investigative capacity at their disposal, that they will not demand answers. Want absolute certainty.

  23. Within the history of this family, this will not be the first nor the last time such has actually occurred.

    There are also claims that Markel’s son Archie was not fathered by Harry.

    Lots of it is on the internet.

  24. @Pacha
    You mean you were in Venezuela, and you couldn’t beg them to send some gas/diesel to their brothers in the north? Or were the rumblings true, that Miguel didn’t wish any large gathering of Cubans from different parts of the island, at this time. So they blamed cancellations on fuel shortages.

  25. Well I’m not in Venezuela today.

    You should not seek comfort in those, and their propaganda media, that have declared an economic war on Cuba for 70 years. And still to this day are prosecuting such a war just like they continued to prosecute the war declared in 1455 on Afrika.

    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has always been generous with Cuba, the peoples of the world. It for decades has given free heating oil to poor populations within the very United States.

    Have your people no honor, no human decency?

    It is this same wicked USA which has now imposed sanction on Venezuela which have hampered its productive capacities.

    However, you shouldn’t ‘worry’ about Cuba. For she will always continue to defy the wicked hegemon.

    • WARU,Pacha
      Get some baked peanuts or some dry coconut; sit back and watch the movie.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Pacha, these types sre disgusting., with some VERY UGLY nerve, and when caught redhanded want to get defensive. Good luck with that, I owe no one, except my family, anything.

      Want to see them bullying me into accepting them when they are already permanently REJECTED.

      Maybe it’s time they reflect on their decades old negative actions.

  26. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Yes William…just saw a notice, IDB is hiring a consultant for a 6 month gig to get a digital payment system up and running..

    …better than another white hoax hatchet job costing over 50 million….and no one can say what they did or what were the benefits to the people and island..

  27. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Am wondering if they hit up Empire for reparations yet…they seem to be hitting up evabody else.

  28. Christianity as Conspiracy

    In Kenya, one “goodwill ministeries” headed by an idiot, a mentally deranged asshole, not dissimilar to Grorgie Porgie, has made 100 Afrikans starve themselves to death as a means, so preached by him, of going to some heaven, being saved by serapis.

    Afrikan peoples were always the most spiritual on earth. So that makes us susceptible to these charlatans, even other Afrikans taking shiiite about a fictional book. Our determination has always been that all foreign religions, including Islam and Judaism, should be banned from the continent.

    And that death be the wages of influencing vulnerable people about things unprovable.

    While it’s true that starvation, or intermittent fasting, offers a range of heath and spiritual benefits, too much of a good thing ain’t so great.

    That that idiot, and there are many like him, there and here, as transfixed by a book of nonsense. A book which is wickedly deployed by madmen to propagate an eponymous mental condition equates to no more than the industrialization of madness.

    Of course, this is global in character.

    And we condemn all such people of all stripes- no exceptions!

    Even our Russian friends. We’ve been arguing with them for years about the contradictions within national ethos. More precisely, we’ve stated, ad infinitum, that they cannot purport to support a human development system contrary to Western philosophy, on the one hand.

    And on the other, continue to serve the same god of the christian devil they seek freedom from in the West. For us, and at the end of the day, there are no structural differences between Orthodox Christianity and the basis of the asshole preacher in Kenya, who in an act of madness led as many as 300 to the grave, or Georgie Porgie, for that matter.

    Maybe all Christians in Barbados should need to acquire the approval from the Town and Country Planning Dept to construct their fanciful heaven in the sky as a condition precedent.

    • “to propagate an eponymous mental condition equates to no more than the industrialization of madness.”

      I did not look at it like that., but that’s exactly what it is…industrialized religious and political madness….both weaponized to the highest degree.

      But unfortunately for followers they will not have anymore of our prophets to sacrifice their lives and freedom for them……as said previously, they are not worth it, .after hundreds of years they will have to earn their sainthoods the old fashion way, self-sacrifice….wuh dem is de body believe in dem kinda things…so why should anyone else sacrifice for them…

  29. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved on said:

    William…ya can’t even get some new invigorating words, same old go nowhere language from the last 40 years…that may sound good to them but laughable in the world where writers reside.

    They could at least ask Pacha to rewrite their ancient speeches, so they can appear modern and have some added substance…with followup action..

  30. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…an economist states:

    4 BILLION DOLLARS borrowed since 2018.


    These have not been able to control or improve on fiscal sovereignty for at least 20 years..

    The lies have long legs and are walking in all their reveal..

    Wow…what a charade.

    Now what…

    ..with higher interest rates at 5% or close, as opposed to when they were getting “the cheapest money in town” at 1 and 2% but willfully and maliciously SQUANDERED IT..

