Businessman Frustrated by Government

In June 2020 the then Minister of the Environment Trevor Prescod led a team from government on a mission which uprooted 20 trees planted by owner Allan Kinch on beach land located along Carlisle Bay, Bay Street, St Michael. It was captured by Nation News. An interesting action by this government who launched “We Plantin” project in 2020 to plant ONE Million trees.

Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Trevor Prescod, planting a tree at Hope Plantation, St. Lucy, to mark the start of We Plantin’ More Than A Million National Tree Planting Project yesterday. (S.Forde-Craigg/BGIS)

What the blogmaster does not understand is why the government seems ultra aggressive against developer Allan Kinch developing the property he purchased. Was it not known at the time of sale what was planned? There are usually several sides to a story but the blogmaster is yet to hear why Mr. Kinch is being frustrated in his quest to develop the property he legitimately purchased. It seems he is not even allowed to put out deck chairs other businesses in the area are allowed.

Instead we have an eyesore for an open space.

There is a lot more the blogmaster can and will post but reserves further comment for the moment.

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  1. @ Theo

    I knew a fellow years ago who dead now that wanted to buy a brand name car, but he wanted it cheap so he and the car salesman decided to under invoice the car cause the owner was an old doty man in his 80s that would not of known anyhow. To cut a long story short the fellow ended up getting the car for next to nothing, although it was worth several times what he paid. The salesman got his piece too ” for his trouble” and the old doty 80 year old man as the young people say ” get tek.”

    So tell me who was wrong there, the fellow that bought the car or the fellow that sell it? I mean we talking now years later bout a completely different situation of course, but your question just cause me to reminise about that old schemer i did know that dead now way back when. Funny how one thing does spur a memory bout a completely different issue aint it? Cant even remember the fellow name now it was so long ago.

    Wonder what ever became of that car though from all them years back? It was one big able long thing like a boat pun wheels!

  2. @Theo
    “Black American investors have been hit especially hard because of higher exposure to digital assets, The Financial Times reports

    There is a CBC (Canada) radio program called the Cost of living and recently I listened to an interview about Crypto, it was an illuminating ten minutes.

    Its the third interview in this segment

  3. “What did Mr Kinch do that was wrong?”

    well…..given the 100 year old history of the cabinet squatters……sellinging a property valued at 12 million for a mere 4 million MAY REQUIRE someone, the BUYER to pony up the remaining 8 MILLION….80%……for bribery purposes…’s expected……don’t have to be voiced…and if the buyer is not playing ball…OH, WELL..

    but ask the Fowls they will know the SCAM and the SCAMMERS better than i do..

    TLSN….me thinks it’s finally over for Boris, he apparently is now FORCED to resign, but before he did, he did us a solid by FIRING that scummy little FRAUD of a “levelling up secretary” who tried for the LAST 15 YEARS as then education secretary or whatever they call them…….to REWRITE THE LAST 500 YEARS OF HISTORY….and LIE about what happened to our ancestors…pity they can’t find something to JAIL HIM FOR…

  4. Bet ya the Barbados copycats won’t want to copy this,…..even after a hundred years of NO INTEGRITY, ETHICS OR MORALS…now you know why the island has been in a constant state of PARALYSIS….stagnation…and CORRUPTION..

    “LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to resign, his office said Thursday, ending an unprecedented political crisis over his future that has paralyzed Britain’s government.”

    no integrity, the government MUST GO…

  5. Was he forced out by the people or by power hungry persons of similar ilk?

    Bye bye, Boris! Next idiot! Most likely.

  6. politicians are LIARS that’s all they will ever be, all the vote beggars do once elevated to office is DECEIVE those who elected them…those people in Honduras must be very vigilant, these unstable crypto scams are nothing but FRAUD…designed to STEAL LAND and other assets….another form of colonization….watch them all race down to the islands to perpetrate same, because their other half of corruptors will welcome them…

    “It is alleged he is a Pan Africanist.”

    fake pan africanists have infected/infested the island since the 1930s, when they plagiarized and STOLE Marcus Garvey’s literary works etc… They are among the most disgusting pretenders…… who have DONE NOTHING TO IMPROVE THE LIVES OF AFRIKANS on the island, they can’t show any evidence of doing anything worthwhile…..all they do is talk and look for the next opportunity to promote themselves, enrich themselves, just like the politicians who created that scam…..jokers, low class bourgeois pan africanists.

