US Midterm Elections is Close

Results as at 5AM (11/11/2022)

A close race in the 2022 US midterm elections. The forecast was for a red wave given Biden’s unpopular rating. What does the possible outcome mean for the rest of the world?


422 thoughts on “US Midterm Elections is Close

  1. @JohnFellow, you should truly turn your sterling political analytical nous to local and regional affairs and inform us as you do here on US politics!

    @Sargeant, the half plus whatever number of independents in US who do not support that ‘Florida man’ have already said re his “claim [of] political persecution if they move against him”: ‘BS, bring it on’! … Just like Kari Lake can vigorously contest a very close election and when her opponent pips her on the line shout ‘BS’ … I think we get his intentions.

    The DOJ will and must CRUSH him with indictments and frankly if it causes unrest in US streets then all right thinking people across the globe also need to say: ‘BRING IT ON’!

    Enough of this American false exceptionalism. There is nothing wrong with having strong conservatives views but there is a lot wrong with hypocrisy, lying and sanctimonious flattery to serve one’s ends!

    He NOR Pence should ever get anywhere near WH leadership again so if stuff needs to burn to stop that … then in this world of dichotomy, upside-down alternative facts and reality… then:

    … ‘Burn ***…, burn … they don’t need no water … so let the *** BURN. They brought the fuel and matches so let it burn. One can be rebuild, one HOPES!’

    I gooonne!

  2. John should set up a right wing podcast as a baptism of fire in the real world. His wrong thinking, contradictions and U turns would be recorded and open to criticism. Populism, fantasy and extreme prejudice go hand in hand but can be a niche market for like minded weirdos. He could easily get Trump’s support and endorsement if he sucks up to him.

  3. @dpd
    You know Sarge is ‘spot on’.
    This relative early call, is precisely to keep officialdom at bay.
    And it will likely work.

    • @Norther, the calculus in this ‘Add Math’ scenario may be ‘spot on’ but because I can talk easily about serious math doesn’t mean I have any freaking chance of passing the exam, now does it!🤣😒

      So he can talk pretty too but his calculated announcement will absolutely not “keep officialdom at bay”!😎

      He will be buried in DOJ action. This man directed a series of illegal maneuvers that undermined the very fabric of his nation’s constitutional foundations how can or why should his political campaigning prevent the legitimate next steps to explore his legal accountable.

      The power and prestige of the presidency didn’t stop an investigation nor ‘indictments’ of Nixon’s ‘Watergate’ nor Clinton’s ‘Monicagate’ … so why NOW … for such much more SERIOUS offences!

      @Critical, re “DOJ, FBI, FDC and NIH will not have time to worry about charging Trump because they will be too busy hiding and lawyering up when the House investigates suppression of Hunter Laptop …” LOL …you wish! ….

      So wait, the many lawyers in the DOJ never, ever ate salmon for lunch and had to use some Wrigley’s or Dentyne’s to freshen up on way back to office !! 😎🤣

      Ahem … I think they can surely walk and chew gum quite well!!

  4. Trump made the right move strategically to announce right after the midterms. It puts every republican contender on the back foot. Then it makes Joe Biden contemplate if he is really wants to run again.

    I have a feeling Biden is going to step down at the last minute and Michelle Obama will step forward. She is the only one on the Democrat side I can see going up against Trump.

    DOJ, FBI, FDC and NIH will not have time to worry about charging Trump because they will be too busy hiding and lawyering up when the House investigates suppression of Hunter Laptop, pandemic corruption with the COVID origins, effective Treatment suppression, Vaccine adverse effects and Government – Social media collusion to suppress dissenting voices.

  5. Primaries are in Winter and Spring 2024 with Election November 2024
    Announcing a run in November 2022 1 week after midterm is narcissism
    Trump is not an unknown and is a known rabble rouser
    People are fed up already

  6. It is looking more and more like the Democrats have used American dollars to support the Ukraine war through Government support.

