Garbage Trucks Saga

Barbadians were promised in recent days that 10 new garbage trucks – urgently needed – would have been mobilized in time for the Holidays. Although there has been no official announcement by the Mia Mottley government as to why a faulty configuration of the 10 trucks have prevented deployment, information in the public space indicates that the cab of the truck accommodates only two persons and the standing bar on the outside,  one instead of two. It should be noted this government in its infinite wisdom has recruited a PR/Communications team that is second to none if compared to previous governments. There is no reason information should not be readily available regarding matters affecting state apparatus.

The blogmaster is sympathetic to the fact there will be breakdowns in procedure from time to time, although it should never happen in a well functioning system. Garbage collection continues to be a hot button issue and the government leading into the last general election was not bashful about reminding the electorate the former government had not purchased a single garbage truck during its 10 year tenure.

The embarrassing fiasco currently playing out that the $400,000 dollar garbage truck x 10 will have to be retrofitted – no doubt at taxpayers expense – is cause for concern. Given the size of the procurement order, coupled with the importance of the transaction to maintaining a clean environment, a simple thought at the time of signing off on the purchase order should have suggested that those responsible ensure the garbage trucks  ‘fit for purpose’.

All that is left for the blogmaster to opine is that any self respecting administration should immediately request the resignation of the minister responsible (Trevor Prescod) and chairman of the Sanitation Service Authority (Rudy Grant) with immediate effect. We have to start to hold our officials accountable. Given historical behaviour the firing and or resignation of ministers appear to be removed from the remit of the Prime Minister.

The blogmaster is keenly aware the political polarization that exist means that every mistake will be amplified for political gain. This blogmaster is more concerned to ask – how was this sizeable mistake allowed to happen given the modus operandi of this government in period of enhanced financial surveillance ans austerity.

Thg more things change the more they remain the same.

Trevor Prescod Warns Two White Shadows

Wonder who has advised MM to tone it down and try not to be any more stale by the time elections are called and which part of the three management teams that are in conflict and in play by the BLP  managing which part of the BLP campaign has instructed that a gag order on Trevor Prescod?
Maybe this video gives a hint of why it is a good idea to have him muzzled.

Will the Real Trevor Please Stand Up

Submitted by Political Commentator
Trevor Prescod - BLP M.P.

Trevor Prescod – BLP M.P.

It seems as if Trevor Precod is hell bent on reducing further – if that is really possible – his already less than impressive political career.  At a time when Prescod as the oldest Member of Parliament both on the BLP and DLP benches should be focusing on creating some kind of achievements record, no matter how thin in content, he has caused the public to give another and harder look at how he has been operating.

First of all, it is now patently clear that Trevor “Bum Best” Prescod has an in-built sense of inferiority that compels him to adopt servile positions to persons he considers his intellectual and or social superior. We well remember how he has hero-worshipped Don Blackman to the point where he has imitated Blackman’s style and subject of speaking to the point where Prescod unnecessarily uses big words and long and confusing sentences, full of abandoned socialist jargon, when pontificating on obscure and out-dated topics of little concern to the public. All in an effort to sound like Don Blackman reincarnated, even though Prescod’s alter ego has long ago become a discredited political maverick.

People are now sure that untrustworthy as Don Blackman has become, he would nevertheless find revolting the fact that Prescod has now switched the object of his lap dog tendencies from one who paraded himself as a champion of the “masses” from Licorish Village and the Ivy and elsewhere, to the descendant of the “classes” from Sandy Lane and other areas of residence for Barbados’ social elite.

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