December 2019 Murder Statistics

The monthly murder analysis extracted from – BU, blogmaster

The final month of the year saw two murders taking place. The victims were Rondell Alexander (27 years old) and Kirk Bowen (26 years old). The killings took place in the parishes of St. Michael and St. Thomas respectively. Both deaths were shooting related. 2019 saw a total of at least 49 murders taking place across Barbados.

Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to December 2019
Table of Murders in Barbados – December 2019
Chart: Murders Per 100,000 People January to December 2019

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101 thoughts on “December 2019 Murder Statistics

  1. It surprised me that both St Lucy and St Andrew both had 3 killings. This is given their population size and their distance from St Michael.

    Explanations anyone??

  2. Happy New Year Amit,

    You said and de ole man quotes

    “…The killings took place in the parishes of St. Michael and St. Thomas respectively.

    Both deaths were shooting related.

    2019 saw a total of at least 49 murders taking place across Barbados…”

    Amit, de ole man has a great respect for your efforts AND I PRAY THAT YOUR PROJECT WILL GAIN SUPPORT WITHIN THE POWER CHAMBERS!

    De ole man going warn you though that those 2 words “at least” going mek you get reticule crosshears pun you forehead becausing dem is seditious words pun Barbados Underground


  3. @ TheOGazerts
    We are too small to believe that widespread crime would not reach our rural areas. Anybody going through our rural communities, observing especially the youth, would realize that all the negative city and suburban characteristics are identical. This certainly was not the case thirty or so years ago.
    .Unless we root out criminal activity the entire criminal pattern could reflect a single inner city. In other words our limited space does not allow us to contain crime to one area.
    The sooner we depoliticize crime the better for all concerned.
    We need a comprehensive policy to fight crime. The stupid blame game will not prevent one single crime. Imagine a police commissioner after a year of the highest number of murders, is imploring citizens to look beyond the statistics. I guess we should pay less attention to the guns and body bags.

  4. @ Mr. William Skinner

    You said and I quote

    “…Imagine a police commissioner after a year of the highest number of murders, is imploring citizens to look beyond the statistics…”

    Mr Skinner, between Barbados’ Chief Justice Marston, our Director of Public Prosecutions, our Attorney General Teets Marshall and our Commissioner of Police of the Royal Baygon Police Force, it can be proudly said that we have assembled the weakest possible judiciary force anywhere in the world!

    Remember that this man took pride in saying “UNLESS A COMPLAINT IS BROUGHT TO THE POLICE, NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED!”

  5. RE “…Imagine a police commissioner after a year of the highest number of murders, is imploring citizens to look beyond the statistics…”


  6. Statistics deceive us. Almost all the murders are connected to the local drug war. Anyone who is not a drug dealer himself or a family member of this group lives very safely in Barbados. If we subtract the drug murders from the absolute number, I come up with a maximum of one or two murders per year.

    Thank you, dear Mia Mottley, for ensuring our safety!

  7. Govt statistics are untruthful
    Govt has intentionally fudge the correct numbers
    Even in one of the local newspapers BT they have also intentionally told an untruth by stating 48 deaths
    The truth lies in the fact that govt has not released the causes of deaths for as much as 6 murders and which gives reason to be suspicious of govt statistics for the real and correct number of murders in 2019

  8. @ Tron January 7, 2020 8:59 AM

    We would wish to warn you, for the sake of intellectual justice, to temper your overabundance of encomiums until you find out who invited the same tycoons in the local drug trade to the State’s pageant called the opening of the “Talk Shop” under ‘new’ management of the wine merchants but still clothed in the same old smelly ‘wine’ skins.

  9. Govt is deceitful in pursuing with insistent lies poured into old bottles and presented to the public as drug induced murders
    How about those murders which were committed because of people being in the wrong place which brings to memory one man who was a University who was gunned down
    It is about time this govt tells truth on all matters and stop hiding the truth behind smoke and mirrors

  10. Would anyone, seeing that de ole man was right about the murders exceeding 50 in 2019, care to hazard what this year’s murder record will be?

    Do I hear 75, 75 75!

    Do I hear 75, 75, 75?

    Going once, going twice gone!


    Otherwise as was shown with the t0 from 2019, THEIR DEATHS MEAN DIDDLY SQUAT!

    Observe how the suicide of a Policeman HAS NOT ELICITED ANY REMARKS?

    3 MURDERS AMONG THE HAVES, and this will make the Mottley regime tale these murders more seriously AND HAVE THEM PRETEND TO BE LOOKING FOR THE DRUG LORDS


  11. @ ManyPussy

    For the Government of Barbados to even say the number 50 IT WOULD MEAN THAT THE PREDICTION OF PIECE THE LEGEND, IS RIGHT!

    they CANNOT DO THAT, in the same way that you could not accept that my 30 to 0 prediction was going to be right THEY TOO CANNOT ADMIT DAT DE OLE MAN NUMBERS WERE RIGHT!

    of course you like dem gine say dat de ole man arrogant BUT CHECK DE FACTS!


