How Donald Trump is Stealing the 2020 Presidential Elections

Submitted by Pachamama

We write as the New York Times has finally found damning evidence that Donald Trump is not the billionaire, successful businessman, he has always presented himself to be – some of us were long aware of this. He may be nearer to being a tax cheat. On the other side of the electoral ledger, Trump has fortuitously found Amy Barrett to buttress his position when (not if) the elections are thrown into the Supreme Court.

Currently, a range of polls have Joe Biden leading almost everywhere. Nationally, he leads Trump by between eight (8) and ten (10) points. In the six (6) to eight (8) battleground states, Biden has leads greater than the margins of error in about five (5) to six (6) of them. Trump leads in one (1) or two (2) and there are a few where there are statistical ties. There is some significant enlargement of the electoral map (battleground states) as states like Texas and Georgia beckon as if ‘fool’s gold’ for Democrats. These are where every election is won or lost.

Presidential elections in America, in recent times – yes, but throughout their history, have been bedevilled by all manner of fraud – on all sides, at different times, but particularly by Republicans, currently, so as to compensate for being the less populace of the two major parties, which it has become. Exit polling, the gold standard for elections, as the highly reliable measure for predicting outcomes and detecting fraud have often failed to avoid the opposite results within the American context. Unlike pre-election polling, no guesswork is required for exit polling which is globally deployed.

In the 2000 presidential elections George Bush, number two (2), was able to defeat Al Gore when the Supreme Court, which Trump has now stacked with loyalists, intervened and threw the elections to Bush. Of course, the Florida Republican Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, had already prepared the ground by removing tens of thousands of Afrikan-American voters from the rolls in strategic areas – they could not vote. If you were Black, with a criminal record, and your name was Brown all the Browns in your immediate areas were therewith removed from the voter rolls. This remains a central Republican voter suppression tactic.

This preparation of the battleground, as if for war, has been, all this time, going on behind the scenes by well-paid soldiers who know that their boss, Trump, never wants to be seen as a ‘loser’. Trump as the out-and-out fraudster and well aware of all the historic electoral shenanigans will be hard to be persuaded by what he sees as meaningless traditions. It should not be doubted that new systems of election rigging are being hatched as an ongoing project.

Trump should be believed when he contends that the only way he could lose is if the elections were unfair. We must see his attempts to manipulate the postal system; his inordinate control over Republican governors, like Ron DeSantis in Florida, a battleground state; and in the absence of a possible clear defeat, the reliability of a Supreme Court to appoint him, an easy ask. We concede though, that the court may not be as dependable as he would like it to be.

The 2004 elections were stolen based on electronic manipulation by George Bush or people acting on his behalf – essentially Karl Rove, who Bush called the ‘architect’. Rove and his fellow architects, again in Florida, were able to program voter machines so that votes for John Kerry were recognized, by the machines, as votes for Bush.

In Ohio, Ken Blackwell, a Black republican and former mayor of Cincinnati, oversaw the same kinds of built-in irregularities in certain counties as he certified numbers of electors inconsistent with actual registered voters. Bush’s approval ratings days before the election was 48%, with political momentum going against him. Normally when an incumbent president is below 50% he/she tends to lose. But Bush ‘won’ 51-48% in Ohio as the voting machines supplied by republican outfits included Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (DESI), Election Systems & Software (ESS) and Sequoia Voting Systems did the job intended. These are the companies which conspired with Karl Rove to steal two elections in a row and were the suppliers of 80% of all voting machines within the USA.

Notwithstanding the underlying election fraud by Bush, CNN had called the 2004 election for Kerry. But soon after and based on one of sixteen statistical impossibilities, a few thousand additional votes produced a five (5) point swing for Bush. This was also inconsistent with the exit polling results in the decisive states of Florida and Ohio. CNN then reversed itself and began calling the elections for Bush instead of Kerry. This action wiped out Kerry’s three (3) percentage points lead which he had gained up to 01:36 am and had Bush now leading by 2 percentage points in Florida. Only in America!

Pennsylvania also played a similar role in these fraudulent 2004 elections.

Enter Mitt Romney, and the 2012 elections, with Barack Obama seeking a second term. Romney comes along with the serial election fraudster Karl Rove. Maybe it was John McCain, given the man which he was said to be, who declined to participate in an election fraud against Obama in 2008. Donald Trump could never be depended upon to behave in such ways. History may indeed show that McCain created a break in the historic fraudulence of Karl Rove during the 2008 presidential elections – Obama v McCain.

Readers may recall Karl Rove, appearing on Fox News as commentator, in the 2012 elections, delaying a concession long after all indications were that Obama was being projected to be the winner of Ohio and thus would have garnered the 270 electoral votes to be the next president. Rove knew something only few others would have known.

It was Willian Skinner who alerted us about a report in the press concerning a motley group of hackers who were claiming to have discovered the planned electronic theft of Karl Rove and his associates and succeeded in blocking them, putting Rove’s agents into an electronic trap. As a result we are left to presume that Rove’s actions coupled with Romney’s long delayed concession was their way of giving the hidden and fraudulent hands more time to manifest this massive election fraud once more.

As we approach the first question and answer session on Tuesday (these could hardly pass for debates) Trump will see them as an opportunity to destroy Biden using his belligerent, uncouth, style. Biden’s handlers will be happy if they can get him out of there with at least a credible draw. There will be hardly any machinations, hopes, about winning given the damaged goods with which they have been handed. However, for Trump, less so than for Biden, the real game is taking place elsewhere and conducted by the forces of darkness from whence the whole panoply of American electoral fraud will be in a heightened state of readiness.

We have estimated that even if Joe Biden were to win the popular vote, win the Electoral College by a significant margin, win the exit polling, have all major media projecting him as the winner, by some chance have the Supreme Court declare him as winner, these will not be enough to convince Donald Trump that he is indeed anything less than the winner. Biden will then have to get Trump to concede and exit the White House, still. A dependence of the military brass is ill-advised. These may prove more difficult than winning the election as Trump has already prepared a case indicting the Democrats for engaging in massive election fraud. And as irrational as that maybe, we’ve seen this play reenacted for four years, Trump winning more often than not.

