In the Castle of Establishment

Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley signalled to the Nation she is in favour of removing Nelson statue BUT a national conversation should be a prerequisite. The Prime Minister maybe of the mind we need to seize the opportunity – given to us with the rise of #BLM – to bring as many Barbadians to the same place in thought to what it means to remove a colonial symbol offensively planted in Heroes Square in 2020. Surprisingly a significant number of Barbadians could care less if Nelson statue is moved. The sentiment by this group is captured in the mouthing of Minister of Tourism Kerri Symmonds delivered in Parliament last week –

I am now at an age and stage in life where I am not interested in the optics. You could pull down a thousand statues and it will fill nobody’s belly. I am interested in filling people’s bellies, I am interested in making sure that people have comfort when they sleep at night, that their children have satisfaction that they are going to inherit something in the land of their birth, and until we come to that point we are having an artificial debate…

So let us come to the point where we are dealing with the substance. Psychologically, it might make things better in terms of the optics, it may make people feel there has been an achievement. That can be debated. I am neither for nor against quite frankly, but my feeling is that we cannot take our eyes off that ball called substance. That substance is how do we economically empower the working class people of Barbados so that they and their sons and daughters can be those people who are the guardians of the commanding heights of this country’s economy…

Minister of Tourism and International Transport Kerrie Symmonds

Symmonds’ infantile statement was balanced by a more relevant position shared by the Barbados Private Sector Association headed ironically by White Barbadian Edward Clarke. For a long time Black Barbadians have come to accept that although in the majority the economic power on the island resides with a small group in Barbados. Back in the day former Minister of Labour Don Blackman coined the term “White Shadows”. Up to now the White Shadows group or to use a more euphemistic reference- power elite, have been happy for Barbados to wear the label of being a crypto racist society. Who wants to rock the boat if the waters are deep and choppy? It is only the ignorant and dishonest who will not acknowledge that White privilege has its origin in a colonial past that gave birth to today’s ‘establishment’. The work of building an equitable society continues and it must start with addressing embedded biases nurtured in the minds of our people for centuries. BOTH Black and White.

The blogmaster is of the view the national conversation, if it materializes, must be had in this context.

See statement from the Barbados Private Sector Association:

Barbados Private Sector Association: Moving Forward Together

Added 29 June 2020


Chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association Edward Clarke (FILE)

“The members of the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) continue to be engaged together with other Social Partners in the process of rebuilding our economy and society following the Covid-19 pandemic’s significant impact. At the same time, the BPSA too is cognizant of the present global, social and economic realities which could impact our small developing nation’s ability to achieve “the future we want”, for all citizens and residents and the generations to come.

“Given the need and opportunity for us to ‘reconstruct and rebuild’ nationally, occurring at this time of global conversation on racial tensions and inequities, attention must also include a focus on imbalances that currently exist in our country. It is therefore timely, and necessary, to honestly look at the society we live in with a view to progressing Barbados to become a model of inclusiveness, diversity and equality of access for all. Undoubtedly, this process must necessarily include discussion on racial division and economic enfranchisement in Barbados.

“BPSA recognises the benefit of consultation and dialogue and regards these as being critical if any meaningful positive national change is to be achieved. More importantly, such consultation and dialogue must be of a calibre to develop an implementable plan to address, with success, the issues including any inequalities and inequities.  It is anticipated that such a plan would be underpinned with a commitment from all stakeholders to be part of the change process.

“We also signal BPSA’s support for the removal to a more suitable environment the statue of Lord Nelson which was erected on March 22, 1813 to commemorate the anniversary of the British Royal Navy’s victory in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Indeed, the renaming of Trafalgar Square to Heroes Square renders the current positioning of Lord Nelson, overlooking the seat of our National Heroes, incongruous.

“BPSA stands ready not only to be engaged in the dialogue but also for each of us to introspect and to answer all well formulated, collective calls to action drafted with the input of every voice of our nation.

“We therefore call for discussion and engagement on these matters of national concern with a view to agreeing specific and tangible actions, as collectively, we journey to achieve ‘One Barbados’.” (PR)

Source: Nation Newspaper



  • He is outright LYING and he knows it, their only intent, these parasites, is to continue their practice of racism, apartheid and wholesale thefts….ALL human rights violating crimes AGAINST THE BLACK MAJORITY.

    They have had decades to say this, backed up by actions, but always found it scornful and repugnant to express any such sentiment, always too busy robbing the majority population with the help of the traitors in the parliament, ALWAYS FILLED WITH HATRED AND CONTEMPT for the same majority they feed off, but now so suddenly and hastily jumping out in the media to gush what they never wanted to say before, hated to think let alone say it; only because the TRAITORS in the parliament who were hiding the upgraded human rights document from their own people for the last 4 years, told them that i was about EXPOSE Articles X1 and X11 of the same document; so this fool jumped out and CONFESSED to the generational racism and thefts they all commit against the black people using black people’s own money.

    FIRE BURN the lies and deceit of traitors, racists and thieves. FIRE BURN this false statement below…LIAR ….no black person on the island needs your permission for anything, only your sell out house negros do.

    “We therefore call for discussion and engagement on these matters of national concern with a view to agreeing specific and tangible actions, as collectively, we journey to achieve ‘One Barbados’.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    PM Mottley said that there had to be a National conversation about moving the statue of Nelson, but she did not specify that the conversation needed to be in the form of a referendum.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    Given the history of the BPSA as a mouthpiece for the economic occupation of Barbados by a tiny White minority, it is understandable that many Barbadians react to their statement with disbelief and anger.

    Nevertheless, we must hold their feet to the fire. It would be a strategic mistake to ignore the fact that they have called for “discussion on racial division and economic enfranchisement in Barbados.” Let us make sure that they do not control this discussion. Let us make sure that the discussion is not confined to the sanitized chambers of the Social Partnership, where when the BPSA says “jump” the government and unions say “how high.”

    Let us make sure that this is an open, unfettered, and comprehensive discussion of the evil roles that that White supremacist ideology has played in Barbados since 1627, and continues to play in 2020.

