I Love You Barbados

It is about two weeks since Barbadians were forced to take cover from the La Soufriere volcano ash fall located in St. Vincent. Many of us were not around to witness a similar event in 1902, however, many recall vividly or vaguely depending on ones age 1979. As the 2021 hurricane season approaches, Barbadians through the years have been spared serious fallout from ‘Acts of God’ and an understandable complacent attitude has taken root. The seriousness of the ongoing La Soufriere event may help to change the attitude.

This morning the blogmaster threw open a window and smiled at the sight of a less grey environs. In fact there was a gratifying sense that the effect of the ash fall had become less of an issue as Barbadians – despite the prevailing economic and COVID 19 related challenges – are getting on with the business of managing respective households the best way they know how.

This morning like many mornings gone the blogmaster scanned the international and regional newsfeeds and smiled a wry smile at the involuntary sigh of satisfaction – the blogmaster would not trade places with any other soul living elsewhere at this moment.


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  1. Icebergs of the Mind
    There is a lot of shit unseen below the surface
    Conscious · Preconscious · Unconscious
    Super Ego · Ego · ID
    Finding ones alter ego requires finding one’s other self with a different personality
    Jack Bowman · John Knox’s alter ego has come back again · David will delete him again and again and again

  2. 555dubstreet

    Today I had the pleasure of asking a Nigerian female what makes her African? And what commonalities has she with a Ugandan female? Now as to the first question: she said to me that in view of Africa’s diversity, ” the only thing that makes her African is that fact that she was born on the African continent, and she even made mentioned of the fact that even in her own area, they are a lot of cultural and linguistic diversity.”
    Now as to the second question: she says to me nothing links her with the Ugandan female in terms of cultural methodologies and linguistics or in other: they have little in common.

  3. 555dubstreet

    I remember quite vividly when I was dating this Ugandan female in the younger years, her aunt made mentioned of the fact that Ghanaian people were a clannish lot. And a Ghanaian friend of mine made mentioned of the fact that Eastern Africans had large foreheads.

  4. Dompey

    Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania also have diversity in their culture and language same as Africa.

    As already mentioned if you cannot get your head around Africa then you can ignore the subject.

    Asia is bigger than Africa in size and people and continents and cultures influence others.

  5. Now that we are on the topic of African linguistics, it would be of interest to ascertain as to whether or not anyone has done any studies on the linguistic variation of the people of difference parishes of Barbados?

  6. 555dubstreet

    No Sir …. there is no continent on earth that is as diversity as the African continent. Take the lone East African country of Ethiopia which has 86 different ethnic groups.

    And I will challenge you to name any place on earth that speaks 3,000 different languages.

  7. Jack Bowman · John Knox’s alter ego has come back again · David will delete him again and again and again.(555dubstreet April 26 9:05 pm)

    Again and again I read comments attacking and shamefully abusing other people for their comments.

    Recently in another post the blogmaster advice was basically to ignore comments that you personally find offensive.

    Member of the BU family have no problem bickering and berating. one another. But if someone makes a joke you, 555dibstreet show your sensitivity, disgust and offense.

    What it shows is that some BU family can dish it out but can’t handle it due fragile egos.

    555dubstreet, you must have the blogmaster’s private cell number as well?
    Do you live in Deacons? Lol. No? Okay.

    You want to “cancel” someone for making a joke about you. You and your BU family can joke (dirty jokes & innuendos) but no one else can?

    I shared my joke and for that you suggest I am “cancelled” and accuse me of being someone that I am not.

    So I’m to be cancelled because you think I should? You are not the boss.

    I’m not Jack Bowman/John Knox. I have no idea who that person/persona is.
    Whom every Jack is, he has gotten deep under your skin. Did he make a joke about you and got “cancelled”?

    I’m giggling at you because David’s post is about beautiful Barbados, and the three of you one after the next are discussing every random topic under the sun including Africa.

    Every time I read these random comments I giggle. It’s funny. It’s very, very funny and silly.

    My suggestion is to have an “African blog” on Saturdays. Let Saturdays be the day for African discussions.

    It seem to be a habit of BU family just posting random things/crap just for attention instead of making a thoughtful or meaningless comment on the topic of the post. My joke was about a “random”discussion.

    555dubstreet, my apology for offending you and your two friends.


  8. This is insane.

    It’s what happens when Governments fail.

    Still think it is the water and the inability of Governments to supply it without the virus.

    Whoever made the virus sure designed it to bypass most water treatment systems in the world.

    The problem is the worse it gets the less chance the Governments of the world will accept it is in the water they supply.


  9. Whisper

    Yes the post was about Barbados but it led to more interesting topic about Africa big deal, so it is up to you to add to it or leave it alone because nothing is written in stone as far as these social media blogs are concerned.

  10. Cosmox…the government has this information but is keeping it from the people……you have enemies in the parliament….i have the previous info regardng the meeting will search for it, but you can connect directly to Ghana, through ADDI.org, they have an office in Ghana and they don’t deal with corrupt governments nor do they take bribes…….you do not have to go through sellout governments who are intent to keep the African population in BONDAGE to benefit themselves and their minority trash…i will tell you why you have to be careful with the black colonial government…..republic status won’t mean a thing when they are hellbent on keeping the slave society system intact, they don’t know how to begin to create a new society that does not stink of the enslaved, bondage element…

    when they were elected in 2018, immediately after they RUSHED into Morocco, arab slave traders, who have a SPECIAL hatred for African people……..out of ALL THE 54 countries in Africa.they chose Morocco..our DEADLY ancestral enemies, talking about they signed agreement, i made the comment then, it is archived, why did they choose A SLAVE COUNTRY…to do business with…what tips were they getting on keeping a slave society in Barbados intact, because that is what Morocco is, even if Bajans don’t know it…

    you have DEADLY ENEMIES to Black people in the parliament, with their evil, sellout niga, stink niga syndrome….who would keep your grandchildren great grandchildren and future generations in ETERNAL BONDANGE…….it’s time the Black population get away from these evil foes……remember who they said on tv … they “like” Pope Fraud, the SYMBOL of Black enslavement…

    “the ICAR in St. John that is also working in the field of agriculture who wish to connect to Africa and Afro Barbadians that want to return home.”

