Same Script Different Cast

Submitted by Black Bear
The Covid19 Vaccine and The Slave Code Cast – Featuring Barbados

August 2021, 400+ years since the first Africans arrived in the Caribbean as enslaved men and women and nothing has changed! Absolutely nothing! Were I to superimpose the slavery period on this modern-day covid19 era it would indeed fit like a glove; the very same script is now being played out by a different cast.

Lights, cameras, action!

Black regional governments of Afro Caribbean descent aided and abetted by black trade union leaders CTSUAB, NUPW, BWU and BUT have now graced the stage and repeating well-scripted verses to entice and incentivize their countrymen and women to their possible demise – a mandatory experimental covid19 shot. Rounding up other trusting black people and negotiating their sale with the colonizers is the theme of this scene. It’s a brilliant reenactment of the 17th-century transatlantic slave trade. Transactions on the Ivory Coast of Africa? No, not this time. These transactions are being conducted in the halls of parliaments, institutions and organizations across the Caribbean region by our very own. This time they are selling their constituents not for trinkets nor pieces of glass but for money, recognition and hopefully inclusion into the inner circles of their white puppeteers. Just as the Europeans could not have gained access to our ancestors without the support of the treacherous Negros of the past, these new black sell-outs (just as gullible and malleable as their ancestors) are performing the same role and creating the pathway to our enslavement and unwittingly their own. Same script different cast.

New age African Caribbean people are now being delivered to the white business class on a platter by the black political class. “You cannot work on this plantation without a vaccine”, declares off-white slave owner Edward Clarke. These actors, local white business owners, play the same role as their ancestors before them – the slave ship captains and their murderous crews. These are folks who have been practicing for this performance all their adult lives and finally the curtains are raised and they will stop at nothing, genocide even. They have sold their souls to the devil. In the same way millions of Africans were transported across the Atlantic and delivered to the plantation owners in the West Indies, it is the same way that their descendants are now being placed at the disposal of the white-controlled WHO, UN Agencies etc. for use in ‘science’. You just cannot make this stuff up. Same script different cast.

Not to be outdone, the house Negros in their award-winning performance are castigating and reprimanding the resistant blacks while singing the praises of their masters and their ‘benevolent ‘ gifting of covid19 vaccines. Expertly cast for these roles because of their past performances, they have now become the enforcers of the new medical apartheid slave code.

Remember Stephen in Django? Well black medical professionals,totally dense black journalists and cheaply bought black radio disc jockeys, black government apologists, black idiotic comedians, black vapid social media personalities, black Human Resources managers (this group is legendary) and black representatives of tourism organizations are all starring as modern-day Stephens. They are all people of Afro Caribbean descent and their performances are rich. Many of these actors received their formal training in House Negroism in Crumpton Street, Bridgetown; phenomenal performances in scenes already filled with effective cameos and an ensemble cast working at the top of their game. It is more powerful still because they have finally been granted the kind of roles they have been worthy of for so long. This group mainly performs for an audience of one – the local slave-trader-in-chief. Best supporting role goes to apologist Redman! Same Script Different Cast.

The cast of the modern-day type 1 field slaves is extremely intelligent, brave and astute. They are not in any mood for the deceit because unlike their house cousins who eat at the feet of their masters, the field Negros are now able to identify and spot their enemy from a distance. From the bloodline of Bussa, these actors are prepared to fight for their freedom and that of their children and grandchildren to come. May God save us all if this line of defense ever crumbles. The self-loathing house Negros keep getting in the way of the fight as they advocate for the demise of the rebellious blacks by way of alienation, unemployment, vaccine passes and social exclusion. One overzealous and totally compromised Barbadian house Negro, in his weekly call-in program audition, seemed to have gotten confused with the history of the Maroons, bolted onto the stage as if on cue and shouted: “ banish the rastas to the hills”. Epic! The Willie Lynch theory is proven! After the freedom protest scene was played out by the field Negros on the streets of Bridgetown, we saw how local black media and clowns, all starring in the house Negro role (these are the master’s favourite tools) emerged to ridicule and scandalize their brothers and sisters who are on the frontline fighting for freedom. And the award goes to Eric Lewis for his brilliant performance! One extremely talented actress giving all of herself to her house negress role got her script totally mixed up and likened one leading field Negro to MalcomX. Same Script Different Cast.

Also standing in full view of the cameras are the type 2 and 3 field slaves. Like their ancestors on the yesteryear plantations of rural Barbados, St Kitts, St Vincent, Jamaica they too are paralyzed by fear and are squarely in the clutches of the stupid house Negros. These other field Negros have perfected their role on social media pleading with and trying to coerce type 1 field Negros to submit and take the jab for the good of all mankind. So serious about their roles they even encircled their faces with a ‘ I Have Had My Covid19 vaccine Stamp’. These folks have now defined themselves by the damn vaccine…they refer to it ‘my vaccine’. This movie is just off the fucking chart. The type 2 field slave true to his ancestral nature is confused, torn and delusional. He still doesn’t understand the end game. There is no returning to normal! Starring in this role is our favourite come-a-long pretend black pan Africanists and others whose stage names are Denny, Prescod and Olutoye who circle Bussa every Emancipation Day. Now type 3 field slave is terrified and has the role of the old mute Negro. He has no speaking parts for he has no courage and cannot be trusted. This role is being played by the Church leaders. Same script different cast.

The stage is set! Regional black-led development agencies are in full Oscar mode, engaging in extraordinary tactics and behaviours to persuade, coerce and force black people to take a drug that is still in its experimental stage. CARPHA and PAHO provide the film with its bruising heart and its most horrifying tragedy. In this scene they are the enforcers as were the chief house slaves of the day. Same script different cast.

The directors have even cast the indentured servants who like their ancestors are stuck in the middle. In the film, this set is not rich nor white enough to be considered valuable to their white-supremacist cousins in faraway lands. Neither are they trusted by blacks because they have spent the last 100 years trying to convince themselves of their own superiority and trying their hardest to create their local version of apartheid (well at least in Barbados). They too are squarely in the bull’s eye of their old colonial master cousin as were their direct ancestors – they too are collateral damage. Same script different cast.