Biden the dependable nationalist, like Al Gore and John Kerry before him, may even find a way to capture defeat from the jaws of victory in order to preserve the republic and avoid a decent into civil unrest, even if the Supreme Court acted in his favour and against an adamant Donald Trump.

Of course, there will be demonstrations in the street regardless of final outcome..

There can be no daylight between the high-handed nomination of Amy Barrett and the election fraud being perpetrated by Donald J. Trump and those acting on his behalf. As this looming crisis to empire takes us on a slow march to a near unavoidable disaster it maybe high time for American policymakers to rethink all the structures on which this experiment was constructed. Certainly, an ‘exceptional nation’ should not have produced a Donald Trump, let alone have him elevated to the seat of power. A power position which then transforms a fraudster into a neo-fascist with the perceived power to say who, in the case of Venezuela, is to be that country’s president. The power of the presidency may be the one thing keeping Trump out of jail, Should he lose all bets are off. And Trump knows this too well.

Strengthened by the fraudulence of empire he can now do to America what the United States has for two hundred and fifty (250) years done to the rest of the world. One man, Donald J. Trump, has in a mere four (4) years done more damage to the United States of America than all the armies ever seen and not even a thousand Joe Bidens could recover it.


  • Pacha, fair piece. Especially that he had done more to harm the US than a dozen armies could. But that is expected, many suspect that he is working for Putin and the tax returns have raised more queries on that.

    However, to cut a long story short, Trump can win. For one reason only. That many are just as racist and hateful as he is. There is absolutely no other reason.

    Many will vote for him despite the overwhelming evidence against him. Because they do not like brown and black people. Full stop, nada, that is it, nothing more to say. No rationalising of it, no other details, nothing.

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  • Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad,

    Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar


    God and We are One.

    I know this by the Grace of the True Guru.

    I know this by the Grace of the True Guru.

    God and We are One.


  • 555dubstreetSeptember 29, 2020 5:37 AM That is very soothing. Thank you.


  • Crusoe
    It is called the master key meditation to unlock the universe if you practice it continually for a 40 days Sadhana your dreams will manifest into reality, but is a powerful mediation and you should be careful about what you say afterwards as your words and thoughts will vibrate through the whole cosmos.


  • @ Pachamama

    Re: He may be nearer to being a tax cheat.

    The “jury” is still out on that. However, anybody who knows anything about tax accounting knows that you can carry forward losses which can significantly reduce or eliminate the payment of taxes in one or more succeeding years. Instead of parroting the left-wing NYT we should await the result of the IRS audit.

    RE: On the other side of the electoral ledger, Trump has fortuitously found Amy Barrett to buttress his position when (not if) the elections are thrown into the Supreme Court.

    You say, “fortuitously”? The word “fortuitous” means “by chance”. So here is your argument, reducto ad absurdum: Trump found Barrett by chance. The elections are going to be thrown into the Supreme Court (no chance here; you are absolutely sure!). Trump is planning to use Barrett (so he’s strategic, then!) to buttress his position (i.e. his loss of the election). Do you see the absurdity you have occasioned by using the word “fortuitous” here?

    Can Trump strategize or not? Make up your mind! On the other hand, if you are prophesying, do say so.

    What I hear on the REAL prophetic circuit is that Roe vs. Wade is to be challenged (among other things). BTW, I take all prophets and prophecy with a healthy dose of skepticism as Scripture advocates. But take a look at Barrett’s background, come back and tell us what you find and then tell us if you see anything “fortuitous” about her selection.

    Despite what many want to believe there are people in America ( some love to call them “religious extremists”) who KNOW that America has indulged in things that God absolutely hates – e.g. abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, to name a few – and is paying the price. That rebellion is the real underlying cause of America’s decline. Those who understand this want that changed. That is the big picture. The methodology?

    || Righteousness makes a nation great, but sin diminishes any people. Proverbs 14:34 International Standard Version ||

    Yes, there is racism in America; yes there is corruption, etc. But these are SYMPTOMS, not CAUSES. Like it or not, the cause is in the rebellious, sinful heart of man. Ditto Barbados.

    Stop wasting time on Trump and focus on the real (spiritual) life and death issues (pun intended here). In the limit, he is no better or worse than the rest of us. A dynamic, strategic God can use less than savoury people or even the Devil, if he needs to get a job done, as he has done in the past!



    Instructional video:


  • @ 555dubstreet September 29, 2020 6:20 AM

    Can we assume that you are paying this blog for these “promos” you insert any and every where, rather than dealing directly with issues on the table?

    Can the blogmaster say whether this facility is available to all and sundry?


  • ironside you seem to be god fearing like many barbadians , So why did god decide to call RBG home at this time and help trump .? I have decided that it is for all the lies the dems have been telling for the last four years , their arrogance, their hubris bill mahers we have to cancel god statement even deity’s have their limits lol.
    Tonight will tell


  • @Ironside

    All of us have our style of communicating.

    All of us have our opinions.

    Show tolerance.

    Scroll on by.




  • Another opinion.




  • I have decided that it is for all the lies the dems have been telling for the last four years , their arrogance, their hubris bill mahers we have to cancel god statement even deity’s have their limits
    LIES??? You must live in an alternate Universe, LIES??? Who is the king liar that made fact checking into a lucrative profession?
    How can you tell if Trump is lying? His mouth is open


  • @Sargeant

    Do you mean alternative facts?


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  • David you remember rachel maddow and the last bs exposé on taxes found out he paid more . a newspaper controlled by a mexican of lebanese descent I will wait till the IRS is finished their audit. Wasnt that a surprise they said he really was under audit, and hasnt done anything illegal but is a bad person for having accountants. Wasnt this the same crap as just before 2016. Are you not at all interested in why the mayor of moscows wife would send hunter biden 3 million bucks ? What hypocracy


  • But just from a business point of view how do you end up with losses …Oh yeah you pay people,to keep them working you buy things that keep people working , investing in stocks that keeps people working you have a great lifestyle that keeps people working etc etc . Check out buffett he has a lower tax rate than his secretary what does that mean in the grand scheme nothing.