    • Waru

      They have but one pray, hail Mary.

      That the entire system collapses. That all foreign denominated debts are written off.

      These and more are what the multipolar machinations of the BRICS-Plus will make possible.

      But instead of support for such an avalanche slavish leaderships are holding on to massa apron for bare life.

      These debts can NEVER be repaid and all the players know this well. So the casino boss, America, which benefits inordinately from being the only major game in town, and as the game is rigged to suit them, does everything to keep the roulette wheels turning. Including, giving the good little boys and girls more debts even when there is no way in hell that accumulated borrowings could ever be repaid – the finamcialization of economy.


  32. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    “But instead of support for such an avalanche slavish leaderships are holding on to massa apron for bare life.”

    Which has been labeled ” begging bowl victim diplomacy.”….with the victim sitting in Empire’s chairs, helping set the same policies and bullshitting the people that they know nothing about the,.playing both sides against the middle…

    Information going around is that some government employees have not been paid since December 2022…ah wonder just how many millions got skimmmed in that exercise.

    Wuh de money from all that FETING should be able to pay salaries…but throw a party for the idiots and fool them some more, suits them…just fine.

  33. A conspiracy against the Palestinian people.

    Today, Sheikh Khader Adnan, a leader of the Palestinian people, constantly being held under administrative detention without charge, by the Zionist entity and after 86 days of fasting was finally martyred by the settler-colonial-regime.

    Even in their story, and if there is to be any fictional Abrahamic faiths ALL three should belong to the Palestinians. Not the socalled jews as imposters. Not the socalled Western christians imposing interminable crusades on Palestinian christians. Not the socalled Muslims, with all that wealth and money and for decades not a single bullet aimed at the enemies of the Palestinians.

    This is the conspiracy of the last century. That a people without any history at all, let alone being ancient, could so fictitiously impose themselves on others makes it high time that Sheikh Adnan was not martyred in vain.

    Long live the struggles of the Palestinian people. Death to their enemies!

  34. Declaration of Mission Barbados by Mottley.seems more of a political conspiracy against the country than anything else.

    It’s a conspiracy involving all the major, long-sold-out, trade union leaders in what seems more like a partisan, political, manifesto than anything else.

    We know that this Mottley dictatorship has long had all major trade unions under its belt. But it beggars belief that a misleader class of workers, acting against a history of resistance, could find it so easy to conspire with a dictatorship to openly sell out the workers themselves, time and time again.

    And we’ll wager that none of these rolling grandiose plans of Mottley will escape the cutting floor. For she disobeys the cardinal rule about successful missions.

    As we recall this particular conspiracy rests on the ability of Comissiong and others to beg people all over the world for money. As two pieces of information are connected.

    For any mission must be informed by a vision. Buttressed by strategy and tactics. But if the only perceived asset resides within the personality of a Mottley, then the vacuousness of this mission will be soon laid bare, before a cat can lick its ears.

    What the fuck is wrong wid Bajans? Is Mia Mottley to be the only sentient being in town? If there no one else in the country able to oppose this vagabond? Or is the country so beguiled by perceived mystique that every boy is willing to be made a girl of?

    There is not a single case in the history of the world where human development as proffered by Mottley has come as a result of begging, patronage, making appeals to the perceived good sense of capitalists tyrants.

    In any case, why does Barbados uniquely qualifies for a free lunch? When did Bajans start to believe that all their dreams, as outlined in this mission would come true, not by their hard work, but by psuedo-sophisticated pleas from a singular woman believing that somehow she got sweet mout, she and she alone. A sweet mout irresistible to all comers.

    Crappo smoke yuh pipe!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Read it some of it , utter nonsense, boiler plate…need someone who can change sleight of hand words to sound true and meaningful. As usual, lacking substance, same old tired go nowhere promises while perched on top of Empire with conflict of interests…people are tired of seeing and hearing them..

      “acting against a history of resistance, could find it so easy to conspire with a dictatorship to openly sell out the workers themselves, time and time again.”

      The old traitor negro on the look out and longing for money and class status, would do anything, sell anyone…the island is choc-o-bloc with them, they will sell you even if they get sold right after….they are a negative force, glad these days to see some have given up on impressing, it was a futile exercise lasting years and years and failed, only gave those watching the ammunition they needed to successfully proceed when they were freely able to look into the minds of clowns..

      Pacha…whichever way it goes, US is ending Covid vaccine requirements on May 11th…but this what’s being distilled in certain places, have to wait and see:

      “Kingston predicts by 2030, there will be 200 million disabled or murdered Americans by mRNA and CV19 bioweapon/vax injections.”