    Adonijah had gone to Ghana with Mia to bury whatever it was she disrespectfully dragged down to the Continent without THE SURVIVOR’S PERMISSION….along with the Barbados flag, it did not turn out well because, although warned by me on this same blog, he found out later he had been used and pitched a fit, so he already has some inroads into Ghana because of that visit, you should check him out and check out ADDI.org for further info, they have a direct hookup…

    “My suggestion is to have an “African blog” on Saturdays. Let Saturdays be the day for African discussions.”

    why don’t you start an African blog on Saturdays and post ALL THINGS AFRICAN….you shitehounds always believe you can control people….i await your Saturday African thread…you must think people have nothing better to do than to let you plan their days for them…

  11. Cosmo ……these are the names. Intelligent people would ask…why would this be a secret…it’s for the AFRICAN PEOPLE ON THE ISLAND…not for the government their yardfowls and hangerson. From they hid this, which should be PUBLIC and CELEBRATED…they are up to NO GOOD. I have info on things going on in Ghana for Emancipation cekebrations going on from June to around Oct Nov….info sent to me since Feb…..and am not even there and which she knows about and did not mention …just in case Bajans want to travel to Ghana for the experience like millions from across the diaspora do annually . Why is Mia hiding info from African descendants for..but others who are NOT know about it before Black people. Sickening, disrespectful and insulting to our ancestors as USUAL.

    “Paramount Chiefs of Ghana
    Embracing Our Ancestorial Legacy
    Friday April 23rd, 2021
    11:30 GMT/7:30 AM (AST)
    Welcome & Introductions
    Phil Phillips
    Commercial & Cultural Attaché
    Barbados High Commission, Ghana & West Africa (3 mins)
    Emmanuel Frimpong, Co-host (3 mins)
    Senator the Rev’d Dr John Rogers (3 mins)
    Dr The Most Honourable Anthony Gabby Carter (3 mins)
    Honoured Guests
    Background & history of Paramount Chiefs (10 mins)
    (By Emmanuel Frimpong or a representative of the Chiefs)
    Feature Remarks
    The Honourable John King,
    Minister in the office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Culture and the National
    Development Commission (5 mins)
    A new diplomacy – Ancestral Diplomacy
    Dr Deryck Murray,
    Director, Centre for Hybrid Studies (7 mins)
    Delegation Discussion
    Ancestral Diplomacy (20 mins)
    Potential Virtual Summit of Paramount Chiefs hosted by the government of Barbados – August 1st
    2021 (10 mins)
    Speakers: The Honourable John King; Senator the Rev’d Dr John Rogers; Dr The Most Honourable
    Anthony Gabby Carter; Dr Deryck Murray;
    Delegation: (1) Selwyn Smith (Mentor); (2) Nana Yeboah Afari, (Mentor); (3) Julie-anne Burrowes;
    (4) Alison Darkwah; (5) Selorm Adikah; (6) Hayden Coppin; (7) Michael Arthur; (8) Nii Mantse &
    Modou Diagne & Kevin Farmer
    Co-hosts: Emmanuel Frimpong & Phil Phillips”

  12. “I’m not Jack Bowman/John Knox. I have no idea who that person/persona is.
    Whom every Jack is, he has gotten deep under your skin. Did he make a joke about you and got “cancelled”?”

    Jack Bowman was a top notch troll who used to spam BU with incoming biting sarcasm and set up his own blog to criticise BU comments that has now been mothballed and was allegedly a vexed frustrated poster called John who’s Government Name is John Knox but he was quite funny and funnier than John

  13. There is strong cultural unity among Africans still alive beneath the deceptive appearance of cultural heterogeneity created by slavery and Berlin Conference.”

    That is a live discussion among the African young.

    This is what the young in Africa know about themselves and are further cementing. This is what is missing from the African family in Barbados and the region…when the trash leaders criminalized and KILLED African culture and crushef the ancestral spirit. Yes the black face leaders did that and continue. I don’t care who directed them to do it, were positions reversed, not one white indian syrian asian etc would DARE DISRESPECT THEIR ANCESTORS or their descendants in that evil sellout manner because they are well aware of the followup consequences but ya title wearing frauds don’t care. The weak sellout negro is our deadly enemy.

  14. Dompey

    “And I will challenge you to name any place on earth that speaks 3,000 different languages”

    Asia speaks more languages is bigger and has more people

    multiculturalism is good not bad
    London has people from every country in the world living there

    Lingo Cyphers
    There are some 120 to 187 languages spoken in the Philippines
    China has 302 languages
    South America has 448 languages
    More than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India as mother tongues

  15. 555dubstreet

    Man do your research because of the 4 billion people that live on the Asia continent, only 2,300 languages are spoken there Sir.

  16. Well ..We’ll
    Govt resorts to sending police to the doorsteps of people who refused to be tested for the virus
    Yes govt has a right to.protect uts people
    However this govt has yet to set the exam that it has done every thi g possible to.protect its citizens from the virus
    The person in question is a member of the world Harvest Church
    Lo and behold govt is using communist agenda to drive fear into the people and impede on citizens right
    It is apparently clear that govt is losing control in the way and manner it fights the virus
    But having police show up and drag people out of their homes to take a test is beyond the realm of anyone imagination and rubs against the Constitution
    Barbados is sinking lower into a malaise of breaking laws that give people their constitutional rights for justice

    • It is good to travel the highways and by ways of Barbados and observe the people bustle that has returned to the country. We are not where we want to be given the restrictions forced by the pandemic but we are getting there.

  17. 555dubstreet

    But how many countries are there in the world though? A little over two-hundred, but out of the 55 nations on the African continent one of those country, Ethiopia to exacted, speaks 86 different languages, so your argument falls flat of its face here again Sir.

  18. “Man do your research because of the 4 billion people that live on the Asia continent, only 2,300 languages are spoken there Sir.”