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  • The repugnant way black governments treat the Black majority population in Barbados.

    “I really wish the media would stop calling the plant a drug. No one on the panel called it a drug. This aids to the psychosis of the people that the plant is dangerous to society. Also, why does the media insist on using just my pic and not any of the others. Photogenic I am not lol.

    By now the government must know that the Rastafari community is disgusted with how they, and the people of Barbados have, and are being treated as it pertains to cannabis reform here.

    Our voices must be loud and our vision clear. Rally around!

    You can’t give me nothing and make me believe it is something.

    “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”


  • @Peter

    Agree, the usual Black vs White vitriol add nothing to the debate except to feed the hate.


  • PLT….you sit there and tell yourself that they dont know which Article am posting next, this time out of sequence. They know because the treacherous house negros in the parliament TOLD THEM…i know they did NOT TELL YOU….giving THEM time to manufacture lies and deceit, while REFINING and REDESIGNING their practices of thefts, discrimination, racism and apartheid against the people who did not even know about these articles of human rights. The traitors never tild their own people…BUT THEY TILD CRIMINAL MINORITIES.. .analyze THAT.

    That is how black people ALWAYS end up on the receiving end of these crimes against themselves for GENERATIONS. They are always so ready and eager to listen to the criminals who commit these crimes.

    ▼Article XXI.
    Right to autonomy or self-government
    1. Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self￾determination, have the right to autonomy or self￾government in matters relating to their internal and
    local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing
    their autonomous functions.
    2. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and
    develop their own decision-making institutions. They
    also have the right to participate in decision-making
    in matters which would affect their rights. They may
    do so directly or through their representatives, and
    in accordance with their own norms, procedures,
    and traditions. They also have the right to equal
    opportunities in accessing and participating fully and
    effectively as peoples in all national institutions and
    forums, including deliberative bodies.


  • I agree with Peter all the whites should sell up and leave the island, Will that solve your economic situation ? probably not , might even make it a lot worse. but what the heck I am okay with my canadian pension ..pull up the rope.

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  • @lawson

    Is it so difficult to acknowledge based on what is being observed across the globe that we need to change how we are doing things?

    Can we TRY to have a serious dis? It means trying to understand the other person’s view.


  • Lawson…ah thought you were in QUA-RAN-TINE…what they hell are you doing on the loose..

    say hi to Justin for me…


  • “all the whites should sell up and leave the island, Will that solve your economic situation ?”

    but it will certainly be the better option, since they have refused to stop practicing racism, apartheid or thefts against the majority BECAUSE they get a lot of support from the TRAITORS in the parliament, so who would want to stop pretending they are superior in that type of toxic environment…they have made it very clear in the last 50 years that Black people, the majority population they rob with so much glee are beneath them…they can alway go live in South Africa, am sure the racists there will welcome them..

    of course the problems will end…the mentally enslaved house negros will have LESS MINORITIES to BETRAY their own people to and since the majority now know that under international human rights laws, they have the RIGHT TO BE AUTONOMOUS and run their own show, the economy and everything else…and since they have been OPPRESSED FOR DECADES…they will be more than happy to excel with every step forward they take.

    …and since sell out house negros will all be WATCHED like hawks…LESS TIME TO TIEF..

    you are very welcome..


  • Vincent Codrington

    Quite a sensible and pragmatic statement by Minister Kerry Symmonds. We are being sidetracked from moving Barbados forward . We elected this administration to move us forward not to engage in foolish optics. Unfortunately for the band- wagon hoppers,we have to live in the world as it is. Activities which ate counterproductive to delivering a comfortable life style to the masses will be kicked to the curb.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    Correction : “are” not “ate”


  • And we all know the brain damaged, mentally enslaved house negros who will be left behind…no one will miss them anyway, the racist and exploiters everywhere can have them..

    …..i have been on BU saying the same things CONSISTENTLY and WITHOUT deviation for 8 STRAIGHT YEARS….and it’s all now coming to fruition…..the archives are full…even the fowls can go scratching and digging…

    The fowls are also invited to comment on all of this..l…they dont ever run out of words..

    watch muh nuh….


  • David you must agree if someone is not interested in your history ..good or bad it is very difficult for you to be interested in theirs. My ancestors swung from the end of a rope for centuries before american blacks claimed it, whether it romans Vikings or anglo-saxons but every time I see my Danish buddy I don’t want to shove a pickled herring down his throat. You cant live in the past or re-write history it is what it is. We all have a lot to gripe about over millennia , just like every Asian isn’t Chinese or every black a Zulu not every white skin person was a conqueror
    Waru some guy entered your boyfriends grounds last night but he wasnt scared him being a boxer and all , When is he gonna let you guys cross the border again .

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  • I agree Kerrie Symmonds is right. The nonsense about moving the Nelson statue is populist bogus politics. We need a new kind of conversation about controversial issues.
    This is 2020, not 1920, and we should be able to discuss serious issues rationally as grown ups. As I have said before, once we have moved the statue, then what? Moving the statue is not a policy? Do we want to erase our colonial history?
    Historical revision is not the answer to our sorry state, it is an easy explanation. In the final analysis, the decision is for Barbadians.

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  • Good strategy, PLT!

    They have made a statement of acknowledgement that they can never take back. They have NEVER done that before. This alone is progress because they cannot ever again tell us it’s our own fault and therefore our problem to solve. They cannot like Looney Tunes say that it is THEIR money that they have earned all by themselves by the sweat of their brows and therefore they should be allowed to keep it.

    Though we may be skeptical, and rightly so, it is time to calmly engage with them on the way forward. We have their words to use against them if they slip back into their accustomed habits.

    Who knows, maybe they are getting tired of being confined to a small corner of the island, shut out of most of the events and interacting with such a limited segment of the population!

    Isn’t that what Annalee Davis said she was feeling?


  • Here’s the difference – your Danish buddy is not calling you inferior, discriminating against you and refusing to accept you as an equal.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @lawsonJuly 3, 2020 8:35 AM
    “I agree with Peter all the whites should sell up and leave the island…”
    Where did you get such an idiotic notion?? I have never in my life said anything that stupid.

