Saint Vincent Labour Party Democracy in Review

Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green

Communism, Marxism, and 21st Century Socialism are anti-Democratic. The attempt by the ULP leadership to fool Vincentians into believing they and the ULP party are democratic with democratic policies must be treated not just as untrue, but as totally unacceptable.

Bribing Vincentian people using Vincentian taxpayers’ money to do it. Doing it now before the upcoming elections with building materials is an extreme undemocratic action.

Being caught in election fraud during the 2016 elections has not taught them anything.

Many articles about bribing the people with building materials have been published, and they do not care that the current bribery action is being recorded and filmed, to be published internationally.

The continuing distinctly undemocratic behaviour tells us that if they are blatantly bribing now while being watched and scrutinised, they will blatantly do what they did last time and stuff the ballot boxes and have people voting more than once in more than one constituency, using ghost voters and dead peoples votes. Because if they are willing to do one dirty operation, you can guarantee they will do all the others this time exactly as they did last time. Also, you can be sure that whoever is guiding this undemocratic action will now introduce even more dirty tricks to steal the election.

They believe they are untouchable, and the people approve of them being elected by whatever means they choose.

Suppose we look at everything that the ULP has done while under the present leadership over the last twenty years. Everything they do or have done that is undemocratic.

Bringing down the properly elected government of SVG by revolution, ‘the roadblock revolution’.

Falsely promising people at the time an across the board 30% pay rise, they never paid it.

Giving the teachers a contract, which was knowingly unenforceable and unconstitutional, while lying and saying it is the best ever.

Telling hundreds of lies to the people, to parliament, to anyone who will listen.

Touring the world to scrounge from undemocratic governments.

Aligning SVG closely politically and otherwise with nasty communist regimes like Cuba and Venezuela.

Joining the country without public debate with the ALBA organisation, which is an undemocratic organisation with undemocratic leaders, based on Marxist doctrines.

Taking payment from governments with known human rights abominations and then voting to assist those countries and those dirty violating leaders by voting in their favour at the UN.

Taking money from Venezuela, while women and babies are starving.

Taking medical goods from Venezuela while people are dying of COVID virus in droves.

The nasty, wicked, cruel, and malicious treatment meted out to citizens like Bigger Bigs, Marcus De Freitas, Randolph Toussaint, the teachers, the unions, to anyone who is recognised as not supporting the ULP government or its leadership. There are simply hundreds affected.

Continual violations of human rights.

Demanding and instructing Vincentian businesspeople not to become politicians.

People are beaten at police stations, police acting as political police on behalf of the regime, Police Special Branch illegally gathering information on the opposition party, sending police to raid those who do something politically opposing the regime, police obtaining search warrants with fraudulent applications.

Extrajudicial killings suspected but not proven.

Sending Tax and VAT inspectors to people homes and businesses for political reasons, to disrupt and cower them.

Buying church and religious leaders with tax-free and import free status to control what they do and say, ensuring they stay in line with the rules of the regime, making them political tools.

Calling people who oppose the regime nasty, degrading, abusive, and defamatory names, like internet crazies, and worthless dirty dogs.

Making nasty and dirty hand gestures to people who displease the regime.

Frightening newspaper and online media owners and editors to stop them from publishing exposė’s of political dirtiness.

Introducing acts of parliament to stifle online commentary and freedom of speech.

Being accused and not appearing before a court when accused of rape and sexual assault.

Freedom of speech, movement and assembly inhibited.

Giving out passports with citizenships without transparency and in secrecy.

Announcing “we will hunt them down until they exist no more.”

Announcing to a Christian based society and citizenship that “If I work Obeah, I only work Obeah for the Lord” which is a grossly based Blasphemy. An insult to all worshippers of God.

There is much more, and it is all undemocratic. If you remember what I forgot, please list it in the comments below.

If there is anything written here that you would like me to explain, just ask in the comments section.

Democracy in SVG under the ULP and its leadership does not exist, not at all.

The claim of Democracy is little more than a fraud on the Vincentian people.

