GARBAGE a Rising Threat to HEALTH

Submitted by nineofnine

Dover Stinky Skip (File image)

If the sewerage crisis seem not to be enough injury to our well being, what seems to be a mountain threat is the piling up of garbage in many constituencies across this island AGAIN which in some cases has not been collected in five (5) weeks with increasing noxious scents, unsightly environs and creating a haven for unwanted vermin.

If there is a shortage of or no garbage trucks, then this call is to the SSA to be creative in providing service to remove the garbage before it gets ridiculously out of hand.

There are numerous freighters, haulers, persons with trucks who the SSA can invite to haul the garbage away. Let them register with the SSA or its depots, be given a redemption invoice (a multi-delivery recording sheet) according to size of vehicle and be paid by cheque or purchase order on delivery at the dump by a special designated payment officer.

The SSA can call on the Barbados Defence Force and other Ministries which has a number of trucks to request their assistance to remove piled up garbage after normal working hours, implementing the same redeemable invoice system as a reward for those who would volunteer such assistance to the country.

Routes or Areas can be designated as that of normal SSA rostering or be that by the TRUCK LOAD delivered to dump collected from anywhere NATIONWIDE.

This collection strategy can be employed until such time the SSA is rejuvenated with normalcy. Garbage will be off the streets in QUICK-TIME.



  • Is it too much to ask if Denis Lowe is ill and what have been the implication for the sanitation ministry with his absence? Too much to ask with a general election looming?


  • Ten years later what are we hearing about a waste management strategy?


  • Wily has a better idea, as ALL BARBADIAN POLITICIANS are presently on a 90 day paid holiday with NO WORK that they drive around the nation with their private taxpayer funded vehicles picking up garbage, its not a long term solution but good for the next 90 days.


  • @Wily

    Will you wave the tipping fee?


  • Just like with everything else, they have NO intention to do anything about the suffering of the masses. Put that in your pipe and smoke it and seriously if the BLP gets in it won’t change.


  • PoorPeacefulandPolitePensioner

    There is the SSA garbage collection failure and then there is the problem of negligent garbage “collections”, which is householder’s failing. A pile of loose garbage bags mounted up and overflowing out of a handle-less 55 gallon drums leaking foulsmelling foodwaste and then bits and pieces and more balls of garbage all strewn around it – This is the image of uncooperation modern Barbados is presenting. Can we not agree as houseowners to COLLECT OUR GARBAGE IN CLOSED JUMBO BAGS so that there is at least some less unsightly and unhealthy and easier way to store and haul off our refuse?


  • The issue of garbage management at the national and household levels is one of education and enforcement. We have to be strategic but somebody must lead.


  • Let them register with the SSA or its depots, be given a redemption invoice (a multi-delivery recording sheet) according to size of vehicle and be paid by cheque or purchase order on delivery at the dump by a special designated payment officer.

    Probably the SSA knows well enough that any of these cheques they write would bounce.


  • But we were all experts on landfills and geology. Greenland washed into the sea yet?


  • @enuff

    What was the issue at contention with Greenland again?


  • If Mr. Lowe is ill, that should not stop to machinery of the SSA from operating, when the PM is travelling, one is placed in an acting roll, same must apply there. It can’t be a case where “when the cat away the mice will play” or is it that the nation must come to heel so that Privatization prevail, or that because Cahill was thwarted, the nation must pay….

    Whatever the cause, be it lack of trucks, staff, proper management, this game is considered a crime against humanity because it is the national responsibility of the Government, that by inefficiency it could cause injury to both person, national character and reputation.

    Tomorrow marks six (6) weeks that any garbage collection was done. Unfortunately many persons cannot cart their garbage to the dump so it keeps piling up….SAD

    @Wily Coyote March 28, 2018 at 7:32 AM #

    Don’t hold your breath, surely the only intention of dealing in garbage is the wealing and dealing of it …like the newest political aspirant for the City certainly, there is some merit of sympathetic character in an effort to create an environ of change.

    @PoorPeacefulandPolitePensioner March 28, 2018 at 1:23 PM #

    Good practice for many Bajans, but what profits such if all good practices are done and there are NO COLLECTIONS or rather lengthy periods of wait before collections.

    @David March 28, 2018 at 2:06 PM #
    Education… certainly, from Day Care preschool and throughout Primary School, at lease there would be a good foundation laid.

    Enforcement…what are you suggesting?
    Laws making mandatory the separation of Garbage, that can be done at processing plants.
    Moving to prosecute the violators of NO DUMPING sites including gullies? Persons indulge in such activities when no adequate facilitation or service is provided, hence has that been addressed? Would it not make sense that the SSA to stay on top of the game by knowing the size of garbage generated over a period and other than daily (hic) collection employ adequate sized skips in those areas where there’s centralize pileups in conjunction with a periodic collection of bulk waste.

    It all boils down to MANAGEMENT and the capacity to collect adequately and that’s not rocket science.


  • If Lowe is ill, they should have long ago removed him or placed someone else to act in his position. Its mere skullduggery and to what ends?

    Who is responsible for the SSA?…Total Mismanagement!

    Waste Management is education, collections,waste processing, processing plants and to some extent enforcement.

    Greenland halt was due to high infrastructure costs, freighting distance, location and threat to the West Coast. On top of that it sat in the designated National Park from Farley Hill to East Point (subject to correction)

    As it stands, the dissolution has begun and until there a sitting, expect little if anything done.

    Tomorrow marks 6 weeks that no SSA collection truck has serviced the community.


  • Whats all this talk about a garbage problem….the ocean dry up or something


  • @David

    Besides politics and a man from Canada? I don’t know so tell me.


  • Wasn’t €™there concerns expressed about the leachate process therefore raising an environmental red flag?


  • David
    Uh huh.


  • @David

    TIPPING FEES, Hummmmm, never thought of that. No TIPPING FEES, POLITICIANS to take collected garbage to their personal residence and dispose with their regularly collected trash. Empty car then proceed out on another garbage run. Politicians to fuel their taxpayer funded vehicles with their collected and unearned salary monies.

    Win – Win for the taxpayer.


  • finally, garbage collected today


  • I sent this & other videos to SSA.


  • While Barbadian Politicians from both sides make excuses, clear solutions exist.

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  • Thank you Ra1, these systems can easily be employed here, much waste is generated from gutter cleaning , I hope the next government look seriously at these systems, employ some people to clean the island up as an ongoing exercise to create the necessary bio-waste.


  • @ Blogmaster, David.

    Nice change to the site… its more easy to navigate and has a great look.


  • @nineofnine

    Thanks, it is a work in progress.


  • The rising threat to health is the sewage crisis on the South Coast to which we seem to have no answer at the moment despite our seemingly best efforts to solve. We have to choose until the problem is remedied between the health of an entire nation or the profits and jobs of the few. Businesses especially the two supermarkets in the area which engage in the sale of food should be closed before God forbid cholera emerges.


  • I hear SSA Minister is test driving a wheelchair to see how it carry garbage.


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