Former Magistrate Carlisle Greaves Shares Techniques to Improve Barbados Court System

Former Magistrate Carlisle Greaves retired Judge in Bermuda

Former Magistrate Carlisle Greaves delivered an address to the Barbados Rotary South last evening (30 August 2017) on the topical subject of crime. Unlike much of the emotional debate being stoked by political motives and ignorance, Greaves in a relatively short address highlighted some of the factors at the root of a failing court system that in his view is contributing to the rising crime situation in Barbados.

Thanks to citizen advocate Kammie Holder for sharing.

45 thoughts on “Former Magistrate Carlisle Greaves Shares Techniques to Improve Barbados Court System

  1. Worthwhile to note we also had 10 scholarship winners from the most junior arm of Rotary which is called Interact. These kids are all students of Queens College, #PositivesOfYouth

  2. Bajan Free Party/CUP-PCP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    What did he try to do when he was still on the bench? He also had to be part of the Problem.

  3. Have to second Pacha’s comment. A number of our law officers seem to gain insight only after a retirement’

    • Did you listen to Greaves?

      Greases is a judge in Bermuda.

      When Greaves was a magistrate in Barbados he was feared and his court had a reputation for getting rid of cases.

  4. Can we get some statistics on the money and time costs incurred to deliver results in different kinds of cases, here and in other countries?

  5. No. But there are at least two other examples where we have these guys giving post-mortem. Unable to take it for more than a second.

  6. Judge Greaves knows very well that he is
    from the wrong side of the tracks and the
    elitists will not want him highlighted. He
    said that much on Brasstacks a few days
    Why not ask former Chief Justice David
    Simmons to expose all the corruption he
    talked about some months ago on Brasstacks
    Good luck Judge Greaves !

  7. No civil matter should be in a magistrate’s or supreme court for 8 years or more without complete closure, it is a total waste of time and resources, the time frame for civil matters should not exceed 18 months to 2 years…in a tiny court system such as Barbados’.

    I can totally concur with the CCJ, that the judiciary on the island is ridiculous and should have been fixed years ago.

    I saw first hand how lawyers maliciously prolong these cases in their own self interests trying to get the cases to remain in the system for over a decade to milk it for as much money as they can…..and on instruction from greedy insurance companies.

    … both mediocre plaintiffs and defense attorneys engage in this evil practice to ensure that it is mutually beneficial to them only, the practice should be made a criminal offense where lawyers can go to prison for it….since it has become a well known decades old intent to derail cases fir personal gain.

    The chief justice and the judges should have put an end to this ugly practice already.

  8. Lawyers, are also exploiting the legal aid system. Making simple civil matters contentions provides a prolonged source of income. It seems a review of the type of cases that are granted legal aid certificates is in the works.

    • Greaves touched on lawyers in his address. He articulated how he forced lawyers to be more efficient in his court.

  9. the longer lawyers procrastinate and prolong cases that can easily be dispensed with in months rather than years or decades which supplements their incomes at the expense of everyone else including the court`s ability to dispense any justice….the worst the court system will get…

    that`s the reason why what lawyers in their arrogance and selfishness currently do to abuse the course of justice, should be a made criminal offense…

    that is the only way the hardheaded lawyers in Barbados will stop their nastiness and allow closure in cases…….

    if i did not see the trivial and vicious things they do to stymie the judges, including coercing witnesses to commit perjury on the witness stand, to pervert the course of justice, i would not have believed it myself….

    the judges and magistrates have to take back their courtrooms that have been under seige for decades by the worst kind of lawyers.

    you know how bad it has gotten when judges are speaking out, no judge or magistrate should have to fear jailing lawyers for destroying the court system because of greed.

  10. Greaves looks old didn’t know he was in Bermuda recall him as a saga boy with a sports car. Lawyers have to weed out the bariffle of thieves and criminals in their ranks. They have the worst reputation of the traditional professions. Take a look at the Lawyer in the News section that’s a mere handful of the known bad apples.
    The three detestable suspects are not charged with murder but a man died anyone know why.

  11. Judges are lawyers. Lawyers talk for a living, they do not ‘DO’.

    Just like the QEH needs a manager who is not a doctor, so does our court system.