The producers, directors and the screen writers operate remotely from far away in Europe, Asia and North America. The architects of the new models of the slave economy. Just like European aristocracies and monarchies of the past who divided up Africa, created, controlled and sustained the trans-Atlantic slave trade, we have the real covid19 powerhouses carefully hidden behind the cameras. These include wealthy global philanthropists, the big pharmaceutical companies, the big tech companies supported by CNN. They are capitalists with one agenda and that is the attainment of wealth and absolute power by any means necessary. Psychopaths who have absolutely no empathy for people of colour and are privileged to have the little house Negros of the region running around at their bequest. In the same way that King Leopold and his tyrannical and utterly cruel allies divided up Africa for their own gain and in their wake left 40 million Africans dead, physically sick and dismembered and emotionally and mentally broken bruised and divided………The playwright is an absolute genius. Same script different cast.

Indeed the next scene is that of full-scale medical apartheid and unless the sleeping lions awake from their slumber, history WILL repeat itself. Alas, the final scene will NOT be one in which any black man, woman or child will be cast in a leading role, least of all the prized house Negros, because white supremacists destroy their tools when they are done with them. It will be the final curtain.

It’s just a tale of same script different cast.

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  1. ” Rounding up other trusting black people and negotiating their sale with the colonizers is the theme of this scene. It’s a brilliant reenactment of the 17th-century transatlantic slave trade. Transactions on the Ivory Coast of Africa? No, not this time. These transactions are being conducted in the halls of parliaments, institutions and organizations across the Caribbean region by our very own.”

    they will have to attempt those crimes against Black humanity WITHOUT their elaborate plans to ROB Africa to maintain their wicked and dangerous Slave socieities in the Caribbean…they are not getting it yet, but they will…YOU DO NOT set out to set up Black/African populations in the Caribbean TO STEAL THEIR ANCESTRAL BIRTHRIGHT and don’t believe that AFRIKA WILL NOT FIND OUT….some of us are still as CONNECTED as though we were never stolen..

    similarly, ya DON’T set up with criminal minorities TO STEAL THE ANCESTRAL BIRTHRIGHT of nearly 400 MILLION Black=AFRIKANS IN THE DIASPORA without CONSEQUENCES..

    let me see them go up against that many Black people..

  2. “It is more powerful still because they have finally been granted the kind of roles they have been worthy of for so long. This group mainly performs for an audience of one – the local slave-trader-in-chief.”

    big mistake, it will NEVER BE THEIR TURN to rob our ancestral land or our inheritance to keep us and our descendants captured in the west to play THEIR BIGGEST ROLES YET….of niga Slave masters..that’s a battle THEY CAN NEVER WIN..

  3. David,

    Hewers of wood and drawers of water are black Barbadians to the tourism industry.

    We will never get our heads above water with tourism as our chief money earner.

    More and more it becomes apparent. Somebody needs to do a report on these things.

    Our so-called journalists are sadly lacking. Takers of news, no investigative reporters.

    Stick microphone in front of mouth. Ask question. Report answer.

  4. There should be no granting if work permits for the hiring of non nationals given the large number of unemployed workers from the tourism sector. It is not believable that there is not one unemployed Bajan who can act as operations director at La Cabane.

  5. Sellout governments colluded and CONSPIRED against us and AGAINST THE CONTINENT and GOT CAUGHT…watch out for the next set up.

  6. Black Death in England killed off the population to around 4,000,000
    around 4,000,000 Africans were carried away to be Slaves by British

    The energy that will give people power to realise their infinite potentials is harnessed in the present
    Powerful Guided Meditation Tune Into The Realm Of Infinite Potentials.

  7. colonial agents in the parliaments only have control over their Slaves/yardfowls, no one else, if you don’t feed into their anti-Black/African narratives….THEY HAVE NO POWER…

  8. Usually when firms apply for non-nationals to fill a post
    the specific person to fill that role has already been decided

    • Working is a process where services are exchanged for wages. Oftentimes it becomes about what is a fair wage for labour, sometimes it is about workings not giving a fair exchange. This is where the intermediary steps are established. It is a never ending process of searching for equilibrium. Managing life is not perfect.

  9. Misleaders thought they had it all figured out, believing they can circumvent the ancient SPIRITS OF OUR ANCESTORS…

  10. Still down here in Slavery narratives
    is also a script
    regurgitated by the good the bad and the ugly

    Q: What is Sankalpa
    A: Truth unfolding over time

  11. “Oftentimes it becomes about what is a fair wage for labour, sometimes it is about workings not giving a fair exchange.”

    workers are paid less than their value and worth to a company by definition and are not shareholders or stakeholders in profits and dividends

    management is selected to work in interests of top management and board and not for rights of workers
    yes men and women who will go with the flow as directed are chosen

  12. Yup! Person already selected for the job. If there are no objections, person will be installed to manage the snackette on the beach.

    Serves us right!

  13. Two comments….
    One would need to see the job description for the post.

    I seem to recall there were some recent job descriptions (related to a job on a golf course) where the requirements for the post was just beyond the reach of the average Barbadian … Am I remembering correctly.

    One way to fix this problem, a one time, non-renewable, non-extendable two- to three-year visa; company must offer a one time, non-renewable, non-extendable two- to three-year work contract and at the same time hire a trainee national as a possible replacement.

    I believe this is how it is done in Hawaii (I may be wrong).

    Government have to figure out work-around that discourage this behavior; just rubber-stamping applications is not enough.

    • What job description what. It is a restaurant on a beach with a freight container retrofitted to be a kitchen.

  14. “Government have to figure out work-around that discourage this behavior; just rubber-stamping applications is not enough”.

    the traitors already colluded and conspired with these demons to give them what they want…this has been ongoing consistenly since around the 1980s or BEFORE…..and has gotten progressively worse, as long as there is cabinet collusion…it will remain that way..don’t hold your breath for any changes to benefit Black employees, it’s a Slave and the sellouts in the parliament are DETERMINED to keep it that way..

  15. It’s incumbent upon, the SOLE duty and responsibility of African bloodlines in the Caribbean and across the diaspora TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM niga managed parliaments….they ARE TRAPS…to keep the Black/African in perpetual captivity.

  16. @DAVID


    Your asking the wrong questions, why does the Supreme Leader and President for life approve theses applications, read the author’s article and UNDERSTAND. Slavery in the 21st century in the Caribbean, life continues down the abyss slippery slope.

  17. @David

    “What job description what. It is a restaurant on a beach with a freight container retrofitted to be a kitchen.”

