Regional Trade Unions Have Abandoned LIAT Employees

Submitted by Fair and Balanced

As the saga of LIAT’ troubled life plays out once again in the BDO led administration there has been little or no press campaign by the unions that represent workers across the region.

Outside of The Water Front Allied Workers Union and LIALPA, the other LIAT employee unions have not been heard over the last nine month period. Most notably is David Massiah who is not only the leader of one of the biggest unions in Antigua, the epicentre of the LIAT debacle, but he is also the head of a combined group of some 16 LIAT unions across the region. He has been very quiet only making one or two appearances months ago. It is true that the smaller unions have never said much in the past but how can they continue to be quiet during this period? This is not business as usual in the LIAT network there are about 500 employees on the breadline this Christmas Season without an iota of severance. So why the strategic quietness? Is it the fear of the PM Browne on his Saturday afternoon radio show attacks ? Is it that they see no advantage in constantly speaking out about the process? Truth be told they have no say in the process. Is it that they are dumbstruck by the situation, they are too scared to speak ?

It is true that history suggest that liquidations are time consuming processes that only benefit the liquidator and there are plenty examples of these in the region, affected employees draw the short and dirty end of the stick more often than not and in LIAT’s case where the liabilities far out weigh the assets, this stick will be a log.

Why should the workers suffer for poor inefficient management which still continues today in LIAT?

Why should the workers suffer from egotistical politicians in the region ?

In converse is it realistic and reasonable to ask for severance from governments who are broke and fighting a pandemic at the same in the shortest possible time ?

Is it a fair comparison that if the Antigua & Barbuda Government flies a schedule as the amendment to the Company’s act which allows it , that workers should be paid first ?

Is that placing the cart before the horse ?

The process of Administration is new and untested and could not have a worse guinea pig that LIAT, a company which has been horribly run, politically interfered with over the years and not to the benefit of the travelling public or the employees.

The four governments who own LIAT would cry foul at private owners of Companies in their respective territories if they did half the things that were done to workers in LIAT. Shameful!

The administration process needs to be more transparent if we are to have faith that this will be a new method to keep state owned or statutory even private companies afloat. If public funds are going to be used to assist in floating the SS LIAT again shouldn’t the public not know?

If workers are going to lose any money due to them in this untested process , shouldn’t they know why?

The unions in LIAT should speak with one voice, tell the public the truth, the facts, it should not be emotional or filed with wild exaggerations and hyperbole or salacious statements.

The use of the press is a 50/50 calculation but at this point what do you have to lose?

47 thoughts on “Regional Trade Unions Have Abandoned LIAT Employees

  1. One can only feel sorry for the BLACK Ex- pilots and others who have been laid off by their former employers. It is almost CHRISTMAS.


    And their former employers with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS made off their backs don’t give a damn about them. What is most important it is in their pockets. They can suffer as much they can who cares????? They children will go hungry this Christmas, but no one cares enough about . After all THEY ARE ONLY BLACK PEOPLE. They will have a BLACK PEPOPLE Christmas.

    They have been abandon the the Trade Union Movement here in Barbados who wish that they would just dry up and blow away. So the LEADERSHIP OF THE BARBADOS TRADE UNION MOVEMENT CAN CARRY ON WITH THEIR MISERABLE LIVES.

    Only in Barbados these things will happen to BLACK PEOPLE and no one in Authority cares.

    Now on the the other hand. WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS carry on smartly with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in their pockets which belong to the BLACK FORMER WORKERS. This money will be spent on themselves and their families. They on the other hand will have A VERY WHITE AND MERRY (HO,HO,HO) CHRISTMAS. Their children’s bellies will be full. But they are use to with holding money from where they should be owe. For them they get RICH BY WITH HOLDING WHAT THEY THEY OWE to the rightful owners, that is nothing to them. Business as usual.

    Egged on by some OREAOS ON THIS BLOGG they see no reason to pay what they owned to the SUFFERING BLACK PEOPLE OF BARBADOS.

    What a lovely place to here in Barbados. to live.(for some races)


  2. LIAT employees behave like the rest of the population: they want an effort-free life at the expense of hard-working foreign creditors. LIAT was first and foremost a job creation scheme and only secondarily an airline. At some point, every credit is used up. LIAT reminds me very much of the Soviet Aeroflot.

    Time to tighten the belt.

  3. You would say that as the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS DONT PAY THEIR DUES.

    I have always said for years and years that Liat was of no Use to the people of Barbados. It should have been shut down a long time ago. We allowed it to close down and now reopen as we shoud not have. A useless piece thrash. I cant understand why Barbadians wanted to be employed by this useless venture. They were very educated people who could have received employment any where why they chose LIAT is beyond me.

    However they are still owed by LIAT AND MUST BE PAID BY LIAT.

  4. LIAT is indispensable for the region

    We suggest that the employees mobilize the people of the region and form a cooperative corporation to take it over.

    In doing so we could get around failing governmental and union structures.

  5. @PachamamaDecember 23, 2020 8:22 AM
    LIAT is indispensable for the region

    If LIAT is indispensable to the region how come only a few countries were willing to contribute to the cost of its operation?

