In the Castle of Establishment

Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley signalled to the Nation she is in favour of removing Nelson statue BUT a national conversation should be a prerequisite. The Prime Minister maybe of the mind we need to seize the opportunity – given to us with the rise of #BLM – to bring as many Barbadians to the same place in thought to what it means to remove a colonial symbol offensively planted in Heroes Square in 2020. Surprisingly a significant number of Barbadians could care less if Nelson statue is moved. The sentiment by this group is captured in the mouthing of Minister of Tourism Kerri Symmonds delivered in Parliament last week –

I am now at an age and stage in life where I am not interested in the optics. You could pull down a thousand statues and it will fill nobody’s belly. I am interested in filling people’s bellies, I am interested in making sure that people have comfort when they sleep at night, that their children have satisfaction that they are going to inherit something in the land of their birth, and until we come to that point we are having an artificial debate…

So let us come to the point where we are dealing with the substance. Psychologically, it might make things better in terms of the optics, it may make people feel there has been an achievement. That can be debated. I am neither for nor against quite frankly, but my feeling is that we cannot take our eyes off that ball called substance. That substance is how do we economically empower the working class people of Barbados so that they and their sons and daughters can be those people who are the guardians of the commanding heights of this country’s economy…

Minister of Tourism and International Transport Kerrie Symmonds

Symmonds’ infantile statement was balanced by a more relevant position shared by the Barbados Private Sector Association headed ironically by White Barbadian Edward Clarke. For a long time Black Barbadians have come to accept that although in the majority the economic power on the island resides with a small group in Barbados. Back in the day former Minister of Labour Don Blackman coined the term “White Shadows”. Up to now the White Shadows group or to use a more euphemistic reference- power elite, have been happy for Barbados to wear the label of being a crypto racist society. Who wants to rock the boat if the waters are deep and choppy? It is only the ignorant and dishonest who will not acknowledge that White privilege has its origin in a colonial past that gave birth to today’s ‘establishment’. The work of building an equitable society continues and it must start with addressing embedded biases nurtured in the minds of our people for centuries. BOTH Black and White.

The blogmaster is of the view the national conversation, if it materializes, must be had in this context.

See statement from the Barbados Private Sector Association:

Barbados Private Sector Association: Moving Forward Together

Added 29 June 2020


Chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association Edward Clarke (FILE)

“The members of the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) continue to be engaged together with other Social Partners in the process of rebuilding our economy and society following the Covid-19 pandemic’s significant impact. At the same time, the BPSA too is cognizant of the present global, social and economic realities which could impact our small developing nation’s ability to achieve “the future we want”, for all citizens and residents and the generations to come.

“Given the need and opportunity for us to ‘reconstruct and rebuild’ nationally, occurring at this time of global conversation on racial tensions and inequities, attention must also include a focus on imbalances that currently exist in our country. It is therefore timely, and necessary, to honestly look at the society we live in with a view to progressing Barbados to become a model of inclusiveness, diversity and equality of access for all. Undoubtedly, this process must necessarily include discussion on racial division and economic enfranchisement in Barbados.

“BPSA recognises the benefit of consultation and dialogue and regards these as being critical if any meaningful positive national change is to be achieved. More importantly, such consultation and dialogue must be of a calibre to develop an implementable plan to address, with success, the issues including any inequalities and inequities.  It is anticipated that such a plan would be underpinned with a commitment from all stakeholders to be part of the change process.

“We also signal BPSA’s support for the removal to a more suitable environment the statue of Lord Nelson which was erected on March 22, 1813 to commemorate the anniversary of the British Royal Navy’s victory in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Indeed, the renaming of Trafalgar Square to Heroes Square renders the current positioning of Lord Nelson, overlooking the seat of our National Heroes, incongruous.

“BPSA stands ready not only to be engaged in the dialogue but also for each of us to introspect and to answer all well formulated, collective calls to action drafted with the input of every voice of our nation.

“We therefore call for discussion and engagement on these matters of national concern with a view to agreeing specific and tangible actions, as collectively, we journey to achieve ‘One Barbados’.” (PR)

Source: Nation Newspaper



  • David,

    I beg your indulgence here and I don’t want this to shift the focus off shore but you guys need to google Elijah McClain. It seems the police who killed him staged a re- enactment of their dastardly act at the memorial site where he was killed for pure fun and posted pictures. Another officer
    then posted “Ha ha!”


  • Well what do you know…..minister Kerr “only interested in feeding black bellies” is staring on FB and whatsapp cause apparently he forgot that his clients and their families HAVE BELLIES TO FEED TOO…the video is being shared inside and outside of Barbados..these people have been suffering for quite some time, so clearly his lying deceitful words are not adding up..


  • @Miller

    You need to bring it home. The BPS lead by a a White man opened the door for the discussion.



  • Donna…people find that display by cops in US, who should soon be excops.. more than abhorrent and repulsive, but that is how racists and white supremacists are, pure undiluted, UNAPOLOGETIC Q EVIL…


  • This is someone’s honest opinion on FB…and there are those of you would believe this lying ass racist parasite and crook now with fraud talk about “one Barabdos” when these scum have done EVERYTHING within their powers handed to them by DBLP house negros to SABOTAGE every effort that the Black majority made to pull themselves out of generational poverty…the evil demons have ROBBED THE PEOPLE of all their human rights, including their international rights and took it for themselves….so you can believe all the lies that they are all down in Bathsheba putting together for the dumbest black people who ever lived to BELIEVE….that’s on you…

    your black face leaders are evil…..the criminal class of minorites are just as evil, they are one and the same, the only things they agree is robbing, exploiting and oppressing generations of the Black majority…if Sutherland knew how stupid he looked and sounded, he would never embarrass his own people and himself like that again…..there are not enuff tiefing racist minorities to reelect him or any of them to the parliament…a fact that he and them will soon learn….just as DLP did.

    It is now the responsiblitiy of THE PEOPLE now that they have been informed of their international human rights, TOO SHUT THEM ALL DOWN…and get rid of the sell out government.

    “I found this post in another section of social media. I am happy to see that more and more Barbadians are speaking up about the issues confronting them and the blatant bias towards the white capital class by this minority BLP government.

    I am tired of unscrupulous, amoral corporate Barbados, who, with government’s complicity have fleeced Barbadians for generations in many areas of our economic life! There still seems to exist in some quarters, this notion that black Barbadians should only be coconut vendors, fish sellers, and hawkers at the side of the road. Even cutting grass and driving taxis or tour buses are now being monopolized by the same corporate class.
    Our attempts, for the most part, to be real entrepreneurs and to create generational wealth in this country have been frustrated and sabotaged by an economic and financial system created to exclude poor Barbadians from certain areas of econooutside mic activity.

    I am incensed that a minister could publicly announced that this government will enact legislation solely to benefit a few Caucasian-owned car dealerships at the expense of budding black, Barbadian entrepreneurs; using the rationale about “leveling the playing field”. The playing field was never leveled to the benefit of 90% of the population! If they were to allow market forces to prevail, and true entrepreneurship and capitalism to flourish ( i.e competition) businesses like Nassco would be obsolete.
    Everytime, black business people start to threaten the established order (i.e white economic domination, and black subservience and patronage to white owned businesses) our black government intercedes to stop our progress! For the most part, we are already shut out of accessing substantial capital to start businesses because of onerous financial requirements. I believe that, as a people, we are only considered to be consumers of goods and services and to provide labour, and not the other way around.
    Put no faith in the political class either, they are for the most part in bed with corporate Barbados to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of empowering every Barbadian to truly better him or herself through the right type of legislation, and making available to them the financial and legislative instruments to truly revolutionize this economy.