    India has 19,500 languages or dialects they select when they hang

    is googling called research nowadays son

  19. Whisper,

    Bajans are not only concerned about St. Vincent but they have turned that concern into action. I don’t hear any complaints about looking after their interests when we have our mounting problems here. Our government and people are pleased to offer any help that we can. In fact, we have been suitably generous, as usual.

    Yet I too rejoice at our clear skies (for the time being) and I took a deep breath of relief (but not without my mask) at the RELATIVE success of the clean up.

    Vincentians would do the same, I assure you!

    Just keeping it real!

  20. Murdah! WURA was dubbed “Hog the Blog” but Dompey should be dubbed “Clear the Blog”!

    Where is everybody?????

    I peeped in for a bit but now I gone till the coast is clear!

    Let the WURA and 555 clear up that mess! I got a slight ashy feel to my floor still.

  21. 555dubstreet

    We were talking about the linguistic diversity of the African continent, and you brought in Papua New Guinea, as though Papua New Guinea is a continent.

  22. Donna…i really don’t have the energy today, they are on their own with that one, maybe another day…lol

  23. “We were talking about the linguistic diversity of the African continent, and you brought in Papua New Guinea, as though Papua New Guinea is a continent.”

    Your mind is very pigeon holed and your pedantic brain seems to work in silos like a news reporter called Harold Austin* the undercover snitch spy. I took your challenge and came back with sound reasonings. Now the challenge for you if you accept your mission is to ignore the new black consciousness movement mindset school of thought going viral on the net of 140,000,000 Black slave descendants in the Diaspora relating to their African roots, it is futile trying to stop the tide of the next wave of blackness.

    Roots, Natty Roots, Natty Congo

    (*) Hal Austin on “the ignorance of ordinary people” in Barbados …

  24. David

    Could you check your unapproved moderation bucket if you don’t mind

    I’ll wear my slanders to your party if you don’t mind
    I’ll grow my hair in any kind of style
    All I want to say my heart is clean
    Don’t you know what I mean
    If you mind
    I’ll drink a touch brandy if you don’t mind
    It’s not like I like that stuff
    But somethings on my mind


  25. 555dubstreet

    Brother, I don have the time neither crayons to explain what I am trying to convey to you about the diversity of the African continent. Blessed

  26. I am not your brother and forthwith and henceforth you should take my name out of your damn mouth in your banal anal posts

    Nobody is interested in a black man talking about Africa being backwards when everyone else is thinking forwards with Afro Futurism creativity

    If you want to save energy you should try and engage with yourself and nobody else with your mental masturbation meditations without ejaculating on your computer screen

    Black Man – Love in Outer Space, Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Arkestra

  27. @ WURA
    Having read every post and only deliberately writing one, on behalf of all progressive thinkers and those who continue in the real struggle to enlighten our people and the importance of knowing and understanding our journey and journeys yet to come, I thank you for your efforts to continue that enlightenment.
    Stay safe.

  28. Willaim…same to you…Ase.

    unbelievably for some it’s the YOUNG AFRICANS on the CONTINENT doing their INDEPTH and enlighening research to TEACH everyone, includiing us in the west…..because no one else is going to teach us or make the material availbele, they would rather hide it to keep Black people in bondage to fill their evil pockets and preserve their narrow interests..,,but our ancestors WILL NEVER ALLOW THEM…

    they are too selfish, sellout and self-absorbed and believe they are going to carry their nasty colonial ways to the continent…..to futher poison it, but no one is going to allow them because Africa has to undergo its own cleansing and purging of criminals, sellouts, plotters and planners…..

    …..plenty mature folk are also involved and leading the way to make sure we know our TRUE HISTORY…..

    spoke to a friend of mine who visited Egypt recently and you won’t believe what they know about us that we don’t know about ourselves….am sure Pacha had the same reception..

  29. 555dubstreet

    What happened Skippa? It seems as though you are having an emotional meltdown because we do not see eye to eye on our African roots, so keep on listening to your Dancing Hall Music because it seems that is where you are getting all of your information on Africa. Blessed me da bout ….little more Skippa …

  30. “As well as the generalization that all of Afro Barbadians were Ghanian when truthfully most of them (and the parts of their culture if it is to be examined) are Igbo along with other ethnic groups that were taken from West Africa there by FORCE and against their will.”

    Make no mistake…they know exactly WHO they took…but everyone has to go on that personal journey of SELF-DISCOVERY….just like i did…it’s a very personal choice.

  31. Wura

    The bottom-line is, yesterday I asked a Nigerian woman what makes her African or rather what commonalities does she have with an Ugandan woman and herself?

    And after she gave it some thought, she said to me: ” the only commonality between her and the Ugandan woman was the fact that the both of them were born on the African continent.

    The fact of the matter is, they do not eat the same food; they do not speak the same tribal language; they religious beliefs aren’t the same; they tribal customs and values are not the same etc.

  32. Wura

    The demographic information of the Afro Barbadian roots does not indicated that the majority of Afro Barbadians are of the Akan Nation of Ghana, but it does indicated that they are mostly from Biafra of Nigeria.

  33. No emotional meltdown son, just fed up having to reply with your incessant chatter which is like banging a head against a brick wall due to your stupidness which must be a fake brocade from the Hal school of acting deliberately using bad english like does not indicated and does indicated. I and I and I sit down and reason with my Rasta brethren not bald heads. If you don’t puff herb then I ain’t got no time for you son.

    Psalms 87.2 The LORD loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.
    Africa Africa, Fred Locks and the Creation Steppers, Psalms 87.2, Pebbles and Sir Coxsone Sound

  34. Wrong Dompey…….a genetic test will give you the info you need, ya can’t learn anything of that nature from watching TV…

    • Can you guys agree to disagree and move on? Must you bore everyone reading with this vacuous back and forth?


  35. Colonial Power =
    Colonial Exploitation of Power
    humanity’s worst impulses: genocide, slavery, fascism, white supremacy, colonialism.