    …. all legal!!!

    However, Ukraine, which is known to be corrupt have been “investing” heavily in the Bahamas, Sam Bankman Fried, and as it is turning out now, Sam has been massively supporting the Democrats in these elections.

    Sam is in hiding somewhere in the world, perhaps in the Bahamas, as his uncle, also called Sam, we’ll call him Uncle Sam, appears to be hunting him down!!

    Will the Democrats allow him to be found?

  7. de pedantic Dribbler on November 16, 2022 at 12:51 PM said:
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    @JohnFellow, you should truly turn your sterling political analytical nous to local and regional affairs and inform us as you do here on US politics!


    I will take that as a compliment, but the analysis is kind of obvious.

    Biden is easy to impeach through the recent Judge’s decision.

    Both he and Harris, the border tsar, are now being further set up by Abbott in Texas.

    Abbott has declared an invasion of Texas from Mexico, identified the Cartels as terrorist organizations and is building Trump’s wall.

    The responsibility to protect the Nation’s borders is a federal one, President and VP, and if they are not doing it, they are undermining National security and open to impeachment.

    McCarthy may be President in a couple of months, and he is going to need a Vice President!!

    Had Kari Lake won the Governor’s race in Arizona, she was going to do it as well … who knows, she very well might win and follow suit!!

  8. I have not even mentioned the Hunter Biden laptop which like the border crisis raises national security issues.

    The stage is set nicely for O’Bribem and Kampala to be impeached.

    Unlike with Trump where there is no evidence, the evidence is pretty irresistible against the dynamic duo and makes for an open and shut case.

  9. de pedantic Dribbler on November 16, 2022 at 12:51 PM said:
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    @JohnFellow, you should truly turn your sterling political analytical nous to local and regional affairs and inform us as you do here on US politics!


    Local politics I have already dealt with.

    1. Parliament is unconstitutional. It has been since 2018. No opposition.

    2. The GG did not exercise her judgment properly in 2018.

    3. She is answerable in a court of law.

    4. The courts are corrupt.

    5. Any citizen can bring a constitutional motion against the AG.

    6. The DLP is as complicit in the unconstitutionality of Parliament as is the BLP.

    7. The result is that anything Parliament has done in the past 4 years is null, void and no effect.

    Same logic applies to Grenada.

    Mitchell should never have been allowed to get away with 3 terms and no opposition.

    Both are a result of an ineffective CARICOM.

    • @Northern, and we certainly didn’t wait long … like OUR namesake late Bajan … it was basically ‘bruggadun’ here we go!

      Based on past Special Prosecutor probes this should be a real big show … the Republicans will do all in their power and control to derail the probe – particularly with the competing programming of the Hunter Biden investigation!

      But as with all previous SPs this gent will forge ahead and submit a very detailed ‘indictment’.

      The Florida man will crash … just like his former pal Bill Clinton did and quite likely as Hunter Biden will too … that’s our politics as it ever has been.

      Let’s sit back again and watch the shows unfold … I wish it was one at Bushy Park tho!

  10. “We now know from FBI Director Wray’s testimony that the FBI had confidential informants embedded within the January 6th protesters. Wray neglected to answer if the sources were dressed in MAGA clothing disguised as Trump supporters.”

    FBI like it is in real shit!!

    Did they cause the J6 disturbance?

    If the FBI had so many “human confidential sources” how come the disturbances took everybody by surprise and no preparation was made?

    Why did the person responsible for security at the Capitol, the Speaker of the House, not accept Trump’s offer of the 20,000 members of the National Guard?

    We may find out at the trial of the Proud Boys’ next month!!

  11. … and then there is the 2000 mules documentary by D’Souza using True the Vote.

    The cell phone data will lead to real people and real people can be deposed.

    Once there is a will to investigate the 2020 election, the peeps involved are already identified for investigation.

