Duguid Steel Houses

Senior Minister William Duguid

Barbados has been fortunate through the years to avoid significant damage from acts of nature. Until Hurricane Elsa and a freak storm struck Barbados last year, one had to go-back to hurricane Janet of 1955. 

Many will argue with justification Barbadians were lulled into complacency, observing weather systems veering from Barbados year after year. The consequence is that a touted Building Code was not followed or enforced with any rigour. The reality is that the quality of the local housing stock is questionable, one that includes a high number of chattel buildings owned mostly by the low income segment.

In 2017 the then leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley stated … “one man cannot get a $24 million contract at Valerie, $28 million housing contract at Grotto; a $42 million molasses storage tank, 20-year contract in the Barbados Bridgetown Harbour… Coverley which is over 1,100 houses at which the government is only receiving less than $2.50 a square foot on the land there; 2,300 lots at Bushy Park that have been committed to in an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] but mercifully the contract has not been signed [by] the National Housing Commission to give them the lots”. See BU blog – Mark Maloney Take Your Advice, Guhlong

Why is the reminder down memory lane important?

When Hurricane Elsa destroyed and significantly damaged houses in Barbados, it was an opportunity for government to spur economic activity, especially in an economy decimated by the pandemic. The reason then Minister of Housing William Duguid gave the country for purchasing 150 emergency (light gauge steel) houses from China instead of contracting local artisans was- it would be a quick solution. It was expected assembly of the prefabricated steal houses would have been completed in 3 to 6 months. It has been nearly 18 months and the majority of the steal houses have not been installed. If reports are to be believed, the project has been stalled because of stealing of components and mismanagement. What about the promise of Barbados becoming the hub for manufacturing steal houses coming out of the project?

Imagine if the opportunity to build the emergency houses was contracted to local artisans, the positive message it would have sent to the country regarding government’s sincerity to assist small business AND local economy. It is not surprising Duguid was rewarded with a promotion to Senior Minister responsible for projects in a system where accountability is never a priority!

The Mottley administration has come in for high praise in many quarters for the boldness it attacked many of the problems on assuming office in 2018. However, there are many who have been critical of the poor execution in policy making and implementation of projects. Either the Mottley administration is being advised by incompetent technocrats or she has been ignoring good advice. Perish the thought!

It definitely highlights an unacceptable level of incompetence at a time resources are scare, the economy is precariously positioned in an environment where Barbadians are suffering from economic and social fatigue. Some may refer to is as post lost decade syndrome.

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  1. We were fortunate that the 2022 hurricane season was a mild one for the island or we would have had two successive years of damages to remedy.

    I believe the great HaHa stated that the problem of Barbados was not one of corruption it was of ‘incompetence’.

    I believed that it was one of corruption. I am starting to believe the great HaHa may have accurately diagnose our malady. Outright incompetence (often reinforced by corruption) may be the source of our problems,

  2. “What about the promise of Barbados becoming the hub for manufacturing STEAL houses coming out of the project?”

    Was the above spelling deliberate? Or prophetic?

  3. Duguid is yet another example of the Mottley penchant of rewarding and promoting incompetence to the highest degree.

    Nothing that he has done has worked well…
    …the Shiite stickers on number plates
    …the year-long West Coast highway fiasco
    …the Steal Houses from China
    …the East-West Scam (or was it North-South?)

    The result?
    He is now SENIOR minister in charge of ‘Infrastructure and Planning’.
    Obviously the ‘Plan’ is for continued and accelerated FAILURE.

    What a damned place!!! Once blessed!!!
    …but has been found to be TOO addicted to brassbowlery.

  4. Bushman, i know you int still waiting for change. That int coming in this lifetime or the next several, not in the colonial world. Ya will only get a better system of oppression, thefts and exploitation…the usual diet of evil, a continuing laundry list of anti black tyranny.

    Don’t know what to tell ya, but some of us have found more progressive ways to deal with, safeguard and secure our personal worlds of free independent thinking, and know how to reinforce it. Making sure whatever is about to be unleashed by the vedy vedy bored Hiel HitSchwab dont impact us. Ya clown politicians int worth shit, just as we knew all along, but now we got proof and know to stay a very far and safe distance away from them.