    Covid 19 should be a wake up call that it cannot be business as usual where our economy is concerned! We need to unleash the creativity of the people of this country, and encourage competition in every economic sphere in this country;businesses like Nassco and others who cannot compete should close shop and go home, because the consumer should have the final say on who succeeds and who fails – not the government!


  • WURA,

    I saw that stuff about the car dealerships and I was flabbergasted. Ridiculous! The odds are stacked against the small car dealers. What level playing field what!

    If black Bajans had any sense they would boycott the complainers.


  • ” and debate how we can advance a truth and reconciliation debate.”
    If the political power was in the hands of a dominant white majority or minority, then I would be interested in a “truth and reconciliation debate”. But to hear that phrase after 60 years of black power (black political rules) serves to inform us that our black leadership is useless.


  • Let’s see how well sabotaging their own people’s progress works out for la basura when the 90% plus majority population KICK ALL THEIR ASSES OUT OF THE PARLIAMENT ONCE AND FOR ALL come 2023……we know the skunk minorities will just turn around quickly and start recruiting NEW HOUSE NEGROS…and planting them in the parliament to continue the same racism, exploitation and oppression of the people…….but some of us know exactly how to deal with that….


  • But wait a minute doh! I didn’t realise that Vincent Codrington is the one liking all the posts against a racial reckoning. Does he think there is no racial problem in Barbados????

    He thinks we should continue as is????


  • Donna…we can now sit back and watch Sutherland be humiliated at the polls in 2023…just as he so giddily and eagerly humiliated his own people in the media to appease and please their oppressors… their expense..


  • Wura added a dimension to the discussion when she talked of our leaders being responsible for generational poverty.

    I had some ideas floating in my mind, but I could not understand how educated black leaders seem unable to change the ‘status quo’. They are able to demonstrate complete dominance over the weak, poor and hungry, but even Viagra is unable to cure their impotence when dealing with other groups..

    One blogger has stated that it is not corruption that brought us to this state, it is incompetence. I know they like to ‘teif ‘ and so I will keep the corruption ‘ting’ going, but it is not corruption or incompetence that is the source of our problems; it is undiluted wickedness; it is a desire to maintain the status quo and to keep some in generational poverty.


  • The question you asked is the reason for posting the blog, being educated is not the sole determinant required to recalibrate the ‘establishment’. Educated Blacks have to achieve within an establishment with power structures cured over decades and decades. A minority of the population controls the economic power.


  • There is no cure for the racist mind, it is a very ugly generational disease passed down for centuries to children who are not born that way but adapt to the learned behavior instilled in them and triggered through continous indoctrination…..YOU CANNOT CHANGE RACISTS…stop trying…i saw this video and it did not surprise me one little bit, she is just lucky the Black female was not armed and surprised her dumb ass with a bullet…

    it’s only in Barbados they believe they can cure or change repulsive racists programmed to hate, rob and murder black people..

    “A white couple face criminal charges after one of them was captured on video pulling a handgun on a Black woman and her daughters in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan.

    Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were arrested after Wednesday night’s confrontation and charged Thursday with felonious assault, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said in a release. They were later arraigned and are free on a $50,000 personal bond, according to the Oakland County sheriff’s office. As a condition of the bond they must turn over all firearms, not engage in “assaultive behavior” and not leave Michigan, Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement.”


  • @ TheOgazerts July 3, 2020 7:42 PM
    “I had some ideas floating in my mind, but I could not understand how educated black leaders seem unable to change the ‘status quo’. They are able to demonstrate complete dominance over the weak, poor and hungry, but even Viagra is unable to cure their impotence when dealing with other groups..”

    That craftily devised ‘sex-laden’ analogy is one of the ‘sweetest’ piece of satire on the Bajan political class ever to appear on the pages of BU.

    No wonder “Piece de Prophet” thinks of you as the ‘Bomb of BU’!


  • Incompetence wuh! You think they don’t know that the playing field was never level for small car dealers, for instance? Look how quickly that complaint is being addressed. Abracadabra!

    But Bajans are waking up!


  • Many different ways to commit genocide, i just want the jokers in Barbados’ parliament to pay for their crimes against the majority population…racism is a violation of human rights, so is oppression, exploitation and generational thefts of the people’s right to wealth creation and progress.

    “In the United Kingdom, we tend to look at the United States with smug contempt over the police brutality and overt racial injustice on display there. Yet, Black people account for 3 percent of the population, but 8 percent of deaths in custody in the UK. Moreover, since 1990, just one police officer has been convicted for their role in the death of someone in their care. This, despite almost 2,000 people dying in police custody, or otherwise following contact with the police, in England and Wales during the same period.”


  • Good news will be even better when they are all arrested for this young man’s brutal, sadistic murder..

    “One of the three officers who stopped Elijah McClain in an encounter that ended up in his death has been fired from the Aurora, Colorado police department.”


  • Blog 6/7, over a thousand comments and? #⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕


  • The Black majority in Barbados need to TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY and ECONOMIC POWER from racist minorities and sell out governments, you have a task to perform to save your current and future generations, so wake up and get to it…..the Black population is helping themselves in US…buy black, build black, grow black wealth….keep it all in Black communites…permanently…

    shut down the thieves and exploiters….permanently..

    “Lorine Pendleton, an investor who has been funding underrepresented entrepreneurs for more than seven and a half years, knows about this disparity very well. Believing that economic opportunity and entrepreneurship are the keys to Black wealth, Pendleton, along with four other world-class female investors – Karen Karr, Noramay Cadena, Daphne Dufresne, Juliana Garaizar – is leading Rising America Fund, the first venture capital fund led by women of color partners.”


  • Guys.

    Your input on this thesis is explosive. Sitting Ministers have some serious homework to accomplish. May the most high help them through due process.

    Colonialism is very alive in Barbados. Ask Ian Pickup ,(BMA) Jeffery Cave, (Cave Shepherd) Samuel Moore, (Moore Paragon). De oppressors, lack of a better word.


  • It’s interesting how those who were previously calling the demand for the removal of Nelson’s statue from Heroes Square a wedge issue and a diversion from dealing with substantive issues, suddenly, want to talk about Nelson’s statue now that it is pratically a closed case and all we’re waiting for is the government to announce the details of its removal. This tells me that they saw the Nelson statue issue as a gateway to a discussion on the racist structure of Barbados and the social and economic injustices it causes to the majority population, despite over 50 years of ‘independence’, and they were trying to close down this discussion at the gateway. They didn’t have the moral or intellectual courage to come out and say they defended the unjust status quo and so now the gateway is out of the way, they are reluctant to engage in discussion on the substantive issues that they have been calling for us to focus on. They want a discussion on how to “fill people’s bellies” and “empower the working class” that ignores the elephant in the room, namely the racist structure of modern Barbados, including its economy and society which determines whose belly is full and whose is empty.

    Kerri Symmonds is mekking sport when he declares that he wants to “economically empower the working class people of Barbados so that they and their sons and daughters can be those people who are the guardians of the commanding heights of this country’s economy” when he is a leading member of a government whose IMF backed BERT programme is designed to do exactly the opposite. Does sending home thousands of public sector workers and leaving them without a livelihood help to economically empower them? Does paying people in bonds so that the money saved can be directed back into the pockets of the local elite through government contracts achieve this?

