Who to Blame?

Submitted by Dr. Grenville Phillips II

We recently had four reported suicides in Barbados, but were told that identifying the cause was complicated. That is an excuse typically used to dissuade persons from investigating an inconvenient link. So, it is time for a difficult conversation.

The most important indicator for predicting suicidal thoughts appears to be low self-esteem. Suicide was “especially common in nations with relatively low levels of self-esteem” regardless of sex, age, or economic affluence [1]. Youth who had negative stress and low self-esteem were found to have more suicidal thoughts [2]. Support from the families and the community was found to help if that support improved self-esteem [3].


Self-esteem may be broadly defined as how you view yourself. It may be positively influenced by: family, friends, teachers and others who encourage your responsible behaviour. It may also be negatively influenced by those who dislike you.

Bad stress may be defined as a consequence of guilt. Your conscience normally convicts you when you do wrong, and if you persist you may feel tormented from within. Therefore, people who do not like themselves and persist in doing wrong are more likely to have suicidal thoughts.

Every week, churches across Barbados reinforce two messages. The first is that we are children of our Heavenly Father, the Almighty God, which can only result in high self-esteem. The second is that Jesus, the Messiah of all humankind, has paid the penalty for our sins, and if we repent, the emotionally stressful guilt may be removed.


By 2018, the DLP’s management of the economy was so disastrous that it lowered Barbadians’ self-esteem to perhaps the lowest it had ever been. Every DLP politician was voted out of office in the 2018 General Election and there was a refreshing feeling of hope. Defaulting on our debts and surrendering Barbados to the IMF only worsened our self-esteem, so the BLP needed a plan.

Their agents started a smear-campaign to link Barbadians’ self-esteem, not to the mismanagement of our economy where it belonged, but to the 200-year old statue of Horatio Nelson. We were told that it was the cause of our low self-esteem and were promised that we would feel better about ourselves if it were removed.


The main charges made by our eminent historians was that Nelson was a: racist, white supremacist enslaver and mass-murderer of our African fore-parents.

Everyone seemed to be caught up in the fervour – myself included. Some wanted to relocate it to the docks, some wanted it sent back to England, some wanted to sell it, while others wanted it thrown into the wharf. I wrote recommending that if the accusations were true, then it should be destroyed, for why should anyone want to admire someone so abhorrent.


I then investigated the truth and found that every accusation made was false. In an age where almost all white persons were: racists, white supremacists, and/or enslavers, Horatio Nelson was the rare exception. He went against the racist cultural norms of his time and employed, promoted and paid black persons the same as whites on his ships.

Nelson passionately hated slavery and likely freed more slaves outside of North America than any other person during his lifetime. He also hated corruption and after finding approximately BD$80M of corrupt activities in Barbados, he became a hated enemy of the racist white-supremacist slave-owning politicians, planters and merchants.

Following his death, several statues of him, of varying quality, were erected. The statue of perhaps the finest quality was erected in Barbados over 200 years ago. In November 2020, the statue was removed with the promise that our self-esteem would improve. To secure that promise, we are forbidden from viewing it to this day.


COVID-19 provided an opportunity to raise the self-esteem of all Barbadians. Instead, it was used to divide us into the essentials who were allowed to earn a living, and the non-essentials who were not allowed to work and risked losing their homes and businesses. Churches were also closed and restricted, which prevented our most vulnerable from receiving that emotional support.

COVID-19 was further used to divide us into the privileged vaxxed, and the sanctioned unvaxxed. A national policy of guilt was used to pressure people to get vaccinated, accusing unvaccinated persons of not caring about their elderly relatives. The guilt was realised when many of our elderly started dying.


When the promised self-esteem miracle did not happen after removing Nelson, we were guaranteed that if we became a republic, our self-esteem would surely improve. When the Queen and international journalists commented on the legality of the plan, we pretended that we voted for republicanism in 2018 – when we all knew that we did not. There is no right way to do wrong things.

With our self-esteem now in the proverbial toilet, we added the national guilt from: (i) joining the dead racist white-supremacist slave-owning politicians, planters and merchants in condemning Nelson for doing what was right and good, and (ii) embracing the lie that we voted for republicanism in 2018 – which deceived the whole world and corrupted the historical record of knowledge.

As if that were not enough, we also added the national guilt from (iii) supporting the sanctions that harmed our unvaccinated neighbours, (iv) convincing our youth that their actions may have caused the death of their grandparents during COVID, and (v) our teaching methods that are designed to benefit only 20% of our students, leaving the vast majority with low self-esteem.


We have carelessly put these unnecessary dark national clouds of low self-esteem and guilt over Barbados because of our selfishness and stupidity. We have left those without responsible support systems vulnerable to suicidal thoughts, where their personal failings may provide the tormenting emotional stress that may push them over the edge.

We should never play with peoples’ emotions by falsely promising to raise their self-esteem. We risk extinguishing the last remaining hope on which vulnerable persons were relying – which may convince them that there is no light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Will those who made and promoted those reckless promises of self-esteem improvement now repent and do what is right? Will we remove the dark clouds that we have set over the lives of most Barbadians? Our choice is simple, either we repent – or we tell the next generation: “go hang yourselves”. The result is foreseen – our pride will get the better of us.


Grenville Phillips II is a Doctor of Engineering and a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

[1] Chatard, A., Selimbegović, L. and Konan, P.N. (2009), Self-esteem and suicide rates in 55 Nations. European Journal of Personality, 23: 19-32.

[2] Wilbum, V., Smith, D. (2005), Stress, self-esteem, and suicidal ideation in late adolescents. Adolescence, Vol 40, No. 157.

[3] Evan M. Kleiman, E., Riskind, J. (2013), Utilized Social Support and Self-Esteem Mediate the Relationship Between Perceived Social Support and Suicide Ideation. Crisis, 34:1, 42-49.


121 thoughts on “Who to Blame?

  1. We can always expect tinsel.

    Could it be possible that titularly Black people like you who serve a god looking like somebody else, who have no knowledge of self, who run around acculmulating all kinds of Western trinkets like advanced degrees, whose mental frameworks are White, who only know one racist language, who harbour deep love for albinos, who seek a White man’s fictitious heaven might want to hasten it’s arrival.

    And on and on

    • @ Pacha
      You must surely be among the very few learned BBs left, with the mindset that Jesus was of albino stock.

      Apparently the brainwashing that had misled generations of deliberately un-educated blacks continues to haunt you and those of your diminishing ilk.
      Currently educated peoples of science – of all races – now KNOW, without any doubt, that this was nonsense from the start.

      Should you not loosen those chains in your mind at long last…?

      The first Bushman probably looked strikingly like Bushie does (actually vice versa), …and probably talked the same kinda shiite too….
      You may need to find a new straw man to kick in this particular regard. lol

  2. > His Story
    There are no causal links between recent suicides and Grenville’s pet beefs.
    His arguments would be struck out in a Court of Law.

    >> History
    1805 Nelson was against William Wilberforce’s campaign for the abolition of the Slave Trade.

    His sympathies lied with a brutal Jamaican slave-owning elite in Britain’s most productive and valuable colony and claimed an attack on the island would be a victory for Napoleon Bonaparte.

    >>> Black History Revisited
    May 25 2020 George Floyd an African-American man is killed by a police officer, igniting historic protests.
    While Floyd’s death changed the world at large, the tragedy was a stark reminder, specifically for Black Americans, of the deep systemic realities underlying Black life.
    George Floyd, for Black people, was a reminder of the history, of the consistency and of the pervasiveness of racism.

    The moment galvanized Black people all over to recognize “the historical and cultural trauma — in addition to the collective trauma — of the experience of the Black community.

    Say Their Names’ movement, referred to the calls to invoke the names of people who have succumbed to police violence.

