Difficult Conversations – Amazing Barbadians

Jesus said that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.  He advised us to identify the type of tree by its fruit.

Our political parties invest in public relations for one purpose – to convince the public that their trees are good. Evidently, they are very convincing.

The Barbados Constitution protects one post from political interference.  That post is the Auditor General.  The Auditor General’s singular role is to examine the fruit of a political administration.  He then publishes a report every year, so that we may not be deceived by political public relations agents.


Every year, the Auditor General informs Barbadians that new cookies are missing from the cookie jar.  He describes the trail of crumbs in a manner that allows the police to easily investigate, and prosecutors to easily prosecute, those with crumbs on their fingers and around their mouths.

Every year, the public looks to our police and prosecutors to validate the Auditor General’s report.  Every year, our police and prosecutors, by their non-action, inform the public that the Auditor General should not be trusted, and his annual report is a work of bad fiction that should not be read.


When I first read an Auditor General’s report, I felt sick.  The implicit message was that the trees were rotten to the core.  However, our police and prosecutors signalled that it was all fake news – not worthy of any investigation.

The next year, the report revealed that more cookies were missing, and the trail of crumbs seemed credible.  Yet, our police and prosecutors signalled that we should move on – there was nothing to see there.

Eventually, the evidence seemed so overwhelming that the question just had to be asked.  Were our police and prosecutors cooperating with the public relations agents of the established political parties, or was it all an amazing coincidence?  Whatever the answer, something had to be done.


On 1 July 2015, I planted Solutions Barbados so that Barbadians may enjoy good fruit.  We assembled 28 candidates who offered themselves to the public as a competent alternative.  As the 2018 General Election approached, the established parties did what they do best.

Every election, both established parties claim to have seen the light, and be miraculously converted to good trees.  Men and women of the cloth pronounce them clean and good in our Churches.  Amazingly, the public believes them every time, but are later disappointed when the advertised fruit is found to be fake.


The recent Auditor General’s reports reveal that both established political parties’ public relations is an illusion – both trees are bad.  Our police and prosecutors predictably played their role of discounting the reports to perfection.  But it is the public’s general response that was amazing.

Supporters of the government claimed that the Auditor General is a D who is trying to embarrass the Government.  They claim that the police never investigating is proof that the Auditor General is lying.  They claim that politicians work hard to help us, so they deserve a little something – we should not muzzle the ox while it treads the corn – politicians will be politicians.


Barbadians only believe the Auditor General, when he is investigating the activities of their political opponents.  They do not acknowledge that the missing cookies are their children’s inheritance.  They do not make the connection that the only reason why they pay VAT, land tax, and several other taxes, is to pay to replace some of the missing cookies.

It is this public acceptance and embracement of bad fruit, and the promotion of it as some kind of Robin Hood type virtue, that convinced me that I cannot give the people what they want.


By this time, the public should have benefitted from at least: the abolition of VAT and land tax; no-interest mortgage loans from a new development bank; no taxes on non-processed whole foods; a new business in each willing household; upgraded houses to resist earthquakes and hurricanes; productive and efficient public services; PV units on each roof; and a rearranged secondary school curriculum to benefit all students.

After twice offering prosperity to the people, I retired from elective politics.  But I remained President of Solutions Barbados until our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was held last week.


At our AGM, several of our members planned to offer themselves as Solutions Barbados candidates in the next general election.  This is highly commendable.  Solutions Barbados’ independently reviewed policies, were designed to allow Barbadians to escape the pay-check to pay-check poverty to which they have grown accustomed.  However, twice Barbadians rejected their prosperity in favour of the poverty they knew.

Unexpectedly, I was unanimously re-elected as President.  Mr Kenneth Lewis was elected as Vice President.  I do not plan to be a Candidate again.  However, as the one who invited the members to join Solutions Barbados, I am duty-bound to support them.

