Same Script Different Cast

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The Covid19 Vaccine and The Slave Code Cast – Featuring Barbados

August 2021, 400+ years since the first Africans arrived in the Caribbean as enslaved men and women and nothing has changed! Absolutely nothing! Were I to superimpose the slavery period on this modern-day covid19 era it would indeed fit like a glove; the very same script is now being played out by a different cast.

Lights, cameras, action!

Black regional governments of Afro Caribbean descent aided and abetted by black trade union leaders CTSUAB, NUPW, BWU and BUT have now graced the stage and repeating well-scripted verses to entice and incentivize their countrymen and women to their possible demise – a mandatory experimental covid19 shot. Rounding up other trusting black people and negotiating their sale with the colonizers is the theme of this scene. It’s a brilliant reenactment of the 17th-century transatlantic slave trade. Transactions on the Ivory Coast of Africa? No, not this time. These transactions are being conducted in the halls of parliaments, institutions and organizations across the Caribbean region by our very own. This time they are selling their constituents not for trinkets nor pieces of glass but for money, recognition and hopefully inclusion into the inner circles of their white puppeteers. Just as the Europeans could not have gained access to our ancestors without the support of the treacherous Negros of the past, these new black sell-outs (just as gullible and malleable as their ancestors) are performing the same role and creating the pathway to our enslavement and unwittingly their own. Same script different cast.

New age African Caribbean people are now being delivered to the white business class on a platter by the black political class. “You cannot work on this plantation without a vaccine”, declares off-white slave owner Edward Clarke. These actors, local white business owners, play the same role as their ancestors before them – the slave ship captains and their murderous crews. These are folks who have been practicing for this performance all their adult lives and finally the curtains are raised and they will stop at nothing, genocide even. They have sold their souls to the devil. In the same way millions of Africans were transported across the Atlantic and delivered to the plantation owners in the West Indies, it is the same way that their descendants are now being placed at the disposal of the white-controlled WHO, UN Agencies etc. for use in ‘science’. You just cannot make this stuff up. Same script different cast.

Not to be outdone, the house Negros in their award-winning performance are castigating and reprimanding the resistant blacks while singing the praises of their masters and their ‘benevolent ‘ gifting of covid19 vaccines. Expertly cast for these roles because of their past performances, they have now become the enforcers of the new medical apartheid slave code.

Remember Stephen in Django? Well black medical professionals,totally dense black journalists and cheaply bought black radio disc jockeys, black government apologists, black idiotic comedians, black vapid social media personalities, black Human Resources managers (this group is legendary) and black representatives of tourism organizations are all starring as modern-day Stephens. They are all people of Afro Caribbean descent and their performances are rich. Many of these actors received their formal training in House Negroism in Crumpton Street, Bridgetown; phenomenal performances in scenes already filled with effective cameos and an ensemble cast working at the top of their game. It is more powerful still because they have finally been granted the kind of roles they have been worthy of for so long. This group mainly performs for an audience of one – the local slave-trader-in-chief. Best supporting role goes to apologist Redman! Same Script Different Cast.

The cast of the modern-day type 1 field slaves is extremely intelligent, brave and astute. They are not in any mood for the deceit because unlike their house cousins who eat at the feet of their masters, the field Negros are now able to identify and spot their enemy from a distance. From the bloodline of Bussa, these actors are prepared to fight for their freedom and that of their children and grandchildren to come. May God save us all if this line of defense ever crumbles. The self-loathing house Negros keep getting in the way of the fight as they advocate for the demise of the rebellious blacks by way of alienation, unemployment, vaccine passes and social exclusion. One overzealous and totally compromised Barbadian house Negro, in his weekly call-in program audition, seemed to have gotten confused with the history of the Maroons, bolted onto the stage as if on cue and shouted: “ banish the rastas to the hills”. Epic! The Willie Lynch theory is proven! After the freedom protest scene was played out by the field Negros on the streets of Bridgetown, we saw how local black media and clowns, all starring in the house Negro role (these are the master’s favourite tools) emerged to ridicule and scandalize their brothers and sisters who are on the frontline fighting for freedom. And the award goes to Eric Lewis for his brilliant performance! One extremely talented actress giving all of herself to her house negress role got her script totally mixed up and likened one leading field Negro to MalcomX. Same Script Different Cast.