  12. @John
    You need to realize having evidence and proof of crimes mean nothing if the prosecutors are not willing to prosecute or judges refuse to hear the case.

    Whenever laws are broken, prosecution is at the sole discretion of the government. Any individual can bring a civil suit against the electoral board alleging negligence or fraud in the election process but this is a very high bar because you will have to prove the problem was large enough to change the election outcome.

  13. A right wing talking head filmed people allegedly cheating,
    suggesting it was inside knowledge of Trumpside cheating
    No wonder Trump was vexed when he expected he would win
    but had not cheated enough.

  14. @Analyzer, do you bring your ‘critical’ to all data you review or only to those that don’t bend to your ideological perspectives!😎😒

    I ask because I wonder if you accept that the current DOJ have “evidence and proof of crimes” and therefore should be “willing to prosecute”!

    Or I wonder when “judges […] hear the cases” where “individuals […] bring a civil suit against the electoral board alleging negligence or fraud” and those judges resoundingly DISMISS all cases on the merits of the law and for lack of evidence (meaning the cases were lawlessly meaningless) and those judgements are AFFIRMED on appeal that the persons presenting those lawless cases should be sanctioned to prevent such abuses of the system!

    Thus considering that “Whenever laws are broken [and] prosecution is at the sole discretion of the government” I further wonder if you believe any citizen including presidential candidates – who have clearly broken said laws – should face the government’s discretionary power and be prosecuted!

    Just wondering how ‘critically’ you analyze!

    I gone.

  15. Inside Knowledge of an Inside Job on November 17, 2022 at 9:37 AM said:
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    No wonder Trump was vexed when he expected he would win


    You may not have noticed that Trump was not on the Ballot!!

    He could neither win or lose.

    Of the 232 candidates he endorsed, 22 lost so he did have a sizeable impact on the Republican victory.

    The Republicans flipped the House which some pundits reckoned was inevitable months ago.

    They failed to flip the Senate.

    Even if they had flipped the Senate by 1 or 2 seats, it would not have mattered.

    As predicted, they got what counts, the House.

    Things will start to get serious as the Republican House Majority begins to flex its muscle.

    The J6 Committee I am hearing will serve a purpose so it may persist.

    Rejigged like what Elon Musk did at Twitter, it can investigate many more things, for example the House Speaker at the time and what she did in the carrying out of her responsibility to prevent the disturbance at the Capitol, and the FBI’s role.

  16. The Senate ratifies appointments of the President, so it does need to be addressed.

    But the President and Vice President are open to impeachment so it may truly not matter if the Republicans follow through with the impeachment and are successful.

  17. Looks like the Republicans are off and running and not wasting any time!!

    Hunter’s laptop and FBI collusion to keep it quiet.

    National Security.

  18. If they can get around the FBI and DOJ to get his family members charged before a law court they can successfully impeach Joe. Otherwise, this going nowhere.

  19. It’s amusing and disappointing to see such undisguised partisan pandering, prostitution and hypocrisy on serious governance and legal matters!

    Ever since Democrats pushed for the impeachment of Richard Nixon but otherwise removed him, every US congress since then has loudly beaten their tribal impeachment drums when they had an opposition President, it seems.

    I imagine that in some instances there were valid reasons – although in Clinton’s Lewinsky matter it was difficult to accept why a president’s infidelity became a matter of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ … although technically he was charged for perjury, I believe!

    Anyhow, the Republicans will get their House impeachment vote and it will compress most of the oxygen for the next two years and remind everyone of the crass vindictive nature of politics thereby likely pissing off more independents and making a Republican presidential victory that much harder!

    Way to go, some would say!

    But if a former president committed major illegal offenses while in the WH but was deemed ‘innocent’ at his impeachment trial … it’s beyond my limited comprehension how on earth another president can now be found ‘guilty’ of offenses committed (with his son or otherwise) BEFORE he became president!

    Ah well, whatever it takes to be ideologically on top!

