Savvy on the Beach launches website

Savvy on the Beach launches Barbados Fairness & Truth website.

Allan Kinch
Allan Kinch of Savvy on the Beach

The level of public distrust is at an all time low and with a Mia Mottley government that has mastered the art of sanitizing public disclosures – who to trust?

The Savvy on the Beach story has generated significant interest in recent months, it is a classic case of the rich and political elite mixing it up. In fact many observers conclude it is an example of how the business class and government interact oftentimes skirting the regulations to solidify economic power.

Against the foregoing Barbados Underground is happy to broadcast that parties concerned have launched a website to capture all the pertinent details about Savvy on the Beach.

See website Barbados Fairness & Truth

181 thoughts on “Savvy on the Beach launches website

  1. Mr. Kinch we are behind you all the ways with our prayers and support, we are ready to demonstrate when you are ready God Bless

  2. A Long “Game” Is not good for Barbados because it will cost taxpayers MILLIONS. I understand why you refer to it as a “Game” but it really is NO game.
    Mr Kinch also holds a British passport so this may well end up in Courts also outside Barbados.

  3. I want to make something abundantly clear. Mr Kinch is NOT trying to milk the situation for all he can get. He simply wants for the government to be fair. This could cost Barbados tens of millions and as Bajans we know our country does not need that. This is why we have worked so hard to find a compromise. All we want is for the government to be reasonable.

    Please go to 47 minutes of this video and listen…. I think Mr Kinch is due the same courtesy

    • Then the Courts even if they have to be international courts will see to it that he does.

    • Sarah Taylor. I agree with you , government need to be fair.. yes international courts will see that justice is serve…Barbados government they is a God who sit high and look low, he is watching you all. and he is not a bajan

    • There are presidents and there are laws that allow for this however I will say this…. even if they were not why should that stop us fighting for justice? Would you suggest we continue to let these things continue in Barbados? Should we as Barbadians just crumble to the fool and give in. Should the Ukrainian’s give into Russia. Are you saying the examples our national heroes set are wrong?

  4. If he can expose corrupt practises, I am behind him. We know how things are done in this country. Perhaps he has the means to fight what some others can’t.

    It just appears to me that approval or denial of a project should not take as long as it has.

    People don’t buy property like that without an expectation of a timely return on their investment. No government should force them to forego such for an inordinate length of time.

    Kinch seems to have tried to restore a eyesore and a health hazard in keeping with what was required, even without having the official approval. No harm has been done, as far as I can tell.

    He has beautified the area and provided opportunities for people to earn a decent and honest living for themselves and their children. If there is no permanent structure, no harm has been done, as far as I can tell.

    It seems as though he has tried to compromise, earn some income, while not being completely dismissive of requirements under the regulations.

    Did we ever get a reasonable answer as to why a damn minister was required to remove a few lovely trees?

    It would also be troubling if government is indeed proposing to reacquire the land, by essentially cancelling the purchase, offering only to return what was paid. I don’t see this as conventional. This should be considered a new transaction, subject to fair market value.

    AND….if it is indeed the case that a carpark is to be constructed where before it was considered a waste of land, then we would need to know what has changed.

    I admit to being baffled by the goings on.

  5. One notes that a lot of publicly owned prime real estate is now finding itself under the agency responsible for tourism. This is something that needs very serious oversight. It seems that tourism is the only game in town.

    • Tourism is the only game they know how to play.

      Bushie has long explained that tourism (as we know it) is just a euphemism for national prostitution…

      Pick sense from that…

      @ David
      For an optimist, you sound much more like a beaten down BB who has resigned himself to the taste and smell of jobby.

      “…Good luck?
      It can’t work
      What can the court do…?”

      shiite man, you sound like Walter Blackman on brass tacks…whose mantra is ‘We can’t do anything about it’.

      You know of course that this is the “slave chant”….

      With bushmen, ALL things are possible….

  6. I don’t know how many of you have visited Savvy On The Beach. I and my family did so yesterday afternoon (Saturday) and did I get the surprise of my life. It must be one of the coolest and most innovative hospitality ideas to land on these shores, EVER! There is, in my opinion, nothing like it anywhere in Barbados and it is not (yet?) the exclusive playground of the rich and infamous. Prices are affordable at this time. What a way to spend some time at the beach, in the open air, having a drink and relaxing.

    Make it a point to visit Savvy On The Beach and you will get a pretty good idea of why the gluttons of financial dealings now want to get their greedy little hands on this Magnificant piece of treasure.

    • @Fearplay

      It is a wonderful spot BUT the incumbent government will remind you Kinch does not have permissions.

  7. In the words of Ludwig Wittgenstein

    ” A pen poorly managed can do its owner more damage than a knife, as ink once dried can not be forgotten.”

  8. It’s a good thing international civil courts are NOTHING like the island’s backward corrupt court system

  9. I have been reading the comments and it seems that this matter has degenerated to the point where instead of addressing the issues, personal attacks are being launched and mud, or in this case excrement is being flung.

    If there is a problem can one not discuss the issue instead of bring other parties into the discussion? I see Ms Taylor said that another business broke the law too next door and built with out approvals, but as an experienced person I can’t see that as a defence.

    If you are caught speeding would you say ” yes but Tom speeds too so why report me?” Maybe I am too old to understand the ” new” laws that exist.

    • As my mum used to always tell me growing up. Two wrongs don’t make a right…. The problem is that there are times in life that one must stand up against injustice and sometimes some of the rules do get broken. Dis Bussa obey the rules of the salve masters, did Sarah Anne Gill crumple and accept the what she was faced with or did Clement Payne…. Did our PM when she had her all white march?

      I agree with you Old Timer but sadly sometimes when your back is to the wall you just fight to survive… What is happening now is NOT what we wanted it is NOT our desire. It is beyond stressful but as Irish philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”

      Shall we then now do nothing and leave this mess for another generation to clean up and to face even worse because we presented no opposition?

    • The true test if a democracy is for all stakeholders in civil society to be able to practice the tenets in the Constitution and guiding principles. What we have is what is written on a parchment but in many instances we compromise on invoking meaning. Caswell refers to it as a parody of the Westminster system.

  10. @ David

    Well I am only a Stand Pipe Lawyer. So if Mrs Brathwaite dog get out and kill Miss Smith prize fowl, I use to try and make peace, but never once did I tell Mrs Bathwaite that it was OK for her dog to attack Miss Smith fowl, cause Miss Smith had a few head of she lettuce for free!

    What Internet what! I never Miss nothing and I come from the days of the black dial phone and Redifusion! LOL

    • Well Old Timer you need to fast forward, Barbados landscape has changed. It is why you are an old timer.

    • @Ol Timer

      I assure you we tried in every way not to have to go this route. We tried from 2018 to get this administration to resolve the concerns.. Emails, text, whatsapp, calls, begging, and submitting options to try to meet all their request but the submissions go unresponded to.. We still seek peace and seek what is best for all Bajans but we can no longer stand the big rocks being thrown at us so now we will stand and speak the truth for all to know and pray that somehow reason will win out.

  11. @ Ms Taylor

    Yes dear I understand you frustrated but you seem like a smart young lady. Don’t go into the gutter with nobody. Discuss the facts and you will be heard. Don’t worry about what you neighbour do and get away with, as we used to say “cat luck ain’t dog luck”. You deal with your facts and argue your point. I only now hearing bout all this cause my young niece that studying law introduce me to this underground thing.