    Black-led groups and new Black Lives Matter chapters sprouted up to combat racial inequality, and policymakers were compelled to listen.

  3. Following this argument was impossible for me.

    My legs simply aren’t long enough to hop the great distance from one piece of bullshit to the next.

    Some may want to suggest that my legs simply don’t have the power.

    To that I say, “Take another look!”

    Only a fool would try to make that leap. Even Grenville didn’t make it.

  4. God is one and all without any division in the hueman race.

    Jesus’ and his beliefs did not come out of a vacuum and would have simply interpreted the information available in his universe of data such as Buddhism which preceded him by 400 years. Jesus’ ideas of rebirth reincarnation and after life was taken from Buddhist philosophy / spirituality developed through meditation by ascetics*. These people had a lot of time to mediate on deeper higher matters of the universe.

    Buddhism 5th century BCE was interpretation of Hinduism, and Chinese philosophy preceding it spread through Asia via the Silk Road.

    (*) asceticism
    severe self-discipline and avoiding of all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.

    Tao or Dao (道) is the natural order of the universe, whose character one’s intuition must discern to realize the potential for individual wisdom, as conceived in the context of East Asian philosophy, East Asian religions, or any other philosophy or religion that aligns to this principle. This intuitive knowing of life cannot be grasped as a concept. Rather, it is known through actual living experience of one’s everyday being. Its name, Tao or Dao, came from Chinese, where it signifies the way, path, route, road, or sometimes more loosely doctrine, principle, or holistic belief

    There is debate that Jesus was wrong to say “Our Father” giving birth to patriarchal system of society or government controlled by men.
    The imagined “God” “sitting on his/her throne” is on the LGBetc rainbow spectrum as both male and female.

  5. Nelson shiite!!
    Grenville is right about the critical role of self esteem and self actualization in modern society.
    The matter was clearly explained by Maslow many years ago.

    The VERY simple fact is that motivation is not a static concept. Whereas poor hungry, uneducated people can be motivated with corn beef and biscuits and a beer or rum, as their children move up in the hierarchy of needs, more complex methodologies are needed to motivate such a people.
    Since the higher order needs tend to be about esteem and self actualization, it now takes a completely different class of LEADERSHIP than the mendicant types that succeeded in the past.

    So that…
    Rather than running around the country promising to give gifts to squeaky complainers, leadership is now about enfranchising and empowering ordinary citizens to be involved and included in their development issues.

    Rather than becoming the global poster for begging, complaining and grand standing, leadership is now about taking control of your own family assets and empowering your educated, productive and competent sons and daughters to make them successful.

    If Bushie was a young UWI graduate, eager to demonstrate my talent and skills, ….and only hearing from ‘leaders’ about bringing foreign brass bowls, often with inferior abilities and no local knowledge, to boss me around – just like happened to my grand mother… What the Hell would anyone expect..?

    Corn beef and biscuit type leaders, who can ONLY think in terms of getting $$$, CANNOT successfully inspire higher level followers. In fact they depress and frustrate them…

    Unfortunately, we persist with our stupid political SYSTEM that encourages the jobby to settle at the top of the heap….

    The ship bound to sink….

  6. Freedom Glow
    The Wellness Experience

    How many thoughts are there in a day 50,000, 80,000 or 100,000?

  7. Stay in your lane….always extrapolating and pontificating about that which you haven’t a clue.

  8. Glad to know others are clueless. Have been trying to read the original post and the comments and cannot make head or tails of many of the comments.

    I can see some friction, but unable to se who is rubbing the person the wrong way.

    The jury is already in.
    NTSH – Headed to the hall of shame

  9. Similarly to Donna, I am unable to follow the arguments, or navigate myself through the ‘bull$hite’ either. Perhaps it’s a PhD thing and therefore above my intellect. What surprised me was that in his last article, ‘Hanged by the neck,’ Dr. Phillips II reasoned he was prepared to listen to Dr. Umar Johnson’s speech because, “since he has a doctorate, he should committed to research integrity, which means he is obligated to attach equal weight to credible evidence that supports his preferred opinions……” However, Dr. Phillips has chosen not to accept the opinions of history scholars who would’ve also had to satisfy similar doctoral requirements before presenting their thesis and awared a PhD, simply because he disagrees with their accounts of Nelson, slavery and Queen Elizabeth II. So, in an effort to prove them wrong, he decided to conduct his own research and accepted information that confirms his particular biases. But, did he conduct his research under conditions similarly to what he outlined for Dr. Umar or did he use Google? If not, why should anyone accept what he has to say about Nelson?

  10. Barbados should send their statue of Horatio Whats-His-Face to outer space.

    Mia must be a rebel disco devil
    she chased the evil devil to another place
    and now she wears the crown

    R.I.P. Queen of Baby-Baby-Babylon
    Born: 21 April 1926, Bruton Street, London
    Died: 8 September 2022, Balmoral Castle
    Babylon Well Wrong

  11. David, just saw there was an earthquake yesterday of 6.6 magnitude to the north-east of the Caribbean, which lasted for an extended period of time and was felt over the British Virgin Islands. It was followed by another of 4.2 magnatude a bit closer to BVI, Anguilla and Antigua. And, another one last night, further north, between 4.4 and 4.6 mag.

    • @Artax

      Earthquakes/tremors occur daily in the region. We don’t get enough coverage this natural occurrence merits.

  12. Arguably one of the finest recordings from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s hugely creative period was Junior Delgado’s ‘Sons of Slaves’ giving voice to the lowly status bestowed on the African descendants of Jamaica.

  13. Greta Thunberg is to blame.

    Sold to the wokeist, climate change, fascists as some child diviner and rocketed to fame and fortune from obscurity, overnight.

    This child actor represents a fraud no different than those who would have us believe that bulling is to be considered the same way we do the ultimate interaction between man and woman.

    Two different tricks by those seeking to maintain empire by any means necessary.

    Thunberg could not be found when the Nord Stream pipelines were destroyed by Joe Biden, as he promised, releasing more CO2s in the air and sea than can be calculated.

    But she shows up in Ukraine to meet the Jewish fascist Zelensky at a time when the great Russian Federation are crushing NATO and their useful idiots in Ukraine to oblivion.

    Indeed, it must be this child pródigy as hegemonically divined, professional but second rate actress, who must be leading some young people in Barbados, unable to so beguile the multitude as her, to an early death by their own hands.

    Maybe she has this kind of ‘dog and pony show’ deployment in common with Mia Mottley.

    • Seems like Grenville has a persecution perception problem.

      Almost everyone who commented here has agreed with him on more than one occasion. But…his mind only registers the times when we disagree.

      He thinks we are attacking the bullshitter rather than the bullshit.

      The issue here is not whether we agree with the individual points or even if they are true. Rather it is that not ONE of them leads to the next.

      This poopy pathway piece puts me in mind of the calypsonian Poonka, who at the time of writing one particular song declared that he was, “All over de place!”

      The Christian tent still open?

  14. “What kind of president bullies a teenager?” @realDonaldTrump

    Andrew Tate, 36: “Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions”

    Greta Thunberg, 19: “yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalldickenergy@getalife.com.”

  15. The responses here were predictable. So what is the truth?

    Did we lie about Nelson? Yes.
    Did we lie about voting for a republic in 2018? Yes.
    Did we divide Barbados into the essentials and non-essentials? Yes.
    Did we divide Barbados into the Vaxxed and Unvaxxed? Yes.
    Did we continue with an educational system that is designed to benefit approximately 20% of students? Yes.
    Is self esteem linked to suicidal thoughts? Yes.
    Does the combination of suicide and stress result in more suicidal thoughts? Yes.

  16. So according to Mr. Grenville’s reasoning, Barbados should reinstall Horatio Nelson’s statue and return to the umbrella of the British empire i.e the Queen/ now King Charles in order to restore self-esteem to Black Barbadians.

