Four Seasons Project – Story of Failure

The most recent Auditor General Report – see 2020 Auditor General Report – Time to Fire Senior Public Servants – continues to generate the usual concerns engaged annually by the general public. Although it must be said there is more impatience being exercised this time around if the blogmaster has tested the temperature of debate correctly. Is it because of the unprecedented mandate given to the Mottley led government in 2018? The promises made during the last general election platform certified by hints of documents secreted in the Red Bag that officials known to have engaged in criminal acts and flouting of government’s financial rules will be held accountable? members of the public rightly (or wrongly) have set high expectation that Mottley will turn the table and tackle malfeasance in the public sector once and for all. Knowing that it takes two hands to clap one can reasonably expect private sector players will be in the frame as well were she to lead Project Corruption Clean Up.

Three years later and it is business as usual on the rock with Minister in the ministry of finance Ryan Straughn still promising that the government is probing malfeasance highlighted by the Auditor General’s recent report.

Two issues caught the attention of the blogmaster yesterday (7 Jun 2021). Minister Straughn admitted the Clearwater Bay Limited (Four Seasons) file has not been digitized and therefore he would have to review said file to be able to respond to a question about the total of the project-to-date lending by government. The other is the alleged $124 million reportedly written off by government.

BU commenter Artax offered the following comment on another blog to explain the $124 million.

Therefore, the people of Barbados have a right to know where the money has gone? And why was this investment valued at $124 million written off.

Verla De Peiza – Leader of the Democratic Labour Party

It’s either Verla De Peiza has conveniently lost her memory or opposing just for the sake of opposing.

Paradise Beach Ltd. secured an 18 month, US$60M (BD$120,000,000) loan from ANSA Merchant Bank, at an interest rate of 6.75%, for the purpose of ‘restarting’ construction of Four Seasons Resort.

The former DLP administration agreed to guarantee the loan in return for a 20% stake in the project.

Paradise Beach Ltd. defaulted on the loan and ‘government,’ as guarantor, had to repay the outstanding amount and interest in the amount of $124,329,766.

Verla was a GOVERNMENT SENATOR when the ARRANGEMENTS were made between the former DLP administration, Paradise Beach Ltd. and ANSA Merchant Bank.

Why is Verla De Peiza saying “the people of Barbados have a right to know where the money has gone,” when, according to Chapter 2, pages 25-26 of the 2016 Auditor General’s report:

This amount ($124,329,766) was subsequently brought to book in the accounts of the Treasury as an account receivable. There has been no movement on this receivable account for the past four (4) years.” [2.49]

There is NO information available on whether there might be a need to write down this receivable or WHEN or HOW THIS AMOUNT will be REPAID. [2.49]

2020 Auditor General Report

Did the former administration use tax payers’ money to guarantee a loan for Paradise Beach Ltd., without negotiating the necessary arrangements to recover the funds, if the company reneged on its commitment to repay?

From whom or what company would the former or current administration recover the outstanding debt, especially if Paradise Beach Ltd. is defunct?

How can one deem $124,329,766 to be ‘missing,’ when the amount has remained on the ‘books’ and uncollected for ‘several years’………. and ‘yuh doan know who to collect it from?’

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  1. People are thinking of their future generations and not a bunch of useless has-beens determined to foist their adopted dead ideals and go nowhere philosophies on new age people who are modern thinkers..

  2. @David 5.46
    Performed to a rendition of Here we go round the mulberry bush. This is the way we (insert phrase here)
    Layer upon layer? The system “should” work, but alas ………,
    Pop goes the (———-)
    I suspect another blogger may prefer Dickens.

  3. @ac
    Who will guard the guards is spot on.
    The checks and balances are not checking and balancing.