    • @Old Timer

      I respect your statement a lot, I really don’t take it lightly but unfortunately these folks made it their business to get involved in our matter first and much has happened that the public do not know. Honestly all I want is for the government to be fair and reasonable and let us stop all this mess.
      You are quite correct cat luck aint dog luck and this I know but I also know at the end of this life we walk I will have to stand in front of our great Creator and when He ask me “What did you do with what I gave you” “What did you do where I placed you” I know that I have to make sure it honours Him and my grandmother and that I do that which is right. I must stand up for what is right.

  12. @ David

    If that is the case then they need to share it with us. In the meantime we can only discuss what we are privy too and know to be factual.

    • @John A

      There is the saying nature abhors a vacuum. The blogmaster will not give the government it TP any benefit of the doubt given decisions made in the past.

    • At approximately this length of time in power, is when FS & CS et al, heads became so large they could barely pass through a doorway. It comes with the territory.

  13. @ Johnny

    Caribbean Court of Justice can only make recommendations on this matter.

    Savvy On The Bay is now prime real estate property in BARBADOS for BIG investors (WinStar World Casino and Resorts?).
    No International court can twist our Government arm on this one. The matter has to be resolved locally.

    It’s all business..

    • Nonsense
      Any ‘Real Real’ court can direct that the LAW be followed… Even our courts. …Just that they will take 30 years….

      Bushie is amazed at the extent to which our ‘sheep mentality’ has permeated a society where almost everyone claims to have a damn degree…
      Sir Cave should hang his head in shame…

  14. @Interloper

    Or the arrogance of Kinch and Taylor

    The threats she is throwing around, take care it’s not the downfall of them

    Old Timer was right to warn her. They give themselves too much liberty…..

    Yawn 🥱

    • I am sorry if you think I am arrogant. I sincerely do not intend to give that impression or to be that way…. I did all I could include beg the leaders of this country to spare it the embarrassment. I asked nothing but to meet and I worked hard to propose compromises to provide the best opportunities for all.
      There is nothing to celebrate if this goes to court because it will cost the taxpayers millions and will leave a blemish on Barbados for all local and foreign investors to see and be weary of.

      In terms of downfall…. All I know is that I must answer to God and if I do not do what is right according to His word or direction that is where I really have to worry about downfall.

      I wish you well PegLegArgghh

    • sarah psm 121 look to God from whence cometh your help///you are dealing with spiritual wickedness in high places but we serve the one true God Jesus Christ.

  15. How does a degree address a person’s integrity or civic responsibility?
    so why the HELL do we spend hundreds of millions each year in pursuit of them…?
    Are we idiots?

    • Those of us who actually understand the dynamics know you never listen to degreed regurgitators and rote learners without doing your own research…they ARE NOT naturally gifted….it never comes to them naturally….they are pretenders..

      .if they dont read it in some text book SOMEONE ELSE wrote, they dont know it, most times they regurgitate untruths…

  16. @Rabbit (John) 🐰
    I must call on that great brain of yours to tell me how to convert square meters to square feet.
    In the document I see the following:
    1. Land Area: 1828.6 square metres (13,997 square feet)
    2. Land Area: 1260.19 square metres (13,565 square feet)
    3. Land Area: 2470.2 square metres (19,3 I 9 square feet)
    I thpought it would be a simple multiplication or division but the numbers above puzzle me. No 2. was the only number that appears to be converted correctly.

    Formula: multiply the area ((sq m)value by 10.764 (to get sq ft)

    I fear Mr Kinch may not have clear sailing with his argument,
    The size of the plots that he bought may be disputed. I would suggest that he stick with square meters and discard the aquare feet.

    Help me Rabbit🐰

    • Sea Front land is a funny thing. It changes as the sea and sand come and go. The owners land can shrink or increase. For this reason a current high water mark must be determined before a sale is completed.

      BTII in its advertisement stated Beach Front lands and in its tender document stated the boundaries to the sea. It accepted Mr Kinch’s Plans. It advised in its agreement that they would provided new surveyors plans to high water mark and they conveyed on those plans and the government has been charging Mr Kinch land tax on the full amount of land conveyed for the last 3 years and he has paid it.

      The agreement also states
      The Property is believed to be correctly described as to quantity and otherwise and no immaterial error or omission or misdescription contained in the contract shall annul the sale but shall be subject to compensation in favour of the Purchaser only.

      They lead Mr Kinch to believe they were selling to the High water in all their documents. They arranged the vacant possession down to such and conveyed down to such.

  17. In the first year of my administration, I will provide every Barbadian with a pocket calculator.
    1. Mental calculations will be illegal.
    2. Any calcutation ending with more than two digits must be double-checked; more than five digits must be triple-checked; those with more than seven digits must be sent to my desk.
    3. A ‘conversion” committee will be formed to convert feet to inches and ounces to pounds or vice versa.
    4. A metric teams will also be created. This team will perform any conversion in which a metric quamtity is involved.
    5. One of the great brains of Barbados will head the conversion department

  18. I understand your reasoning.
    However, this complexity is not needed.
    If a person is selling you one foot of rope then he should give you 12 inches.
    I he is selling you two feet of rope then he should give you 24 inches.
    Allow me to be facetious and add…. the conversion factor for feet to inches should be the same if he is selling you the rope in Broad Street or at the beach in low tide.

    But I fully understand your point about low and high tide variation.

    • So what do you have to say about the Conveyances do you see the correct amounts in them?

      ALL THAT certain piece or parcel of land situate at Bay Street in the parish of Saint Michael in this Island formerly said to containing by admeasurement 1260.2 square metres but found by recent survey to have increased in area by accretion due to recession of the sea to contain 1,749.2 square metres or thereabouts Abutting and Bounding on other lands of the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. on the Sea on lands of Carlisle Investments Inc. and on a pavement which forms part of a public road known as Highway 7 or however else the same may abut and bound as shown and delineated on a plan certified on the 30th day of September, 2019 by Kenneth D. Ward, Land Surveyor.

      ALL THAT land situate at Bay Street in the parish of Saint Michael in this Island formerly said to contain by admeasurement 1828.6 square metres but which was found by recent survey to have increased in area by accretion due to the recession of the sea and to contain 5254.9 square metres or thereabouts Abutting and Bounding on a public access 5 metres wide on the Sea on a public drain 1.4 metres wide and on a pavement which forms part of a public road known as Highway 7 or however else the same may abut and bound as shown and delineated on a plan certified on the 30th day of September, 2019 by Kenneth D. Ward, Land Surveyor together with the building thereon.

      ALL THAT land situate at Bay Street in the parish of Saint Michael in this Island formerly said to contain by admeasurement 2470.2 square metres but which was found by recent survey to have increased in area by accretion due to the recession of the sea to contain 4873.9 square metres or thereabouts Abutting and Bounding on a pavement which forms part of a public road known as Highway 7 on a public access 5 metres wide on the Sea and on other lands of the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. or however else the same may abut and bound as shown and delineated on a plan certified on the 30th day of September, 2019 by Kenneth D. Ward, Land Surveyor.

  19. The Property is believed to be correctly described as to quantity and otherwise and no immaterial error or omission or misdescription contained in the contract shall annul the sale but shall be subject to compensation in favour of the Purchaser only.

    It appears that Mr Kinch had a good/smaret lawyer.

  20. @Old Timer
    ” A pen poorly managed can do its owner more damage than a knife, as ink once dried can not be forgotten.”

    Please add this to your collec tion of sayings
    Mario Puzo — ‘One lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns …’

    And we have ’30’ lawyers with pens plotting and planning in one building.

