A Media and Political Directorate Gripped by Silence

We boast of being the best positioned on the corruption perception index (CPI) in the Caribbean AND of being a model democracy. In fact traditional indicators reported by Transparency International and other watchdog agencies support the position. We should not be lulled into thinking that all is hunky dory because some “surveys which form the CPI … based on responses from academics, country specialists and business executives”, closes the matter. The question to be answered is what would be the results of similar surveys sent to Jane and John Citizen reveal.

The blogmaster like others is of the view we should be concerned about the level of white collar crime at the citizen AND corporate level which includes private and public sectors. Unfortunately the existing structure ‘undergirding’ our culture of doing business makes it a challenging undertaking to significantly attack corruption. There are several examples to explain.

The average man in the street is aware how licenses in the public service vehicle sector have been distributed for many years. If you know a minister or high ranking official at the ministry of transportation, for a small contribution in some form, a license can be secured. Note the interaction between citizen and public official. Often times the citizen represents wealth and high social standing standing in the society. Therefore one can understand how positions taken are supported and sustained in wider society. Every where a political system exist, politicians and public officials are inclined to corrupt behaviour because greed from time immemorial is known as one of the 7 deadly sins. 

Although the construct of our governance system is not perfect there is room to reduce corrupt behaviour in a small country like Barbados. A well-functioning media and the political opposition operating in tandem with the citizenry is required. As long as the so called establishment maintains a headlock on these entities, we will continue to chase our tails.

What prevents for example an effective traditional media with the respectability it cloaks itself from effectively calling out the Barbados Bar Association (BAR) and Disciplinary Committees about the sloth – another of the deadly sins – regarding how complaints from the public are being processed? This is a matter members of the public have voiced concerns about day in day out and no serious attempt taken to offer redress. Barbados Underground has been a lone voice in a dark wilderness on the matter, of recent Richard ‘Johnny’ Cheltenham’s refusal to answer a request to appear before the Disciplinary Committee of the BAR, there are many others.

What prevents the media from calling out governments on the ineffective workings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), one of the key working committees of parliament? All it takes is to evaluate the body of work produced by that committee post the 70s and a conclusion is quickly reached to support why members of both major political parties are card carrying members of the political electorate.

What prevents political parties in opposition speaking up on these bread and butter issues that intimately touch the everyday life of Jane and John citizen? The blogmaster cannot recall a single political opposition party in recent decades attacking matters of this flavour with any zeal. Therein lies the hypocrisy in our system of rule. A system of corruption that is embedded in our ‘dna’ that it has earned the label today of being endemic. 

We have reached a point where superfluous attempts to address corruption in society here and elsewhere is the tinder stoking citizen dissent. Are we there yet?

34 thoughts on “A Media and Political Directorate Gripped by Silence

  1. David,

    Is $10,000 considered a “small contribution”?

    Also, you can pay for a roadworthy certificate. I’m not sure of the cost.

  2. The true test of corruption is when the average citizen is willing to take it all in their stride – with a wink and a smile, and to make excuses for those who have been able to ‘make a killing’.
    The typical response by the average brass bowl when these albino-contaminated demons are exposed, is alarm that they allowed themselves to be caught, OR that they got caught for so ‘so little‘ loot….
    about how they themselves would have been able to evade detection if given the chance.

    SBDH!! (Shaking Bushie’s Dreadlocked Head)

    Sodom and Gomorrah all over again…..
    And the end will be identical.

  3. Do clubs restaurants villas small businesses and shops etc have to pay gangsters and/or police for protection out deh

  4. Bushman…have some faith…step by strong step…we will STRIP and rid the earth of these dehumanizing manmade curse and poisons..

    Pay attention to the timeline….to see the CONNECTION…once you make that connection, everything CLICKS into place.

    “it does happen everywhere” will now take a backseat to… if we dont get rid of it..we will all die.

    “Seattle becomes first US city to ban caste discrimination
    By Max Matza
    BBC News, Seattle
    22 February 2023, 03:01 GMT

    Seattle has become the first US city to ban discrimination based on caste after a vote by the city council.

    Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, who wrote the legislation, said the fight against caste bias “is deeply connected to the fight against all forms of oppression”.

    Advocates of the ban say that it is needed to prevent caste bias from becoming more prevalent in the US.

    The caste system in India dates back over 3,000 years and divides Hindu society into rigid hierarchical groups.”