    I said, on the contrary, that we need to engage in a productive discussion about White supremacist ideology.


  • ,you wallow in the past, make excuses for misbehavior of society norms, tear down your own people who have become successful by calling them lackeys and stooges of the white man to divert from your own deficiencies at getting ahead to further hate and division. Its very easy to blame others for all the bad things that happen to you, but eventually people realize maybe you are a jonah. So quit getting side tracked with this he gets more than me attitude and remember a rising tide lifts all boats.

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    What is more you know perfectly well that I have never said anything like your deliberate distortion and lies about what I represent. It is an attempt by you to derail a discussion that you don’t have the balls to engage in with even a modicum of honesty and truth. If you are a grown up please take a look in the mirror and respond if and when you decide to act like a human being.


  • “They have NEVER done that before.”

    Buying time…they know what i have SO CONFESSION IS THE BETTER OPTION….because they know how forgiving of others Bajan black people are…..but not of their own people…tell them any old lie and they are quick to forgive but not if your face is black like theirs…social engineering.

    …it gives them time to redesign their evil, ugly criminal racist practices, making them more invisible so that Black people will never see it coming for another 50 years….by that time billions more dollars will be gone from the economy, the black population finally destroyed permanently…..they already know that house negros with their damaged criminal minds dont care either way as long as they get their bribes.

    The criminal class.

    I am forgiving too…but with a twist…i always take my pound of flesh.,


  • I am responding to donna peter


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @lawson, nothing that you alleged is even remotely connected to the truth. It is hard to engage in discussion with you when all you do is spout lies. Give a single shred of evidence.


  • It is obvious to any neutral observer that with each day of economic decline in Barbados, radical voices are getting louder. As in any society, civilisation is just a very thin layer under which terrible things are hidden. Barbados does indeed have a racism problem when neutral observers read the comments of WARU and other radical commentators.

    Today they are demanding that Nelson must be thrown into the sea. Tomorrow, spurred on by WARU, they will threaten all expats and investors with violence and death.

    The ambassadors and honorary consuls will report the same to their home countries. The travel warning for Barbados remains in force.

    No, dear PLT, your plan to save Barbados is doomed to failure. The expats are certainly not going to settle on an island where they don’t even know if they will come out there alive.

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    A rising tide does NOT lift boats that have been deliberately scuppered. The nonsense about a rising tide lifting all boats is completely disproven by economic history along with the other lies about wealth trickling down.


  • So Peter you want us on the island,that is very nice to hear, now how about a job in parliament

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    TT Lewis was a White man and he had a job in parliament. Propose ethical policies like TT Lewis did. Of course the ethical policies he proposed meant that other White Bajans persecuted him until his death, so that is a bit of a downside.



    Why didn’t you call for a Referendum?

    Why did you only call for a Conversation where those that would Speak with Emotion and not with Reason and Logic may Carry the Day!

    What Freedom finds, is that the Only Monument Bought and Paid for, Including the Land that it Stands on was paid was for by Barbadian Public Subscription, many years before the Statue of Nelson in England was erected, because Barbadians Considered him a True Hero to Barbados in that they were saved from the French who they understood to treat their Subjects with Severity and they had their Guillotine in Guadeloupe.

    When Freedom was young, I used to say “Go to France”, meaning go to Hell. Barbadians considered themselves saved from Hell.

    Even if Mr. Clarke and others were of the view that only whites contributed to the subscription of Nelson, which is Not True, whatever you say would be true also of the Parliament Buildings. Therefore, if you are going to Engage in what is termed now, “Cancel Culture”, the Parliament Buildings must also go. And if you Find that Idea Repugnant, Freedom finds the Removal of Nelson Statue Equally Repugnant because it is of the same ideology.

    Cancel Culture Destroys your Identity of who we think we are and puts in its place Relativism, meaning what we say is what is true, so when you erase the part of Little England out of Barbados, you had better look for another Narrative for the tourist industry. Moreover, you had better look for another means of support because we will have nothing to promote! No matter how much Sea and Sun you have it will be like going to the Cocktail Parties dressed to the Hilt and Barefoot! It does not Add Up!

    Nelson is Part of our Heritage Good or Bad he is our Heritage. Barbadians of all walks of life have named their off-spring after Herito Nelson.

    RE…The Prime Minister maybe of the mind we need to seize the opportunity – given to us with the rise of #BLM

    Black Lives Matter is Run by Marxist Organizers.

    They have not been silent about their agenda to dismantle the nuclear family, transform gender/sexual identity, and force radical change. So why are so many eagerly following along?

    Professor Carol M. Swain, PhD sits down with Will Witt to discuss.


  • Symbols are important. How powerful would it be if they were the ones to take the statue down and relocate it to an underwater museum?

    How powerful would it be for them to celebrate Emancipation Day with us as a sign that we are moving forward to a new dispensation.

    If symbols and ceremonies mean nothing, then why are there so many of them?

    Christenings, graduations, weddings, funerals effused with rituals and symbols but some here would say mean nothing.


    Did your wedding ceremony and wedding ring stop you from getting on with your marriage????

    And as far as I know, funerals actually provide closure and help people to move forward. Certainly I have always felt better after the funeral.

    I could plan and execute a moving ceremony for the removal of Nelson on Emancipation Day that would convince all BU skeptics just as I conducted an Emancipation Day service in an ANGLICAN CHURCH that simply rocked.

    I’d do it for the pure enjoyment, for free, as I have always done.


  • The African spirit loves ceremonies, rituals and symbols!


  • Peter that was 65 years ago, lets be honest a white man would find it difficult getting votes, so why is it shocking that a white business owner would promote family first. But we are off topic you are trying to save an island economy division is not the way. It was a great start with the cruise ship fiasco, people will remember barbados in a good light. Now be hard on crime , be honest about the health of the island , its a team effort and tourists will come back.

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    @lawson July 3, 2020 8:35 AM
    “I agree with Peter all the whites should sell up and leave the island…”
    So, Lawson, do you have the moral courage to apologize for the defamation you wrote above??