  20. @DPD
    Anyhow, the Republicans will get their House impeachment vote and it will compress most of the oxygen for the next two years
    As usual they will overreach and pay the price in two years and people will soon tire of the angertainment team of Jim Jordan, Green, Boebert and several others.

    Irony of ironies after McConnel and McCarthy publicly condemned Trump for Jan.6, they both voted against conviction at his impeachment trial. Conviction would have barred him from future public office which would have made him a bystander in the recent election as his appearance on the campaign trail wouldn’t be beneficial for him. One could argue that his choice of Senatorial candidates sunk the Republican chances of taking over the Senate and his very appearance reduced the expected “red wave” to a gentle swell.

    In effect the wringing of hands by Republicans over the election results could be laid at the feet of both McConnel and McCarthy and history could very well repeat itself in two years.

  21. If you knew any history or had the good sense to google, investigations to impeach presidents have been a national past time in America dating back to the days of John Buchannan. Only three U.S. presidents have been formally impeached by Congress—Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

    “Crooked’s” husband was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, not infidelity. Man, you are really out to lunch!!

    Biden has had articles of impeachment filed against him since 21 January 2021, day 1. The compromised FBI which had lied to the court in procuring FISA warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign, suppressed the Hunter Laptop story.

    “On January 21, 2021, the day after the inauguration of Joe Biden, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) filed articles of impeachment against President Biden. She cited abusing his power while serving as vice president. Her articles of impeachment claimed that Viktor Shokin was investigating the founder of Burisma Holdings, a natural gas giant in Ukraine. Biden’s son Hunter Biden had served as a member of the board since 2014.[72] However, Shokin was not investigating the company. There is no concrete evidence that suggests Biden had pressured Ukraine to benefit his son.[73]”

    Now, Hunter’s laptop is on the table. America could have avoided 2 years of the 2 duds who resulted from the stolen election of 2020 and should only pile on to his crimes and misdemeanors committed while he was president.

    What an utter mess.

    • Poor you … reading with attack dog discernment. You do clearly enjoy prostrating yourself so wantonly before this man. I respect that love and wanting… don’t understand why u have it so bad .. but I gotta respect it!😎🙏🏿

      Sooo , I NEVER said this mpeachment process started with Nixon @Mr HypocriteFellow. I simply noted that since then every opposition congress has gone hard after the President…. btw, please note I said ‘every’; doubly please note that means Dem and Repub!

      In short the politics of the last 60 odd years has become very toxicly tribal, divisive, vindictive and, to use your word, asine!

      And hold on …before u rant again … historically it has been bad – after all they fought a freaking civil war – so it’s getting to that level of toxicity now!

      Alas folks like you exemplify all that only too well!.

      Do try to take those MAGA panties off your face every now and then and get some pristine fresh sea breeze do, fah real. Dem gotta be a lil frossy by now surely!

    • Let me also add … before Clinton set foot in the WH, Republicans were gunning to take him out with promises to impeach based obviously on the long list of his alleged malfesance as governor !

      He was truly a cad as the Brits would say or in local parlance a ‘sagga or rude boy’.

      At the end of it all he absolutely deserved the harsh judgements that he received … the fellatio problem was just a side icing really!

      Thus it’s absurdly distressing that all these years later this man comes and acts significantly WORST than Clinton and yet people like you have the freaking gall to hold him up as a paragon of political virtue … after ripping the other scoundrel!

      Steeupse …Get real oh hypocrite thou!

  22. If you knew any history or had the good sense to google, investigations to impeach presidents have been a national past time in America dating back to the days of John Buchannan.

    Should read

    If you knew any history or had the good sense to google, YOU WOLLD HAVE SEEN investigations to impeach presidents have been a national past time in America dating back to the days of John Buchannan AND JEFFERSON AND QOULD NOT HAVE MADE SUCH AN ASSININE STATEMENT.