  • Anything is possible in an election.

    Joe Biden could win, we’ll see.

    The debate later today will be interesting to watch.

    But, many people figure Biden is toast, just look at the Trump rallies, the best form of polls!!

    This form of polling sure worked well in 2016.


  • The question is not if Trump paid $750 or not that is irrelevant and just typical USA sensationalism. The question should be was his return legal and did he in fact make use of all the legal allowances under the US tax system that ended with him actually only having to pay $750? Only time will tell what the outcome is based on the IRS reviewing his claims and deductions. If they start throwing out deductions then the value of each deduction thrown out will then be taxable.


  • … and the tax thing, just one more thing that will make Trump stronger!!

    As Trump said ago, “I can’t help it if I am smart”!!

    If the loopholes he used are so egregious then the lawmakers are the ones who need to be hauled over the coals.

    My bet is there is no tactic he used that is any different from what Biden, or any other person in the US used to legally avoid paying taxes.

    The attempts to get Trump are backfiring now.

    Here is CNN getting a surprise fake news live protest outside the Supreme Court on Saturday.


  • John ASeptember 29, 2020 8:43 AM

    The question is not if Trump paid $750 or not that is irrelevant and just typical USA sensationalism. The question should be was his return legal and did he in fact make use of all the legal allowances under the US tax system that ended with him actually only having to pay $750? Only time will tell what the outcome is based on the IRS reviewing his claims and deductions. If they start throwing out deductions then the value of each deduction thrown out will then be taxable.


    He has been under audit for years.

    What the press is saying is that the IRS is either corrupt or does not know what it is doing.


  • … but they know better than the IRS


  • uae and bahrain sign peace deal nothing
    economy best ever before pandemic nothing
    prison reform nothing
    over 50 prisoners released nothing
    got rid of jv team isis nothing
    etc etc etc
    but we got his taxes.. bombshell…..pathetic


  • @ John

    The Press are like stray dogs in a yard, throw them a bone and they will fight over it. The IRS are the only people authorised to state whether his tax return is fraudulent and to the best of my knowledge they have not said that at this stage.


  • @ John A

    Go to the back of the class. You are too rational for BU. We want more hysteria and panic. You are too bright for the blog. By the way, a few months ago we heard a lot about fiscal space; since then we have had a Queen’s Speech, was there anything in that speech to support more fiscal space?
    Is voodoo still our unofficial religion? What about China’s New Silk Road? Are we going to change the names of our districts to Chinese? Our head of state will be Xi Jing, not Elizabeth 11.


  • Why the ass you can’t post a comment without being disparaging to others? You can disagree with other commenters who have a right to their opinions.


  • Better be careful Hal or you might get a duppy in the mail lol


  • King Liar and King Con!

    This morning I give thanks that people like Lawson. Money Brain and co. have left Barbados and pray that John the Racist will join them.

    But my bet is that a survey of our Bajan whites would find most of them standing firmly behind the poisonous Agent Orange.

    And finally I ask why are so-called Christians so obsessed with sex???? It is creepy! Methinks many of them protest too much!

    FYI the full spectrum of “sins” is and always has been practised worldwide.

    This Bible nonsense is really tiresome.

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  • Going back outside to talk to my plants!


  • I don’t care about Trump’s taxes. Wealthy people know all the loopholes.

    I’m just grateful that his own businesses supported so many people. Trump supplied thousands of jobs with his enterprises.


  • @ Hal

    From the back of the class you get to see the whole class. Lol

    I am no Trump supporter, but he like anyone else has a right to make use of the system available under US tax law. Now we can question how a man with his self claimed wealth could only pay $750 in tax. Nothing wrong with asking that question at all. The problem is the question must not be directed to Trump but to the head of the IRS. In other words the old saying below holds true today.

    The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is a good accountant!

    Basically it means that he may or may not have cheated the IRS but only the IRS can make that call not CNN or CBS.

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  • God dith smite RBG so trump will win it is written. It cant get any clearer than that . You know the reason people leave barbados is your over populated, which kinda means the boys cant keep it in their pants. So it might not just be christians getting it on.


  • @Lawson

    Is horlicks sold wherever you reside?


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  • @ John A

    I agree with you.

    Even here when taxpayers make use of every legal allowance afforded to them by the BRA, in an effort to pay less taxes, they’re accused of fraud.

    And similarly, the BRA is the only agency in Barbados authorized to verify whether or not tax returns were fraudulently prepared.

    Quaker John, PLEASE. This isn’t a situation where Trump is ‘smarter than the average bear,’ as you’re attempting to make us believe…….because it’s highly unlikely ‘Agent Orange’ actually completes and files his tax returns (himself).

    Obviously, he would have a team of ‘bookkeepers’ that would manipulate the system in his interest.


  • David as you well know horlicks is best for invalids . Barbados need is greater


  • @ John A

    I am not digressing, but watch the @PLT idea for remote working in Barbados, which this clueless government has jumped on with alacrity.
    I raised the question of the tax official in these people’s home countries, and @PLT, in his usual confidence, said he had spoken to talk officials (presumably local ones) and they said there was nothing to worry about.
    The IRS and the UK’s HMRC are going to come down on these people like a ton of bricks; and, as to be expected, locals, including the chairman of BU, will call it racism.
    The IRS follows all Americans all over the world no matter what their new status is; talk to Boris Johnson about why he had to abandon his US citizenship.
    Those workers will have to declare everything about their earnings, including any they make locally, and pay taxes on them. I am not sure if local tax officials will be charging these workers any income tax, or if they will get a free ride. It4 is going to be interesting.

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  • Donna, you are very wrong regarding white people in Bim, a tremendous number hate Trump! Donna the problem is not that the people you mention are racists it is that people like you cant ague without bringing race into the communication. Check Biden as super RACIST:
    Joe has a terrible history of being racist:

    1 close friend of Byrd mister KKK said Byrd was a mentor

    2 1977 said 2 party system good for negroes

    3 1977 “my kids are going to grow up in the jungle, racial jungle”.