  35. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…these days they cant even attack …all i got to do is point and tell them is:

    look at the top of Empire, who do you see there….it int me….and weeee will keep them there…right at the very top for decades to come….lol

  36. Did not read it.
    Somehow, I am just turned off by these initiatives, announcement, proclamation …

    Smoke, mirrors and scams.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Jackie Stewart always said thst in her videos, and now PROVEN true.

  37. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Shareholders are 4th on the list, dont know who is last. Not good news Pacha…the courts will have work.

    “First Republic stock investors face ‘wipe-out,’ analyst says

    First Republic investors will be left with nothing after JPMorgan Chase purchased the bank, according to banking equity analysts at Wedbush Securities.

    JPMorgan did not assume First Republic’s corporate debt or preferred stock, meaning institutional investors will not be made whole.

    Moreover, neither JPMorgan nor the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation have explicitly said what the purchase means for First Republic common shareholders, meaning they will not be compensated either.”

  38. A “Conspiracy!” title brings out a plethora of random Conspiracy Theories
    From a deeper place of observation are these voices from people a reliable or consistent voice from consistent people are these imagined problems real or reliable are the identification of these people stable to witness without attaching the personal identity

    The Reup ⬆️⬇️⬆️
    Simple But Powerful Pointing (All you need to find the Truth)
    This was posted Up ⬆️ but was taken down ⬇️, hence the Reup ⬆️

  39. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Bushman….at least the question i long asked, even in my first book, why does your good buddy Shillary…the deceitful wannabe… and a gaggle of FAKE historians, except for Trevor Marshall? think that’s his name, continue to doggedly circumnavigate the 14th – 18th century periods like if none other existed previously, like our history started with slavery, they make sure to keep all knowledge hidden to benefit THEMSELVES ONLY…not one book is written on the topic, except for those dudes like Mike Duncan who give us a broad glimpse into REAL HISTORY….

    …can we really ask why no one trusts uppity negros, look what they do to each other for personal gain…the crucial history needed to move forward these greedy self serving swines keep it hidden…

    They however, can never put this squeezed out toothpaste back in its tube…they will have to adjust….while their many lies and deceit orchestrated from the back by a an evil haunting criminal force takes on a life all it’s own…the FRAUD has played out for far too long…they have outplayed themselves.

  40. I believe the comments are much more than conspiracy theories.

    If one was able to apply a scale to these comments, then they would be closer to the truth than the official explanations that are given.

    We are no longer in the domain of conspiracy theories and alternatives facts, welcome to the world of inconvenient, inedible and indigestible truths.

    The recommendation: Chew hard and swallow.

  41. There has been a conspiracy to kill Putin as one writer on BU advocated very early on.

    A drone attack on the Kremlin.

    Finally, it’s looking more like the big mushroom headed deckie will enter thee Pedantic, wokeist, pragmatic-nationalist poooooooookey!

    The West and their tool in Ukraine are getting desperate in the face of defeat,

    And the Russians have not even entered any near top gear yet.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Pacha…this world that i never personally resided in is in a hell of a lot of trouble……heading toward the END.

      Weeee have much to be thankful for that other less self destructive dimensions were made available to us..

      “Statue of Fully Nude, Bearded Man Breastfeeding a Baby Placed Outside Denmark’s Former Women’s Museum; but ask yourself, is this not a pedophile’s dream? A mother addresses a child’s need, man his own.”

    • @David, does your blogger @Pacha ACTUALLY believe some of what he writes or like the Carlsons of this world he speaksbluntly privately and then mamiguys de public with sweet ramblings to suit a narrative. …

      WHAT conspiracy was ever conceived about killing Putin ??? Who made that secret plan???

      That line of talk is pure nonsense simply because it was ALWAYS STUPID for ANY western entity to consider killing him .. NONSENSE of the WWFinal variety!

      Any chatter about an assassination was INTERNAL and could not have been instigated by outside forces. Madness.

      Similarly it was ALWAYS very dangerous for Zelensky to attack the Krelim, Moscow or other structures withing Russia directly … yes they were instances of sabatogue but any outright direct war related attacks would have been tantamount again to WWFinal.

      So many Russian generals and executive officials have been assassinated (clearly with Putin’s approval) and here now we are supposedly exposing nefarious western acts!

      How very amusing 😄 .. if this folly wasn’t actually very serious.

  42. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    It just keeps getting worse.

    “Mass Shooting Reported At School In Serbian Capital

    According to preliminary reports from Belgrade, eight people have died.

