Sweet Sunday Sermon – Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?

Submitted by Dr. GP

All Christians will suffer affliction, trial, and tribulation in this world. It is a fact of life and it is a truth of Scripture.
• The Lord Jesus Christ said, “In this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world”

(John 16:33)

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    • @Kiki

      Relax with the irrelevant videos. The blogmaster understands what you are doing, you are giving back the medicine but it is always better to set a good example.

  1. “Relax”

    OK Boss…
    .. I will refrain from cyber activity and will meditate gently like a shaolin buddhist to feel the subtler spiritual nature of my inner self following the middle way of peace respect and love for all

    You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

  2. There are 3 positions with respect to the relation of the Church and the Tribulation period, which now appears very imminent.
    These are
    1- the Pre-tribulational position, which posits that the rapture of the true church, the Bride of Christ will occur BEFORE the Tribulation,
    2- the Mid -tribulational position, which asserts that the rapture of the true church, the Bride of Christ will occur AT THE MIDPOINT OF THE TRIBULATION, and
    3- The Posttribulational position, which posits that the rapture of the true church, the Bride of Christ will occur AFTER THE TRIBULATION.

    The Pre-tribulational position is the one that is supported by careful perusal of the Word of God

  3. 50 Evidences for the Pre-Trib Rapture

                                Historical Doctrine of Imminency 

    The early church believed in the imminency of the Lord’s return. While it can be debated which church father said what, there is a consistency in the early church on imminency which is essential to the pre-trib position and in opposition to some other positions.
    The Pre-trib position is the ONLY one which truly teaches imminency.
    The fact that there is a greater development of the doctrine in recent centuries does not preclude it from the early centuries. In the very early years of the church you see the development of great fundamentals doctrines of Trinity, Deity, God-man, canon of Scripture, etc. Following those early church councils is a time of decline in the corporate church into great apostasy. The teaching of that time are built on many of the heresies of Augustine. When the Reformation comes, there is a period of reestablishing the foundational doctrines of salvation. Now, in these last days there is both and ability and a need in the church to better understand the doctrines of eschatology and the Spirit is continuing His ministry of guiding the church in all truth.
    The exhortation to be comforted by the “coming of the Lord” (1Thes 4:18) is valid only in the context of the pre-trib view. It could even be a fearsome thing in a post-trib view.
    We are exhorted to look for the “Glorious Appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (Titus 2:13) If there are any prophetic events (ie: tribulation) to come first, then this passage is nonsensical.
    Again, we are to “purify ourselves” in view of his coming.(1 John 3:2-3) If his coming is not imminent then the passage is meaningless.
    The church told only to look for the Coming of Christ. It is Israel and the tribulation saints that are told to look for signs.

                                  Nature of the Church 

    (Those who do not understand the nature of the church as unique in the program of God will continually be confused about the nature of His coming for the church.)

    The translation of the church is never mentioned in any context dealing with the second coming of Christ at the end of the Tribulation.
    The church is “not appointed to wrath” (Rom 5:9; 1 Thes 1:9-10) The church cannot enter into the “great day of their wrath.”
    The Church will not be “overtaken by the Day of the Lord.” (1 Thes 5:1-9) (Day of the Lord is another term for the great tribulation.)
    The church will be “kept from the hour of testing that shall come upon all the world.” (Rev. 3:10)
    The believer will escape the tribulation (Luke 21:36).
    It is in the character of God to deliver His own from the greatest times of trial. (Lot, Rahab. Israel, Noah,etc)
    It is clear that there is a time interval between the translation of the church and the Return of Christ. (John 14:3)
    Only the pre-trib position does not divide the Body of Christ on a works principle as does partial rapture does so clearly and others to a lesser extent. It becomes a climatic finale to the grand plan of salvation by grace alone.
    The Scriptures are adamant that the church is undivided. In this age the church is divided by the continuing old nature in the believers. When we are glorified at the coming of Christ, the church is no more divided.
    The godly remnant of the tribulation has the attributes seen in OT Israel and not the church. The church is not present in the prophecies of Revelation.
    The pre-trib view, unlike the post-trib view does not confuse terms like elect and saints which apply to believers of all ages , as opposed to terms like church and in Christ, which apply only to those who are the body of Christ in this age.