Let it be known that I support Solutions Barbados Candidates willingly and enthusiastically, because they want Barbadians to enjoy good fruit from a good tree.  These competent and honourable persons have consistently demonstrated that their motives for serving Barbados are good.

In the next General Election, the public should have another opportunity to vote for Solutions Barbados Candidates – in every constituency.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

175 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations – Amazing Barbadians

  1. @ Donna,

    Cuba did not have the luxury to wait patiently for the world to deliver them the vaccine on a plate. They had good reason to believe that they would have been the last recipient in the queue to receive the vaccine.

    I can tell you something else as well Donna, we the negro race suffer from certain health issues such as sickle cell anaemia. Guess which nation has been carrying out research on this and other health issues? Yes, you guessed right …….Cuba!

    Whereas some of our Caribbean elite gravitate towards high paid, prestigious careers such as Doctors. You will find many Cubans who are equally interested in research and developing vaccines tailored to the demands of their local populations.

    This is where we in the Caribbean have lost our minds. We are too lazy to develop our own solutions to solve our region’s problems. We prefer instead to outsource them to foreign entities.

    @ TheOGazerts, Barbados may be broke but there are a thousand other ways in which it can renumerate Cuba.

    Finally Donna. Cuba went on record pleading for Caribbean governments to make some contribution to their vaccine development.

    • @TLSN

      Please post a link to support that Cuba requested financial assistance for its vaccine research.

  2. An independent panel of experts in Havana will now scrutinize the Abdala vaccine, and official emergency approval is expected in the next two weeks. After that, Cuba could also apply to the World Health Organization (WHO) for approval of Abdala for international use. Bolivia, Jamaica, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico have already signaled interest.

    Noted that other countries have shown interest in the vaccine
    However Barbados is not on the list


    • Cuba has a long history of being innovative with limited resources. Their resilience probably nurtured from being isolated by the West.

  3. The end result of FRAUD governments maintaining a slave society with slave master wannabe foreign and local companies…..an embarrassment.

    William….it’s never ending.

    “Government’s ‘failure’ to hold G4S Secure Solutions fully accountable during last year’s ‘back pay’ dispute is believed to have emboldened the company’s managers to continue trampling on the rights of their employees.

    This is the view of the company’s Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) delegate Ormond Mayers, who claimed that workers are being “forced” on vacation leave, having their working hours slashed, and being laid off without notice.

    Mayers revealed that during a meeting last year, numerous high-level trade union and Government officials forfeited thousands owed to longstanding employees when the company threatened to pull its operations here.

    “I believe that last year when we had the labour dispute, one of the reasons why we are not getting our back-money is because the company told the Prime Minister that if they paid the back money they would have to leave Barbados. So they used that as a ransom and now feel they can get over the law and do as they like, because the government doesn’t want them to leave,” Mayers contended”

  4. @ David
    Cuba had a leader who believed in the ability of his people. Comrade Castro was no pretty boy revolutionary talking nonsense .
    A country can only develop its creativity and resilience if it has an example of such at the top.
    All that we are seeing now from Cuba comes from the esteemed examples of leadership that defined Comrade Castro. I am not claiming perfection here but one must give credit where it is due.
    There was a period in Barbados when Sir. Grantley Adams would have inspired the working class. There was also a brief period before and after Independence when Barrow inspired many until he ran adrift trying to destroy black nationalism.
    It’s difficult to seriously determine that we have had such leaders since. Perhaps both Adams and Barrow arrived at historically opportune times.
    However you slice it , cut it or dice it, leadership that inspires is important . Castro was charismatic and could speak for five or more hours straight without looking at a piece of paper; he was loved by his people and a political power house . However his positives did not stop there. He had a deep ideological and philosophical belief in what he was doing. That separated him from all Caribbean leaders both past and present.
    Why one may suggest that the Cuban people used the isolation and other violent acts against them to harness a resilience and creativity, it was all about the person who recognized that creativity and resilience. He then led his people from being isolated and violated to heights that would have been almost impossible to imagine. That’s why they have nurses in Barbados and a vaccine.
    It’s Castro’s vision and legacy that will last forever.