    The perpetrator is said to be a 14-year-old and is in police custody.”

    Reports state that AI will very shortly take over from tech employees deemed nonessential…

    People are bracing themselves. When you have 8K and up to 26K being replaced by machines…you know….

    Pacha…weee see a full circle.

  43. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…saw a short video where a drone hit the top of the Kremlin…escalation?

  44. Yolande Grant- African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…scratch that, the drone hit nothing, they said no material damage and the drone(s) were destroyed by defense systems….but…there will be retaliation as promised.

    That is why i am not a fan of wars….because …for every action……


    Let’s start with Lindsay Graham a senior US senator.

    You idiots are soooo consumed with your own sense of rightness that you never know when wrong.

    Instead any narrative non-White in character must obviously be madness. The madness is that you believe everything the West says.

    This writer has never said anything here for which evidence is absent or at least reasonable inference cannot be made.

    Pedantic dribbling cunt go bark elsewhere. Fucking fooool!

  46. What freedom to speculate?

    It is standard military practice that when at war parties seek to decapitate the opponent’s command and control systems.

    This is what the fuck is wrong with pragmatism. The ignorance at there must always be some middle ground.

    And since Ukraine has threatened Putin. Zelensky on a trip today has refused to fly back home.

    For reciprocity means that Zelensky could be a target as well.

    What the fuck you people know. Has any critical literature even been read?

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Saw a report.

      PackWest Bankcorp, Western Alliance, and Metropolitan Bank…..stock prices collapsed.

      More collapse?

    • Of course one is a “Pedantic dribbling cunt […] Fucking fooool!” for speaking a truth different to your narrative.

      And of course you question another’s critical readings because of that opposing narrative … that too is a sad MADNESS!🤦🏾‍♂️🙏🏿

      It is rather amusing MADNESS of disinformation to critically suggest that some blabber mouth senator who has absolutely no input on war plans or inpit even on a Black ops action should be taken seriously about an assassination of Putin.

      Are you smoking something.

      And Its further madness of disinformation to suggest that via “standard military practice … war parties seek to decapitate the opponent’s command and control systems” to MEAN that’s an assassination of a HofS like Vlad Putin. MADNESS.

      Utter Stupid Irational Madness.

      Killing Zelensky was ABSOLUTELY planned (and one must give credit to his security team for keeping him alive to date: great job) … but there can be absolutely no COMPARISON with that and an attempt on Putin. NONE.

      You are sensible enough to know and understand the clear distinction and CONSEQUENCES between the killing of a Castro, Zelensky, Saddam or Kaddafi and THE Vlad Putin so I can only presume you present this narrative for idiots to drink some kool-aid!

      I dun wid you and dat!

      (BTW ANY Putin assassination MUST be championed by an INTERNAL brigade with very, very, very, very, very remote western influence … VERY! Stop the nonsense)

      Peace out.

  47. Waru

    You’ll have to see what this writer sees to really appreciate the gravamen of the entire system.

    In Barbados they can conspire to talk shiiite as much as dey like. ‘Time longer than twine’.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      I stopped paying any attention to the talkmeisters and their output of loads of dung, they should try turning it into methane, then it will be of use, they have to wait on instructions to put in their 2 cents worth and none of it ever makes sense….i will not be misled, sidetracked or distracted, didnt happen before, it will be an extremely cold day before it happens now.

      These days i do seek out certain news, but have become economical in that as well…so I miss a lot. Still working my way forward, so that is taking more
      precedence. I can just image how it is now. Out there has become extremely brutal.

  48. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Roghts Reserved. on said:

    Pacha… Dr. Naomi Wolf got quite a packet of evidence. Check her report on Brighteon, she is on Rumble as well.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyeight (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Confusion in Barbados on whether the courts should be operating without a constitution….the bullies are going all out to show how powerful they are even if it’s criminal, illegal and unconstitutional. They just gotta show how much small island power they got.

      An overhaul of the island desperately needed to rid the people of the titled, degreed dummies…

      Also saw where they dropped themselves in some rapidly boiling soup with the Brent Thomas affair…getting better and better…full spectrum fallout.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Thanks..transfering to laptop.

  49. I see we have two camps here.
    It is up to me as a CIA agent who is undercover in the KGB and having a position in the extradition/abduction department of the BPF to throw some light on this matter.

    I share with you Top Secret (highly redacted)

    Operation Puxxn
    xxxxx Xxtin xxxxx drone xxxxxx mxxxed.
    Ukraine xxxxxxxxxxx blame.
    US xxxxxxxx arms
    Tucker xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hopefully, I have thrown some light on this matter

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