A Citizenry Contented to be Baffled by BS

Let’s see which tranches were defaulted and exactly the amount. And what value the “books” placed on the asset(s). All neatly hidden, because we can never see what those entities who received the “loans” did with that money, other than defaulting on repayment. Everybody got bailed out except the local taxpayer.

NorthernObserver (call for transparency by BU commenter in the Paradise/Clearwater Bay matter)

Both major political parties continue to baffle the citizenry with ‘bullshit’ and we accept it. Is Minister Ryan Straughn telling he does not have a recent valuation of the Paradise property to share? Why have we allowed another crisis to go to waste? 

At the best of times the Barbados economy was deemed to be fragile because it is a tourism_service oriented economy which makes it ultra vulnerable to what economists warn exogenous attacks from the global economy.

Post-2018 the incumbent Barbados Labour Party (BLP) after winning the general election, recruited a bevy of financial consultants supported by a 26 member Cabinet. Immediately proceeded to opt for a selected default (SD) on foreign and domestic debt. Fate has intervened and the so-called fiscal space created has been eradicated by a raging pandemic made worse by a 2 week period of ash fall from an active volcano next door on St.Vincent.

Acts of nature have tested the adaptability of man from the beginning of time. This is what we must do, adapt.

Is it the imagination of a lowly blogmaster we have allowed our priorities to shift to ‘less pressing’ matters at this time? All local newsfeeds are choked with traffic about transition to a referendum by 30 November 2021 and the consideration by government- supported by private sector- to regulate a mandatory vaccination policy. Further, we had a march reported to be upwards to three thousand people registering public concern. The news from government and Central Bank of Barbados that there is a hole in government’s revenues of 600 million dollars has not registered the same level of protestations from John Public. Is it fully understood the success of expertly managing the economy of Barbados directly impacts quality of life of individuals, households; food on the table, jobs etc? 

The blogmaster smiled this week while listening to a Canada-based Barbadian economist beseeching the government to decrease excise/ad valorem taxes to buffer increasing cost of imports. The fight to satisfy our taste for imported goods and services to feed the consumption behaviour continues.

Covid 19 virus feeding the pandemic has had an uncompromising impact on economies of developing countries like Barbados. Unlike so-called developed countries, scarce resources have had to be redirected to defend against Covid 19. For Barbados the issue is made more acute because of the pre-Covid 19 state of the economy. 

The structure of the local economy means there is limited prospect of achieving real growth in the short to medium term. The weight of years of debt accumulation means more significant fiscal adjustments – that will be painful – have to be made. Coming after about 15 years of economic fatigue this will spur social fallout. The time has come and gone for our leaders, political and social to govern, to lead. A recommended first step in that process is to immediately desist from baffling the citizenry with bullshit and set about the task of setting realistic expectations.

A word to the wise should be sufficient.


  • Artax

    The mere fact you’re repeating the SAME points WITHOUT developing or presenting them in detail, clearly indicates they are not YOUR THOUGHTS or IDEAS, but a regurgitation of what you read on social media sites about the photo

    More Baffled BS
    The fact that I have criticized the photo got u hurling predictable nonsense my way


  • “More Baffled BS. Steupse…….”


  • So how yall think this looks all over the world, it’s days now these videos are being shared, we were told it’s about 35 babies got grabbed like this….. get control over ya KKK ANIMALS…


  • More baffled bull sh..it
    An issue worth revisiting until govt does the right thing


  • I listen to people who know what they are talking about and what this dude said, while they rudely tried to cut him off, is information we have known for nearly a year and a half. The fake experts in the ministry of health can now shut their lying know nothing asses.


  • Countries are going to start pulling away because of whatever they found out about Covid coupled with not wanting to get dragged up to the Hague for war crimes, coupled with it’s really.looking like FDA does NOT plan to approve the vaccines at this time, so Barbados and the piece of shit thieves for social partnership of parasites can continue bullying the Black populationand see how well that works out. All of you should be in prison anyway for ya previous crimes.


  • On the other hand, if this information is accurate, FDA just may approve one…we have to wait and see, if true, some people are complaining bitterly about this vaccine, some may have no problem with it, others may not be so lucky..


