A Waste of Paper

Submitted by Observing

Every five years we are treated to pretty magazines called manifestos.
Even the most naïve among us must by now realise that these are the oldest marketing gimmicks on the block.. Reviews of previous years show that a manifesto is simply a comfort to a fool, aimed at giving “general” ideas but never being binding and always able to be ignored at whim and fancy.

BLP 2022 Manifesto
BLP Promises Kept 2018 to 2021


The DLP has yet to launch its manifesto but, if 2018 is anything to go by it should be a hodge podge of popular promises with little to no specifics on how to get them done.

The BLP launched its manifesto yesterday and as expected it’s lots of pages of pretty charts and pictures, repeated and unfulfilled promises from 2018 and a list of items that any GOOD GOVERNMENT should have already implemented or started to implement without the need for an election.

As for their “core values of transformation” do we really believe after the experiences of the last 3 1/2 years that this government will

  1. believe in people centered leadership rather than “top down supreme leader leadership”?
  2. deliver for all instead of a select few?
  3. encourage active citizenship rather than stifling voices and condemning opposing ones?
  4. encourage Bajan ownership rather than a continuation of the capital class?
  5. truly drive innovation rather than constantly tossing out buzz words and consultancies for party faithful with minimal results?

Give me a break. We’ve been here before.

So where does that leave us? Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Platforms will be set up, spot meetings will be held, the usual diatribe will be tossed at us but then what? It is already almost certain that turnout will be low due to Covid patients and concerns. Voter apathy and frustration was already at an all time high. Now we have to endure pages on pages of promises that make no immediate difference to us, probably won’t be implemented and definitely given at too short a notice (1 1/2 weeks) for us to properly distill them and their impact. Furthermore, looking back at a 2018 manifesto shows me that MANY promises were NOT kept.
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me……..

So, the choice of us “independent voters” on polling day will have to be made otherwise, based on other conditions, focused on our own circumstances and constituency realities.

To put faith in scorecards, promises kept and catch phrases is a waste of time. Just like how these manifestos are a waste of paper and computer storage space.

January 19, 2022 should be interesting .


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    Half century is a lot of time to waste…..and still luring people to WASTE MORE TIME with them,..

    Time has become a very PRECIOUS COMMODITY….except for those who love to waste every minute of it….


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    Openly lying while knowing that the island is in debt that CAN NEVER BE REPAID…but if people want to waste another 2-3 generations of their lives, they are more than welcome, when they are not the ones who stole approx 6 BILLION DOLLARS..from the treasury and pension fund.


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    “The Welcome Stamp Programme was introduced in July 2020 by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. In July 2021, ”

    one must learn to be humble, modest and not try to hog credit they did not earn and don’t deserve….could not claim to introduce anything if SOMEONE ELSE DID NOT GIVE YA THE IDEA free of cost…..

    can surely learn a thing or two from those who know who they are and where they came from..