  12. “DavidJuly 30, 2017 10:22 AM

    To the credit of the Nation newspaper its editor has listed 15 shooting incidents that occurred between May 1 to July 30 to emphasize the gravity of the level of criminality we are battling in Barbados. Some will keep their heads firmly in the sand- especially the yardfowls- but there is a reality that is playing out we cannot avoid. Gun crime is on the increase. There is a Barbados that we are unaccustomed and we seem powerless to stem it, all stakeholders.”

    Reading at least one comment in this thread so far proves the above comment to be more than right.

    The Duopoly Rules

  13. Piece Mariposa is stuck in your craw because i have refused to endorse your presented alternative to manage barbados affairs
    The one turncoat Atherley
    Let that sink in a little further in your RH thick skull

  14. Some understand what the COP is trying to do with his defensive narrative, he needs to fire up his troups. The statement is unfortunate at a time we have reached an unprecedented murder rate in 2019.

    Time for our leaders to deliver some home truths and leave the superfluous stuff at the door.

  15. @Skinner,, brother you can’t have it both ways and be just…

    Your full remark said: `We need a comprehensive policy to fight crime. The stupid blame game will not prevent one single crime. Imagine a police commissioner after a year of the highest number of murders, is imploring citizens to look beyond the statistics. I guess we should pay less attention to the guns and body bags.”

    Several cutouts to suit the different palates and surely they feasted…

    @Pieces, in his attack mode focused on the stats line and gave ONE perspective, which you in your written emphasis also tended towards…but did you not say the stupid blame game must stop… that refers to us as well.

    So, in as much as @Tron’s deep political bias can disrupt the value of his posts at times causing my disagreement I find good value in some of his remarks above…. the commissioner (regardless of his self serving interest) is absolutely right: get behind the top line stats and recognize that separate these drug related murders that we are a comparatively safe society!

    Yes, it is somewhat HOLLOW considering the other well made point that when we see drug (crime) lords embraced by public officials we know the end results portend greater crime… but it’s yet a valid fact of criminality in Bim. The RBPF must focus on preventing and reducing all other crimes and as effectively as possible walling off the drug related crime as they ALSO AGGRESSIVELY work to bring that under control.

    Yes of course the addict stealing to support his need blurs the line of ‘regular crime’ and ‘drug related’ crime but we are talking about murder primarily…the domestic quarrel killing or crime of passion; or ‘frustrated I can’t find work killing’; or ‘I will not let you take my children’; or the cutlass chop-up… nothing to with drugs prima facie. How many of those make up this big 50 number!

    That is the fundamental context of the look beyond the statistics remark. Anyone who has examined criminal activity over the years outside and inside Bim must understand that.

    Blaming the commissioner achieves what again!

  16. @ de pedantic Dribbler
    Who is blaming the COP ? If the COP or anybody else knows who or what is causing the particular crime they /we need to come up with a comprehensive policy to arrest such crimes and or criminals.
    I was not taught that to question a statement of the COP or anybody else’s was equivalent to “blaming” them.
    I guess by your reasoning I can now blame you for blaming me.

  17. Mari….

    I’m a bit confused, so, perhaps you may want to explain a few things to me.

    RE: The truth lies in the fact that govt has not released the causes of deaths for as much as 6 murders and which gives reason to be suspicious of govt statistics for the real and correct number of murders in 2019.”

    Since when any ruling political administration has ever been responsible for compiling and providing the public with details on murders, other crimes and crime statistics?

    Hasn’t this taks always been the responsibility of the RBPF?

    Unless you’re implying this policy has changed since May 24, 2018.

    RE: “It is about time this govt tells truth on all matters and stop hiding the truth behind smoke and mirrors.”

    All the murders committed last year were reported by the local and regional media, which means the details are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

    If they were NOT, then, you WOULDN’T be able to mention murders you believe were not reported.

    I’m trying to find a logical reason why any “government” would attempt to suppress information that’s already in the public domain.

  18. @ de Pedantic Dribbler

    I really can’t believe this

    You said AND I QUOTE

    “So, in as much as @Tron’s deep political bias can disrupt the value of his posts at times causing my disagreement I find good value in some of his remarks above…. the commissioner (regardless of his self serving interest) is absolutely right: get behind the top line stats and recognize that separate these drug related murders that we are a comparatively safe society!…”

    Neither you, nor the Commissioner of Police CAN BE SERIOUS!


    And all the gun crimes, robberies, attempted robberies, shootings, stabbings also speak to the state of upheaval in Barbados

    It means 3 things

    1.our marital, spousal, inter individual conflict resolution skills ARE poor a society we are failing cause we ent lock up no druglords for 53 years while a few of you want to apologise for the inept Commissioner of Police Griffith, neither he, NOR DOTTIN, have ever RH catch a druglord in dem entire career!

    You getting rather slow in your old age, and starting to give out free passes to incompetent persons!

    Explain that shy$e to me!

    in the last 15 years give me one name of one drug lord who got arrested, charges and indicted on drug charges in Barbados!

    If your answer is none THEN THERE ARE NO DRUG LORDS IN BARBADOS so shut down de blog!

