A Waste of Paper

Submitted by Observing

Every five years we are treated to pretty magazines called manifestos.
Even the most naïve among us must by now realise that these are the oldest marketing gimmicks on the block.. Reviews of previous years show that a manifesto is simply a comfort to a fool, aimed at giving “general” ideas but never being binding and always able to be ignored at whim and fancy.

BLP 2022 Manifesto
BLP Promises Kept 2018 to 2021


The DLP has yet to launch its manifesto but, if 2018 is anything to go by it should be a hodge podge of popular promises with little to no specifics on how to get them done.

The BLP launched its manifesto yesterday and as expected it’s lots of pages of pretty charts and pictures, repeated and unfulfilled promises from 2018 and a list of items that any GOOD GOVERNMENT should have already implemented or started to implement without the need for an election.

As for their “core values of transformation” do we really believe after the experiences of the last 3 1/2 years that this government will

  1. believe in people centered leadership rather than “top down supreme leader leadership”?
  2. deliver for all instead of a select few?
  3. encourage active citizenship rather than stifling voices and condemning opposing ones?
  4. encourage Bajan ownership rather than a continuation of the capital class?
  5. truly drive innovation rather than constantly tossing out buzz words and consultancies for party faithful with minimal results?

Give me a break. We’ve been here before.

So where does that leave us? Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Platforms will be set up, spot meetings will be held, the usual diatribe will be tossed at us but then what? It is already almost certain that turnout will be low due to Covid patients and concerns. Voter apathy and frustration was already at an all time high. Now we have to endure pages on pages of promises that make no immediate difference to us, probably won’t be implemented and definitely given at too short a notice (1 1/2 weeks) for us to properly distill them and their impact. Furthermore, looking back at a 2018 manifesto shows me that MANY promises were NOT kept.
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me……..

So, the choice of us “independent voters” on polling day will have to be made otherwise, based on other conditions, focused on our own circumstances and constituency realities.

To put faith in scorecards, promises kept and catch phrases is a waste of time. Just like how these manifestos are a waste of paper and computer storage space.

January 19, 2022 should be interesting .

109 thoughts on “A Waste of Paper

  1. @Observing

    This is the start of a blogpost the blogmaster had in draft and it felt like deja vu to continue with it.


    Barbadians can expect the two main political parties (DLP and BLP) to publicize respective manifestos this weekend. Some of us are hopeful promises contained in the documents will be the start of reconstructing the social and economic landscapes of Barbados to ensure residents will be able to carve out a satisfactory standard of living.

    The mention of manifesto reminds us of a robust debate that occurred during the previous administration regarding the usefulness of a manifesto. The question – is a manifesto a social contract citizens should legitimately hold political parties accountable?

    The volatile nature of governing a small island developing state should not excuse the need to formulate a relevant strategic plan to sensibly anchor decision making in civil society. The adage if you do not plan, you plan to fail come to mind. Having determine the best strategy and plans, it comes down to efficient execution…

  2. @David
    When good people and good minds with good intentions come together only good can result.

    Let’s see where the online village debate on this thread will go.

    Keep trodding on my brother. I suspect January 19 will lead to a tipping point long in coming one way or the other.

    Just observing

  3. I wonder how many others on this blog and beyond are of the same opinion as the two examples above? I know I am. There is absolutely no intention on my part to waste time reading any of the manifestos, attending any spot meeting or wasting time and electricity tuning in to online meetings. What’s the point? Listening to any of the beggers today, who will morph into The Right Most Honorable tomorrow, one wonders if they (government) isn’t ashamed to make promises of things to come when nothing has been delivered after three and a half years. And those seeking to be reelected after nearly fifteen years in office and having done diddly squat besides ruining this country, promising how they will rebuild Barbados? You destroyed it, you fools! Barbados is between two hard rocks and two hard places when it comes to choices.

    At this point, all we can do is hope that a shock of gigantic proportions is delivered to the ruling party and its leader, and that it will reverberate through the halls of power making them realize that we have had enough of their lying promises.

    Let me be straight, I do not and will not want the DLP to manage this countries economy for a long time. They have proven incapable of doing so on repeated occasions but I am damned annoyed that I have no choice that to vote for the other. Apparently, being made a minister make you a jackass that believes it is all powerful and knows everything.

    If I vote, and that’s a big IF, I will do so with great reluctance.