    Does this not tell you government is in collusion with (?) to maintain the status. As a blogger stated Barbados deserves what the get, oblivion is just down the road.

  18. All wunnah bitching about work permits etc. should know that all this will be resolved at 12.01 am on Nov. 30th 2021.

    BTW is Mia still on vacation? Where is “smiley” Dale? I saw that Abrahams was acting AG

  19. I don’t not buy into an automatic trope of slavery as rejection of parliament as a knee jerk reaction that can be an overused argument which becomes redundant and leads the hold state of mind of an old identity in soul back to the present time in this lifetime. The next journey is inward and heartward to a blessed state of presence.

  20. All we can bitch as much as we want. That is our privilege because none of us ever thought or suggested that the removal of the fake queen would solve anything other than our attitude over time, if done in a manner that harnessed the symbolism and used it to propel a process similar to but better than what happened on November 30th, 1966.

    I don’t think it is being so done.

    Nothing much is likely to change.

    Unless the energy of the newly awakened people who have discovered marching can be channelled into marching for more significant change.

  21. Donna
    The state of play and mindset between November 30th 1966 to November 30th 2021 has changed dramatically.
    Now is a time for real changes as a lifelong journey and purpose. The whole world is doing it so don’t get left behind.


  23. Gp
    why don’t you try posting on rightwing sites where you get your thoughts from
    we know you suck up to whites but are too scared of them to be confrontational
    you think your qualifications of 50 years ago makes you better than people on BU
    which formed your character and sense of purpose

  24. “What job description what. It is a restaurant on a beach with a freight container retrofitted to be a kitchen.”
    You have succeeded in making me even more interested in seeing the job description.

    Either no-one applied because they did not know of the job or those who applied were unqualified.

  25. @ Wily Coyote August 12, 2021 8: 24 AM

    Bajan Economy.

    Barbados end-of-year tourism industry metrics will highlight the impact of the pandemic, with predictably deep losses. But there are some silver linings that contributed to our foreign exchange in reference to the
    (offshore welcome stamp) program.

    Visitors spending was down in 2020 compared with 2019. Total visitors arriving by air decreased by 85 percent, with leisure air visitors down 90 percent and airline seats to Barbados decreased approximately 86 percent.
    Cruise passenger arrivals were down
    99 %.

    The crisis that beset our tourism industry was prolonged and decimating and, as predicted, the recovery is slow and gradual.

    We were motivated to leverage opportunities to accelerate our recovery this year.
    A short-lived, gradual recovery took shape late in 2020, following the return of air service in July.

    Related: Our guide to travel requirements in the Caribbean and Barbados
    data revealed that 26% of leisure, air-visitor volume had returned by October, although the recovery began to fall off during the pandemic’s winter surge.

    The question remains:
    “Where do we go from here?”

    The welcome stamp Brainiacs made the concept successful.
    Can this group put their heads together one more time (think-tank) and save our economy, if formally ask by our Prime Minister.

  26. What about the hotel workers AND OTHERS who can’t get their STOLEN SALARIES, benefits, SEVERANCE or pensions…what about the Black population now reduced to generational poverty by the traitors in the parliament and their tiefing sidekicks…

  27. An irrational fake ranting by the author. It is the White man’s world and civilisation, nothing black people can do about it. We create and produce nothing as a people, all we do is consume. We imbibed alcohol like water, we smoke, we ingest pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs without hestitation, we eat poisonous junk food like crazy etc etc. Where is the outrage for those killers! I am not buying your FAKE outrage sir.

  28. speak for thyself…the “we” is clearly YOU… you are stuck in someone else’s make believe world, not all of us are cursed with that affliction….many of us moved on to our own worlds decades ago, that is why we had such an enormous battle on our hands, the ignorant wanted to stay immersed in a fake world and pull everyone right along with them, so now they can’t move, while the more intelligent left long time ago..

  29. @ fortyacresandamule

    WURA. Is simply saying the struggle continues. Grasp his message.

    It’s not directed to specific coteries.

    Read the body of his scripts. Feel his passion.

    This guy is real.

  30. the struggle is real for most, that’s why those who made a difficult situation even worse with their THEFTS and CORRUPTION must PAY…neither Covid, nor the follow up disasters can take the entire blame for this, it’s mainly the result of 6 BILLION DOLLARS or more missing from the economy…and those who are now under severe hardships are NOT THE ONES WHO STOLE IT…

    “significant percentage of Barbadians surveyed are complaining about the continued disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on their livelihoods.

    The Caribbean COVID-19 Food Security & Livelihoods Impact Survey Report on Barbados, said that its surveys which were conducted twice last year and again in 2021 by the World Food Programme, showed that the overwhelming majority of low-income respondents faced difficulties.”

  31. @ fortyacresandamule August 12, 2021 4:44 PM

    That’s right! The people in the Caribbean love to kill themselves.

    Let’s look at shopping in PriceSmart. With 90 percent of the shoppers, you don’t know where the head is and where the butt is, that’s how fat they are. The skinny ones are mostly expats. The rest are fat as a herd of fattened oxen.

    Probably WARU claims are now that the Williams brothers are forcing our indigenous masses at gunpoint to eat so much meat, fat and sugar on a daily basis.

    If the obesity epidemic continues in Barbados, our locals will soon weigh an average of at least 100kg.The ideal breeding ground for corona, heart attacks, diabetes and senile dementia.

  32. David 06:32
    555dubstreet is quite right. What you call work has very little to do with any market where labour meets demand as so wrongly described by you. That is a dated part of an economic ideology, not economics, not democracy.

    The truth has long been that the basis of labour was always for the production of surpluses for the capitalists. Those surpluses, accumulated over time, have delivered the iniquitous distortions in wealth distribution patterns everywhere on earth.

    You are required to exit the backwardness of a dying systems and imagine a world where real democracy, as the economic system it was meant to be, comes to the work place.

    Under such a system worker surpluses are so maintained, not transferred to any capitalist. Indeed, modern forms of work are forms of slavery. A few economists are even starting to argue that because of what the billionaire classes are starting to do makes work worse than slavery. This is what they mean

    Have you not seen the gig economy model. Where Uber et al are now further externalizing all cost to workers. If the Uberization of capitalism doesn’t wake you up maybe the industrialization of self-driven commercial vehicles will. Or maybe, like the boiling frog, you will not feel the heat until it’s to hot to exist, and Barbados as well. As led by a cadre of feckless elites leading us all to a collective death.