Also standing in full view of the cameras are the type 2 and 3 field slaves. Like their ancestors on the yesteryear plantations of rural Barbados, St Kitts, St Vincent, Jamaica they too are paralyzed by fear and are squarely in the clutches of the stupid house Negros. These other field Negros have perfected their role on social media pleading with and trying to coerce type 1 field Negros to submit and take the jab for the good of all mankind. So serious about their roles they even encircled their faces with a ‘ I Have Had My Covid19 vaccine Stamp’. These folks have now defined themselves by the damn vaccine…they refer to it ‘my vaccine’. This movie is just off the fucking chart. The type 2 field slave true to his ancestral nature is confused, torn and delusional. He still doesn’t understand the end game. There is no returning to normal! Starring in this role is our favourite come-a-long pretend black pan Africanists and others whose stage names are Denny, Prescod and Olutoye who circle Bussa every Emancipation Day. Now type 3 field slave is terrified and has the role of the old mute Negro. He has no speaking parts for he has no courage and cannot be trusted. This role is being played by the Church leaders. Same script different cast.

The stage is set! Regional black-led development agencies are in full Oscar mode, engaging in extraordinary tactics and behaviours to persuade, coerce and force black people to take a drug that is still in its experimental stage. CARPHA and PAHO provide the film with its bruising heart and its most horrifying tragedy. In this scene they are the enforcers as were the chief house slaves of the day. Same script different cast.

The directors have even cast the indentured servants who like their ancestors are stuck in the middle. In the film, this set is not rich nor white enough to be considered valuable to their white-supremacist cousins in faraway lands. Neither are they trusted by blacks because they have spent the last 100 years trying to convince themselves of their own superiority and trying their hardest to create their local version of apartheid (well at least in Barbados). They too are squarely in the bull’s eye of their old colonial master cousin as were their direct ancestors – they too are collateral damage. Same script different cast.

The producers, directors and the screen writers operate remotely from far away in Europe, Asia and North America. The architects of the new models of the slave economy. Just like European aristocracies and monarchies of the past who divided up Africa, created, controlled and sustained the trans-Atlantic slave trade, we have the real covid19 powerhouses carefully hidden behind the cameras. These include wealthy global philanthropists, the big pharmaceutical companies, the big tech companies supported by CNN. They are capitalists with one agenda and that is the attainment of wealth and absolute power by any means necessary. Psychopaths who have absolutely no empathy for people of colour and are privileged to have the little house Negros of the region running around at their bequest. In the same way that King Leopold and his tyrannical and utterly cruel allies divided up Africa for their own gain and in their wake left 40 million Africans dead, physically sick and dismembered and emotionally and mentally broken bruised and divided………The playwright is an absolute genius. Same script different cast.

Indeed the next scene is that of full-scale medical apartheid and unless the sleeping lions awake from their slumber, history WILL repeat itself. Alas, the final scene will NOT be one in which any black man, woman or child will be cast in a leading role, least of all the prized house Negros, because white supremacists destroy their tools when they are done with them. It will be the final curtain.

It’s just a tale of same script different cast.

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  1. @555Dubstreet. We can’t have it both ways. This antivax hysteria don’t make sense. We have embraced the whiteman’s science and technology in all facets of our life and now some of us are going crazy over a dam vaccine. There are worser things afflicting us right now than a vaccine.

  2. When we get sick and go to the hospital, it is the whiteman’s technology, tools, equipment, drugs, etc that make us get better. It seemed our purpose on this earth is to be hewers of wood and drawers of water. Our women have no hesitation using all types of chemicals on their skin in the beauty industry, not to mention all kind of plastic surgey enhancements. Give me break!

