Another Dark Day for Labour – NTSH

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Labour marched with capital to bring a government to its knees.

Labour accepted 18% less of a salary increase after a government changed.

Labour sat with a Government to publicly criticise a sister union.

Labour sat by while rights were trampled, employees went to the great beyond and disadvantageous policies continued to be rammed down the throats of the masses.

Labour sits silent, while injustices are meted out even amidst the voices and cries of others.

A whole press conference with backup to save face for ANOTHER badly rolled out policy and justified concerns of nurses.

When labour, capital and the government become one and the same, the people have no choice but to suffer.

God’s blessings on the Davids, Caswells and Douglas Trotmans of this world.

Will the real leaders please stand up?

Prime Minister’s Press Conference (Dec. 15, 2021)

252 thoughts on “Another Dark Day for Labour – NTSH

  1. Miller,

    Granted our system is too slow
    But also, Bajans tend to sit for years with only an occasional grumble until the practice becomes the standard. Hard to “unentrench” what has been entrenched for decades.

    That is a big part of the problem. Why do I get matters resolved that others cannot? I could give you a bloody long list of things that Bajans said I could do nothing about that I actually did something about.

    But doan min’ me, I am only a mad woman who uses a mad woman system to great effect.


    Since when did having relatives in the States become a matter for bragging????? I also have them in Canada and in.Britain. Doesn’t EVERY Bajan? And many I know DO return before retirement age, including many in my family.


    I gone to enjoy my day, man!

    Wait, de police getting redress????? Murdaaaaaah! NEVER IN BARBADOS!

  2. “How can a so-called Labour government, teetering on the brink of debt default and insolvency, find the opportunity to forgive debts representing money already collected from ordinary consumers but used by business people for non-business purposes?

    ALL THIEVES…another of their scams of robbing…the people… was a set up, 25 years, quarter century and NEITHER government collected that VAT….1 billion dollars gone is NO ERROR….that’s THEFT and EMBEZZLEMENT.

    so they came up with a rush and hurry vat free monday and TOLD THE BUSINESS PEOPLE NOTHING….halfassed….serve them right anyway them and their price gouging, now they will raise everything by tuesday..

  3. @Donna
    “And you will find that our labour laws are not the real problem”

    Unsure what is real or unreal in your estimation. They are a major issue if one is looking at an opportunity where the labour force is, or maybe, unionised.
    This is one time, at least so far, the action hasn’t been attributed to some minority, or their influence, Progress?

  4. people are being warned to stay VERY FAR AWAY from public and private clinics UNLESS there is a very serious emergency and going there cannot be helped, because even if you have an earache which has NOTHING TO DO WITH COVID…they are labeling it as such and telling you that you need a PCR test before treatment….even without examining you/.

    i saw for myself how stupid they have gotten, a simple stomach ache due to a slight case of food poisoning which resolved itself within HOURS…the clowns were ready to set up people for PCR testing and there is no telling if they could have ended up dead because of this WICKEDNESS……and MISDIAGNOSIS..

  5. “The challenge we have how some of these decisions are made is the lack of the considerations used to determine the decision. The result is huge speculation by the public/”

    Excellent and on point.
    If objective criteria are used then information on the decision making process can be shared. The inability to share this information lends to suspicion. Of course a greater transparency would be to have the names of the companies that benefitted and even better would be to have the amounts.. The last item may be a bit too far, but having the names of all the beneficiaries should be a part of the package.

  6. Miller…then they found many other creative…the only time they are ever creative….ways to tTIEF at least another 5 BILLION DOLLARSon top of the stolen VAT and left the majority population in COMPLETE financial DIRE STRAITS…and they still tell themselves that somebody want to see any one of them heading anything concerning Afrikan people anywhere except where they are and could TIEF AS THEY LIKE, LIE AS THEY LIKE, SELLOUT AS THEY LIKE..and keep the people in BONDAGE AS THEY LIKE…….not a chance…

  7. Some people have mature intelligent minds, and then some have juvenile immature minds, and are extremely idle, there are many ways to participate in and contribute to human rights recognition….this is one..