  5. News spreading around via video with newspaper clipping is that attorney Vonda Pile got charged with theft of client funds again…even the case judge got dragged into it too, guilt by association and apparently according to the source, track record…

    They wont end it, but we will sit and watch it END THEM ALL..

  6. Pacha…been a little busy but was meaning to ask…how will the obsessed bible thumpers pray to their brand NEW gender neutral god…

    “dear they them their in heaven?” ..a whole gang…..cant wait to hear the wording…

    …remember, no more father, their god is now gender neutral..so yall own are too…

    They may want to start choosing their own dieties, our ancestors still have many, instead of evabody else choosing who they should worship fuh dem…all the while Pope White Dress and the Gang prays to and worship the Black Madonna and Child…as they have for thousands of years. While giving the roman slaves the most vile thieves, rapists and liars to worship.

    …that and other devilry has split the anglican church.

    3,000 year old religious and political corruption on our earth….

  7. Hell of a rude AWAKENING…huh.

    …dont need that one for myself at all…Ra certainly moves in mysterious ways…

    ….if we had known they would have waken up everyone immediately with that stunt in one go……we could have saved ourselves YEARS worth of energy, trying to educate hardheaded people….and just kept quiet.

    hardheads, whom i take it are now all dumbstruck..

    Dont mind the puppet/minions..they are already cut out and left out…they only have power over the weak…those who allow and enable them…no one else….i personally will not give them a second thought…dem hands real full…and about to become even fuller.

  8. remember, no more father, their god is now gender neutral..so yall own are too…you worship their false god for far too long, so this directly impacts you, when they change gods, you are expected to change too…. dont even try to pretend otherwise.

    “Justin Welby hit by revolt as Anglican archbishops split from Church of England

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has been rejected as head of the Anglican Communion

    It is the first time an Archbishop of Canterbury’s leadership has been formally rejected by a large group of churches.”

  9. Waru
    Sorry, but we have no idea.

    At front of mind currently are the developments in the only issue which is of moment which makes sense, or nonsense.

    That Russia has advanced 4 miles across the entire battle front.

    That the Pentagon is warning China that should it simple deepen its relationship with Russia it will lead to consequences. This is pregnant with meanings.

    That Israeli fascists have invaded Nablus and massacred scores of Palestinians. The Middle East is a powder keg. Given all that has happened.

    That Russia has formally suspended its participation in the New Start Treaty. The last agreement for the control of 90 percent of nuclear weapons. The Americans having unilaterally withdrawn from The Open Skies Treaty, the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Treaty and the Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Treaty

    That Russia is warning NATO that should it continue to fuel the war in Ukraine that there will be a response. As the laws of war permit it.

    That Ukrainian troops are seeking to invade Transniztria, a Russian speaking enclave near Moldova.

    Of course, these issues will not attract the attention of those permanently occupied with the same type of trivia. They may opt to delete.

  10. “That Israeli fascists have invaded Nablus and massacred scores of Palestinians. The Middle East is a powder keg. Given all that has happened.”

    A powder keg ready to blow to all hell on every front…been watching it. That is all we can do at this stage. Gotta stay alert for sure. That war is a tragedy unfolding as we have said from day 1.

    I remember mentioning on here some years ago that i was agnostic..the attacks came consistently from the bullies..without any understanding of how the mind of an agnostic really works, or what it portends..like if i did not have any right to choose for myself, outside of their self-entrapment…..so wrapped up in their contrived white god, they could not see a thing else…..now they can kneel to a 2 or 3 in one god..part this, part that and part the other..another delusional illusion..and see how that works out for them. Which we know historically can last hundreds of years…multiple unknowing generations and their minds lost AGAIN…just as they like it.

    We warned them ad nauseum about finding their ancestral connection..and they would have found their god…or, the final option just revert to whatever god is created for them next if and since they must have one…the perpetually enslaved.

    …wuh looka how they got to make a decision on that, but soon that option will be gone too……look how the world turned…dont know what they will do, there was a time we could make suggestions and absorb the unfounded cussing and attacks, but this ia a whole new realm that i prefer let pass me by with whatever it’s about to unleash…ON THEM…

  11. And weeee forgot. Medvedev, former president, reminded the Americans directly, in the most undiplomatic language, that Russia has the most powerful nuclear weapons and is willing to use them to defend the country. We are at lost as to how some staid governmental pretenses could have more importance.