  19. At this point and time why should anyone be questioning the murder stats
    The long and short of the story derives from many unaccounted deaths in suspicious manner which can be attributed to murder and as of yet nothing has been told to the public the reason of causes of these deaths leaving the minds of weary public looking for answers to speculate and form their own conclusions
    Right or wrong these are realities which when left unattended can mushroomed into a dark cloud making headway across the internet.
    IF the force cannot give full accountability for those unaccounted deaths
    Then it is up to govt to step in and clear the air
    No holds barred

  20. “IF the force cannot give full accountability for those unaccounted deaths, then it is up to govt to step in and clear the air.”


    Yuh gots muh even more confused dan uh wuz before.

    We’re clear the RBPF is charged with the responsibility for investigating and solving crime, as well as providing the public with relevant details and statistics relating to crime.

    If, in your opinion, “the force cannot give full accountability for those, (according to you), unaccounted deaths,” then, PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW “govt (should) step in and clear the air?”

    Please EXPLAIN how “govt” could “step in and clear the air” WITHOUT involving the RBPF?

    Or, are you suggesting “govt” should CREATE or SOLICIT the services of an independent law enforcement agency to conduct investigations into those “unaccounted deaths” and provide the necessary information for them to “clear the air?”

    If so, are you aware of any legislation that would permit any political administration to undertake such an activity?

    You need to stop politicizing crime.

  21. @ Miller January 7, 2020 9:23 AM

    Look at how things really are. We have a drug war because a lot of idiots are consuming drugs. Among them are mainly tourists and less the locals, who don’t even have the money for food. So the drug war is the result of a decision by society as a whole to promote only the tourist industry. I can’t see any specific responsibility of the government.

    As far as the alleged proximity of the government to local drug barons is concerned, we should admit that local drug dealers are better than foreigners. Our drug dealers just kill each other, the foreigners (esp. from Jamaica, St. Vincent and Guyana) behave like wild animals in comparison. I call that damage control.

    The drug war will continue for some time. Then the market and the streets of Black Rock will be cleared. It’s better if they kill each other than if someone has to send death squads to the townships.

    Much more exciting than the tolerable losses of human resources is the question of whether the drugs are paid for in USD and whether this influx appears in the official statistics.

  22. Tron did u just stated in your comment that the locals dont have enough money to buy food
    Which begs the question

  23. Tron u also stated that tourist are part of the drug community
    Which begs the question
    Why is Mia inviting tourist to come to barbados if what u stated is true

  24. Well u both are right to some degree…first @Skinner, by my reasoning you could say I was blaming you but I KNOW u are too smart a verbal duellist to offer that line with a straight face. No, I was NOT blaming you, simply highlighting that to “question” the CoP motives in that way was to throw shade at his analysis of the stats!

    And to @Pieces yes surely I am getting slower…alas, however not in interpreting or practically analysing the statement under debate!

    When you ask how many drug lords have been arrested and jailed in 25 or more years could u also not have added 1) major corporate lawyer or politician, 2)harassing teacher or business exec or politician…etc. have been arrested and jailed in that time.

    Could you not have asked about why the Pele murder case was never solved or why after all these years no one have ever gotten any FOI out of US to flush out allegations surrounding top pols and drug trafficking?

    No @Pieces my halting steps are on the physical side only.

    Condemn this CoP and Dotting and then step back to the others too if u want to go down that road but let’s be real about it .

    Of course the Bajan society is more criminalized but no one is making excuses for the commissioner … Did we make excuses when one of his predecessors made the ridiculous remark about ‘no gangs’ in Bdos.

    When Buddy Brath and Harding et al were skewing crime stats with their lawless, wanton criminal acts were we making excuses then.

    No my brother call a spade what it is: the escalating number of murders is definitely a serious wake up call about criminality BUT it MUST be placed in proper context of an out of control drug life (of elites, drug Lord’s and drug soldiers).

    If you are contending that the incidences of all the gun crimes, robberies, attempted robberies, shootings, stabbings etc are increasing alarmingly UNRELATED to the drug culture then I’ll have to revisit my views completely.

  25. @ de pedantic Dribbler

    I think it was a former Attorney General, Maurice King, who said we had no gangs only “ wayward youth”. I don’t think it was a former COP.

  26. We must also remember it was COP Durant who once said that his hands were tied. That led to a monster calypso hit by Red Plastic Bag: Me Hands Tied (1985).
    Whenever put, under serious scrutiny ,the failures of the Duopoly are easily exposed.

  27. De ole man has a question for wunna

    Would it EVER HAPPEN that the despotic and compromised government of Mugabe Mottley would hire a non biased Crime Consultant from overseas to deal with our Drug lords?


    AND THIS IS WHY REVEREND ATHERLEY AND CASWELL FRANKLYN MUST MAKE OUTREACHES TO THE US, THE UK AND CANADA to get those governments to support some token project which, while not embarrassing the Government of Barbados WOULD SHOW HOW SERIOUS THE PdP is!

  28. For your reading – A December crime?
    As it is not going to mak BU, I place it here
    “Weeks after being robbed at gunpoint in the village where he was born and raised, Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn is being haunted by the ugly memories of that night.

    Franklyn said the incident has left him so traumatised that he believes the time has come for persons who carry out unlawful acts to face stiffer penalties, like years in jail, when they go before the law courts.”