  • Donna….ya should also add…WHILE TIEFING FROM BLACK BAJAN PEOPLE, their children, grandchildren and their UNBORN future generations…..they have no shame..

    Lawson…you should check to see no moose are waiting in ya backyard to grab ya…what Danish what….ya ancestors probably did the same to others and you know it…..suck it up..

    this is happening to the majority population in real time…it continues to negatively impact THEIR LIVING familes…not a bunch of centuries dead ass scottish and irish people, long dead even before the transatlantic slave trade …

    Black people today can still find anglo-saxon bloodlines in their own bloodlines. Ya must think ya special..


  • peterlawrencethompson

    I believe you should do something to stop the Trump propagandists from attempting to hijack this discussion with spam.


  • I hear you, Lawson. Did you hear ME?


    Tone it down, sistah! You could be wrong and then you would have ruined it just as Tron says.

    We shall keep our eyes open when we hold out our hands.

    I think being the villain does become tiring. So does being hated. Sometimes people just don’t know how to get out of their rut. Sometimes they need a hand to push or pull.


  • Best tell the red leg scot descendants in st john they are dead Waru, Peter I was reading between the lines now knowing that you want us here and would like us to have representation in parliament and are willing to promote affirmative action to that end I can only say i misread what you were saying about white supremecy and am sorry.

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  • Lawson,

    Barbados would not be Barbados without the white Bajan.

    I have enjoyed the presence of many of them on the island. The Merrymen were my favourite. Loved The Merry Boys, Spice even before they had company, The Sandpebbles. Love the St. Gabriel’s pantomime. Loved Alfred Pragnell, Tony Cozier, Stephen Farmer and Ralph ‘ Bruggadung’ Johnson to name a few that added to our flavour. Even used to love Richard Hoad’s column before the Trayvon Martin one. Frances Chandler was a good one as were some of my teachers at Q.C. I still tell stories about them and laugh. Gerald Hudson and his daughter come readily to mind.

    Nobody wants them to leave.


  • Lawson….the financially poor red legs in St. John are not the ones robbing the treasury, pension fund, the elderly etc, and don’t seem like the redlegs who actually rob the country and people and who own the house negros in the parliament…care very much about their kith and kin redlegs in St. John either…

    ..but i have never seen not one Black person in Barbados do or say anything to make those poor redlegs feel uncomfortable in their present state and condition…so ya failed again…hope there are 50 moose waiting in ya backyard for ya when ya go outside and a snake in ya toilet bowl just to top it off…


  • John Roett is another one.

    Who wants these people dead?

    I mourned the death of all the departed on my list.


  • Perfect Donna this is how meaningful discussions get started not the usual over the top rhetoric, Whites like a parade as well , the idea of taking nelson to the ocean and making a underwater water park for scuba divers that was suggested is a great idea . In that context how could you not support it, but when someone says were gonna take your history and fling it in the ocean it just gets peoples backs up.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @Hal Austin July 3, 2020 9:20 AM
    The current spate of activism to remove the statue of Nelson from Heroes’ Square began around Independence Day 2017 when someone threw blue and yellow paint on it. The activism has been a success. It generated widespread discussion: many articles in all segments of the press, uncounted thousands of posts and comments on social media platforms, and hours upon hours of airtime on call in radio.

    For moving the Nelson monument.
    + 29 of 30 elected members of the barbados House of Assembly,
    + Every single Civil Society Organization in Barbados that has voiced an opinion,
    + The BPSA representing every single private sector association on the island,
    + The leadership of the local Anglican Church,
    + The leadership of the local Roman Catholic Church,
    + Every other religious leader who has expressed a public opinion,
    + Every newspaper columnist except one,
    + Even White historian Karl Watson who used to lead the charge to preserve the monument where it stood.

    Neither for nor against moving the Nelson monument.
    + Minister of Tourism and International Transport Kerrie Symmonds

    Against moving the Nelson monument.
    + Newspaper columnist Richard Hoad, widely known to be racist,
    + a handful of other racists like John Knox, Freedom Crier etc.

    So moving the Nelson monument is basically a fait accompli. All that remains is for the government to act responsibly before some hothead acts irresponsibly.

    Let’s move on to the underlying issues.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @lawson July 3, 2020 10:16 AM
    Your snivelling prevarication is contemptible. I do not accept that lame apology. You continue to deliberately tell lies about what I say. Your despicable racist assumptions are clear to see.


  • Waru you hit the m instead of the n. But my point was they came as slaves as well no matter what it is called. land clearances were the Englisher’s way of saying your getting a free holiday..

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  • “We shall keep our eyes open when we hold out our hands”

    so what are you holding out your hands for again..???

    i don’t think what i posted has really hit your braincells yet…but it will..

    never lower your standards to meet those of the Trons….let them stretch to meet yours..

    for some of you 50 years of oppression and thefts against you and yours may not be enuff….ya may need 150 more years to understand, but by then, none of you will be left…it may be a good thing, am not one to complain..

    i have not one sliver of sentimentality when it comes to minorities….they will NEVER be my downfall, but it appears the will be YOURS…..obviouly none of you have ever been invited to their innercircles…and why would they invite any of you anyway…

    even some who are hardcore racists are warning you, yet ya playing dumb enuff…good luck i say….


  • , stop your racist prattle, you get a canadian pension live the good life and figure you should rabble rouse. It was a woman that took your job up here, not me so your fight is with her… actually she moved on maybe you can get it back.


  • “but when someone says were gonna take your history and fling it in the ocean it just gets peoples backs up.”

    in that case Lawson, ya may want to tell us whatever happened to the TRUE HISTORY of the African Bajan, African Caribbean, African American, African Canadian, African European….since ya waxing nostalgic for destroyed history, ya should feel the same way for the worlds ORIGINAL PEOPLES… AFRICAN PEOPLE…


  • Now…. I am living happy not at all miserable. Have never been hindered by any white man because I have always been mentally free. Blame no white man for any mistakes I have made. They were all the normal mistakes of growing up. Never been poor. Still ain’t poor.