  21. @ TheOGazerts,

    Coastal Zone management can build groynes and enlarge the beach.

    They did it on the west coast.

  22. @Sara
    I have no issue with your 3:26 p.m post. Notice that the numbers provided are in a single unit (square meters) and the size would change with tide. That is not an issue.
    The problem with the original documen is the conversion of square meters to square feet .. a straight multiplication. – nothing top do with tide,
    1 sq meter ~ 10.8 sq ft
    2 sq meters ~ 21.6 sq ft
    3 sq meters ~ (simply mulitply by 10.8)
    I think you are so close to the issue that my point is not registering.

    • Oh wow you are so right. I never noticed it.
      These people had things wrong from beginning to end!

  23. Sarah Taylor
    on August 20, 2023 at 12:51 PM said:
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    @Ol Timer

    I assure you we tried in every way not to have to go this route. We tried from 2018 to get this administration to resolve the concerns.


    What administration?

    In the absence of an opposition there is no constitutional Parliament possible.

    The Constitution requires there be a leader of the opposition elected by the group in the House which commands the majority of those members who oppose the Government.

    In 2018 the GG swore in 29 cabinet ministers on or about the 27th. May.

    On June 4th in 2018 or thereabouts Reverend Joe appeared at Government House and told the GG that he represented the largest group of members of the House that sat in opposition to the Government and he should be appointed as Leader of the Opposition.

    Instead of running the charlatan out her front house and down her gap with two big rocks behind him, she accepted the obvious lie.

    There has been no Parliament formed constitutionally in Barbados since its dissolution by Froon and the DLP government in 2018 and it is impossible to form one from the House of Assembly with 30 members of the BLP and no opposition members of the House.

    Everything “it” has done since 2018 is null void and of no effect!!!

    Go to court and claim your constitutional right to a constitutional parliament, don’t waste time with imposters.

  24. @ John

    When you say try and get a judge before 2018 you mean to hear all your cases? I thought Judges were appointed randomly to hear cases. Not sure what you mean here please explain. You mean they got BLP and DLP judges?

  25. “It was agreed that a resolution would be done to resolve the matter and Mr. Kinch was told everything was done and BTII was ready to complete the sale.”
    This is way too vague.
    Surely Mr.Kinch’s lawyers reviewed the documents?

    And knowing other ownership claims existed, ensured the disputed lands had been properly conveyed to the BTI, such that they may offer to sell what they had legal title to.

  26. @Sarah Taylor




  27. There are currently two consortia negotiating with government to build on the old hospital property on Jemmotts Lane across Bay St. from Mr Kinch’s Savoy property.

    Any sensible government that is not corrupt will make sure the deal includes paying Mr. Kinch fair market value for his Savoy & Open Window properties and maintaining it as a window to the sea. It must NOT be given to whoever develops the old hospital property.

    Mr. Kinch can keep the old Eye Hospital and develop in a way that is compatible with its status as a heritage building. Savvy on the Beach is a sensible use of the Savoy & Open Window properties, but NOBODY should be allowed to build a structure like the 10 story hotel that Mr. Kinch has proposed.

    • Good Morning Peter.

      Interestingly enough in May 2021 when the PM Met about this site she proposed Mr Kinch do a swap with the government of 1 acre on the sea for 2 across the road and Mr Kinch accepted it but the government never followed through and did it.

      I agree that the Eye Hospital and develop in a way that is compatible with its status as a heritage building.

      I do believe it is important to preserve an area for the Public and we offered just that before the sale was completed.

      As to the Condo building proposed for the other side of the building the PM also said that that would be ok but she may more go more to 8. Now they say no that land is going to someone else.

      I don’t think it is correct for the Government to mislead Mr Kinch as what was possible on the land. He had to submit plans even before his offer was accepted. He has cut down the scope of the development to provide the open window to the sea and an enlarged are for the public.

      Just up the Beach at what is known as Burkes beach a large Condo development has just got permission without an EIA or Town hall meeting and yet NO one has spoken about that. This land was advertised since 2014 for tourism development and plans had to be submitted with the offer. Two such projects also in Hastings and yes the Hyatt closer to Bridgetown which is much taller.

      If no development is not allowed then Mr Kinch needs to be compensated as his investment has now been tied up for 8 years.

    • @David

      The funds for development were coming from outside. Investor flew in to meet with government and the Government cancelled the same day and would not respond or reschedule.
      Investors wanted to invest US$180,000,000.
      Investor is extremely reputable. Investors now want NOTHING to do with Barbados.

      They wanted to build a hotel on the Old Hospital Site and Condos on Mr Kinch’s land and leave a open window to the sea

    • A government refusing to flex to permit 180 million inflow leaves a big question mark in the minds of onlookers.

    • @plt
      But the beachfront land, is included with the old GH site.
      While the initial indication is the land is to provide beach access to a hotel across Bay St on the old GH lands, this is merely an ‘architectural rendering’.

  28. 8 years????? how do you work out your maths? much like the square feet
    you wrote on your website and earlier comments that the sale closed in 2019 (december i believe it was)
    the problem is you are not able to recall all the statements you write and speak to

    • The deposit was paid in 2015 and the funds were secured in a holding account until the sale was completed.

    • @Sarah

      The blogmaster does not mean to pry, the aim is to establish if proposed projects were to be founded from local market or externally. If you want to pass, not a problem.

    • @David

      Not taken as prying. I think at this point transparency is needed for clarity.

  29. Is that so???? interesting that he had that sitting down holding

    and the foreign investor only wanted to pay 10% of the remaining balance

    • @Christian.

      Yup when the government agency BTII advertised is and had plans submitted to it before they agreed to sell it to Mr Kinch.
      Barbados Tourism Investment Inc (BTII) advertises itself as a critical conduit to guide your Barbados Investment experience by providing details on all relevant private sector and government agencies to help you better your time and resources. It states its Vision is to be the lead agency facilitating investment in tourism and urban regeneration in Barbados.

      Seeing that these things were done it should have paved the way for an investor but clearly the message being sent by the government is that one should not trust the government agency or them. They send even another louder message to now want to acquire the land back from Mr Kinch to cover up their misdeads. So the message is NO investment in Barbados whether local or foreign is safe.

    • It comes back to nurturing trust in the market. There is currently low trust in government bonds AND there is the potential for disputes like this one to negatively impact foreign investment. As a country we depend on FDI inflows after tourism as a forex earner.

    • @David

      “It comes back to nurturing trust in the market. There is currently low trust in government bonds AND there is the potential for disputes like this one to negatively impact foreign investment. As a country we depend on FDI inflows after tourism as a forex earner.”

      This is exactly why we have waited for so many years to come forward with the information as we as Barbadians do NOT want our country seen in this light. It is very unfortunate that we must now speak out in this way. It is apparent that the governments solution to the BTII fiasco with the sale is to cover it up by now acquiring the land and the Attorney General stating Mr Kinch will NOT be compensated for the land that they sold to him that they are now saying belongs to the Crown is not acceptable!

      This is basic common-sense. Everyone knows if you advertise and sell something and you do not provide what was advertised that the purchaser is owed compensation.

      If the PM is not behind the way this is being dealt with she needs to send a swift message and deal with the persons mishandling this situation.

  30. @ David

    Wait is the AG saying that the board of BTII back then along with the then chairman, sold land that was not vested in them so to do?