    ” Two of the people that got robbed, are unemployed. One fella had BDS$7 and change in his pocket. Them ain’t people that you want to rob, not that you should rob anybody at all.”

  29. @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    Search as I could for this incident, I COULD NOT FIND IT OUTSIDE OF THE LOOP ARTICLE!

    Thank you Commander

    So you see why I am so concerned that the Honourable Blogmaster WHO CLAIMED TO BE CASWELL’S FRIEND has not auto initiated a blog IN SUPPORT OF CASWELL’S PLIGHT?

  30. @TheOGazerts, @Piece the Legend,

    Thank you, happy new year to you as well!

    Extending same towards the rest of the BU family as well.


  31. Piece the legend the criminals are using automatic weapons now like the 1 they found last week in marhole gap which was a glock with 33 round clip and also modified to fire automatic.Alot of automatic guns in this gap and on streets of Barbados and not one rass hole word out of police mouth about what kind of weapons being used on the streets.

  32. I think it was a former Attorney General, Maurice King, who said we had no gangs only “ wayward youth”. I don’t think it was a former COP.

    Thank you senor.

    I was thinking Durant era so u likely are absolutely correct … He was instrumental in the community policing program and engaging (ostensibly) with the youth and thus my bad recollection was linking him to his own ‘self serving’ type statement about gangs.

    I liked the man from his public persona and as u alluded to re ‘hands tied’ he always struck me as absolutely p’eed off that he was restricted… But then again he left that post and took up what I presume was the lucrative practice of his friend who went on to be a judge … and thus he (Durant) joined the coterie of those “tying hands” basically.

    The more things change ….

  33. de pedantic Dribbler

    Durant had a winning personality. Some say he was one of the best qualified COP in the Commonwealth. I think he influenced many officers to get qualified as lawyers.He was also quite smooth with the media. After he made the hands tied statement , the public lost confidence in him. Unfortunately law enforcement agencies are now deeply political. Hence all the problems with promotions etc.

  34. Before the licks come
    Let me say one murder is a murder too many but realistically though
    Is 52 murders especially mostly from all reports connected to drug dealing a serious indictment on the state.of crime in Barbados out of a population of around 280.000
    Just asking

  35. @ Skinner, interesting observations at 12:04 above…

    My only beef with ur remarks is the phrase “are now deeply political.”

    You can correct me if I’m imputing more than I should to the Barrow-Adams-St. John et al eras but when we chronicle the Stokes case, Pele case, the shooting/killing of PO in Batbarees Hill, and the myriad other major matters over the years I believe there is no more corruption/interference in the police force now than before!

    We are just more readily informed and talk about it quite openly on forums like this…

    If the Pres of US with all their checks and balances can fire the chief federal police officer for interferring with his affairs and get away…what do you think our all powerful PMs with nary a serious check or balance does to the CoP!

    In Bim and region dem type jobs ain’t easy atall!

  36. @ Charles Skeete.

    De ole man is reviewing your comment

    “… Charles Skeete January 9, 2020 12:09 AM

    Before the licks come

    Let me say one murder is a murder too many but realistically though
    Is 52 murders especially mostly from all reports connected to drug dealing a serious indictment on the state.of crime in Barbados out of a population of around 280.000…”

    De ole man does be hoping dat, over time, some of wunna skills with words will rub off pun me and I get to be smooth like The Sage Annunaki or Mr. Vincent Codrington or Mr William Skinner or Commander Theophillus Gazerts and nuff udder men here who speak so eloquently

    How wunna does get it do?

    When de ole man predicted 50 murders in 2019 a whole host of blog assassins jump out of de woodwork and demand de head of Tin Foil like dem demand de head of John de Baptist!

    Mr. Skeete you would have believed dat de ole man was the body renting guns in Barbados to murder dem 52 people!

    But you come and say it AND NOT A FELLER FROM DE RENTED JACKASS BRIGADE, including de Honourable Blogmaster, ent pick dem teets at you!

    Who you is? What is you antecedents? Which big up body you know?

    Of late de ole man put out a prediction of 75 but nobody ent respond in dem usual rambunctious fashion to cuss me.

    And I had added that among those 75 THAT 3 BIG UP PEOPLE FAMILY GET KILL, because the 52 people dat dead, ENT NOBODY IMPORTANT!

    Would you, or anybody here care to comment pun dem insensitive comments of mine so early in 2020?

  37. @ de Pedantic Dribbler

    You ent invite me over to Thanksgiving in 2019 nor any functions at you house but dat is okay Dribbler


    I notice dat de Honourable Blogmaster does refer to you for your comments pun subjects quite deferentially of late heheheheh

    But after mine he does say STEUPSEEE most times! Why dat is?

    You feel he EVAH going speak to me nicely again? De reason I asking is becausing I is not sleeping well and I ent eating neider so I lossing weight and ting so I need he to speak back to me.

    I got a question for you DIW!

    What effect do you think an interview with Verla Depeiza, Reverend Atherley AND Grenville No Solutions Phillips (aka Bedroom Policeman) would have on their political aspirations?


    This is an abstract topic and I know dat the sheeple here CANNOT DO ABSTRACT DISCOURSES but leh we discuss this for a few minutes like we uséd to talk before!