  5. @ WURA
    When the Prime Minister told the workers to behave themselves because others ( overseas) were watching, I figured that the employers knew that they could get away with murder.
    Successive governments have all capitulated to the employers. The only time they want to protest is when they are “ marching” to get votes or in dispute with themselves,
    When Sandiford took away the eight percent we ( I marched too)marched up and down. No problem there. However when a foreign employer exploits workers and they protest they are told to behave themselves.
    Same thing with Barrow and Walcott. When Walcott threatened to close down the country , we will all be put on edge. And then Barrow and Walcott , will have a little chat and like magic normalcy will resume.
    The Duopoly ain’t sweet. They know how to cut our arse.
    Ah lie ?

    • @William

      Yes, leadership. Leaders have a vision for success and importantly are able to inspire others to buyin. Is Barbados there yet?

  6. @ David
    Owen Arthur had a great chance and he blew it ! Not impossible but not seeing it yet!
    There must be something that inspires. Example : Sir Grantley was seen as the Moses of the working class.
    Barrow is still seen as the builder of the Black middle class and of course taking the country to independence
    Frank Walcott had leadership qualities that endeared him to workers movement.
    He became the “ Heavy Roller”

  7. @David 3.45pm
    That’s the news I have been waiting for.
    The only chance of forcing certain other listed stocks to flee.
    For local Sagicor shareholders be prepared…dealing with these intermediary custodians like Computer Share is a pain in the butt for those without an address and ID in the ‘more developed world’

    • @NO

      The Ghanaian and Cuban nurses have to be paid, there is a government to government agreement.

  8. “When the Prime Minister told the workers to behave themselves because others ( overseas) were watching, I figured that the employers knew that they could get away with murder.”

    that can only happen when you see your people as Slaves to be sold for the lowest wages…wickedness, disrespectful to those who elected her and their ancestors and don’t want to remove the Black population from slave society and poverty status…..ain’t got no bribes in that..

    imagine that in 2021…unless the people remove themselves away from nasty, black face jailer politicians whose only ambition is to keep them in economic CAPTIVITY, that’s the way things will remain…people are appalled that this continues today…and these bitches would jump on a world stage pretending to be leaders..

    told you i never liked anyone of them…not one..

    yesterday was world Reggae Day, every country represented with a short positive video to elevate Africans everywhere and the only one to have this repulsive cave beast looking bajan white trash woman named Farmer with a video depicting Black women in a field, was Barbados…nothing positive for Black people comes from the slave island……a disgusting embarrassment..

    If the population can’t see HOW the parliament traitors are allowing them to be depicted to the world, as slaves who need slave masters….that’s their problem….this has been repeated over and over on the blog for all the years i have been here….but it continues with every corrupt criminal who enters the parliament.

  9. @Wura,

    “yesterday was world Reggae Day, every country represented with a short positive video to elevate Africans everywhere and the only one to have this repulsive cave beast looking bajan white trash woman named Farmer with a video depicting Black women in a field, was Barbados…nothing positive for Black people comes from the slave island……a disgusting embarrassment..”

    I’m a little slow. Please could you explain your above comments.

  10. People from all around the globe could register with short videos positively depicting reggae music, which all did, even Germany represented with positive videos bigging up Black women…. ALL did…..it was a One Love concert……..

    alll except this white trash cave beast bajan woman claiming she is celebrating with them, but it had nothing to do with reggae music and was a clear advertisement showing Black people as menial workers..

    that is what parliament rats allow…or she could not DARE have the goddamn gall to do that…..it was a 24 hour reggae show and no one was amused..

  11. I was watching the concert off and on throughout the day that started at 12:00am Thursday morning, and would you know it, just had to be watching when this disgusting piece of shit ran that video…as i said, what she and them cooked up had absolutely NOTHING to do with that show….

    they must be very proud of themselves, unless they can show positive upliftment of the Black population, all such entries should be BANNED from the world stage…and the people need to SPEAK OUT LOUDLY about their ongoing SUBJUGATION to white minority apartheid rule promoted by sellout governments and stop keeping it a secret in exchange for slave salaries and starvation.