  12. Saw that one as well. I believe that war could have been avoided with clearer heads…there is no saving face with this..times are very different.the adults in the room need to stand up…too many lives are being lost…

    But as we can see most are determined to go full steam ahead with bloodbaths…never learning that there are no winners…only dead bodies and suffering..

  13. Don’t look like this story is done or going anywhere anytime soon.


    Saw a video clip yesterday from a dude who actually delivers accuracy saying that Moderna is allegedly paying families for vaccine injuries and deaths, but it comes with mucho strings attached….life altering strings that many wont want…so they are admitting guilt…but backhandedly..

    Those who said the vaccine did not harm or kill their loved ones, within a legal court setting, cant claim shit.

  14. It was pleasing to listen to Moderator David Ellis echoing the point highlighted here I.e. what would the TI perception look like if the surveys were sent to citizens. Everything has to be placed in context.

  15. @ David

    Former Barbados MP and cabinet minister Donville Inniss could be back home in weeks if not days.

    Usually reliable sources tell Starcom Network News that Mr. Inniss, who is currently in a U.S. immigration detention facility had a hearing today to determine whether he would be allowed to stay in the U.S. or be deported having served his two year sentence for bribery and money laundering.

    The former Minister of Industry and Commerce and Member of Parliament for St. James South had been transferred from a federal prison to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, I.C.E., detention facility to serve out the remaining time on his sentence.

    In April of 2021, Mr. Inniss was sentenced to 24 months in US federal prison after being convicted in January of 2020.
    Mr. Inniss who at the time was a U.S. legal permanent resident and who resided in Tampa, Florida, and Barbados, was convicted of two counts of money laundering and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

    Non-US citizens convicted of felonies are subject to losing their residency status and being deported to the land of their birth.
    Following a one-week trial he was convicted for laundering bribe payments from a Barbados-based insurance company through banks on Long Island. The Court also ordered Mr. Inniss to pay more than 36 thousand US dollars in forfeiture.

    Our sources say that during Friday’s immigration hearing Mr. Inniss was given the option of petitioning to stay in the U.S. because his family has residency there or, option 2, to be returned to Barbados as expeditiously as possible.

    Starcom Network News understands that Mr. Inniss has opted for the latter and the process now begins to prepare the paperwork to facilitate his repatriation as soon as possible.

  16. @ David

    Was perusing the Constitution to ascertain whether or not a politician, who has been convicted of a felon, can ‘run for office’ again after serving his prison term.

    Inniss attracted lots of sympathy from his former constituents and DEMS in general during his ordeal.

    Recall Ronnie ‘Obama’ Yearwood lost the nomination battle to Sandra Husband to represent the BLP in St. James South and in the 2021 general elections, as the DLP’s candidate.

    It would be interesting to see how events would unfold if Inniss returns to the DLP and renews his relationship with that constituency.

    • Father almighty!

      Freundel fired up
      Country fumbling around, many afraid to speak out, says ex-PM

      BARBADOS IS IN A STATE of drift and the country is “fumbling around” to establish a new republic Constitution, says former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.
      To make matters worse, he declared, not enough educated and qualified people are willing to publicly oppose “Caesar” and speak their minds.
      Stuart made the charges yesterday at Parkinson Memorial Secondary School, The Pine, St Michael, while addressing the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) St Michael South East branch meeting. It was held under the theme: Barbados Today, Four Years And Eight Months Later.
      Top brass
      DLP president Dr Ronnie Yearwood, general secretary Steve Blackett as well as former minister of education Ronald Jones were among those in the audience.
      During his passionate presentation, Stuart criticised the Mia Amor Mottley administration for not being more meticulous with its plan to help Barbados transition to a parliamentary republic.
      “Even though we went through all the motions of establishing what we called a republic, my experience has been if you meet the average Barbadian and ask him what is a republic, he can’t tell you. That’s because the Government never took any time to say what it was we were doing and what are the benefits that would flow.
      “We are now fumbling around to try to get something called a republic constitution
      in place. We put on our shoes first and are now looking for our socks,” he added as the audience laughed and applauded.
      “I don’t know what kind of madness is this. It was not part of the Labour Party’s manifesto. It was brainwave, rushed, not properly thought through.”
      For more than an hour, the former DLP leader highlighted several issues. He called for the current administration to provide the 2022 General Election Report and Economic and Social Report which he said were overdue.
      He also touched on crime and urged Attorney General Dale Marshall, and Corey Lane, Minister in the Attorney General’s Office with responsibility for Crime Prevention, to be real about the state of crime in the country, and not engage in political rhetoric.
      “There is nobody in this room who would have the courage to tell me you feel safer in Barbados today than you felt four years and eight months ago,” said Stuart, a former attorney general.
      Another phase
      In terms of the truce forged last week by rival gangs to end the “war” between them that has led to violence and gunrelated deaths, he is hoping there is another phase to it.
      “Phase 2 would have to be that the Attorney General and minister are going to lead them on a day appointed to Central Police Station to hand over their firearms. Because if the truce breaks down, you can’t afford for those people to still have their firearms. So don’t get too carried away with Phase 1 yet,” he cautioned.
      Stuart lamented that not enough qualified people were sharing their views on a range of issues affecting the nation.
      “Whoever maketh himself a king speaketh against Caesar and that is one of the biggest challenges we have today. This need to continue to be Caesar’s friend – and we know who Caesar is in Barbados now . . . .
      “You hear big men with families with lots of letters behind their name . . . can’t stand up and say how they feel because they can’t afford to lose Caesar’s friendship,” he said.

