2020 Auditor General Report – Time to Fire Senior Public Servants

Note that your ace investigator has ever been known to tread carefully, but, a large part of the AudG [Auditor General Report] lack of audits stems from many years from 2008 on, when several of these public bodies never filed a single annual report. The backlog was huge, and some like the Urban Development Corporation has apparently decided “forget them”, and have gone ahead with ’18-20, even though 07-17 remain outstanding. The solution is you fire the senior employees who had responsibility for such reports, withhold pensions for cause, and let them counter sue for wrongful dismissal and explain to a court, not some two bit enquiry, WHY the reports were not filed. But dat cant happen here in dis country, Dat is some stinkin’ colonial construct called accountability.

BU Commenter NorthernObserver

A new Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government same shitty comments written by the Auditor General Report. In 2018 the Public Finance Management Act was passed to attempt to hold state agencies accountable for up-to-date financial statements. Joke, the government of Barbados have been ignored by the majority of state agencies if the recent Auditor General Report is read. What is the purpose of enacting legislation that is useless to adding value to a process?

The blogmaster took the opportunity to reread the 2018 BLP Manifesto and Covenant of Hope documents in  which all manner of grandiose promises are to be found about improving the public service. Three years later if we are to measure the success of public sector reform by the financial indiscipline and malfeasance reflected in the Auditor General’s recent report, another F is easily scored.

Time to fire seniors public servants who head these agencies for non performance. Let us start with the Director of the NIS.

2020 Auditor General Report


  • William Skinner

    @ WURA
    We must continue to ignore the pretenders: It’s their favorite pass time; de pot calling de kettle black. As soon as you don’t allow them to put you in a D or B box , they get angry. Let them boil in their own stew.
    Nothing more than old kite tails twisting in the wind on an electric pole wire.
    A pathetic bunch of Duopoly apologists and defenders. Always trying to drag people into their parties’ BS.


  • A bunch of Slaves trapped in their slave society….and that’s right where they will remain….caged in their slave society zoo…..that’s now exposed everywhere, they are the talk of both east and west.

    they were warned for years on end…let them tek dah..


  • Catch you in 202x or 203x. I guess we will have a lot more reports to discuss then.

    It’s like groundhog day or Christmas, comes every year.


  • when i smell money i fly to it , just the same as a fly . we can barely expect nobility from our fellow man . the proof of the pudding is in the tasting ( by their works we shall know them ) ( often too late ) . regretfully .


  • @NO

    Your suggestion made in jest or not is taking root. The PS is responsible for budget managing and resource allocation in the department, it is not fair to give them a pass.


  • “Mia as minster of finance have a duty as to how taxpayers money is spent
    Furthermore she once told Barbados that big works come through her
    Indeed this matter was a big work and the final decision on the 124 million would have to been given her stamp of approval”

    The Minister does a good job of covering for his boss, but ac cleverly peals off that layer of protection by using Mia’s own ‘big works’ statement.

    Sutherland advanced down the pitch and was yorked by ac.

    Splendid bowling. You go girl.


  • Not an economist or accountant, just a man with a good nose for scams..

    Some companies declare bankruptcy and then resurface under a new name.
    Is going republic a country’s way of playing this game.
    Will past auditor general reports become irrelevant as some entities are given new names
    Little island, big Republic


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  • “Is going republic a country’s way of playing this game.”

    you got it, same crooked, thieving families and their hangerson and their corrupt minority friends believe the billions of dollars generated on the island is theirs and they could do as they like with it…it will be the same old IF THE PEOPLE DON’T ACT and get rid of them..

    going republic will be a new way TO TIEF..

    openly LYING about her involvement as minister of finance in writing off the MONEY STOLEN from the treasury in the 4 Season scam, as the lawyer for that scam, should see her REMOVED from office in 2023…

    what a GANG OF THIEVES..


  • Ex-GM tells PAC about problems
    Former general manager of the Transport Board, Sandra Forde, had very few answers yesterday when she appeared before the Public Accounts Committee, which continued its investigations into red flags raised in the 2018 Auditor General’s report about the management of the state-owned entity.
    Forde argued that many of the challenges which the organisation faced were largely due to a lack of funding from central Government as well as a complement of buses that were well past their prime.
    “Every year we would have submitted a supplementary requesting funds to cover our operations for the financial year and you find that sometimes what we found to be a realistic amount to assist us with the operations for the financial year, the Ministry of Finance did not agree. It was always a fixed figure that we would receive . . . . Funding was our main problem as there were some factors which we could not control such as diesel costs, which kept fluctuating more on the higher side than the lower side and of course wages and salaries and repairs and maintenance,” Forde testified.
    However, when confronted by chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Joseph Atherley, regarding allegations of poor adherence to financial accountability protocol made by financial controller Felicia Sue, Forde denied that any such issues were drawn to her attention. Sue testified last year that she believes that certain aspects of her portfolio were taken away because of her thoroughness in pointing out financial inconsistencies. Sue also testified that she was also concerned that not enough persons were trained on how to use the Magneto management system. She revealed that she sent memos to this effect to management, warning that this could create loopholes in the system.
    Potential conflicts
    However, Forde denied being informed of Sue’s concerns, explaining that the financial controller was only relieved of some aspects of her portfolio due to potential conflicts.
    “To my knowledge, the financial controller never
    wrote to me nor informed me about her concerns as far as it pertains to Magneto system. When I went to the Transport Board, the financial controller Felicia Sue was responsible for Statistics Department, she was responsible for Finance Department, she was also responsible for the Stores Department. To my mind, being the financial controller and responsible for Statistics and Revenue Department, there should have been a separation of duties. I did not think for audit purposes she should have been in charge of revenue and statistics,” she explained.
    The Auditor General’s report, which triggered a PAC investigation in November 2019 said that the Transport Board was charged twice by Trans Tech Inc. for the same work done on the same bus, on four occasions.
    The eight invoices totalled $257 149.08, which was $128 574.54 more than was due. According to the report, the only differences were the invoice numbers on the eight invoices submitted by the supplier.
    The report also raised questions about the frequency with which the transmissions, mainly supplied by Trans Tech, were being replaced in the buses, bringing into focus questions of quality assurance. It was charged that on 178 buses there were 601 transmission installations during the period in question. In one case, a single bus received five transmission installations in 19 months while another had four in five months even though the transmissions were guaranteed to last two years.
    When asks to shed light on any of these issues, Forde said she could not speak to them as she was not aware of the facts surrounding them.
    When pressed further as to why the Transport Board opted to spend two million dollars more on transmissions from a local supplier when they could have sourced them for $800 000 overseas, Forde replied that this is likely due to logistics.
    “I can’t speak to you about that as a person who is not mechanically knowledgeable, but if we have 150 buses that are workable and we are ordering the transmissions in tranches of ten, it takes a while for the transmissions to get to
    Barbados from the US. So I believe that if you need to put a bus on the road immediately then logically you will have to use a local supplier. Secondly, we have to wait until the transmission is fitted into the bus so that we can get the old one out to get the rebate. So, to me, if you need to get buses on the road, you would need to use the local supplier,” she explained. (CLM)



  • The following is an extract from a 2007 dissertation by a South African on the AG service there. This comment is directed at those who are of the blinded view public servants should be exempted from being held accountable.

    In relation to late submission of financial statements, heavy penalties should be set on departments which submit late. Officials who are responsible for such misconduct should be reported directly to the Accounting Officers and face disciplinary measures. This should also be acknowledged on their appraisals at the end of the year. Encouraging personal responsibility on government officials will therefore be an effective measure to ensuring accountability.

    Click to access 49241517.pdf


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