  31. The game here is quite simple. Barbados is desperate for investment, (no one is touching the bonds, the BWA and BPI already promised, GAIA gone) and investors know what Butch Stewart got and the lengths the government went to to “facilitate”.
    Savvy is prime real estate, who cares that another investor got it first. Dangle the carrot and see how desperate this government is. Once a country shows that its laws, principals, standards and morals are fluid, anything is possible.
    Unfortunately for Mr. Kinch he is now swimming with the sharks, fairness means nothing to a shark, and him being “unfaired” will not deter an investor, it just reveals the nature of the deal makers in the country and how ruthless you need to be when engaging them.

    • so are we going to let the government get away with it,, when that crazy man killed the Jews no one said a word,, so who next the government going after, when they finish with Mr. Kinch…….. Mr. Kinch I am with you 150% and more. ,,,,,,Lord Jesus com by here we need you.

  32. “Unfortunately for Mr. Kinch he is now swimming with the sharks”.

    Please do not mislead Mr Kinch. He is swimming with the biggest predators know to man “Bajan lawyers”. I would suggest that Mr Kinch figure out how much he is prepared to lose and not lose all. Time and the courts are not his friend.

  33. @ David

    So what the last 2 days has led me to conclude as the only logical explanations, are shared below based on what has been implied or stated by parties involved.

    A. The AG has allegedly stated the BTII has sold property to Mr Kinch that was not theirs as I understand it to sell.

    B. This would mean that at no time did the lawyers for either party perform a title deed search of the property prior to entering into the sale, as this could be the only possible reason for such an oversight.

    C. At some time it was thought by some involved that BTII was granted power by the then PM, that put them in a position wherein they could, on a BTII letterhead supersede the authority of the TCP and hence work on the project could commence.

    So ok I will bite and say possible even if not probable. Next move then is for the AG to request the minutes of the said meetings where all this was discussed and agreed upon by the board, then make them public documents for all to read.

    I mean if this did unfold as suggested David I for one would love to read the minutes of those as you say ” closed door and smoky meetings”, so that I can form my own opinion one way or the other. Plus this could make for more entertaining reading that a James Patteson novel! LOL

    • The evidence speaks for itself and indeed I have more. Much much more.

  34. Pacha..

    Lawd…entertainment cant done……

    On another note, wonder who is going to pretend they are Hercules and attempt to hold up the Collapse…everything is falling down on top of them and flattening all those big brain elaborate scam plans…not one plan will work going forward..NONE …..put a stop to all of that….the end is near…..grab ya popcorn, wine, beer, brandy, whatever.

  35. Barbados recorded eight more COVID-19 deaths from August 5 to 18, as total deaths from the viral illness reached 629

    • “The evidence speaks for itself and indeed I have more. Much much more.”

      Like the work carried out on a listed building with no permission and the village of food trucks with permanent fixtures and again no planning permission? Talk about entitlement mentality. All of us are not stupid and uninformed.

  36. I want to explain something about why I speak out.

    1. Even in speaking out I assure you I seek peace but efforts including begging have failed at resolving this situation.

    2 Bullying is wrong at any age.

    3 When I look back over history and I think of people like Hitler or all those who were involved in the “Slave trade”….. I hate that word as NO man is a slave he and she are human beings and I find it to say the least demeaning of human life.
    I think of people like John Newton who wrote the song “Amazing Grace” he was a trader of human life who sailed boats across the the Atlantic and on one of those journeys there was a storm and he feared for his life. He realized the wrong he was doing and asked for Gods forgiveness and wrote the song Amazing Grace.

    I hope I don’t have to wait for God to put me in the middle of a storm to open my eyes and see the wrong I am doing. I hope I will always choose not to be party to wrong and be one to speak against it.

    I think of our National Hero’s Bussa Clement Payne and Sarah Anne Gill… it makes me happy to carry the name Sarah Anne

    I hope I have the courage like them to stand up against injustice even if I am a lone voice calling in the wind.

    So yes I will speak, you may agree or disagree with me but to quote Edmund Burke…. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    • Amen you are not alone. Jesus is always near.. remenber God is still God. remenber Daniel. Joseph etc we serve a big God he will never leave you or forsake you my child be bless..

  37. @ Enuff on August 21, 2023 at 6:23 PM who said:

    BU egotelligentsias’ ears are hard and as a result they continue to be played by the Savvy operatives.

    Do you mean in the same way ‘YOU’ the ONLY BLACK US$ billion dollar PR project manager tried to play them with the necessity of the Hyatt Hotel project, a short hop and skip away from the same Savvy project?
    How come

    How come the same Savvy-inspired project can find itself ‘off the ground’ while your Hyatt remains for over 5 years merely a Priapus wet dream in spite of the erection of an ugly paling to hide its ‘Marked’ nakedness and to block out the natural beauty of the Bay?

    At least the savvy man has put his money where his big mouth was.

    The man’s works of renovation have kickstarted the creation of much-needed jobs and long-promised economic activity while keeping in harmony with the aesthetics of the World Heritage site designation of the area instead of an imaginary 15 storey towering inferno of promises.

    What do the Hyatt operatives (like you) have to show other than an imaginary ERECTION with an ugly barricade for a fig leaf of a land-grabbing scam?

    Why are your ‘Red’ boys and girls trying to shake down the loaded Kinchie?

    Was he one of the few “white shadows” behind the previous crooked Administration against which you are still holding the imaginary Big Red Bag of Evidence of corruption and kickbacks?

  38. @David

    Two wrongs make a right?
    No one is talking about WS Food court

    You seem very invested in the whole savvy debacle.

    @Enuff – you on point!

    • Continue to trivialize the points being made. Why isn’t the government as persistent to obey the law by laying audited financial statements in parliament as required under the law? Piss in the blogmaster’s pocket do!

    • The only ‘point’ Enuff is on, relates to the razor’s edge on which government finds itself in this CLEAR case of attempted government bullying.

      When the ‘Planning Department’ and the “PM’s” office are aligned against a citizen – is that not just like a boxer coming up against an opponent…. and finding out that the opponent and the referee are one and the same …?

      Looks like the ‘referee’ wanted to declare themself ‘winner’ before the first punch, but it now seems the the citizen has appoint the public as new referee – and start pelting some licks in Enuff tail…. LOL

      Instead of ‘bobbing and weaving’, Enuff seems to be floating like a bee and stinging like a butterfly….

    • David
      Worthing Square hasn’t been shut down because they have submitted an application to retain. Savvy has done the same thing. Have you seen Savvy shut down? All this I read in the newspaper. I see there’s mention of no EIA at some Burke’s Beach property again. What is the criteria for an EIA? Do you even understand the process? You continue to be fooled. I maintain they were wrong to do what they have done without permission. You, Miller and the rest can continue to cuss me.

    • @enuff

      You maintain they were wrong, it does not explain why this matter has been made contentious for years. You stick to the ‘law’ and the blogmaster while respecting the law will also go a step further and read the grey (between the lines). In much the same way your PM asked a forgiving public to accept her breach of civil service protocol by passing over retired MoH the Honourable Boston to contract a private contractor to source COVID 19 vaccines.

  39. @David
    I don’t care to piss in anyone’s pocket

    No one is trivializing anything.

    But comparing what Tom does down the road does not help Kinch in town.
    Enuff only highlights that not everyone is as gullible as you would like them to be in this savvy matter

    As Blogmaster, you opened the debate, no need to take offense to differing opinions

    We are told there is much much more to be revealed!!!

    • @cherry The AG himself said we can not have one law for the Meads and another for the Persians so the other examples just show that the feild is not level. Especially when government sends government equipment onto private land to dig up an illegal drain to flood the private land….