    The issue of the economic enfranchisement of the majority population is a broad and complicated one. In my view, it needs to be addressed based on a clear understanding of the country’s history and a detailed picture of how the economy currently functions in Barbados. From the historical perspective, as a child who grew up poor in 1960s Barbados, the significant improvements in the standard of living of ordinary Bajans was linked to the intervention of the state in the economy and the society at large. The expansion of education, health and other social services, the nationalisation of public transport, the establishment of an embryonic social welfare system were the key factors in lifting thousands of ordinary Bajans out of the crushing poverty that was a feature of the country well into the middle of the last century. The current neo-liberal dogma of ‘small government’ represents a direct attack on these gains.

    Economic enfranchisement of the majority and empowering the working class people of Barbados cannot be achieved by entrepreneurship. Capitalism doesn’t work that way. Most people in a capitalst society will be workers and not entrepreneurs. So, we need a broad discussion about the aim of the economy and how it is to be organised so that it provides every Bajan with at least the basics of food, clothes and shelter before anybody gets to take more than they need. We need a discussion about how, as a tiny island in a globalised capitalist economy over which we have no control, we can at least ensure food security for the population. We need a detailed analysis of why the cost of living in Barbados is so high and what steps are needed to reduce it. These are only some of the issues that need to be discussed but it’s important that we engage as many Bajans as possible in the discussion.

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  • @ Tee White July 3, 2020 11:03 PM

    It is a fact that the rate of entrepreneurship in Barbados is extremely low by regional standards, because young people prefer to work for the state, earn quite a lot of money there at the taxpayer’s expense and have a quiet life. It is also true that blacks are over-proportionally represented in the civil service. White people are like unicorns there.

    What does all this have to do with the origin of individual citizens? White people cannot pursue a career in public service (a very obvious form of racism). Instead, the civil service is the catchment basin for those who want to laze around and sleep during the day. This has nothing to do with inborn laziness, but is a very rational decision. Why struggle when you can join the state without having to do anything? Anyone who wants to achieve something in Barbados has always been an entrepreneur, whether black or white.

    So we must free the natives in the civil service from the self-inflicted slavery of the deep welfare state and educate them as free entrepreneurs. If we dismiss 15,000 civil servants in the next 10 years, we would free about 50,000 Barbadians, including families, from their mental slavery. I therefore strongly support the proposals of PLT to push the masses to become a buzinezzman.

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  • Reverend Guy Hewitt is now also hitting Nelson. What a hypocrite!

    Where was the Reverend when Chris Sinckler tortured the black masses economically from 2008 to 2018? Right, the Reverend was silent, like the whites were silent about the slavery crimes back then, because he personally benefited from the DLP regime. The Reverend talks about apartheid, even though he himself is part of the blue establishment, which has done more economic damage to the black masses than any other government.

    A man like PLT has credibility for me, but not the Reverend.


  • Piece the Prophet

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    What you mean by

    “…David July 3, 2020, 6:23 PM
    You need to bring it home. The BPS lead by a a White man opened the door for the discussion…”

    Are you being sarcastic in that observation that is a white man pretending to lead the charge?

    Or are you hinting at the bigger issue of a “pretend discussion”? One which will never happen?

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  • Irony. Totally expected though. Because that is Barbados and as Hal says, the Barbados condition.

    That Clarke has acknowledged the need for a discussion is a good thing, but Piece already hammering him, despite that this would never have been done before.

    How can you have a discussion if there is a premise of mistrust in the first place.

    Secondly, that Clarke is labelled so easily, again affirms the issue. Clarke is surely not of the ‘traditional’ monied business class and add to that, from what little I know of his family and surely him, certainly people who mix with one and all, as a genuine person, not for gain.

    However, right here we have the issue. Hal is quite right, this condition is so ingrained as to be a hindrance in of itself.

    I am not surprised, as I said already, it was demonstrated in that microcosm of the society in HC, when I was there and the underlying animosities and jealousies evidenced continually.

    David is right, all need to look and assess their views. Michael Jackson said Man In The Mirror.

    Ultimately I have faith and hope that the youngsters coming up will do so without the poison from the older people.

    That is the best chance to address this inculcated mentality.

    Maybe Hal’s Barbadian condition (including animosity to returning nationals…jeez) may be turned to the Barbadian advantage.

    We can only hope.


  • Okay, I cannot resist, while on the topic. The Barbadian diaspora is not like that of the Trinis and Jamaicans.

    When you is a Trini, youse a Trini, wherever, whenever. Same for Jamaicans. Check the exchange re Donna etc. ”Where she barn an brung up?” Stupse, jeez people.

    Truly bajans have an attitude to those who ventured overseas for a better life. Instead of praising them for trying, for escaping even, they hold them in a special box. Despite the fact that these people send money back to the island and have been doing so for years. Remittances make up a substantial forex earning capacity.

    The Barbadians of the 60’s and 70’s, even the 80’s had no choice but to go overseas to earn a decent living. Matter of fact, I see that as the only way out for the youngsters now.

    Bajans need to embrace these people as US, we is one. That itself is a barrier to expansion in the economic sense.

    Remember, as one rises, we all rise. United we stand, divided we fall.

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  • The Reverend’s intervention is aimed strategically at the leadership of the DLP. But on a more serious matter, black and white traditional Barbadians MUST reach a settlement. They must talk without preconditions.
    They may not be best friends or invite each other to their daughters’ weddings, but they must talk if only to protect the long-term interest of Barbados. No need to rehearse old stories.
    The alternative is that the New Barbadians will take the island from them before they can say boo. There is a lot of evidence of how this can play out. Just ask traditional Fijians or look at the percentage of Indo-Fijians and who calls the purse strings.
    This calls for leadership and it is clear our present elected politicians are not equipped to offer that leadership. Some brave man or woman must step out from civil society and assume that position.


  • Your deceitful leaders are liars and frauds, the look you straight in your faces and lie to you about anything, about everything….


  • The no good black colonial leaders are not getting away with it this time around, savages.

    The indigenous African descended across the Americas, including the Caribbean now have the right to practice the spirituality of their African ancestors. During the slave trade the perpetrators made it their personal business to savagely beat all African spirituality out of what they considered their human property, it was particularly brutal in the Caribbean and as soon as an independence order was granted, the selected black leaders starting in 1960s, post emancipation, promptly criminalized all forms of African spirituality, until very recently, but unofficially, it remains criminalized because the African descended were not made aware about the decriminalizing, most Caribbean citizens would not even know how to re-connect to their ancestors, even if they had been told by cruel leaders, the social engineering that preceded black leadership, made sure that all ancestral links were completely severed and the connection lost, the leaders repeatedly over the dedades, compounded these centuries old crimes against their own people.

    ▼Article XVI. Indigenous spirituality 1. Indigenous peoples have the right freely to exercise their own spirituality and beliefs and, by virtue of that right, to practice, develop, transmit, and teach their traditions, customs, and ceremonies, and to carry them out in public and in private, whether individually or collectively.

    No indigenous people or individual shall be subjected to pressures or impositions, or any other type of coercive measures that might impair or limit their right freely to exercise their indigenous spirituality and beliefs. 3. 4. Indigenous peoples have the right to preserve, protect, and access their sacred sites, including their burial grounds, to use and control their sacred objects and relics, and to recover their human remains. States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall adopt effective measures, to promote respect for indigenous spirituality and beliefs, and to protect the integrity of the symbols, practices, ceremonies, expressions, and spiritual protocols of indigenous peoples, in accordance with international law.