  4. I stopped reading at this sentence and died with laughter…
    “The DLP has yet to launch its manifesto but, if 2018 is anything to go by it should be a hodge-podge of popular promises with little to no specifics on how to get them done.”

    Here the author provided a link to the BLP 2022 manifesto and instead of comparing it to that of 2018 and telling us of the BLP’s old promises, new promises and promises that were not kept he fired off a shot at a yet non-existent target the DLP Manifesto.

    You cannot make this stuff-up. I have little time for fantasies. Let me know if it get better in later sections

  5. @Observing
    For the record, I enjoy your many fine contributions.
    Think you hit a raw nerve because the link did not work for me.

  6. The liberal manifesto is a clear improvement on the old wish lists, which personally reminded me of the petitions of slaves to their white masters.

    Our honourable government leaves everything vague and makes no substantial promises. This is good because the IMF is the de facto Minister of Finance. After native men have proven many times since 1966 that they are incapable of managing such simple things as finance due to their lacking intellect, it is now left to a financially experienced smart woman to set the record straight.

    To do this, we must finally free the naïve, financially inexperienced, childish masses from their mental dependence on the welfare state, just as we did from personal slavery in 1834. This can only be done with honesty, decency and hard work, as our Supreme Leader exemplifies to us all every day.

    • There is nothing wrong with the parties promising or outlining their visions/strategies. The issue is the heavy apathy which has developed between citizens and politicians because of mediocre performance – over promising and underdelivering.

  7. @Observing
    Page 28 of the document seem to be a snapshot. I tried to copy the text there on “justice”, but could not.

  8. @Theo
    When the DLP releases theirs I will be in their skin too!!! But for now just going based on history. lol.

    The manifestos make for good “entertainment” but as was stated, by now we should know better.

    The questions is, when will we “regular people” will hold ANY government to account for any of it’s lies, hypocrisy, propaganda, BS or failed promises. That is the bigger issue at stake here regarding governance and elevating the will of the people to the proper governing of the people.

    Just observing

  9. The link is OK, people experiencing issues may be due to older versions of browsers etc.

    The manifesto seems to be a 10 year plan

    although there is some talk of infrastructure projects there should be more development emphasised in long term plans

  10. “A ten year plan? How about a 3 1/2 year plan?”

    3.5 years is the springboard for 10 more years

    I can see nothing about the dark side, like you will have to sacrifice your first born child to Satan

  11. I don’t see any point in DLP publishing a manifesto and they would be better of winging it, sometimes it is wiser not to say anything

  12. According to the Manifesto (Shamifesto) for the non -believers, the reasons that the Election was called in 2022 is as follows
    1) Climate crisis sargassum seaweed; increase in violent storms etc.
    2) Climate induced degradation of nutrients in the soil?
    3) Economic crisis
    4) Ageing population crisis
    5) Global supply crisis
    6) Threat to public safety- Guns /Digital crime
    7) Health crisis- high incidence of NCD’s etc.

    Just tried to give the bullet points, missing is any mention of the “divided” country but it seems like whoever wrote this piece was in a “mek um up as he/she went along” mood, I can’t get over “Climate induced degradation of nutrients in the soil”. Make of it what you will but as the people say “it is what it is”

    • What about integrity legislation which failed last session and was promised it would be placed high on the next session agenda?

  13. What about integrity legislation

    This is should be a permanent ongoing objective and way of life integral in the underwritten foundation of any new constitution and not a political fashion soundbite

  14. Showing innovation in developing the Barbados Welcome Stamp to make up for the 90% loss of tourism arrivals.

    • It would have been a constructive use of the national awards program to recognize Peter Lawrence Thompson. It could have been used as an opportunity to message the public good ideas would be recognized by the government. Instead of the usual political duppies.

  15. The environment as one being lauded for the voice of small islands dealing with climate change
    There is nothing at home which can be a testimony as an example corresponding with her words stated at the UN

  16. @ David January 9, 2022 1:33 PM
    It would have been a constructive use of the national awards program to recognize Peter Lawrence Thompson. (Unquote).

    Well said!

    If that ‘P of S’ in the MoH could be so handsomely recognized as a national treasure through her pivotal role in Mal(m)oney-gate vaccine scam why not our own PLT whose ‘Welcome Stamp’ proposal was plagiarized by the same base-medal awarding Muttley?

