Carlisle Bay Matter – What’s in the Mortar

Submitted by Plain&Simple

So it came to pass that some land was advertised for sale in the newspaper
Clement Gill and Earl Carlisle both submit sealed tenders as this what was
required of those Interested in purchasing the land. Is my understanding
only a few people did submit.

So de tenders were unsealed by de board Clement Gills offer was
considerably higher. Board tells Clement Gill that his offer was the
highest but the land is really worth more so they want a million more.
Clement Gill agreed and Agreement for sale was done and deposit paid. All
above board.

Some very strange things transpired after deposit was paid…. Board kept
delaying until court case has to be filed. Clement Gill got a few calls one
that told him Earl Carlisle’s son seems to have been at a party where he had
some “kill devil” but it did not seem to have effect or perhaps it did…
Anyhow it turns out Earl Carlisle’s son decides he is going to tell a body
very close to Clement Gill that they will soon own the land being sold and deposit already paid on….
Well now yah know that a phone call was quickly made. Next thing not to
many weeks later Elephantas Gorganous a local contractor (don’t let yah mind
go wild because I am sure it’s not who you think) calls Clement Gill and
says Gilly man I though you were buying that land but Earl Carlisle contact
me with some plans for what he wants built there…..

Anyhow time does pass as time always does and the sleeping giant was no more
and there was great hope because fair is fair and was believed to be …
One more for now and then a rest…. So yah know Babadas small and BabBajan is
be far and wide and it does mek yah feel everyone connected to Babbadus
somehow well is like that yah see … so one fine day a body is come from
yonder and tell a story about a board that try to sell to the lowest bidder
on a government tender… them did want to sell dis land to Earl Carlisle even
though Clement Gills bid was higher so a particular body on dat board did
stand up as an Honest body and say no it can not be. De body said the land
worth more and Clement Gills bid higher than Earl Carlisle so that can not
fly… so dis is how a extra million get ask…. I doan think they thought
Clement Gill would pay it but he did… as for Earl Carlisle I hear something
bout him renting land from government for free….. yes there is more in that Mortar indeed there is much more. Lord have mercy on us all if it all spill out

145 thoughts on “Carlisle Bay Matter – What’s in the Mortar

  1. “Bushie is currently following something even bigger and more widespread than Clearwater that should break shortly… multiply millions being literally stolen right under our BB noses….”

    so much is unfolding it’s frightening….

    some can’t see the light of day in blog form….need another level to distill that..

    “It seems like: total destruction the only solution,”

    same thing Pacha and others been saying for how long…it has to BURN TO THE GROUND and our descendants rise from those ashes..

    .the lies have gotten too ancient, the evil actions even more so….time to kill it before it tries to regrow.

    unfortunately when you hang on to every word of THIEVES and LIARS you become just like them….

  2. @ WARU
    If COVID had not come about, the entire place would have been on the auction block by now.,Every single penny was to be invested , sought and directed in nothing but tourism/ playground activities for the rich. Don’t forget the talk about the “ hotel corridor”.
    All the talk now about agriculture is more about do or die than economic policy.
    However, we must support efforts in that sector.

  3. Agriculture is their only savior, followed by the MAJORITY POPULATION engaging in creating and manufacturing….. but let them drive the slavery tourism until the sea takes all the sand and hotels…..which is starting to happen already as the levels rise..

    heard VAT will be removed on certain food items….took too long to understand the needs of the people is NOW AN EMERGENCY…took too long to get the memo…although there are warnings everywhere….always TOO LATE…..

  4. “the entire place would have been on the auction block by now.”

    well they are trying to catch up now, hope they know they will not get premium prices for any of those properties…they got too much baggage and then there are those who have ORIGINAL DEEDS for most properties and PROOF they were stolen sometime withing the last 100 years..

    there will be no more boasting about “we island” though, shit SOLD, LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL….and if people actually put money into any properties, they will make sure the population have to abide accordingly….they will move from 3rd class to 4th or 5th class citizens….hope they know what that means..

    William…the whole charade and FRAUD is sickening…people have to decide what they want. I want no part of it.

  5. The noise will stop at night when it is time to sleep. After a while, in the daytime one does not even notice the noise of traffic.

    As for air polution, they won’t be there long enough for it to cause disease. And it’s not bad enough to be noticed otherwise.