  6. Tron December 23, 2020 7:57 AM
    LIAT was first and foremost a job creation scheme and only secondarily an airline.

    Agree with you. The Antigua P.M. sees LIAT as an employment agency rather that an airline.

  7. The Trade Union Movement in Barbados is of to USE to workers . They need to get out of it swiftly. Stop giving them what little money that you have because they don’t care about the workers only about the Leadership who drive around in Mercedes and BMW cars. While the workers cant even buy a bicycle.

    The Barbados Trade Union Movement is serving no purpose except to the interest of the Govt. and Barbados private sector not the workers.

  8. Many Caribbean countries never contributed to Liat. So how it get so “indispensable for the region”????

    He is just talking because he is not dumb.

    ………and the blog master chiming in.

  9. @ Carson

    Why did Barbados become the major shareholder in LIAT? Was it because of our collective arrogance, and our interminable belief that we are best in the world?

  10. Bajan in NY December 23, 2020 10:36 AM #: “If LIAT is indispensable to the region how come only a few countries were willing to contribute to the cost of its operation?”

    @ Bajan in NY

    Perhaps the chap does not know the definition of “indispensable.”

    But, you are correct. “If LIAT was indispensable to the region,” regional governments wouldn’t have been reluctant to contribute to its operational costs.

  11. Hal

    Either of those or any one could be true.

    Remember we used to call the people of the other Caribbean Islands “low islanders”.

  12. Hal

    “…….. our interminable belief that we are best in the world?”

    Don’t you see that is still with us in 23 December , 2020????

    Every body BANNING UK visitors for now not forever, but we know better than the WHOLE WORLD , they are STUPID, so we letting
    in anyone form anywhere. Even SOUTH AFRICA.

    Because we want more “Bajans by choice”. So they can come from anywhere. The Barbados Labour Party Govt. don’t care.



  13. Hal

    Happy Christmas to you too. Stay safe.

    (although they are laid off former employee who will have a BLACK CHRISTMAS)

  14. The BLACK PEOPLE of Barbados are being set back 30 years or so.

    Now the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS are saying that we have sign SHORT TERM contracts in order to work. But not them. They will work forever.

    Only in Barbados where the Govt. does not does not do any thing for BLACK PEOPLE.


    I noticed that the chicken farmers are still selling the disease stunted chickens.

    My family and I have stop buying their stunted chickens until Authorities know what is wrong with Barbados chickens. I will not put my family lives at risk.

  16. HAL

    i don’t know why some BLACK PEOPLE treat other BLACK PEOPLE so badly.

    Imagine we ordered two Little Caesar pizzas at 1.39 pm. they said that they would send them “soon”. They NEVER CAME.

    At 5.25pm some girl from Little Pizza called to find out if we still wanted the pizzas.

    Customer service at its best in Barbados for the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS.

  17. Thank you very much.


    Even though the OREOS on this blog including the blog master, john2 , DONNA, enuff and etc. strenuously and bitterly opposed such payments to BLACK PEOPLE.

    I am not sure if that includes displaced workers by LIAT PILOTS or if LIAT is still holding out payments to these unfortunate former BLACK EMPLOYEES. And the cliff Rest. in St. James too. But I will seek to find out. They had no help from the Barbados Trade Union Movement and had to take matters into their own hands by standing by the side of roadways to ventilate their problems. They must now drop out these useless trade unions POST HASTE.. They must help themselves form now on.

    It is late but, better late than never.

  18. Same things, deep sea fishing, medium sea fishing, partial sovereignty over its territorial waters, mandatory coordination of corporate legislation frameworks.

    Have you seen the post about grains?

  19. Even Sen. Caswell refused to help the displaced workers. They asked him to lead a March by them and he turn them down.

  20. Our government is doing everything right during the Corona Crisis.

    Thank you, Mia Mottley and your great ministers, especially Lord Marshal Dale and General Bostic for your fabulous work!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  21. I love a good laugh, especially when it is cleverly delivered ball “Suffering from dementia now? Have you two not exchanged Xmas greetings on this very blog already”.

    One ball, two wickets.

  22. Switch government with the Jamaicans???? This is the new thing now – Jamaica worship???

    Look these people are suffering with something far worse than dementia!


  23. @CCC
    Glad you made that comment.
    Hoping you have a great Christmas and that you have some time on your hand.
    Here is a Christmas gift that you can give CCC.
    A back of the envelope (crude) analysis.
    Barbados has a pop of 300,000 and Jamaica has a pop of 3,000,000.
    If you divided the number of COVID cases in Jamaica by 10 and presented Barbados and the adjusted Jamaica covid-19 cases on a chart, he might appreciate why Jamaica has to be more aggressive than Barbados.

  24. It seems like the blog master is deleting comments he deems not favourable to WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS.

    You can say whatever you about BLACK PEOPLE.

  25. Nice video. I did not know that Chris Sinckler and The Don Inniss are white.

    Wait … Possibly the blue government between 2008 and 2018 consisted of white ministers since they ruined a black country.

  26. You are are not making any sense at all, I guess that is why the blog master appreciates so. He will never delete your posts.

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