  7. “The very same piece of beach the conniving and callous government sold for BDS$4 million.

    The similarities between this scandalous affair and the radical covid vaccines scheme jump out at you.”

    at least it’s now OUT THERE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE…..we got cussed on BU for exposing this criminal behavior, selling taxpayer’s assets for PEANUTS….like if it’s their personal property.

    ..the people were not paying attention and MOST OF THOSE ASSETS ARE NOW ALL, next logical step in the minds of the corrupt……take back what they stole/sold and SELL IT AGAIN…..they have a 100-year track record..

    the people need to start paying attention and standing up on these frauds…or lose…well, ya have nothing else to lose, it’s all GONE..

  8. TLSN is right……protesting will not help, they know the people on the island too well, they know their weaknesses…..time to surprise them, something they will never expect….but STRONG MINDS will have to be the ones to make those moves….and we already know how that goes, those who carry fear of politicians, can’t be trusted to stand up without running and leave one person in the spotlight holding the sign……….cowardly..

    that’s why i made that particular move……by myself….ya can only trust yaself to be successful in those types of endeavors….i do believe however, that the people in the diaspora will be more successful, because they have different ways and avenues to tap into…

    ..this is not like the UK where the embarrassment would cause an internal coup d’etat in parliament…and unseat the integrity lacking at all costs………”the nodding dogs” in the cabinet… that one…are too WEAK, and GREEDY for free salaries they don’t care anything about the people only about themselves and free pensions. They all sat and watch these thing happen repeatedly for DECADES, SAID NOTHING, DID NOTHING…self absorbed and selfish.

  9. If after all this time yall STILL don’t know politician’s WEAKNESSES and how to USE IT AGAINST THEM, as they use yours AGAINST YOU…WITH NO COMPUNCTION…….yall were too busy WASTING TIME on each other..

    .so ya better start learning REAL FAST…because they will NOT BACK DOWN..

  10. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Come on man. They got to get the money for their pensions from somewhere it’s not like you guys want a tax increase

  11. @ WARU“
    They all sat and watch these thing happen repeatedly for DECADES, SAID NOTHING, DID NOTHING…self absorbed and selfish.”

    Same thing happening now.

    Nothing changes because we protect our political leaders at all costs.

    It’s party time: Topless and bottoms out.

  12. “Nothing changes because we protect our political leaders at all costs.”

    let them keep protecting fraud and scamming AGAINST themselves, while on a blog attacking each other……they better learn politicians’ weaknesses REAL FAST and USE IT………it will be the easiest TAKE DOWN in history…once they learn HOW TO…

    the diaspora is doing its part…

  13. Well I don’t know what to say this morning

    The last few days we read about that poor family in St Philip.
    Then yesterday bout that body on Browns Beach.

    All I know far sue is Bajans under a lot of stress whether is stress them find or put themselves in or stress put on them unfairly.

    I don’t know if Kinch right or wrong but I would say something int looking good for the government because this matter stand too many years that it is obvious to dis ole girl that them hiding up something and them would not be hiding up unless they doing wrong.

    As to Mr Kinch I don’t know if he do any wrong and all of wanna that want to cast stones I hope you remember that poor family in St Philip and that poor soul on Browns Beach…. What if something happen to Mr Kinch or he family… How wanna going feel especially if yah judgement turn our wrong….. I supposed yah would not care because Bajans already show they heartless.

  14. William…these on BU can keep playing games with this and see where it leads them, because they will not want to listen to you, Pacha, TLSN or any of the other bloggers who can see WHAT this is and WHERE it is leading…

    they need to bear in mind that it’s them, their current and future generations who will be HEAVILY and NEGATIVELY IMPACTED…no one else, because everyone else would have MOVED AWAY from the dangerous treacherous politicians..

  15. grace,

    Don’t have a clue what you are on about! If you bring it on yourself, then my sympathy is somewhat limited.

    We have plenty of AVERAGE BAJANS, who have done nothing wrong, in the queue for caring before we get to Kinch, who may or may not have done something wrong.