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  5. Those oppressive, thieving hoteliers and restaurateurs in Barbados need to sit their asses down, they HAVE NO LEGAL STANDING to force low paid workers who can’t even get their severance to take any experimental drug to please a bunch of diseased ass tourists spreading their flaky Covid around the island…

    THIEVES and FRAUDS in collusion with a wicked government

    the population must take a stand and REMOVE THEMSELVES from the tourism slave, prostitution, pedophilia and drug industry…..and sue the hell out of the corrupt government if they try to force anyone to take a “vaccine” that FDA may NEVER APPROVE…

    they are acting like they haven’t STOLEN more than they are entitled to from the same hotel workers.

    the auditor general is calling for legislation to hold the thieves in the parliament, and public service accountable, the criminals need shutting down…yall will be SHOCKED to hear what they have really done to the PEOPLE’S MONEY and all of them and their CRIMINAL families with their fraud selves believe the money IS THEIRS and not the people’s…..

    still can’t get the press conference TELLING THE PEOPLE where all their millions and billions of dollars DISAPPEARED….at least yall don’t have to look too far…to lock them up, but thieves will not lock up themselves.

  6. Their fraud is so deep they can’t even wade out of it and it will effectively TAKE THEM ALL DOWN..

    it’ reaping season.

  7. Peter Odle needs to STOP INTIMIDATING, THREATENING and LYING to his staff at Mango Bay with vaccine coercion….and know that everyone knows he is one of the LEAST honest persons on the island…

    they are the ones put themselves on the amber level when they allowed Covid diseased tourists to run wild on the island for a whole year…

    this is the time for the population to grow their own food, shut these stinking thieves down once and for all, their problem is they STOLE TOO MUCH OF THE PEOPLE’S MONEY and now in trouble and think passing the blame on to workers will be accepted……that’s why they are running around trying to intimidate workers….FIGHT BACK…

    grow your own food, start your own businesses, TRADE BETWEEN YOURSELVES…let the government and their crooked hoteliers GO TO HELL..shut them down…they made their corrupt beds and have their corrupt pact, let them lay in it.

  8. Milluh
    Here we go with the deflecting, as usual. You can’t comment on the LVMF because you don’t know anything, just like you struggled with carbon off-set, Lascurain etc. You soon run out of rope and are heading for a very Salemesque ending. Tek it light.

  9. Bridgetown needs a power wash and some public toilets.

    Clean up de nasty stinkin place. Just the basics.

    soap an WATER mek to clean.

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  10. @ Enuff June 12, 2021 7:18 AM
    Here we go with the deflecting, as usual. You can’t comment on the LVMF because you don’t know anything, just like you struggled with carbon off-set, Lascurain etc. You soon run out of rope and are heading for a very Salemesque ending. Tek it light. ”

    What the RH is “Lascurian” except for A Mexican called Pedro?

    How the heck can Barbados be involved in the carbon offset/trading market when it is neither a major producer of carbon or has carbon-absorbing assets like forest to sell as credits?

    People are not even interested in buying Bajan junk bonds far less credits from an imaginary oil producing market player.

    You are beginning to song like a braying jackass ridden by a red yard-fowl in a derby for political fools.

    You ought to stop making threats to people on BU who have exposed you for what you are for the “Milluh” is NO Lascuráin.

    The miller depends neither on you, your ilk or any Bajan politician for his survival.
    Unlike you the bare-neck political yard bird, the miller’s son has many, many options and is ‘setting’ well in a nest full of eggs for the rest of his life.

    So piss off with you and your petty yard-fowl threats.

  11. 🤣😂don’t know what the supporters of corruption can threaten anyone with when they got SOMETHING MUCH BIGGER COMING AT THEM…..

    tiktok says the clock.

  12. Miller…look at what the fowl Slave should be concerned with, racist hotels can water grass and Black people can’t get water to drink…..and they can’t get a press conference about it either, just like the population can’t get a press conference about their STOLEN BILLIONS…..but nah, it’s worrying about those who have no such worries…lol

    “Residents of Boscobelle, St Peter, are appealing to Prime Minister Mia Mottley to pay them a visit so that they can tell her how frustrated they are about the ongoing water woes they have been experiencing.