    And our country.

  12. I would recommend the AG appoint Mr Justice Greaves on a contract to bench all those old cases knocking about the court system.The first one he should clear up and rule upon is the one filed in ’92 in which a local warrant officer accompanied by a scotland yard warrant officer laid charges against a senior police officer for car theft.Maybe that file is missing too or Dottin know something we don’t know because he took certain action.

  13. Lol…that is a good one, those used car scams from UK got a lot going on and it did not start yesterday.

  14. Gabriel,

    Greaves does not qualifiy for the Barbados Supreme Court. And why? The local legal establishment will NEVER allow an efficient judge who serves the common good to clean up the swamp.

    Simply look at Gibson to know what is going wrong in Bim. Gibson came into office without any experience in judicial management. A family lawyer doing a woman´s job. Gibson´s list of hobbies on is longer than his professional merits. Have you ever seen a federal judge elsewhere trumpeting his hobbies on an official webpage? NOT me.

  15. Greaves might end up at CCJ, they need a replacement for someone who is retiring.

    He dont have any corruption scandals, that is presuming he still wants to work.

  16. @ Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger. September 1, 2017 at 3:09 PM
    “Greaves might end up at CCJ, they need a replacement for someone who is retiring.”

    There is more to you than meets the intellectual eyes. LoL!!!

    He is by far the most eligible candidate Barbados could ever produce. And Barbados is indeed deserving of a place because of its ‘loyalty’ and support to the CCJ project through the years of its fledgling existence.

    The problem is that although being a ‘senior’ contemporary of the PM and CJ he is not going to be put any where on the top of the list for any stellar recommendation.

    Just check out the quality of the people who have been recommended for or appointed to top positions by the current administration. Competence, professional integrity and independence of thought are traits anathema to the current DLP administration where ‘yardfowlism’ is practised like a religious mantra through the principle party paramouncy.

    Why do you think Barbados has fallen so deep into the thick mire of managerial incompetence as so visibly reflected through its judicial and it financial management systems so ably highlighted in the various Auditor General’ reports?

  17. WWC,

    Good point. However, isn´t it the job as court president? Such a job is a political job. You need the backing of your own government, in this case Barbados. They will never push somebody who openly speaks about the failures of the local legal fraternity.

    The rest of the local fraternity won´t get the job.

  18. Hants,

    Of course, I wish he snatches the job. However, all he can do is bashing the snails at the local Supreme Court for their lack of efficient delivery of justice. The CCJ has done so before for many years. Results? The brassbowls still do not perform.

    It is the same pattern of behaviour after the many downgrades. S&P bashes the MoF. Result? No structural adjustments as advised, but higher taxes and crippled economy.

    The Barbadian establishment is 150% resistant to any advice. They did not listen in the past, they do not listen in the present and they will nevery listen in the future. They still think Barbados is the master nation of the whole Caribbean or even America, although many islands outpaced Barbados in economic and social terms during the last 10 years.

  19. @ Tron,

    That was millertheanunnaki’s opinion about Greaves not mine.

    Let google be your friend and investigative reporter.

  20. The British system of justice is a cumbersome, antiquated wreck. It fails everywhere it is tried. Consider the following assessments.

    The criminal justice system in England and Wales is failing victims and witnesses and is close to “breaking point”, MPs have warned. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said the system was “bedeviled by long-standing poor performance, including delays and inefficiencies”.
    The committee’s report also warned that cutbacks were affecting the ability of courts to deliver justice. The PAC found that about two-thirds of trials in crown courts were delayed or did not go ahead at all. There was a backlog of 51,830 cases awaiting a hearing as of September last year, it said, with an average 134-day wait between cases leaving magistrates’ courts and the start of crown court proceedings. Only 55% of witnesses said they would be willing to be witnesses again, with 20% being made to wait four hours or more to give evidence in court.
    PAC chairwoman Meg Hillier said: “These are damning statistics. An effective criminal justice system is a cornerstone of civil society but ours is at risk.”

