37 thoughts on “The Stress of Poverty and Oppression

  1. The usual bs by those who seek to blame their present situation on what happened in the past This posting seems to be uptight about the cannabis affair. As I have posted on this blog Rastas can smoke as much herb as they want. Any side effects from a medically aspect should be financed out of their funds not tax payers. There is no theological basis as far as I can ascertain for their religion apart from worship of Haile Selassie (who was a despot and who treated his subjects like animals). There seems to be a central theme of anti-whiteness. As I have said in the past on this blog, blacks need to educate themselves and stop acting as victims all the time.

  2. Mother Nature started the cycle but mankind also had an input of what has been placed on this earth
    No one is blaming Mother Nature .however one can tell what is good from bad as the effects on the human body reveals in many ways positive and negative
    Not everything that Mother Nature has produce is good for human consumption
    Using Mother Nature as a reason to give some in society a reason to obtain Marijuana is a poor excuse
    Wheel and come again

  3. @ Robert

    I have been saying this for decades. Too many of us are lazy, believe that we are entitled and prefer to live in Victimhood. It is always comforting to blame others for our situation.

  4. Yes , By your own crooks in Office, looking out for all others and self and never the Nation, Crook, Liars, and Scumbags will keep driving us to kill each other with no relief Your government sets the tone! lack of Rule of Law and respect for the People living conditions, Crooks =COP , DPP, GG, PM, AG ,Ministers and all who stand Silence while no justice is being served, and PIMP title holding Criminals, This is all internal not external, as they switch the focus from their own dirty nasty self,

  5. @Dr Lucas . I agree, the victimhood mentality is too much for me. However, I disagree on your other points.The world over is filled with various beliefs where people find spiritual solace. Rastafarianism is no different. What ”theological basis” is the church of scientology grounded in and the hundreds of other out there.? If a man or woman wants to find spiritual connection with the sun, the dead or a even a cow, who am I to criticise his choice based on some abstract academic notion called ”theological basis ”. Also, should tax payers money continue to fund those who developed illness due to bad lifstyle choices? smoking is just one of many bad habits. Why single out the rasatas?

  6. Take a stand the rightwing are a bit light on truths and rights as they were in the past, keep looking forwards

  7. If black people would work together ALL the systems that keep us down would be dismantled. And so yes, there are systems designed to oppress us but they only work in 2019 because we allow them to.

    In 2019 it’s all on us!

    Just two days ago I was talking with a group of young people who can call the names of all the big drug lords in Barbados. None of the names they called were of black people.

    But who sells the drugs that make these people rich? Little black boys who receive only slim pickings for the privilege of facing constant danger and early violent death at the hands of rivals AND the police.

    Did the minority races force them to take this self-destructive path?

    Don’t tell me that you are not going to work for the massa in any humiliating job for nothing wages and then go to work for the massa in a self-destructive job for nothing wages!

    The massa sits on high getting riches and national honours while all the silly little black boys get is a cell at Dodds and a grave marker.

    Much better to work in the massa’s legitimate fields etc and save a few dollars every week with the credit union. You will eat healthier, get plenty of exercise and sleep better. Many people lived that way and made it to one hundred years old. Many of their children made it out of massa’s clutches and are prospering.

    The problem with us black people is that we want it all and we want it now. Our particular experience of slavery lasted for hundred of years and was remarkably effective in dismantling our sense of our selves as totally human. There are deep scars that we have made no attempt to heal . It is up to us to do that. We are the only ones who can do that. But instead we continue to limp along judging ourselves by the white man’s standards

    Rastas at least tried to redefine themselves but have not let go of the victim mentality. Emancipation from a slavery experience such as ours is a process that takes more than one hundred and eighty years. It takes hard work and determination. Unfortunately the only part of our “African” heritage the rest of society practises diligently is the escape mechanism of mindless “wukamentism”. Encouraged by our visionless “leaders” we wuk away our problems as often as possible. We need instead to WORK on our problems.

    It is much easier when you understand that the world is a jungle. The animals don’t play victim. They just set about protecting themselves the best way they know how. Usually in groups.

    A victim mentality breeds perpetual victims.

  8. Now it’s time to PUT THEM OUTTA BUSINESS…as Donna says, it will require working together as a COLLECTIVE…which is quite alien to the black mind.


    In the same way that he trained animals by giving them TREATS when they obey, THE SLAVER trained his slaves in THE ART OF COMPROMISE, and the skill of HOW TO BOW AND BEND, and how to keep silent until the Slave Master tell you when.

    They were rewarded and given “PROMOTION” for faithfully obeying the Slaver’s rules and not behaving “TOO BLACK,” They were encouraged to go to Church and talk about heaven, BUT NEVER TALK ABOUT AFRICAN LIBERATION.