    By hearing of celestial things (songs of heaven) from spiritual souls even worms (hypocrites and vile persons) who crawl, desire to fly. (Wish to emulate and be recognised as uplifted souls – for their own benefit)

  6. Post lost decade? You mean another lost decade, after all it is a syndrome. Nothing special or bold about consistently spending more than you earn.

  7. The merits and demerits of our acts (right or wrong) will be read in the presence of the righteous judge (in His court). Some shall be seated close (to Him) and some kept distant from the Lord (The false and true will be separated).

    Those who have pondered and meditated on His Name (worshiped Him) with devotion, have departed after hard toil.Their faces are lit with joyful radiance (aglow with His love) and many who have sought their company shall be emancipated (liberated) along with them.

  8. I wouldn’t be right if I ended this year without wishing my bestie a Happy new year and a prosperous 2023.
    And so I say
    Sniff .. sniff … sniff
    You found some good stuff for the season


  9. It is not surprising Duguid was rewarded with a promotion to Senior Minister responsible for projects in a system where accountability is never a priority!
    The Senior Minister is a member of the Cabinet, some of whom may be described as adherents to the Dilbert principle, they are managing what they do not understand.

    • @Sargeant

      You sent the blogmaster to google Dilbert principle. It is a pitty we seem to be working hard to amend gun laws to prosecute gun crime but slow to improve the workings of the PAC for example meant to hold public officers to account.


      Anyone caught handling an illegal gun from today could go to prison for life
      By Maria Bradshaw mariabradshaw @nationnews.com
      From today, those who engage in gun crimes could face long prison sentences, including life imprisonment, as the amendments to the Firearms Act take effect.
      Attorney General Dale Marshall is, therefore, warning that these stiff sentences do not only apply to the shooter but include anyone who handles a firearm or even arranges for someone to be shot.
      He told the Sunday Sun: “The amendments are intended to strengthen the hand
      of our judges in imposing sentences on those callous individuals who are using firearms in the commission of crimes. Individuals who get involved in firearm crimes can now receive consecutive sentences and sentences of up to life imprisonment.
      “I deliberately use the term ‘involve’ because I want to make it clear that under the act, it is not just the shooter who is going to feel the weight of the law. Individuals who participate in the firearm offence in any way, whether by carrying the gun or arranging for a person to be shot or requesting a person to carry out a firearm crime is as liable as the shooter and can also receive the same sentence as the shooter, including life imprisonment.”
      Marshall said Government had started a social media campaign to make the public aware of these significant changes.
      “January 1, 2023, the recently made amendments to the Firearms Act come into force. You will have noticed that for the first time, the Government has taken to the social media platforms to inform Barbadians about some of these amendments.”
      The Attorney General is also optimistic that the increase in the number of judges would assist in clearing the backlog and bringing persons to justice much sooner.
      “I look forward to the impact of the appointment of the additional judges to the Criminal bench, which will bring the total number of judges trying criminal cases to eight, being felt, as we seek to bring the perpetrators of crime to justice in a quick time.
      “We are going to do all in our power to eliminate the backlog of cases and to bring criminals to justice swiftly, not just for the benefit of the system, but out of a sense of fairness to the victims.”
      Section 29(2) of the act states: “A person who aids, abets, counsels, procures another or conspires with another to commit an offence under this act is guilty of an offence and liable to the same punishment as is provided for that offence.”
      The penalties for a first offence is ten to 20 years while a second offence will be 20 years to life in prison. Any sentence can be served consecutively
      to any other sentence arising out of the same offence or to any other sentence which the offender is subject to at the time of sentencing.
      Government instituted this zero tolerance approach to gun crimes as the country underwent a rapid increase in gun offences with the majority of murders being committed with the use of firearms. The situation had escalated with a number of brazen shootings in broad daylight in the midst of innocent bystanders.
      In terms of Operation Restore Order which was implemented last month to deal with the rising gun crimes, Marshall said while it was still too early to give an assessment “we believe that we have seen it beginning to pay dividends”.
      “It is an intensive and sustained initiative/operation to address gun
      crime and related lawlessness and its implementation was timely. Of course, the Police Service cannot preserve the peace and safety that Barbadians hold dear without the support and cooperation of the public and as we close one year and begin another, I ask all Barbadians to remember that we all have a part to play. We need the public to give the brave men and women of the Police Service their support. This operation continues into the 2023 and if necessary, it will continue beyond its initial period.”