    Indigenous peoples have the right to preserve, protect, and access their sacred sites, including their burial grounds, to use and control their sacred objects and relics, and to recover their human remains. States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall adopt effective measures, to promote respect for indigenous spirituality and beliefs, and to protect the integrity of the symbols, practices, ceremonies, expressions, and spiritual protocols of indigenous peoples, in accordance with international law.


  • Tee white…under international law of autonomy, the majority population can create their own monetary system to best serve their own needs… it a few times. There are more than enuff educated people on the island to make this a reality..

    ▼Article XXI.
    Right to autonomy or self-government
    1. Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self￾determination, have the right to autonomy or self￾government in matters relating to their internal and
    local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing
    their autonomous functions.
    2. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and
    develop their own decision-making institutions. They
    also have the right to participate in decision-making
    in matters which would affect their rights. They may
    do so directly or through their representatives, and
    in accordance with their own norms, procedures,
    and traditions. They also have the right to equal
    opportunities in accessing and participating fully and
    effectively as peoples in all national institutions and
    forums, including deliberative bodies.


  • Fowl Enuff…watch, count and learn how grown ups change the BALANCE OF POWER…take it away from black face sell out leaders, the local FRAUDS, thieves and minority racists….children and fowls are supposed to sit and learn….


  • The strength and character of the REAL African woman, not the colonially engineered half human predators, programmed pretenders and frauds that have existed in parliaments in Barbados and the Caribbean for far too long…..and must be removed.

    “Africa’s “Iron Lady” Chihombori Quao honored with New York Times Square billboard
    DNT News, New York – The African Union Commission may have fired her unjustly for speaking out on what is good for Africa, but that did not stop her. Dr. Aricana Chihombori Quao is on a roll, and New York agrees.

    Today in Times Square the bold billboard sporting the image of Dr. Aricana Chihombori Quao featured prominently with the inscription underneath reading – the web address to her global initiative to galvanize the African diaspora.

    Chihombori Quao is using The African Diaspora Development Institute (The ADDI), an entity that was born out of the realization that there is no one-stop-shop for everything African.

    It is born out of the belief that business communities around the world, African Diaspora, or people interested in African tourism have to visit 55 African countries in order to find out information about Africa, and that calls for a one-stop organization for information about the entire continent.

    Aricana Chihombori Quao, a Medical Doctor, was appointed in 2017as the African Union representative to the United States, a position she quickly used to call out injustices on African countries mostly by France gaining global acclaim in the process.”

    count, count fowl, here is another one..


  • The writing is on the wall. Not looking good for us peasants, serfs and the increasing numbers of “useless eaters” – black, white, brown pink or any other racial hue you chose. Remember one person’s pessimism is another person’s realism and vice versa.

    VIDEO: The 2020 Economic Crisis. Global Poverty, Unemployment and Despair

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky – (Retired Economics Professor, University of Ottawa)
    Global Research, June 30, 2020

    We are living one of the most serious crises in modern history.

    According to Michel Chossudovsky, the coronavirus pandemic is used as a pretext and a justification to close down the global economy, as a means to resolving a public health concern.

    A complex decision-making process is instrumental in the closing down of national economies Worldwide. We are led to believe that the lockdown is the solution.

    Politicians and health officials in more than 150 countries obey orders emanating from higher authority.

    In turn millions of people obey the orders of their governments without questioning the fact that closing down an economy is not the solution but in fact the cause of global poverty and unemployment.

    What we are dealing with is a crime against humanity.

    Fear, intimidation, media disinformation prevail. The Lie has become the Truth

    This is an imperial project emanating from powerful economic interests.

    A global fear campaign is sustained by the media. And now a so-called second wave is envisaged.

    The social and economic impacts are beyond description.

    Link: globalresearch(DOT)ca/video-the-2020-economic-crisis-global-poverty-unemployment-and-despair/5717157

    More Global Research articles on Covid here: globalresearch(dot)ca/search?q=covid&x=18&y=16

    Huge COVID Case-counting Deception at the CDC

    Remdesivir for Covid-19: $1.6 Billion for a “Modestly Beneficial” Drug?

    The Media Sabotage of Hydroxychloroquine Use for COVID-19: Doctors Worldwide Protest the Disaster

    I’ve Signed Death Certificates During COVID-19. Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Any of the Statistics on the Number of Victims

    The Media Sabotage of Hydroxychloroquine Use for COVID-19

    The Covid-BLM Diversion: Economic “Shock Therapy” Behind a Smokescreen of Hysteria and Racial Incitement

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  • Well excuuuuse me! You ready fuh me now too Crusoe???

    Is like you people have a problem with comprehension!





    PLT and his input seem to be received quite well and he is helping to improve the lives of Barbadians. I have never felt insulted by any of his submissions. Though he has finally admitted to being very rich (only to put Money Brain in his place) and he has been very successful professionally he manages to make his points, criticise our failings and all without condemning us to subhuman status.



  • Bloody idiots!


  • So what are the fowls saying about the Kerry movie…

    am sure they are so proud to see the useless minister think Black people should have full bellies only, something like slaves on a plantation without rights or entitlement…but only some Black people…lowlife…


  • Kerry is a politician and understands the ball spinning and he don’t know which way it will turn.

    He pushing out his foot.

    All he knows is one fact.

    Common sense is common sense and one day it will prevail.

    He is in the virtue signaling mode for the moment, covering his stumps best he can.

    But he fully expects this too shall pass!!


  • Well said Donna.


  • Donna,

    I never insulted you. You took what I said and took off… strange.

    I was referring to how sone interpreted your status.

    In this case, your comprehension is not on the ball.


  • As for the Bajan condition, it does exist. The term encompasses a variety of interrelated outlooks tgat exhibit themselves very clearly, depending on the actor.


  • I have conducted a detailed investigation into the Bajan Condition an am now submitting my report.

    The Bajan Condition,
    First reported by a Bajan Englishman and then adopted by Barbados Underground, the symptoms of the Bajan condition was never completely defined. For some, it was any aberrant behavior; for others, it meant that they disagreed with you; and for a few, it was the imaginations of a Bajan gone mad in England.

    Our in-depth investigation define the Bajan condition.
    1) You must be born in Barbados and lived there continuously for the first eight years,.
    2) It is not genetic, but it is contagious
    3) It is in the water. Areas with prolonged water shortages have the lowest level of the Bajan condition.
    4) The most virulent form exist in those who immigrated. Bajan Englishmen are prone to the condition
    5) Interracial marriage is not a cure. We have studied a number of these cases before making a conclusion.
    (I tried to, but I couldn’t omit #5)

    For the other 15 points, sent me a stamped self-addressed envelope with your money-order of $4.95 US payable to the TheOGazerts Research Foundation.
    My contact information can be obtained from the blogmaster.


  • *report will be edited to remove any obvious errors


  • TheOGazerts Foundation PR

    I just realized I didn’t define it..
    In our defense, here is a word from our resident psychologist..

    ” It is hard to define. It cannot be defined. It does not exist. It is a phrase used to disparage those who do not agree with you. It does not covey the same disdain as the word “yard-fowl” but it is a highbrow attempt to put opponents down.

    My dear Theo, it is a clever but useless phrase”.


  • JohnJuly 4, 2020 11:14 AM

    Kerry is a politician and understands the ball spinning and he don’t know which way it will turn.

    He pushing out his foot.

    All he knows is one fact.

    Common sense is common sense and one day it will prevail.


    John 15:13
    King James Version
    13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    It doesn’t get simpler than that.