    Nixon started nothing, you just don’t know any history and are too foolish to admit it.

    That’s a fact Jack!!

  23. “Biden will ask the Supreme Court to allow his student-loan forgiveness plan to move forward after lower courts blocked the relief”

    He hasn’t got an option.

    A lower court has found his vote buying both illegal and unconstitutional and he is open to conviction in the senate.

    His problem is that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who will preside over the Senate in case of impeachment may actually have confirmed that Biden as President acted both illegally and unconstitutionally.

  24. Oh boy!!

    Looks like we can scratch another attempt to smear Trump by the fake news media.

    Pete Navarro’s case is put off January so we will have to wait and see if the Court will have anything to say about the legitimacy of the J6 Committee.

    “Donald Trump’s longtime finance chief choked up on the witness stand Thursday, saying he betrayed the Trump family’s trust by scheming to dodge taxes on $1.7 million in company-paid perks, including a Manhattan apartment and luxury cars.

    Allen Weisselberg, a senior adviser and ex-chief financial officer at the former president’s Trump Organization, said he conspired with a subordinate to hide more than a decade’s worth of extras from his taxable income, but that neither Trump nor his family were involved in the scheme.”

    The Trump Organization is now on trial, accused of helping Weisselberg and other executives avoid paying income taxes on compensation in addition to their salaries. Prosecutors argue the company is liable because Weisselberg was a “high managerial agent” entrusted to act on its behalf.

    “It was my own personal greed that led to this case,” said Weisselberg, who pleaded guilty to tax crimes and agreed to testify against the company in exchange for a five-month jail sentence.

    Asked if he was embarrassed by what he did, a somber Weisselberg said: “More than you can imagine.”

  25. Here is a list of potential crimes in which Joe may be implicated, from Human Trafficking to Violations of the Constitution!!

  26. Justice Dept. to name special counsel to oversee the criminal investigation of the handling of classified documents at Mara Lago, this is a consequence of Florida man declaring his run for Office.

    Fani Willis in Georgia will continue to investigate Florida man for trying to overturn the election in Georgia, remember his call to the Secretary of State “I want you to find me 11,180 votes”.

  27. They say Trump is controlling Congress now.
    He must be convicted so he cannot run for office.

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  28. Surely there will be some CONTINUED self-destruction in US politics …

    And both parties have to accept their problems causing that.

    I was reading an article by Nate Silver and was amused that a pre midterm poll ^found that 35 percent of voters hadn’t heard enough about DeSantis to form an opinion about him.”

    Obviously there is a majority (favorable) Republican opinion among those who have formed an opinion about the current Republican front runner … which is shocking comparatively!

    Comparing that other Florida man to DeSantis in that way is a madness that will clearly continue to change makedly going forward!

    In fact, as also noted in the piece, despite that low 35% “name recognition” the fact that DeSantis has now surpassed his current party leader in head-to-head contests in post mid-term polling also clearly suggests the Republicans will not ‘self destruct’ in the same way as they did for those midterms … they will dump #45 and move on … as Murdoch and his media properties Fox, WSJ etc have already done … along with other important Republican influencers!

  29. Warrior Nun on November 18, 2022 at 7:10 PM said:
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    What do you think about Rabbi Cahn?

  30. De Santis is yet to prove he can appeal to the populations in middle America which are for Trump.

    I suspect that Trump will run as the Republican candidate in 2024 unless for some reason he decides differently, or some event occurs to stop him.

    Can’t see De Santis or anyone else challenging Trump or even running as vice president.

    He has too much to do in Florida and he seems to love his job.

    Polls have routinely been wrong.

  31. You are quite funny … rather strangely hilariously often.

    Poll numbers like unemployment numbers are only ‘right’ when they paint the picture YOU guys want!🤦🏾‍♂️ SMH!

    What is there to appeal to for “the populations in middle America which are for Trump”??? … LIes, scandal, bullying opponents and BS!