  33. This is where ALL the problems start in Barbados, now they KNOW it’s the slave system of miseducation that is causing such high levels of social degradation…but will blame the principals who FOLLOW GUIDELINES AND CURRICULI from the ministry of MISEDUCATION, but hear this one blaming the prinicpals and give him a minute he will blame the janitors, the gardeners and the student body for WHAT THEY THEMSELVES as slave master wannabes are causing on the island, look no further than the toxic parliament and judiciary for what’s happening…they will DO ANYTHING not to remove the colonial system because then they will no longer be able to brag and boast about being the top 11 plus Slaves.

    the manufactured negros ARE THE PROBLEM on the island.

  34. Social violence, financial violence, educational violence, the frauds in parliaments and in every shithole in the society of fakeness who are desperate to pretend whiteness are responsible for normalization of every violence perpetrated against Black/African people.

  35. We see it play out everyday, give the negro even the tiniest bit of power over each other (imagine when you put them in a parliament with full powers and immunity and a salary and access to your treasury and pension fund) and they forget how to treat a Black/African person who looks just like them. This lady was having a mental health episode and this Sambo looking for credit and pats on the head, (sounds familiar right) kicked her in the face and that’s not all that was done to her, now he has no job, am just sorry they didn’t also fire the ignorant Black female Sambo who thought it was ok to not intervene.

  36. Data Shows Massive Spike in Covid, Deaths in Highly-Vaccinated Israel – OPPOSITE Happening in Sparsely-Vaxxed Palestine!

    Data out of Israel shows a large Covid outbreak despite more than half the country being fully vaccinated.

    At the same time cases and deaths are declining in the neighboring Palestinian territory, which has an extremely low vaccination rate.

    The data was catalogued by Naturopathic doctor Suneil Jain, who broke down the bizarre anomaly on social media Wednesday.

    “Palestine: 8.2% of the population is fully vaccinated. Israel: 62% of the population is fully vaccinated. Guess which one is doing better?” Jain asked his followers.

    Jain pointed to numerous graphs from comparing recent vaccination rates and Covid cases in the two nations, with a consistent theme being Palestine’s lower Covid rates in spite of very few being fully vaccinated.

  37. Barbados debt continues to climb to almost levels when Barbados was receiving downgrades
    Albeit that Barbados reserves are being cushioned by high rise in borrowing
    The rise in debt should be a worrisome point of concern
    Presently the minister of finance has not said or implemented policies that can help Barbados swim out of a fierce economic tide that continues to pull Barbados out to sea

    Case and point

    National debt in relation to GDP
    2021* 141.77%
    2020 147.65%
    2019 125.61%
    2018 125.38%

  38. News Item: Barbados to get 70,000 Covid-19 Pfizer vaccines:
    Note the rather detailed instructions for safely thawing, diluting and administering the vaccines in the article below. Health Care professionals take note, unlike 007’s martinis, the thawed vaccine must not be shaken.


    10 Facts From the UK Government Pfizer Vaccine Guidance that Promote “Vaccine Hesitancy”


    Official government guidance has been released in the United Kingdom to assist healthcare professionals in administering the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2. While the UK government goes to war against supposed misinformation, the official narrative is clearly based on very little to no supporting data from incomplete clinical trials. This article examines the document “Reg 174 Information for UK Healthcare Professionals” and narratives being pushed in the mainstream media that directly contradict that document.


    4. The complicated multistage dilution and thawing process of the vaccine vials opens the major possibility of human error

    In investigating the official instructions for the vaccine’s administration, we can clearly see that there are plenty of opportunities for potential human error. Section 2 of this document describes the distributed vaccine as coming in “a multidose vial and must be diluted before use.” Confirming that each vial contains 0.45 ml (which equates to 5 doses of 30 micrograms) of BNT162b2 RNA embedded in lipid nanoparticles. The delicate preparation process will be repeated 100s of millions of times globally and the multidose vial will be stored frozen and must be thawed prior to dilution. The guidance describes the process for preparing the frozen vials stating that they should be transferred to temperatures of between 2 °C to 8 °C to thaw or, alternatively, the frozen vials may also be thawed for 30 minutes at temperatures up to 25 °C for immediate use. Once thawed, the undiluted vaccine can be stored for up to 5 days at 2 °C to 8 °C, and up to 2 hours at temperatures up to 25 °C. The thawed vial must then come to room temperature and be gently inverted 10 times prior to dilution.

    The complicated thawing and dilution process will obviously leave room for individual error. Healthcare practitioners are also warned not to shake the vials and instead to gently turn them 10 times. Prior to dilution, the vaccine should present as an off-white solution with no particulates visible. The guidance states that you must discard the vaccine if particulates or discolouration are present. The thawed vaccine must be diluted in its original vial with 1.8 mL sodium chloride 9 mg/mL (0.9%) solution for injection, using a 21 gauge or narrower needle and aseptic techniques and this complex, multistage process isn’t completed there.

    The healthcare professional should then equalise vial pressure before removing the needle from the vial by withdrawing 1.8 mL of air into the empty diluent syringe. Then they should gently invert the diluted solution 10 times, again being careful not to shake the solution. The official guidance continues: “The diluted vials should be marked with the dilution date and time and stored between 2 °C to 25 °C. After dilution, the vial contains 5 doses of 0.3 mL.” The healthcare professionals are then told to “withdraw the required 0.3 mL dose of diluted vaccine using a sterile needle and syringe and discard any unused vaccine within 6 hours after dilution.”

    The instructions must be followed precisely to safely administer the mRNA vaccine; there are no data available on potential consequences for the vaccine recipient if anything goes wrong during this tedious and complex multistage process. On 19 December 2020, video emerged of an official drive-thru vaccination hub which had begun operating out of a car park of Hyde Leisure Centre in Greater Manchester. The video in question, shared by No Comment TV on YouTube, shows people being vaccinated outdoors at Hyde Leisure Centre by gloveless staff and in less than sterile conditions. In an article in the Manchester Evening News four days prior to the videos release the local news site stated that “The first batch of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine arrives in the borough on Tuesday, with vaccinations starting at Hyde Leisure Centre on Wednesday, December 15.”