    4 1992 pushed Crime Bill of 1994, talked about “predators on our city streets, ramped up sentences aimed at black people

    5 2006—“U have to have a slight Indian accent to go to 711”

    6 2006 “my state was a slave state”

    7 in 2007 “Obama, first mainstream Afro Am who is articulate, bright, clean and nice looking guy” . “They going to put you all back in chains”—REALLY?

    8 in 2019 “poor kids can be just as bright as white kids”.

    9 in 2020 “if U have a problem figuring out whether U are for me or Trump, then U aint black!”

    10 Aug 6th, 2020 Biden stated,”unlike the Afro American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things”—-Really?

    How can Afro Americans vote for this Cracker?


  • Biden is not only demented he is already bought and paid for by CHINA!


  • “What the press is saying is that the IRS is either corrupt or does not know what it is doing.”

    @ John

    It could also indicate Trump is not the smart businessman you’re attempting to make him out to be.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David, I am applying for your post of associate editor for the blog…. to offer an edit of your. 😂👍🏿

    @Ironside when you say “The “jury” is still out on that” re “He may be nearer to being a tax cheat” which ‘jury’s are you talking about?

    The sycophants like Lawson n John who can discern complex issues and distill them here with aplomb but look at POTUS misdeeds and affirm them all as perfect!

    As noted above the matter is NOT about LAWFUL tax avoidance but illegal tax FRAUD.

    Also as noted above the IRS officers either are incompetent or being bamboozled with legal bullies that they cant bring a case against a tax payer whose work they have reviewed for years…

    Orrrr they are looking in the wrong places.

    I am no tax accountant either but 1) it is illegal to be paid as a company executive and then also receive additionsl consultancy fees from your company for the same duties which you are ALREADY being paid to do.

    That’s how Ms Ivanka Trump Kushner was compensated.

    2)It is generally illegal to value an asset at $2X for commercial loan use purposes and at $X for tax assessment purposes … we all try to get away with it but that t ti pe of tax avoidance will incur penalties or at minimum reassessment and increased payment due.

    But all said and done it’s the narrative from the Lawsons and John’s that tell the story of this election: they really dont care that this man is a cheat, nor that his significant leveraged position and being beholden to foreign income from Russia, Turkey et al places him as a very dangerous security breach for his nation.

    They bluntly refuse to see the grave danger of this unprecedented, untenable absurdity … this man should be removed from the WH forthwith he is totally unfit to be there.

    Replace him with Pence as a matter of proper process or whatever but this criminal enterprise cannot continue…

    That regular guys and gals will take to the streets with heavy armaments to support this man after Nov 3 is remarkable and shows just how showmanship, lies and ideological pandering causes nations to fall into anarchy.


  • Why do wunna believe that Barry O did not want to back Joe–he knows that Joe is a JoKe!

    Biden has been wrong on numerous significant decisions:

    A Biden opposed killing Bin Laden

    B Biden was against the 2007 Iraq troop surge that was successful!

    C Biden supported the pullout from Iraq which led to ISIS dominating.

    D Supported the lies of you can keep your Doctor.

    E Voted for the Iraq war.

    F Joe led against Black kids integration in schools.

    G Biden worked with 2 segregationists!

    H He said “China not a real threat”.

    Joe has always been below mediocre but his family have done very well by selling influence. Biden has been accused of plagiarism on several occasions and proved guilty. Just a brief history of why this guy should never ever be Pres. Today the gent is Demented and is being abused by the Dems putting him up for the job. Furthermore, it is a slap in the face for voters who are expected to vote for him and therefore are really voting for the VP. Additionally he is now controlled by Marxists clowns like Bernie, OcRaZio CorteX who seriously believe that spending $93Trillion on the environment makes sense. We are ALL going to DIE! in 11 yrs!


  • Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick has issued some concerning statements about the Democrat presidential hopeful’s “mental acuity.”
    McCormick went on record saying he sees significant changes in Biden over the past four years.

    Furthermore, he worked closely with Biden so his words and observations may hold some weight. It’s likely his words could also help Donald Trump’s campaign.

    Via Fox News (citing a Washington Free Beacon interview):

    Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer said the vice president’s public speaking ability has deteriorated significantly since leaving office to the point where he’s ‘not the same Joe Biden.’

    ‘It is a complete difference from what he was in 2017. He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.’


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    .@David…..of your 9:11 post . should have been the note.

    Alas that was posted before I had a chance to clean it up and edit for overall brevity as well … so excuses there.


  • “How can Afro Americans vote for this Cracker?”

    I’m guessing ‘the same way’ they voted for the “Cracker” Trump.

    But, wasn’t it the Afro American votes that assisted Biden in becoming VP?


  • DPD, you dont care that Biden is demented, RACIST, SOLD OUT to China, involved in quid pro quo in Ukraine, received $3.5mn from the former corruptAss Mayor of Moscow wife, is a proven plagiarist and liar. Trump has his faults but he has conducted more of his promises than most Presidents. Anyway, Trump is proposing $500bn to advance Black Americans why would Dem’s ever do that when they think they control the votes of most black Americans already and the results show that to be true. No large group of people should place their support in such a one sided way for so long, just not good for that group.


  • @ Hal
    @ Artax

    All I am saying to people is don’t get caught up in the US press search for ratings. They stopped being a source of unbiased news years ago.

    As for properties having 2 values one for tax purposes the other for the company books, that too is a none issue. Check any company in Barbados and 99% will have a different land tax value than book value on their property and no they are not breaking the law. The booked value would include purchase and improvements less depreciation. The land tax value based it seems on a man driving up and saying ” I feel dis worth 1 million cause de man down the street asking 1 million for his.” Again this is another issue of the press blowing out of context what they dont understand.

    Dont forget tonight is the first presidential debate and it will be free entertainment for many.

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  • Dribbler thats a lot of 10 and eleven letter words there, better smoke some weed and chill. You dont want to over tax than peanut of yours. I know these are fearful times for you, ya lost Cummings ,you lost RBG, you lost Lewis take heart Big Donald is gonna make it all better in his next four years.


  • Artax, Biden is obviously a racist, open up your faculties to reality.