    But yes, I see the effects our unequal society has on those who are not as fortunate. I see the effect mentally and financially.

    I don’t know who you are describing but it sure ain’t me.


  • Donna…that’s the thing, the evil minded negros in the parliament have ALWAYS known which cross section of the vulnerable and unware, their own people to target…but in saying that….when BILLIONS OF DOLLARS are stolen from the economy, from the healthcare and education systems, from this and that state enterprise….all of it THE PEOPLE’S MONEY…ya can never say it never impacted you, it did, but not at the level that it negatively impacts t those who are DIRECTLY TARGETED for generationally poverty….just be aware that services to you could have been much better if those BILLIONS OF DOLLARS had stayed in the economy and not shared among thieves and offshored…..more opportunities could have been directed at the oppressed areas..

    MORE BLACK BUSINESSES could have been created, creating generational wealth instead of generational poverty and …broadening the tax base….but that is not how it went did it….50 years of the opposite and this is where the island is and the majority population are….

    we have not even mentioned all the elderly and their beneficiaries robbed of their estates yet by those same minority crooks and their fellow crooks in the parliament for the last 50 years… who believe everything is about them and what they can get..for themselves..


  • @ Lawson July 3, 2020 10:36 AM

    How about a public apology for the role played by their ancestors in the slavery business? Don’t you think that would go a long way in bringing about the much needed mental catharsis for both sides to go forward into the new era if Barbados is going to survive in any sea of socio-economic tranquillity?

    Based on your many contributions can we, therefore, conclude that you still share the views of “Edward Long”, like Admiral Nelson, of the African in the Americas and the Caribbean?

    “[Edward] Long, in his rather shocking descriptions argues that American ‘Negroes’ were characterised by the same “bestial manners, stupidity and vices which debase their brethren” in Africa. He maintained that “this race of people” is distinguishable from the rest of mankind in that they embody “every species of inherent turpitude” and imperfection that can be found dispersed among all other races of men.

    Unlike the most “abandoned villain” to be found in civilisation, argues Long, these peoples have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.”


  • Miller…that is how racist criminals like Long…project their own savage behaviors on to the African descended, they have had centuries to practice that very evil technique and philosophy and they refine them for every new generation…. and the African descended continue to fall for it every time..


  • WURA,

    So…. are you bragging about being invited into their inner circles?

    I never even thought about being invited. Never felt deprived. I had my own circle. Still do. I like my circle.

    Sweetie, I spent seven years sitting next to them at Q.C. I know how they thought then. I thought they were stupid. If they still think that way – still stupid and missing out on the good life.

    And if they haven’t been my downfall up till now what the hell are they going to do?

    My family from all sides got off the plantation and owned property not long after slavery at the very least. My grandmother’s grandparents owned the large lot I occupy and more. My grandfather’s grandfather owed plenty nearby. On my mother’s side, her grandparents had plenty land. Her father’s father had a bit.

    My family’s fate has not depended on a white man from long before I was born. Only my mother’s mother worked in their fields for a few years rather than fight her older brother for more land or the husband whom she left for support for their two children though he was well able to provide. And even then the manager used to call her out of the line and pay her seperately because he said she was different.

    So… I have no personal beef with any of them.

    They have not stopped me from being happy or prosperous for even one day!


  • WURA,

    If you steal from me and I never miss it then you have had no effect on me. I have always had enough to enjoy life because I enjoy the simple things in life. Sea shells please me more than diamonds.


    Got red legs next door and all over this area. They marry blacks and fit in nicely although the one next door is a little too competitive or as some would say badminded.

    They have all done well just as we have. Nobody is talking about them.


  • “So…. are you bragging about being invited into their inner circles?”

    why would you think that…has it ocurred to you that it might be someone close to me, being invited into an innercircle of liars, racists, thieves and frauds may be appealing to some and sound like bragging, why, is a mystery, but you can rest assured that is not me….and ya know they are STUPID…but still believe that being in their innercircle of vipers would be something to brag about.

    “My family’s fate has not depended on a white man from long before I was born.”.

    and for that simple reason, the majority population who have been generationally oppressed and robbed by them should not have to depend on anything they say now, because we already know it will be more of the same…and even worse than before, don’t need any permission from them for anything, no need to stretch out hand to be robbed…it is called INDEPENDENCE…something the crabs in the parliament don’t want to see for their own people.

    “They have not stopped me from being happy or prosperous for even one day”

    but they have stopped GENERATIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE…if things remain as they are, their next generation with the help of the thieving lawyers in the parliament will get around to grabbing your property for themselves too, they just have not gotten around to you yet……’s a generational thing..

    sometimes it’s good to think of those who are less fortunate and have been the helpless victims of these vicious criminals for decades..


  • @ WURA-War-on-U July 3, 2020 11:24 AM

    And here you have on your ‘small-minded’ island- predominantly populated by people of African ancestry- vocal sections of the Barbadian society extolling the virtues of and idolizing a statue to a man who shared the views of Edward Long all written down in historical black ink on white paper.


  • Miller…they wear you out, that is why some of them MUST be sacrificed, let the racists and o oppressors and exploiters have them, you cannot save them all…i won’t even try, just getting the informatioin out there is more than enuff for me….i prefer watch the fall out from a safe distance..


  • PLT is right that we cannot count on many foreign tourists and investors in the foreseeable future. However, this is not so much due to the Wuhan plague, but to the increasing radicalisation of the mob.

    Barbados is increasingly disintegrating. The racists who call white people parasites and secretly want to slaughter them all are gaining the upper hand on BU. The Nelson riots were a clear indication that foreigners are no longer welcome. Some commentators even accept electoral fraud in Guyana as long as it ensures the rule of the black minority.

    Many foreign ministries will draw the correct conclusion from this and issue a travel warning for Barbados for an indefinite period. Let us see how long the riots last when there is no food left.


  • Here is what Minister Marsha Caddle had to say during the same debate:

    And if your countrymen and women in their overwhelming majority tell you that a statue erected to serve to honour white supremacy disturbs them deeply in their souls, why would you want to hold on to it? If you are an ally of the equality project with respect to race in your country, why would you want to hold on to it?