    No Data Available (#5-10)
    When reading Reg 174, you will soon notice a recurring theme throughout the document. The guidance clearly states on multiple occasions that there are no data available concerning some of the most important questions surrounding the mRNA vaccine. As previously noted, the actual Phase III section of the safety trials will not be completed until January 2023, meaning that two years of trials are still to be run before the vaccine can be confirmed as safe, effective and ethical.

  39. David
    This debate is not new, has not to begin. The criminals have long won, for millennia. Those who have been stealing the collective labour of the peoples of the earth. Instead of debating at all it’s past time for something else. In these circumstances debating only serves to benefit those whose aim is merely to wax lyrical.

    • What should we do Pacha? Butt our heads in the proverbial wall? There is hope- the collapse of the Soviet Union occurred and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  40. David
    Empires fall all the time. In the 20th century alone more than a dozen did.

    We can stop talking and begging and creatively deploy a range of more constructive actions.

    • @Pacha

      Nothing wrong with your perspective. Are you suggesting little island Barbados has the capability to be an influencer on the global stage, a disrupter? Are you the one who promote a view Barbados cannot avoid global attacks?

  41. Note that Israel used the Pfizer vaccine exclusively in its mass vaccination campaign of its citizenry.

    Israel’s Top Respiratory Doctor Blows Whistle on Vaccine Effectiveness and American Media Ignores Completely

    Arguably the most respected respiratory physician in Israel claims vaccine effectiveness is waning and our mainstream media is treating him like a conspiracy theorist.

    Dr. Kobi Haviv is not just any doctor. He’s world-renowned for his work on Covid-19 treatments, particularly aiding patients who have acute respiratory ailments as a result. One would think an interview with him explaining the growing problems Israel is facing with Covid-19 hospitalizations would be newsworthy in the United States, but there has been a media blackout.

    Why? Because he had the gall to utter the phrase, “Yes, unfortunately the vaccine… as they say, its effectiveness is waning.”

    But during the interview, he laid out other bombshells concerning the hospitalization rates in Israel as they relate to vaccinated versus unvaccinated patients. As The Gateway Pundit reported:

    According to Dr. Haviv, the vaccinated account for 85-90% of all new hospitalizations and 95% of “severe” cases at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem.

    He explains how one infected patient will spread the virus to “a large number of people” and that it doesn’t just happen “here or there,” it’s happening frequently.

    According to their health officials, the majority of Israelis have been fully vaccinated, including 85% of those who are eligible. Out of the estimated 9.3 million citizens, 5.8 million have received at least one shot and 5.4 million are fully vaccinated.


    Embedded video at link above shows the English subtitles as Dr Haviv tells Israeli Chanel 13 News that the (Pfizer) vaccine’s effectiveness (after only a few months, mind you) is already waning. Never mind, Pfizer’s execs will be happy to keep supplying “boosters” as necessary. After all, It’s not like they could get sued for supplying a defective product.

  42. I am now taking my bovine excrement out to my garden. It has made quite a difference there. The plants love it! They give me grateful gifts every morning.

    Hooray for bovine excrement!

  43. David

    Yes, options maybe limited at the national level but there is vastly more freedom of actions at the individual level.

    • @Pacha

      Explain what ‘freedom at the individual level’ means. How does the individual have the freedom at the individual level if the establishment thinking is flowing in a different direction? Your approach is endorsing gradualism, something you find abhorrent.

  44. There are nearly 400 millions African descended people in the diaspora, that’s more than enuff “individual level” to bring this nasty shit in the Caribbean to its collective knees…we are ONE PEOPLE and should NEVER let parliament negro and their minions separate us under their slave system to BENEFIT THEMSELVES……..we not only have people but also THE COLLECTIVE BRAIN POWER..

    they will never win…then they will have to FACE MY GRANDCHILDREN..

  45. “Explain what ‘freedom at the individual level’ means. How does the individual have the freedom at the individual level if the establishment thinking is flowing in a different direction? Your approach is endorsing gradualism, something you find abhorrent.”

    Don’t waste your time in a career as a wage slave subordinated under manners

    Do your own thing

    Don’t work for no white man or woman

    ◄ Micah 4:4 ►
    Everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid, for the LORD Almighty has spoken.

  46. Give the people their goddamn money, what loan what…they did NOT WORK FOR A LOAN…this is the type of DIRTY, anti-Black attitudes these small Caribbean PMs think they can use to set up the continent…

    “Severed Barbadian employees of LIAT are anticipating a final resolution to their more than one-year-old severance payments impasse when they meet again shortly with Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

    Spokesman for the group, former pilot Neil Cave, at the same time lambasted Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Browne over remarks he made on St Lucia’s Choice Television on Tuesday while providing an update on the state of play regarding the beleaguered airline workers.

    Cave told Barbados TODAY: “Prime Minister Mottley has made a commitment to the beleaguered former Barbados LIAT workers on May 5 this year to use her good offices to intervene in order to attempt to bring some form of resolution to the issue of severance.

    “The Prime Minister also committed to meet with us again, that is, the former Barbados staff, following the hundred days of May 5 which is coming up shortly. We are anxiously awaiting the convening of this meeting when the PM returns from her leave and hope that this longstanding matter can be brought to a just conclusion and to the benefit of the former workers who continue to struggle.”

    The 100 days are up on Friday.

    When Mottley met with the former workers, she offered them a one-off gift of $2 000 along with a $2 000 per month loan spread over a year”

  47. I told uppity Clarke he was going to get shut down, he took it for a joke…the Black population LOST BILLIONS due to the business parasites and their THEFTS when colluding with parliament TRAITORS…….a WHOLE BILLION DOLLARS in VAT alone, written off for those THIEVES and EMBEZELLERS…instead of putting them in handcuffs where they belong…YOUR TURN to suffer losses….may it NEVER END..

  48. With the Barbados economy drowning in debt and the swells of the tide pushes the economy further under water
    Barbados govt having an economic team living off tax payers money isn’t serving purpose
    Time for govt to start saving money at the expense of these economic gurus by letting some of them go
    Not fair to the taxpayers in as much as BARBADOS debt levels keep growing
    Let them Go

  49. The one thing they thought would never happen is the people coming together and UNDERSTANDING that they can only win their economic, social and educational freedom from the beasts of parliament through unity…..none of them expected that….am sure the level of shock is real..

    time to beat back the vote begging DEMONS and their racist criminal minorities.

  50. David

    We make choices daily, most of which supporting systems inimical. Maybe that’s a starting point.