    OTTAWA — New statistical research confirms the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent warnings that the nation’s $11-billion criminal justice system is riddled with delays, inefficient practices and inadequate resources. After nearly two years of work, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, an Ottawa public policy think-tank, released a report card assessing each province and territory’s criminal justice system based on five key measurements: public safety, support for victims, costs and resources, fairness and access to justice, and efficiency.
    The findings reveal extraordinary crime rates in some jurisdictions, poor rates for solving crimes in others, inadequate support for victims, soaring costs, excessive delays, large numbers of cases stayed or withdrawn and high rates of aboriginal incarceration.
    “With few exceptions, our justice system is slow, inefficient, and costly,” it concludes.
    Among the provinces, Manitoba’s criminal justice system ranked the worst overall, with the second highest per-capita violent crime rate and fourth highest per-capita property crime rate among the provinces. Ontario, the country’s most populous province, has the worst record for the proportion of criminal charges stayed or withdrawn — 43.1 per cent — compared with just 8.6 per cent in neighbouring Quebec. Ontario is a significant outlier in another respect: of the cases that do make it to trial, the percentage of accused persons found guilty is just 55.3 per cent. British Columbia received a failing grade for the average number of violent crimes police “solve” by way of charge — slightly more than half of all cases — from 2013 to 2015.

  21. @ September 1, 2017 at 4:00 PM
    “The Barbadian establishment is 150% resistant to any advice. They did not listen in the past, they do not listen in the present and they will nevery listen in the future. They still think Barbados is the master nation of the whole Caribbean or even America, although many islands outpaced Barbados in economic and social terms during the last 10 years.”

    Tron, I must say you are a BU contributor for whom I have great intellectual admiration.
    An intellectual who can peer through the fog of partisan political blindness and bullshit and see the ship of State called SS Barbados being steered by a troupe of bilge monkeys and, like human shit, is floating on a sea of abject incompetence.

    On its present trajectory Barbados is heading into the perfect storm of economic and social disturbance and the vast majority of the passengers are asleep.

    As Owen Arthur once said: ‘Barbados, a good country saddled with a bad government’.

  22. Miller & Tron…that will be to the Barbados government’s own disadvantage.

    They already got exposed by CCJ for having and maintaining an incompetent, slothful judiciary that they refuse to fix adequately…if they continue to be pigheaded, it can only go downhill from there.

  23. Why do we need a society with courts, prisons, crooked lawyers, and the rest?

    Where have these led us and is that place the best possible?

    Are these to be the extent of our envisioning?

  24. The Act states very clearly the definition of a spouse, that is Barbados’ own Act, that case should not have had to go to the CCJ, any judge in Barbados could have resolved the matter, but it’s obvious that the lawyers muddied the waters and forced it to the CCJ. prolong it for their own personal gain.

    The lawyers in Barbadis are a serious problem and if the CJ and the Judges dont do something about these jackass lawyers, the island definitely will not need a supreme court anymore because there will be no closure for any cases on the island, everyoneof the present backlog, including murder cases will end up at the CCJ for closure.

    A housing matter from Barbados was just concluded at the CCJ level, that tells us that things at the supreme court are deteriorating rapidly and. not getting better.

    Personal injury cases are not being concluded, these cases should not be in the court system for so many years tying up the system..

  25. The Barbados court system is an embarrassing, distressing, and humiliating disgrace.

    If Bushie was involved in ANY way – except as a victim of its pissy lack of professionalism, the bushman would be FAR be too embarrassed to write any articles on related matters in Barbados .. (hint to Jeff 🙂 )

    That the local system can withstand such biting, consistent, degrading and insulting CCJ decisions- without apparent remorse, and CERTAINLY without any attempts at reform, tells us that EITHER these are a pack of totally incompetent, low-grade scum posing as judicial officers ….


    …that they are so heavily COMPROMISED with criminal elements, that it is preferable for them to face the scorn of the CCJ … than to face the ‘music’ of their criminal controllers.

    Bushie’s Dad ALWAYS insisted that “if you take the first cent from a briber as a child, then even if you grow up to be rich and powerful, you will NEVER escape that liability’

    Many of our now ‘high and mighty’ legal luminaries have chequered and questionable pasts….
    When exactly would they have ‘shaken the bonds’…?