  36. Very nice gesture, so when will a MONUMENT BE BUILT TO OUR insulted, disrespected and forgotten ANCESTORS at the NEGLECTED Slave burial site in Christ Church, using BLACK TAXPAYER’S MONEY to CELEBRATE their existence…..instead of taking the SURVIVOR’S money to promote and support racists and thieves…..for over 60 years…

    there is nothing more repulsive and disloyal than ANCESTRAL DISREPECT…and only disrespectful black people do it..

    the fake elite, pedigree negros of parliament HAVE NO SHAME…


  37. The First Peoples of Trinidad are making sure their ancestors ARE RECOGNIZED for their contribution to Native existence…

    we ARE and EXIST… because of our ancestors..

  38. Testing has revealed one of our ancestors unearthed at Newton was from Bristol.

    Almost certainly a Quaker, possibly Edward Oistin!!

    True true fact.

  39. So…I am trying to unravel Donville’s “impassioned” statement and I admit to getting tied up. Did he or did he not admit to the crime?

    Whatever the answer, I do not rejoice at his downfall. I wish he had made better choices.

  40. WIL E. COYOTE,

    Like those OTHER states are blameless!

    All of them really want putting on a TRUE BLACK LIST for CRIMES AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY for which they are yet to make restitution but instead continue in a more covert vein.

    “Plausible deniability” I think is the term used by Putin when he murders and BOY DO THEY DENY!

    No nations are more corrupt than the White Man’s Club of Nations! More money laundering occurs in London and New York the centres for Putin and Pal’s Plundering Inc. but they don’t put themselves on the blacklist. Just take a look at the BLACK list and notice the absence of whiteness! They are a pack of white bullies!

    And Covid has shown up the incompetance and failure of their states. Pack of jackasses!

    They have ruled the world for centuries and it is a bloody mess!

    We did not ask to be placed on this little rock in the middle of the ocean with no natural resources.

    That being said, I believe we can do better despite the deck being deliberately stacked against us.

    Corruption is eating away at any progress we make.

    We need to lock up some bribees AND bribers!

    That should diversify our jails race wise!

    But I digress, so….whether we are in fact corrupt is not the issue with the list. The issue is that those who place us on the list should place themselves at the top!

    So why are they not doing so?

    Because Putin’s plunder benefits them and Barbados Bounty does not!

  41. @WARU

    Thank you for your information. Every time I learn more I feel more at peace that I don’t have to be scrambling to find information from Eurocentric sources and that info you give will be useful for the future.

    Check this out Sir. Beckles is making a presentation right now about “Cufees Kingdom” I have never heard of anything like this and as usual he pulls the “Barbadians were pulled from Ghana” card it makes me laugh harder than ever , many ethnic groups were taken not just one however I don’t need to worry because I know the truth. You are correct , you don’t need these institutions that are groomed to be the downfall of a land with the blood of our Ancestors to get the ball rolling.

    @Dompey To correct you respectfully the majority of them were tajen from the Igbo ethnic group not “Biafra”.
    Don’t even bother trying to convince others about Africas diversity , it has to be experienced on the contibemt to be felt to be seen because of course Eurocentric websites won’t give you that outlook.
    There were other ancient kingdoms with lots of achievements in West Africa however Eurocentric His Story distracts us by that putting all achievements in one box for one area so that any Afro descent can only have their focus there and ignore the achievements of the others.

    Anyways on the topic at hand , I have a love hate relationship with it , I enjoy the islands nature , the clear blue skies , the birds and the various flora and fauna and I think that is it for the positives. My experiences living here was not the best, slowly the more I realized I felt a mix of emotions as I realized the environment I was in. Slowly my viewpoint became more cynical as I learned the many truths and weaponization of the island’s people (Grenadas invasion in 1983 , Liberia) and I started to wake up. Despite this I believe Barbados can be much better , where I can see Afro-Barbadians truly happy , not based on by material things , by being in a state of freedom , mentally, spiritually and financially. That day will come I am sure.. right now I see some of these events as a purge of the old colonial energy that held the country for many years. I know many would argue and say that I am a mere dreamer however anything is possible.

  42. “I know many would argue and say that I am a mere dreamer however anything is possible.”

    you are decades ahead…

  43. Check it Cosmo.

    “”Kawaida contains five core concepts which inform and inspire its development as social theory and practice:
    1. the key crisis in Black life is the cultural crisis, i.e., the crisis in views and values. Vision-an effective grasp of self, society and the world. Values-categories of commitment, priorities and possibilities.
    2. any real analysis of the Afro-American situation has to be Afro-centric. That is to say, it has to rise from and be on behalf of the new African.
    3. any real theory of social change, must begin with a redefinition of reality in our own image and interest.
    4. any real solution must draw its component part from the best of nationalist, Pan-Africanist and socialist thought.
    5. any solution to the cultural crisis- must involve both critiques and correctives on the seven basic levels of culture. The seven criteria for culture are:
    a. Mythology*
    b. History
    c. Social Organization
    d. Economic Organization
    e. Political Organization
    f. Creative Motif
    g. Ethos”
    -Maulana Karenga, Kawaida: An Introduction
    *In more recent writings, Dr. Karenga has referred to “spirituality†rather than “mythology””

  44. Wura

    I am quite sure I have seen these three core principles of the African concept of life somewhere, but they went a little something like this: (1) know thyself
    ( 2) know thy society (3) know thy world, but more importantly, and especially in the Ghanaian and Nigerian family structure, the entire concept of family is fundamentally different from that of the western model.
    And moreover, the thing I admire the most about the Ghanaian family is the level of respect the Juniors have for the Elders, and this level of respect extends outside of the dynamics of family.

  45. Wura

    I am sorry …. the above principles constitutes the African concept of education, but I am not quite sure if these core principles still holds a wider appeal on the African continent, but I certain that they are practiced in Ghana as well as Nigeria still today.

  46. @ Dompey April 29, 2021 5:52 AM
    “And moreover, the thing I admire the most about the Ghanaian family is the level of respect the Juniors have for the Elders, and this level of respect extends outside of the dynamics of family.”

    There is nothing uniquely “Ghanaian” about such a societal norm.