    Most of them struggle on daily. I care more for them. Those who kill themselves do not need our sympathy. They are gone. My sympathy is extended to those who remain.

  16. @ WARU
    We are not playing games. This is how we are and who we are. Don’t fool yourself , we are extremely happy the way we are.

  17. @David

    WS is 100% correct. And you know it.

    You of all people must know that Bajans for the most part are delighted with the status quo. Apathetic, defeatist, disinterested, lacking seriousness. Preferring talk over action. Symbolism over real change.

    If you are still around, I can tell you with near certainty, what the top 4 or 5 issues you will be blogging about next year or in 5, 10, 50 years.

    Here is a hint: the same issues that you have been highlighting for the past decade and a half. You know this. And every right thinking person knows this.

    We like um so.

    • @Dullard

      Bajans are not delighted with the status quo, bajans are a passive aggressive people. This characteristic is informed by our lineage. There was a time it actually was promoted as positive when compared to other societies.

  18. “We are not playing games. This is how we are and who we are. Don’t fool yourself , we are extremely happy the way we are.”

    i know, so does everyone else who is honest with themselves…as Dullard said, the same things spoken about on BU for the last 10 YEARS and even longer, will be the running theme for another 10-20 YEARS….if people DO NOT GET UP AND ACT..

    this is GOSPEL!!
    “Bajans for the most part are delighted with the status quo. Apathetic, defeatist, disinterested, lacking seriousness. Preferring talk over action. Symbolism over real change.”

    they can pretty up the words as much as they want, the only reputation the people on the island have is one of DOCILITY when in comes to corrupt politicians and the minority crimunity……they can attack each other about EVERYTHING…..but are COWARDS when it comes to STANDING UP FOR THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS…and TAKING ACTION.

  19. William…i spent 10 years doing RESEARCH and DUE DILIGENCE….it’s THEIR TURN NOW…or not….mine has served me well…..dah is dem bidness…

  20. Bajans are not delighted with the status quo, ….BUT….Bajans are brass bowls who think that they can just sit idly by, while some stranger will come riding in to rescue them from the crooked and incompetent politicians that THEY have REPEATEDLY elected themselves….
    in other words, we have planted bush and are expecting to reap sugar….

    Perhaps this is why Mia shutting down the whole sugar industry …and we going for 100% bush….


  21. @ David
    You obviously are the only one equipped to have a position. There is nothing in my statement that contradicts what you say more often on this blog than anybody else.
    You are the one who consistently talk about a disinterested citizentry and the lack of interest in some topics that you raise here.
    You need to read what you write. You have often stated that the citizens are happy or appear happy with the status quo and now I say something similar, you jump out calling it nonsense.
    Do you actually think when you say it, it sounds any better or anymore convincing?

  22. “.Bajans are brass bowls who think that they can just sit idly by, while some stranger will come riding in to rescue them from the crooked and incompetent politicians that THEY have REPEATEDLY elected themselves….”

    they are SHIT OUTTA LUCK…..

    while these were on here cussing and tormenting me, WASTING ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD cause they believe there is so much MORE TO WASTE, and it will NEVER END…….i was doing what they SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING TOO…

    so they better get to it now….chop, chop….or not…

    they betta save demselves…or not…not a fella, ESPECIALLY ME, int putting themselves out there like that for those who don’t LOVE themselves enuff to FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES…wuh sumbody else gine do it fuh dem……NEVER…

    am already out there in a capacity that could point the way..

  23. Africa. Ten years of research I think I remember that study. Was it the one where they were giving spinsters crack and lsd to see if they could still iron and do laundry.

  24. Lawson….ya know it’s KARMA when yall start TALKING OUT WHAT YA DID…

  25. That hairy taxi driver with the tear drops coming down one eye that may have said move bitch and I will kill you but was hard to tell because of mask available for a pick up at oistins. Asking for a single female friend Lol

  26. Can the person who answered the ad for available to wear cat suit and be stroked daily respond to Africa @ bu no taxi drivers

  27. Pacha…things are not looking so great, looks like Jo’burg will be next to CRASH/COLLAPSE…the power grid is now very vulnerable and power cuts wreaking havoc….people are already starting to run..

    this thing is going to spread like wildfire..