    Mr. Grenville how did Black Barbadians get to Barbados? Do you think it was to our benefit to be uprooted and then transplanted only to be governed by the God-less ungovernable enemy?

    I know they are countless ill-minded Black people who believe that being Black is a curse and that we have nothing to offer and that we should look to the coloniser…!

    When you choose to cut the ties to your Ancestral Greatness, you are forced to genuflect to your coloniser and his MO. To say that Nelson despised slavery and seek to abolish it is nothing but comfort to fools. Its the same non-sensical bile effusing from the bowels of the Bristish who praise themselves for being the first to abolish slavery.

    Why did Black people go into slavery? Simple …We were a disobedient, hard-headed people who turned against our Creator and followed other gods’ Today we continue in that same behaviour. Jesus Christ was first presented to us as a member of the colonising tribe and we loved him. How in hell can we worship the made up god of our enemy and expect great results. The irony of religion and the coloniser is that the coloniser worships himself. To him he’s God. That’s why he can dishonour every Universal Law.

    Maybe by Barbados becoming a greedy, selfish,wretched society steeped in Pride and no Industry, while chasing shadows and by being a self-righteous nation of child-abusers, pedophiles and perverts, has led to this onslaught of suicide. Our yardstick of the ‘brightest rote-learners’ being loved and honoured is an absolute failure. We are a people of all show and no substance.

    Bajans don’t care. They would rather gossip and spread lies and rumours about each other. Instead of gossiping and lying and ruining persons’ reputation why don’t we show love, since its called a christian/cretin nation? Aren’t Christians’ motto LOVE and COMPASSION?

    Mr. Grenville, do you ever open your arms to these young people to offer them guidance based in sound knowledge? To whom much is given, much is expected.’ Does that hold any truth for you Grenville? Do you ever see the Creator in others who’ve attained less material gain that yourself?

    As a nation we are too damn wretched. We have entered the abyss of worshipping those with money which bought them the illusion of upward mobility while still steeped in gutter mentalities.

    How about this Grenville…….2nd Chronicles 7 v 14…”If my people who are called by my name……” I think that’s the solution to all our problems. Not the British Empire, not the re-instsallation of a dead Nelson and definitely Not yte America.

    Look In the Mirror!

  17. Artax,

    If you see my son scrolling backward and forward to see if he had missed the bridge between the points!

    I finally put him out of his misery by assuring him that he had missed nothing.

    It’s like Grenville just wanted to rant about his pet peeves and therefore tried to find a reason and a way to cobble them all together.


    I am happy to inform you that you haven’t lost your mind. ☺️

    • People can be highly proficient in one area and highly deficient in another.

      Is a good thing I know that or I would not set foot on any bridge that Grenville had a hand in building.

  18. Grenville is a proven asshole.

    And it is assholes like him who believe that they have something to say.

  19. It’s a good thing that he declares his credentials. It helps to dispel the myth that any one person, however “diploMAD” has the answer to every question.

    One can be highly proficient in one area and highly deficient in another.

    If Grenville built physical bridges the way he built these mental ones we would be stepping on air like Wile E. Coyote.

  20. Are you happy now…dont worry, it gets much, much worse….but i got this…

    …what is mine is mine from both sides of the ancestral divide…and no low breed int getting it ….to blight and curse it with their hundred year crime spree.

  21. We would 10 times out of 10 prefer engineers as politicians than the lawyer types.

    Indeed, all countries we’ve worked with where engineers are central tend to build things, have a very different management orientation.

    But in the case of this writer-engineer that same ethos seems not to be front of mind.

    Instead, we see these constant deviations into areas for which building things have nothing to do with.

    From religion to psychology to amateur historian, Grenville is the Jack of all trades and a master of none.

    Particularly troubling is that we are likely to enter a global infrastructural boom if industrial capitalism reasserts itself, like this writer estimates.

    And one would have imagined that a man who could be characterized as a politician-engineer, with a PhD, would have had a national response to these changes in presumed areas of primary interests.

  22. Hopi’s response clarifies most of the comments.

    1. It was not I who claimed that Nelson had anything to do with our self esteem. It was standing there for 200 years and affected no one’s self esteem. But we were promised that if it was taken down, it would improve our self esteem.

    Putting it back up will improve no one’s self esteem. I am not advocating that it go back up. I am advocating that we stop lying about him – which we did to justify removing it.

    For example. Did Nelson employ, promote and pay blacks the same as whites on his ships? Yes. So why do we keep lying about him? Because we do not like to hear the truth if it gets in the way of our agendas.

    2. It was not I who claimed that becoming a republic would improve our self esteem. But we were promised that becoming a republic would improve our self esteem.

    Going back to a constitutional monarchy will improve no one’s self esteem. I am not advocating that we go back to that form of government. I am advocating that we stop lying about it – which we did to become a republic.

    For example, did Barbadians give their consent to become a republic in the 2018 general election? No. So why do we keep lying about that? Because we do not want to hear the truth if it gets in the way of our agendas.

    • Are you a professional historian?

      What level of ignorance for you, a mere amateur, to go up against the professional historians who argue differently, with incontrovertible proofs.

      But like a genuine slave an exceptional White man must be found to be defended.


      You have long loss your right to speak to the matter of the republic when you lacked the courage to go forward with the planned judicial intervention.

      How do you know self esteem was not improved in spite of suicides?

      Why don’t you call the names of the professional historians who you claim are lying?

      Merely paying Africans the same, even if true and we doubt it, cannot in and of itself assuage the brutality of slavery, colonialism and racism.

      Even if people are lying about republic must they stop merely because it’s your pet peeve today? What about the lies in your stinking bible, from genesis to revelations? Should we not stop them too?

    • Pach:

      They provided no proofs – just accusations. You may ask Trevor Marshall for his proofs. Once, he let one slip and I checked – his ‘proof’ proved nothing. I have written on this before.

      I also went forward with my judicial intervention. There are now two cases in Appeal. I have also written on this before.

  23. The article is published in the Barbados Today – and copied here. I am required to say who I am and what I do – so that is standard on my articles. Why does that offend you so much?

  24. “The article is published in the Barbados Today – and copied here”

    Barbados Today has piss poor standards of reporting which is inexcusable.
    Writers in this school boy level of media in a little pond are all puffed up full of themselves.

    budavid often prints above the line crap with the caveat that below the line comments will hold them to account.

    There is no feedback or constructive criticism possible with biased one way news media agendas who have no shame , which is why they set the bar so low. These types of rags also just copy articles from other sources.
    In defense of BT all newspapers are shite.

  25. Grenville, wasn’t suicide present in Barbados prior to the removal of Nelson’s statue or the decoupling from the British Empire?

    Based on your commentary, is it so long a stretch to conclude that removing the statue of Nelson and divorcing from the BE has had a negative affect on the self-esteem of some Barbadians who would rather see that re-erected statue and restoration of the British family ties?

    Can we not have a conversation about Suicide in Barbados w/o tying it into the removal of Nelson or the divorce from the British Empire, irregardless of who is was that promised Barbadians such.

    Are you against Republicanism for Barbados or do you think that the British Empire should still be the Overlord of the nation?

    Are you aware that the teaching methods used in Barbados which benefits only 20% while disadvantaging 80% were given to us by the British/Prussians. How would you correct such teaching methods?

    Don’t you think that if the Black Youth in Barbados were educated about their true identity and the greatness of their foreparents and that this greatness is somewhere bound up in their DNA, that this could improve their self-esteem or do you believe that tying our identity to the British Empire or Nelson does have a higher chance of restoring such self-esteem?

    Bad stress may be defined as a consequence of guilt and your conscience normally convict you when you do wrong? Are you sure?