    That is a common feature among Eastern cultures especially in the Japanese society.

    Why don’t you tell us about the Aboriginal people of Australasia?

    Would you consider them to be “Africans” too?

  47. Miller

    The aborigine people of Australia are in fact part African and this was made evident to me by a feature National Geographics did on the Aborigine, several years ago.
    Genealogists, were able to link these people whom were original from Africa to a gene pool in a tiny village in India, in fact, they were able to track the Aborigine gene back to one specific man in this tiny village in India.

  48. This dude saw clear into the future..

    “The generation that followed did not have the same concerns; none of its members attempted to follow the example of the past generation. There was no longer anyone with the noble determination to get to know the great men of the world, or if there were some individuals consumed with this curiosity, they were few in number. From then on, there remained only vulgar minds given over to hatred, envy and discord, who took an interest only in things which did not concern them, gossip, slander, calumny of one’s neighbors, all those things which are the source of the worst of our troubles.” Maarifa [Scholarship] Ya Mhenga Cheikh Anta Diop

  49. I am leaving this right here, it applies to any country with an African population, fix yourselves. What yall like to say again…”it happens everywhere.”

    “Home » The African man

    The African man
    Posted on March 7, 2021 by admin | 6 Comments

    An African man was given the opportunity to ask for anything he wants. The condition was that, whatever he gets, his brother would receive double. He thought about asking for a house; but he did not like the thought of his brother having two houses. So he thought about asking for a million dollars to go to his bank account; but again, he was unhappy with the thought of his brother having two million dollars in his account.

    The man sat down and thought hard, “What can I have and still be better than my brother when he has double?” so, he thought of having one of his eyes removed so that his brother might have his two eyes gouged.

    This sounds like a very unlikely story; however, this is the typical mentality that has set Africans backward for ages and caused witchcraft to thrive in Africa. An African wants to be better than his brother at all costs. The African man is only careful:

    To share his beer, not his books;

    To spread his diseases, and not the cure;

    To transfer his problems, and not the solution

    When an African man fails, he wishes his brother the same fate so that he won’t be the only one who had tasted the bitterness of failure. An African man is happy when evil besets his brother. When most African men succeed, they want to enslave their brothers; they try to make the class gap between them and their brothers widen daily.

    An African man wants to outperform his brother in every area and most African men do not want to let their brothers have any chances of success because they want to be the only ones succeeding. When an African man gets to sit on a seat of authority, he wants to keep it to himself and refuse to give anyone else a chance to sit. In African schools, students who can afford textbooks do not let other students borrow their textbooks because they want to stay top of the class or they don’t want to give another student the opportunity to perform better than them. When one independently discovers the way to success, an African man who refused to give directions would still do all he can to stand in the way of that success.

    An African man is ready to spend money to intimidate his brother and make him look like nothing, rather than spending that money to empower others. Africa will become better; when we begin to share books to pass knowledge, not just our drinks. When we begin to let others also lead without our influence. When we begin to give the same quality of food and clothing to both our children and our maids. When we let our servants eat on the same table with us. When the boss lets his lower staff get paid before him.

    Africa can become progressive when we begin to look out for each other rather than stand in the way of another. When we can sincerely say, “let my brother get it too, and if I can’t get it, let me help him get it.

    In conclusion, all of these good qualities we can adopt can be resumed in one word-UBUNTU, which is an African philosophy that says “I am because you are , and you are because I am”.



  50. I hate when we spread nonsense like the above. We teach our children these silly/nonsensical stories and then we wonder why they don’t trust each other.

  51. Theo…don’t know where you have been living, but none of it is nonsense, it’s obvious you spent quite some time out of Black majority countries….BUT THAT IS THE MENTALITY THAT PREVAILS…it’s called the CRAB mentality…and from Black parliaments down….ya can find it…poisoning EVERYTHING…..some call it BAD MIND…

    I did not see much of it in NYC metropolis, but in the Black neighborhoods it’s very prevalent, even there……and MUST BE ADDRESSED, it seems to be A BLACK PROBLEM…due to socio-economic issues….can’t hide FROM THE TRUTH…these are young AFRICANS doing their analysis and ARE ON POINT…trying to change TOXIC MINDSETS…

    pretending it’s not reality, or not knowing anything about it, is not helping either….but I KNOW it exists…..a cancerous remnant of slavery….and the awake YOUNG WANT IT GONE….

  52. There is a very strong movement to change toxic mindsets, instead of just blogging and talking incessantly and nothing achieved, action is being used instead which never happened before. The young will need all the help they can get. We see how dangerous and destructive the yardfowl Slave mind and mentality is, nothing positive, nothing forward thinking, nothing that envelopes the Black family as A WHOLE, it’s all about DBLP induced slave mentality and political party nastiness.

    That is the decayed social environment that BREEDS the repulsive description above, it is not conducive to Black advancement and never will be. Those backward mindsets are part of the problem, not the solution. If not addressed, will get worse, not better.

    There will be more STARK descriptions that exposes reality to hurt fragile feelings, so fasten ya seatbelt…

    ..the future belong to the young, not to the used up, the older folk have done more than enuff damage and then will like it to magically disappear so they don’t have to see their handiwork, the young are not having it, i side with the young, they are the future, not a bunch of old backward has-beens, still trying to wannabe.

  53. For years I have heard these negative stories. I have heard of the crab in the barrel and our incessant desire to pull each other down.

    Repetition of this nonsense to our children does nothing to benefit theit relationship to each other. All it says is “be careful of a next black man; he wants what you have; he is envious and will pull you down if he gets the opportunity; don’t trust him”. I would neve give my son that recipe for failure.

    How do you reconcile recommending blacks to go where millions of other blacks are and at the same time tell them don’t trust other blacks.

    We may some that some are too weak to face reality, but your reality is not my own.

  54. Waru’s post was a load of waffle except for the bottom line

    “In conclusion, all of these good qualities we can adopt can be resumed in one word-UBUNTU, which is an African philosophy that says “I am because you are , and you are because I am”.”