      Source: Nation

  10. There is no count of fools who are appallingly ignorant and blind nor of thieves who live by fraud and deceit.

    Numberless despots/parents depart after practising tyranny and sovereignity. Numberless are the cut-throats whose hands are soiled with blood.

    Numberless are sinners who go on committing sins until they depart. Numberless are liars who are caught in the web of falsehood.

    There is no count of the polluted in mind, who live on filth (illgotten gains to survive and feed themselves and their families). Numberless are the evil tongued and slanderers who are weighed down with loads of their deceit, lies and sins.

  11. Bing bong and ding dong!
    Auld lang syne is this brassbowl’s song.

    Twenty-three heh,
    Twenty-two gone ‘long

    So some ole “sage” is wrong, wrong, wrong!

    The big shebang that was foretold

    Fizzle out like dynamite gone cold.


    I thought we were all supposed to be starving by now.

    Man, the world has always been a mess and humans have always been brassbowls. There is nothing special about now.

    • @ TLSN
      Black people EVERYWHERE are the same.
      Remnants of a once great people who have been contaminated by the greed and materialism of the albino-centric demons who currently run things, and who THINK that they are in Heaven, but who are actually ‘living in Hell’…

      It matters not how much gold, silver, oil or cadmium these lost Black remnants have at their disposal, they will continue to be slaves and mendicant wannabe-albinos.

      As Bushie has pointed out time and again, God’s people were designed to be community-centric and (hence) God-centric. They will NEVER be able to compete successfully with those who were DESIGNED to be spiteful, selfish, materialistic and vindictive.

      On the other hand however, no albino-centric shiitehound can compete with a God-centric bushman….

      Or as the rastaman put it…
      Jah would NEVER give the power to a ‘bald head’ to crucify a dread…

  12. I believe this is the first time that an ex-English Caribbean colony leader has been given an interview by Aljazeera.

    Happy new year to the old brigade of BU who appear to have been forced off this platform. I agree with Bush Tea’s sentiments concerning AC and the UK DJ. The current political regime in power has shackled BU. I hope that the England based journalist is doing fine. Let’s hope for better in 2023 on BU.


  13. Good Morning Gorgeous / Mary J. Blige
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    Oh (oh)

    It’s so hard just holding on
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    I’m so tired of feeling empty
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    It seems like I’m always against me
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    I wake up every morning and tell myself
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    All the times that I hated myself (self)
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    All the times that I should’ve been gentle with me
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    Why did I hate myself? (Why did I hate?)
    So intensely
    Lord, help me

  14. ◄ John 14:2 ►
    In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

    Creator and creation as one meditation
    Ong implies God as the creator.
    Kar denotes God’s creation.

  15. Going to string together a few names. I may miss a few because the old brain is beginning to fail, but at some time during the day you will cross my mind.
    I do not remember the exact ‘prophesy’ but it looks as if Donna kept a record of it. What a memory ..

    “The A guy”, “The A girl” , GP1 and the dynamic trio (Lorenzo, Enuff J2) all missing at the same time.

    Hants, TLSN AOP, Sarge, BT, John A, my bestie 555, my next bestie John Rabbit, the Dame, Miss Bim, the young lady in Europe (SSS) and I almost forgot the cuhdear. Just remembered NO and dpD. You have been a great group to travel 2022 with. Hopefully, you enter 2023 with extra enthusiasm and zeal.

    May this be year of peace and prosperity. May the Good Lord keep your laptop and phones in good working order and may he give the blog master whatever strength and encouragement he needs.

    I can be an idiot at times, but I know greatness and goodness when I see it.

  16. I promised myself that I would be much more positive this year. Instead of just highlighting a problem, I will also provide a (the) solution.

    I saw a case where a young lady was ordered to pay $300 in compensation for some damage done. We are always hearing of backlogged cases and the need for more judges and yet we see these small cases entering our cogged system.
    Solution: Introducing Judge TheO, the Barbadian version of Judge Judy. Here cases with less that $5000 BDS in expenses are seen by Judge TheO.