    • Hopi:

      You are missing the point. After the continuous downgrades, PM Stuart understood the impact on our national self esteem and tried to assure Barbadians that it was not they that were being downgraded. That had nothing to do with Nelson or republicanism.

      When we defaulted on our debt for the first time since Independence and were surrendered to the IMF, there were promises made to lift our self-esteem. Those promises turned out to be false.

      This is relevant to suicide because low self-esteem is a proven major indicator.

      I have written repeatedly on correcting the teaching methods. We ran a campaign on doing that. You may review our educational policies on our website linked below for your convenience.


  26. Furthermore Grenville, is it beneath you to open your Heart and your Arms and share your experience, knowledge and wisdom with such troubles souls contemplating suicide with the aim of restoring esteem to such a soul? What say you?

  27. Barbados displaying a statue of Nelson is like Israel having a statue of Hitler.
    It’s good to have a cultural history but it shouldn’t celebrate the infamy.
    If Grenville had half a brain he would drop this subject matter but he has continued on and on with it for donkeys years already.

    • I simply do not being lied to and told that it is truth. You should research the matter for yourself and then we may discuss the evidence.

  28. @ Hopi
    Grenville is on to something important in respect to self esteem and self actualization being CRITICAL factors in the social issues that confront us.
    Instead of picking at minutia with his style, why not let’s build on his key points… brainstorming style?

    Start with Maslow’s hierarchy …
    Our society has now moved PAST the era where basic needs driven by hunger and shelter were major motivational societal factors.
    Our grandparents were ETERNALLY grateful to politicians and unions who got them an extra shilling for picking pond grass on the plantation.
    Do you (or the current shiite politicians) REALLY think that Bushie’s daughter or son gives two shits when Mia brags about bringing Marriott here to provide 500 jobs for maids, gardeners and porters?
    Do you think our grandchildren are inspired by Massy or Sagicor being facilitated to bring foreigners to run every shiite bout here – while Tobago fishermen getting on like scalawags about Bajans fishing in the public sea for a few shiite fish?

    What kind of self esteem would you expect from our young people with masters degrees – whose prospects (according to Mia) are hopefully getting employed by Hyatt as housekeepers – and working a lifetime to pay back IMF and Chinese loans….?

    Steupssss… Our leaders are like monkeys playing with guns…
    They barely managed with the lower order needs in the corn beef and biscuits days, but having handed out loaded guns to our children in the form of degrees and social media access, they can only duck and hide now, as they are CLUELESS on how to inspire the required higher-order motivational needs..

    Grenville is not to blame. He actually OFFERED his solutions publicly – unlike anonymous complainers like Bushie, Hopi and Pacha … Perhaps we should be cussing ourselves… LOL

    • Bushie

      What is this preoccupation with Maslow’s simplistic hierarchy of needs?

      Has it escaped you that such a Eurocentric model is entirely materially based?

      That it is devoid of any notion of spirit, awareness of Ancestors, Ntr?

      Or are you want to presume that there is a hard separation like the albino Rene Descartes and others have falsely contended?

      It is indeed surprising that you of all people are so beguiled.

    • Bushie

      And then there’s Maslow’s dog!

      Maybe a play on your g…o…d!

    • @ Pacha
      Sometimes your irrational emotional response to concepts that differ from your own personal dogma is dismaying – for someone who ‘gets’ so much otherwise.
      First, the model explicitly illustrates the progression from basic materialistic needs all the way up to self-actualization – which is the concept of recognizing and realizing one’s true full human potential.

      It is clearly NOT a ‘materialistic’ model.

      Then the fact of Maslow’s origins has little bearing on the validity of the concept. Indeed, it is exactly what Grenville (and Bushie) are saying – except that Grenville has not yet refined his thoughts fully.

      Much like your irrational attitude to the Bible, the greatest book EVER to have been documented, this Achilles heel will be your undoing.

    • Bushie possibly you might dig deeper and discover WHY all these enterprises, incl public, are hiring ferners.
      Why are those with advanced degrees not DOING something other than looking to others for employment.
      Especially the Govt, for that reinforces their hold on people. And forces the borrowing to maintain that grasp.
      BTW, I hear another ‘division’ of a local firm has been bought by other Island folk.

    • Bushie possibly you might dig deeper and discover WHY all these enterprises, incl public, are hiring ferners.
      Excellent suggestion NO.
      Now THAT is what brainstorming is all about…

      The root reason would very likely surprise even the likes of Enuff and the Blogmaster (gallows bait that he is…) LOL

      Wanna go first…?

  29. Dr. Phillips II, who made the correlation between the removal of Nelson’s statue and Barbadians” self esteem? In all fairness, people were calling for the removal of Nelson for years before Mottley became PM of Barbados. And, most likely, those persons who committed suicide were probably more ‘caught up’ with their problems to ‘give two shiites’ whether or not Nelson was removed or even existed. But, Barbados is a ‘reactionary society.’ People experience depression and other psychiatric issues on a daily basis. How many Barbadians are aware the police take people to the psychiatric hospital every day or of suicides that are not reported by the media? We ‘press the panic button’ because there were 4 or 5 suicides within 3 weeks. After ‘9 days,’ everyone goes about his/her business, until the next sensation occurs…… and the ‘pseudo experts’ re-emerge.

    • It was the false hope that is of concern.

      Since you may be triggered by Nelson, let us say that if we were promised that if we all painted our houses blue – both inside and outside, that our self esteem would improve. If this were mandatory and it turned out to be a lie, would it bother you?

  30. “Steupssss… Our leaders are like monkeys playing with guns…
    They barely managed with the lower order needs in the corn beef and biscuits days, but having handed out loaded guns to our children in the form of degrees and social media access, they can only duck and hide now, as they are CLUELESS on how to inspire the required higher-order motivational needs..”

    While those who should know better but dont are picking at loving a shitstained statute of a dead slaver…mental illness?…

    i have gone a step further and told the continent to intervene since THEY support the reparations initiative so therefore Caribbean politicians in their corrupt leanings cannot have it both ways and will have to give up colluding with their thieves for friends and business partners to further oppress, suppress, exploit, disenfranchise, TIEF FROM and pauperize Afrikan descents to enrich and promote themselves and each other to greatness at African expense and in continuation.

    . And furthermore…they aint TIEFING Afrikan’s birthrights either as they already set up to do…certainly int getting mine….as am bringing DOWN ALL ancestral powers and entitlements to bear on TOP OF THEM..let them see what weee are made of since they have no respect…

    They will be dismantled one way or the next….so let them sit and watch themselves systematically stripped down of all their planned scams and go find honest jobs for once in their dishonest lives….them and their greedy salivating sidekicks both.

    You dont EVER threaten my family’s future and believe you are walking away freely…you will remain on my permanent shitlist until you evaporate.

  31. Pacha…everyone, they, the politicians, manuevered themselves straight into that position, no one placed them there but their historical and everlasting lack of scruples, greed and disdain for Afrikan people..

    And that is why they will be taken to the wire….it boggles the mind how they ever thought they could get away with something like this based entirely on all the evil they got away with in the last 100 years.

  32. This is secondary but no less disturbing and highly concerning that black slave minds who in no way consider themselves Afrikans are so delighted, love to witness and celebrate seeing each other robbed, degraded and reduced to social and fiscal nothingness by wicked, greedy black politicians, their minority friends..and would do anything to keep that evil alive and well in Afrikan lives……

    It’s not like they dont know, the whole island does, so do other islands, so do their victims and others in the wider diaspora….and yet…..

    .it’s certainly a mind sickness..they do need mental health..

    • No…but you and your TIEFING anti-African ilk desperately need a manifestation of cleansing from Neith…

      Ask Pacha who that is and what that means.