    Blacks are poor and would kill for monies, Bob Marley summarised this when he said people in Jamaica love me so much they would even kill me, in an interview just before the assassination attempt when he got shot during an election cycle

  55. Repetition of this nonsense to our children does nothing to benefit theit relationship to each other.

    you still don’t get it, it has become CULTURIZED AS NORMAL and passed down from ONE GENERATION to the NEXT….if they young generations DON’T KNOW CAUSATION…they won’t know how to ERADICATE the destructive practice FROM THEIR LIVES so it’s not PASSED DOWN TO their offspring…PRETENDING it will go away on its own, is not helping either…THE YOUNG are now DETERMINED that the unnatural indoctrination ENDS WITH their grandparents and parents…so they offspring will only hear about the cruel practices and not use it or pass it on….can’t explain it to you an any simpler terms..

    where is YOUR SOLUTION for ending it….you totally misinterpreted what they young person was trying to convey……they are telling the younger generation THAT UBUNTU is the way forward, he even mentioned the word….very clearly..not crab mentality, envy, jealousy or bad mind……and if you cannot understand that concept you are just as lost, .

    harambe is another word used for UNITY…

  56. @ TheOGazerts,
    WURA-War-on-U link is very accurate and should not be dismissed. It explains why black governments are so mean and destructive towards their own people. For example, we all know that the looted Benin bronze statues once returned will eventually be sold to the highest or in Nigeria’s case the lowest bidder.

    The people of Barbados should in theory have the highest quality of life anywhere in the world. That they do not is down to their mistreatment from their own governments past and present.

    This is why the African diaspora should fully test the waters before they commit themselves to the continent of Africa.

  57. “This is why the African diaspora should fully test the waters before they commit themselves to the continent of Africa.”

    that’s the main reason they are getting the information they need, just as Barbados and the other islands were very heavily colonized and indoctrinated, SO TOO WAS AFRICA….it started on them first…. and that’s the reason this rush and hurry to establish scam consulates in Ghana etc will crash and burn…

    . to KNOW…AND UNDERSTAND….is to HEAL..

    but that same malicious, mean spirited destructive mentality which has BEEN REFINED and even more STRUCTURED by corrupt sellout black politicians on tiny isles like Barbados CAN’T be transferred to the continent…the young already have A BATTLE trying to dismantle the destruction already caused by their own corrupt sellouts in Africa which they found and only now have a better and full understanding of…they don’t need the additional basura coming from small island corrupt politicians/ministers/yardfowls and hangerson…the continent has been WARNED about all of them and those who will sit their dirty asses down and watch the continent be set up by black trash and their lowlife partners because they might “get something too”…

    visiting more than one country as many have done before, gives you a sense of reality on the ground in Africa.

  58. “The people of Barbados should in theory have the highest quality of life anywhere in the world. That they do not is down to their mistreatment from their own governments past and present.”

    I fully agree with the above. But try telling some that life can be much sweeter and watch the responses.

    My problem with Waru is her trotting out of negative black stereotypes “crab in a barrel, etc” as they reinforce the negatives.

  59. Theo…am not the type of gal to hide these CLEAR mental deficiencies in hope that they will go away on their own, i have a very firm grip on reality and the hope is that everyone SO ENCLINED….which is the rule, will recognize this mental DISABILITY in themselves and PURGE their minds of it.

    i have had to confront it my whole life and only much later understood the causation. You were fortunate that you, because of societal differences never encountered it, although you have heard about it, it’s A CURSE IN BLACK LIVES……and we all can clearly see where it has NOT ADVANCED a large cross section of the majority, it aided in the stagnation…with the crabs in the parliament at the top.

  60. Ironically, if the young can recognize and confront it, although they DID NOT ASK TO INHERIT IT…we, as their elders, should be able to not only guide but understand it even better than they do, they look to us for guidance and can also INDICT US for refusing to acknowledge that there is a BLACK PROBLEM that needs fixing…

    that’s how the crook/thieves in the minority community, bar association, judiciary, and parliament have gotten away with crimes against the population for so DECADES, no one wants to ADMIT that there is a serious problem that needs a serious solution.

  61. @Theo,
    The day is disappearing fast and I have much to do. Negative black stereotypes are depressing especially if you don’t conform to this stereotype.

    However, our fellow black Barbadians are been railed-road into a cycle of hopelessness synonymous with impoverished and severely underdeveloped African countries. Can you remember last week’s photo in The Nation of a strapping black woman photographed carrying a large tub of water on her head. What of the poor dispossessed workers who have been made redundant without renumeration or the high numbers of blacks who are been killed and maimed by guns. It is this “stereotype” that needs to be addressed. A stereotype that was created by our own black governments dating back to 54 years.

    Barbados Rastafarian community does not appear to suffer from this problem. The reason for this is that they remain a relatively autonomous.group.

    • That is the people, nothing is good to recommend Barbados. Barbados is no different to any country. Perhaps ou fireside in Utopia.

  62. listen to this logic
    But garbage trucks to.pick up tons of garbage
    Meanwhile the landfills cells are filled to capacity
    To govt and yardfowls such a reasoning makes sense so buy garbage trucks
    Never mind that if the problem of the landfill is not corrected all the garbage trucks bought would become meaningless or of little use since there would be no place to dump the tons of garbage
    Which throws my mind back to a recent scenario where a video was being circulated showing govt sanitation workers dumping bulk garbage in an area off limits to garbage disposal
    When the workers were question about the illegal dumping they said the permission to do so was given by a govt official
    But why is a question which needs to be asked
    Govt promised transparency but has yet to deliver
    A jogging of my mind on that story reminded me that land fills are over the capacity
    Hence solution for remedies are necessary
    Red flag moment if u please

  63. “@Theo,
    The day is disappearing fast and I have much to do. Negative black stereotypes are depressing especially if you don’t conform to this stereotype.”

    i could beat up on racists ALL DAY LONG and no one calls it negative stereotyping, because they KNOW IT’S TRUE….but so is BLACK SELF-DESTRUCTION…hiding it away or saying that it happens everywhere is not helping, but seeking ways to dismantle it will, unless yall want to sit in a corner and have a PITY PARTY….cuddearing every day, every year, every decade without solutions…

    i don’t want a fella to conform to anything, but facing reality would be nice. And if the younger generation WANT TO END IT…more power to them, they have my full support, they are the ones we should be investing in, not in our delusions and illusions of seeing everything wash, rinse and repeat, then hold on to the adage that it happens everywhere, while genuflecting to the corrupt in the parliament…they are the ones HAVE TO FACE the next 50 years, not us….even chattel slavery ended, why is it so hard for some to let go the mental toxicity that was LEARNED AND BRED…..or to SOUNDLY DENOUNCE IT.