  3. I would be willing right now to sacrific modern convenience and comfort if it was for the success and upliftment of the black race in the long run. Even if it means going waybackwards. How many of us will be willing to do the same? We are so spoiled by the whiteman’s material world that we get easily agitated and rebel at the slightest discomfort. Go figure.

  4. Yall got a booster, falls in line with what happened recently where the 2 previous vaccines did not register in someone’s body and they needed a 3rd shot.

    “Washington – United States drug regulators have given approval for immunocompromised Americans to get an additional coronavirus (COVID-19) jab as a booster to help stave off infection and illness.

    The order issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affects around 10 million people, including transplant recipients and cancer patients.

    It marks the first time that US health officials have indicated that booster shots may be necessary to fight COVID-19.

    Several others countries have begun providing booster jabs to some groups.

    A Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccines panel on Friday unanimously voted in favour of boosters for vulnerable groups. The agency is expected to adopt the recommendation soon, and boosters could become available by this weekend.

    Experts say the two-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson may not sufficiently protect some people, especially those who have a weakened immune system.

    All three vaccines are currently approved in the US under an emergency use authorisation. Pfizer, which has applied for full authorisation, has lobbied US and European regulators to approve a third booster dose.

    It comes as evidence grows that antibody protection from vaccines may wear off over time, and as some people seek their third dose on the black market.

    On Thursday, US disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci said boosters may only be needed for those whose immune systems are low.

    “We don’t feel at this particular point that apart from the immune-compromised, we don’t feel we need to give boosters right now,” the advisor to President Joe Biden told CBS.

    Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation, has called for a moratorium on booster shots until at least the end of September to allow every country to vaccinate at least ten per cent of their population.

    Israel has already provided booster shots to people over 60 who were vaccinated at least five months earlier.

    The UK, France and Germany had plans to begin distributing them starting in September.

    In Chile, which began giving booster shots on Wednesday to people vaccinated with the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, queues formed outside clinics as the elderly scrambled to increase their immunity. (BBC).”

  5. Mitchell Tsai
    Virus researcher at Harvard Medical School in 1980s
    August 3
    US CDC and White House playing “vaccination rate” game, rather than keeping people safe from Covid.

    Politics and “changing the goal post”. Useless targets.

    Opinion: The focus should have been on KEEPING CASES DOWN, not vaccination numbers.

    For each person who catches Covid, maybe 10–20% get Long Covid.
    This includes people with asymptomatic and mild cases.

    Still trying to get better numbers on Long Covid. Kids seem to get less, but experts argue about whether 1–2% or 8-12% of kids catch Long Covid.

    101,608 cases/day (Jul 30) = 10,000–20,000 more Long Covid people.
    569,100 cases/week (Jul 27 – Aug 2) = 57,000–114,000 more Long Covid people.


    Covid is not measles, mumps, or polio. Covid is a coronavirus.
    Opinion: Don’t use measles or polio strategies against a coronavirus. Bad idea.

    Vaccines only provide about 50% (30–65%) protection against “silent spreaders” (asymptomatic) of Alpha (UK data, 4/7/21). Unknown against “silent spreaders” of Delta.

    Measles and polio vaccines don’t have the problem of vaxxed “silent spreaders”.


    The “magic vaccine” strategy of the CDC and the White House, where vaccinated people are superman/superwoman and can party as much as they want…was pretty dumb.

    Bait & switch. Hopefully by telling people lies, you can get a really high 90–95% vaccination rate, and then we’re home free. Yeah. Right.

    After we get a whole bunch of Covid, the US CDC and White House do the “switch” part of “bait & switch”, and tell people they have to follow safety guidelines again.


    They didn’t want to tell people that we need safety guidelines, REGARDLESS of whether you are vaccinated or not.