    • For clarity the drain was built by the neighbors to put rain and waste water onto the said land

  40. @ Cherry/Enuff

    Reading your efforts to deflect and condone Government blatant behavior shows the type of dishonest characters you are.

    @Miller was right Enuff the lying $Billion dollar conman/woman a staunch party supporter and part of the island problem

  41. Do we even have to warn this is why one must be very careful with stupid governments and watch their every action while not listening to any of their lies….if the people cant see what is really happening here or at least try to find out, at least try ti push back…that’s on them..

    Was commenting recently on that stretch of road all along the highway up to Accra is in a horrible state of disrepair…the patch work every three years scam instead of concretizing to last 40 YEARS is showing itself to everyone.

    “Objection to 10-storey condominium complex – by Emmanuel Joseph August 19, 2023
    By Emmanuel Joseph

    A cultural activist has filed a formal objection with the Town Planning and Development Department (TPDD) to the proposed construction of a 10-storey condominium complex on Hastings, Christ Church.

    In an August 10, 2023 letter to the TPDD, Annalee Davis said the building would be too tall for the already congested area and would cause traffic, drainage and air pollution issues.

    However, Senior Minister in charge of Infrastructural Projects and Town Planning Dr William Duguid told Barbados TODAY that no decision has yet been taken on the application and the matter was at the beginning of a “long” process.

    In her correspondence to the TPDD, Davis said it did not seem sensible to grant planning permission for the building on the small plot of land as the amount of public space was “woefully” inadequate.

    A sign posted on the proposed site, on which a small building is located, indicates that the plan is for the construction of a 10-storey building with 25 condominiums and 27 parking spaces.”

  42. I take it being verbally FLATTENED is the New World Order…

    “Do you mean in the same way ‘YOU’ the ONLY BLACK US$ billion dollar PR project manager tried to play them with the necessity of the Hyatt Hotel project, a short hop and skip away from the same Savvy project?
    How come.”

  43. @ David

    I noticed on the front page of today Barbados Today the PSV owners are not planning to use the Savvy Approach. In other words ” approval taking too long so we going start anyhow.”

    I feel for all involved, but this can not be the solution to the problem or we will see a complete breakdown in law and order!

    • Barbados is already the UNENVIABLE poster child for INJUSTICE, human rights abuse/violations and a colossal breakdown of LAW and order emanating from the parliament, judiciary and bar association…in that order….difficult to miss the hundred -year-old legacy of criminality so well documented…

      People who are watching reveals unfold are appalled…and dont for one minute believe it is not shared across continents…..nothing is hidden anymore.

    • @John A

      Chaos/disorder occurs when what happens?

      Think about the court system as well.


      By Emmanuel Joseph

      A group of public service vehicle (PSV) owners has threatened to operate their vans as pirates in response to their failure to obtain permits from transport authorities.
      Chairman of the Alliance Owners of Public Transport (AOPT) Roy Raphael says that between 15 to 20 members who have either invested in or are in the process of investing in vehicles are upset at being “shut out” from participating in the Transport Augmentation Programme (TAP), the initiative in which PSVs are sub-contracted to operate under the rules and regulations of the state-owned Transport Board.
      “I have a couple of guys in my organisation that are complaining to me every day that they can’t get permits…they have vehicles, and they can’t get permits in order for them to go on the road legally.
      “Some of them threatened to become pirates on the road because some people would have invested their money, and applied to the Transport Authority to get their permits, and unfortunately, they can’t get a permit and that is creating an issue for some of our members,” Raphael disclosed to Barbados TODAY in an interview.
      He queried why PSV operators who wanted to get into the TAP programme were not getting permits.
      “We have situations where the Government knows that they issued Transport Board 150 permits to go towards the TAP programme. We were informed that 20 of the permits were taken up. There are people who dropped out of the TAP programme and some people waiting to get into the TAP programme. We made several requests…we approached the chairman of the Transport Board, asked him for an invitation so we could sit with him to find out what is the issue as it relates to the TAP,” Raphael stated.
      The AOPT spokesman said that while the programme is under review, his members’ inability to make a legitimate livelihood is on pause.
      “It’s been about six months now they [transport officials] were to meet and discuss the whole question of the TAP progamme. We would like to find out where they are. I would say about 15 to 20 of our members have already purchased or are seeking to purchase vehicles to get into the programme,” he reported.
      Raphael pointed out that on some routes, commuters were still unable to get a bus after 6 p.m., which was all the more reason that additional PSVs be given the green light to participate in the TAP programme.
      In its defence, the Transport Authority (TA) stressed that every applicant has to be thoroughly scrutinised to determine their eligibility and several are rejected.
      Director Ruth Holder told Barbados TODAY that there was a Cabinet-determined permit quota for PSVs, and although she was not in a position to specify that number, she said the allocation of permits for ZRs and minibuses had already been reached.
      “Interviews are conducted by a committee of the board of the Transport Authority. That committee makes a determination as to who is best fit to get permits. There are a very, very limited amount of permits available. What we try to do is to filter out to determine who is the best fit,” Holder said.
      “Everybody who presents a business plan wouldn’t be granted a permit. It’s the same if you go to the bank. If you go to the bank and you want a mortgage, they determine that based on your salary, expenses and so on that they can’t give you a mortgage. We [also] have check boxes that we need to tick in order to make that determination. So if anybody feels aggrieved that they didn’t get a permit and they want to do something that is illegal, I can’t make the determination for what they will or will not do…and I can’t encourage anybody in any illegal activity because they didn’t get their own way in achieving what they wanted.”
      Providing the criteria for the granting of permits, Holder said it depended on the category of PSV.
      “And you would appreciate that there are several PSVs out there on the road, and you know the behaviour pattern.You all see it every day, so you all know what is existing out there. How many more of those do you want to put on the road without scrutinising or doing your due diligence on the people that you are seeing out there on the road or the ones that are making applications?
      “It is not easy for us. We get on average about 222 applications per month for public service vehicles. So it’s not an easy thing to filter; it is not an easy process. So you can’t cherry-pick and say you are going to give to this and you are going to give to that. And the very ones who are complaining are the same ones who are saying how difficult it is out there, how they are suffering, how they are not making any money.Why are they applying?” Holder asked.
      The Transport Authority director noted that giving permits to “for hire” vehicles was a much easier undertaking.
      “We approve about 75 to 80 per cent of them. We don’t have any ZR or B permits available. So for the Z and ZMs, you go through the process. Some afternoons you interview eight people and out of eight people, you have five good ones. Some afternoons you interview the same eight [in number] and you say ‘it was a rough evening’; you don’t even approve one. So it is based on the applications you get,” she explained.
      Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Transport Board Lynda Holder said the programme, which is managed by the Board, has “fundamental entry requirements”.
      “Before any prospective entrant gets to us here at the Board, they need to be approved by the TA. That relates to permits and new entrants. As it relates to the programme, it is still functioning,” she told Barbados TODAY.
      On the question of the TAP being under review, Holder contended that “like any other process, reviews are always being done to seek improvements”.

      Source: BT

  44. “I maintain they were wrong to do what they have done without permission”
    Why wrong, because the law says you require permission?
    I agree.
    Yet the same laws in Barbados, says the NIS shall submit annual reports, a law which has been broken by multiple iterations of GoB. With impunity.
    The law also doesn’t allow the GoB to pocket NIS contributions from its public employees but it too was done with impunity. Over $360,000,000 were taken. Not a sole was held accountable. The NIS after losing $1.3B in bonds in the restructuring, now has shiny new J-series Bonds of $360M to make good for that crime.
    The taxpayers of Barbados paid $124,000,000 to restart Four Seasons. Not only did the project never restart, but the govt entity CBL never issues a single report? Again, breaking the law
    So now Kinch has broken the law (is wrong) and it matters?
    A US court finds a former MP guilty using a Barbadian law, yet our folks cannot even find a reason to charge him?
    The LAW has become a JOKE.