    “Barbados Rastafarian community does not appear to suffer from this problem. The reason for this is that they remain a relatively autonomous.group”

    they stay away from the dangerous mentally enslaving and mind numbing colonial system, they are self reliant and have seen the destruction to their fellow man, they want no part of it and were criminalized for being independent minded, their human rights are still being violated by the dangerous government who is on their way down because they are determined to destroy black lives…but that determination will END THEM FIRST.

  64. Can’t blame racists for everything, Black people must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for how they allow their OWN MINDS TO WORK AGAINST THEM AND EACH OTHER…..starting with ya greedy leaders/lawyers with their me, me, me crab mentality..

  65. The younger folk are more than intelligent and born with the knowledge that they SHOULD LOOK DEEP WITHIN THEMSELVES. for solutions….too many of the older folk believe in the façade they wove around themselves and now seen as taking up oxygen unnecessarily…but don’t mind me, am no eugenicist…ya gotta climb higher to find them..

  66. Wuhloss…ya really gotta love Barbados….come out things….how come the fake patriots and fowls said nothing about this….🤣


    “by Guy Hewitt

    I was contacted by a fellow citizen suggesting that she recently saw Gline Clarke in the vicinity of St. George Parish Church. I advised that it must be an apparition as our High Commissioner to Canada must be hard at work in Ottawa. How wrong I was.

    When I perused the Government of Canada’s website on Foreign Representatives in Canada: Heads of Missions, I was shocked and dismayed to discover that Barbados has no representative listed, not even a chargé d’affaires.

    I could not conceive that Canada, one of our strongest and most strategic trading partners, would be snubbed diplomatically by Barbados. But then again, we are sending a boy to do a man’s job elsewhere.”

  67. https://barbadostoday.bb/2021/05/01/parents-plea-year-after-sons-death-echoes-george-floyds/

    when Mia made that stupid comment about the George Floyd protests were just a trend, it sounded ominous to me then and i was hoping that one or two stupid police listening to her dismissive attitude toward the murder of a Black man did not go and step on some Black man’s neck in Barbados to display their copycat stupidity to the world…well they did soon after…

  68. No, no, no, I got it wrong…this boy died in April with the foot to the neck, am saying copycat but the George Floyd killing was in June, one month before he died…..Mia knew about it and was dismissive of George Floyd anyway. but Karma is a biche.

  69. 555dubstreet

    Help me understand this part of rastafarianism: now to get a better perspective and understanding of this belief, what ethnic was King David? Or in other words: was King David Ethiopian, Egyptian are Europeans Jew?

  70. 555dubstreet

    There is this belief among members of the Rastafarian faith that Hailie Selassie traced his lineage back to King David, and if such is a case, it would turn the entire religion of Christianity on its head, because the Holy Bible teaches quite the opposite.

  71. Will take “are Ethiopian Jew” as “or Ethiopian Jew”.
    Doubtful that there were European Jews in the time of David.
    “it would turn the entire religion of Christianity on its head, because the Holy Bible teaches quite the opposite.”
    What does the Bible say about Hailie Selassie? Nothing you say.
    Then explain your sentence.

  72. “what ethnic was King David? Or in other words: was King David Ethiopian, Egyptian are Europeans Jew?”

    King David was an afroasiatic jew from the tribal family of Israel and Selassie was the root of David due to King Solomon and Queen of Sheba
    refer to I Kings 10:1-13 and in II Chronicles 9:1-12 and Kebra Negast


  73. @ Dompey May 2, 2021 2:16 PM
    There is this belief among members of the Rastafarian faith that Hailie Selassie traced his lineage back to King David, and if such is a case, it would turn the entire religion of Christianity on its head, because the Holy Bible teaches quite the opposite.

    So too can King Agamemnon, Achilles, Apollo, Jesus and even you, if you were to use your “Bible” as the only source of the World’s history.

    Even Confucius or the Hindu Brahmins might be able trace their ancestry back to King David and even to the womanizing Abraham.

    Listen up Domps the Fenty boy, the Judeo-Christian ‘doctored’ book is nothing more than a collection of concocted myths and plagiarized legends ‘stolen’ from other cultures especially the Sumerian and Egyptian.

  74. 555dubstreet

    The common understanding of King David from the Christian worldview is that he was of European rather than Egyptian lineage, so that would in of itself excluded Selassie from being of David’s bloodline.

  75. Miller

    So what wrote this book of myths?
    Nevertheless, I don’t dispute your argument, because looking through the Secular Eye, I would also hold such a view as well because it is only through Spiritual eye that one it able to see the words of the Bible come alive.

  76. “The common understanding of King David from the Christian worldview is that he was of European rather than Egyptian lineage”

    King David was from the Tribe of Judah born in Bethlehem, Israel (1000+BC).

    White / European Jews are Ashkenazi Jews, also known as Ashkenazic Jews, Ashkenazim are a Jewish diaspora population who coalesced in the Holy Roman Empire around the end of the first millennium and were jewish males who went to Europe for work and intermarried with Europeans. Sephardi Jews, also known as Sephardic Jews, Sephardim, or Hispanic Jews by modern scholars, are a Jewish ethnic division originating from traditionally established communities in the Iberian Peninsula. The term “Sephardim” sometimes refers to Eastern Jewish communities of the Middle East and North Africa.

  77. @ 555dubstreetMay 2, 2021 4:10 PM
    “Jews, Sephardim, or Hispanic Jews by modern scholars, are a Jewish ethnic division originating from traditionally established communities in the Iberian Peninsula.”