    ….and even louder than the yardfowl\Saves love to attack us on the blog…or it will never end…they HAVE TO start helping themselves in that regard….no one else can help them…they have all the information they need to EXPOSE wicked governments everywhere and let the world see them for what they really are..

  12. They are only getting away with this because Black people won’t do anything about them….DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE EVIL BITCHES..both the sellouts and the minority trash…….you are suffering and starving anyway, they will continue to rob you and your children anyway, that’s what they have done for decades and will never stop until they are STOPPED…you can only WIN BY CAPSIZING THEM from sucking on Black lives…..

  13. Has not this government recruited an armada of PR galacticos to raise Barbados status across the international communities. Is this not a serious omission on the behalf of our ministry of culture?

    What are we to make of a government that could allow such a thing to occur under their watch. Is this the best way to promote “Brand Barbados”.

  14. Gotta admit it was the last place i expected to see one or any of these stinking bajan white racists…they want cutting down….for soiling something that positive for African people…..with white trash patricia..

  15. “What are we to make of a government that could allow such a thing to occur under their watch. Is this the best way to promote “Brand Barbados”

    CoE aka church of england was also a HOT IRON BRAND on Black/African people’s shoulders and backs for CENTURIES….they only changed the instrument, but continue branding the population into lives of enslavement…with dependency tourism…and the lowest salaries, wicked employers who rob workers of severnce and salaries etc, that is THEIR BRAND………….don’t expect any better from limited intellect self-promoting colonial agents for politicians/lawyers/FRAUDS…

  16. I reiterate ….no one did what patricia the “white” nobody from Barbados did…it was shocking to say the least…..

    .there were thousands and thousands of people of ALL HUES showcasing positive messages for Black people through reggae songs, seeing as Jamaica is the home for the genre and host international reggae day every year with top artistes and new ones participating, the perfect opportunity for forward movement..

    .it’s not a platform to highlight supermacy over menial paid workers……..

    ….it was insulting and very disrespectful…and will be well remembered..white bajan trash need to contain themselves if their parliament bribees won’t.

  17. The chances of me seeing that video from NO CLASS bajan white patricia because of the world-wide parade of videos in a 24 hour period was 1 in 1,000,000,000….let that sink in..

    feel the silence of Elsa…

  18. It was a 24 hour LIVE concert ….vdeos were coming in from all corners of the earth……they don’t save those…it’s spontaneous…it was a hell of a chance that i even got to see that wretch and her inappropriateness….

    you would have had to register for the live and watching throughout the day to see that 60 second video of pure shit..

    only some performances like Beres Hammond, Maxie Priest…and those top draw artistes got the time needed for long performances….it was all about reggae, don’t know where that bajan beast appeared from..

  19. This is all Slave Society Barbados and the wicked governments and corrupt insurance companies are good for, robbing workers, sinking them into poverty, even if there is a judgement they refuse to honor it…..am going to make sure the world sees this…evil thieves..


    “A group of 16 retired workers is demanding to know why a statutory corporation and a reputable insurance company are defying numerous court orders in refusing to hand over hundreds of thousands in pension payments owed to them.

    In January 2020, the High Court declared that the former Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Company (BADMC) employees were entitled to the proceeds of a statutory pension plan offered to them through Sagicor Life Inc.

    But at present, the group that includes at least one person over the age of 80 is yet to receive even an interim payment of approximately $10,000 despite an order on May 11 to deliver it before June 2nd this year. The outstanding payments totalling just over $2 million are owed to approximately 30 former workers, some of whom have already passed away and others, who did not pursue the matter in court alongside their 16 colleagues.

