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Quagmire of Incestuous Behaviour by Public Officials

The following was posted to social media by Attorney at Law Douglas Trotman and tagged to Barbados Underground. David, Blogmaster It is with mixed feelings that I pen this missive… does relationship bias equate to corruption? Gollop, Stuart (former AG and PM), P. Cheltenham, and Worrell (judge) are indeed not in a partnership. They are directors of a company “Harford

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Jumbling Guns, Drugs, and Corruption.

There are many pieces to our drugs, guns and corruption puzzle.  Reviewing various documentaries about the drugs trade in the wider Caribbean region, can show us what the finished puzzle may look like, and therefore, why it is not being solved. Interviewed gang leaders admitted to bribing: customs officials, police, judges, and politicians.  Bribes were paid to guarantee the uninterrupted

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Barbadians Carrying the Weight of Cahill Waste

Who is Quantum Energy and are they new beneficial owners of the Cahill Waste To Energy idea. Who owns the Garbage in Barbados? … – Kammie Holder (posted to Request to Remove CAHILL blog 2018) At some point on Day 3 during the just concluded Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Annual Conference, Prime Minister Mia Mottley referenced that the controversial Cahill agreement

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A Heather Cole Column – Why Not Due Process? – Part 1

The Attorney General of Barbados continues to make some utterances that makes one raise their eyebrows. His statement that persons made confessions of having taken part in bribery during the tenure of the previous Democratic Labour Party Administration should make us all concerned. Based on his own admission Mr. Dale Marshall, the person who serves as the Attorney General of

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Power Can Corrupt Very Good People

Solutions Barbados recently held their Annual General Meeting.  All Executive positions are for one-year terms, and Grenville Phillips II was re-elected to serve another term as President. Politicians in all of the political parties, who participated in the last general election, know that politics is not only a very dirty game, but a cesspool of some of the worst types

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