    • @ N.O.
      What a brilliant closing statement…

      Any attempt at a rebuttal will be Enuff to destroy the rebutter’s reputation permanently.

  45. @ Northern

    Did you see where the economist Carlos Forte said Persaud was talking rubbish when he said repaying the 1.3 billion to the NIS would bankrupt the country? Implying Persaud is more a politician than an economist. Lol

    • They are both correct
      Carlos is talking about repaying in/ over 30-40 yrs.
      Persaud is is talking about immediately / while the debt restructuring deal is still in effect

    • JohnA
      Don’t mind the blabber cash flow remains very tight.
      There is no way, the GoB can repay anything to the NIS unless somebody GIVES them the money.
      Given the global interest rate scenario, if they are like most governments, they have under forecasted the rates and the time they will remain elevated.
      So just meeting all the debt commitments, and recall they ‘pushed back’ a large amount, will be a challenge without providing a dime to the NIS.
      Avi is paid to support the Govt.

  46. “Leave a comment, join the discussion.”


    Are all these beige ones on the underground of barbados singing from the same hymn sheet yet?

    Are we there yet?

  47. Answer: Neither
    “The Dems’ defence for such behaviour is that he is getting the job done. We disagree. He has fallen far short of their promise to provide 2 000 houses a year. And even so we cannot condone his behaviour for the sake of expediency. ”


    I thought 10,000 houses in 5 years was gibberish. But now I see it was merely a repetition of what was said in the past. Meanwhile, this new set of jokers struggled to put up 150 pre-fabricated houses in 4 years. PRE-FABRICATED
    (I said 4 years to give the nitpickers something to pick at)

    There are no new ideas. Bad ideas of the past get polished up and recycled. One group of fowls says brilliant, the next group asks “why wasn’t it brilliant when my guy said it?”

  48. I suspect that MR Savvy believes that truth, right, the law and and paperwork are on his side. He has made one mistake “They are the law”
    TPDD: Minister, How do you want your savvy?
    Minister: Well cooked and with plenty of gravy.

  49. I don’t care how many comments are made to try to cover up the very simple truth.

    If what the AG is saying is true that BTII sold some of the lands to Mr Kinch without the authority to do so as all were not vested in them then they the BTII owe Mr Kinch Compensation. Why would lawyers complete such a sale with such knowledge and the BTII lawyer was from the Minister of Housing at the times firm and the AGs.
    In addition how is it this was done in 2019 and still the government is charging him land tax on all the square footage sold and conveyed to him in the conveyance from BTII?
    None of you can tell me that if this was done to you that you would find it acceptable.

    When Mr Kinch’s lawyer asked “will BTII be compensating Mr Kinch?” AG responded with a straight “NO”

    I just can’t get my head around how the Attorney General for a country could act in such a way…. Why not be reasonable and settle rather than cost tax payers millions in court and settlement fees.

    You don’t need to be A B C or D to see this.

    As to permissions…. Years ago I applied to put up simple signage for persons to find the boat we operate cruises on…. Do you think we have gotten permission yet?????? Everyone goes and just puts up but I have not. Instead when visitors ask why don’t you have up signs I end up having to have a long conversation with them about the difficulties to doing business in Barbados.

    I believe in following rules but I also have to admit that there are times in life that I support the rules being broken. Bussa, Sarah Anne Gill and Clement Payne are three that always come to mind because they are ours. Yes I can speak of many more but they are always with me.

    But again I come back to my point that Mr Kinch is owed compensation if what the BTII did was wrong and the AG should be seeking to resolve it in the best Intrest of the country and not act in a way that can be perceived as bullying. Handling it in such a manner with end up costing Bajans multi millions.

  50. This lovers’ arrangement with government and BTII, where deals with the taxpayers properties seem to be made without proper public knowledge and the government then pleading ignorance of what’s going on is pure deception and distraction that will ultimately lead to some form of destruction.

    • It is quite an interesting thing these government agencies that are disowned by government when it suits them and yet treated like the golden child at other times.

      When the issue of land ownership comes up even though they claim some of the land was owned by BTII and some by Crown they deem that separate. But if you ask a board meme we now they say “ The challenge is that BTI not really involved anymore once the AG is responding directly” So it seems that in this way they are government…. I don’t blame some of the current board members who came in and found this mess on their plates and to be honest they are a lot more reasonable and believe that all invoked should sit at a table and resolve with reason….I actually personally sat in a meeting in February 2023 where I was told that their BTII lawyers opinion was the same as Mr Kinch’s which was that the land was not correctly subdivided and therefore should have been vested to the high water.

      Yes it is truly an interesting thing.

  51. You have stated your facts clearly. Most can see the strength and rightness of your position, but, as you see, some will still obfuscate and try to mislead.

    Perhaps this is your first encounter with our lawyers. Perhaps you have not been following the grand thefts perpetrated against both ‘rich’ and poor.

    Don’t get overconfident with the strength of your position; be careful of paperwork and promises. Be careful of who you put your trust in… In the words of Ronald Reagan “trust but verify”.

    Last post on this.

    • Thank you TheOGazerts

      Truth be known I seek to have no position. I seek it resolved and fairly so for Mr Kinch and for Barbados.

      Mr Kinch does not want this to be a long drawn out court case that will cost Barbados millions.
      Millions for lawyers and yes likely many more millions than he would settle for out of court but he knows Barbados is not just the soil we stand on but it is all of those Barbadians who have gone before us, all that are with us now and all that are yet to be born. Bajan that live in Barbados and Bajans that live abroad. This needs to be resolved fairly for all!

      Me I am happy to go back to swimming happily in the sea with the fish and telling people about turtles and flying fish.

      I would be even happier the day when I can go back to feeling proud of our leaders but I think that that day may never come again because I no longer trust any politician.

      All the best to you and to all who read this 🤗

    • The BTMI stillborn advertising campaign should explain government does not make decisions on whether money will be saved.

    • Does anyone have an opinion on Mottley flying a kite on possible repurposing of BFF property to a tourism product?

    • @TLSN

      That’s what the lawyers are paid to do…. Well that’s what they are supposed to be paid to do but I find myself now having to read a lot of laws.

      It’s truly a shame how repeatedly these matters come up as the face of our country.

  52. Power resides where men believes it resides
    It’s a trick a shadow on the wall
    and a very small man can cast a big shadow

  53. @David
    Does anyone have an opinion on Mottley flying a kite on possible repurposing of BDF property to a tourism product

    Are you referring to the relocation of the personnel from the site across the street from the Garrison Savannah to make room for a hotel?

    Land should be utilised for its best purpose and as long as the architectural and cultural aesthetics of the buildings are maintained I don’t see anything wrong with the proposal.

  54. Old Timer on August 20, 2023 at 7:23 PM said:
    1 Vote

    @ John

    When you say try and get a judge before 2018 you mean to hear all your cases? I thought Judges were appointed randomly to hear cases. Not sure what you mean here please explain. You mean they got BLP and DLP judges?


    Appointments after 2018 are unconstitutional, even the one who ruled the Senate was properly constituted!!!

    Better get a real judge.

  55. … come to think of it, even the CJ is MIA!!