    The frustrated residents said for too many years they have been experiencing significant water outages, which they believe seem to be getting worse.”

  13. “Before COVID come in we aint getting no water and it is disgusting. You think them could go in the heights and the terraces and do these things. They will tell the people in the heights and the terraces when the water going off and when it coming on,” the elderly woman said.”

    no they can’t go into any heights and terraces and do that cause then they would be HEARING FROM ME ALL DAY LONG, EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR,…for as long as they live…

  14. Tell the minister of the environment to tek a walk from the top of Hastings all the way down into Bridgetown

  15. Angela Cox jow long it took those NCC workers to be paid under your dems years?You could really shut your mouth you have no credibility to ask anything.Why you don, t go help the political nightwatchman fight off the pending challenge of Rev Hewitt? It looks like she will not be leader come election time.She already has her hands full apparently without the help of ex Minister Mr Kellman in trying to win a seat for the first time in St Lucy and now this.What a thing !.Therefore instead of spreading proganda as a so called shite investigatve reporter go through your weight behind Ms Depeiza as she needs all the help she can get in my view.

  16. Let me rephrase my query
    When will the Hilton workers be paid
    Lisa Cummins promised them that of last year Dec. They all would be paid
    This is June and not one dime
    Yet govt can offer tourist immediate compensation
    Write off business taxes and loans and give the big belly cruise industry waivers on berthing
    Now one jac. clown attacks my question

  17. Miller….tell the corruption supporting yardfowl that THEIR Salemesque…IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER….

  18. Mia said too whom much is given much is requested
    How in good God’s earth can she listen to the cries of these workers and does nothing
    A year later these workers are begging for the employers to pay their severance
    Lisa steps in and makes an empty promise
    Almost a year later the promise remains unkept
    Meanwhile govt speaks on issues under the banner of humantarian to help outsiders
    Whilst citizens at home plea and beg govt for help to get their severance

    “Have the Hilton workers been paid there severance
    Asking fuh a friend”
    The D’s did it too.
    “Angela Cox jow long it took those NCC workers to be paid under your dems years?”

    We have problems
    Response statement
    Other countries have problems too.

  20. “What the RH is “Lascurian” except for A Mexican called Pedro?”

    Hector Ceballos-LASCURAIN. Further proof that your contributions are just trite, verbosed remarks with little to no foundation. Stick to being Abigail the Salemite tag team partner. You can’t win with me.🤣🤣

  21. @ Enuff June 12, 2021 10:20 PM

    It seems your brain has been fatally damaged since being humiliated first by the losing case of the ‘two-deputy’ CoPs and then the bitch-slapping received from your Queen Bee in matters tourism.

    We are really shock to see that you have the bitterly embarrassing gall to ‘reference’ such a environmentally-conscious person as HC-L.

    It is really amazing how-after your measly contributions on tourism so far with your ‘small island, Bigly foolish ideas’ mentality- you can be so stupid as to pretend to be a fan of eco-tourism but still defend with your ‘red all might’ the erection of a 1970’s Miami style high-rise Hyatt hotel in the heart of a World heritage site and located on a possible turtle nesting beach?

    How can such a massive concrete erection have a positive impact on the natural environment or bring net socio-economic benefits to the local urban community?

    What does that the flaccidly project have about it to qualify as any eco-tourism investment even in a virtual reality world?

    Since you like to drop names why don’t you ask the same H C-L his views on such a high-rise project of sheer contradiction which will never rise to the occasion in a Covid-conscious environment?

    You are nothing but a joker willing to jump on any bandwagon painted red and marked for fools only in defence of stupidity.

  22. Milluh
    Hush, hush you have already been dismissed. From the time I mentioned Lascurain months ago on BU, when you were masquerading as an ecotourism expert, you would have known of whom I referred to. Now having had to spell it out for you, Google saved you. I, however, can lend you my book. Go sit yo ass down. You can’t win with me.