    Just the three of them, not the failed Mugabe Mottley

    What would be the possible outcomes politically? etc.?

  38. Jeremiah 4:31
    “For I have heard a voice as of a woman in travail, and the anguish as of her that bringeth forth her first child, the voice of the daughter of Zion, that bewaileth herself, that spreadeth her hands, saying, Woe is me now! for my soul is wearied because of murderers.”



    21For death is come up into our windows, and is entered into our palaces, to cut off the children from without, and the young men from the streets.

    22Speak, Thus saith the LORD, Even the carcases of men shall fall as dung upon the open field, and as the handful after the harvestman, and none shall gather them.

    23Thus saith the LORD, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:

    24But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD.

  40. @Pieces, u pulling my chains but that’s OK…deferential you say…really! I get the same as all others so nothing deferential there bro.

    Now, you and a few others who take a path over-wrought with hanging tentacles of conspiracies and regularly lambaste the Blogmaster for alleged slights get your fair share of ‘cuss’…. can u really blame the man n his crew. Suffice to say you know u and the BU household are bosom pals for life… So I dun wid that!

    Now, you pulling my legs, chains and all else wid that query…where u going wid that…. trying to get me some height from my stunted size, maybe!

    One interview can’t do diddly…or said differently they have awesome means to ‘reach’ Bajans.. thus it’s about the impact they make in that outreach.

    Anyone of them can invite serious journalists or former journalists to conduct a major in depth, no-holds-barred interview and launch it across the various media platform; they can video a rousing community meeting where they are ‘licking cat piss n pepper’ and do same. The PR plan is not the problem bro, you know that.

    That “interview” on UNDERSTANDING in ’75 or ’76 is the seminal ‘let me introduce myself and impress the hell out of you’ that you seek maybe!

    But the man was a fresh 17 years old budding politician who took apart a seasoned attorney who happened to be sitting in the senate…yes it catapulted that lad into the minds of Bajans as never before…but are any of these fresh still!

    Can they truly impress us to heaven and beyond than what they have done already!

    Back then there was only one visual/audio game in town but now no one has to wait on CBC or Nation or BarbadosToday to set a favourable agenda…they will do many an interview etc but if you looking for their maguffy moment well I can’t help yah. All to you.

    I gone bro… let’s do Easter visits!🙃

  41. Heheheheh

    @ de Pedantic Dribbler

    I was not trying to trick you.

    What I wanted to bring to the fore was twofold

    1.whether any one of the 3 really had or has solutions for crime that when they shared them WOULD GIVE THE PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN THEIR CHOICES


    2.if any one of the 3 would have been so patriotic to share the innards of their crime and violence which is a critical part of any political strategy

    So you see the point I am making?

    Would their patriotism be such that, EVEN IN THE FACE OF GIVING WAY THEIR TRUMO CARD, they would go on TV and detail their solution for benefit of all Bajans!

    You see where I am going with this? and why I asked you what would be the effect on their political careers?

    What would be the impact of a wannabe leader putting nation first SO THAT THE MUGABE GOVERNMENT COULD IMPLEMENT THEIR SOLUTIONS.

    Naked we enter into this world AND WHEN WE LEFFING IT, we take nothing out!

    So de Ingrunt Word this has to be how Reverend Atherley runs his campaign if he wants to become the new governance model for Barbados

    Verla nor Bedroom Policeman DO NOT HAVE THAT NOUS (that is your word DIW and I using it to sound intellectual)

    How can anyone who seeks to govern Barbados NOT GIVE OF THEMSELVES? TOTALLY?

  42. Ok brother Pieces, got yah!

    Looka as u suggest if u got a real, doable plan then put it out there.

    1.the govt uses the solutions that make sense and bring results or

    2.they don’t but u convince the electorate you are right and get chance to implement

    If you are serious and have complete confidence in ur plans then u beat that message relentlessly.

    Any argument that you don’t want the govt to steal ur ideas on matters like that should be a non-starter.

    BTW, you know that NOUS (pronounced ‘nou’ in French) means WE/US right!

    So all-ah-we word.😂🤣😎!

    I gone.

  43. @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    For there to be any lessening in the Voilence & Robberies & the Crime Caswell, YOU HAVE TO BECOME THE FACE OF A KINDER & SAFER BARBADOS!!!

    You need to made a video Caswell where YOU, and the members of your inert People’s Party for Democracy and Development, all assemble back at the same place where the robbed you AND SOUGHT TO MADE AN EXAMPLE OF YOU, but faltered!

    You and your PdP party need to reach out to one of the lip service corporate entities AND SPONSOR A COMMUNITY OUTREACH At the same watering hole.

    Get one or two of the soft drinks places AND THE BAKERIES AND CHICKMONT AND THE BARPACK PLACE, to give you free food and drink AND INVITE BAJANS AGAINST CRIME, to the same place.


    YOU have to create A NEW VERSION OF THE GATHERING FOR THE PDP that is based on YOU CASWELL.

    during this island wide outreach Caswell wunna going have food and drinks at 1/2 the usual price but you going be sharing what happened to you AND ASKING ALL BAJANS TO STOP THE VIOLENCE!