    Numerous efforts to reach BADMC acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Frederick Inniss at his office were unsuccessful, and when contacted on Wednesday, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sagicor Life, Paul Inniss said he could not discuss the issue without the expressed consent of the client.

    Meanwhile, Oliver Agard, a former BADMC manager and one of the claimants in the matter, declared that most concerning to him are the entities’ apparent lackadaisical attitude even after seven years of litigation.

    “We’ve had a couple of people who have passed away without benefiting from the fund, and it does not speak well for the professionalism of the entities involved. We are asking that there should be closure in this matter. It is not a joke thing. All of us here are pensioners and we need the money so we can get on with our daily lives. So this is a very urgent matter,” Agard complained.

    “We are not seeking to degrade or defame any person; it’s just that this matter has been around too long. I’ve left the entity since 1996 and it’s 2021 and we are still battling with a matter that should have been brought to a close ever since, and this is unfair. But this is the level of treatment that is meted out to those who have given their entire life to an organisation,” the retired manager added.

    Agard, who was made redundant by the company in 1996, recalled that for many of his colleagues, the job of working on a plantation required them to be on call 24 hours a day and at times included tasks that could be deemed life-threatening.

    On May 11, Madam Justice Pamela Beckles issued a consent order between the former employees and the BADMC’s acting CEO for an interim payment of approximately $10,000 to each of the claimants no later than the first week of June.”

  20. They like pimping for credit they don’t deserve..well this one …. IT’S ALL YOURS…

    yall like to wait for the elderly to die off so ya can rob them…but you will be alive with the reputation of stinking thieves to face people with…

  21. No comments??

    ….well Donna since you will not get to see the video, let me tell you what Farmer’s wicked, tasteless act was showcasing…the same plantation workers treated like slaves, robbed and abused by the minority trash like herself and the sellout government…that is what she chose to celebrate for International Reggae Day…..and thought that no one would see…and pull the criminal up for it..

    but our Divine DON’T SLEEP..

  22. The BSE while founded on good intentions, has been less than a success, unless your measure is providing an official exit mechanism for listed firms.

    • Imagine South Africa was a member of the Commonwealth headed by the queen when some of the worse atrocities against Black people were being perpetrated against Black people. Give the blogmaster a break about insurance.

  23. Cuba “rents” it’s medical professionals. And they will barter. Venezuelan oil for their Dr’s and nurses is well known. At last count Cuban teams were in 24 countries. They gladly accept $US or other international currency as well.

  24. Easy to say that when it’s not you or your family members working on stinking slave plantations and can’t get paid or get a pension…the….it is not happening to me and i don’t care because i got a good life in Barbados brigade would do well to note that Barbados is not in South Africa and this should not be happening….

    the dirty slavery and apartheid that yall love to see practiced against who look just like you…. is well documented and will be exposed

    this is Africa now…


  25. Look who is cracking that whip now…..a lot of those scumbag minority cave beasts …slave master wannabes… in Barbados and their bribetaking negro enablers in government want a thick whip cracking on their bare backsides….take time barney..

  26. Have they accounted for the 12 year old girl trafficked out of Jamaica 8 years ago and caught in a hotel as a young 20 year old DURING COVID serving dirty UK tourists in the islands sex tourism industry…how many other young girls across the Caribbean have been trafficked through the island for decades…

    .They have been enslaving and labor trafficking their own people pre and post emancipation on those despicable slave plantations., and in private homes where the lazy bitches don’t clean their houses but hire slaves at 60 dollars =$30US a week…. and in stores, restaurants, hotels and the corrupt business places….they never stopped….it’s an established slave society..

    “For the third consecutive year, Barbados has been placed on the Tier 2 list in the just-released annual Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Report by the United States Department of State.

    Even though Barbados was recognised as having investigated two new cases of human trafficking, one for suspected sex trafficking involving four foreign female suspects, and another for suspected labour trafficking involving one foreign male suspect, the report noted that once again the country failed to bring anyone to prosecution.

    According to the very detailed report, which was released on Thursday, Barbados also barely escaped being downgraded to the Tier 3 list.”