    The Lord has been the people’s guide for past 300 years
    With him still on the people’s side we have no doubts or fears
    Upward and onward we shall go inspired exulting free
    And greater will our Nation grow in strength and unity!!

    The few separatists and atheists who would want to deny these simple truths should go and live on Culpeper Island,

    They could change the National Anthem and delink our future from God

    They could change Bible if they want simple common sense to vanish.

    … or … they could convince everyone that common sense is rubbish.

    Kerry is a politician and I trust him as far as I can throw him.

    But for now, he batting like he got a little common sense in his head and playing for the turn.

    He knows like we all do that the separatists and atheists are one trick ponies so he is pretty sure how the ball will break.

    Been there, done that!!


  • I did think it was unlike you to misunderstand.

    Sorry, Crusoe!


  • So Donna..why do you think we are now hearing about this…others may know about it though and it escaped me..

    “Happy CARICOM Day! This day created in 1973 and celebrated annually on the 4 July. It was enacted when four CARICOM Heads of Government affixed their signatures to the Treaty of Chaguaramas.”


  • Donna,

    Ditto, stay well.


  • Theo,

    Too funny. But some of the points are quite accurate.

    Please publish the remaining points, is virus time and licking of any kind, including stamps, is not advised.


  • But …. the Bajan Condition has good aspects as well as bad. So does the Overseas Bajan Condition. That too exists. When one refers to the Bajan Condition always in the negative that is the negative aspect of the Overseas Bajan Condition.


  • I am wondering about this new rule that says Bajans must not inhabit their homes while undertaking major renovations and additions.

    What is classified as major renovations and additions?

    What is the rationale behind it?

    Why did it come seemingly out of the blue?

    Seems like if you are going to impose this great additional cost on Bajans it should have been discussed. Bajans often change their wooden house to wall piece by piece or build their house to a habitable state and then move in and finish it.

    They have put it on pause to discuss it. Why wasn’t it done before?


  • For al those who are asleep, the descendants of many slaves and slavemasters are wide awakw..

    “While Frederick Douglass would probably be disappointed (but not surprised) that the so-called land of the free hasn’t lived up to its promises of liberty all even centuries after he delivered his rousing speech, “What to the Slave Is The Fourth of July,” I imagine that he would be proud to see his descendants continuing his legacy of speaking truth to power.

    To mark America’s Independence Day in 2020, a year which has laid bare the injustices still suffered by the descendants of slavery in the United States, NPR released a video of five young Black people descended from Douglass reciting his speech about the annual national celebration.

    Ranging from the ages of 12 to 20, Douglass’ great-great-great-great grandchildren powerfully deliver lines from his famous speech that feel even more poignant today.”


  • Some old farts on here would be proud of this totally evil shit….they should at least show some shame…

    these pretend slave masters in the minority community still believe they have a captive work force, still sabotaging all of the Black population’s efforts to progress, excel and grow wealthy…but we will show your mangy asses…and as for those low crawling sell outs for black face leaders…ticktock..

    “THROWBACK THURSDAY: Picture of a man who was born into slavery, taken around late 1800s at Codrington College. Though his name was not recorded for the photograph, he was in effect one of the last Barbadian slaves alive at the time. After being freed, he still lived on the plantation and worked a plot of land for subsistence and to sell, as was customary at the time in Barbados after slavery finished. With nowhere to go in the island, high land prices, lowest wages in the Caribbean, an excessive labour force used to keep labour costs down and the plantocracy blocking emigration and any attempts at higher education, many freed people were now forced to still live and work on the plantations still as the planter elite wanted a captive labour force and feared a mass exodus in the post-Emancipation period. Aside from its Christian mission, Codrington College was also a plantation and an institution that utilized slave labour with no qualms, even going as far as branding slaves with the word ‘Society’ to indicate they were property of the College, a practice stopped after 1741 after the slaves complained about it and marched to Bridgetown to demand proper treatment from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), who oversaw Codrington College’s affairs. The SPG belonged to the Church of England so in effect the slaves at Codrington College and the plantation lands all belonged to the Church of England, who owned and oversaw all the affairs of the plantation. It was only after 1790 and the anti-slavery movement in London that the College was forced to offer better living and working conditions for its slaves and The College only released the slaves when it was forced to in 1834 by the act of Emancipation. The entirety of Codrington College as it stands today was built many times over using slave labour.”


  • The fowls may know who signed this in 1973…fowls always know..

    decades later, none of them can get their acts together…..jokers, the people who elected you are way more intelligent than any of you will ever be..

    “The Treaty of Chaguaramas established the Caribbean Community and Common Market, later known as CARICOM. It was signed on July 4, 1973 in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago. It was signed by Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.”


  • DonnaJuly 4, 2020 1:36 PM

    Hmmm. Interesting perspective. I see the Bajan Condition as a hindrance to development. I do not mean buildings. I mean to people and cultural progress.

    This is apropros, because of the title topic and with Waru presenting a hardline view, largely, the Bajan Condition is a result of the plantation and slave society. The rest is due to being a small island, suffering the same issues as any small society. Insularity, jealousy, gossipy. Some of which also derived in Barbados from the plantation era.

    Looking in hindsight, on events growing up I can now look back and acknowledge the extent that this impacts lives. Which is why I responded as such to agree with PLT in a prior and recent discussion on the impact of the plantation era and slave society on everything today.

    But what does anyone expect, that such a brutal life and period do anything but leave indelible scars that eat away at a society?

    This is also why I suspect, despite discussion being important, whether the real change will come from the youth, rather than those so closely brought up under such mindsets.

    Does distance in time resolve, or are the sins and hardships of the fathers forever etched in time? I think that it is important to frame the discussion in a manner that seeks to resolve issues, without being destructive.

    It would seem that Waru disagrees, from what is written, however, to move forward in a smooth manner, this is an approach that should take precedence.

    Further aggravating the discussion, are the racial issues still evident in other regions, most particularly in that which impacts us all to such a degree, the USA.

    We cannot ignore that this creates further mistrust of anyone who speaks of reconciliation and resolution.

    Nevertheless, unless we approach this with the aim of soul cleansing and furtherance of development of the people, rather than in anger, we will create more issues.

    As noted before, above, we should take care to judge without knowledge, as some are so ready to judge Mr.Clarke, based on his skin color, while he is certainly one of the most rational and genuine people that I have met and as I said, to my knowledge, not of the old colonial class. Yet his skin color brought attack.

    That worries me. Because it demonstrates the barriers to any discussion, very simply.

    One Donna’s second point, re the Overseas Bajan Condition, I am trying to understand what you mean. If you mean that overseas bajan sees themselves as special, not so sure. As I said, the diaspora did what they had to. Most that I have encountered, are open minded and strongly identify as bajan. Also, very nice people.

    Yes, they just want to be loved. One must remember that many went through trials and tribulations, on their way to success.

    I can only imagine what our forebears went through on their respective journeys, whether on the streets of Panama, New York, Ontario or London.

    It could not have been easy. That they all want a piece of the rock, a place to call home, is significant. But many have met resistance, sadly.


  • Piece the Prophet

    @ the Gentile Donna

    You commented “… Donna July 4, 2020 2:25 PM

    I am wondering about this new rule that says Bajans must not inhabit their homes while undertaking major renovations and additions…”

    Piece de Prophet wants to ask you if you feel that such an Act shows that Mugabe Mottley gives a really bad word bout you and other bajans

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  • Crusoe…and am an old softy in comparison, they should be thankful that all is happening is they are being stripped to shift the balance of power to benefit its rightful owners the majority Black population..