    PLT’s imaginatively attractive proposal was geared towards the promotion of Barbados as a preferred destination (especially in Covid-19 times) with the objective of earning of forex, the lifeblood of the anaemic economy.

    On the other hand the vaccine job of a heist of taxpayers’ money was destined not only to the squandering of already scarce (and borrowed) forex but, possibly, to the endangerment of the health of the general population.

  17. @David
    It would have been a constructive use of the national awards program to recognize Peter Lawrence Thompson.
    The Gov’t didn’t even acknowledge him as being the brains behind the innovative idea, yuh can’t expect them to recognize him by giving him a national award.

  18. 1st World Vs. 3rd World
    Developing countries should be on track for faster development and bigger growth,
    but global pandemics and recessions hit developing countries economies much worse.

  19. Peter does not want or expect recognition and is just grateful his idea was picked up to benefit the nation

  20. @ Dub street January 9, 2022 2:11 PM
    Peter does not want or expect recognition and is just grateful his idea was picked up to benefit the nation (Unquote).

    Neither should the P of S in the MoH for doing the job (of undermining her own boss) for which she is handsomely rewarded with a fair-weather promise of receiving a large gratuity at the end of her working life even if it will be settled in Mickey mouse encashable for J for Junk series bonds.

  21. David
    The government has put out 2 documents, BU intelligentsia chooses to rubbish one while ignoring the other. Then you talk about voter apathy? This is why so many clowns have just contributed $250 to the treasury. This is why many on BU gang actually thought GPII was leadership material. This is why the former senator was “Personality of the Year 2021”, You get up good.

    • @enuff

      For the blogmaster the issue is not about the BLO winning or what is contained in the second document. It is the underlying concerns fueling apathy with the electorate.

  22. @ Enuff January 9, 2022 5:22 PM

    “Enuff”, ma boi, what is contained in those two docs is worth the same thing contained in that Big Red Bag of May 2018 and which not even the brown-stained Paddy is prepared to take a shot at in order to reveal its contents.

    Why not let Bajans know what are those hard and serious decisions which must be made post January 2022?

    Why not let the Verla crowd do the things which should have been undertaken since January 2014?

    Why not put those ‘black or white’ plans in the same red manifesto (even if as ‘oral’ addenda) for the voters to weigh in balance before committing themselves to a political life sentence of hard, hard labour?

  23. Two American Scientists did a study on the Sargassum seaweed in the Atlantic ocean and found that the nitrates levels in the ocean were very high. They determined that the high nitrate levels came from the dumping of raw sewage into the ocean from South American and Caribbean countries. We happen to be one of those countries as our south coast sewage is now dumped off Worthing beach. So when we are making glorious speeches about climate change on the world stage.Sargassum sea weed is going to be our nightmare for years to come as we are contributing to its rapid growth with the adding of nitrates to the water.

  24. The manifesto is a huge disconnect between what the BLP states as the problems and what they are offering as solutions in the Drivers of National Transformation. It is not making sense. Of note I did not see anything about the people’s participation in determining the Constitution in the new Republic. Perhaps I missed it.

  25. There is this strange sentence a bout facilitating new ownership in the section that speaks about government removing its support for the sugar industry. I wonder if the intent is to force the sugar farmers to sell their lands to the foreign medical marijuana investors. If this is the case, government has just killed the sugar industry and any potential for the development of food agriculture.

  26. But @David, why u need to provide links for these savvy netziens ???

    The BLP has a website with all that and more fah sure, not so!

    If I didn’t know better I would think that you encouraging them in “apathy with the electorate.”🤣

    So with that broadside I can segue to my key point of electorate apathy!

    I know you lament that often and we all cry that ‘Bajans like it so’ but for all practical purposes a resounding 0-30 result can’t be considered apathy of the voting public!

    Nor can the result that only returned Owen, David and Henry as BLP MPs.

    Just saying that Bajans generally play the cards in hand ; some hands are winners and some just aren’t

    We are not apathetic … we simply don’t have the hand required to beat this masterful dealer … So we have to fold and try again next game!

    BTW, I came across this statement recently: “I now agree with a comment that was made by a member of the CBC staff to me recently. He said: “I prefer to err on the side of the BLP, since I have always found that the Dems are less vindictive.”

    Is that true under MAM (if it ever was)!