  27. I would have bet that with covid-19 that TiP declined significantly. Would have lost.

    “Message From the Acting Director
    Dear Reader:

    Kari Johnstone
    If there is one thing we have learned in the last year, it is that human trafficking does not stop during a pandemic. The concurrence of the increased number of individuals at risk, traffickers’ ability to capitalize on competing crises, and the diversion of resources to pandemic response efforts has resulted in an ideal environment for human trafficking to flourish and evolve. Yet, despite the added challenges and risks that the pandemic has presented, we have also witnessed the adaptability among those continuing to combat human trafficking and their dedication to ensuring the continuation of anti-trafficking efforts to minimize the effects of the pandemic on victims and the broader anti-trafficking community.”

  28. https://barbadostoday.bb/2021/07/03/new-farm-to-deliver-fresh-organic-produce/

    Checkers is a wonderful game. I regret not playing in competitions for I had a level of proficiency that would give many a good player some serious trouble, If I had to instruct a novice on the art of the game, I would stress two things (1) positioning and 920 the end game.

    Good positioning can allow a player with fewer men to obtain a draw or even a win; but then again, the game is all about positioning; you start with even positions and the positioning of pieces shift the game one way or the other.

    I have already hinted at the end game. A strong end game can allow hope to exist even in disadvantaged position. I have seen players walk into tricks and traps as they sought to finish the game. Their end game was weak. Some good players exaggerate how many moves they can see ahead, but a player with a strong knowledge of positioning and a good endgame can predict a win just after a few plays,

    “Alquimi Renewables and its technology group Island AgTech, together with its strategic engineering partner Sprung Structures Ltd, based in Calgary, Alberta, have finalized development of the first fully certified Category 5 hurricane resistant greenhouse and blackhouse applications.

    The greenhouse structures have been specifically engineered to secure investment in the first commercial scale protected agriculture production in regions constantly threatened by climate change and cyclonic weather events including hurricanes and typhoons. The company is focused on islands in the Caribbean and Pacific as well as affected U.S. regions. The customized growhouse systems will support all forms of hydroponic classifications, as well as soil-based farming and medical cannabis production.

    —-A good player who is watching from the sidelines can appreciate good positioning and looks forward to the endgame. I can tell you there iis nothing like the pleasure of seeing the win whilst others are figuring out the move that was just made.

    Well played, my friend.