  • Donna
    A Building Code is coming into force and if the aim is to create a resilient housing stock that is built to specific standards, then inspection is important. There is provision in the Act for a temporary occupancy certificate, which I believe should asdress renovations/self-build. I don’t get the hysteria.


  • @enuff

    How will it affect the practice of lower income Barbadians who build wall around the chattel home from the pocket?

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  • The smartest investment right now is in your ancestral lands…the majority population can then develop the island that was so neglected by two incompetent corrupt governments… themselves, cut out the middle men in the pariament, their hangerson, yardfowls, racists and thieves..


  • Wonder who they are going to torment and terrorize when they are all kicked out of the parliament that the people fund…the people are up, most fully awake…

    ..BTW has the government inspected to see if all those one door stores along Tudor Street, Swan Street etc….have EMERGENCY EXITS yet, remember the Campus Trendz fire in Tudor St. claimed the lives of 6 young women because those stores are allowed to operate WITHOUT ANY FIRE EXITS….priorities are still not worth shit and definitely does not benefit the majority who pay all the taxes and the salaries of you deceitful parasites..

    “Raquel Gilkes UnscriptedLike Page
    12 hrs ·
    In Barbados we pretend that we don’t know what racism is. We focus on Harbour Whites and the Boatyard. They may be bad, but really.. if white people don’t want your money, give it to black owned clubs!

    What about the real racists? The people who have the power to affect your life chances negatively? And who blatantly use that power over and over to destroy black people and prevent them from improving their quality of life?

    Last week a law passed in the Senate. A law reminiscent of the law that Mottley passed back in the 1950s at the behest of his white masters to stop black people from co-operatively owning houses in Sandy Lane.

    This new law introduces several monstrous provisions:

    Draughtsmen can no longer design house plans. So now for your lil 2 bedroom house that you building on family land, where once you could get a draughtsmen draw de lil shed roof for $250, you now need an architect. They start at $2500. Why would a caring government do this?
    If you want to add on a lil bedroom.. you can’t live in the rest of the house. You have to move (to where?) or beg the government permission AND PAY FOR A PERMIT to live in your own blasted house. How exactly is this the action of a caring government?
    After going through all the hoops, and almost doubling the cost of the renovation/extension, you then have to SEEK GOVERNMENT PERMISSION AND PAY FOR A PERMIT TO LIVE IN YOUR OWN BLASTED HOUSE!! Does Mia really care?

    The most hilarious part is that this is being sold to gullible Bajans as a ‘safety issue’. Blink blink. Can someone please provide evidence of the number of deaths by renovation we have had in the last 50 years? Is it so high that we need preventative legislation?

    As usual with this Administration-in-reverse, the measures have been ‘rolled back’ and will not be enforced YET. This means of course that the measures will stay on the law books and will be arbitrarily enforced when the government feels allyuh have forgotten or when the government has someone that it wants to grind.


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    Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

    Successful entrepreneurs are indeed born, and they need to apply their traits a certain way. However, no one is born with all the traits necessary to be 100% successful on their own. … Along the way, every successful entrepreneur has learned new traits, making mentorship an absolute must

    Entrepreneurship – Types of Entrepreneurship

    What are the 4 Types of Entrepreneurship?

    Small Business Entrepreneurship-

    Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship-

    Large Company Entrepreneurship-

    Social Entrepreneurship-

    Freedoms thoughts were “Exactly what type of Entrepreneurship is PLT teaching in an Organisation Heavily Subsidised by the EU and makes him Wealthy! For a man with Marxist Leanings what exactly is he teaching them?

    This type of entrepreneurship focuses on producing product and services that resolve the social needs and problems. Their only motto and goal are to work for society and not make any profits.

    Social entrepreneurship is, at its most basic level, doing business for a social cause. It might also be referred to as altruistic entrepreneurship. … They don’t measure their success in terms of profit alone – success to social entrepreneurs means that they have improved the world, however they define that.

    What is the primary goal of the social entrepreneur?

    The main goal of a social entrepreneur is not to earn a profit, but rather to implement widespread improvements in society.

    What is the difference between social entrepreneurship and business entrepreneurship? …

    The main difference is that social entrepreneurship focuses beyond simply generating a profit, and measures its performance on the positive impact the business makes on society – whether social, cultural or environmental.

    A social enterprise or social business is defined as a business that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. THEIR PROFITS ARE PRINCIPALLY USED TO FUND SOCIAL PROGRAMS.

    What is a for profit social enterprise?

    Social enterprise, also known as social entrepreneurship, broadly encompasses ventures of nonprofits, civic-minded individuals, and for-profit businesses that can yield both financial and social returns. … One example of social enterprise is an earned income venture.

    What is the difference between social entrepreneurship and business entrepreneurship? …

    The main difference is that social entrepreneurship focuses beyond simply generating a profit, and measures its performance on the positive impact the business makes on society – whether social, cultural or environmental.

    As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

    The rich are getting richer, and the poor are… also getting richer. What’s driving this Wealth Creation Process? In this video, Daniel Hannan explains why it is Capitalism — and Capitalism alone — that has led to the Unprecedented Eenrichment that is the central fact of Western life.


  • @ Enuff July 4, 2020 7:12 PM
    A Building Code is coming into force and if the aim is to create a resilient housing stock that is built to specific standards, then inspection is important. There is provision in the Act for a temporary occupancy certificate, which I believe should asdress renovations/self-build. I don’t get the hysteria

    If you are NOT part of the inner circle of management from the political class how do you get to know, so intimately, the future?

    Where is the commonsense of passing in Parliament a piece of practically unenforceable legislation when it is not going to be proclaimed before donkey y(e)ars down the road?

    Haven’t you guys learnt any thing from the last administration?

    Or are you just in the competition of passing legislation for passing legislation sake when both the administrative and judicial bureaucracies are comatose despite all investment therein?

    Where is the last piece of ITAL other than in the museum of political promises of deliveries and abortions?

    Stop putting the ‘one-wheel’ cart loaded with impracticalities before the red-painted donkey of obvious stupidity.

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  • Nelson Nelson Nelson ?

    Let the people determine the end result. “Vote”

    Cricket. On this Day 1942-20-07
    Barbados dismiss Trinidad for
    16 in 69 minutes, Derek Sealy taking 8-8; West Indian cricket domestic first class record.

    BDS dominated the sport for many years. They were periods we had 9 players on the West Indies test cricket team. No more kneeling down Cricket, Beach Cricket, Street light/Road Cricket, Coconut limb bats, Young Breadfruit Balls, Cricket all-over the Island in every minute area. The Aussies have five year old kids in Cricket camps. What happened to us??????


  • Piece the Prophet

    @ the Sage Annunaki

    You noticed how the First of the Rented Jackasses Hee Hee who we shall beat because he is Rented

    Always knows all their inside strategies?

    And can give you blow for blow what Mugabe intends?


    But how comes it that he cannot answer WARU’S question about all the stores in Bridgetown?

    She said and I quote

    “…BTW has the government inspected to see if all those one door stores along Tudor Street, Swan Street etc….have EMERGENCY EXITS yet, remember the Campus Trendz fire in Tudor St. claimed the lives of 6 young women because those stores are allowed to operate WITHOUT ANY FIRE EXITS…”

    Dem feel people stoopid in truth

    But we going show dem who Stoopid at de next General Elections

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  • David
    That’s where I see the temporary occupancy certificate fitting in. Given our culture ofvself-build, the government could not have intended to ask people to move. It has to be a case by case basis in these situations, with an emphasis on getting the building code enforced.