  • Artax, you surely realise that Clyburne in SC was tolf by the Dems to start the fixing of the nomination for Biden and the DNC fellas completed the job. The DNC brain trust is dead! There must have been a better Dem candidate somewhere. Maybe they could have considered Mark Cuban, Howard Schultz or someone with real brains.


  • Tulsi Gabbard samoan, hindu,veteran well spoken gutsy and not too hard on eyes I dont agree with her politics but a far better candidate for at least VP


  • @ John A

    \I offer my apologies, but I am always surprised when someone on BU shows a sharp awareness of the real world. Journalism has no truth-testing mechanism, and there is a fantasy that the bigger the name of the publication, the greater the veracity of the story. Nonsense.
    There is also a fundamental difference between US and Anglo-Saxon news reporting. In the UK, for example, the balance must come in the actual story ie both sides of the story must be told.
    In the US, the assumed balance is in the diversity of the media. For example, Limbaugh and Fox News can run their propaganda as they like, the assumption is that there will be a liberal or leftwing media organisation putting the other side of the argument.
    It is a perverse argument, since the rightwing press has access to more money so can run bigger campaigns. Keep this in mind when watching US television or reading their newspapers.
    There are other little differences, such as to be a journalist in mainstream journalism in the UK one must have shorthand; in the US this is not necessary. The result is that in the UK short hand notes are accepted in the courts as contemporaneous, while in the US they accept tape recordings.
    Accuracy and how it is interpreted is important. They may be journalists both sides of the Atlantic, but there are fundamental differences.
    Ignore the reports about Trump’s financial state. Only the IRS and FBI or state authorities can prove the veracity. Finally, the US has 50 bank regulators and dominates the global payments system. Any bank Trump uses must pass through the US authorities.
    I believe Trump is stupid, but his lawyers and bookkeepers are not.


  • Mummy and Daddy she has every right to hide from Biden and the Democrats. They like ridding little children. Pedophiles.


  • Step Right Up Folks…Are You Sick and Tired of your Calm Peaceful Life?…


  • Can we assume that you are paying this blog for these “promos” you insert any and every where, rather than dealing directly with issues on the table?

    Are you CIA?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Austin, I am a bit pwrplexed by your post that “Those workers will have to declare everything about their earnings […] I am not sure if local tax officials will be charging these workers any income tax, or if they will get a free ride.”

    Why would u be UNSURE about that???

    Wouldn’t it be EXPECTED that any program as that proposed would carefully set-out the tax protocols… good gracious, we are inviting the professional to work remotely for HIS/HER US comp in Bim… NOT to work for a Bdos comp!… we know they will be taxed back home and of course we have to ensure we do not increase their tax liability … that’s straightforward… perplexingly complicated and dismissive u appear to be!

    And BTW I figured that “Boris Johnson […] had to abandon his US citizenship” the moment he decided to run for the British parliament… as its INCOMPATIBLE to take a vow of fidelity to another nation and be a representative (far less PM) of another! But it’s about paying taxes you suggest … interesting, indeed!

    Back to the tax issues… I am not surprised but very dismayed that astute financial professionals here can be so blinkered on this tax matter.

    The issue is NOT whether the IRS is the sole arbiter of tax crimes… of course that’s their job.

    But are you guys so filled with your professional pride of the outstanding job done by these tax accountants to completely look past the untenable political quagmire of this mans tax dilemma…

    How is it acceptable tax avoidance to read of the shell corps. his family created to shift monies around and create BOGUS expenses to enable tax deductions re his father’s estate.. just as he did to compensate his daughter!

    How is it acceptable tax avoidance or smart plays to HIDE from the electorate the business dealings and loans he has with foreign nations particularly when his actions towards those nations will IMPACT his business bottom line!

    The other serious stuff is HOW you affect national security as a result of those actions..

    This is the freaking most powerful man in the world playing his OWN Trump brand Monopoly game and lying daily to citizens on basic science to simple finances … do we really think he will be honest with us on his business affairs!

    Let’s be clear… if the NY District Attorney gets those tax returns we will know real quickly how good those accountants really are…

    But you guys need not worry as long as his name is on the tax statement you guys’ good work is about your knowledge but any too ‘creative accounting work’ is on him… so the only thing that will save his backside are violations voided by statue of limitations.

    How did he file that NON payment to Stormy Daniels for example … oh right it was a repayment to his lawyer who had taken a home equity loan .. for a campaign related matter mind you, which on the evidence he Trump HAD to know needed to be handled quite clearly as a political donation.

    This entire presidency has been a corrupt enterprise … and yes @Lawson even crooks do great things while in of out of jail… but that does NOT make them any less CROOKED!

    I gone.


  • @ Pedantic

    You are wrong about Boris Johnson. As to the tax issues, you are making the old familiar mistake of assuming what the so-called tax protocols are. Wait until you know officially. Don’t guess.


  • @ David September 29, 2020 7:53 AM


    All of us have our style of communicating >>> This is not about STYLE; it is about CONTENT and RELEVANCE; the basics!
    All of us have our opinions.>>> Would never deny or challenge that; BUT should they be RELEVANT or did that pass away with the advent of CXC?
    Show tolerance. >>>How about exercising editorial judgment as others have suggested, BTW?
    Scroll on by. >>> It requires mental energy to read or view something only to find out it is IRRELEVANT and scroll by.

    Don’t worry, guv’nor; I am just helping you do your job and pushing for quality! No charge!


  • Bajan…Steven Downie

    “Is this the President to whom the Democrats refer to as a racist. Madness. Biden 47 wasted years of doing nothing 8 years as Obama’s vice president and did nothing of such a great gesture to assist or help Black People. Well done President Trump. May God continue to guide protect and bless you. Never mind your critics there is a God above a God unlike Biden I know you Mr. President Sir serve and worship and with that God our God a God of Love Hope and Mercy for the righteous shall always prevail over all evil. You are the righteous Mr. President Biden Satan destruction.