    An what about those deadbeat parent who refuse to support their children. Solution: Introducing, TheOry. Here TheO acts in a role similar to Maury and identifies babies daddies. My catch phrase “In theory the child is yours but the DNA test proves …. TheOretical justice has been served.”
    2 down

    Of course, the ideas are free but TheOry and Judge TheO needs to be paid.

  17. TLSN….surprised you haven’t seen hot off the press sometime last night headlines where the slave master spawn brigade member named Cumberbatcb is about to get a compensation claim from Barbados, just like Drax. The cousin Windsors name also got a mention.

    The Let’s Sue Massa Show is headed for the road, stay tuned.

    Hope they know that ********* la di da….

    Check out January-March 2023 issue of Kush Quarterly on AOP published couple days ago. There will very soon be some masterful digital photography on the sites and magazine, compliments of the Nikon Z7, i finally mastered it after 5 months, now sorting through photos. Blessings and properity abound.

  18. Correction:

    that would be blessings and *prosperity abound.

    ..must have done something right.

    Pacha needs to put in a brief appearance. So much happening and escalating…lawd.

  19. Happy and healthy New Year to “David” and all who assist him in his endeavours as well as the various contributors to BU. I may not always agree with your comments, but they often provide thought provoking reflection.

    Let’s hope good news far is far more prevalent than bad news in 2023.

  20. Happy new to all BUers


    Start with a Call option . I figured Out most by getting fingers dirty and learning from mistakes

  21. @ Bush Tea & Waru,
    I have not been following the news from Barbados for sometime. What is there to discuss when the creation of a steel house in Barbados is viewed by our government as a revolutionary step in the country’s development. I’m in an African country which has its issues, however in the last ten years it really has grown in leaps and bounds. It makes Barbados look like some underdeveloped back water.
    I won’t even discuss the over development of Qatar,Doha airport which I had to use. Their oil money was put to good use. It was something to behold. Whatever happened to all the monies that was supposed to have been extracted from our amazing tourism industry?

    • @ TLSN
      There is no vision, so obviously the brass bowls will suffer.

      How can jokers who are generally incapable of even feeding themselves and their families -(UNLESS they gain unrestricted access to the public purse,) be expected to have VISION for an entire country of similar mendicants?

      We are in a circuitous spiral to bankruptcy and serfdom.
      Unfortunately, most will only see this when vaseline becomes our only reprieve…

  22. TLSN…i hardly read news from Barbados these days, am just too swamped, that one came out of UK about the Cumberbatch compensation claims, just last night.

    Dont bother to ask about their fairytales on fantasy island, ya may get attacked by the missing fowls….dey int got nobody to disagree with these days since all fowls, fools and slaves are on the same page of agreement, mutually assured destruction aka MAD.

    They may come back to attack you for asking wuh de lying politicians did with all those billions over the decades that they now have to sue massa cause nuff nuff hot and heavy shit is about to roll downhill right pon top ah dem if they dont at least pretend, which is the only thing they actually master. Remember when i was telling them about the chinese metal barns and the fowl claimed to be an all knowing expert architect of chinese houses and knew best. Well check out the mess.

    Ah wish the fowls would come out doa, ah so want to see them, ah got news for them. Can you image the BU fowls gone for months and missing every offered opportunity to cuss, stalk or harass me…..totally unheard of..

    According to the elderly, “these days are strange nights”..lol

    Dont know what they got planned in the way of protections, but the people better be very aware going forward cause the information that was usually shared have now been limited and redirected to other places, since my good friends have now taken over social media.

    In my opinion and from where am sitting, certain things are now a wrap. Hope the usual suspects have reconnected to the continent as they were desperately salivating for info in that vein, after their last worldstage sprint, that am very sure they know by now they cant get because they wont know what to do with it anyway, even if i was willing to show the way.

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  24. Alas, we have reached the stage where prayer may be the

    June too soon …
    Dear God, be merciful to us sinners. Hold the fury of the winds and calm the raging waters as they head to our shores.

    Make our people industrious and give them the wisdom to assemble the houses from China. Our people need your love and your protection at all times including the upcoming hurricane season.

    Lord, be merciful to us.

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