    This notion that it erases history sir – I wake up with this skin every day in this country and when I go to different parts of the world I see the reaction that it gets. I see the reactions that it sometimes gets right here, I don’t need a statue to remind me that Barbados was the site of the great slave experiment in this region. Here was where they wanted to create the perfect slave society and then the perfect post-colonial society. There is no possibility of forgetting that…


  • @ David July 3, 2020 12:29 PM

    Such official statements and history are no reason to condone electoral fraud in Guyana and publicly call for violence against minorities, expats and foreigners.

    The travel warning for Barbados will have to remain active for a long time.


  • ” but when someone says were gonna take your history and fling it in the ocean it just gets peoples backs up.”

    History have several faces and the face presented often depends on who is telling/writing the history.

    To some here (a minority), Nelson is a victor who should stand proud and tall on a prominent place on the Barbadian landscape. He is a powerful symbol of the dominant role they played and continue to play in our society; a reminder of how they determined how the history of the nation was told and written.

    They cannot see how insulting and preposterous it is to have a man who supported slave ownership stand in the heart of the nation. They cannot see how maintaining this symbol would get others (the majority) “backs up”. We boast of our literacy rate. But if we just read the works of FC, John, Lawson et al, then we are a doomed nation.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I specifically stated that my concern is for the less fortunate. You are taking everything I said out of context.

    P.S You sounded as though YOU thought it was something to brag about. I am not interested and that I also stated.

    But back to the topic. I am not wasting anymore time in this pointless exchange.


  • “Here was where they wanted to create the perfect slave society and then the perfect post-colonial society.”

    ah think she got a little mixed up right there and should read..”here is where” they SUCCESSFULLY created the perfect slave society, exported it to the southern US, now known as the dirty south…and then kept in place the perfect post-colonial and post-emancipation slave society that still exists to this day and which the lowlife black governments take the same victimized African descended people’s money to MAINTAIN…generationally…and that is only what they and the criminal class minorities don’t OUTRIGHT TIEF…for themselves..

    that is way more accurate.

    time to turn a new page, that shit is aburrido and pure evil.


  • To some here (a minority), Nelson is a victor who should stand proud and tall on a prominent place on the Barbadian landscape. He is a powerful symbol of the dominant role they played and continue to play in our society; a reminder of how they determined how the history of the nation was told and written.(Quote)

    Plse name some of those minority on BU that see Nelson as a victor who should stand proud ad tall on a ……..

    Liked by 1 person

  • Theo….those are the ones we will GLADLY sacrifice if any one will have them, but doubtful in this current worldwide environment, no one wants CURSED DEAD WEIGHT…..but the first opportunity we get…their asses are gone, they can do whatever they like with and to them…we will give them up for free, don’t want a dime in return…


  • When your glorious history was built at the expense of the very lives and freedom of other human beings, one can commemorate but in an appropriate way. I would not wish to honour with a statue anyone in my heritage who did that. At the same time I would not tear his photograph out of my family album because good or bad, he would be part of my story.

    There is a difference that some people can’t seem to grasp. Lawson has given it some thought. I think we can take him out of John’s and FC’s category. They are hopeless.


  • @Hal
    I try not to do exchanges, so you will have to take that shtick elsewhere.

    PS: I believe you are more sensible than you are presenting yourself here. You inhabit the blog as much as I do.
    BTW: shtick was not a typo or misspelling.


  • The O gazertz I can see you being an irishman would have it in for nelson but I didnt see you on march the 8 1966. but as usual no original ideas ergo the 4 sided wheel

    Liked by 1 person

  • Marsha Caddle speaks well. As I said on the Nelson blog, if they try to hold on to it then it says a whole lot. That’s why I asked the question – where do they stand and was adamant that they should not be allowed to remain silent.


  • If you can remember faces from that far back then you have a tremendous memory.
    Seem as it it you used it to memorize only the jokes that bomb.

    Here is my attempt:
    I thought we had this conversation before and I convinced you that, as a method of transportation, the four sided wheel was better than sitting on a rock scratching your balls and wishing..


  • Donna the woman seems bright and well spoken we can only hope she doesnt want whatever PTL’s job is on the island or nobody will be safe


  • Theo that is rodin’s the thinker not scratcher


  • William Skinner

    @ TheOGazerts
    WOW and what about someone flinging millions over the side of slave boats ?
    One piece of cast iron in the Careenage and they hurt. Live bodies thrown over the side of a slave boat and we have a person who supported that in a pivotal position in our capital city.

    Things get curiouser and curiouser
    (Alice in Wonderland)

    Liked by 1 person

  • Don’t mind Lawson, he aleady agreed the statue should be flung in the ocean to help the reef and fish….he probably forgot.

    .Justin on the brain.


  • I wish I could take your advice.. But then he goes and tries to be funny.
    To be honest 1/10 of his jokes are not bad.
    Have a great day Lawson.


  • You must not think that when we say ‘the white man’ that we mean all white men. We mean the system put in place by the colonizers that their descendants keep going.

    Unfortunately, their hateful ideology has been adopted by others worldwide. Imagine travelling the world and being judged as subhuman. I have never experienced it because I have kept away from such places but my mother was not so fortunate. She was once spat on by a patient. Big mistake! My mother always gave as good as she got.


  • DonnaJuly 3, 2020 2:05 PM

    You must not think that when we say ‘the white man’ that we mean all white men.


    Don’t you think this could be construed as a sexist statement.

    Surely white women will feel slighted and want to start their own #metoo movement..


  • Speaking of NELSON, we have a THOMPSON on the blog, I think he’d better come clean and identify how he came by a respected Scottish/Scandinavian name, it’s an insult to white Scottish to have him using the THOMPSON CAMPBELL CLAN NAME. YOU see PLT what goes around can also come around using you type of thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hal AustinJuly 3, 2020 12:50 PM

    To some here (a minority), Nelson is a victor who should stand proud and tall on a prominent place on the Barbadian landscape. He is a powerful symbol of the dominant role they played and continue to play in our society; a reminder of how they determined how the history of the nation was told and written.(Quote)

    Plse name some of those minority on BU that see Nelson as a victor who should stand proud ad tall on a ……..