    The Florida gov is a Republican who speaks and practices deep conservative mantra … stop the nonsense commentaries 🤣

    If the former president does run unopposed or is even selected by his party the world would have to be spinning backwards – which of course is IMPOSSIBLE !

    There is no practical way for a return to the WH by this guy.

    Anyone who supports HIS return rather than another better qualified Republican (meaning less divisive, vindictive and beholden financially to Mid-East potentates) is either on his money bandwagon or absurdly extreme and incapable of reasoned review!

  32. I’ve never put any trust in polls.

    They can be manipulated as they are on a small sample, not much more than 1000 and often far less.

    The closest thing I have seen to a poll which may be accurate is the recent poll done by Twitter where Trump came out ahead in the sample of over 15 million people.

    Trump duly got his second term on Twitter as he will get a second term as President, if he wants it.

    Two years is a long time and we have no idea what will happen.

  33. De Pedantic Dribbler on November 20, 2022 at 11:29 PM said:
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    What is there to appeal to for “the populations in middle America which are for Trump”??? … LIes, scandal, bullying opponents and BS!

    The Florida gov is a Republican who speaks and practices deep conservative mantra … stop the nonsense commentaries 🤣


    The Florida governor has no record in other states among the Trump base, the deplorables who voted him in.

    It would be crazy for him to attempt to run.

    But, if he were to run, that would emerge in a primary long before the election.

    It would be a waste.

    • SMH …

      And the businessman had done sooo much for all of them in 2016 when he smashed mout an entire group of Senators and former officials who had given many of those ‘deplorables’ lots of love over the years!

      Come on guy, just say it simply: you guys love the violent, loins grabbing, tax evading, fabricating strong man persona!

      It most truly represents the millions of YOU (all ethnicities)!

      There are millions more who are weary of that nonsense, thankfully!

  34. “The closest thing I have seen to a poll which may be accurate is the recent poll done by Twitter where Trump came out ahead in the sample of over 15 million people.”

    You haven’t realised that the Trump poll to bring him back was about whether he should be allowed back on Twitter.
    Bots voted for him in large numbers.

  35. “Bots voted for him in large numbers.”

    Not a man move as the ball was dispatched towards the boundary.
    My first chuckle for the day.

  36. I was waiting to see who would be dumb enough to bring up bots!!

    I tossed that googly well above the eyeline of any batsman on BU.

    Always works!!!

  37. “I tossed that googly well above the eyeline of any batsman on BU.”

    Your brain is going senile you old cunt, old people can hate like old dogs

  38. No! No! No!
    After the googly got despatched you need to counter.
    You are like a bowler getting hit for six and saying ‘I gi he an easy ball’.
    Easy or not, it got smacked.

    After the sweet googly, the batsman delight, what?

  39. Trump’s account on Twitter has reappeared.

    Trump isn’t even back on.

    Within a single day he has 80 million followers!!

    I don’t need to counter, Trump has!!

  40. In cricketing terms, the bowler delivered a flighted googly and stopped and waited for the caught and bowled.

    The batsman seeing the flight went for a cow swipe.

    The ball took the edge and Trump keeping wicket held the catch!!!

    Pandemonium brek loose.

  41. John’s lack of logic is pigshit

    “The @realdonaldtrump handle had amassed 88.7 million followers by the time Twitter suspended it in January 2021 after the 2021 United States Capitol …”

    they are the same users son (moron)

  42. There is going to be a hell load of more rightwing hate rhetoric in the next couple of years and a hell load of more shootings on the regular in USA as Republicans with big mouths look for donors to run in 2024 elections.
    Trump tapped into a rich vein in the darkside of USA and has cut the femoral artery main blood vessel supplying blood to the lower body.
    There is no turning back even when/if Trump gets busted by Feds.
    Annie get your gun.