                              The Work of the Holy Spirit 

    The Holy Spirit is the Restrainer of evil in the world. He cannot be taken out as prophesied unless the church which is indwelt by the Holy Spirit is taken out.
    The Holy Spirit will be taken out before the “lawless one” is revealed. That lawless one will certainly be revealed in the tribulation. In fact, the tribulation begins with the signing of the covenant between that lawless one and Israel. That act will reveal him.
    The “falling away” in 2 Thes 2:3 would better be understood in its context as “the departure.” This is a reference to the departure of the Holy Spirit as He indwells the church.
    The work of the Holy Spirit making the church like Christ where they submit to death and persecution, whereas the OT saints (see many of the Psalms) and the tribulations saints cry out for vengeance (Rev 6:10)

                              The Hermeneutical Argument 

    Only the pre-trib view allows for a truely literal interpretation in all of the OT & NT passages regarding the great tribulation.
    Only the pre-trib position clearly distinguishes the church and Israel and God’s dealing with each. The Necessity of an Interval of Time between the Rapture and the Second Coming
    All believers must appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Cor 5:10). This event is never mentioned in the account of events surrounding the second coming.
    The “four and twenty elders” in rev 4:1-5:14 are representative of the church. Therefore it is necessary that the church, undivided, be brought to glory before those events of the tribulation.
    There is clearly a coming of Christ for his bride before the second coming to earth. Rev 19:7-10.
    Tribulation saints are not translated at the second coming of Christ but carry on ordinary activities. These specifically include farming, construction, and giving birth. (Is 65:20-25).
    The Judgment of the Gentile nations following the second coming (Mat 25:31-46) indicates that both the saved and the lost are in a natural body which would be impossible if the translation had taken place at the second coming.
    If the translation took place at the same time as the second coming, there would be no need to separating the sheep from the goats at the subsequent judgment. The act of the translation would be the separation.
    The Judgment of Israel (Ez 20:34-38) occurs after the second coming and requires a regathered Israel. Again, the separation of the saved and the lost would be unnecessary if all the saved had previously been separated by a translation at the second coming.

                Differences between the Rapture and the Second Coming. 

    At the Rapture, the church meets Christ in the air. At the second coming, Christ returns to the Mt of Olives.
    At the time of the Rapture, the Mt of Olives is unchanged. At the second coming it is divided forming a valley east of Jerusalem.
    At the time of the rapture, saints are translated. No saints are translated at the time of the second coming.
    At the time of the rapture, the world is no judge for sin, but descends deeper into sin. At the second coming, the world is Judged by the King of kings.
    The translation of the church is pictured as a deliverance from the day of wrath, whereas the coming of Christ is a deliverance for those who have suffered under severe tribulation.
    The rapture is immanent whereas there are specific signs which precede the second coming.
    The translation of living believers is a truth revealed only in the NT. The second coming with the events surrounding it is prominent in both OT and NT.
    The rapture is only for the saved, while the tribulation and second coming deals with the entire world.
    No unfulfilled prophecy stands between the church and the rapture. Many signs must be fulfilled before the second coming of Christ.
    No passage in either OT or NT deals with the resurrection of the saints at the second coming nor mentions the translation of living saints at that same time.

                              The Nature of the Tribulation 

    Only the pre-trib view maintains the distinction between the “great tribulation” and the tribulations in general which we all experience.
    The great tribulation is properly understood in the pre-trib view as a preparation for the restoration of Israel. (Deut 4:29-30. Jer 30:4-11, Dan 9:24-27, Dan 12:1-2)
    Not one single passage in the OT which discusses the tribulation, mentions the church.
    Not one single passage in the NT which discusses the tribulation, mentions the church.
    In contrast to mid trib or pre-wrath views, the pre-trib view offers an adequate explanation for the beginning of the great tribulation in Rev 6. These others are clearly refuted by the plain teaching of Scripture that the great tribulation begins long before the 7th trumpet of Rev 11.
    There is no proper groundwork provided that the 7th trumpet of Rev is the last trumpet of 1 Cor 15. It is accepted only on the basis of assumption. The pre-trib view maintains the proper distinction between the prophetic trumpets of the church and the trumpets of the tribulation.
    The Unity of Daniel’s 70th week is maintained by the pre-trib view. By contrast, the mid-trib view destroys the unity and confuses the program for Israel and the church. The post trib view usually denies the clear teaching of the 70th weeks by subverting it into some form or another of allegory.
    The gathering of saints after the tribulation is done by angels whereas the gathering of the church is done by “The Lord Himself.”
    Rev 22:17-20 And the Spirit and the Bride say come. And he that heareth, let him say come … He who testifieth of these things saith
    “Yea, I come quickly, AMEN. COME LORD JESUS

  4. @ 555dubstreet August 2, 2020 8:50 AM

    KIki, are you recommending (and justifiably so) that black people would be better off if they adopt Buddhism as a way of life since all the branches of the Abrahamic faith have failed them miserably?