    Follow more safety precautions when
    (1) There is more Covid in your area
    (2) Your local hospitals are swamped (so you get lower quality medical care).
    …not based on your vaccination status.

    Why didn’t the White House and CDC say this?
    They wanted to bribe people with the “magic vaccine” strategy.


    My opinion: I like “Strategic vaccination”.

    (1) Vaccinate age 65+, at-risk, health & front-line workers

    (2) Require vaccine (or Covid recovery) within 3-4 months for indoor dining, bars, clubs, weddings, sporting events, etc…

    (3) For everyone else, vaccines are optional

    The ideas are:
    (A) Vaccinate as many super-spreaders as possible (the 5-10% who infect 80%-90%.
    (B) Don’t waste time with the 70% who don’t infect anyone else.
    (C) Covid is not measles, mumps, or polio. Covid is a coronavirus. Vaccines probably won’t provide “herd immunity”.
    (D) Instead, vaccines are a way to lower deaths and Long Covid cases in the SHORT TERM.
    (i) The fewer cases we have, the lower chance of a “monster mutant” arriving.
    (ii) Having lots of cases is a BAD idea, BAD idea, BAD idea. That’s how we got Delta.

    With “common cold” coronaviruses, we have some challenges.

    (1) In observational studies, people could catch the exact same variant 3 times in a year, as often as twice one month apart.

    (2) In challenge studies, when trying to infect people one year after a first infection, they were able to reinfect almost everyone (don’t know whether this means 90% or 95% or 99%).

    (3) 2nd infections are not milder. Instead, mild/worse seemed to be genetic and run in families. Some people get mild infections every time. Other people get stronger infections every time.

    (4) Sera (blood from recovered people with antibodies) from one year becomes less effective each year against newer “common cold” coronavirus variants.

    Many of my positions/opinons since Jan 2020 seem very different from other people, but that’s because I’m basing my expectations on “common cold” coronaviruses.

    …not measles, polio, or flu.

    (A) How does “herd immunity” apply to a coronavirus?

    (B) What types of vaccination and behavior strategies will we need?

    (C) What are the possibilities for cures and treatments? For Covid, “Long Covid”, vaccine side effects, and “Long Vax”?

    (D) How does society need to be redesigned to handle non-medical challenges people face?

  6. @Donna MONKEY, IT make sense
    “My opinion: I like “Strategic vaccination”.

    (1) Vaccinate age 65+, at-risk, health & front-line workers

    (2) Require vaccine (or Covid recovery) within 3-4 months for indoor dining, bars, clubs, weddings, sporting events, etc…

    (3) For everyone else, vaccines are optional”