    To the usual fools trying to paint me as an insider, it is called reading, watching and listening. As for the proclamation of Acts, I am not part of the government so N/A. Though I don’t see what would take the bill long to proclaim.

    The claim about draughtspersons is false too:

    “Except for simple building applications, all building plans submitted to the Board shall be prepared and submitted by a competent registered professional;
    stamped with the name and address of the registered professional; and
    signed by that registered professional.

    “In this section, “simple building application” means an application to construct a dwelling house or duplex dwelling of not more than two storeys, the gross floor area of which does not exceed 232.5 square metres; a building of not more than two storeys in height containing
    more than two dwelling units, the gross floor area of which does not exceed 465 square metres; or a commercial building of not more than two storeys in height,
    the gross floor area of which does not exceed 465 square metres.”

    Furthermore, if one reads the Act carefully, it talks about DETAILED plans Post grant of planning permission but Pre-construction. These are the plans that must be signed by an architect for buildings that are not “Simple”. There is a difference between an application for and grant of planning permission and permission to build. So a draughtsperson could actually draw the planning drawings for a non-simple building, an architect would just have to sign off/draw the detailed drawings.

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  • Look I give up. The BU rabble may proceed.


  • TonyJuly 4, 2020 10:36 PM

    BDS dominated the sport for many years. They were periods we had 9 players on the West Indies test cricket team. No more kneeling down Cricket, Beach Cricket, Street light/Road Cricket, Coconut limb bats, Young Breadfruit Balls, Cricket all-over the Island in every minute area. The Aussies have five year old kids in Cricket camps. What happened to us??????


    By the time our cricketers reached test status they had by far more cricketing experience than any other cricketing amateurs in the world.

    We slept it, ate it and drank it.

    When test match was played in Antigua, on the days off Ambrose could be found in his village of Sweets playing cricket for pure fun.

    The problem with us is we lost the fun aspect of the game trying to emulate the professional approach our opponents followed to be able to compete on our level.

    Now our youngsters never learn to play for fun and India with one of the largest economies in the world can afford to sponsor competitions for youngsters that give them the experience that counts.

    We now have a plethora of coaches who are paid for by cricket in other countries and we have forgotten how to play it for fun and enjoyment and how to think cricket.

    I can’t see us ever being the cricket powerhouse we were in the past.

    It will be interesting to see if this summer in England proves me wrong, I sure hope so!!


  • Some of wunna should read more and attack me less.

    “Amendment of section 2 of Act 2019–5
    Section 2 of the Planning and Development Act, 2019 (Act 2019-5), in this Act referred to as “the principal Act”, is amended
    by……..inserting the following definitions….. ‘Building Code’ means the Code of engineering, design and public health standards applicable to the construction of buildings provided for by the building regulations;”

    Wuh insert means? It is neither insider nor secret information, it is all in the public domain. But when yuh is an egofowl yuh just know how to respond one way.

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  • Well…with fowls being fowls, Fowl Enuff as usual is making an ass of itself on BU….ya are not in charge of anything….THE PEOPLE ARE….sit ya ass down in a corner and shush…hush….ya only a fowl…

    “Government may be returning to the drawing board to ensure Barbadians are “comfortable” with the legislation, following a public outcry that has caused them to put the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2020 on hold.

    This is after sections of the bill which was passed in the House of Assembly and debated and passed in the Senate last week, drew widespread criticism from callers to talk shows on two radio stations and social media, prompting Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs Marsha Caddle to respond.”

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  • The protection of the Black Family worldwide, including in Barbados and the Caribbean has never been more important, there is no longer any excuse. Stop the experimentation on the African descended. Only weak leaders would allow these centuries old crimes to still be perpetrated against their people in the 21st century.

    ▼Article XVII. Indigenous family 1. The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society. Indigenous peoples have the right to preserve, maintain, and promote their own family systems. States shall recognize, respect, and protect the various indigenous forms of family, in particular, the extended family, as well as their forms of matrimonial union, filiation, descent, and family name. In all cases, gender and generational equity shall be recognized and respected. 2. In matters relating to custody, adoption, severance of family ties, and related matters, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration. In determining the best interests of the child, courts and other relevant institutions shall take into account the right of every indigenous child, in community with members of his or her people, to enjoy his or her own culture, to profess and practice his or her own religion, and to use his or her own language, and, in that regard, shall take into account the indigenous law of the people concerned and their points of view, rights and interests, including the positions of the individuals, the family, and the community.

    ▼Article XVIII. Health 1. Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 2. 3. Indigenous peoples have the right to their own health systems and practices, as well as to the use and protection of their vital medicinal plants, animals and minerals, and other natural resources for medicinal use in their ancestral lands and territories. States shall take measures to prevent and prohibit indigenous peoples and individuals from being subjects of research programs, biological or medical experimentation, or sterilization without their free, prior and informed consent. Likewise, indigenous peoples and individuals have the right, as appropriate, to access to their data, medical records, and documentation of research conducted by individuals and institutions, whether public or private. 4. Indigenous peoples have the right to use, without discrimination of any kind, all the health and medical care institutions and services accessible to the general population. States, in consultation and coordination with indigenous peoples, shall promote intercultural systems and practices in the medical and health services provided in indigenous communities, including training of indigenous technical and professional health care personnel. 5. States shall ensure the effective exercise of the rights contained in this article.

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  • States shall ensure the effective exercise of the rights contained in this article.

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  • @enuff

    Thanks for the explanation.


  • Like

  • Piece the Prophet

    @ Honourable Blogmaster

    You think that is is right for a suck pooch specialist like Hee Hee the first of the Rented Jackasses to have to come to BU and explain the policies of a government that ran a campaign of full disclosure?

    You get de optics?

    What you thanking he for?

    Dat is de job we give Mugabe Mottley to do and which she plus 29 other ministers fvucking up

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  • Piece…this government will learn that when the people have decided that they have had enuff of the thievery, racism, oppression, lies, deceit and generational exploition practiced against themselves while insultingly and disrespectful using their own money, when the PEOPLE the BLACK MAJORITY realize that they have the POWER to take back ALL THEIR ECONOMIC and DECISION MAKING POWERS from useless corrupt governments and parasitic minorities UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW …the criminal class of ministers, lawyers, minorities will just have to HAND IT OVER…peacefully and quietly with no fight back…it’s not theirs..never was, never will be…


  • They should appreciate the fact that they are not the ones having to deal with this particular scenario playing out in US…just give the people what is RIGHTFULLY THEIRS…and stop with the sell out nig*er slave crab mentality just because you were elected to the parliament BY THE PEOPLE and that yall have practiced with such false pride for the last 50 plus years.

    If you think my generation is forceful and hardline, wait until alyuh parasites and thieves meet the next generation…ah can tell ya now, ya don’t want to meet my grandchildren, never, ever…just give the people back their ECONOMIC AND DECISION MAKING POWERS, AND THEIR LANDS…that they are entitled to under international law…you goddamn thieves…


  • What does sit say about a government that introduces a policy one day and ‘pauses’ it the next? It is not the first time. Does this give you confidence that this government discusses policy in a detailed way in Cabinet, or that proper position papers are prepared for Cabinet by senior civil servants? In any developed society this would have been a resignation issue. It is not just the incompetence on the part of a civil servant, or even a junior minister. This should have been discussed at Cabinet, the right questions asked, and then a decision made. The buck stops with the president.
    Barbados is a failed state.

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  • There is a shift worldwide, deal with it..