    Where is the QEH located? People are there for months on end, aren’t they?


  6. Donna
    What is the average age of patients at the QEH and the GH? What is the average length of stay at each facility? What is the distance between the main road and rooms where patients spend long periods of time daily? Are these spaces at ground or upper floors? Why is Martindales Rd a “silent zone”?

  7. “so dey cudnt make GH a silent zone too?”

    Yes, and put some big fans at the gate to blow wey all de NOx too! Unfortunately, this line of questioning is par for the course when a kindergartener sits in on a graduate level class. Semester closed.🤣

  8. excuses, excuses, SAME NOXIOUS FUMES can be found all day every day right in front of QEH…and from ALL’s an open area..

    try another lie…that one fell flat..

  9. Abigail de Salemite
    Why do you persist in unleashing your runnings on the blog? You’re not only insufferable but clearly don’t know the difference between transient and resident, and NOx, though harmful, does not mean noxious fumes. I, not the government, have argued why Beckes Road is unsuitable for an OAP home in a modern Bim and why it makes sense to move it and free up the site for another use. I guess Harvard (which more than likely you or one of your family members “attended”) and all the other real research out there are also lying I bet a few months from now you’ll claim to have “warned us”. There may just be enough cloth on Swan Street to wrap your head literally, but figuratively speaking, nigh impossible– it is just too RH big!🤣🤣

  10. Another lie fowl…really…

    no one is saying that the seniors can’t be placed in better accommodation….if yall did not TIEF ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN VAT amongst all the other stolen billions…..and instead built comfortable living quarters for them, for the GIS youngers…for other vulnerable people, you would not still be overreaching to convince me of anything…..

    but remember your ORIGINAL LIE….ya were trying to HIDE the fact that the WHOLE COASTLINE IS FOR SALE….and running us around a mulberry bush… if the issues with the senior’s home location was so critical and had to be DONE RIGHT NOW…

    ya were trying to hide the COASTLINE FIRESALE…and the lie BLEW BACK…but am the one with the big rh head…lol

    just try to remember ya original lie…so it don’t come back to bite ya..again..

  11. Normal human behavior revolves around working to provide a BETTER life for our children and for THEIR children as a part of the social and human development of the society.

    One has to wonder about the mentality of a people who would sell off their inherited assets in order to provide for THEIR OWN transient needs like fuel, leisure, and food – selling assets literally for a pot of porridge.

    This begs a kind of selfishness that is beyond human comprehension….
    Not only to fail to leave their descendants better off that they themselves were left, but to actually sell their own children into a debt bondage that WILL take them back to the state of our own grandparents, 200 years ago.

    The politicians who facilitate these ‘deals’ with the albino-centric demons (who are DRIVEN to own everything and everyone), particularly those who do it out of bribery and personal greed (rather than out of abject ignorance), will FULLY deserve the fate that unavoidably awaits them.
    But the masses of PEOPLE who sit idly by, and snigger, as their political masters sell future generations off into future slavery EQUALLY deserve the fate that awaits THEM….

    Of interest, should be the HIGH number of our current politicians who have NO CHILDREN of their own to consider for future wellbeing, and who may therefore have less inclination to care…

  12. Salemite
    You are a pathetic liar! What original attempt to hide the sale of anything when I posted the govt link to show that you didn’t out anything, as you claimed, because since 2019 it was publicly known. As Artax repeatedly points out, when you’re cornered you switch the debate and make up stories. I repeat, there isn’t enough cloth on Swan Street to wrap that head of yours, just too RH big. You’re just as deadly as the politicians you portray daily. Insufferable and lie with such ease!!!

  13. whatever….and there you are STUCK because YA STILL CAHN FIND THE NEXT LIE…

    you are the one jumped on William when he said yall are hunting down INVESTORS….why did you not just say that the COASTLINE IS FOR SALE…..for the last 2-3 YEARS???…including the property ya tried so DESPERATELY and FAILED so MISERABLY to mamaguy us about…

    and no buyers yet, SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL THE FOWL…..???..even YOU should know what that means…

  14. @ Enuff July 16, 2022 4:48 PM
    Abigail de Salemite
    Why do you persist in unleashing your runnings on the blog? You’re not only insufferable but clearly don’t know the difference between transient and resident, and NOx, though harmful, does not mean noxious fumes. I, not the government, have argued why Beckes Road is unsuitable for an OAP home in a modern Bim and why it makes sense to move it and free up the site for another use.