  7. Redemption and reparations
    By Ralph Jemmott

    At the University of the West Indies, (UWI) Mona Campus in Jamaica, Edward “Kamau” Brathwaite distributed a handout essay entitled Black Redemption.
    I can’t remember who had written it, but the notion of black redemption has always stuck with me. If you are white or black with little or no sense of history generally and of black history more particularly, you might honestly ask yourself: “Black redemption?
    redemption from what?”
    Growing up as a working class child in Barbados, it might be possible to be relatively unconscious of the fact of race. Until I entered Harrison College (HC) in 1953, I hardly had any contact with white people. There was only one white boy at Wesley Hall Boys’, a rather frail poor-white classmate named Watson. We teased him with the ditty “Eddy white mice, put he in de pot and cook he like rice”. It was at Harrison College that one first came into contact with white boys.
    Not only were they white but some were quite wealthy as well, compared to me. After experiencing the shock that my white classmates would not speak to me outside of the school compound, personally race was never a source of angst at HC. I had lots of friends in Eagle Hall who made boyhood a tremendous joy. Cricket, pitching marbles, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, movies at the Roxy Cinema made for a memorably enjoyable childhood.
    British history
    I studied history for each of my nine years at HC. Listening to a televised History Of Britain lecture series by Professor Sharma, I realised that I probably knew as much of British history as any English schoolboy. In a colonial polity we were taught exclusively English and British imperial history.
    The 1066 Battle of Hastings, 1215, Magna Carta, Wars of the Roses, the Tudor, Stuart and Hanoverians dynasties, the exploits of Robert Clive and Warren Hastings in India.
    I left Harrison College in 1962 with little or no sense of a black heritage.
    Being the majority people in the region, Caribbean Blacks never suffered the injured sense of being black as did our kin in the United States, particularly in the South. Regionally, there were no statutory discriminations between white and coloured water fountains and none of the lynchings depicted in Strange Fruit.
    Black orientation
    By 1954 most Caribbean states had acquired black majority rule. What Caribbean people suffered was mass poverty and deprivation and racial bullying in relation to white hegemonic economic and social control. What was common was black orientation towards Eurocentric norms and the internalisation of a sense of inferiority, the “mental slavery” from which Bob Marley has called us to emancipate ourselves.
    It is ironic, but in my experience most of the negatives I heard expressed about blackness
    and black people have come out of the mouths of other black people.
    In the Barbados in which I grew up “black and ugly” were often synonymous with and invariably used by black females.
    Happily, that sense of selfhate seems to be diminishing.
    It wasn’t just a Barbadian thing because the last occasions on which I heard the derogative remark, it was out of the mouths of two black Trinidadian females. Now it may be that I have not been in a position to ever hear white racist comment. A remark made by a white girl at HC suggests that such comments were not unheard of.
    Ultimately the black peoples of the diaspora will have to look to their own redemption.
    As Marley said, ‘None but ourselves can free ourselves.”
    Redemption rests in four main strivings. The first is the restoration of the black family, nuclear and extended. There is too much illegitimacy and dysfunction in the black family.
    We are degrading ourselves and ruining our children’s future. If we can’t love ourselves how do we expect others to love us. The second imperative is black economic power. An advertisement on a US television network notes that only six per cent of American entrepreneurships are black owned. Thirdly, we must fully cleanse ourselves of the white hegemonic conceits that make us see each other as rivals and competitors.
    Black distrust of Blacks is a curse that proves that the Southern white planter Mr Lynch may have been on to something.
    Finally education, that is, formal schooling, has been the prime agent of the socio-economic improvement of black people in the diaspora. Evidence suggests that in many countries the black working class may be turning its back on formal schooling. One black American scholar actually posed the question: Are Blacks becoming antiintellectual? These four things are the key to black redemption. The white world will not give them to us, reparations or no reparations.
    No monetary handout, “cash in hand” will save us. In today’s world,. many things are becoming transactional, Black redemption, like the Christian notion of salvation, is not one of them.
    Ralph Jemmott is a social commentator and retired educator.

    Source: Nation

  8. The Black population on the island MUST STOP SPENDING THEIR MONEY WITH MINORITY PARASITES…it’s your money, no sellout in the parliament can tell you WHERE to spend it…

    grow your food, EAT WHAT YOU GROW, as Carmeta said for DECADES, and you will be much healthier than spending your hardearned money on the inferior quality JUNK that these parasites import….then Clarke will know who and what he is testing…fraud…

  9. Came across this:

    This paragraph in particular caught my attention
    “According to Health Ministry figures, the number of serious COVID cases rose on Wednesday to 400, the highest figure since March. About 150 of these patients are not fully vaccinated”. 

    That means that 62% of this group were fully vaccinated.

  10. But would you believe it, the VACCINATED who were lording it over the unvaccinated recently bullying them to go get a jab and who are IDENTIFIED by EVERYONE as spreaders of the virus too, are crying FOUL because Caswell said EVERYONE should be tested…..🤣😍😂😎😜..these jackasses thought somehow they were special…lol..wuh look how things BACKFIRED…wuhloss, murdahhhhhhhhhhh!!

    hope they start with the yardfowls/Slaves first and test them EVERY TWO DAYS…

    “Test one, test all – by Randy Bennett August 14, 2021
    Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated workers should be tested with the same frequency.