  43. Republicans are prolife and support restrictions on abortion.

    Common sense would indicate that it is far more likely for a Democrat to be instigators of hate crimes as they want unrestricted abortion and the right to kill a child when it is actually been born.

    Democrats are wicked, hateful sons of butches.

    Here is what the Democrats want.

    The cult of Baal.


  44. Rise and Fall of the Far Right
    Keep your Trump Bannon Farage white privilege bullshit corruptions to democracy and power. The populism of racism fascism isn’t popular.
    Trump Version 2.0 will have to be more extreme loathsome and repugnant to gain traction after rejections in 2020 and 2022.

  45. By definition, Fascism cannot exist on the right, only on the left.

    Both Mussolini (its inventor) and Hitler were left wing socialists who went further left with Fascism.

  46. Of these two, it would appear as though MTG incites the most fear in Democrats.

    Looks like she will give them hell and they are scared.

  47. Looks like the Chief Twit is releasing Twitter Files implicating the Government in nefarious unconstitutional activities against Donald Trump.

    Can’t call them Twitter Leaks like Wiki Leaks.

  48. @John
    What became of the other member of the tag team?
    I saw that you put up the bat light but Batman did not come.
    Hoping that both of you are in fine health.

  49. Grasshopper

    Saw GP on another thread recently using a different moniker, atleast that was what some other blogger claimed, I could be wrong.

    This thread is old so I periodically visit it and make comments for two reasons.

    First to preserve interesting links I come across for future reference and second to see who will follow me to such an old thread.

    Most others are satisfied to berate me elsewhere.

  50. Lord haveth mercy.

    The more trouble people make for Trump the more popular he becomes.

    God sure smiles on this guy.

    • @David, really no bigger blow for the orange crew than it can handle!

      If one looks at the Walker/Warnock race with the most benign view-finder it’s actually possible to consider Walker as a quite ‘impressive’ loser … but of course in this political battle – just as with his professional sports life – ALMOST getting a touch-down is meaningless!

      But if one considers the scandalous details made public about Walker and he STILL ran Warnock to a 3 points difference then it should be obvious that had a less divisive candidate been on the ballot the results would have been very different!

      Obvious because Repubs won ALL the other state-wide offices by no less than 5 points

      So clearly the orange crew boss CREATED this debacle for the Repub party … so he can man-up and handle the blowback!🤣😎🤣!

      As noted before … there is NO WAY this orange crew boss-man is the nominee for his party in 2024 … that would just make no practical sense!

    O Midterm Done and Dusted 1 month ago
    O Batman is dead
    O New Bu thread: What happened to democratic debate?

  52. I try not to comment on US politics but I would say that the normal rules do not apply.
    The election of BO came as a surprise to many
    The election of DT came as a surprise to many more
    That our democracy is fragile and is hanging by a thread surprised many of us.
    HW with his many flaws and being undercut by leading Republicans gave Warnock a surprising run for his money.

    Would not place any bet on the future of DT. Would not write him off as he may yet again surprise us.

  53. Trump Organization is found guilty of tax fraud
    and DoJ is seeking to hold Trump Team in contempt of Court over classified documents
    But, US Judiciary is as bent as a LBGTQ spectrum
    The question is not Trump but racist White AmeriKKKa
    50% are racist white scum
    and the remaining 50% are still 50% racist inside
    who can be triggered and flipped
    2016 Trump vote 62,984,828
    2020 Trump vote 74,223,975
    Nice ’N’ Sleazy / The Stranglers
    We came across the west sea
    We didn’t have much idea of the
    Kind of climate waiting
    We used our hands for guidance
    Like the children of a preacher
    Like a dry tree seeking water
    Or a daughter
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy does it

    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Does it does it does it every time

    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Does it does it does it every time

    Nice ‘n’ sleazy does it

    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Does it does it does it every time

    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Does it does it does it every time

    Nice ‘n’ sleazy does it

    An angel came from outside
    Had no halo had no father
    With a coat of many colours
    He spoke of brothers many
    Wine and women song a plenty
    He began to write a chapter
    In history
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy does it
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy does it
    Nice ‘n’ sleazy does it
    Does it every time

    • @Dub, very often the numbers are quite clear … YES, it’s “Nice ‘n’ sleazy” that in 2016 Mr.45 got 62,984,828 and
      in 2020 74,223,975, as you noted.