      Source: Nation

    • @Sargeant You have heard the blogmaster refer to politicians from both side as being card carrying members of the political directorate (brotherhood). Stuart has no credibility at all in these matters.

      Stuart presided over a government that was dubbed a government of silence. He presided over a government that implemented very little that would open itself up to questions about execution. Didn’t he establish a secret committee to further the Republic initiative that inevitably languishes in abeyance. Do not forget why Stuart was vanquished at the polls after exhausting his time by 3 months overtime. Let us move forward Sargeant.

  17. @David
    I’m no fan of Stuart but he has made a few valid points particularly with reference to the Constitution and the reticence of some people in criticizing Gov’t policies. Time was when 14 Ministers was considered Gov’t largesse now in the “many hands make light work “ world we are up to 22 and some are termed “Senior” ministers.

    A crime problem? Let’s appoint a Minister to deal with the problem, one wonders what the Atty Gen and various consultants were doing

    We can’t move forward by ignoring current realities

    • @Sargeant

      Have no problem with the points he has made, the challenge is to what end? How will his comments resonate with the wider public with the objective of galvanizing action. Our leaders past and present must do better to accrue credibility in the minds of a public it should be committed to serving.

  18. “No intelligent gang leader would ask his crew to turn in their guns.”

    Is this on the wrong thread or are you being deep, talking in parables about political warfare / psyops / propaganda / brainwashing

    no response required.. I like mystery

  19. David bu i am not sure what you arr hoping to achieve by publishing the speech of Mr Stuart.I heard Mr Ellis today saying whst a good speech it was.Personally both of you seem to be impress by fancy pretty talk with a lot of big words.When Mr Stuart was supposed to speak to bajans he was silent.Nothimg he says now can impress me.He needs to go bsvk to sleep as he was in my virw a dismsl failure as a PM.Off topic heard the anti government moderatos Mr Ellid , Dr Hinds and Ms Jemmott along with the in my view Ms Holder all trying their best to dtir up prople about this id card snd nitpicking at other issues everyday along with the dems like Rawle , Mr P , Blessed day and Mr Negative to get on brasstacks and repeat themselves evdrydsy.I heard a lady claim the government digning deals behind our backs on three occasions and when asked to give an example could not give even one.Another dem operative
    As a guy ststed yesterday there are some people in Barbados are determined to destabslize this country but they will not suceed.As PM Ms Mottley stated it is a lot of political posturing.I gone.

    • @Lorenzo

      It was a good speech, what is a speech anyway. Stuart has always been one to use flowery language.

  20. David bu i did not hear the speech nor do i want to hear it.As i stated when bajans wanted to hear from PM Mr Stuart he was quiet as a church mouse only speaking at dlp branch meetings and George Street.Why would i want to hear his in my view rhetoric now.If Mr Stuart was speaking next door to me now you would have to pay me to hear him This is my personal view. I gone.

  21. For the record, Bushie agrees with Lorenzo.

    This can probably be explained by the current Venus-Jupiter conjunction.

    Wunna can expect another similar agreement in perhaps another fifty years or so…

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