    “Dear ,

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  8. No one is taking crap from halfassed, vote begging politicians anymore, something has to GIVE..Afrikan descended people are not on earth to be ROBBED, SET UP and ENSLAVED by people who look like them to feed and enrich MINORITY TRASH..

  9. The leader of the opposition is very wise. She advised Mia to settle this dispute with the nurses with immediate effect. WURA-War-on-U echoed my earlier comments: these nurses can vote with their feet and head for the exit door if they so desire. They are trained professionals and would be much sought after in most countries. We are in the middle of a pandemic; this government is hardly in a position to play hard ball.

    I believe a solution will be found to meet the demands of the union members. This administration is treading a dangerous path vis-a-vis its disdain towards the majority population. Mia’s Crown shines brightly overseas; however domestically her crown is slipping and fast. My advice to her would be to visit her people for a taste of how grim their current life is and to temper her behaviour.

  10. Miller…that fraud finance director or whatever he is…is a LIAR…there is a reco
    rding AS PROOF that the banks meddled in customer’s accounts which is ILLEGAL..liar fraud government pimp.

    “Nothing bothers me more than being called a liar, particularly more so when the person, who called me a liar, is acutely aware that I was truthful. Yesterday, the Director of Finance went on air to refute a claim that I made with to the Government accessing nurses bank accounts in order to retrieve money that was deposited to their accounts. Mr. Carrington told the country that my statement was rubbish. Now listen to the part of the conversation between a nurse, whose account was accessed, and customer service of her bank and then tell me who is the liar, Ian Carrington or me.”

  11. “Mia’s Crown shines brightly overseas;”

    delusional.. they THINK they are some bright star somewhere…..all smoke and mirrors…

    .that hold on the accounts was put BY GOVERNMENT…

  12. Aunty & the castrated brigade like them hit a Brick Wall. (Caswell).
    Which part the stimulus package is?
    Nuff money for pomp & paegentry but where is the stimulus package for the non pedigreed folks?
    Is this who we are?
    Wunna like living at Aunty?

  13. Now the people know exactly what they are dealing with and who don’t better WAKE UP REAL FAST TO SAVE THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES……

  14. bullshit pomp and pageantry, half a republic, millions spent and the next week NO MONEY for the PENSIONERS TO BUY FOOD.

  15. So just as people have LAMENTED for DECADES….in collusion with the dangerous, criminal BANKS…they did STEAL THOUSANDS OF ACCOUNTS worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS….and the people NEVER got their money back.

  16. David BU i stand by my earlier comments.Senator Franklyn is publicity hound playing politics and looking for union membership.His fellow unionists hsve distanced themselves from him.Why? They believe he has not followed proper proceedure as i do.I heard him todsy boasting other nurses will join the strike from Monday but we shall wsit and see.8n my view Senator Franklyn is playing a very dangerous game which could csuse people their lives..It is sll well and good for these overseas bajans to talk shite..They have little family in Barbados so this game played out by Mr Frsnklyn will not effect them so do like me and ignore their supporting of ignorance at this critical time.I gone.

  17. People in the US who have heard the recording said people IN BARBADOS need to remove their money from the banks…no government should be meddling in customer’s accounts and the banks should not be freezing people’s accounts on the instructions of government because the government cannot bully them into SUBMISSION….that is SLAVERY…

  18. i told Caswell yesteray this has to be taken up WITH HUMAN RIGHTS BODIES….and the international ILO organizations…this is VERY SERIOUS….and the government CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH such an evil CRIME,,

    further, the workers who are members of the unions that PIMP for government and ENCOURAGED THEM IN THIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY against these nurses should leave them because they would DO THE SAME TO THEIR MEMBERS….

    many of these nurses are young men and women with young families, young children to feed and more than likely elderly parents to take care of and imagine a vicious government freezing your PERSONAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT so you can’t feed your family all in an attempt to BULLY YOU INTO SUBMISSION..

    a remember that evil dead bitch lionel craig telling people if they don’t vote for BLP they will STARVE THEM and THEY DID……this is ECHOES of the evil emanating from dutty nigas..