    What about as an exemplar of “Greater love hath no man …”!!?

    He fits the bill to a tee.


  • @ Donna July 3, 2020 10:11 AM

    Thanks for your comment. Of course, moving the Nelson monument is the right thing to do. I’m not one of those who mourn the old colonial times. The British were very bad and evil colonial administrators. They ruined the Indian economy and turned people against each other, as Pakistan-India and Guyana aptly demonstrate.

    That is precisely why we should not fall back on the bad level of the British themselves. We must not fall into the trap of playing off different groups in Barbados against each other. That will only help the British and the still existing private companies that benefited from slavery 200 years ago. We must demonstrate unity in Barbados. This is not a matter of extra-judicial retaliation, but of legal compensation for injustice suffered. This is not about black and white Barbadians in the abstract, but about real crimes against Barbadians of African origin with concrete, real European criminals.

    We need a list of those Barbadians and Britons whose ancestors profited massively from slavery as large plantation owners or slave traders and who, by virtue of inheritance, still own large fortunes today. We should leave the rest to historical oblivion. The same should be done with private companies, foundations etc. Those who in the past profited massively from slavery and made a large fortune from it must pay. Private individuals do not enjoy state immunity. On the other hand, it is hopeless and pure actionism to sue Britain as a state.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @WC

    Neither you nor Vincent C seems to have received the memo, none of us descended from African slaves were given the right to continue with our original names. We all carry the name of the Plantation we were born on or the Plantation owner’s name or the overseer etc. Perhaps you should go and ask the original Thompson why he authorized the use of his name by slaves (sorry field hands). We are not fortunate like Obama who was able to retain his father’s name principally because his father was born in Africa and kept the family name but Mrs. Obama’s maiden name is Robinson, where do you think the name Robinson came from?


  • I would gladly use my real name if I knew what it was. That too was taken from me by you lot.

    Could Wily Coyote be as ignorant as he seems? They beat our names out of us, you buffoon! Now you come to add insult to injury! The fact that we carry these names is another thing you lot should apologise for. We don’t even know who we are. We have no history before slavery but you think your history should be respected?

    And throwing a statue of your kind overboard is terrible while throwing a living person of my kind overboard should be gotten over?

    You see why we get so angry?

    Your attitude sucks!


  • the uk is gonna build a prison in jamaica for 25m that they dont want, you should go after it like you did for ross university. jobs jobs jobs reparations aint happening so at least get something.


  • @ Lawson

    The prison was David Cameron’s present to Portia for the Windrush returnees. The got caught out.


  • “We mean the system put in place by the colonizers that their descendants keep going.”

    ah think ya got a little mixed up there…and should read…that ya wicked badminded black leaders, both governments COLLUDED with and have ENABLED the descendants of UKs rejects…the INDENTURED SERVANTS…to continue into this ERA in the last 50 years….

    .ya would be hardpressed to find slave master’s bloodlines in the bloodline’s of Barbados’ minorities…slave masters had a penchant for BLACK FLESH, man, woman and children….so it’s not slave masters bloodline robbing Bajans and the island…we can blame them for a lot of things but slave master bloodlines now mostly sit in seats of power in the large countries, they are way above being small time parasites in the lives of people in Barbados…they got much bigger intent, a higher level of intelligence and …BIGGER AGENDAS..

    ya see, that is where Black Bajans get fooled, you have not been held in bondage by any original slavemasters on the ground on the island, but by the WANNABES who were merely descended indentured and got a foot in the door, when diumbass black governments let them in 40 plus years ago and since then have FOOLED black bajans that they are the original slave masters…who by the way would be highly INSULTED since they do not think these wannabes are even white and they are not treated as white anywhere else but in Barbados…they do not even need to be there, the corruption is the glue holding them and ya useless leader together…for now..


  • You are welcome for that piece of information…the Black majority’s bloodlines will certainly have more SLAVEMASTER blood than those minority parasites….again, they are wannabes, pretenders, they are even pretending to be all white, their bloodlines will be loaded with inbred blood and some African slave blood, but not enuff to mean much…. since they had to do so to even get their numbers to reach less then 8,000, minus the 10K that can be found in UK and elsewhere, their numbers NEVER exceed 10,000 anywhere even AFTER 400 YEARS…..

    …..ya stupid corrupt leaders are the real culprits here…..the criminal minority class is very dangerous since they managed to pull this slavemaster scam off, but they are just common class thieves..who can’t pull anything of that level off anywhere else..


  • So far many of the comments under this blog have been disappointing. Here is an opportunity for so-called intelligent mainly Black people on the blog to unpack the issues and debate how we can advance a truth and reconciliation debate. We seem happy with tossing barbs over the black and white fences. Creating a harmonious society calls for a lot more effort.

    Liked by 2 people

  • “We all carry the name of the Plantation we were born on or the Plantation owner’s name or the overseer etc”

    and that includes Vincent Codrington who believes he can keep a slave society going into the future on the island, so he can model that evil slave master name he carries with such false prid, the, the disrespect to our enslaved ancestors cannot be missed.

    …..Codringtons were some of the most evil demons to curse Barbados and the other islands with their presence, they owned the island of Antigua at one time, remember the shrunken African heads i saw in Antigua that i still remember….ok then.


  • Unfortunately the Barbados Private Sector stakeholders represent the economic power in Barbados.

    The fourth estate is meant to equalize but we know the fourth estate cannot stand on its own to represent the real issues and risk the advertising dollar.


  • Dream on…Black people in Barbados are content to keep doing the same things every generation, every opportunity they get and expect different results to THEIR OWN DETRIMENT…..then they cry that they are being oppressed and robbed and discriminated against and abused, to anyone who will listen…….keep making the same mistakes and think anyone will pay any attention to any of you after this, yall already missed the boat because you REFUSE to see what’s really going on and what’s right in front of you …but some must sacrifice themselves so others can move forward…the intelligent ones know that they must protect themselves, the others are free to stay behind..and “create (maintain) a harmonious”) slave society…..AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE ….they will think it’s an upgrade…more fool them….