  23. The truth is – no one is winning. This is like sitting in the backseat of a speeding vehicle without a sober driver and praying it runs out of gas before it reaches the end of the cliffs. The past two weeks can only be described as a PR nightmare. We are hoping that supporters quickly learn the difference between gold and fool’s gold.
    Back. Never ran; never will

  24. Gazzerts what lind of jackass are you or you trying and failing to be funny? For any sane person to equate the worst government in tje history of barbados from the top down to this current government who had started to revive the country has to be crazy.Taking up a government with 24 downgrades to junk bond status with garbage piling up and shit running freely on the south coast to bring it back from the cliff edge and then having to face up to covid which has wrecked many powerful countries far less little Barbados.Ms Mottley and her team plus health officials did a good job in minimizing the damage done.You really believe ex PM Mr Stuart or his group could have done as well? I doubt it becsuse by the time they realised and admitted we had a problem we would have been in ducks guts.Thank god for Ms Mottley and her team.THERE IS ABSOLOUTELY NO COMPARISION BETWEEN THE LAST GOVERNMENT AND THIS ONE NONE.

  25. Can you tell me where I made a comparison between the two?
    I call it as I see it on various issues.
    Have a great evening.

  26. Both governments allowed BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BE STOLEN FROM THE TAXPAYERS AND PENSIONERS….both are corrupt and ALLOWED CORRUPTION TO SOAR……..both LIED TO the people….both allowed the water situation to get worse and worse….none is different to the other, both are FRAUDS…

  27. (Quote):

    Never be so dogmatic when it comes to parading in the fowl pen!

    Does that statement also exclude the ‘critical’ role Mark Mal(m)oney has been playing under both Administrations?

    Now tell the BU readers what is the difference between the DLP Mal(m)oney and the BLP adopted version except the size of the ‘quo Vadis’ Hyatt erection which has now been put back into a box of flaccid ‘dickies’ hiding a false front of another scam.

  28. “How can such a massive concrete erection have a positive impact on the natural environment or bring net socio-economic benefits to the local urban community?”

    The more Milluh speaks, the more he exposes his ignorance. I implore him to do some reading about embedding circular economy, greening and whole life-cycle carbon principles in building design for example. Then follow up on how heating/cooling, energy, water efficiency, flood risk management and surface water management are also addressed to deliver resilient, sustainable buildings. As for the net socio-economic benefits, I am not even going to start. Just google planning obligations/gains. Verbosity and idiocy are not mutually exclusive.🤣🤣

  29. @ Enuff June 18, 2021 7:24 PM

    It’s truly amazing how a jackass can so quickly inveigle his way through a maze of verbosity to land so perfectly on the g-spot of the tripe containing the naked truth.

    We were just waiting for you to raise your two-faced head above the parapet to chop it off.

    So where is the 15 storey concrete erection to display those grandiose sounding eco-tourism type principles?

    Where on Bay Street can anyone see the ‘green’ shoots of such a project?

    Even in the scarring of the built-environment through the demolition of the Queen’s appointed NIS building the Fairchild Street market has risen, like a phoenix, to the occasion although conceived under the previous administration.

    Based on what was promised since 2014 even Priapus in the shape of the Maloney garden gnome would have lost his Midas touch before your eco-tourism hotel project gets off the ground.

    What is your now compromised ‘red’ administration doing to make that promised 15 storey erection an eco-tourism reality in the heart of a World Heritage Site?

    Here is what the previous administration promised to the Bajan electorate to keep them satisfied since 2014:
    “….the world renowned brand of the Hyatt Hotel is expected to be constructed at a cost of approximately US$70.0 million starting in August this year….”

    PS: Mr. Enuff, the red king of the fowl pen, sorry for ‘speaking’ over your head.