  28. Lawson…yall start back fracking yet…

    .remember what happened in Alberta in 2013..

  29. PLTs remote work for Barbados is catching up with other jurisdictions…

    Jamaica and Trinidad would be years ahead…with their students who left Uni…….at least 10-20 years ago..

  30. In Barbados it was stolen by the government but in other jurisdictions it’s “catching on “ ?

  31. “sellinging a property valued at 12 million for a mere 4 million MAY REQUIRE someone, the BUYER to pony up the remaining 8 MILLION….80%……for bribery purposes”

    8 outta 12 is 80%? Lawd fadda that 10-year research must be a helluva read.🤣🤣

  32. no, it was not 80%…it was 95%….shitpick at that too…when ya done, got another number fuh yuh?

  33. Point 1

    2 different flights going to the same destination one selling for $400 one selling for $999
    Is the person who bought the ticket for $400 guilty of something

    2 different brands of rice selling in the supermarket. Both come from the same factory but are branded under two names one cost $11 one $23 both same weight.
    Is the persons who bought the one for $11 guilty of something

    2 different supermarkets selling the exact same product one for $2.50 one for $6.00
    Is the persons who bought the one for $2.50 guilty of something

    Point 2

    Our own Prime Minister gave a lesson in the value of Home Ownership at St. George Speaks 7th July 2022
    She spoke of how she mortgaged her town house in Boarded Hall and again in 14 years she mortgaged again. She was giving a lesson on why home ownership is good because the value your property goes up.

    The agreement to sell by the government under the DLP was done in 2015 and deposit paid and the purchase not completed until 2019 because of the government delaying it and now it is 2022 and the man is trying to sell it because he is fed up with not being able to get to use his land. As The PM explained when she was speaking about home ownership; the value of property goes up over time. The Time that has passed has been 7 years.

    Point 3

    I understand Mr Kinch offered the government to give some of the land back to the people of Barbados some time ago and put in some parking and beach facilities when the permissions are granted (Planning Gains)

    So lets see how this calculates…
    Mr Kinch buy a good deal,
    Mr Kinch paying land tax
    Over the years from the agreement to now the value would have gone up,
    Mr Kinch offered to give some back and put in facilities for the public when the project is approved. Planning gains is what it is called.
    Mr Kinch Trees get cut down that would have cost $$
    Mr Kinch rights to his land have been withheld from him and whilst he can not put beach chairs on his land and earn a dollar his neighbours can and they even put them on his land.

    So what’s the Government doing?????
    Sold the land
    Cut down the trees
    Slander the man’s name in Parliment and in the press
    Prevented him use of his land
    Collected Land tax
    Mislead the man and caused him to invest in something under false pretence that he would be able to use and develop his land. They are therefore preventing him from using his funds now tied up in this property that could be used other money making venues or investments.
    Now the government is silent like …….

    What more can we add to the above? Why is the the Government silent?

  34. 2 different flights going to the same destination one selling for $400 one selling for $999
    Is the person who bought the ticket for $400 guilty of something?
    When there is an underhanded scheme in place to bribe the salesman to gerrymander the system, for a promised kickback, then both the buyer and the crooked salesman are guilty of PLENTY.

  35. @BushTea

    You may have hit on something there but what if there was no underhanded scheme for Mr Kinch and just suppose there was an underhanded plan to sell to someone else who tendered for lower ….

    What if the plan was to sell to someone much lower and Mr Kinch without any knowledge got in the way because his bid was higher and because a lone person stood and said it must sell to the higher bidder .

    What would happen if that happened? What would happen if Mr Kinch stepped into a mess he did not know and none of the parties who possibly orchestrated it got anything they wanted?

    I mean surely if Mr Kinch was a such a orchestrator he would orchestrate planting trees and placing chairs without all this fuss…..

  36. @ Plain&Simple
    In all honesty, Bushie has had dealings with Mr Kinch and is highly inclined to your supposition as a result. He has always come across as down-to-earth and generally a VERY decent gentleman.
    The problem is not Mr Kinch per se, NOR is it that of those few other whites who display a sense of decency and personal integrity (even while endorsing the PRIVILEGES bestowed on them by CENTURIES of racist exploitation of other human beings.)