    Which other President in the history of The United States Of America did this great gesture that President Donald J Trump has just implemented to help Black People. The answer. Not 1. With all respect not even your great hero and black President Obama. Good luck and God bless. A racist President would not or would never do such a great gesture for Black People. Support President Trump re-elect President for Hope and Prosperity for The United States Of America. God bless President Trump and the good people of The United States Of America.”


  • Trump running the biggest ponzi scheme since Bernie Madoff, if he wins he’ll probably sell Alaska back to the Russians to payoff his personal debt. The Atty Gen is in his corner see how quickly Barr and the Justice Dept. came to his aid over a personal civil suit filed by a woman who claimed he libeled her? His problems are now the US problems.

    If he loses the bailiffs will be flying the helicopter that takes him away from the WH only this time it won’t be going to Ronald Reagan Airport but to some club fed prison.

    Yuh don’t have to believe the Press believe his sister Maryanne Trump who said he has no principles and you can’t trust him.


  • Vote him out!


  • Trump 2016 Debate to Killary “You Would Be In Jail”

    Trump 2020 Debate to Sleepy Joe “You should be in Jail…but a Retirement Home would be Suffice because of your Dementia Situation!


  • “The IRS follows all Americans all over the world no matter what their new status is;”

    We discuss only part of issues. This is the part of the discussion that needs more details or fleshing out.

    Some, to avoid the grip of the IRS, had to abandon US citizenship.

    Fortunately, this group of workers may be able to avoid double taxation or if the necessary ‘treaties’ are in place or if the BDS government waived taxed.

    US salaries of $100K do not stretch as far as some think.


  • On a phone. Cannot be as glib, flippant, trifling … As usual. But I will try.


  • @Ironside

    One thing the blogmaster has acquired over the years is patience and tolerance. We have to be able to compete on the blog with everyone. The old cogers on the blog will never appreciate such an approach being set in their ways.


  • Sarge, the birds were Dem birds on the Hudson!


  • Sarge, U mean Trump’s niece who admits she is poor and needs the money but her shake down did not work????


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @John A, I read your posts and marvel at your ability to conflate truth into disinformation… like stealing defeat from the jaws of victory to use a tortured sport cliché!😊 … Your statement is just totally WRONG re “All I am saying to people is don’t get caught up in the US press search for ratings. They stopped being a source of unbiased news years ago.”

    NEWS is about reporting FACTS not OPINIONS! Yes the reporter will offer a commentary of conclusions with the stated facts which can reflect his/her bias but the reader can filter that and form their own opinions of the FACTUAL NEWS!

    The Trump tax returns are FACTS… the interpretations that produced those are from his lawyers and accountants. We can easily see what a $0 or $750 tax payment means and can also understand what tax losses of over $1 Billon over 10 years means: lots of income and likely lots of leverage!

    How can a news organization be BIASED in publishing those facts??

    And please clarify for me which tax statute allows ANY company to have different book vales on a real estate asset to reflect a higher investment loan value and then one for tax assessment. We all know that a “land tax value” is different to an “improvements less depreciation” value. That’s standard and legal stuff… But that’s NOT APPLCABLE here!

    What’ NOT legal tax avoidance is valuing your estate at $290 million for investment purposes but other reputable valuations placing its true market value at just 10% of that at around $29 mil! That’s FRAUD.

    So it’s ABSOLUTELY not about the “press blowing [it] out of context”. They have sharp, well trained legal and accounting tax professionals who ABSOLUTELY “understand” what they are reporting!

    It is also FACTAL not biased reporting that “Trump and his siblings set up a phony corporation in an effort to disguise millions of dollars in gifts from their parents.” That lil scheme allowed excellent inheritance tax avoidance of over $100 mil ! Again, its a pain we can all empathize with (well not at those very high levels for me anyhow) but it’s also ILLEGAL and sanctioned when caught!

    FACTS are always FACTS …. we may not like them but they can NEVER be biased … that’s just an absurdity… or rather a trumpian word play to create contorted confusion!


  • Money Brain is a Trump Supporter and an Apologist
    we used to call him a cunt before that
    he should fuck off back to wherever he has been


  • @ Pedantic

    @John A is absolutely right. You know nothing about news or news reporting. Where did you get the nonsense about news being reporting ‘facts’. How would a news reporter know if s/he is reporting facts.
    The reality is that the New York Times has made a report allegedly based on having seen Trump’s tax returns. Since then all the reports – radio, print, television – have been about the New York Times report.
    @Pedantic, it is a trick in reporting. They are saying the New York Times has said that Trump paid US$750 in 2016. That claim can only be verified by Trump, the IRS or the FBI, following an investigation. Other than that, they are all allegations.
    And, although I think you still not not understand, the news bias is in what is called the angle. Again, you know nothing about news or news reporting. Stop pretending you do.


  • Like

  • Needs His Fix…Batteries Need Changing?

    Biden Asks For Breaks Every 30 Minutes During Debate: Report

    Really Dem can Only Fool the Fools!! (Useful Idiots)

    Shame on You Blog master!!


  • Trump paid $750 taxes in 2016 sounds true to me, his businesses declared losses and he charges all his expenses to his businesses with no sizeable income drawn out.

    Harold Austin is no Income Reporting specialist either, his background is the news industry not is no financial services and accounting subject matter expert.


  • Make Believe Biden Hiding and Hoping

    The Sad and Evil Part is the Media that is Complicit in the LIES!!

    What Say You Blog master?


  • Lol nobody wants to see joes taxes they want to see the brothers and sons, nobody thinks ii stank that he is on tape in an interview pressuring the ukraine or how his son and brother etc made money off his name. Shuffles was hard pressed to get obama on board because he knew he is gonna collapse. Three supreme court justices ,three nobel prize nominations against a soon to be three time loser


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Austin as a former journalist telling the blog that NEWS FACTS are to be equated with OPINION ‘news is crassly ridiculous! A journalist saying that makes me deeply wonder what agenda you are pushing !

    Just to repeat tho, reporting of NEWS FACTS is expected to be an accurate and simple truthful representation of what is under review… any accompanying commentary may have bias but that can often be easily separated for a proper review.

