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De Peiza versus Hewitt – (D)LP for Democratic

Guy Hewitt and Verla De peiza

The annual conference of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is scheduled to be held from 18th to 22nd of August 2021. Although political parties are technically private clubs, parochial decisions taken have national ramifications. In this instance the establishment and incumbent President of the DLP Verla De peiza will be challenged by newcomer Reverend Guy Hewitt IF all things remain

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Looks Like the DLP Playing the Long Game

The blogmaster read Nation newspaper Barry Alleyne’s report De Peiza sticking with the process and was finally convinced the raison d’être the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) continues to go about a methodical candidate selection process. The system of governance and politics practised in Barbados makes it the business if ALL Barbadians to want a strong political Opposition. Say what we

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DLP Ready or Not …

“On November 11, 2020, Moore received 3154 votes in the by-election. Floyd Reifer of the Democratic Labour Party was the nearest challenger with 1 327.Grenville Phillips of Solutions Barbados earned 95, David Walrond of the opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development got 80, Ambrose Grosvenor of the United Progressive Party 70 and the Bajan Free Party’s Alex Mitchell received

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DLP Hopes to Win by Default

In the last thirty six hours the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) had reason to retract a declaration of some candidates to contest the next general election. With the election constitutionally due by 2023 political pundits have suggested the DLP should have completed the task by now. We understand President Verla De Peiza’s explanation that the selection of candidates is involved

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Freundel Stuart to SPEAK!

Former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is being promoted as the guest speaker at the St. James South branch meeting scheduled for May 19, 2019. The first reaction from the blogmaster to the news is that after one year the giant appears to have been coaxed from his slumber by the Goddess of Isis. The topic of his speech has not

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