    You is de only politician out dere with de credentials TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE CASWELL


    I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE PDP WIN CASWELL, and if wunna serious, I WILL HELP WUNNA, but I fear more and more that Joe is a ***

    I, Piece the Legend, HAVE SPOKEN

  44. they were 4 or 5 shootings in the Orleans last week but absolute nothing in the nation or on the news until this morning in Barbados today

  45. You have to realize that the Gathering is en vogue SO ALL UNCOMPLIMENTARY NEWS WILL BE BLACKED OUT!


  46. Hants the are criminals now using fully automatic glocks that have modified with switches that have been smuggled in china but useless police force and customs still haven’t caught on bunch useless cunts

    • @John

      We have several Johns posting here, please change your name to avoid confusion.

      John John A John2


  47. @ Brother Hants

    In the article that you posted this is an excerpt

    “…“I am frightened and scared because it feels like the shootings are starting back again.”

    A year ago, they recalled a walkthrough of the area by Attorney General Dale Marshall, the police high command and the Barbados Defence Force’s top brass in response to a sudden upsurge in gun violence. At the time, Marshall admitted the depth of the problem was great.

    But he assured residents the problem would be dealt with…”

    The fact is that Teets Marshall IS OUT OF HIS DEPTH!

    And until Mugabe Mottley brings in expertise WHO CANNOT BE BOUGHT OUT BY HER DRUGLORD ASSOCIATES and has free reign to solve these issues we going try to BREK the 100 mark this year!

    To catch a teif you got to know how teif does think!

    Right now, only de small teif getting kill!

    For there to be a seismic shift and stoppage of this crime before we hit 100 deaths in 2020 ONE NEEDS TO HIT AT THE CENTRE OF THE HIVE!

    For that to happen, one must engage outside expertise THAT CANNOT BE BOUGHT and give them the support they need



    And what is being done is not know EVEN TO THE Attorney General or the Prime Minister CAUSE IF DEM KNOW, de whole plan effed up!

  48. PIECE

  49. Dr. GP my fellow myope and apostate

    I still have a little hope that something good might arise from this madness.

    Look at this article excerpt

    “… Cop accused of assault – by Barbados Today January 15, 2020

    Policewoman Vonnette Latoya Lee has allegedly found herself on the wrong side of the law.

    The 34-year-old officer, of Lot A10 Berlin Road, Woodbourne, St Philip appeared before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today on three charges…”

    So while it would appear that she was beating people WHAT IS INCREDIBLE IS THAT SHE GET CHARGED.

    In Amurica she would have lost her job for police brutality but at least something happened here

    During de next three months approaches are going to be made to the complainants TO DROP THE MATTER ,so we will wait and see!

  50. Piece the Legend

    I’m a bit curious. Do you know for a fact if Lee’s charge was as a result of police brutality or because she is a WPC, you’re making that assumption?

    I know of several police officers who have been accused of assault and other crimes, charged, found guilty and subsequently resigned or dismissed from the RBPF.

    However, what I can “say” is, sometime ago, when Lee was assigned to Operations Control, she was charged for not reporting for duty for several days……was arrested, charged and released on $5,000 bail.

  51. Barbados murder rate 2020 keeps climbing and AG tell the people to hold strain
    This guy needs to be fired forth with

  52. @ David,

    I hope Bajans are outraged at this killing. That little boy is likely to need therapy for several years.

    Condolences to the little boy and his family and friends.

    We can expect a whole lot of bs from Ministers and the COP.

    • @Hants

      The murders we are witnessing is the result of years of a dysfunctional society coming to bear. We tend to focus on the symptoms at the expense of the causal factors because it feeds sensationalism.

  53. Mummy say he was a nice loving fella, loved her, his son and his family.

    I don’t know why only nice boys get murdered.

    Don’t know why somebody don’t kill the bad men.

  54. And not only this little boy. Two of my neighbors little children attend that school. Two of the nicest, smartest, cutest, tidiest,most well mannered kids you could ever encounter.

    They did not deserve to witness big hard back MEN doing foolishness AGAIN.

  55. Mia words on crime while campagaing was “not up in hey”

    Well all and sundry at home and abroad are seeing what is happening is up in hey
    Mia how long are you going to keep the same people on the job who are helping to shove barbados society into a cesspool of violence because of there inability to find solutions
    At least the sounds of the school children screaming and people running for their lives should be enough and sufficient a persuasion to say enough is enough
    Where there is no vision the people perish

    • Why must we make attack this issue from the political angle everytme? This is only one facet to consider.

  56. @David
    The murders we are witnessing is the result of years of a dysfunctional society coming to bear. We tend to focus on the symptoms at the expense of the causal factors because it feeds sensationalism
    Now, now David! You are pointing fingers, remember the words of the Atty General after the murder at the school? “Now is not the time to point fingers”. Let me know when he gives the OK.

    • @Sargeant

      We have to depoliticize certain issues, this is one of them. There is Trinidad and Jamaica we can learn.

  57. 2 Timothy 3
    1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.


  58. @ GP January 16, 2020 3:04 PM

    “UM IS TRUE”, alright!

    But applicable today as they were in the days of the Jewish writer of that letter to Timothy.

    How about the days when Cain killed his brother poor Abel or Lot offering his daughters gang-raped by lovers of angelic men?