    We see that you’ve noticed the endless barrage of state propaganda coming from the administration in the international media, internet.

    We wonder what that is costing, its effectiveness and relationship to mounting Covid cases new in strains.

    Maybe this is a barometer where we are, no?

    • @Pacha

      Hitler was the best proponent of the use of propaganda and PR. It is effective because the vast majority of citizens have little appetite for governance issues.

  51. Remember when in opposition present govt said that taxing and borrowing was not feasible and sustainable or wise fiscal planning for past govt to get out of debt
    Present govt made promises of having plans and policies for controlling the debt
    Amazingly that in just two and half years( that) not only present govt has not kept that promises of well laid out plans and policies to combat rising debt absent of borrowing and gorilla size taxes (even with having a large cabinet and state of the art economic gurus like White Oaks )but have almost reached the same debt levels which took a past govt ten years to reached
    Yet it seems to be business as usual set on policies and plans of future borrowing

  52. Watching with eagle eyes as the govt hides behind the COVID-19 issues whilst using and aid tactics to slow the spread of the virus
    Meanwhile households are not being reassured that govt cam walk and chew gum at the same time
    One by tackling the economic woes and the policies which can work hand in hand with employee and employers demands reaching agreements for vaccines
    Another catastrophe in the making which begs for quick resolution and avoidance of more unemployment
    Barbados is heading down a path for more poverty

  53. How many more electric buses does Barbados need
    Presently people are fighting tooth and nail to collect unemployment and severance pay
    Electric buses and high unemployment does not make for good fiscal spending at this time
    That money spent should have served a sufficient purpose in helping unemployed barbadians needs met
    These new buses will one day be off loaded on the backs of taxpayers in one way or another
    Govt seems to be more interested in political theatrics than paying close attention to that which helps bajan households from sliding into poverty

  54. David
    Maybe. But we are afraid that the handiwork of Adolf senior and his right-hand man Goebbels has been many times outstripped.

    Again recently by Adolph junior who has 75 million people, in the USA alone, behaving in irrational ways re Covid.

    There way also a time when propaganda was not airbrushed by other disarming names either. We had for example ministries of government so named – Propaganda Ministries.

    But Adolph senior is still alive and doing very well. So is Bernays and Frued.

  55. Farming or borrowing:

    In part:

    “Yet it seems to be business as usual set on policies and plans of future borrowing.”


    Tourist dollars are no longer lucrative. That era has pasted.

    Are we destined to fly a foreign countries flag.

    A country without natural resources.

    We are not the Vatican.

    What are the options. Farming Is in our DNA. However, Bajans don’t want to be associated with the word plantation.

    Big industrial countries no longer need the serenity or tranquility of the islands. They build them offshore with lush vegetation and white sands. Ask the Chinese or the UAE 🇦🇪 Those boys got Marine/Civil engineering island building formulas down to a science.

    Advertising is the quintessence of marketing.

    BDS, wake up and drink some fresh MINT.

  56. Instructive to remind everyone that the same Mia was only about a week ago using Clement Payne’s memory, yes, the same one they illegally DEPORTED from Barbados in 1937 for trying to get the Black population from under the wickedness of dirty racist minority rule and the people who protested their enslavement and poverty status were brutally MURDERED by the Slave police…same Clement Payne she was using as A PROP…and i called her out on it…ya can’t have it both ways..

  57. The economic problems that are inflicting pain and suffering on the people can no longer be ignored
    No sense in govt using COVID as the elephant in the room that is blocking any plans govt have for fast tracking the economy
    An economy that is solely reliant on a one nest basket and have shown multiple evidence of it’s vulnerability during global economic shocks is simply unreliable
    Yet govt intentions is to pour more money in a leaking basket being unable to find other fiscal avenues which are productive sustainable and reliable when pinned against economic global melt down

  58. “WURA. Is simply saying the struggle continues. Grasp his message.

    It’s not directed to specific coteries.

    Read the body of his scripts. Feel his passion.

    This guy is real.”

    Waru is right and wrong
    not everything is related to slavery
    but Bajans lost their identity
    and became copies of Brits

  59. Bajans need to do a deep dive into reggae lyrics
    and grow their locks until they touch their toes
    and puff large quantities of herb for healing

  60. Who would have thought that present govt with all the fanfare and political talking points to address Barbados economy in the past ten years would be suffering from a severe case of brain freeze clueless incompetent now holding an overloaded debt basket

  61. @Rum and Coke. Did WARU penned this piece? I am generally in agreement with WARU main thesis about the wicked, corrupt, and theifing politicians we have here in Bim. However, this antivax stance don’t make sense with the contradiction I pointed out in my earlier response.

  62. I have no anti-vax stance…am anti-bullying people to take any vaccine during experimental trials…let that be their choice, i did not hear the family of the 341 people whose death on preliminary investigations are attributed to the vaccines in Trinidad say that they were bullied or forced…and i believe that is one of the reasons the government SENT A REPRESENTATIVE TO CONFIRM IT…

    completely different to if they were coerced and bullied like the idiots in Barbados, the clown in St. Vincent are doing now…he should definitely get sued and charged for genocide..

  63. “However, this antivax stance don’t make sense with the contradiction I pointed out in my earlier response.”

    Some folks don’t trust white peoples mystery chemicals and their fluoride talking points.
    Everyone knows Government wants to shut down strong black women by any means necessary.

  64. To alleviate peoples concerns about taking the vaccine they should be able to request that a black doctor administers the jab provided that a white doctor placed the order for it to make sure they are given the good stuff.

  65. My biggest question is asking of govt
    How does govt plan on paying down debt
    With all interest is what is being told by the IMF reports having a scorecard stating govt has met it’s targets to international lending agencies
    While back on the ground the people are fighting govt tooth and nail requesting of govt to meet financial targets that affect their households
    Severance pay which govt had pledge in helping employers pay
    Also unemployment benefits which for whatever reason cannot sufficiently meet many household targets

  66. We may yet see the THUG in St. Vincent and all the other thugs for misleaders across the Caribbean LOCKED AWAY YET..

    .Fortyacre…that’s the extent of my vaccince stance, i had one just months ago and usually get one every 10 years….but illegally and unconstitutionally bullying people to get a vaccine should not sit well with anyone, i don’t care how many TEMPORARY DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS, giving them TEMPORARY IMMUNITY they have, they can still be dragged up before ICC, ICJ or any other world court,…like those arab criminals in the Sudan are right now..they are all temporary pretenders.