      .wunna get bout here knowing everything and attacking me because you knew i did not know…ya were boasting and counting chickens for years…so take what ya get for ya fraudulent uselessness.both you and ya skeazy political masters…

      ..i still KNOW NOTHING. ..MFs

      Btw…ya should ask the WEF employee in the parliament bout dah dey, who they injected with poisin and dropping like flies…what are the numbers now, 90 deaths per week? Make them say what documents they signed off on and gave permission for as CHAIR.

      …i int no employee…and hold a completely different status. ..far removed from all of that…and that’s how it will ALWAYS BE. Cant pin shit on me.

      Thought yall had it in the bag right…wrong.

  33. RE: “Since you may be triggered by Nelson…… ”

    “Triggered by Nelson?”

    Don’t be ridiculous, my friend.

    I don’t care anything about Lord Nelson. Or whether or not his statue was moved, dumped in the sea, placed in the museum or sent to Trafalgar Square in the UK.

    By all accounts YOU’RE the PERSON who “may be triggered by” him. After all, it ISN’T ME who goes into a FRENZY whenever someone mentions anything about Nelson or say historians have been spreading false information about him.

    RE: “let us say that if we were promised that if we all painted our houses blue – both inside and outside, that our self esteem would improve. If this were mandatory and it turned out to be a lie, would it bother you?”

    You’ve delved into the realm of absurdity.
    Your silly example does not deserve an answer.

    UNLIKE you, I DON’T RELY on SILLY promises from politicians to IMPROVE my self esteem.
    I cannot understand how any person of reasonable thought would be believe a politician saying Barbados becoming a Republic would improve the self esteem of Barbadians…… or even if one ‘paints his house blue,’ and become disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

    Utter nonsense!

    I believe people are ‘craftsmen of their fate.’

    People have a responsibility to make the required choices that would improve their self esteem.
    For example, they should embrace their positive qualities and surround themselves with positive, supportive individuals.

    However, based on your comments and how you react to people who disagree with you, it’s obvious you have issues with low self esteem.

  34. “Since you may be triggered by Nelson”

    who erected the statue of Nelson in Barbados during it’s times of slavery

    it’s a no brainer that it should go

    USA wanted to remove their confederate statues of those that supported slavery and there were some idiots there too with similar long talk bullshit

    • US presidential candidates Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence promised to restore the original names of military bases that honoured confederate soldiers.

    • Hope everyone is noting how shameless these are, and now everything blew up on them, went bust right their faces, all that long term planning…got them on the run, they ruined their motherlode heist and trapped themselves spectacularly, now they think they can pin their life long career plots and plans on me…..when am not THE EMPLOYEE, never was, never will be…..they got real nerve..

      Maybe i will have to reinforce…that my status is completely different to theirs, the two will never meet…the two are in no way connected and are not interchangeable.

      Am sure a time will come they will have to show us all just how strong those nerves really are…..dont know what they thought would hapen when they wilfully inserted themselves in places where most intelligent people know it’s the worst possible long con scam to perpetrate if you have the worse of intentions.

      There are videos circulating all over the place about consequences.

      Ah glad enuff they trapped themselves. Let’s see them try to weasel out of it now..lol.

      Should have known THEIR PLACE from Day 1 on finding out our identities…but since they have no respect for Afrikan people or what is rightfully ours, dont have boundaries our limits when it comes to us……they are more than deserving to reap exactly what they sowed…i say that with the strongest of convictions….so happy for them.

  35. Pacha
    Bushie is ‘anchored’ to anything that reflects basic wisdom and common sense. Typically, such concepts makes intuitive sense to ordinary folks such as bushmen…
    Many of the concepts that you espouse meets the ‘anchor standards’, …but some are like quicksand.

    Similarly for Grenville, NO, and even Enuff…on occasion.

  36. Niyabinghi drums to chant them away
    Psalm 68:1-6
    As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: As wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

  37. Grenville, according to you self-esteem should be linked to the mismanagement of the economy and not other external factors. Since self-esteem and suicide are intertwined and the fact that the economy is in a horrible state, should there not be more suicides in Barbados?

    Is there a possiblity that these suicides had absolutely nothing to do with the economy? Why do you choose to blame the economy and not other factors?

    You’ve investigated Nelson only to discover that ‘they’ were lying about him. I’ve investigated Nelson and concluded that he was a faithful servant of the British Empire and that he favoured slavery.

    You obviously have beef with the economy and the government, but why blame them for these suicides?

    Maybe the removal of Nelson and the divorce from the BE did improve the self-esteem for other Barbadians. Did ever think to measure that?

    • I explained that there were several factors for low self-esteem.

      Please provide your evidence that Nelson supported slavery. Please also explain why a person who supported slavery would immediately free any slave that reached any of his ships.

  38. Grenville “reviewed” misinformation from Britain to reach his conclusion
    He is either stupid or an apologist and propagandist for Britain
    He is probably suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

    • Kiki
      We concur.

      Maybe it explains the actions of his most ardent defender here.😅

      If true, this may also serve as warning to those who seek to deify people unaware of their checkered past.

      These are the intellectual culdesacs fools run into when attempting to past judgements on histories as amateurs.

      But yes, this is a matter well worthy of examination. Such an investigation may shine a light on much more significant matters around the history of Barbados.

  39. I think it is Angela always telling Bushman he needed a bush bath…wish she was here now to tell these what they need, cause no bush bath can help them..they need DIRSCT intervention…

    Angela must be truly laughing her ass off..

    Piece (POR) must be laughing even harder…they will wish for the days they terrorized that man for years and called him Tin Foil. .

    Looka de tin foil dey…


  40. “Maybe it explains the actions of his most ardent defender here.😅”

    Based on our very ancient Kulture, people do reincarnate as all kinds of things (animals) and people. Wont it be a thing if it’s the ” kiss me Harding” dude.

    i found it rather odd that he keeps harping on and on about wanting that curse of a statue returned to the spot that should house someone closer to his ancestry in this timeline, but no he is adamant and determined….and seem unable to let it go..

    • Well Waru

      You are to always expect a King Dyal, many in fact.

      The landscape is replete. Black people impersonating Whites, consciously or not, long dead even. Those who claim Christianity are just a single data point.

      This culture has a production line for these widgets. Be Jesus Christ, even the PM wears a crucifix, proudly, even as Africanity is proclaimed. No one sees contradictions therein.

      In this case, the only difference is, believe it or not, that the late King Dyal was actually a radical, leading marches to the GG residence before 1966. The writer suffers from the mental illness which requires him to defend White people, minorities in Barbados. An expression of hatred of self.

      Of course, King Dyal had a reserve Damascene moment which led to the court jester we saw since and to his death – a hater of Black people.

      This King Dyal aka Lord Nelson reincarnate has no such positive antecedents.

      But these are the vacuous Black people we consistently allow to lead us. But this writer chooses death before bowing to this ilk.

  41. Pacha…can’t bow bend or break to any of these types…it’s sweet to see how they all ultimately trapped themselves in their own evil self-hating actions…people enuff are laughing at them….since they are out to sea and drifting along…

    Waiting to see what else these desperate wannabes try to drag me into while attempting to cover their tracks that are now so well defined and uneraseable….nothing can cover them….apparently they dont and never knew the role of an employee or their place fir that matter….

    They wont hear….lol…now we get to laugh…

    Even without knowing back then, years, what I know now…. weee knew they were going to run themselves into trouble…too cocky and uppity…their fowls were having too much fun at mine and other people’s expense….where did all the fun go…..dont look like they are having any now…at all, at all. .murdahhh!!!

  42. When we defaulted on our debt for the first time since Independence and were surrendered to the IMF, there were promises made to lift our self-esteem. Those promises turned out to be false.


    That is ur opinion but may not be the opinion of others.