    • @Dee Word

      The apathy has more to do with people participation in the democracy. Placing an x on a ballot by less than 70% of eligible vote is one measure.

  27. I have finished reading the Manifesto. It is riddled with half truths. It is not so much what it says but what it leaves out in critical areas like marijuana

  28. Electoral apathy is ingrained and encouraged, by the general practice of payment for votes that has occurred for years.

    That demeaned the process and put the worth of a vote, to a large sector, being monetary only.

    Certain candidates court voters with influence who are less than “pillars of the community” in the traditional sense, although have influence in their local area through other activities.

    And now people expect people to vote based on ethical grounds?

    Cognitive dissonance much?

  29. @Miller,

    You are right that hard medicine is coming, but for the good of the many.

    One thing I will be against however, is for ANY foreign ownership of medical marijuana operations.

    Joint ventures i.e. legitimate, proveable JVs, maybe.

    But NOT wholesale birthright selling.

    Or are we back to the days of exporting profits aka the old plantation era?

  30. “I have finished reading the Manifesto. It is riddled with half truths. It is not so much what it says but what it leaves out in critical areas like marijuana”

    they are in unchartered waters, they don’t have a testable product or testing facilities/tools and export is UP IN THE AIR…and not looking likely to happen for a very, very long time, if ever…that’s what happens when ya believe that ya people are too black too work with, especially when ya can’t push them around..

  31. @Dpd
    “I have always found that the Dems are less vindictive.” Is that true under MAM (if it ever was)!”

    Tom incarnate in female flesh!!!

    Marijuana WILL be foreign and/or Caucasian owned. Thats a veritable certainty.

    We are quickly headed to sub 60% turnout.

  32. “St. Vincent got the nod to export medical marijuana to Europe.”

    why? because despite how questionable the PM is he USED HIS BRAINS and included the people who were cultivating and creating the best strains for decades, the Rasta Community and others in the majority population..,,it appears all Barbados has in the way of misleaders is a waste of oxygen with long, slick talk and only capable of looking for the next white or other massa to disenfranchise and rob the people..

  33. Good to know that the DLP grandees are dancing, jumping and throwing up their arms along with the mindless, unvaccinated masses.

    This will help us a lot in pushing natural immunisation with Omicron. In any case, good luck!

  34. btw Heather….am still begging and pleading for someone to leave out a project and organize/upgrade my WordPress website for me..paying and begging and pleading….someone always offers them more money…😂

  35. Weed is not a Political issue it is Spiritual

    Non Partakers should stand down and leave the constitutional weed changes to the subject matter experts who use it daily for religious sacrament

    Are you an Experienced Weed Specialist

    If not listen to a couple of anthems


    Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – R.O.A.R.

  36. To: All U BU Wasters
    From: Satta I & The Dub Dancers

    Re: Rebelution

    No one needs to discuss BLPs position
    The outstanding issue is DLPs position

    If you have never partaken in the matter
    then your opinion is no longer required

    Satta I, Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers, Lizzard

  37. “Waru
    you can maintain WordPress websites yourself”

    I know, easy to do, do it every day …but need to organize content better, web developers and programmers do a much better job, they specialize but they are always so busy….trying to get it to look like the customized Webflow site…the person who maintains that one don’t like WordPress, that’s why am stuck…

  38. Elsewhere in the Manifesto: The BLP will complete the development of the Barbadian Wealth Fund.The fund will put unused government lands and assets to work……

    It goes on to state that the fund will be owned by every Bajan over the age of 18 and eventually they will all receive a dividend cheque
    This is a rehash of what was stated in the last Manifesto but I didn’t know that the Govt could complete what wasn’t started.

    The pessimists would state that a Bajan Debt instrument is more realistic…..

  39. @Sarge
    The GoB had title to several land parcels, it had not paid for. Hence Series ‘whatever’ Bonds were the start.

    • The country is broke, this explains why the government has gone the route of paying with bonds. Do we agree no. What are the options to pay cash if revenue is sinking? The government has had to be creative especially with Covid impact. Listening to the DLP they are promising to give this and that – here we go again.

  40. Any news when the DLP will also launch its useless piece of paper? With 8-days to go after tonight there will be little time before the 19th Jan to properly compare and ventilate.

  41. The BLP manifesto pretends to be about strategy, but has no idea how to build a strategy. It is simply a list of grandiose promises that are completely disconnected from any understanding of how to implement them.