    You are ether uninformed or deliberately pandering to some bias… the New York Times have clearly said that they have RECEIVED and REVEWED 10 years of tax returns. If you want to couch it in the safe word allegedly’ then so be it.. but unless they have been duped with false returns one accepts they have the real stuff and it’s rather standard for other news media to trust and rely on their LOOOONG record of truth in journalism!

    Heh you are the journo so if you want to label it a trick then I defer … but let’s understand that trick (of what UNDERSTAND): Trump sues at the drop of any nefarious allegation so why hasn’t he taken them to court for defamation … for the OTHER tax exposé they did on his family estate tax shenanigans! Steeeupse!

    And I am not here to play ‘what I know with you’ so please leave the personal at the door and deal with the REPORTNG here.

    Every media house has a editorial bias and invariably that may leak into the news room ,however, reputable media like the NYT report their NEWS on a factual basis and leave the heavy lift bias on the Opinion pages!… You sir should revert to that here at also… so when it comes down to simple factual ‘news’ stuff do try to ‘stick to the FACTS’!

    Thus I repeat, considering the NYT already validated previous tax data from this tax payer and whereas said tax payer did not refute the invalidity of those returns NOR THESE I fully accept the current tax documents as factually presented!

    But thank you for your remarks… it’s always good to see where a person’s mind is drifting!


  • @DPD

    If the press in the USA has seen Trumps tax returns and they are fraudulent then by all means they should publish them. After all they would be protected to Do that under their freedom of information act. So why hasn’t the press published the returns then one must ask?

    Tax law is about what can be confirmed based on audited financial returns and a tax audit only. Everything else is just supposition and typical US NEWS SENSATIONALISM.

    When you read that he has been fined by the IRS X dollars for overstating expenses or hiding income, then and only then is he guilty of tax evasion. As for him stating his buildings are worth x that’s his business, we can do the same. The point is the building is worth the book value plus improvements or the value fixed by an IRS appointed appraiser if it comes to that.

    You or I can say our car is worth $100,000 and that’s our view. If it gets valued by Nassco for $25,000 though that is the appraised value.

    You guys are getting all caught up in the election and press hype and are not focusing on due process and the relevance of the IRS. Forget the hype deal with the facts and published data from those authorised to publish it. When CNN or any of them can present a fine resulting from an IRS audit we can talk then. Or when they publish the cancelled cheque or the tax return for the $750 let’s talk then. Even then it’s not worth discussing as the IRS has the power to reassess his return still and fine him for the difference so the process must be allowed to work and be completed.

    So wunna show me the tax return Mr Wolf Blitzer or stop wasting my time with hear say.


  • @ Pedantic

    Here you go again with your nonsense. Where did I say facts equate with opinion. I said your claim that the New York Times report is a fact is bilge. You are not in a position to say that. All you can say is that you BELIEVE it. I have not said anything is a trick. You need to talk your pills.
    Although I tried to explain it as simply as I could, I knew you were not going to accept that explanation, because you want to believe it. I will try again, not for you, but for other readers.
    The New York Times claims it has copies of Trump’s tax returns over a number of years. Since you have not seen them, you CANNOT say it is a fact. You are making a judgement, based on the reputation of the New York Times, on Trump’s and the public willing to believe anything about him.
    I share that sympathy. I also know about journalism and how it is practised and have done so for over 40 years, most of that on highly reputable publications.
    If you look rationally at the other reports – print, radio and TV and online – they are all reporting that the New York Times has reported that Trump paid $750 in 2016. NOT THAT THEY KNOW IT AS A FACT. No reputable publication is saying that it is a fact. Thy cannot because they have no proof.
    As I have said, journalism has no truth testing mechanism, so if a journalist is told a story, all they can do is to talk to other sources an, depending on what they have been told, run with the story. I would go on with any long explanation. That is why we talk about reliable sources. They are reliable for a number of reasons, which I will not go in to now, none of which you seem not to understand.
    But, in the case of Trump, only the IRS, the FBI (following an investigation) or the state authorities ie New York, Or, Trump can admit the story is TRUE ie a fact. No newspaper can stand up the claims. At present it is an allegation. A credible allegation, but an allegation nevertheless.
    Your claim that Trump should sue if it is not true is silly and says a lot about your knowledge of libel and the courts. I no longer want to prolong talking about journalism with you. Go on and play mind games.


  • @ John A

    You are absolutely aright. Tax avoidance is not a crime, tax evasion is. Trump may be stupid, and I think he is, but he employees an army of lawyers and book keepers to go over this books, many of them experts in tax law.
    The IRS has even more tax experts on their staff, and if the are taking all this time (years) to bring a case against Mr Trump, it means there is no obvious case. Prosecuting a suspect does not mean s/he is guilty. The is due process, as you remind the blog.
    But you can predict the reaction of most Barbadians to this issues. I remember being in New York once and introducing myself to a Bajan Yankee and when I said I was a journalist and that I worked for the Daily Mail, he snapped: “You are no real journalist; you should be working for the New York Times.”
    It is a Bajan thing. It is our culture. This is who we are. I call it the Bajan Condition.


  • The bottomline is this:

    Trump has previously blasted the long-running quest for his financial > records as a ‘continuation of the most disgusting witch hunt in the history > of our country’. > > The businessman is the only modern president who has refused to release > his tax returns. > > Before he was elected, he had promised to do so. >

    With Biden and Harris releasing their tax returns the heat will be on Trump. What does he have to hide?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hal
    Maybe it is you that is too full of yourself.

    There is no reason to disbelieve the NY Times report stating they have seen copies of Tax returns.

    There are many scams that can be pulled to underpay tax

    For example if he made $100 million in his property business, he can avoid tax by investing in a $150 million property paying $100 million in cash and taking on a $50 million loan, and then claiming the business made no income, the payments servicing the $50 million loan can be claimed back in future tax years. His kids are on massive salaries promoted above their qualifications skills and experience. He owns his businesses which he can manipulate any way he wants.