    IMO. Telling/ promising the country the above would lift our self-esteem is not the same as promising it to any one individual •

    We all know what happened leading up to the elections in 2018. The downgrades, lack of FX , problems with buses, garbage collection sewage in the streets etc
    Barbados had fallen from it position as the one of the leaders of the Caribbean to the laughingstock

    Today Barbados is not a laughingstock and it’s/our self-esteem has been restored

  43. I am no longer surprised by those who tend to start every comment attacking the personal and professional reputation of the author.

    I presented my opinion with evidence. People are free to disagree and explain why they disagree. That allows a discussion where we may all learn new things.

    • Equivalent to a 50 year old man learning the abc.

      Tis no time for learning. It’s time for dying!

      In the natural world when a lion cub is raised by a donkey that lion is eaten alive.

      This writer has no appreciation for doctorates or these petite bourgeoise professional reputations. Been there, done that, decades ago, bare shiiite.

      Much more importantly, for people like you. Who in your ignorance feel committed to the idea that you have special insights. When in truth and in fact you are the quintessential house nigger

      We have never been impressed.

    • @Grenville

      Are you aware 2 cases of of the 4 mentioned were the subject of social media victimization. In one case a sexually explicit video was circulated. Historically suicides have not been an issue for Barbados, our numbers have been low to compare with global rates. We have issues like everywhere else but we need a studied approach.

  44. These people think the libel and slander laws should protect them, as a function of perceived social standing, even in an internet age.

    There are two defenses to these. One, reasonable comment. Two, a statement of fact.

    Those cowards who so feel injured should state their case.

    But this writer is willing and able to mount defenses anywhere.

  45. Grenville, I ask of you this simple question….Is there a possibility that these four suicides you wrote of, had absolutely nothing to do with the economy as you’ve insinuated?

    Is it possible that they could be linked to mental illness, broken hearts, loneliness, terminal illness or even feeling as if there’s absolutely no meaning to this thing we call life?

    You can peruse or scan the net and find quite a few articles on Horatio Nelson and his attitude toward slavery.

    You seem to be conferring an unworthy accolade on Horatio’s head when you stated that he ‘likely’ freed more slaves ………………………..” Is there any proof/fact to such an opinion?

    • I do not insinuate. I state what I write. You may ask for clarification on anything.

      Research shows that low self-esteem coupled with stress tend to result in suicidal thoughts. Additional stresses may lead to actual suicide.

      I have no idea what those additional stresses were for the recent four. But it would be additional to what they were already experiencing.

      On Nelson, there is probably more written abut him by his contemporaries than any other person. Both his friends and enemies wrote about him. The only evidence persons use to claim his support of slavery was a proven forged/tampered letter published after his death by a supporter of slavery trying to influence the vote against the slave trade – which is not even in the receivers collection. Against that is a host of contrary evidence.

      When people have an agenda, they tend to invent evidence – which is what our historians did with Nelson by calling him an enslaver with no evidence. You can search the historical record and find no evidence supporting that – even historian Trevor Marshall had to admit that that accusation by a fellow historian was fiction – but we still believe it.

      On Nelson freeing slaves, you may read the accounts, like: Harrison. Life of Lord Nelson, Vol 2. 1806. P.23.

  46. posted this yesterday…Grenville said he would listen to Dr. Johnson…he is a trained and well known clinical psycholigist…well if you listened to him like I DID….you would not just post one possible root cause for suicides when there could be several in various combinations…AND .without citing A CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST who dont have the same psychological problems as the patients they see.. ..which ya will definitely find in Barbados or anywhere else in the Caribbean…unless everyone heals…it will only get worse…

    Dr. Johnson offered to help TRAIN local psychologists on what to do..i heard him myself.

    Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on July 11, 2023 at 4:21 AM said:

    Grenville…before drawing these conclusions, you must consult with a clinical psychologist first…

    Here is what a world renowned one Dr. Umar Johnson listed.

    ..dont know if you attended….but

    Social upheavals…we just had nearly 3 years worth…knockon effects cannot be discounted..

    Poverty…Barbados’ population has been deliberately mired in poverty to feed parasites for the last hundred years..

    Stress…no one has to mention the stress levels in a deliberately pauperized island….any layman can see..

    Lack of opportunities….deliberately triggered in a slave society…to ensure Afrikan descents their children and grandchildren REMAIN at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder…

    Check with qualified experts….properly trained outside. NOT ROTE LEARNERS,…

    …those who actually know what they are talking about.

    Time to break the cycle…hence the reason I AM ENGAGING Afrikan leadership to intervene in these human rights violations against Afrikan descents by Caricom black beasts.

  47. That’s where rote learners in Barbados always go wrong…had an experience like that already where a lawyer insisted that he knew more about neurology than a trained neurologist…..although having no such training…

    You have lawyers stepping outside their discopline and acting as scientists when they are not even the best lawyers..

    Grenville should have CITED what the clinical psychologist said even if only out of PROFESSIONAL COURTESY and respect for his discipline. …

    A doctorate in structural engineering does not hold a candle to a doctorate in clinical psychology and vice versa…and Dr. Johnson would not have stepped over that line…he knows much better…you dont step outside of your discipline…unless trained.

    • I said that cited my sources for making my conclusions. It is the first thing that I wrote so you knew what foundation I was laying. Which of them do you disagree with?

    • A secondary standard student is aware that history of this vintage is viewed and written through the eyes of Whites. Nothing to see here.

  48. What was the point of Guava Island?
    An obvious message, Guava Island tells us there’s more to life than work, and Deni becomes a symbol for the power of art to fight against injustice.

  49. Boy oh boy! “Who de dog like he lick…”

    Here comes Bush Tea, suggesting (with a straight face?) that we search through the stinking shite to find a piece of undigested chocolate!

    Nobody with even half of a brain is unaware of the link between low self-esteem and some suicides. But the crux of Grenville’s argument is that all of his pet peeves were the cause of the low self-esteem.

    This is not a matter of his schoolboy style. It is a matter of his schoolboy substance.

    I am willing to bet that there isn’t one Bajan who thought that removing Nelson’s statue or the Queen would magically improve an individual’s self-esteem. Neither was such a promise of ever made. This could only be the beginning of a process. Unfortunately, there has been no follow through with the re-education necessary to repair the national psyche and strengthen our ancestral roots. And even I, living in Hope Road with David, did not expect this government to get it right.

    What we need is to dispose of the white man’s narratives that reduce us to bit players in his global game.

    And even if by some miracle this magically occurs, some individuals will still find their life not worth living.

    We ALL know that Bush Tea knows this.. and yet he tries to salvage something from this mess!

    BU is an interesting study indeed!

  50. It’s deeply disturbing that certain protocols were not followed in determining a highly untrained position… made even worse when a frightening obsession with and possible muscle memory of slaver nelson was unnecessarily and mystifyingly added to the mix of mishmash untrained psycho analyzing nonsense..

    As previously posted, i myself needed assistance to stabilize my mental health and was extremely grateful for that intervention.

    ..WEEE ALL NEED IT to move forward with RECOVERY and HEALING…it’s not a ..she kill sheself or he kill heself thing ONLY …..we all bear scars and damage from previous and more recent STILL ONGOING social and fiscal psychological trauma and injury dished out by ignorant, unfeeling, uncaring politicians in slave master parliaments.

    None of this should be taken lightly or mixed in with silly obsessions….of wanting to be right when ya so damn wrong..

  51. It was noted that even worse than Grenville regaling us with his foray into misleading the public with his lack of knowledge of psychology….

    A day or 2 ago…out jumps the PRIME SERVANT of the population declaring the start of crapover…that went something like this…..


    How crass, no decorum…. people were taken aback …

    introducing parties and wukking up to hide society’s numerous ills instead of CONFRONTING the issues that they themselves created.