3 thoughts on “Saint Vincent Labour Party Democracy in Review


    This Article has been posted for hours now without one single comment…Bajans have their heads Buried in the sand when it comes to the topic of Communism, Marxism, and 21st Century Socialism threatening the region. Nathan Green how is it that CARICOM leaders could elect a known Communist Ralph Gonsalves, to Chair CARICOM knowing that he is up for re-elections in SVG. Are they so sure he will once again be elected PM to continue to bring his country to Ruination of the downward spiral that we witnessed happened in places back then like Cuba, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and more recently in Venezuela? And Who Recommended him? and Why was he Embracing our PM the previous Chair? Why would PM MAM elect a Known Bajan Communist as Ambassador to CARICOM who is an Avid Supporter of Maduro and the Cuban Regime?

    And Why are CARICOM leaders Cuddling the Chinese Communist Party selling their Ports that is in essence selling their Countries access to the world?

    All Caribbean Countries already borrow money from the lending agencies and all these agencies require is that you pay it back with some interest. When the CCP lends money, for instance Sam Lords Castle and you default on payment they will take over the asset and they will have total Control over that asset. They can create a Country within a Country and Sam Lords has Access to the Ocean. When they have Control, they do not have to pay Taxes, THEY OWN IT, THEY OWN IT, THEY OWN IT, and IT IS SOVEREIGN TO THEM. Why is CARICOM entertaining the Chinese Communist Party’s intrusion into the Caribbean? Why are Politicians selling our Birthright for a mess of pottage?


    What do you think about your country borrowing billions of dollars from China? Is it safe? Ask the Africans what is their experience?

    Please remember, as I mention in the video: this is only about the Communist Government’s actions and not about a regular Chinese person. They have nothing to do with it, just as people in North Korea can’t be held accountable for their leaders’ actions.

    Hope this video inspires more awareness about what is happening globally.


    It’s not just Jamaica but all over the Caribbean and Africa.
    In a nutshell, Chinese investments benefit the Chinese and the Jamaican politicians, not the common people.

    China Merchants NOW sole OWNERS of Kingston Freeport

    Brew Vlog #84 Jamaica’s Kingston Terminals Is Under Chinese Control

    They soon have their own Security Forces and their own Military in place in Jamaica.

  3. This is Another Excellent Article by Nathan Jolly Green
    Vote Them Out in SVG

    “Almost every country in the world, including the UK and the US, has a citizenship by investment program except SVG, North Korea, China, and most of ALBA including Cuba and Venezuela. Why do you think that is? The answer to that is simple. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [SVG] under Unity Labour Party [ULP] leadership has spent almost twenty years converting the citizenship into a class of citizens they can manage and fool, what is known as the ‘peasant class’. A significant part of the population has been mentally raped into political submission. Believing that the Unity Labour Party of today is the same old Labour Party of Saint Vincent, which was taken over by the MNU a Marxist based communist party.”…

    I pray that your words resonates with the people of St Vincent and the same course of action to prosperity that you advocate can be applied here in Barbados.

    As people grow older some may see through the lies but that does not change the course of the country they are always many more younger ones who only know how to feel not how to think for themselves and the politicians know how to exploit that fact. Our universities teach rage not thinking and all who leave the universities can talk but not think they have been taught to follow the Marxist line. For many years now we have allowed our people to be taught ideologies that is foreign to us till we have accepted it as the way it is, that that is the only ideology forward to the new land. Yet they never show the fruit of the promise land of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China they only show the utopia of words never actions nor do they take into account man’s nature.

    Marxism has never worked in real life it bankrupts nations impoverishes the populations and use oppression as their tool of rule. The Sad part is we choose it, we commit suicide all because we refuse to think we prefer to have people dictate to us how to act how to think, how to live, what to eat etc. giving up our sovereignty choosing the lazy way out of never thinking until it is too late.

    We fight to enlighten others because to do otherwise is to allow others to commit suicide without saying stop! Think! of what you are doing after this there is no coming back these days of emotions ruling without thinking, to speak the truth you are thought of as mad or as old fashion, or not charismatic or unfeeling or racist.

    The Position that Gonsalves now holds as Chair of CARICOM and Commie Sing Song the Communist Ambassador to CARICOM is a Toxic Mix for the Caribbean…Such Ideology has destroyed Jamaica, Guyana, Venezuela and from what you have said SVG and is Influencing other regions in the Caribbean…

    Image… The ALBA Leadership, every one of them a Marxist. ALBA Founded initially by Cuba and Venezuela in 2004.×469.jpg

    Read More @

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