    There you go (again) telling lies while looking into your red-painted mirror of contradictions!

    How can the existence of high levels of air and noise pollution be the pivotal factor for the ‘future’ relocation of the senior citizens home from its current Beckles Road to another area close to the ABC highway and the botanical gardens increasingly being used for carnival and bacchanal purposes?

    What then has become of your red administration’s plans to turn Barbados into a fossil-fuel free place by 2030 when only pollution-free and ‘quiet’ electric vehicles will be on the roads?

    Moreover, is the present location of that OAP facility close to the country’s No.1 Water Zone area?
    Does it not have access (connected) to the Bridgetown Sewage treatment network?

    Why not spend the money (to be borrowed) on fixing your country’s existing serious sewerage problems instead of poisoning your coral reefs only to destroy your last remaining forex earning industry called tourism?

    BTW, what has ever become of the prediction you made in 2020 that electric-powered jet planes ‘will be landing’ at your GAIA by 2025 to fill up all the hotel rooms at the Hyatt Mirage and its adjoining beach called the Robinson Crusoe Paradise?

  15. On Aug 26th 2022 a man entered the property of Mr Allan Kinch carrying a pick. Mr Kinch approached him and asked what his business was on the property. Mr Kinch was told the Mr Raj Chatrani Manager of Copacabana sent him to clear the drain. Mr Kinch told the gentleman he was on private land and could not do what Mr Chatrani Instructed him. The gentleman then called Mr Chatrani and whilst having him on speaker phone told Mr Chatrani and asked him if he would like to speak to Mr Kinch, Mr Chatrani said no.
    Shortly after this Mr Kinch left the property to go to an important meeting re a extremely SERIOUS medical diagnosis of a close family member that he had to attend.
    Gentleman then came on the property with a Hil-t and destroyed the property of Mr Kinch as they removed concrete from the illegal drain placed to dump water onto Mr Kinch’s land.
    The police were called and never came.
    Mr Chatrani was contacted and asked to cease and desist
    Mr Weatherhead the owner of Copacabana was also contacted informed and asked to ensure the situation did not continue
    It was expressed to both them that Mr Kinch was in a meeting concerning a serious medical diagnosis of a close loved one…. After the messages we’re read by both parties men appeared back in the property doing more damage and causing flooding to the property.
    When did it become acceptable in Barbados for one man to send men onto someone else’s property and cause destruction?
    With no thought compassion or sensitivity to life!

    • If true this seems to be another of those matters with the potential to explode. Why are we unable to amicably resolve issues especially if there are laws to follow?

      Too much political interference maybe?

  16. Why are we unable to amicably resolve issues especially if there are laws to follow?
    Too much political interference maybe?
    This is standard behavior for a Banana Republic
    Get accustomed to it Boss.

    • @Bush Tea

      Sadly you are correct. If Kinch has clear title to the land why should an unauthorized person be able to enter onto his lands without permission? Something is not right here.

      Did we hear the name Weatherhead mentioned?

  17. “Why are we unable to amicably resolve issues especially if there are laws to follow?”

    Wrong question. This assumes the law is there to be followed by all.

    Recommended reading… Animal Farm
    Explain ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ and yet the pig wanted to walk on two legs. Explain: Why would the black political leadership seek to pauperize its black population.

  18. The solution to these types of problems is a barbaric one. To rely on the police or any arm of government is to go around the mulberry bush.

    Here are the words of empowerment
    Make a jail
    Make a bail
    If I cannot rely on the law, then I will distribute the law

    Wanna just too soft to survive in the jungle.

  19. @ TheOGazerts,

    If you retire in Barbados you could focus on enjoying life.

    You could also plan your survival by acquiring two Alsatians and a LICENCED firearm.

  20. Could never appreciate why Alsatian, referring to coming from Alsace a region of France, could be another name for a dog breed known as German Shepard.

  21. @Hants,
    The great BT and CA could not do it, but you have made me change on of my positions.
    There should be no limit on the number of bullets a licensed gun owner can have. 🙂

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