  • Ha ha ha
    Not only myself baffled by that BS picture
    Barbados today carries the pic with the caption Total irony as a citizen makes satire of the gawd awful pic


  • Engineer: Take fresh guard
    Engineer Tony Gibbs has suggested that engineering designs for buildings in Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean will have to be adjusted if they are to withstand the more powerful hurricanes of the future which scientists expect to be spawned by climate change.
    In a lunchtime presentation entitled Hurricanes And Their Effects On Buildings at the Barbados Yacht Club on Thursday, Grenadian-born Gibbs, a highly-recognised engineering consultant in the region, shared graphs and photographs that showed the destructive effect of recent hurricanes on buildings in various Caribbean countries.
    He said data from a 2008 project in which he was involved predicted more major hurricanes, taking into consideration factors such as a one per cent Fahrenheit increase in global warming.
    “By 2025, we are expecting the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes in the North Atlantic to increase significantly from ten to between 15 and 20,” Gibbs told the gathering.
    He projected the combination of “greenhouse warming and the natural variability will produce unprecedented tropical cyclone activity in the coming decades”.
    Gibbs advised that there was now “very firm arithmetic guidance” for engineers on how they had to adjust some existing standards to cater to climate change.
    He added there would have to be an understanding of the natural variability of the Atlantic Ocean, variations in hurricane tracks and the impact of global warming to assess the Caribbean’s risk from hurricanes in the coming decades.
    Highlighting photographs showing wind damage done to some buildings in the Caribbean that had hitherto been considered soundly engineered, Gibbs said engineers would have to go back to the drawing board with future plans that would reflect the adjustments needed to mitigate the effect of wind speed on buildings according to the categories of those buildings.
    Gibbs, a Barbados citizen, was the first engineer to receive the Companion of Honour of Barbados,
    the island’s second-highest honour. It was awarded during the 54th anniversary of Independence in 2020 for his “sterling contribution in the field of engineering in Barbados and the Caribbean”. ( GC)

    Source: Nation


  • Disclaimer: am neither scientist nor pathologist, am a writer.
    These people are real experts.



  • Well, one thing that has me baffled is- how can my taps be so dry again.

    This side of St. Philip had water problems for many many years as pastures were turned into development areas and families from ALL over Barbados moved in. No water infrastructure was put in place to deal with the tremendous increase in demand. Taps used to be dry EVERY MORNING AND EVENING AND MOST OF THE DAY ON SATURDAY.

    Those who could afford it bought tanks and pumps.

    Then some infrastructural work was done at Grove, just a few years ago under David Estwick’s watch. Taps flowed freely again. One could take a shower without activating the pump.

    Now we hear that water is being diverted to other parishes and we are almost back at square one. Trickles or nothing from the taps in the morning and low water pressure for most of the day. Last year, St. Philip had the second highest rainfall in Barbados, I believe in contrast to before when we competed with St. Lucy for the driest spot.

    So… what I want to know is – does this return to dry taps have anything to do with the diversion of water to other parishes?

    And if so, what the bloody hell sense does it make to shift the problem back to St. Philip? This would not qualify as a solution.

    I was worried this would happen.

    This is where John could actually prove useful. I know nothing about the distribution network. He does. And I seem to recall that he predicted that the proposed works would have this outcome.

    Instead of spewing political propaganda on BU, he could put his knowledge to good use in matters such as these by writing letters to the editor.


  • Power outages forced BWA pumps offline yesterday. The question to ask is whether the backup generators.


  • re heOGazertsAugust 18, 2021 5:13 PM

    Gone to agree with GP here.

    It takes a special kind of reasoning to look at that picture and come up with a negative.


    to look at that picture and come up with a negative.


  • Lawson….free burial, ya jabbed up right? Even if ya croak while footloosing and fancy freeing in Barbados ya won’t have to pay a dime for burial…lol



  • gree with the message, too many drama queens especially posting to social media.

    Disagree, but stand united
    To divide and rule is the only plan.
    – Jah Cure, reggae artist.
    There is nothing I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution. – John Adams, American statesman.
    Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one. – Johann Wolfgang Goethe, German poet.
    Last week, August 17, marked the anniversary of Marcus Garvey’s birth. Garvey was one of the greatest examples of “unite and lead” in history. He created an organisation, the Universal Negro Improvement Association, which brought together black people from across the globe.
    His motto of Africa For Africans, At Home And Abroad was a rallying cry which solidified the notion of a global African identity.
    It is important to understand that none of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade would have referred to themselves as African primarily. They were of varying nationalities –Yoruba, Akan, Fula, Mandingo, and so on. It is the experience of the Maafa, “The Great Disaster”, the European invasion of Africa, which brought these groups forcefully under one banner.
    It was, in part, the pre-existing divisions between neighbouring states which made the conquering of Africa possible. These divisions were emphasised and exploited during colonialism. Igbo were pitted against Hausa, Tutsi were pitted against Hutu, Ashanti against Fanti and so on. The plan of divide and rule worked, and has been working well.
    The task of uniting and leading is real work.
    The African Union has had a very long and hard runway. To this day, the nations of CARICOM are still trying to work out regional unity. Many continental African and Caribbean nations have experienced the horror of the kind of divisive party politics which John Adams feared.
    With a new election season approaching, hopefully the people of Barbados have lost their tolerance for this kind of divisive politics, which has been too prominent. May the politicians who show the greatest devotion to the motto of Unite And Lead rise to the fore.
    But it must be understood
    that unity does not necessarily mean consensus or conformity. Barbados must seek unity in diversity. Even with an overwhelmingly African populace, it must be understood that Africa is synonymous with diversity.
    According to sources, the world’s 20 most diverse countries are all African. Their stability cannot rest on homogeneity.
    Despite its small size, Barbados also contains great divides. There are several Barbadoses within Barbados.
    COVID-19 is threatening another layer division. Bajans are divided over mandating jabs or not mandating jabs, mandating COVID-19 tests or not mandating COVID-19 tests, did it leak from a lab or leak from the wild, is natural immunity good enough or do you need to be vaccinated, do the vaccines stimulate variants or not.
    Many of the jabbed are unfortunately talking about segregating from the unjabbed even though they are just as contagious and less at risk.
    Whatever your position, understand that we have to learn to stand together even in disagreement.
    We are going to need a set of protocols which, used together, can keep the virus of fear and division from overrunning the society and causing collapse. Reason, empathy, communication, community and culture are prescribed.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14@gmail.com