    .with all those loans, begging and borrowing there should be funds available for PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVENTION from REAL TRAINED PSYCHOLOGISTS….

    ……wukking up cannot aid in HEALING and RECOVERY…from centuries and now DECADES OF psychological DAMAGE..

    The backward vote begging rote learners should be told that their foolish actions are a recipe for MORE SUICIDES and mental unbalance …the population CANNOT move forward without it…

  52. I beg to differ .. wukking up in barb ± ados, moving the pelvis in hip circles can be helpful for releasing tension and stress, and reducing lower back pain from sitting on a seat, reading the barbados underground blogsit on the computer

    Video brought to you by the Travel and Tourism Foundation Video brought to you by the Travel and Tourism Foundation

  53. Kiki…that is for one or 2 days…what about the other 363 DAYS of trauma, stress, malicious oppression, exploitation and poverty coming from the parliament that NEVER GOES AWAY. ….you release stress for 2 days…then what…your mental issues WENT NOWHERE and even more compounded since you have to face the same lowlife politicians causing it EVERY DAMN DAY….since when did wukking up 2 days a year and at weekend parties that have violence.. become a cure for mental health..

    …just to be clear…my mental health was fine despite all the trauma…we learned to self heal over many decades, no matter what was thrown at us by unseen, then UNKNOWN, black hands…

    ….but when the niga inserted themselves even further in my private confidential personal matters, history, ancestry and private inheritance…to TIEF and set up a heist for me and others out of craven covetousness and evil wickedness, then UNMASKED themselves out of desperation when they saw EXPOSURE in front of them… …that was the tipping point and highly unacceptable…it only takes one trigger….wukking up cannot prevent that…the ONLY reason why am telling it….

    • Problem for you with that…the Afrikans i see using their WHOLE bodies to dance while moving their waistlines…do not turn it into an obscene display of tasteless debauchery.. …it’s a cultural manifestation of dance and not a demeaning, demoralizing show of reprobates as some believe should be on display.

      Maybe asking Afrikans nicely to train those with such mindsets on how REAL ancestral dancing should be… could become a reality…..

      But what am i saying…yall anchorless dislodged western negros…dont even want to know about Afrikan education, traditions or cultures…you are right where you should be …laboring under Sobek…a tool of esfet…ask Pacha who that is and what that means…i prefer be Afrikan any day of any week…

      And ya still int getting NUTTEN…look at that…must be real disappointed..lol

  54. I’m probably in the minority but I think I see where Grenville is going with this one.
    A bit longwinded but what I take from this is the collective self esteem of a nation should not be toyed with, it should be grounded on meaningful pursuits that are indepedent of wealth, social status and party affiliation. I don’t see it as a stretch to suspect a link between a falsely inflated collective self esteem, a macro feature leading to individual suicides, a micro symptom. This plays out every day in the “Greatest County on Earth” with mass shootings, drug abuse, alphabet crew
    Most forget the Vision 2020 We Gatherin gimmick (the ads are still on the immigration machines at GAIA). It was a distraction with the sole purpose of raising our self esteem with yearlong parties.
    From GIS
    “We Gatherin’ is a celebration of Barbadian excellence and a recommitment towards our island’s prosperous future. It is also a homecoming not only representing a physical return to Barbados, but symbolising a recommitment to core Barbadian values.”
    What were these core Barbadian values that our self esteem should be grounded on and why did we need parties and revelry to recommitt. Why did COVID stop us?

    • Ya should ask the WEF
      parliament employee.

      btw…those in the diaspora who lost estates etc over many decades…wanted nothing to do with “We Gathering Victims” anyway…

  55. Seee..that’s the problem with ALL Fowls….short memories…a distinct disability.

    And that’s why everyone is reading about ALL OF THEM…and the estate THEFTS that’s been around for 100 years and counting….four generations of revolving door crooks.

    ALWAYS…using FORGED INSTRUMENTS, forged wills, forged conveyances….deeds of gifts and title deeds….forged this, that and the other..

    .NONE of which they DARE try taking to the continent now EVERYONE KNOWS….let’s see how much nerve they got…just try it..

    A Tribe of Thieves. ..only one in existence.

    • I wonder how hard Redguard had to look to see where Grenville was going?

      How the hell Nelson and the switch to a republic, that hardly registered with most people would have brought false hope?

      And what about the”guilt for doing wrong”? Where did that fit in?

      Nobody denies that the current environment, economic and otherwise, can have an impact on an individual’s mental health. Nobody denies the impact of a national psyche.
      Nobody denies the effects of low self-esteem.

      But to tie it to lies told about Nelson and the decision to ditch the Queen is bare jobby. To say that false hope was given based on this is more jobby.

      Nobody thought that these symbolic actions alone would save Barbados! NOBODY!

      This was Grenville ranting about his pet peeves.

      The man is obsessed.

    • Monument work to start Access to Heroes Square in Bridgetown will be closed to motorists for four months while that for pedestrians will be minimised.This is to allow for construction of the new National Heroes Square Monument,We Loyal Sons And Daughters All,designed by Vincent Jones and Hugh Holder, on the site formerly occupied by Lord Nelson’s statue.A release yesterday from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. (BTI) said construction and installation of the monument was expected to start on July 24 and end November 25.“Contractors will fully secure the construction site with hoarding betweenSaturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23, 2023, in preparation for the work,” the BTI stated, adding it was part of the effort to “transform the City of Bridgetown”. (PR/NS)


      The winning design of the National Heroes Square Monument is We Loyal Sons And Daughters All, by Vincent Jones and Hugh Holder. (GP)

  56. “…that is for one or 2 days…”

    using the following formula
    2 days = 1 weekend
    it is permissible to shock out

    God, this 9 to 5 just keep on killing me
    I wanna leave this place like all the time
    Talking to my boss, he just can’t feel the dream
    That’s the chance to let me blow your mind
    Can’t take a break (and you know that’s right)
    Money is tight (and you know that’s right)
    It’s on my mind
    Can’t break away (and you know that’s right)
    Money is tight (and you know that’s right)
    It’s on my mind
    When the feeling gotcha
    You can’t even hide it, acting so intoxicated
    When you text me, “Hold on”
    You will be there, girl, just hold on, uh!
    Saturday, all I wanna do is make you dance, girl
    And all of mine
    Saturday, all I wanna do is make you dance, girl
    And all of mine
    Ooh, aye
    Give it to me now
    Woo, aye
    Uh, aye, aye, aye

  57. Reportedly another beautiful young woman in Grenada hung herself…second within a week…it’s happening across the region and further afield…

    For the local SCAMSTERS, estate and lanx THIEVES……i requested that they
    are now NO LONGER able to use Empire as cover to carry out murderous generational THEFTS against the people in Barbados or across the region…

    .for the little fowls…I CAN DO THAT..in case you think as fowls do that ya can INTERFERE and insert yaselves.

    • You should be asking that of the WEF employee in the parliament…that’s is not me…

      I have no track record of giving consents or permissions to commit crimes against people and their children then jumping on a soap box…SQUEALING like a stuck SOW…..”not bout heah ya cant experiment on children, we wont allow it”….trying to hide involvement and got EXPOSED anyway. ..

      My intentions are always clean and i dont have to HIDE them…that’s for conniving EMPLOYEES…

      Time to clean up and DRAIN the 100 year old estates, land and bank accounts SWAMP mired in generational thefts of what dont belong to them.

  58. Dont know why the lying fowl is spreading propaganda and misleading the blog for..

    . just saw an article Jamie Foxx is alive and well a day or two ago…and giving interviews..

    ..ya need to go bury the colonial cadavers in the parliament and stop wishing death on Jamie. ..

    The death knell is sounding for the corrupt.