  42. Spot on PLT…i see all the elaborate empty promises are now leaking from lying mouths desperate to be returned to their temporary immunity and corruption……and the people know it..

    • @Peter

      The political parties in Barbados tend to list more promises than strategy. You may recall former PM Stuart tabled the argument that a manifesto is not a social contract anyway so why the fuss.

    • @Peter

      The government would probably say to you to read their Promises Kept document.

      We place to much store in the document. The blogmaster is of the view it is all part of the political campaign drama to manipulate voter behaviour.

  43. @David, come now bro!
    Re: “Any news when the DLP will also launch its useless piece of paper?”

    What is the point?

    On one hand we dismiss the game for what it is … YET we still look forward to the glossy advertising pamphlets to play it !🙄

    Is that repeated sameness but expecting a different outcome not a definition of MADNESS… or is that APATHETIC mental fatigue!

    I laugh at the cadence and rhythm of this political bee-bop … eons ago a friend ran for student govt at our college and I adopted that same cadence in helping him prep a ‘manifesto’ of his strategic vision … if I go back and look at that doc – which was done in a place far away from Bim and many years ago – I am sure I could duplicate my verbiage then with the same BS (modified sweetly of course) in any BLP or DLP manifesto today.

    It’s a GAME and although we all KNOW that, yet we still play it so earnestly 🤦🏾‍♂️🙈🙉🙊!

  44. Bored Already
    Are We There Yet
    This is the first time I have engaged in a Barbados Election on the Barbados Underground and have to say it is boring and pedestrian a bit like an election for a Senior School Council. On the plus side 3 weeks is short and sweet. DLP have been building up a list of their pet moans during the BLP term and must be feeling shortchanged that they only have 70% of material from 3.5 years

  45. If you make 1,000 promises, but 15 are ‘manifested’, you use the 1,000 to explain to any voter ‘your concerns are included’ and the 15 that you did as promised.
    As the opposition you have 985 promises from which to select ‘failed to implement’.
    Traditionally if you cross reference manifestos, the unique topics are few and far between.
    I have not read this election’s version.

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  47. A 30-0 Victory meant something
    but only up to the point where the 2022 election was called
    like a 100% love
    that changes to 50-50 or 60-40 70-30 out of 100

    An old Sri Lankan saying is
    a tiny bit of cow shit in the milk urn
    and you have to throw it all away

  48. @Crusoe January 10, 2022 2:31 AM “Electoral apathy is ingrained and encouraged, by the general practice of payment for votes that has occurred for years.”

    Willing to sell my vote, but nobody has offered to buy.

    This is more that 50 years I have been trying to sell it and NOBODY ever offers to buy.


  49. @Sargeant January 10, 2022 2:09 PM “Elsewhere in the Manifesto: The BLP will complete the development of the Barbadian Wealth Fund…It goes on to state that the fund will be owned by every Bajan over the age of 18 and eventually they will all receive a dividend cheque.”

    Still waiting for my dividend cheque.

    Once I have received payment for my vote + my dividend cheque, I’ll be good.

    Feeling real real positive right now.

  50. Heather…you can get me at the company email ypreddie@africanonlinepublishing.com it’s very secure, it relates to business and there is tight security monitoring the site….and we can take it from there, it was published here before.

    Cuddear…don’t hold your breath…Afrika was giving out stimulus checks last year, the information was posted to BU, i didn’t hide it, but forgot about the money and it sat on a platform for a whole year before i remembered last week when they sent me a happy new year email..and there it is still sitting until i figure out what to do next.

    hope you get your false promise check..

  51. The same State of the African Union Diaspora Sixth Region, I posted on here, there are still stimulus checks being given out, there is a cut of point……but ya have to apply…ya might get that one quicker…lol

  52. @SS
    better remind little johnnie or suzy, if they are in the GWN, that early January is when they butcher the pigs. Cheaper than you’ll find most other times of the year. $1.09/lb this year for legs and shoulders. Just began the wet cure for the hams, later this week is the sausages.

  53. Imagine that somebody trespassed on my property to put up a Michael Lashley poster on the pole on the border of my neighbour’s property! The pole is much, much further off the road than is normal so they had to be standing at me when they put that shit up.

    Imagine that they invaded my Garden of Peace to disturb me every day with that sight!

    Well, I pulled it to a rh down!

    No respect for people’s property!