    Source: Nation


  • David,

    I said the problem is an EVERY DAY occurrence as of weeks ago.

    Very low water pressure every morning, trickles and air are now the norm.


  • Have you reported the problem and what is the official explanation?


  • Delta is causing plenty breakthroughs.


    “Both Rev. Jesse Jackson’s and his wife’s conditions have not been released to the public. The Reverend was vaccinated against COVID-19 in January.”


  • You can only try to educate Black women/people..can’t make them do anything or stop them from wasting their money, that most now wish they had, on utter garbage.


  • No one knows what to do under such circumstances, the percentages for winning keeps shrinking…damned if you do and equally damned if you don’t…but don’t let anyone force you into anything…they are all jokers and liars pretending to be expert about something they know NOTHNG ABOUT.


  • David,

    You are asking ME if I have reported the problem? Lol.

    Last time I called there was a problem down the hill. Next time there was a valve at the pumping station. On both those occasions the water was completely off.

    But the constantly low water pressure in the mornings as people arise and prepare for work or do their chores, I reported in great detail yesterday morning. Since then, I was told by a neighbour that they were working down the road.

    I’ll see what happens around six in the morning.


  • let’s see the social partnership of frauds like Clarke get that slave master whip cracking since they believe they got Black Slaves in Barbados, let’s see what they got…

    “Any private entity will have to show why mandatory vaccination is necessary, says Minister of Labour Colin Jordan.

    He told the DAILY NATION yesterday after a joint service between Ghana and Barbados at St George Parish Church, that Government was not endorsing mandatory vaccinations and anyone else going that route would have to prove why.

    “While Government is strongly encouraging people to be vaccinated as we believe that is the way out of the pandemic, we are not going the route of mandatory vaccinations. There is no Government sanction, no mandate, no Government-issued policy directive to support any business mandating that their staff be vaccinated.”


  • More baffled b.shite
    Rather than govt takes a firm stand by implementing legislation
    PM talks smack and leaves the minister of labour to sit in the hot seat

    While Government is strongly encouraging people to be vaccinated as we believe that is the way out of the pandemic, we are not going the route of mandatory vaccinations. There is no Government sanction, no mandate, no Government-issued policy directive to support any business mandating that their staff be vaccinated.


  • Consulting your doctor prior to vaccine is the best approach. Everything is turned up.


  • Yep…can’t get the vaccines out fast enuff before a brand new variant pops up out of nowhere.



  • Here is some good news, love sharing hope. Still wondering if the ending is now seen as foreseeable READ..controlled, was the beginning also controlled..


    “It’s not over just yet.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. won’t emerge from the COVID pandemic until next spring at the earliest.”


  • Not that most of us who are here right now will have to be bothered by, with or about 2078, but our offspring will…



  • A commonsense deduction.



  • I was hearing this but everyone is old enough to form their own opinions.



  • People have to make their own informed decisions and LIVE WITH THEM…there is NO SHORTAGE of available information to work with..



  • More baffled sh..it as govt continues to develop a strategy for all intents and purposes to send messages which purports that govt is actively pursuing paths to save taxpayers money
    In the last three years million dollar contracts to big name companies along with high end consultants

    The five contractors who were involved in the multimillion-dollar road works project along Highway 1 have been instructed to rectify the flaws along that road.

    Minister of Transport, Works and Water Resources Ian Gooding-Edghill said they were all told to complete the snagging work left behind after the ten-month long resurfacing of the road.

    The minister and a team from the MTW, including Charles Griffith, minister in the ministry; deputy chief technical officer, Philip Tudor and deputy chief technical officer, design, Jason Bowen, took to the radio call-in programme Down To Brass Tacks yesterday following several calls from concerned citizens about the state of the completed road.

    Many complained that the drains and manholes were below the road surface; that the road appeared uneven in certain areas and that the newly paved road flooded last Friday during heavy rainfall. (MB)


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