    MAINTAINING CONTROL OF STOLEN PROPERTY required that the Afrikan be made to believe that the white man is more civilized and he always knows best, so you can’t go wrong when you quote him and let him do the thinking for you. Blacks internalized the belief and are still guided by it today, that DETERMINING WHAT IS WHAT is something best left to WHITE EXPERTS alone, and it is wiser not to have your own opinion, but wait and hear what the white man has to say …because he always knows best.

    If he tells you that poison is good for you and labels it with some big words that you can’t pronounce, then drink it down with confidence like if it is blessed by the lord.

    If he tells you that a certain medicine is bad, then hate it and scorn it, even if your people had been using it for centuries before coming to know the white man.

    This belief and trust in the white man’s advice is what ran THE AFRICAN BUSH DOCTOR disastrously out of business.”

  9. Good example…all of a sudden all these jewish and white marijuana experts are crawling out of their holes, those who with glee watched black people criminalized and destroyed using the same plant are now ready to CASH IN… am the first one to meet and greet them with…GO TO HELL…

  10. “The massa sits on high getting riches and national honours while all the silly little black boys get is a cell at Dodds and a grave marker.”

    par for the course with DIRTY LEADERS polluting the parliament.

  11. It seems like all over the world , people are concern about their Tax dollars, most of us , our tax dollars are a pin prick in a country budget. Some of us like to pick and choose where their tax dollars should do best. Health, Schools, Infrastructure should be a few of the areas our tax dollars are spent to include the Rasta who smokes weed, if health problems arises.. I’m a proud Bajan that’s disgusted with my Island, I’m disgusted because I’m yet to see a Politician with vision, for the most part they will look you in the face and lie to you like a rug. This marijuana topic is a disgrace and farce to the Rastafari community, these politician are play a game so that they can get into the medical Marijuana game, and they are using the rasta to spread they agenda. But like we say in Barbados, ” NIGHT DOES RUN , UNTILL DAY LIGHT CATCH-UP”

    • We are waiting on a public statement from ICAR; group representing Rastafari. The group should be capable of representing its interest.

  12. Oh we know the parliament rats are playing games, they think everyone will sit by and allow them to steal the birthrights of Rasta and their children so they in turn can enrich themselves and continue pretending they are better than the black people who elected them….NOT THIS TIME…we are not our parents and grandparents who these beat down mentally and dumbed down to the point that they cannot stand up for themsleves, we will tear your wicked asses down..

    the Rasta groups are fragmented, that was the plot, they caught hold of the weak dancing Rasta and now everyone has to regroup…the groups need to come together and decide the best way forward with everyone on the same page and don’t allow themselves to be bribed with shite, ya already know the government is corrupt, sell out their own people and are deceitful …. so why would you be so dumb as to trust them at any time…


    The purpose of this rally is to:

    Demand from the government that the people (all Barbadians), who have been at the receiving end of Barbados’ draconian cannabis prohibition laws, be better facilitated within the ‘Medicinal Cannabis Industry Bill 2019’. Facilitation in this case would mean the inclusion of these people, in the economic returns projected for this industry.

    Demand that the government recognize the indigenous rights of people to practice their culture, and benefit from it as they see fit.

    Demand that government truly recognize the spiritual/religious rights of Rastafari, not only as it pertains to cannabis, but also challenges faced by their children in schools and other issues that confront that community, founded on violations of their human rights.

    Demand that before any referendum takes place on cannabis legalization for recreational purposes, a national cannabis education program be initiated by government. This initiative should be executed jointly with the Rastafari community and relevant NGO’s.

  13. And no one is waiting for or need these cursed little colonies led by corrupt black governments to return to Africa or to access their birthrights…Caribbean African descendants have been returning to Africa for decades, don’t get tainted by following known corrupt colonized governments, you can do it on your own.

    “It was an occasion worth celebrating as over 100 Africans-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans made it official by becoming Ghana’s newest citizens in a special ceremony Wednesday.

    One by one, the new citizens crossed the stage to collect their citizenship certificates and shake hands with their new President Nana Afufo-Addo, Quartz Africa reported. Then, a judge administered the oath of allegiance in a moment highlighting The Year of Return 2019, a movement marking 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived to the modern-day U.S”.

  14. After reading this it can be noted how DESTRUCTIVE the Mia government is and how she is hard at work putting Rastas in harm’s way with false narratives, but time is longer than twine….and ah hope she knows that the rope is running out. The worst thing that can happen to an already beaten down people were these 2 corrupt vicious governments.

    “Graham Gibson
    8 hrs
    MY DEAR BEAUTIFUL BIM : on your 53rd birthday not much to celebrate

    First let me say Happy 53rd Independence Birthday to the greatest little nation I was fortunate to be born in. I thank God for such a blessing.