    There is nothing new under the Sun.

    The challenge today is that those in authority entrusted with the duties to protect the citizens have prostituted themselves to be bought by certain individuals involved in the drug and the other buy-and-sell trades in the importation of illegal weapons.

    This is karma at her best and her rain will fall also on the innocent until blind Justice arrives to deal with those responsible for those illegal weapons now in the hands of black fools.

    Remember when that shipment of condemned chicken wings were imported and swept under the carpet?

    Do you think it was only dead chicken wings that were in the container(s)?

    Now who is singing for his supper for this blatant act of corruption?

  59. Correct @David the symptoms of society’s rot!

    @Hants, re “I hope Bajans are outraged at this killing. That little boy is likely to need therapy for several years.” ….
    That’s all true but if my father lives by the sword then it’s reasonable that one day I may see him die by the sword also!

    Recently, a friend was binge watching episodes of that popular series “Breaking Bad” and I watched a few but then demurred and wanderered away….it got to me!

    That series if u are familiar depicts the conscious acts of very smart high school chemistry teacher who “cooks” methamphetamine to manage his financial problems of a son with cerebral palsy and his own terminal cancer…he becomes fifthy rich but quickly loses all moral moorings with killings and other desperate criminal acts done to maintain his meth business enterprise….

    His children too would need lots of therapy if they saw the bodies he dissolved in acid or the many other lives he ended… or if they saw their dad executed one day on way to school.

    You can’t live ‘abnormal’ criminal lives and try to fit them so sweeetly into some sorta normal existence …not today anyhow….not in BIM and no where else!

    There are too many of these Bajan young gangsters who perceive that it’s NORMAL to be wild criminals showing themselves in videos with AK47s, pounds of gold around your neck and other trapping of illicit activities and then parade the next day as a decent, well meaning parent.

    There are too many of these older elite gangsters who also accept as NORMAL their parade as decent, well meaning parents after they steal from clients at their law firms, corruptly laundry money via fraudulent invoicing or trans-ship drugs and guns on beautiful yachts.

    Societal rot …through and through… cooking meth, sellng weed or rampant corruption! NOT a damn thing will change until and unless a large number of bad people are taken off the scene!

  60. When is MIa going to hold a press conference on these ongoing murders
    She for one has been the most boisterous asking past govt to speak to the people
    Now it is her turn to speak her voice is silent.

    • What is Mia going to do? Have these individuals perpetrating crime to desist tomorrow? Or have the delinquent parents suddenly become responsible?

      The part she needs to take care of to ensure the Ports have scanners, the police is well equipped and the DPP and Solicitor’s office is well manned. That integrity legislation is enacted and operationalized etc. This is a multifaceted issue.

  61. @David
    I am not politicizing anything, the Atty Gen. has no problem politicizing some issues. In any event how does he know where people are willing point fingers? They may blame the parents, or school culture or teenagers or TV or the boys on the block or the Church or society in general.

    I am waiting for his take on this latest shooting.

  62. Why even bother to post the video
    The AG talks about a “handfull of people comitting murder
    This guy is clueless
    His first thought should be on stopping the drugs and guns that flow upon the shores ending up in the hands of people
    It is the guns and drugs stupid
    First deal with that problem
    No guns No drugs therin lies the answers to barbados escalating murders
    The sad truth being that if this problem persist innocent lives would be taken
    It was only Gods mercy that saved the children and other passengers in that car
    But as for you AG u should be fired you are a waste

  63. This crime spree not going away
    Imagine the AG cant catch a handful of those people committing the murder
    Wonder what he would do if they were hundreds
    Dont mek me laugh a handful of people
    The AG is really a joker fuh trut

  64. What is a fatwah?

    And what is its relationship to crime PARTICULARLY THE MURDER YESTERDAY OF THE DRUG DEALER at St Albans!

    “…A fatwa is an Islamic religious ruling, a scholarly opinion on a matter of Islamic law.

    A fatwa is issued by a recognized religious authority in Islam…”

    The most renown of these fatwas was “…On 14 February, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran and one of the most prominent Shi’a Muslim leaders, issued a fatwa calling for the death of Salman Rushdie and his publishers for the Satanic Verses”

    It is time for the Druglords in Barbados and the Caribbean to create their own fatwahs

    Killing your own WHILE ILLEGAL cannot be legislated away.

    In fact, with your known associations with the Prime Minister Mottley, it is obvious that even the Attorney General Teets Marshall and the Commissioner of Police CANT TOUCH WUNNA.


    They have “written the satanic verses yesterday WHEN THEY KILLED THAT MAN in the car with their children!”


    Any such murder of the INNOCENTS, and this is such a murder because those children ARE SCARRED FOR LIFE, such murders WILL MEAN IMMEDIATE DESTRUCTION TO THE KILLERS!

    You have to have rules else wunna is just animals!

  65. How many of wunna remember when de ole man post dis last year

    There will be 75 murders in 2020!

    One is not NOT POLITICIZING this matter!

    But the fact is that TEETS MARSHALL simply does not know what to do to quash this epidemic!