  54. All the information ya need to access ya Afrikan stimulus check is in the archives…..i spent months posting about it, yall on ya own..

  55. Miller, William, TLSN…..i don’t know if since cousin Boris RELABELED/RENAMED these Afrikan British if they would want anything to do with Afrikan money…but i believe it’s more than one check, i think you get it until 2023…gotta go back to read again to confirm, but am sure that’s what i saw…and it is a tidy little sum. even the one check, to start the year off coming from the Afrikan Kingdoms…ya may as well register cause all ya personal information is already out there thanks to the government, may as well get something for it in return….

    btw…my Kush Quarterly Magazine for January-March 2022 was published yesterday….enjoy…

  56. I gotta go, for there is no room for a clown in these serious times…..

    “This is more that 50 years I have been trying to sell it and NOBODY ever offers to buy.”
    Have a great day all.

  57. @PLT
    Read that your idea brought in 200 million. It’s about the only genuine money earned in nearly three years. Congrats,

  58. PLT…did the people and island a real solid and must be commended. He knows who appreciates him.

  59. Indeed PLT delivered a masterstroke at a time it was desperately needed.

    The only thing that puzzles me is why he is so quiet.

  60. @ Theo, @ WURA
    Imagine one citizen can bring in one idea that earns 200 million but for five decades, the entire Duopoly can’t come up with one new idea.
    Same old same old BS. Can’t fix 1 stadium but promises 15 new mini ones.

  61. William…ya done know the frauds and pretenders DON;T KNOW SQUAT and have to hire KNOW NOTHING consultants to tell them everything at the cost of multimillions TO THE PEOPLE..so don’t hold your breath that any of them willl ever come up with anything EVEN REMOTELY close to what PLT created…that’s why the people WHO ARE NOW SEEING THE LIGHT need to remove themselves from the ongoing cockup…let it all COLLAPSE as it’s on its way to and don’t let it fall on them…

    I totally understand how PLT feels….gifts and skills are EXERCISED AS A DUTY TO YOUR PEOPLE……without looking for anything in return..

  62. Technically Peter did not implement anything
    He had an idea about Visas which only the Government could implement

  63. @ David @dPd
    Can either of you seriously say that either the DLP or the DLP has changed political course in their thinking even within the current pandemic ?
    Why continue to deny that there is a vacuum of basic common sense in managing the country both pre COVID and at the present.
    Please explain or describe where our country is heading.
    The country both pre COVID and now has been heading to economic collapse because we were comfortable with a one sector economy. Thats my take. COVID is a prime scapegoat for all the BS that we all know has existed for five decades.

  64. Half century is a lot of time to waste…..and still luring people to WASTE MORE TIME with them,..

    Time has become a very PRECIOUS COMMODITY….except for those who love to waste every minute of it….

  65. Openly lying while knowing that the island is in debt that CAN NEVER BE REPAID…but if people want to waste another 2-3 generations of their lives, they are more than welcome, when they are not the ones who stole approx 6 BILLION DOLLARS..from the treasury and pension fund.

  66. “The Welcome Stamp Programme was introduced in July 2020 by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. In July 2021, ”

    one must learn to be humble, modest and not try to hog credit they did not earn and don’t deserve….could not claim to introduce anything if SOMEONE ELSE DID NOT GIVE YA THE IDEA free of cost…..

    can surely learn a thing or two from those who know who they are and where they came from..