    VIncent CODRINGTON……false pride..


  • The conversation should be about STRIPPING that economic power from the minorities who believe all of it belongs to them, who only believe that because they are allowed to by vicious, greedy governments, just as they believe Black people on the island is their human property….


  • Waru when the mob comes for one of your two chickens are you going to be so forgiving. That why you and the trudea putz get along he loves to give other peoples things away. Did you date vincent in the past I see the claws out. I am totally confused i thought Donna was her real name


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @Wily Coyote July 3, 2020 2:24 PM
    Yes I am a Thompson because the enslaved African people from whom I trace my descent were owned by an English or Scottish enslaver called Thompson. If “it’s an insult to white Scottish to have him using the THOMPSON CAMPBELL CLAN NAME” and they wish me to stop I’ll be very happy to oblige them. All they have to do is pay my ancestors back wages. I accept gold, bitcoin, or bearer bonds.


  • Theo, Miller, TSLN…….even after i went out of my way to POST A WAY FORWARD…using international law, information malicously and deliberately KEPT FROM the majority population by their OWN leaders…but they willingly shared with the same parasitic minorities because they prefer promote them and give them rights which do not belong to them…than to give them to their own Black people TO WHOM IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS..

    information people went OUT OF THEIR WAY to send me…

    minorities…..who would NEVER TELL a black person what they know about their human rights because they know THEY STOLE THAT TOO….., not even to save the VERY LIVES of the people they rob generationally…would they tell them…

    ….after all of that am still hearing about creating a “harmonious” SLAVE SOCIETY with the same thieves and racists….who shamelessly practice apartheid AGAINST the black majoriy in the 21st CENTURY on the island…..

    i did not make that up….that is why i know well enuff how far to go and when to pull back..

    Blogmaster is probably romantically thinking he can change the minds of savages, people who live to HATE BLACK PEOPLE…ya welcome and free to try…but it should never be at the expense of your own people…


  • peterlawrencethompson

    Will someone PLEASE accept my invitation to engage in “discussion on racial division and economic enfranchisement in Barbados.”

    I think the best way to Black economic enfranchisement is through growing a widespread culture of entrepreneurship. Large businesses like Goddards and Cave Shepherd need to make very significant contributions to nonprofits which have proven capacity in entrepreneurial development. Then the general public needs to be able to make equity investments in new enterprises through a local equity crowdfunding platform similar to This should be done entirely beyond the corrupting influence of government and political parties.


  • So what has ambassador Liz been doing at the UN all these years, she certainly has the same information on international human rights…am sure she shared it with her friends and family, but not with the yardfowls, we all know that they don’t count

    ……but WHY has she never shared it with the people who have ELECTED HER FOR YEARS…instead of going in Haynesville some years ago and telling the people how she bought stove and fridge for them and they owe her votes…but wasn’t she the shocked one when they STONED HER ASS and REFUSED to reelect her to parliament…

    this document is dated 2016….she was in the environs of the UN since this was ratified….so what’s up Liz…or were ya ony there for the foolish ambassador title with perks…

    Am sure beyond a doubt that all these wicked politicians/ministers/lawyers/lowlifes of DBLP….. have always done these same types of wicked things to their own people, kept these types of vital information from them…information that can propel the majority population forward, they all keep secret and only share with minorities….

    …they cannot say they did not know about these international laws because it’s been 2 years DLP was ceremonously kicked out by the people…..they had the document from two years before that…… it’s been 2 years that BLP and Mia swung into the parliament with her big red bag of evidence of corruption between DLP and the same minorities……..not one of them can say that they did not know…cause the date adds up to 4 YEARS…spanning two governments who hid the information from their people..but told the minorities…..

    Karma is still looking on and she is very unforgiving….


  • Lawson,

    You are regressing here. Donna is my given name. It is not the name of my ancestors. My surname is part of the title of the man who thought he owned my ancestors. I could tell you exactly who he is.


  • @ David July 3, 2020 4:12 PM
    “So far many of the comments under this blog have been disappointing. Here is an opportunity for so-called intelligent mainly Black people on the blog to unpack the issues and debate how we can advance a truth and reconciliation debate. We seem happy with tossing barbs over the black and white fences. Creating a harmonious society calls for a lot more effort.”

    But such a bridge of ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ can only be established if there is an honest and contrite apology from the party whose ancestors carried out and benefited from the past atrocities perpetrated against the victims.

    It is up to the modern beneficiaries of those underserved socio-economic privileges to stretch out an apologetic and welcoming hand to the descendants of the victims of one of the most horrific acts of violence (both physical and psychological) against humanity;
    whose most recent equivalence can be found in what the Jews and other minority groups experienced under the Nazi regime.

    If F.W. de Klerk can issue an apology to the victims of Apartheid in South Africa why can’t the modern remnants of the beneficiaries of chattel slavery in Barbados do a similar ‘Christian’ deed as a landmark step to their moral salvation?

    The ‘future’ pages of history would record the ‘black’ diamond marks of repentance forgiveness and reconciliation instead of a continuation of those of the ‘blood-red and white-shame from the stain of evil.

    The positions taken by both Annalle Davis and Edward Clarke are just the first set of bricks to be laid in the necessary reconciliation and bridge-building process as Barbados, like the rest of the Western world, embarks on its journey to enter a new Age of knowledge and understanding in which the colour of a person’s skin is not the determinant factor of success but what is stored in his or her hard drive for a brain.

    “It was not our intention to deprive people of their rights and to cause misery, but eventually apartheid led to just that.” ~ FW De Klerk


  • @Peter

    Good luck.

    Entrepreneurship can only take root in an enabling financial environment. We have no development bank or venture capitalists suited to support risk takers or startups with spotty track records. We are a risk averse people therefore crowd funding will be a tough ask. Now with COVID it will not improve. The credit unions are limited in what they can do. It means a forward thinking government will have to fill the void. Why not give Nasser an opportunity as minister of entrepreneurship for one year?


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