    In 2020, Justice Patterson Cheltenham was appointed the 14th incumbent.

  56. FYI!!

    81. (1) The Chief Justice and other Judges of the Supreme Court
    shall be appointed by the Governor-General, by instrument under the
    Public Seal, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister after
    consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.

  57. “With all this talk of reparations these governments may be on the lookout to take reprisals.”

    They can talk reparations as much as they like but slave master wannabes who have violated Afrikan descents’ human rights for 100 years in this region, hidden information that RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO US, not them, now trying to capitalize on it….have no leg to stand on and should instead be PAYING REPARATIONS to Afrikan descended people on the island…

    If you read the RICO filing in Florida, all the starring defendants have a case to answer….re the vehicle used and their expansions into other jurisdictions…they can reprise as much as they want, handcuffs are still available, so are prisons….cant hide behind Empire, as an employee anymore….cause it’s Empire they plan to sue to get their hands on WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO ANY OF THEM…i already warned the AU…they themselves are on shaky ground and need to SIT DOWN…now that previously hidden information is available on ALL OF THEM.

    They OUTFOXED themselves.

  58. The Constitutional Reform Commission was appointed by an unconstitutional Parliament and contains many legal luminaries, I hope!!!

    They done know that they will look like doodoo if they come up with a report and will become a laughing stock!!

  59. “John, am seeing posts that the major areas on the island is for sale…you need to confirm…”

    Have you too been asleep at the wheel like our politicians. Ever since those Trinis arrived we have seen a huge augmentation in real estate transactions.

    I see that there is a commercial space in Warren’s selling for a mere 20 million USD dollars.

    Check the Rightmove website where you will now find an astonishing1580 listings for real estate on an island that measures only166 square miles!

    Imagine an island built on slavery, with a 90% negro population, prepared to sell its birthright to a bunch of stinking foreigners! This is not happening on the other islands.

  60. Government headquarters Bay Strret and Kensington Oval, disputed land on the list…Cattlewash also, Trevor’s Way, thought i saw the Pierhead slso…..guess Black people cant go there anymore unless they work there, no more boasting…..the list is growing it seems…..firesale.

  61. Mia went on record to state that she wanted to see a more diverse Barbados and expressed her desire to see more Barbadian s migrate to gain experience and employment.

    Clearly, Barbadians are surplus to requirements. They are viewed by this administration as being too poor and too backwards. Our prime minister’s ambition is to see Barbados become the Monaco of the Caribbean. The whitening of Barbados is being encouraged and will gain in numbers exponentially.

    Never mind. At least we are now a Republic.

  62. A fire sale has been demaded by our lenders due to our corrupt leaders. Expect to see, shortly, mass privatisation of government services.

    Never mind. The masses are prepared to accept this minor discomfort, so long as no one “stops the carnival”

  63. Old Timer on August 20, 2023 at 7:23 PM said:
    1 Vote

    @ John

    When you say try and get a judge before 2018 you mean to hear all your cases?


    Suppose I were to tell you that every square inch of the lands of Kingsland require nine releases which they never got.

    Their titles are deficient!!

    • BARP asking for Annual Reports. Made public? Not likely. But going forward we promise to be better. We love you, the cheque is in the mail, and I promise not to come in your —–…..
      There are members of BARP who are forced to exist on less than a $1 000 a month despite the rising cost of living. This speaks to the need for specified cost of living adjustments for NIS pensioners . . . we want the NIS in tandem with pension reform to have its annual report and audit within the stipulated deadline. These documents should be made public within a month of completion. The NIS should be transparent in its service and records . . . and must be transparent in selection of staff,” said Rice-Bowen. (JS) Nation

  64. I watched St Andrew speaks and I thought the inhabitants conducted themselves well. Respectful, direct and asking sensible questions.

    Having watched many of these events, it caught me completely by surprise. Usually many of the speakers are drunk ……..,.,………………

    with Kool aid.

  65. I am always impressed by Mia. Regardless of what she is saying, she is always in control of the message she is putting out.

    You can fact check her later, but when she is speaking she owns the moment.

    Not a fan but impressed.

  66. Well I was just listening to the PM about the pension thing then the PM went on to Savvy. Well her side of the story different to yours Ms Taylor by alot. Anyhow I was glad to hear that a provision will be made for the food vendors, dont mind them apparently was breaking the law too as them was there illegally as the developer didnt not have permission for that neither. Anyhow the boss lady (the PM), say that one way or the other the land will be returned to a carpark. Cause the impression was given was that all these small black men would of lost the pick.

    Anyhow the PM say she got more to say later so I will listen. As they say them got 2 sides to every story and sometimes even three.

  67. Another thing got me confused, the PM say the land which I guess is the carpark isn’t Kinch land. SO the rent the vendors was paying then was paid to who then and should they continue to pay rent to somebody that ain’t the owner?

    Lord have mercy this thing got me muddle up, I should never of had on my dam radio today!

  68. @ Old Timer

    Relax the PM stated she has more to share on the Savvy issue regarding the sale etc so just be patient and form an opinion when all the facts are out there.

    On the pension issue of the 750 installments, I was glad that it was explained this would not affect persons who are 60 and over as this would of seriously hit some people hard, as they would of had no time to plan or attempt to make the additional 250 installments.

  69. I don’t have many words right now… but I want to say this. It was at the last meeting a few weeks ago that the AG asked not to go to the press and Mr Kinch agreed.

    This of course was also at a meeting where the AG agreed that it was still a negotiation but then swifty sent a letter giving Mr Kinch giving him 14 days 3 of which were bank holidays to accept his offer.

    This was also a meeting where the AG said Mr Kinch would not be compensated for the lands sold to Him by the BTII that are where the food trucks and the gardens are.

    Though I was outraged at the unfairness of the matter I first tried as I always have to reach out to the PM by letter, by email, by whatsapp and by text. I have used the words “I am BEGGING you” many times asking her to meet and resolve it. I asked for NOTHING more.

    It is only after SHE failed to respond and to deal with the matter. A matter where lands were advertised as beach front property, described with the boundary to the sea and conveyed to the high water mark and the land tax has been paid on for 3 years and now our government says no you don’t own the land and no we are not compensating you. How is this possible?

    I ask you all WHERE DO WE LIVE? Surely this is no longer Barbados!

    Is this not the same Barbados that when she saw wrong things being done and no efforts being made to resolve them held a All White March? Did she not speak out, did she not walk around with a red bag?

    I have only learned by her example to speak out against injustice just as she did on in Aug 2010 Fairness & Truth

  70. @ Ms Taylor

    So when the PM says that the food vans are breaking the law on whose land are they breaking the law? I don’t understand this.

    • A good question.
      But Mia accepted defeat, saying all the food vendors could stay.
      This negates much of the support for the ‘other side’. But means whomever owns the land, or may own, are committed to this use. We assume she has the required permissions.