    “Despite being disappointed that larger numbers of people have not been coming forward, Holness assured, earlier in the week, that the Government has no plans to make vaccination mandatory.

    “As it stands now, and we have discussed it in Cabinet, the Government is not thinking about, nor inclined to mandate any vaccines. In fact, we don’t believe that is something that would meet the constitutional test,” he said on Monday.”

  67. In response, Carnival updated its mask policy last week`, requiring all guests on the Vista to wear masks in some indoor areas. Beginning tomorrow on all Carnival sailings, guests will also be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to sail — regardless of their vaccination status. Belmopan, Belize – Twenty-seven vaccinated people who are on board the Carnival Vista cruise ship tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Belize Tourism Board.

    Twenty-six of the positive cases are among Carnival crew members, with only one passenger testing positive. According to the tourism board, everyone who tested positive was vaccinated, and “most are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms.”

    The ship departed from Galveston, Texas, and was headed to Belize when the o

  68. The Caribbean governments know that covid-19 has opened up fault lines throughout the region. We are on the cusp of significant social, political and economic change in our region. Are our leaders cognisant of this fact?

    I hope they will be nimble on their feet and act accordingly.

    Recruiting the UK national press to promote an industry which will bring a cocktail of covid-19 variants to the islands is simply untenable and is a threat to the health of our island.

  69. @ac
    National debt in relation to GDP
    2021* 141.77%
    2020 147.65%
    2019 125.61%
    2018 125.38%
    let me complete the time line
    2017 157.1%
    2016 148.23%
    2015 141.73%
    2014 129.63%
    2013 120.69%
    2012 112.78%
    2011 100.32%
    2010 95%
    2009 86%
    2008 71%
    2007 67%
    2006 62%
    2005 64%

    Year GDP Per Capita Growth
    2020 $4.37B $15,191 -17.61%
    2019 $5.21B $18,148 -0.10%
    2018 $5.09B $17,745 -0.58%
    2017 $4.98B $17,392 0.48%
    2016 $4.83B $16,900 2.48%
    2015 $4.72B $16,525 2.45%
    2014 $4.70B $16,489 -0.12%
    2013 $4.68B $16,451 -1.41%
    2012 $4.61B $16,250 -0.46%
    2011 $4.66B $16,458 -0.67%
    2010 $4.53B $16,056 -2.29%
    2009 $4.47B $15,885 -5.08%
    2008 $4.79B $17,093 0.70%
    2007 $4.67B $16,771 2.20%
    2006 $4.22B $15,200 5.90%
    2005 $3.82B $13,823 3.96%

    So you tell us…”The rise in debt should be a worrisome point of concern”.


    So I ask what rise in DEBT? The debt has been flat since the default in 2018. The debt to GDP ratio increased, not because of debt, but a precipitous decline in GDP. We must return to 2006 to find GDP levels this low.
    But you are correct a similar combo of debt to GDP did see the start of the many past downgrades.
    What we need is another default?

  70. NO
    What flat debt?
    Where in those numbers is household debt included
    Btw the debt levels have increased since the default and continues
    U can’t spin way out of facts

  71. “Recruiting the UK national press to promote an industry which will bring a cocktail of covid-19 variants to the islands is simply untenable and is a threat to the health of our island.”

    ya can’t tell the tourism dependent Slaves that, they will have a fit, how dare you try to stop them from importing as many diseased tourists as they can to poison the island with variants…btw, Delta has hit St. Lucia..


    aren’t those and many others with vaccinated passengers testing positive everywhere, home porters in Barbados.

  72. Don’t care how many vaccines are being produced
    This is biological warfare at its worst
    Small island govts now will continue to find out the hard way that opening their borders was their biggest mistake
    Where their is no vision the people suffer
    Israel boasted that their country had reached herd immunity
    Now months later the country levels is out of control
    Small island states will suffer the same fate
    A booster here and a booster there with no end in sight

  73. Now back to a dying economy and a PM who defaulted on debt
    So I ask after defaulting and given breathing room from high interest rate
    Is the country in better economic standing
    The proof stands eyeball to eyeball with the populace who have to endure the daily pressure of having no job watch their savings dwindling in more ways than one because of unending high prices throughout the economy
    Govt having no answers
    Where is the HOPE govt once promised
    Where is the HOPE

  74. Biological warfare of the worst kind
    Multiple viruses let loose in the atmosphere
    Reason why mask and all kinds of measures were implemented called portocols to cover face and the washing of hands and distance
    Multiple viruses gone rampant
    Can any one trust govt and world health organization
    The truth is missing

  75. Until.the truth is told people would continue to reach out for a normality
    The human physche cannot absorbed things it does not understand if the truth is missing
    Truth helps the mind deals with all kinds of problems it develops a human war chest a coping mechanism to deal with whatever problems life throws it way

  76. SMH at small island countries dealing with these multiple viruses
    All it took to keep this virus at bay was a model founded on unification
    Now they see no way out
    Worst yet limited resources
    Limited health care
    Jesus take the wheel

  77. “All it took to keep this virus at bay was a model founded on unification”

    According to infamous John Knox with his idle mind and knocked up theories worth mud

    Moving to Dominica to avoid dying and being another statistic is his only takeaway point

  78. NorthernObserver August 13, 2021 10:30 PM

    In her August 13, 2021 10:30 PM contribution, ‘angela cox’ listed the “National debt in relation to GDP” statistics, from 2018 to 2021*.

    You “COMPLETED the time line” by including stats from 2005 to 2017, which clearly indicated the ND to GDP was:

    2017 157.1%
    2016 148.23%
    2015 141.73%
    2014 129.63%

    According to the stats, “the rise in debt” should’ve been “worrisome point of concern” from 2008 and on wards.

    How is it that you and her are using the SAME “National debt in relation to GDP” statistics, yet, as it relates to the information YOU provided, she ‘asked,’…………………….

    ………………..”Where in those numbers is household debt included?”

    Wouldn’t the question ALSO be APPLICABLE to the information SHE provided? In other words, “where in (her) numbers is household debt included?”

    It’s a clear indication she ‘does not KNOW or UNDERSTAND what she is talking about’ and probably copied and pasted the information from someone’s Facebook page and posted it to BU.
    If she had actually done the research before posting the information, she WOULD NOT HAVE ASKED YOU THAT QUESTION.