  29. An email from a spar

    HE SAID THAT if we are planning to become a Republic, and have not started to negotiate international insurance, then our Prime Minister is being badly advised; that if the advice is to insure us through the United Nations, then we are sunk.
    Serious words from a citizen! This is a quotation from an email sent to me. I do not know why the email was sent to me. After all I am not the Ombudsman. Why does he want to get me involved with a decision that should involve the whole population of Barbados in a serious way? He goes on from there to bring up an instance where Argentina took it in its mind to seize the Falkland Islands with a population of 2 000 odd people who figured they were under the protection of Great Britain.
    Well all hell broke loose. Ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered man-o-wars, airplanes and the British army in a fight that made the poor Argentineans know their place. We witnessed it firsthand. The writer even referred to the incident.
    Now I do not see anybody waiting to seize the 280 000 souls of an acutely heavily indebted Barbados, but you never know. They discovered oil somewhere offshore and the Russians may want it. Don’t forget that we have other assets like beautiful beaches, sugar, agricultural lands and a well trained workforce accustomed to being compliant and calypso singers.
    If anyone dares to attack us, our army, cadets, police force would put up a fight, as well as some of the oldsters who were cadets, like the Wild Coot who was taught to handle the Bren. Do you not know that we have some women in Barbados equal to two or three men, who have now taken over almost everything and would put up a hell of a fight?
    Where would we be if we become only a Republic!
    Therefore, according to the writer our esteemed leader should get the expressed approval of
    the population if it wants to be in that unsecured position or if it should rely on someone like ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Those to whom we could apply for help should have weapons of mass destruction.
    New education system
    I do not believe that reference to something in a previous manifesto is good enough, especially as other things in the manifesto are yet to be fulfilled. Besides all of this, who would want to take us over when we are not even able to have a union with harmonious relations among themselves? Worse yet, whoever takes us over would have to install a new education system as the one we have, that was problematic in the first place, seems to be heading for disaster.
    Perhaps then, according to the writer, we may not have a problem fearing insurance but definitely worrying about who would want us in our present state.
    There are a few problems that we face. Just suppose that we hold a referendum now and it is not successful. How would it look? That we are telling our present “insurers” that they are not good enough, but that we have to linger on their doorstep a while longer. Thus any decision to be a Republic has to be a sure thing.
    While nothing can be guaranteed there may be no fears of invasion even though we can fight back. It has been nearly 500 years since the English came and saw the bearded fig trees and at that time neither the French, Spanish nor Portuguese saw anything worth fighting for. We have even scotched the rumour concerning Lord Nelson as a saviour and have committed his statue to the museum.
    Barbadians are a peaceful and religious people. The majority has taken the stripes and afflictions like the Israelites in Egypt of olden days. You see how many religious houses there are in Barbados, and how many prayers go up daily. Surely that should count for something by way of insurance.
    There are other countries
    whose history, especially during the two world wars, indicate that they paid a heavy price to England and regard the experience as repulsive, but we in Barbados must not be influenced by them. We need to paddle our own canoe.
    And so while I may be persuaded by the writer’s cogent argument, I cannot agree that our goodly lady is wrongly advised. Above all she may be politically correct. Only time would tell and the fate of the British monarchy.
    So far our Governor General has been doing an excellent job.
    Harry Russell is a banker.

    Source: Nation

  30. “You see how many religious houses there are in Barbados, and how many prayers go up daily.”

    and it’s been proven that right along with the cadre of theving racist minorities and gang of parliament traitors, that’s why the island is so blighted and reduced even further post emancipation into socio-economic rubble…complete with a facade of success =debt slavery.

  31. And…ah don’t think yall are going to get away with pretending that this is not part of the second economy anymore…….the PRETENSE at FALSE christainhood is over for all the frauds..


    “SOURCE: Jamaica Observer – The United States (US) State Department has expressed concern that some members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force could be involved in human trafficking.

    In its 2021 Trafficking in Person Report, released late last week, the State Department said, “Some police allegedly facilitated or participated in sex trafficking.” As it kept Jamaica in Tier 2 ranking which indicates that the Jamaican Government does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making significant efforts to do so.

    “As reported over the past five years, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Jamaica, and traffickers exploit victims from Jamaica abroad.

    “Sex trafficking of Jamaican women and children, including boys, reportedly occurs on streets and in nightclubs, bars, massage parlours, hotels, and private homes, including in resort towns,” said the US State Department.

    It noted that observers believe sex trafficking operations in Jamaica have become more clandestine as a result of the pandemic.

    “Traffickers increasingly use social media platforms and false job offers to recruit victims. Communities vulnerable to sex trafficking and forced labour include young women and children from poor households, child victims of sexual abuse, homeless LGBTQI+ youth, residents of Jamaica’s poverty-stricken areas effectively controlled by criminal ‘dons,’ migrant workers, and workers in the informal sector, particularly on family farms and in markets and shops.

    “Traffickers subject children and adults to forced begging and women and children to domestic servitude. Girls, sometimes coerced by family members, are subjected to sex trafficking by men who provide monetary or material payment to the girls or their families in exchange for sex acts; local observers report this form of child sex trafficking may be widespread in some communities,” said the report.

    It pointed out that children from rural Jamaica, and possibly from other Caribbean countries, who are sent to live with more affluent family members or acquaintances sometimes become exploited in forced labour in private households, markets, or shops.