    • Food trucks to stay
      By Maria Bradshaw

      Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has broken her silence on the controversial Savvy on The Bay saga, declaring that the food truck business operators will not be moved.
      However, one of the principals behind the project has hit back, complaining about the ongoing negotiations.
      Speaking during a press conference at Ilaro Court yesterday, Mottley suggested that the section of land on which the food vendors now operate at Bay Street, St Michael, did not belong to businessman Allan Kinch.
      Kinch had said he bought the three parcels of land in the area from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. (BTII) in 2015. He is presently in discussions with Government over the acquisition of two sections of the land, which Government wants returned to public car park space.
      Pointing out that the two sides had agreed not to discuss the matter with the media while they were in negotiations, Mottley said: “The only thing that I would say about this is that the issue . . . upon small vendors has been put at the centre of it. I want to be very clear, regardless of the outcome of the discussions with the developer, those vendors will stay where they are.
      “And I say so because the information coming to Government from the developer would suggest that they only have a lease until March or May next year.
      “I want to give you the assurance that the difficulty as to where you are on the beach is not the developer’s land and, therefore, whether it is the developer who eventually leases the land or it remains with Government as it is currently, you would have the opportunity to stay there.”
      She added: “I thank the developer for giving us the idea, even though there was no application to Town Planning and no ownership of the land upon which he has put you, but you will stay there. Thanks be to God.”
      In terms of the actual ongoing negotiations with Kinch, which have been taking place with Attorney General (AG) Dale Marshall and Dr William Duguid, Senior Minister in charge of infrastructural projects, the Prime Minister said Government would reveal all in a ministerial statement about the sale of the beachfront land if the talks were not concluded soon.
      “I would say to you now is that I have said to the two gentleman (Marshall and Duguid), you have a timeline on these negotiations. If these negotiations don’t finish within the next few weeks, there must be a ministerial statement to the Parliament and all of the facts laid bare, including how this matter started under the last Government, why there was a need to go to court under the last Government, how therefore the sale
      was proceeded with, as a result of an act with specific performance and why we would not have been able to act before when we said from the very beginning.
      “From the time I was a child, those two lots in the middle were always car parks. In fact, there used to be a jetty there. We believe the public of Barbados must retain that open space to the beach and that there must be the opportunity for Bajans to go and park their car and get a sea bath when they want, as they have always been able to do.”
      When contacted for a response to the comments by the Prime Minister, Kinch, who has not spoken to the media since the negotiations began, told the Saturday Sun: “I have a response but I will not make it public at this point. I am just shocked that she doesn’t know what emails she has received or what files pass her desk. That’s all I would say at this point.”
      However, his partner Sarah Taylor revealed that Government has said it will not compensate Kinch for the lands it wants to reacquire.
      “It was at the last meeting a few weeks ago that the AG asked not to go to the press and Mr Kinch agreed. This, of course, was also at a meeting where the AG agreed that it was still a negotiation but then swiftly sent a letter giving Mr Kinch 14 days, three of which were bank holidays, to accept his offer.
      “This was also a meeting where the AG said Mr Kinch would not be compensated for the lands sold to him by the BTII – that are where the food trucks and the gardens are.”
      Taylor said she attempted to reach out to the Prime Minister after this occurred.
      “Though I was outraged at the unfairness of the matter, I first tried as I always have to reach out to the PM by letter, by email, by WhatsApp and by text. I have used the words ‘I am begging you’ many times asking her to meet and resolve it.
      “It is only after she failed to respond and to deal with the matter, a matter where lands were advertised as beachfront property, described with the boundary to the sea and conveyed to the high-water mark and the land tax has been paid on for three years, and now our Government says, ‘No, you don’t own the land and no, we are not compensating you’. How is this possible?” she asked.
      “I ask you all where do we live? Surely, this is no longer Barbados!”

      Source: Nation

  71. @David

    Further to my statement printed in the Nation newspaper. I also want to add the following

    It was on the 19th of July 2023 that the AG requested Mr Kinch not go to the press.

    It was on the 28th of July 2023 after not responding to offers or supplying promised documents that the AG sent a letter giving 14 days which included 3 bank holidays for Mr Kinch to accept his offer or they would move to acquire the land.

    It was on August 13th 2023 that the Nation published the story about the stop notice on the old eye ward. This was after the 14 days.

    The government has not made any effort to negotiate or to be reasonable. It has only chosen to dictate to and bully Mr Kinch. There was no press until after the time the AG set to accept his offer ran out.

    The offer was not please consider A or B and we will meet and discuss options. There was no response to offers made by Mr Kinch. There was only accept what we offer or we will acquire the land.

    The other challenge is that they want to claim Mr Kinch does not own a large section of the land despite BTII selling it to him and government collecting land tax on it from him. They just expect to take that without compensation.

    Let me ask you ah question…. If ah body come and take your hand and slam a car door on it or run over it with a truck, will you not also holler?

    Yup I hollering and I will continue to holler until words are more than words.

    Until fairness is not just spoken but actions represent it.

    Until the words “Do into others as you would have them do unto you” are not just spoken but lived by!

  72. “It was on the 19th of July 2023 that the AG requested Mr Kinch not go to the press.”

    It is clear that you and Mr Kinch are not familiar with how things are supposed to work. They would prefer that you be polite and quiet as you are ‘murdered’. That is perception.

    They consider a screaming victim as an irritant.

    My POV.
    I will be brutally frank
    Mr Kinch will ‘lose’ this battle. His strategy now should be on being a winning loser. He may be able to recover all his funds and more but he has to give a loud concession speech.

    You have the truth but you are mismanaging the perception.

    “There is no truth. There is only perception.” – Gustave Flaubert

    I accept cheques.

    • Bussa, Sarah Anne Gill & Clement Payne wold say differently and I thank God for them.

      I do understand your point just refuse to accept that we must live in a world of accepting the status quo when it is one of oppression and victimisation.

      We have long known the battle is lost but Mr Kinch must be compensated and they only wish to do so for a small piece of what they want and they will not negotiate. Our court system does not work and I believe that is to benefit those that make it so.

      Respectfuly these are the quotes I will hold to.

      John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

      Luke 12:2-3
      Everything that is hidden will be shown, and everything that is secret will be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in an inner room will be shouted from the housetops.

  73. Push too hard and you will be tied up in the court for years. That’s an ugly, expensive and frustrating win.

    Dial it down and let some people save face. You lose in the media, but you lose without losing a penny – the beautiful win.

    I take small cheques

  74. Always must be a political solution.the law or what is right must always be trumped by political considerations. Always appear to be on the side of created victims. What is the difference between a political/platform styled speech and a press conference ?
    Are we paying attention or are we just all complicit in pure stupidity and grandstanding. Then we blame the poorest and the most vulnerable for being nonchalant.

  75. What a pathetic set of kowtowing ‘journalists’ at the PM grandstanding session… Shiite man!! that was brass at its best (worse)..

    What a set of ‘humble’ questions… long hops …not even allowed to be completed as the PM interrupted the questions, completed them as she wanted, and then went on her usual rant….

    What a pathetic place….
    Seriously David… are you REALLY optimistic … or scared shitless?!

    • @Bush Tea

      The blogmaster did not make the time to watch the press conference, Mottley’s MO is fairly well known. No surprises here.

  76. Mottley’s MO is fairly well known.
    All the more reason one would have expected an appropriate approach to any opportunity for a professional questioner to extract information from her.
    It is quite evident that she makes it up as she goes along and then bluffs.

    This ‘cowish’ deference may be appropriate at her ‘St Parish speaks’ joke sessions, but for ‘real’ journalists it looks bad…

    Actually, it would be good for her to face some real hard questions at home. The story of the naked emperor is aptly appropriate here… one of his shiite aides SHOULD have told him that his little doggie was exposed …LONG before some innocent child had to sort the mess out…

    Better our PM is told here ..than on CNN or BBC …

    • Right now the warnings to Afrika are continuing…this slick tongue luring must never succeed on our ancestral lands… no matter what has to be done..

      ..many are aware it’s a scammers paradise when people accept shite talk as gospel…while the big plans are implemented in stealth…..
      .NOT THIS TIME….way out of their depth…

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