  59. If you want to see more false claims from Grenville search the bu archives for the Tag : Grenville Phillips II

    His claim that the people of St George did not want full employment when he lost his deposit was a corker

  60. “I’m probably in the minority but I think I see where Grenville is going with this one.”

    Do not breathe light into this silly ass narrative. Nip it in the bud.

  61. “I wonder how hard Redguard had to look to see where Grenville was going?”

    That is a great opening line. That could stand by itself

  62. Here is another root cause of generational poverty and a potential suicide generatior…when wicked thieving governments and lawyers rob inheritors/beneficiaries and descents of their massive estates..it speaks for itself..

    Cant BS around this one…these vile crimes have been committed against Afrikan descents and others for 100 years…in Barbados.

    Time to jail these greedy, avaricious, belly never full..SOWS…..this is what they want to take to the continent…wholesale thievery.


  63. @Grenville. You’ve constantly cited research, research but hardly any book chapter and verse except for “Life of Lord Nelson, Vol 2. 1806. P.23.” where I found no supporting evidence in your defense of Nelson’s anti-slavery stance.
    I’ve also read what’s supposed to be a verifiable true copy of his original letter w/o any doubt of its authenticity.. i’e The Nelson-Taylor letter in which they were discussing the West Indies, “…….I ever have been and shall die a firm friend of our present colonial system I was bred as you know in the Good old school and taught to appreciate the value of our West India possessions, and neither in the field or the Senate shall their just rights be infringed whilst I have an arm to fight in their defence or a tongue to launch my voice against the damnable cruel doctrine of Wilberforce and his Hipocritical allies and I hope that my birth in Heaven will be as exalted as his……”

    I’ve found no evidence where he condemned SLAVERY. He said he was in favour of their present colonial system. He might have rescued a few enslaved persons according to the Nelson Society, eg. Haitian General Joseph Chretien and his servant from the French but that can be attributed to the Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    General Horatio Nelson fought on behalf of the British Empire which trafficked in Black Bodies for the purpose of hard productive labour which was the backbone of many a Europain economies including his. Why would he want to cut that blood flow? Did Nelson free any slaves from the Bristish Plantocracy?

    Would I be wrong to conclude that you are a Monarchist i’e preferred that Barbados remained tethered to the ‘Mother Country” and that you are/were in favour of Nelson’s statue remaining in Barbados?

    • I wrote 5 research articles which were published here and cited several sources. You may read them at anytime. I addressed that letter – which is the only supporting evidence people use to accuse him, despite it being proven that it was tampered with to make it appear that he supported slavery – or was a complete forgery since it is not in Taylor’s (the recipient’s) collection.

      Whether the statue remained up or was taken down impacted me in no way. Since it seemed to negatively impact others, I have no difficulty in it coming down. Personally, I do not support making such images for religious reasons only, but it is not a hill I am willing to die on and I will not raise any objection to people’s right to make them – or take them down.

      What I do object to is the end-justifies-the-dishonest-means used to make decisions. They could have simply said that we no longer want it there and remove it. There was no need to lie about him, and convince persons of that lie – which even you are willing to confidently repeat.

      On the Monarchical system of Government – we are a Democracy. I accept whatever the majority decides. The Government could have simply decided that we will be a republic without the promised referendum and that would be the end of that. But we did not.

      Instead, we spread the lie that we all voted for republicanism in 2018. That lie is now part of the historical record – and we know it to be a lie, but are willing to accept it because we have embrace the end-justifies-the-dishonest-means philosophy.

      The danger of this philosophy is that it will eventually be used against you – and you will have no moral ground on which to object – because you hypocritically accepted it when you favoured the end.

      Since each of us have a conscience, we do not like to hear the truth if we stubbornly embrace a lie, so we try to harm the personal and professional reputation of the messenger. The general comments on this post are exemplars of that reaction.

  64. Here is another root cause of generational poverty and a potential suicide generator…when wicked thieving governments and lawyers rob inheritors/beneficiaries and descents of their massive estates..it speaks for itself..

    The likeminded Slaves are very dangerous and would never admit that thievery of beneficiary assets/estates is also a direct cause of poverty and a reduction in social standing that leads to generational homelessness and

    You see if they dont work under contract for corrupt governments, their spouses work for them, sucking on taxpayers also…so they would much prefer not touch on this topic, but they must be reminded, they are the ones opened this door to scrutiny…

    .they will never admit that most of the problems on the island are directly attributed to thieving ministers/lawyers hiding behind Empire like the cowards they are to commit crimes against the people for the last 100 years and particularly in the last 3 decades as a legacy and empire employee…to set up damaging robberies to enrich themselves. ..and leave the entire population hopelessly STRANDED.

    These are all hypocrites., pretenders and frauds…ENEMIES OF AFRIKAN PEOPLE as the world is starting to learn about them..

    ..exactly the type of big fame they were searching for all their lives …they gloated their way into this, hope they enjoy.

    Grenville just want to be noticed by empire with his slaveminded idiocy.

    • No matter how much I try to engage you in good faith, the result is the same. But, I will keep trying.

      Why not read my response to Hopi above?

  65. “No matter how much I try to engage you in good faith, the result is the same. But, I will keep trying.

    Why not read my response to Hopi above?”

    Did read it, nothing changed…even Hopi got confused and had to cite credible information from better sources.

    I relate much better to Afrikan minds, genuine BLACK KONSCIOUSNESS not those that are voluntarily compromised into the absurd…i have a real problem with colonial mindsets, always did.

    It’s nothing personal….but it is less stressful…and since it seems impossible for some to make that LEAP into ancestral intelligence. There will always be widening barriers that can be blamed on none other than those who refuse to take that first step.

    • Hopi cited no sources whatsoever for the tampered or forged letter. How can you interpret that to be citing “credible information from better sources”?

  66. My question to you…has nothing to do with dead nelson and your forever obsession.

    …do you care anything at all about the mental health of the people on the island that’s now teetering on the brink?…due to many, many factors, outside of the one you harped on….in assigning exclusive blame to them for their orchestrated by the parliament…CONDITIONS..

  67. We got it now Grenville…you care more about and deeply concerned with the welfare and feelings of dead slaver nelson than you care about that of the LIVING Afrikan population on the island that you resemble and delight in blaming them for all the ills created by vile, corrupt politicians., dont feel too bad, you carry the same degraded mentality as the rats in the parliament. …as bred…we knew it, you confirm it.

    • Your interpretation is incorrect. I am obsessed with truth, and against the end-justifies-the-dishonest-means to get things done. That is it.

  68. Real commendable Grenville…now let’s deal with the truth and reality that is the parliament and its taxpayer paid and voted in SERVANTS who dont believe they work for the majority population but appointed and declared themselves elite and masters with nothing to show in the way of proof..

    .let’s talk about what they have done in the last century and still doing to the Afrikan descended…working AGAINST THEM…

    Let’s deal with the conditions…social, fiscal and mental and the decades of reduction…directed at the Afrikan descent.

    you can start first…

    Btw ..watched a video last night showcasing a Dr. Dr…..a double doctorate..

    …for the length of time i watched, he was very practical in his deliveries and stayed within his knowledge base x2.

  69. Grenville, it would appear that the bone of contention with that letter is merely semantics….one word here…a different word there. And that ‘tampering’ in itself does not appear to change his support of colonialism. Do you agree?

    Have you found any substantive source where Nelson opposed slavery?

    Can you cite anything good deed Nelson did on the behalf of the enslaved in the colonies?

    My source for that letter is the letter itself. Just search Nelson-Taylor letter and voila!

    I’m neither attacking, nor defending Nelson. I’m just on a quest to establish his affect either way on the self-esteem of the Nation.

    Does the majority reject Republicanism?
    Would the majority rather remain under the Crown?

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