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Who Will Win The Fight For Power?

Sandra Mason

General Elections were held in Barbados on January 19th, 2022, and the ruling Administration the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) came away with a resounding victory capturing all 30 seats, leaving all the other opposition parties with zero. Today, 14 days after, now that the dust has settled, it is clear that despite this achievement, the government of Barbados is fighting

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BU COVID Dash – General Election Watch

The just concluded 2022 General Election is feared by many to be a ‘super spreader’. The country is on watch for COVID 19 cases to spike given the frolicking witnessed on last campaign night, especially at Bay Street. Enclosed are Charts for the week ending 21st January 2022.  The daily cases are rising but with a relatively low reproductive number

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BLP Win 30-0, Again

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in a surprising result won all 30 seats again in a snap election called 18 months before constitutionally due by Mia Mottley. In the coming weeks there will be robust debate about how our democracy optimally serves Barbadians with a muted dissenting voice. One may argue a healthy democracy requires a strident dissenting voice. Barbados

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A Moment in Time

2022 general elections

Submitted Observing The 2022 elections will be remembered for many things but, two key features will be the timing of the call by the Prime Minister and the lack of measures put in place by EBC to allow Covid Positive patients to vote. In other threads I have already criticised the Prime Minister for calling an election when rates are

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Democratic and Barbados Labour Party Candidates 2018 vs 2022


Posted to caribbeansignal.com Democratic Labour Party Candidates – 2018 vs 2022 Early this morning (very early) I posted my analysis of Barbados Labour Party candidates 2018 vs. 2022. Now it’s time to have a look at the candidates the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) fielded in 2018 and what they are bringing to the 2022 elections. I will not go over

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Unnecessary Unpredictably


Submitted by Observing On December 27, 2021 a snap election was called. Previous threads speak clearly to this author’s view of the soundness of that decision. But, to say that we are in unprecedented time is to put it mildly. First, we have never had a 30-0 wipeout. It is therefore inevitable that the DLP will receive opposing votes. The

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A Campaign Rehash of Nothingness


The blogmaster with the benefit of technology listened to a few of the political meetings from the different political parties and with 7 days left to V-Day- he has a confession to make. Given the current crisis state of the socioeconomic landscape of Barbados, if ever there was a time for sensible Barbadians to make voices heard, the time is

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Policy Performance and Outlook (Part 2)

barbados economy

A follow through to the Policy Performance and Outlook (Part 1) received/posted by Barbados Underground last week. To be honest topics coming from the political opposition and others critical of government policy on the campaign trial so far have not clearly articulated economic alternatives to give hope to an electorate definitely suffering from all types of fatigue, economic, social and the

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What Divides Us?

Submitted by Observing “In her address explaining the decision to hold the election, Mottley called on the people of Barbados to “unite around a common cause, unite behind a single government, unite behind a single leader.” She added that she did not want Barbados to be a “divided nation.” But what divides us? Calling a snap election 18 months before

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Return of the Old Guard

Denis Lowe, Michael Lashley, Richard Sealy, David Estwick

An interesting conversation point that will attract interest is the impact David Estwick, Michael Lashley, Denis Lowe and Richard Sealy will have on the 2022 general election. The four were members of the Freundel Stuart cabinet and the previous government soundly rejected by the electorate in 2018. There is nothing unusual about defeated political candidates offering themselves to the public.

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Message to Mama Mia

For the first time in his life the blogmaster is overwhelmed by a feeling of melancholy after following the opening salvo of the January 19, 2022 general election campaign. A general election called eighteen months before it is constitutionally due because Prime Minister Mia Mottley in her infinite wisdom wants a mandate from the electorate to validate important decisions she

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