  19. Not even Elizabeth would stoop that low to do that criminal shit…they don’t only want to take Eliabeth’s place, they want to show they can be even more vicious and DEADLY….but be careful what ya ask for…..

  20. The nurses’ strike is meaningless. Our indigenous masses fear vaccination like the devil fears holy water. They would rather die than be vaccinated. And the tourists are all already vaccinated.

  21. The strike once again shows that the country has been terrorised by trade unions and socialists of the Barrow ilk since 1966.

    The outspoken senator and other traitors want to drag our young republic into the abyss. We must not allow this to happen. Supreme Leader, command, then we strike out to defend Leader and Republic!

  22. TLSN… at least they had the decency to remove that LYING government pimp out of the news and out of people’s faces..

    The PEOPLE have to decide how they are moving going forwatd…

  23. The real tragedy is that with the unparalleled mandate the current administration was given, there should not be this level of missteps and obvious blundering. The announcement of safe zones and then the apparent inability to properly implement them is a case in point.
    This attempt to place political considerations above careful implementation of needed developmental policies is certainly harming the administration.
    For example, Caswell says the Minister of Health attended a meeting and was given or took notes of all the grievances, that would have been taken to the cabinet.
    Why was there not some olive branch handed to Unity Union for the parties to sit and trash out differences and possibilities ? This whole scenario seems to depict an effort to sink Caswell and that can be achieved quite easily with power playing but in the end the nurses, health services and the country will not benefit.
    Those who are counting seats and predicting 2023 or before are missing the point. This is not a time for such political forecasting The government was given a mandate that makes it almost impregnable in political terms, and three years into that tremendous opportunity it needs to use it more effectively in several areas.
    The apologists are free to continue their nonsense but we need to start governing and stop electioneering in the interest of the country. Enough of the BS.
    Let’s assume that Caswell is destroyed; the question then surfaces : who will they come for next.
    Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that Caswell is beyond repute but it’s just like cricket, irrespective of how the team is playing, the captain is the one expected to display leadership. Stuart learned that the hard way and his ass was justifiably kicked out. We cannot give Mottley any lesser responsibility or scrutiny.
    Barbados comes first.

  24. Skinner it seems you are trying to present Mr Franklyn as the victim here based on what?Tell us who called out the nurses on strike?Who is jeopardising the vacination programme and risking the lives of bajans the government?It is alright for you to stay in the USA and talk nonsense.I ask you a direct question do you Mr Skinner agtee with the actions of Mr Franklyn in call8ng this strike yes or no.8nstead you go off track talking nonsense about Mr Frankl6n attacking quite rightly the Stuart government pre 2018.What has that got to do with the question i posed to you?

  25. “David BU i stand by my earlier comments.Senator Franklyn is publicity hound playing politics and looking for union membership”

    Sometimes you have to let pertinent facts sink in before you form your view. Most people have memory issues and can’t remember past news. The man who objected to lock down protocols and made a token protest approving the new President is now taking nurses on a ride to play his silly games. He is more of a disruptive agitator than someone acting in the best interests of achieving an increase in salary to loyal medical staff through negotiation mediation and arbitration with Government.

  26. @ Lorenzo
    As I said in what you just read: “
    “Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that Caswell is beyond repute”
    I also said : This whole scenario seems to be an attempt to sink Caswell. That’s my personal opinion.
    As for his decision to call out his workers , I have concluded that he probably felt his concerns were not being treated with the seriousness and respect they deserved.
    I really can’t go no further with this.

  27. @WURA-War-on-U December 18, 2021 6:50 AM “someone will soon sue them for this.”

    Well someone actually did, but before the case could be heard that youngish someone also died of Covid.

    Covid int playing.

  28. “Some of the issues Franklyn wants addressed for the nurses are: better pay, health insurance, remuneration for degrees, advancement, continuous training and better working conditions”
    Mentioned days ago this was about money. And benefits.

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