    “Gang members may exploit children in forced begging or in forced criminal activity, including as lookouts, armed gunmen, or couriers of weapons and drugs; there were reports that criminal organisations exploited children in forced criminal activity in lotto-scamming.

    Pandemic mitigation measures exacerbated existing trafficking risks and increased the number of individuals vulnerable to trafficking, particularly among children who were not able to leave their homes or attend school for much of the year and economically vulnerable households that relied on income from international tourism.”

    The report noted that many children are reported missing in Jamaica and charged that traffickers exploit some of these children in forced labour or sex trafficking.

    “Traffickers have exploited Jamaican citizens in sex trafficking and forced labour abroad, including in other Caribbean countries, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    Jamaican women have reported being charged high recruitment fees, being misled about their terms of employment, and compelled through threats to continue working in the United States’ hospitality industry,” said the report.”

  32. A general note.

    The ugly by products of tourism are known and acknowledged in parts of Asia.

    This story about Jamaica should serve as a warning for countries with limited resources and heavily dependent on tourism.


  33. Someone is tallying costs….lawd…Miller

    “Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express.logo17°C

    Queen ordered to pay billions in slavery reparations as Jamaica rages at British Empire
    THE QUEEN has been ordered to pay out billions of pounds by Jamaica after the nation pointed to Britain’s role in administering the former slave colony.
    PUBLISHED: 00:00, Tue, Jul 6, 2021 | UPDATED: 01:07, Tue, Jul 6, 2021

    A Jamaican politician has said a petition for compensation will be “presented to the Queen”. The British monarch is officially titled Queen of Jamaica, as the nation is within the British Commonwealth. Jamaica has demanded slavery reparations from the Queen, as she is the head of state of the UK.

    Jamaican politician Olivia “Babsy” Grange said she wants to petition Her Majesty for compensation for all the nation’s citizens.

    The Caribbean country’s Culture Minister Ms Grange said: “We are especially pleased to announce that we have made further steps in our strides towards seeking reparatory justice for the victims and descendants of the transatlantic slave trade.

    “The petition is to be presented to the Queen of the UK and or the Government of the UK.”

    The politician added that Jamaica’s National Council of Reparation had fully backed the petition and it had been agreed that: “The Attorney General’s chambers would need to weigh up the merits of the petition in the eventuality of the government of Jamaica’s involvement in the petition.”

    The politician added: “It would be the responsibility of the Attorney General’s chambers to file the petition on behalf of the people of Jamaica.”

    In 2015, David Cameron visited Jamaica and faced calls to pay billions of pounds in slavery reparations.

    It was only in 2015 that the UK finally paid off the debt owed to slave-owning families who demanded compensation for the abolishment of slavery in 1833.

    This has led critics of Jamaica’s move to claim that British taxpayers have already paid their share of compensation.

    Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, historian and founder of the British Monarchists Society, speaking to the Daily Star said: “Britain has already paid its share and then some the price of freedom for Jamaica’s slaves.

    “There needs to come a day where individuals, peoples, and the nations of today need to take accountability for themselves.

    “They need to take accountability for their own actions and situations, and stop blaming centuries-old dead people and less savoury histories of the past.”

    A document from the British National Archives stated: “Portugal and Britain were the two most ‘successful’ slave-trading countries.

    “They accounted for about 70 percent of all Africans transported to the Americas.

    “Britain was the most dominant between 1640 and 1807 when the British slave trade was abolished.”

    In total, about 3.1 million people from African were transported to the British colonies in the Americas and Caribbean.

    It is estimated that only 2.7 million people survived the dangerous “middle passage” in the confines of slave ships across the ocean.”

  34. “They need to take accountability for their own actions and situations, and stop blaming…….”

    and it’s not like they ain’t got proof of what these colonial titled uppity pedigreed negros have been doing to their own people for decades….previously coerced and bullied….. but in recent times…VOLUNTARILY…..lawd…..ah keep telling them, they OWE THE BLACK/AFRICAN SURVIVORS in the Caribbean REPARATIONS TOO….😂🤣😍

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