  • The New York Times would be opening itself for all kinds of criticism if it reported that it had Trump’s tax returns if it couldn’t verify that they actually had them on hand and that they weren’t authentic. This is the President of the US a man who wields vast power and commands all kinds of resources and a man who would stop at nothing to prove that what he calls the fake Press is printing fake news.
    Imagine the field day that Trump, Fox news and every right- wing tabloid, newspaper and blogger would have if it could prove that the articles surrounding the tax returns and other Financial were based on “allegations”.

    For those who are interested here is Part 2 of the NYT article.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Ironside “God absolutely hates – e.g. abortion.”

    Where did God say this?

    And does God also absolutely hate men who do not support their children?


  • @Hal Austin September 29, 2020 9:56 AM “I am not digressing, but watch the @PLT idea for remote working in Barbados, which this clueless government has jumped on with alacrity. I raised the question of the tax official in these people’s home countries, and @PLT, in his usual confidence, said he had spoken to talk officials (presumably local ones) and they said there was nothing to worry about.The IRS and the UK’s HMRC are going to come down on these people like a ton of bricks; and, as to be expected, locals, including the chairman of BU, will call it racism. The IRS follows all Americans all over the world no matter what their new status is…”

    @Hal Austin September 29, 2020 9:56 AM “The IRS and the UK’s HMRC are going to come down on these people like a ton of bricks.”


    I am sure that these people understand their tax obligations, and like decent men and women everywhere will honor them. Go online file their tax returns. Go online and pay any tax due.I myself have for the past many years had tax obligations in multiple countries and I have honored those obligations. truly it isn’t hard to do. I pay a bit there. I pay a bit there.

    It int that hard if you are a an ordinary person; sensible people know that if their tax affairs become too complex for them, then they hire a tax accountant. That int hard to do either. I am not in the tax business, but i know at least one accountant who brilliant at tax systems of more that once country, having trained in both and having worked in both for many years.

    Simple tax return. Do it yourself.

    Complex return? Hire a professional.


  • Dont see this tax issue making any difference
    The issue really is Biden and what has he offered the black Community
    There is a hard core black organization who is making it their business in trying to educate the black community not to sell themselves short by giving away their vote to Biden because he is a democratic
    For them Biden must have something of value to offer the black Community
    At this stage in the game if Biden cannot pull a sizable distance from Trump “game over”
    I am also convinced that this group had used social media efficiently to get their message across
    Heres looking at you Biden


  • @ Pachamama.

    Excellent! Behold the Gutter Man Cometh. Straight ahead!

    Caleb Pilgrim


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Senor John A, we are on different perspectives here so let me reset … POTUS being fined if tax wrong-doing is found is obvious and he will get his due process, however that has nothing to do with the political ramifications (as the Blogmaster repeated and I noted originally)!

    YOU must know clearly the law does not allow you to present one value of an asset to your banker when you seek a loan, another to your insurance company when you seek a coverage and yet another or whatever you like to the tax appraiser, The example I gave above of a bank valued $290 mil being reduced 90% by another market appraisal was an ACTUAL item from Trump-land. That sir is NOT legally acceptable! …. We are NOT talking of an idle boast but actual values affixed to binding contractual obligations … thus I am not “getting all caught up in the election and press hype”!

    And@ Senor Austin… let me try to work through your prose with brevity…. First up you clearly said “@Pedantic, it is a trick in reporting.” re one media house reporting news which others repeat with being able to verify! Pill taken🤣

    You also noted: “I said your claim that the New York Times report is a fact is bilge. You are not in a position to say that. All you can say is that you BELIEVE it.”—— Senor, isn’t that a truism of EVERYTHING that is reported in the media? Don’t journalists seek to support the veracity of their info with witness quotes etc which can still be ‘inaccurate’… thus we will always have to accept the data based on – as you noted – other sources, the rebuttals/denials from the person involved and as I said ORIGNALLY the truthfulness of the media house !

    You said: “As I have said, journalism has no truth testing mechanism, so if a journalist is told a story, all they can do is to talk to other sources an, depending on what they have been told, run with the story. I would go on with any long explanation. That is why we talk about reliable sources.” —– @Austin that is circuitous argumentation and refutes nothing. And you certainly don’t need any longer explanation. Why do you seemingly dismiss the RELIABLE sources of the NYT who supplied the tax returns but yet speak of importance of sources generally … WTBadword??

    Are you implying that this paper would open itself to bankruptcy by a massive damages claim by purporting to have data which it even suspects could be fraudulent??

    And amazingly you dismiss as “silly” my remark that POTUS should sue if the data is inaccurate…WOW! —- The man has sued almost everyone who has crossed his presidential path: Stormy Daniels and a slew of others in sexual assault issues; he has already sued CNN on First Amendment issues BUT although he has said that this is fake news and previously accused the NYT of defamation re the earlier tax matter he has NOT lodged a suit against the NYT and you dismiss that… I am confounded by your wisdom and my ‘silly’ logic or understanding of libel/defamation !

    He SUES to attack and muddy the perceptions of whose right.. stop with the simplistic BS! We both know that a suit also requires discovery proceedings to validate if a case has merit and they would have to offer up their data and thus likely show from whence it came etc… but bruggadung the NYT then also has him by his cajones because it likely also validates that they have the real deal!

    So obviously he cant sue… and attack in this high stakes gambit but you don’t see how damning is that simple non-action on his part.

    Looka you playing some bogus games here so I’ll go play mine also!



  • de pedantic Dribbler

    correction: “re one media house reporting news which others repeat WITHOUT being able to verify”




  • @David
    Trump opens mouth and lie jumps out
    Happening now: After Trump claimed that the sheriff in Portland came out in support of him, Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese has responded with a message on Twitter: “I have never supported Donald Trump and will never support him.






  • Wuhlaus! Moneybrain wants me to discuss Trump without discussing race! He wants me to discuss Bajan life without discussing race.

    And he lied and said I cannot discuss anything without introducing race.

    King Liar and his lying supporters. All of them liars. Every one of them.


  • I don’t know how to describe what I just saw.


  • But uh now catch myself!

    This morning Moneybrain tried to tell me who is racist. Yuh mean a black woman needs a white man to tell she who disrespects and disregards her?????

    That in itself is disrepectful.

    Lookah cyah yuh tail, Moneybrain!


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