Beware the Other When They Come Bearing Gifts?

Greeks bearing gifts
Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim


I would be remiss if I did not address in brief the issue of the Chinese mine manager in Rwanda sentenced to 20 years in prison for whipping local workers, Yahoo News, Michelle De Pacima, April 21, 2022.

Sharing the foregoing, which one might reasonably have thought unimaginable in 2022.

Of course, most if not all “aid” is tied aid.   However, the question remains what would/could have led this Chinese mine manager, Sun Shujun, to conclude that he could so act with impunity.  I am confident that this was not his first rodeo.   Ditto perhaps other Chinese “businessmen” in the mineral and some other sectors in Africa, and their business practices.    It is also worth noting in passing that a Rwandan man, Renzaho Alexis, was sentenced to 12 years  for his alleged role as an accomplice in the beatings.

But, was it not yesterday in Rwanda that during their civil war the Hutus described the Tutsis “as cockroaches” and practised Genocide and extermination on a grand scale?


  • @Pacha

    Caleb continues to throw lashes in you:


    @ Pach: re April 30;12.19 pm.

    Duly noted. However, you have suffered a momentary lapse of judgment here. Thus, the arguments in mitigation have been over broad, erratic, misguided if not misinformed – a wayward attempt to defend and/or deflect from the oftentimes indefensible, casting the Honorable Blogmaster and myself as some sort of out-of-touch Afro-Saxons.

    Forget crooked, murderous, thieving Europeans for a minute. But, as a general proposition, on what ethical or practical basis can you reasonably defend the violence by Chinese imperialist enabled by egregious misconduct of certain corrupt African elites today as they plunder the continent’s resources, and for whose benefit(s)?

    In a related vein, there were good reasons why the Chinese themselves used to maintain a concept of “economic crimes”; and every year thousands were executed in China, some convicted and punished for “economic crimes”.

    As examples from the Motherland, when, in the 1980s, the late Nigerian Minister Umaru Dikko stole in excess of 3 billion British pounds from the Nigerian people and “invested” it in the U.K., this , coupled with other depredations, represented serious body blows to the Nigerian economic and political system. Similarly, when some of the late Dr. Agostinho Neto’s relatives reportedly borrowed $$$$ Billions from the Angolan people and “invests” these funds in the U.K and Europe, this represents severe, punishing body blows to the Angolan economic and political system. Such is intolerable perfidy.

    At some point, Al Jazeera reported that the Angolan Government was able to recover a mere $5bn out of the monies stolen from state coffers at home and abroad. How much did the Angolan Government fail to recover? Does this pay tribute to the Cuban freedom fighters – none of them millionaires or billionaires – who fought and died to defeat the South African forces and western stooges like Savimbi and Roberto. No one has any idea how much money (if any) Nigerian Governments might have recovered from the billions misappropriated by politicos and “invested” abroad over time.

    As you well know, there are copious other examples of such malfeasance, graft and corruption.

    Unlike you, Pach, I do not know the African leadership personally, but I am well acquainted with others African far more deserving of our empathy and concrete material support at different levels.

    Let us face another unpalatable truth. The tasks are to find wise, practical, comprehensive and competent solutions to our common problems writ large. The Euros and the Caucasians, unfortunately, have the number on too many of our Black leaders. They see them as easily bought and sold, like the African middlemen of yesteryear, with their trinkets. Perception, sadly, too often merges with reality. There is no truly idyllic past. There is no utopian future. Many the issues which will long outlive us.

    You, may have “the last word”. Gone!


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