    Leaving BU with so many clues, it’s obvious she “can’t spin (her) way out of facts.”

    Remember her words, “The human physche cannot absorb things it DOES NOT UNDERSTAND if the TRUTH is missing.”

  79. Artax
    Either side can spin. They are both bosses at moving 🥅. They can provide long lists of shortcomings. The common void is the solution.

  80. @ NorthernObserver

    You are correct.

    Reminds me of when the previous DLP administration spent its 14 years as the Opposition, criticizing and opposing everything possible. They had the solutions to all our problems.

    When given the opportunity to govern, they spent first 2 or 3 years of their tenure blaming the former BLP administration and talking about ’14 years of plenty, mess they found, corruption’ and the usual
    Critics were accused of being ‘traitors, treasonous and unpatriotic,’ while being told to ‘stop criticizing and bring solutions.’
    And, ‘fancy catch phrases such as ‘team Barbados’ and ‘wrap ourselves in the flag,’ were being bandied about.

    The BLP engaged in similar activities during their 10 tenure in Opposition and when they were first elected in 2018.

    SAME pool of actors PERFORMING under different names, from the SAME SCRIPT.

    Could you imagine, 14 years of the BLP, 10 years of the DLP and now 3 years of the BLP, a total of 27 years, and people in rural districts, such as St. Andrew and St. Joseph are still experiencing water problems……… something I highlighted in a previous contribution they were experiencing as far back as 1951?

    Over the years, we have been grappling to solve the same problems under successive BLP and DLP administrations. It’s a clear indication BOTH political parties are clueless.

    I read where one of the yard-fowls was ‘talking’ about hope. Where is ‘hope’ when, on one side, there is Mia Mottley…….

    ………. and on the other, Verla DePeiza or Guy Hewitt……. with the same cast of characters, James Paul, Denis Lowe, Michael Lashley et al.

  81. N.B. Israel relied exclusively on the Pfizer vaccine in it’s enforced nationwide vaccine campaign which health authorities claim has to date vaccinated 85% of the eligible population against Covid-19. We are now celebrating the recent arrival of 70,000 Pfizer vaccines in Barbados.

    Israel Reports 65% Of Seriously Ill COVID Patients Are Vaccinated

    There are 87 patients in critical condition, including 62 on respirators. That is the same number of critically ill patients there were listed Tuesday morning, while the number of patients on respirators is lower, with 64 intubated patients on Tuesday.

    Among seriously ill patients, 35% are not vaccinated, compared to 61% who are fully vaccinated and 3% who received one dose of the vaccine. One percent of seriously ill patients did not have a listed vaccination status.

    The number of unvaccinated seriously ill patients declined Wednesday to 139 from 140 a day earlier, while the number of fully vaccinated patients in serious condition inched upwards from 240 to 243. The number of partially vaccinated patients held steady at 10.

    The total number of COVID-related fatalities is now 6,580, including 11 deaths reported Tuesday and four Wednesday morning.

    Covid-19, the greatest public health fiasco in history, is causing a disconnect between the public and public health
    “Those who are pushing these vaccine mandates and vaccine passports … are the biggest anti-vaxxers because they’re doing so much more damage to vaccine confidence than anybody else.” – Dr. Martin Kulldorff

    Dr. Kulldorff is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, a biostatistician and one of the world’s leading epidemiologists. “It is not possible to eradicate [the virus],” Dr. Kulldorff said. The population will acquire immunity “like with the other coronaviruses that we’re already dealing with and that we have dealt with for a long time,” he explained. He is pro-vaccination but promotes an individual risk versus benefit approach while recognising natural immunity is robust and long lasting.

    By Rhoda Wilson

    During an interview Dr. Kulldorff discussed Covid-19 immunity, vaccines, the Delta variant, and why he believes the global Covid response has been the “biggest public health fiasco in history.” Among other things, the “lockdowns” and restrictions do not work and public health has thrown out all their basic principles. There is an almost thousand-fold difference in the Covid risk between the oldest and the youngest members of society. Instead of basic public health measures being implemented to protect older, higher risk individuals – all of society was shut down and the resulting collateral damage has been enormous. The costs will be with us well into the future. “Except for war, there are few government actions during my life that have imposed more suffering and injustice on such a large scale,” he said.

    It should come as no surprise then that the public’s trust in public health bodies, their officials and policies has plummeted. Last year Dr. Kulldorf highlighted this “disconnect between the public and public health” in a twitter thread titled: “Twelve Forgotten Principles of Public Health” which are listed below:

    SNIP the list – (Go to the link below to read Dr. Kulldorf’s “Twelve Forgotten Principles of Public Health”)

    While reading through this list multiple instances immediately come to mind where public health has failed the public over the past 18 months. And, it’s clear governments have no respect for their populations. So much so, we can only assume Covid policies have intentionally sought not to prevent disease, not to prolong life nor promote health but rather to terrorise populations into compliance. And, just as happened in World War II Germany, they are subverting our healthcare systems and silencing dissent as a means to achieve their aims.

    Full article at:

  82. @ Artax wrote:
    “ Could you imagine, 14 years of the BLP, 10 years of the DLP and now 3 years of the BLP, a total of 27 years, and people in rural districts, such as St. Andrew and St. Joseph are still experiencing water problems……… something I highlighted in a previous contribution they were experiencing as far back as 1951?”

    Slowly but surely a common thread/ thought is emerging. Burying our heads in the sand is no longer an option and quite frankly no longer possible.
    We have to correct the collective mistakes made over the past four or five decades by both parties.
    Any in-depth review of BU will reveal a reluctance to look beyond party politics and positions. It worked marvelously well when there was no crisis. The non-productive blame game, in which we all indulged was all required.
    Little personal stories are nice and may give hope but at the end of the day, the sacrifice is required of all. First, we must cut out the useless” I gotcha “ and deal with the dilemma we all face:
    How are we collectively going to save our beloved country.
    I seriously recommend putting tourism on a back burner and turning the economy upside down by pumping at least $100 million immediately into small businesses, agro industries, fisheries and well positioned job programs to defeat the growing unemployment predicament.
    In the meantime radically commence real educational reform which I’ll take at least ten years to complete.
    Perhaps the time has come to construct a government of national reconstruction that will be in office for ten years to eliminate non productive West Minister crap.
    Time for a new day and new thinking or we perish economically and socially .

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