  • This subject was already beaten to death on BU… it’s time for that financial audit of racists, exploiters, oppressers and thieves.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @Freedom Crier July 4, 2020 8:10 PM
    You are correct that I am a social entrepreneur because I prioritize making a contribution to community benefit over making a profit for myself.

    You are wrong if you think that the EU grant to a nonprofit organization enriches me… they have auditors that prevent any sort of nonsense of that type.


  • This is matter where Grenville could make a solid contribution as he has done in the past.. I hope he takes this soft ball that was served to him and hit it for six.

    It is time where he avoids issues that lead to self-inflicted wounds and focus on those where he can use his strength and expertise.

    Write a new article or polish-up an old one and submit it.

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  • LOL Waru if you want to see thieves exploiters racists crabs in a barrel just imagine if somehow there was reparations.

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  • This is matter where Grenville could make a solid contribution as he has done in the past.. I hope he takes this soft ball that was served to him and hit it for six…(Quote

    A very positive contribution. This is where it should end.

    It is time where he avoids issues that lead to self-inflicted wounds and focus on those where he can use his strength and expertise.

    Write a new article or polish-up an old one and submit it…(Quote)

    Negative and an at tempt to stab Junior in the back. Ty7pi9cal passive/aggressive.


  • what are you trying to start Waru…have you learned nothing from bugs bunny……hey spike…what spike… what do you wanna do spike………


  • Don’t need to spike anything, Articles of human rights laws are spikes and WEAPONS Enuff…there is an Article for everything…as the need arises i will post…..FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT…

    …it’s very clear by the videos posted, the comparison is STARK, the differences highlight themselves……the US affair is a completely different scenario BUT ONLY as it relates to the difference in cultures, social attitudes etc and a few others things… ya cannot expect what is happen there to happen in Barbados, two different peoples although from the same African descended bloodlines and same experiences in the last 400 years, but socialized differently over the centuries..

    a completely different method has to be used for Barbados…to end the crimes that the government thinks looks cute to visit on the people generation after generation.


  • Is that how you see it.
    Yo will have to find a next playmate.
    In passive mode.


  • Enuff,

    The hysteria is as a result of there not being adequate discussion. The average person has difficulty with legal language. This seems to have snuck up on people. People cannot be expected to trust laws or regulations that sneak up on them.

    If it is as you say, and I dare say it had better be because the people will not stand for anything but, it appears that this administration’s head real real hard. Why alarm people when they could do an extensive education programme to avoid it?????

    When are they going to get the horse IN FRONT OF THE CART????


  • “You think that is is right for a suck pooch specialist like Hee Hee the first of the Rented Jackasses to have to come to BU and explain the policies of a government that ran a campaign of full disclosure?”

    What kinda sorcery is this? I read the RH bill online. Full disclosure. I watched Sen.Kay McConney in the Senate saying similar things about the draughtsmen and how there was consultation. I watched Sen Caswell, Sen Monique etc raised the occupancy and draughtman issues. I also heard Prescod raised a concern about the occupancy and how it would affect certain households. I don’t work formally or informally for the government. I read, research (Google🤣) before I talk. The BU gang has for years, in support of GPII, rightfully lamented the lack of an enforced building code. Now one is coming, we are complaining and sadly about a measure that will protect the most vulnerable. Because I assume a certificate of occupancy demonstrates compliance with the code, which in turn legitimises some kind of eligibility for home insurance. A nurse is not a doctor; a para-legal is not a lawyer; and a draughtsman is not an architect. We want to go to heaven but doan waan lay down in Two Sons. Coming out of the senate vote, the government should have immediately started a public education series to avoid confusion.


  • We need the building code. Not many Barbadians followed the Town Planning consultations held early in this government’s tenure.


  • Crusoe,

    I have met returning nationals who fit in quite well and others who had problems. I have met stay at home Bajans who welcomed them home and I have met others who tried to shut them out. I have met returning nationals who tried to ram their ideas down the craws of stay at home Bajans, refusing to let them get in a word edgewise and I have met others who tactfully and respectfully offered their points of view. I have met stay at home Bajans who were eager to benefit from the experiences of returning nationals and I have met others who are overly sensitive and resistant due to having an inferiority complex.

    My point is that Bajans cannot all be described in that negative way. I and many others would love to have you guys back and your ideas.

    So…. if you don’t want to be lumped together as suffering from an Oveseas Bajan Condition then do not lump us all together. Some of us have risen above the effects of slavery.

    You guys are not all blameless. Neither are stay at home Bajans.


  • Now… back to race relations! We have people saying that Edward Clarke is a genuine person and probably means what he says. Doubtless there are those who would oppose him. It is up to him to bring them along. He can’t do that if we reject him outright.

    Who knows what could happen? This is why I say we should approach it with cautious optimism.

    There has been an obvious shift worldwide why don’t we believe it can happen here?


  • Not sure of what your meaning is of the bajan condition but it sounds like office with only women working there


  • “When are they going to get the horse IN FRONT OF THE CART????”

    because that is what DBLP has ever done since 1966, hence that is why the island is so degraded, and to top it off…most of them ARE LAWYERS…wuh i know some paralegals in certain states in US who are not only licensed to practice and represent in the courtroom too, but are masters and very skilled at interpreting and applying laws, lawyers always have to ask their advice, as a matter of fact they do all the work for the real joke lawyers all the time…

    the issue with the 2 Deputy COPS comes to mind, that only happened just LAST MONTH.. ….real lawyers who are the PM, AG etc…IN GOVERNMENT …having problems interpreting the law and not knowing what legislation applies where…lol


  • @lawsonJuly 5, 2020 10:12 AM “Not sure of what your meaning is of the bajan condition>”

    There is no Bajan Condition. It exists only in Hal’s imagination.


  • “There has been an obvious shift worldwide why don’t we believe it can happen here?”

    Donna…i saw some race discussion scheduled for 6:00pm to 7:30 this evening in Barbados, I think it was on barbadostoday, but none of the known practicing racists names have appeared on that list…ah so want them to come out and talk so we will get their lying excuses for practicing racism and generational thefts against the majority for decades…ah cant wait…

    let’s see just how much balls and disrespectful talk they got for the majority population…now..


  • @ Donna July 5, 2020 9:56 AM
    “Who knows what could happen? This is why I say we should approach it with cautious optimism.”

    But it has been always ‘some’ people of European descent who have fought to achieve the freedom of the black people in the West.

    Always there have been the ‘Go(o)d’ people who were sent from Above to fight for the cause of Justice and fair play among humanity.

    That’s why there should be a memorial, in whichever form, to William Wilberforce and his supporters in Barbados instead of the overarching prominence of the racist Lord Nelson.

    Without them black people would always be in physical and mental captivity despite the sacrificial contributions of those martyrs and people like you who have seen the Light of understanding and wisdom and want to share it in whichever manifestation among their fellow brethren of ‘lost’ souls and clearly not knowing that they were made in the image of the Star.

    Just look how it is taking the white people to teach blacks that Ms Mary-Jane is a plant for both good and bad and not only the reincarnation of Satan according to the white man ‘economic’ dictates.


  • Well….these claimed that they were so wealthy and punching above some imaginary weight in all their delusions…so of course it would be hell to get significant funding when ya bragging and boasting while hiding the poverty YOU created, especially when the people to whom these loans are designated to help…NEVER SEE A DIME nor the opportunities arising from such gestures. But once again US comes through for Caribbean people…..i said PEOPLE…as in majority population…not minority thieves, racists nor tiefing lawyers and ministers.


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