  30. @ Enuff

    It seems it’s ‘different strokes for different folks’ or ‘who the dog likes, he licks and who he dislikes, he bites.’

    Whenever I chose to respond to Coxy’s political diatribe, I’m called a ‘cyber bully’ and ‘cyber stalker’ who is need of psychiatric help. Even the ‘2×3 buffoon’ ‘said’ I was “dishonest and more petty than those I cyber stalked,” but, ‘that’s a different story’ because he ended up with ‘egg on his face.’

    Miller trolls you all over BU and RESPONDS to every contribution you post……. and, the crowd remains SILENT.

    The ‘brilliant comrade’ used every opportunity he created or afforded him to attack me. No problem. But, for me to reciprocate means I have a vendetta.

    Barbados Underground at its best.

  31. Whenever I chose to respond to Coxy’s political diatribe, I’m called a ‘cyber bully’ and ‘cyber stalker’ who is need of psychiatric help. Even the ‘2×3 buffoon’ ‘said’ I was “dishonest and more petty than those I cyber stalked,” but, ‘that’s a different story’ because he ended up with ‘egg on his face.’






    And, this comes from the ‘2×3 BUFFOON’……… the same ‘2×3 BUFFOON’ who BRAGGED about KNOWINGLY PURCHASING an ILLEGAL ITEM from a police officer and GIVING it to his lawyer?

    If he “GROWN UP and HAD A PAIR OF BALLS” he would TOLD the policeman, “NO…… wuh you selling, I en buying,” and reported the matter to the Police Complaints Authority.

    But, the LITTLE ‘SISSY’ she IS…….. SHE BOUGHT IT….. out of FEAR……. and GAVE it to HER lawyer.

    But, here’s the difference “the Deacon’s block boys” aren’t ‘SISSIES,’………. they BEHAVE like MEN……. not WIMPS.

  33. Milluh
    Stop it, stop it! You don’t know what you are talking about! Everytime I show up your ignorance, your responses only serve to accelerate your self-induced burial. You are confused, uninformed and arrogant to boot. And I love to wind you up.🤣🤣🤣

  34. Artax
    Don’t be disheartened. I am not at all bothered by Milluh’s “stalking”, he is determined to discredit me. As for William Skinner, the less said the better. You note how they repeatedly label me a liar but consort with Abigail de Salemite? But I am.just waiting on the right time. Let them gather.

  35. @ Enuff
    I don’t recall calling you a liar , I said you were in accurate in saying that I “scoffed” at PLT’s Welcome Stamp and then embraced it Your twin brother @Lorenzo is apparently, like others, believe I should be monitoring what @ac writes. I am not the police of BU. I write for me only. Like I have had to remind somebody, parading on BU as the final word on everything, nobody prescribes or proscribes what I write.
    If you were to read with both your eyes, you would see that less than ten minutes ago I responded to @ac. In other words, I don’t seek “blog friends” They usually end up violently cussing one another anyway.
    I am appalled that some people believe they have some power of dominion on BU by asking people to be banned and actually having the effrontery to tell others whom they should and should not support. I have been called ; RH, JA, Liar, hypocrite, anti-Barbadian, undercover Dem etc. I just laugh it off or occasionally come, with what other thin skinned people, who can give but certainly cannot take, “snide remarks”.
    I know for a fact that one regular contributor, who exposed their identity to a person known to me, went about saying that I get on the blog and put down Barbados. They were told that they really don’t know Skinner. He or she stopped that nonsense and has apparently moved me out of the ” hate Barbados group”..
    So you see, if you have something keeping for me , you have joined at least a few thousand. My brother all I have keeping for you is the best of wishes and continued good fortune with your obviously high flying career. The irony here is that this morning, I wrote on BU that I would have personally welcomed you into the NDP. Oh well….no love lost.
    We are all in this together. Malice is not a part of my make up.
    A very good weekend to you and yours, Comrade.

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