    And it was this ‘ group’ which was ‘religiously’ and pivotally involved in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade including the Barbadoes ‘arm’ of the business with the introduction of sugarcane from Brazil being the magnet.

    Many people of this same group converted to the expanding ‘Christianity’ in order to white-wash their sinful involvement in the very profitable trade which turned Western Europe into a paradise of profitable commerce and provided the springboard for modern capitalism.

  78. Miller…well worth checking out.

    Racism: A Spiritual Perspective
    By Ancestral Voices
    A 42-minute video presentation that explores the spiritual impact of racism through the lens of what is now commonly referred to as the Seven Hermetic principles. It covers a range of areas including ideas and beliefs internalised from childhood that shape our perception of self, community and reality. It also assesses the role and use of educational and political institutions, the media and the socialisation process to further normalise such ideas and narratives.

    It evaluates the psychological impact of racism and how it can manifest in thought, emotions and actions. The video concludes with spiritual solutions that can be applied to assist with overcoming such negative projections to repair and heal from their damaging effects so as to empower one’s sense of self.


  79. It has come to the notice of many, that the sellouts in the parliament in Barbados represent a clear and present danger to AFRICANS EVERYWHERE…and word has spread….

    William…the apologists can moan and groan, but that is the reality…people can see danger ahead and know who to avoid and isolate.

  80. For the corrupt fraudulent sellouts in the parliament who love to run scams against African descended people for self-enrichment, feeding thieving minorities while leaving the majority to suffer and think Africa or Ghana is their latest target, think again, ya will REGRET IT…..yall are greedy, self-absorbed, materialistic and now returning to ya African vomit.

    “He Built all for Africa but did not Build even a House for Himself

    Kwame Nkrumah ruled Ghana for 9 years: from 1957 to 1966, under this period he built at least an industry in every region of Ghana,

    He built several newly Industrial Cities across Ghana including the Famous Tema and Akosombo industrial cities. These industrial cities housed several industries and production centres which produced nearly all commodity needs of the economy while employing the citizens.

    He built roads which are still alive today after 60 years. In fact, Tema Motorway is still the best stretch of road in Ghana as we speak and it was built by Nkrumah.

    The Colonial administration that ruled and exploited Ghana intentionally deprived the people of Northern parts of Ghana an access to education or any kind of development in order to force the people living in this areas to move to the Middle and Southern belts of Ghana for free labour. This was a strategy to divide the country so to create enmity among the locals in order that they cannot see themselves as one people or people of equals in order not to unite to fight the colonial exploitation. Knowing this, Kwame Nkrumah open up free education to those of us in the Northern belt of Ghana who have suffered such a grave discrimination and exploitation to help us recover when he assumed office as a president.

    Again, Kwame Nkrumah built a gigantic African Line Hostel and dedicated this building to serve as a free housing for all African Freedom fighters who seek safety in Ghana. Today, this building has been converted and it is being used as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana.

    Kwame Nkrumah did all these and so many others for Ghana and Africa at large without building a single structure of house or home for himself. In fact, Kwame Nkrumah has no house built by himself either in Ghana or Abroad. His only house is the 6 feet land on which he was buried on and the monument which was built in his honor. Yet, he built so much for many generations which we are still enjoying.

    The Today’s politicians run the state and make losses, they leave huge debt for today and future generations while at the same time profitably running their private business and declaring gains for their families.

    Kwame Nkrumah is gone but his spirit and good intentions live on. Rest In Power, Nkrumah never dies.”

  81. ☎ Calling Miller
    beyond Identification mantra
    Mano buddhya hankara chita ni naham
    Nacha shotra jihve na cha ghrana netre
    Nacha vyoma bhoomir na tejo na vayu
    Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham
    Na cha prana sangno na vai pancha vayu
    Na va sapta dhatur na va pancha koshah
    Na vak pani padam na chopastha payu
    Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham
    Na me dvesha ragau na me lobha mohau
    Mado naiva me naiva matsarya bhavah
    Na dharmo na chartho na kamo na moksha
    Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham
    Na punyam na papam na saukhyam na
    Na mantro na tirtham na veda na yagnaha
    Aham bhojanam naiva bhojyam na bhokta
    Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham
    Na me mrityu shanka na me jati bhedah
    Pita naiva me naiva mata na janma
    Na bandhur na mitram gururnaiva shishya
    Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham
    Aham nirvikalpo nirakara rupo
    Vibhur vyapya sarvatra sarvendriyanam
    Sada me samatvam na muktir na bandhah
    Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham

    I am not the mind, intellect, ego nor
    I am not the ears, tongue, nose or eyes.
    I am not the five elements: space, earth,
    fire, wind or water.
    I am eternal bliss, I am Shiva,
    I am consciousness.
    I am not prana, nor the five vital airs, nor
    the seven materials, nor the five sheaths of
    the body.
    I am not the organ of speech, nor hand, nor
    leg nor the organs of procreation or
    I am eternal bliss, I am Shiva,
    I am consciousness.
    I have no envy, anger, nor craving nor
    I have no arrogance nor pride nor religion,
    nor lust nor desire for wealth or liberation.
    I am eternal bliss, I am Shiva,
    I am consciousness.
    I have neither virtue, nor vice, neither
    pleasure nor sorrow.
    I do not need mantra, nor pilgrimages,
    scriptures, rituals or sacrifices.
    I am neither food, nor the one who
    consumes, or what is consumed.
    I am eternal bliss, I am Shiva,
    I am consciousness.
    I have no fear of death, nor doubt, nor
    discrimination of cast.
    I have no father nor mother or birth
    because I was never born.
    I have no brother, nor friend, nor guru, nor
    am I an aspirant.
    I am eternal bliss, I am Shiva,
    I am consciousness.
    I am beyond form and beyond all dualities.
    I am all-pervading in all the senses.
    I see oneness in all things, I am neither
    liberated nor in bondage.
    I am eternal bliss, I am Shiva,
    I am consciousness.

    Deva Premal: Chidananda

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