    That is the view of General Secretary of the Unity Workers’ Union (UWU) Senator Caswell Franklyn, who has objected to the stance being taken by the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) to require unvaccinated workers in that sector to subject themselves to regular COVID-19 testing.

    The BHTA has indicated that regular testing will not be required for employees who are fully vaccinated and provide proof of approved courses of vaccines.

    In an interview with Barbados TODAY Senator Franklyn said it was well documented that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons could contract and spread COVID-19.

    He pointed to a recent COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts, USA, where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had determined that 74 per cent of the people infected had been fully vaccinated.

    “I have a serious issue with it. If you are vaccinated you can still contract and pass the virus so that means that everybody, unvaccinated or not, should be tested regularly. The article I read recently reported that 74 per cent of people who were infected with COVID were vaccinated people, so if that is not enough evidence for people that the vaccine is not working then I don’t know what is,” the outspoken trade unionist declared.

    I find that our people, without understanding what is happening or without using their common sense because they hear somebody rush off with it, they rush off with it too.”

    Franklyn said all that was required for a safe workplace environment was for the basic protocols to be followed.

    He said he saw no reason why unvaccinated persons could not receive temperature checks as is the norm for persons to enter places of business.

    “All you have to do is to make sure that their temperature is not elevated and they sanitize themselves and that is what has been happening all along. What is new about that? So why do you need me to be tested at all because if I come to work and my temperature is elevated you aren’t going to let me come in. And if you feel like taking my temperature at 12 o’ clock in the day when I go to lunch and come back it is up to you, but I don’t know why you want to have some invasive test, sticking something up people’s nose to test them for something that is not even relevant,” Franklyn questioned.

    He said there were also concerns related to the accuracy of PCR tests.

    Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), Wayne Walrond told Barbados TODAY while he understood the BHTA was under pressure, having fully vaccinated workers did not necessarily equate to a safe workplace.

    He questioned whether employers would be able to assure their employees that they would not contract COVID-19 in the workplace once they were fully vaccinated.

    “One must ask the question that if the employers are saying that a safe place of work would be if every person is vaccinated, are the employers prepared to draft up an agreement saying to workers that if their company is 100 per cent vaccinated they will accept liability if that worker contracts COVID. Is the private sector prepared to do that?” Walrond asked.

    He maintained that workers would be “under stress and a level of pressure” if they had to be tested regularly even if they did not have to pay for the tests.

    Efforts to reach General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Toni Moore proved unsuccessful. (RB)

  11. Ya should hear them whining and moaning telling Caswell he has no clue what he is talking about, but apparently they do because they have ALL THE ANSWERS, despite Israel, Seychelles and Gibraltar with their vaccinated populations telling a different tale…ya would think they would be happy enuff to get tested EVERY DAY to prove everyone else wrong…

  12. (CNN)Actress Melissa Joan Hart has revealed she’s quite sick with Covid, despite being fully vaccinated and wants to encourage others to “stay safe.”

    The “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star took to Instagram (from bed) to tell followers “it’s bad” and that she thinks she may have caught it from one of her kids.
    “I am vaccinated and I got Covid and it’s bad,” she said. “It’s weighing on my chest. It’s hard to breathe. One of my kids, I think, has it so far. I’m praying that the other ones are okay.”
    She continued: “I think as a country we got a little lazy and I’m really mad that my kids didn’t have to wear a mask at school. I’m pretty sure that’s where this came from. I just really hope my husband and the other ones don’t get it, because if someone has to be taken to the hospital, I can’t go with them.”

  13. Jesus Christ cum fuh you world

    It is thought to spread mainly from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Spread is more likely when people are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are still learning more about this virus.
    The virus that causes COVID-19 is spreading very easily and sustainably between people. Information from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic suggests that this virus is spreading more efficiently than influenza, but not as efficiently as measles, which is highly contagious.

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