    There is a crying need for blacks to come to an Awakening of their role on this planet. They can only come into such a state of spiritual Awareness if they recognize the Light.

    At least they, the blacks, would achieve emancipation from their current mental slavery perpetuated through the adoration of an idol called sweet Jesus cast in the image of a European man which was used by the Romans to replace the ‘cult’ worship of Antinous.

  5. There is one argument that Jesus adopted Buddhist teachings to determine his own spiritual philosophy about life, earth, humanity death, God, the after life etc. Christianity in it’s roots is suitable for black people who have been through tribulations in life as slaves and as victims of racism and prejudice, gospel music of blacks is heavenly and spirituality inspiring.
    Europeans did not believe the religion they preached, religions come from the East, to understand the universe and all in it. We are all part of that Universe that the Creator God made and God is in us as a part of us.

  6. I don’t usually listen / like white music but this swedish band / songs sounds like Al Green / Sam Cooke -ish

  7. Enjoyed Guzik.

    Lovely historical link to the Second Great Awakening.

    They said Christianity was to have been dead and gone in America just after the Nation was founded.

    Came out of the Enlightenment period in France, kind of like Marxism came out of Russia.

    So much for that assertion, God got this one too!!.


    Understanding Our Times: Reflections on Psalm 2,=> JOEL 2 => => ACTS 2 AND ON

  9. What Miller is alluding to is individually the Black diaspora must determine their own philosophy of spirituality for liberation, instead of following false doctrines and teachings imposed by invaders, slavers, traders, colonialists, capitalists, warmongers who teach you to be subservient to rules to hold you and control that they do not even believe themselves, they should review all branches of spirituality and tree of life and decide which resonates with their hearts minds and body best to find God within.

  10. @ 555dubstreet August 4, 2020 9:13 AM

    You got that one right on the button!

    Unless and until black people figure out the ‘Source’ of their black skin they would always remain in the doldrums of Spiritual ignorance.

    Even those stupid black Christians themselves still cannot figure out why they pretend to worship a god on a day called “Sunday” instead of a ‘Wednesday’- the day dedicated to the planet Mercury or the Anglo-Saxon god Woden or the Norse Odin- or even on a ‘Mo(o)nday’.

    To be frank with you, those Christians who worship their god on a “SUNDAY” might just be right on target in their adoration of the LIGHT.

  11. Lemme get this straight.

    It is the Portland Moms who are burning the Bibles.

    How many have these Portland Moms killed so far?

  12. The Jack Bowman troll lurking inside the John Knox is reemerging again chatting pure fuckeries again.
    Cunt face Trump called in the Federal Agencies for a heavy handed black youth clampdown, so the balck and white Moms of Portland formed a Human Shield to fight against fascism and got tear gassed beaten and arrested by the fat pigs in army gear.

  13. Portland seems to have some real muthas!!

    Burning Bibles and killing peoples … no regard for life or religion = marxists

  14. “Portland seems to have some real muthas!!”

    There are a lot of ignorant racists in Amerikkka. John Know All Knox would be a top notch special advisor for Trump 2020 campaign if he wasn’t so blak. I blame Majorie L Knox for having him when he should have been aborted like the baby Hitler.

  15. I would recommend to Sleepy Joe Biden to select a VP from the muthas of Portland.

    Kamala Harris, Pocahantas etc are all wusses.

    He needs a real mutha backing him up.

    What ever happened to Pocahantas.

  16. @ John August 5, 2020 4:53 PM

    Sir John, maybe the wheel of retribution has turned full circle for your type, the make-believe Xtians.

    From being crucified, persecuted and marginalized as a cult in a colony of Rome to the catacombs under the old city of Rome to they, the Christians, finding themselves persecuting, killing and desecrating the body and works of the likes of Galileo, the Incas, Aztecs, Mayas, Caribs, Tinos and Sub-Saharan African but now experiencing a ‘return’ to the good old days in the form of their modern-day exposure as mere fake preacher men (and women) with no more clout with God than the ordinary African Obeah man or Indian/Vedic astrologer all selling a different type of heaven on the same Earth.

    As it is ascribed to your great Teacher of the golden rule of human morality: “Do unto others as you will like them to do to unto you”.

    Karma is one daughter of a blackened bitc**h; isn’t she, red johnny?

    Just remember what goes around will come around some day.

    Yes, some Sunny day!

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