    Listen to de man ingrunce

    “…The conviction of former Government minister Donville Inniss demonstrates what is possible when people say what they know, said Attorney General Dale Marshall.

    “It is significant that the conviction came about because individuals who had knowledge of the events were prepared to speak out and to give evidence about wrongdoing.

    “This is something that is required at all levels in Barbados’ society whether dealing with the scourge of corruption or the scourge of gun violence…”


    You, nor you people, do not instill any confidence in confidentiality

    De ole man gine tell wunna de answer IN A PARABLE THOUGH

    Wunna know what PREDICTIVE TEXT IS & WHAT IT DOES?

    “…ith predictive text, you can write and complete entire sentences with just a few taps.

    As you type, you can see choices for words and phrases you’d probably type next…”

    So for example when wunna do dis interdiction yesterday wunna did ***

    So, in order to *** more ofter wunna gots to *** bu doing ***

    But since your top Policeman and judiciary are involved in *** then you have to ***

    Wunna unnerstan de ole man?

  66. Give de ole man a consultancy for one year AND I WILL MEK MOST OF DE CRIME BOUT DEAH DECREASE RADICALLY

    But de ole man will only work wid and through Jeff Cumberbatch and a specific cadre of HR competed under him!



  67. Hope all is keeping count
    Another victim of a gunshot dies
    But watch this govt not gonna include this one
    Most likely the death report might say he died from diabetes or some RH
    This guy was shot last month which would bring the total murders for 2019 to 50
    What Mottley ought tp do is go to Ghana and bring back them slave bones

  68. @Piece the Legend January 17, 2020 4:50 AM “But wunna drug lords HAVE TO ISSUE A FATWAH AGAINST THESE KILLERS AT ST ALBANS! They have “written the satanic verses yesterday WHEN THEY KILLED THAT MAN in the car with their children!” You drug lords HAVE TO DESTROY THE KILLERS AND SEND A MESSAGE THAT NO SUCH EFFING MURDER MUST EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!”

    But Piece word on the street is that the St. Albans killee and the presently unknown St. Alban’s killer are/were both drug lords. Maybe the killing is the drug lords way of already sending a message.

    I doubt very much that it was a random killing. I expect that the killing was so well targeted that nobody else was physically injured, although no doubt the children present have suffered untold harm.

    if I know this and if you and the police do not, then i posit that wunna are spending way too much time at your desks and at your computers and not enough time LISTENING on the streets.

  69. There is no gainsaying the fact that Singapore is generally considered to be a most acceptable and desirable development model for developing nation states. Barbados is 166 square miles with a population of approximately 285,000…THOUSAND…with 30…THIRTY… murders occurring in 2017.Singapore is an island (-city-state) of 278 square.miles with a population of approximately 5.6 million… MILLION… with 11…ELEVEN… murders occurring in 2017..Barbados has,practically speaking,abolished the mandatory death sentence/execution for those convicted of murder, whereas Singapore has maintained the death penalty and those found guilty are still being executed. Perhaps we should consider A REFERENDUM ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR MURDER and LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE ! After all,”VOX POPULI VOX DEI.! And let us also ensure that is applied irrespective of race,colour,creed, or socio-economic background ! Let us also consider meaningful legislation with respect to integrity,transparency, and accountability so that the poor, the down-trodden,the less fortunate in our society are less exploited by those in authority…the political ,social and economic elite !

  70. Unfortunately the poor would always be the underdog in small island societies and having the death plenty would see more of them executed more so than the those high and mighty and powerful committing identical crimes
    The judicial system in barbados is corrupt and shameless to the core
    Exhibit A Charles Herbert
    One can bet that if his colour was black he would still be rotting in jail waiting his day in court for drug importation

  71. @JP
    11 murders with 5.6 million people.
    I couldn’t believe it, but you are 100% correct. To have a murder rate comparable to Barbados, Singapore would need more than 700 murders.

    When I think of St Lucy, then 3 murders in 2019 are astounding. This only shows how difficult it is to make sense of looking at murder rates by themselves; other data need to be considered. We (Barbados) can and must do better,

    Murder rates

    Crime rates:
    (Statistics were/are not povided for Barbados in this list.

  72. A situation that I see many West Indian parents encountering is that some of their children think of the islands as places for vacation and not as homes.

    We send them to the island frequently and for extended vacations, but there come a point when they lose interest.

    Have we tire them out? What did they see that we missed?

    It make me wonder what informs this thinking. Are we (the older ones) locked into nostalgia and good old memories of a simpler time? Are they (younger generation) able to see the cold brutal reality and wants none of it.

    I will probably anger a few …

  73. While the AG is continuing his tepid attempts to moderate the level of criminal activity in the island, the hand- picked Speaker of the House is giving aid and comfort to one accused who among other things is charged with shooting at Police.

    Every accused has the right of a defense at trial. Should that defense be led by the Speaker of the House who in his other robes is charged with being an impartial arbiter in the debate in the Hof A?

    A 30-0 result means there is no need for impartiality and the PM seems not to be able to rein in her Speaker.

  74. @ the murderers IN BARBADOS MURDER CENTRAL.

    So January has gone and UNDERSTANDABLY, all the fetes are over!

    You are behind on your murder count for January so please do your duty SOONEST!

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