      But very clearly over 65 million voted AGAINST him in 2016 and in 2020 over 82 million did the same!

      So no doubt there are millions of racist, sexist, white-supremacists “who can be triggered and flipped” – as they were – to fight a civil war for the ‘soul’ of their country but we must also remember the millions who also took up arms (and will again) to resist their brethren!

      It’s certainly not ideal nor desired but it’s real and thus far thankfully the resistance has been peaceful and successful!

    • @Dee Word

      Opinion on the prisoner swap? Does this make it open season in US citizens working in foreign lands?

    • No @David, it does NOT!

      I am actually amazed at the negatives used by the Republicans and others (like the former DEA agent who allegedly helped imprison the Russian arms-dealer).

      Over the years there have been these types of very, very difficult swaps from time to time … it’s NEVER a happy moment for those in law enforcement as generally the political establishment break all judicious reasonings in order to gain ‘populous points’ … but the circumstances are generally worth the geopolitical wagering (to some degree)!

      This is absolutely no different! Any terrorist’s group or state that wants to play ‘Doom’ games with the US still will REGARDLESS of what happened here … and as surely the US will ‘smack’ them as they see fit (as Russia or Iran do with their respective ‘doom’ geopolitical play-mates)!

      The family of Mr Whelan can truly feel aggrieved as now his case goes on a back burner to simmer and he may well spend many a year behind bars …

      but his story is an VERY interesting one (I am NOT familiar enough to deep dive) … yet as reports go the former Marine with his multiple citizen nationalities unfortunately very closely fits the profile as the intel operative as he is alleged to be. That is a diplomatic never-never land and to wade into that uninformed is a ‘nonsense’!

      This Griner swap should in NO WAY endanger US or Canadian or Brit citizens around the world … it’s what it was, fueled by spectacular war and a very obvious public relations spectacle by Vlad Putin.

      Let the intrigue and geopolitical shenanigans now continue anew!🤦‍♂️😒


    • Agree with you Dee Word. One is left speculate why a man with multiple tours to Iraq etc would court Russia so close re visits, contributing to Russian social media sites and so on.

  54. The English is a revisionist western drama television series that takes the core themes of identity and revenge a glorious new take on the old west – a lawless land where no one can hear you

  55. Number 3 in the top 250 Hits of the 1990s:
    Are You That Somebody / Aaliyah
    Dirty South (uh-huh), can y’all really feel me? (Feel us)
    East Coast, feel me (feel us), West Coast, feel me (say what?)
    Dirty South (uh, here we go), can y’all really feel me (baby girl)
    East Coast, feel me (uh-huh), West Coast, feel me (can you feel us?)
    Dirty South (dirty, dirty), can y’all really feel me? (Feel it)
    East Coast feel me (say what?), West Coast feel me (uh-huh)
    Dirty South (dirty, dirty), can y’all really feel me?
    East Coast, feel me? West Coast feel me (ha)

  56. Can you imagine if that idiot woman had arrived in Singapore with her marijuana?

    Ten years imprisonment.

    Russia is far more lenient.

  57. @John
    “Can you imagine if that idiot woman had arrived in Singapore with her marijuana?”

    Once when explaining the facts of life to my son, he acted as if he would be celibate all of his life. I stopped listening to him and just deliver messages when he is travelling.

    “Please bear in mind that you will be outside of the US.
    We have crazy laws here, but some places are even crazier. If you are going to use drugs, be careful and sensible”.

    If he was going to the far East, I would give him a sterner message.

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