  • DLP details plans for people

    By Colville Mounsey colvillemounsey@
    A 50 per cent reduction in the garbage and sewage contribution (GSC), the abolition of the foreign exchange fees, the compensation of pensioners who took a haircut from Government during the 2018 debt restructuring and a regulation of bank fees.
    These are among the major promises made by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), should they be chosen by the electorate to form the next government at the conclusion of the January 19 General Election.
    Details of the party’s plan of action were outlined in its 36-page manifesto entitled, One Barbados, People, Progress, Prosperity, which was officially launched last night at Brereton, St Philip.
    Education was also listed for an overhaul, with one of the major promises being the provision of a grant of $1 500 annually for students ages 16 to 30, who are enrolled in any educational institution for a programme longer than six months.
    Addressing this sector, St James South candidate Dr Ronnie Yearwood said under their administration teachers would have their electricity and Internet bills paid to facilitate online teaching. Additionally, the pledge was made that all students would have WiFi access and devices.
    The launch, which was well attended by supporters, featured remarks from several of the party’s heavy hitters, including DLP president Verla De Peiza. They were each charged with the responsibility of drilling down on the details of various sections of the manifesto.
    Vision for the future
    Delivering the feature remarks around 10:30 p.m., De Peiza said that the manifesto was not based on any pie-in-the-sky ambitions, but rather it took months of carefully studying the challenges which the country faces and devising a vision for its future. She said this vision included the completion of the republic transition as well as a plan to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.
    “For several months, we have been dropping nuggets to the country as to where we wish to lead the people of Barbados on a new journey. We recognised that our forefathers laboured long to build the foundations, so we know that we are already on good footing, but it is time to move on and move forward and make provisions that would secure our future and the future of our children.
    “This is important because the last three and a half years have been utterly burdensome for our people and it was clear that there was a need to stand up and speak up,” De Peiza said.
    The DLP manifesto is based on ten core values. These are: Our people our greatest asset; Their development our ultimate goal; An orderly society built on integrity and good governance; Education as a tool for social advancement; Economic policy and activity to serve the needs of all; Economic enfranchisement as a tool towards social betterment; A sound labour relations climate; Sustainable development while protecting the environment; Social services as a means of securing equality; Maintenance of a social safety net to assist the disadvantaged; and The ultimate eradication of poverty.
    The DLP also plans to reduce the cost of living.
    The manifesto also stated: “The BERT-IMF primary fiscal surplus of six per cent of GDP equals about $654 million. When the current IMF Extended Fund Facility programme ends in October 2022, fiscal space will be created as we move away from the IMF-imposed fiscal targets”.
    Keeping in this vein, the DLP disclosed that
    as a temporary measure a De Peiza-led administration would reduce import duties on a wide range of select goods and waive freight from the calculation of import duties. Additionally, it would reduce the excise tax on fuel at the pump by up to 25 cents per litre.
    The plan includes the introduction of a universal basic income, which would replace an assortment of welfare assistance. There were no details on the amount of money that would be paid out monthly, but the programme would be targeted to the population below the poverty line, the unemployed, residents with annual income of $0 to $25 000 a year, or those aged under 30 and above 60.
    To phase out tax
    Arguing that the asset tax had been a catalyst for higher bank fees, the DLP stated that plans to phase out this tax while “robustly” regulating bank fees to better protect customers”, was on the cards.
    The DLP also outlined some plans to shake up housing, contending that there was too much duplication in the management of housing portfolio. To this end, the party pledged that upon assuming office, they would collapse the Urban Development Commission and the Rural Development Commission into the National Housing Corporation. It was noted that all jobs would be absorbed by the new entity.
    It added that measures would be put in place to ensure that the portfolio of the National Insurance Scheme was adequately diversified while safeguarding the future viability of the national social security net.
    “To achieve this, a new DLP administration would make the following provisions: By right of law, provide an annual ForexAllowance to NIS that allows the NIS to meet the foreign investment threshold outlined in its investment guidelines over the next ten years, to adequately diversify the Fund and increase the Fund’s return on investment. We will also ring-fence the NIS by force of law from excessive exposure to domestic government debt.”


  • Believe it or not DLP’s manifesto has not been updated to its official website the day after the launch.


  • Observer

    Just REMINDING YOU that the DLP’S manifesto was AVAILABLE to the public SINCE Thursday, January 13.


  • @Artax
    Morning my brother/sister!!!!!

    Had a read. Regrettably the title of this thread is still accurate.

    “So, the choice of us “independent voters” on polling day will have to be made otherwise, based on other conditions, focused on our own circumstances and constituency realities.
    To put faith in scorecards, promises kept and catch phrases is a waste of time. Just like how these manifestos are a waste of paper and computer storage space.”

    Devil and the deep blue sea it seems

    Just observing


  • @Observing

    Good morning to you as well.

    Observing January 9, 2022 12:28 PM #: “When the DLP releases theirs I will be in their skin too!!!”

    Just reminding you in the interest of being fair and balanced.


  • @NO your comment which reference that the PM input gave cause or reason for Chris Sinckler getting that prestigious job only serves purpose to reinforce that the PM is deceitful and self serving
    As shown in her political campagain speeches in and by the many attacks on him when he was MOF words to the effect of calling him the worst MOF
    If that being the case why would she put any input into him being hired
    Yes I understand their is some kind of family attachment
    However as being a servant of the people and at that time a member of Parliament she had sworn to tell the truth
    Characteristics such as her as sunk many ocean vessels


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