  67. DLP details plans for people

    By Colville Mounsey colvillemounsey@
    A 50 per cent reduction in the garbage and sewage contribution (GSC), the abolition of the foreign exchange fees, the compensation of pensioners who took a haircut from Government during the 2018 debt restructuring and a regulation of bank fees.
    These are among the major promises made by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), should they be chosen by the electorate to form the next government at the conclusion of the January 19 General Election.
    Details of the party’s plan of action were outlined in its 36-page manifesto entitled, One Barbados, People, Progress, Prosperity, which was officially launched last night at Brereton, St Philip.
    Education was also listed for an overhaul, with one of the major promises being the provision of a grant of $1 500 annually for students ages 16 to 30, who are enrolled in any educational institution for a programme longer than six months.
    Addressing this sector, St James South candidate Dr Ronnie Yearwood said under their administration teachers would have their electricity and Internet bills paid to facilitate online teaching. Additionally, the pledge was made that all students would have WiFi access and devices.
    The launch, which was well attended by supporters, featured remarks from several of the party’s heavy hitters, including DLP president Verla De Peiza. They were each charged with the responsibility of drilling down on the details of various sections of the manifesto.
    Vision for the future
    Delivering the feature remarks around 10:30 p.m., De Peiza said that the manifesto was not based on any pie-in-the-sky ambitions, but rather it took months of carefully studying the challenges which the country faces and devising a vision for its future. She said this vision included the completion of the republic transition as well as a plan to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.
    “For several months, we have been dropping nuggets to the country as to where we wish to lead the people of Barbados on a new journey. We recognised that our forefathers laboured long to build the foundations, so we know that we are already on good footing, but it is time to move on and move forward and make provisions that would secure our future and the future of our children.
    “This is important because the last three and a half years have been utterly burdensome for our people and it was clear that there was a need to stand up and speak up,” De Peiza said.
    The DLP manifesto is based on ten core values. These are: Our people our greatest asset; Their development our ultimate goal; An orderly society built on integrity and good governance; Education as a tool for social advancement; Economic policy and activity to serve the needs of all; Economic enfranchisement as a tool towards social betterment; A sound labour relations climate; Sustainable development while protecting the environment; Social services as a means of securing equality; Maintenance of a social safety net to assist the disadvantaged; and The ultimate eradication of poverty.
    The DLP also plans to reduce the cost of living.
    The manifesto also stated: “The BERT-IMF primary fiscal surplus of six per cent of GDP equals about $654 million. When the current IMF Extended Fund Facility programme ends in October 2022, fiscal space will be created as we move away from the IMF-imposed fiscal targets”.
    Keeping in this vein, the DLP disclosed that
    as a temporary measure a De Peiza-led administration would reduce import duties on a wide range of select goods and waive freight from the calculation of import duties. Additionally, it would reduce the excise tax on fuel at the pump by up to 25 cents per litre.
    The plan includes the introduction of a universal basic income, which would replace an assortment of welfare assistance. There were no details on the amount of money that would be paid out monthly, but the programme would be targeted to the population below the poverty line, the unemployed, residents with annual income of $0 to $25 000 a year, or those aged under 30 and above 60.
    To phase out tax
    Arguing that the asset tax had been a catalyst for higher bank fees, the DLP stated that plans to phase out this tax while “robustly” regulating bank fees to better protect customers”, was on the cards.
    The DLP also outlined some plans to shake up housing, contending that there was too much duplication in the management of housing portfolio. To this end, the party pledged that upon assuming office, they would collapse the Urban Development Commission and the Rural Development Commission into the National Housing Corporation. It was noted that all jobs would be absorbed by the new entity.
    It added that measures would be put in place to ensure that the portfolio of the National Insurance Scheme was adequately diversified while safeguarding the future viability of the national social security net.
    “To achieve this, a new DLP administration would make the following provisions: By right of law, provide an annual ForexAllowance to NIS that allows the NIS to meet the foreign investment threshold outlined in its investment guidelines over the next ten years, to adequately diversify the Fund and increase the Fund’s return on investment. We will also ring-fence the NIS by force of law from excessive exposure to domestic government debt.”

  68. @Artax
    Morning my brother/sister!!!!!

    Had a read. Regrettably the title of this thread is still accurate.

    “So, the choice of us “independent voters” on polling day will have to be made otherwise, based on other conditions, focused on our own circumstances and constituency realities.
    To put faith in scorecards, promises kept and catch phrases is a waste of time. Just like how these manifestos are a waste of paper and computer storage space.”

    Devil and the deep blue sea it seems

    Just observing

  69. @Observing

    Good morning to you as well.

    Observing January 9, 2022 12:28 PM #: “When the DLP releases theirs I will be in their skin too!!!”

    Just reminding you in the interest of being fair and balanced.

  70. @NO your comment which reference that the PM input gave cause or reason for Chris Sinckler getting that prestigious job only serves purpose to reinforce that the PM is deceitful and self serving
    As shown in her political campagain speeches in and by the many attacks on him when he was MOF words to the effect of calling him the worst MOF
    If that being the case why would she put any input into him being hired
    Yes I understand their is some kind of family attachment
    However as being a servant of the people and at that time a member of Parliament she had sworn to tell the truth
    Characteristics such as her as sunk many ocean vessels

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