    The REAL PROBLEM is the lotta SHIITE BLACK OFFICIALS, who when given the POWER, and the CHANCE and the CHOICE to demonstrate what INTEGRITY, FAIRPLAY and RIGHTEOUSNESS looks like….
    …have instead CHOSEN to become JUST LIKE THE OLD EXPLOITERS and racist opportunists….
    …and have instead SOUGHT to cuss, and sideline Caswell, who shows them up for what they truly are…

    People like the shiite PS who enabled the Radical vaccine rip-off
    People like crooked Donville – and the MANY others like him (in HIGH Places) who have not yet been caught…
    People like those behind Four Seasons, CAHILL, The Chinese Houses SCAM, CLICO …and the LITANY of bribery, thieving and other malfeasance that we have come to accept as ‘normal’….

    Mr Kinch (Like Charles Herbert) may actually be quite innocent of the specific charges being leveled, but Karma has a way of including a LOTTA shiite which brass bowls THOUGHT had been forgotten….

    …so Bushie is prepared to stand corrected….

  37. @bushtea

    I suppose if we take a good look at it none of the regular infamous names that have been involved with much discussion on questionable deeds have faced the fate of Mr Kinch in Barbados. For them even those barred from entry in other counties it is full steam ahead. Or in cased of others contracts continue to flow….

    Only small time Donville get hold and not in BIM in BIM those that cause the poor to be poorer and cause the society to suffer are only rewarded for their continued wrong behavior.
    It does not look like that will change because it looks like even in this blog the commenters expect Mr Kinch to pay even in his innocence.
    Not until Barbadian are truly ready to stand up to injustice will things change. They sat and grumbled for long under Frundell.
    People need to learn not to wait until the Gangrene PM Mottley. Spoke about in Queens park spreads before they demand accountability. Just because the abuse has not yet visited your door don’t think it won’t and I would say indeed it is already affecting Bajans more than they know but perhaps they are now starting to see……

  38. Actually, Plain&Simple, neither you, nor Mr Kinch should be surprised at the response to this matter.
    When you have a society that has essentially become a MOB society, where the bribery and dishonesty is at the VERY Top, the people who suffer most are the prophets (like Caswell, who come right out with the TRUTH and let the chips fall where they will..) and then there are others who hope to be personally ‘honest and law-abiding’, while seeking to be successful within the MOB society. ….Trying to be in church and chapel at the same time…

    The ‘teflon kings and queens’ of such a society will always be the LEADING mobsters who control the mob and the PR….and their yardfowls

    The correct response of course would be to work for a JUST society first, and then for personal success within that society afterwards, but most do not have the courage for that approach….

    Understand that this whole mess is now in the process of being WRAPPED UP once and for all….
    The pity is that we have not had the spiritual intelligence to have made better choices….
    Water under the bridge.

  39. BushTea I agree with you

    It is far far far better to work for a Just society and betterment for all before working for success for ourselves. It is true that personal success better equips us financially to aid the society but sadly too many forget Society when they find “success”

    I hope that one day Bajans would be more Intrested in truly being their brothers keeper like the Prime Minister ask of us and looking out for the best for each other. We live on a small rock and we can either be our own worst enemy destroying each other or become the fuel to lead us all to great global success by standing as one……… Ah suppose I could dream …… dough that right now sound like a real far fetched dream

  40. Your dream WILL be realized …. and quite soon too…
    But under COMPLETELY different management…

  41. Oooooooo interesting thread – or web –
    Thing is you can lock up a thief, but you cyan lock up a liar. Most amusing comment from @Bajan is that scoundrel saved millions in Massy acquisition – bare pupppp. @John – preach buddy!!! And keep the pulpit alive with questions. . @Bajan – fools rush in where angels fear to tread, so you guh long and continue your foolishness and diatribe bout tings you really ent know nuffin bout. Youboi – my spelling almost as bad as yours – get tru with y’all lies and smoke and mirrors you can only run for so long before ya burse ya ass. I got some breadfruit to go cook but gyne check back here and see what rh longtalk in reply. Plenty more in that mortar for true.

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