  26. David September 3, 2017 at 12:35 PM #
    Are we happy with Prime Minister Stuart’s statement on the crime situation delivered at the DLP’s 62nd annual conference?

    Does anyone even listen to Fumble anymore?

    Zero credibility on any podium he chooses to degrade by his presence .

  27. Fruendel is boldfaced and brassfaced to approach anyone with his crap and expect them to swallow…, an insult to the electorate.

    10 years of recession indeed, which of course he will swear he and his useless government can end this recession in his mind, in another 5 years….once they are reelected and they are the only ones can do it…but they could not do it in 10 years…, nevertheless, Obama ended the US recession within 8 years in a population of 300 million people.

    He could have put the same crime legislation in place 8 years ago that he is now hurrying to legislate in one week, goes to show how quickly the governments can create, legislate and amend laws…if they cared to, but they did not, until the UK dude was murdered and foreign police is now looking over their shoulders….in conjunction with election closing in rapidly. ..only now Fruendel and his do nothing government can pretend they are doing something.

  28. Are you all SERIOUSLY not seeing that we have reached a stage where a special BREED of leadership- who seem to be completely devoid of any shame, any empathy, any moral or ethical compass and absolutely no righteous inclinations- have been foisted on our world?

    Who do wunna think is running things globally (and Bushie means REALLY ‘running things’… ie…spiritually!!)

    It is EASY to answer that question by looking at the FRUIT being borne….

    Despite all the technological and human development gains that have put our present world EONS ahead of ANYTHING that ever existed since time begun – we are reaping sour fruit from East to West and from North to South…

    That this world could produce leaders like Trump, Jacob Zuma, Kim Jong Un, Froon and practically all of the other freaks currently in office – at THIS time … and AFTER having experienced the Hitlers, George Bushes and other freaks of recent vintage …. should be enough to tell us that frightening FORCES are at work….

    …for the REAL fight is NOT against flesh and blood, but against SPIRITUAL forces in high places….
    …and it is only through the SPIRITUAL armour of BBE that it is possible to win in such an environment…
    …or if you have been given a whacker…. 🙂

  29. It is clear that the average Barbadian is aware of the myriad problems confronting the country.
    We will have to do more than wait for the BBE. We dug the hole we are in, we must try to save ourselves

  30. I so object to turning on the CBC News and seeing/ hearing the warmed over soup for an item of such import as to be called Headline news featuring the Dlp conference this occasion held at party headquarters at George St and not at a large school hall,which says the party faithful base is shrinking.People are obviously fed up with the rhetoric of Staurat and his minions..I object that tax dollars go toward promoting one political party over others.I did not vote for this lot and I object to having them parade on TV erevy night like they know about which they speak.Thankfully I mute them or flick to preferably MSNBC but the priniple that in a present day Barbados I have to listen to junk,to put it mildly, spewing forth from an incompetent group of lazy louts.

  31. “That this world could produce leaders like Trump, Jacob Zuma, Kim Jong Un, Froon and practically all of the other freaks currently in office – at THIS time … and AFTER having experienced the Hitlers, George Bushes and other freaks of recent vintage …. should be enough to tell us that frightening FORCES are at work….”

    What many of us have been saying for a long time now, but our warnings are usually written off as deluded musings of mentally unstable “conspiracy theorists” and “tin-foil hatters”. That way the warnings can be written off without having the bother of actually considering the evidence and dealing with the cognitive dissonance that might follow.

    “Kevin Shipp was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up. At a very important public awareness event, held by in Northern California, on July 28th, 2017, Mr. Shipp presented a shocking and compelling presentation on numerous, horrific and ongoing government crimes. The total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny is also fully exposed. The paradigm we have all known has been built on deception and the dark agendas of the global power structure. The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny serves as a stellar example to us all.”

    CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

  32. These people are descended from criminals chased out of UK in the 1600s by their own criminal people….

    ..,..they are descended from rapists, murderers, land thieves, enslavers, liars, frauds and the miscreants of the earth……

    …their descendants will never be much better, through their crimes they got control of the worlds money and most of its resources…..

    …….they will always be criminals no matter what they control or how many trillions of dollars they steal and possess.

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