    However our country is going through enormous challenges: grappling with one of the highest murder rates ever in our country’s history; a heavy tax burden; an economic and debt crisis; and a leader who’s been in politics for over half that 53 years yet doesn’t seem to have the political experience to tackle the situation. She has not yet demonstrated a clear strategic direction for pulling our country out of its economic and social woes.

    Recently we have been hearing from the Minister in the Finance Ministry, Ryan Straughn, who spoke a lot of gobble-de-goop about how wonderful the economy is doing. I don’t know where Mr. Straughn lives but I am sure that he is inhabiting a totally different planet than the rest of us. He is in denial. Because while his economic master the IMF is getting all its targets met, the Bajan people are certainly not benefiting from this economy. In fact they are paying the price so that the IMF can be satisfied. Same old slave plantation, just located overseas. Satisfy master first, then the local slaves after.

    Sorry, I am wrong. There are locals who are reaping benefits. The wealthy ones. They have been given tax cuts, vat write-offs, and other financial inducements that the rest of the population has been denied. Charles Herbert (yes the same one who was on drugs charges) told us, that ‘the Prime Minister’s mini budget would put more money in our pockets than we have had before’. Has it put money in your pocket yet? It seems Mr. Herbert was a big cheer leader for the Government long before he experienced his drugs difficulties. He was one of the first people in the business sector to promote the Prime Minister’s mini budget, calling it a ‘clever package’ and called on the business sector to ‘respond with urgency’. It’s good to have friends in high places! What a good call Mr Herbert made, his friends did not let him down when he needed them most.

    But, I have diverted some what. We were promised a lot of things in the elections. But one of the main things we were promised was a different form of governance.. We can see now it was just hot air. A power grab. Even from day one, they were still willing to use unsavoury and emotionally charged language to obtain power. They knew that Bajans were clinging to the hope that someone would come and rescue them (which I never understood ), they encouraged Bajans to make greater demands, be abusive and unreasonable knowing they had nothing to offer them . Bajans lost all sense of reason with the previous government who was struggling to survive in one of the worst economic times on record. Even some of the most sensible people among us got caught up in the political melee and are now are unable to admit their self indulgence was skewed and back fired.

    Where are we now on our 53rd birthday. We are in a situation where the party has changed but things have gotten worse. We have a party in power that has mastered the art of a well crafted public relations message. But, from health to transport things are barely functioning. Yet the government keeps asking for more time. The government, whilst extraordinarily self congratulatory, seems not to grasp the fact that their policies are hurting the vast majority of Bajans.

    Bajan people have seen the cabinet expanded but with little progress. The previous government was pilloried for having 17 in cabinet now we have 26, but nothing exceptional is happening. It seems that all that has changed is more cabinet ministers taking home a big whopping salary.

    The previous government were attacked left right and centre for all sorts of maladies but this present administration gets away everyday with placing their friends in plum jobs (QEH), giving family and friends knighthoods, tax write offs and tax cuts, and spending loads of tax payers money on extensive travel. We were saddled with one of highest debts ever in 2008, the biggest in our country’s history yet all that was ignored and overlooked. A government trying to do its best in the most difficult of circumstances was labelled corrupt at time when they barely had money to spend.

    We have heard Mia made all sorts of skewed, dubious and unsubstantiated claims for a long time now. In fact we are now familiar with her overreach and exaggeration. When you listen to her and her front-line ministers you can only watch and marvel at what they come out with. Albert Brandford writing in the Nation Newspaper was one of the first columnists to identify that ‘ there is no substance in what the new government is doing’. He goes on to point out “there is a dangerous drift in our affairs because of a lack of focus.” This government has not demonstrated yet it’s in control of our nation’s destiny.

    The country’s biggest problem at the moment is that MAM rules the roost. There is no minister or advisor that would be willing to stand up to her. Her aides are also intimidated by the PM. So what we have is a PM with no credible parliamentary opposition, attacking the constitution, pouring money down the drain by buying off squatters rather than building accommodation; and running the country like a one woman fiefdom in support of her allies, friends and family. On our 53 Birthday there is not a lot to celebrate. Well, the Rastas can.”

  15. For those missing the point, the Mia government is VERY DANGEROUS TO BLACK PEOPLE and even more dangerous to Rasta…….continue trusting them at your own risk….don’t know what makes them think they can STILL get away with 1950s evil in 2019 but let her carry on smartly.

  16. Mia clashing with the Rasta community makes for great theatre
    She has been blowing smoke in peoples face
    Now the Rastas can blew some of their smoke in her face
    What a great movie
    Must put this drama on my to do thing list by way of writing a novel
    So much drama and so much money to be made

  17. This is what evil politicians from coast to coast do BEG FOR VOTES..then once elected set out to maliciously detroy the people who elected them, hope this one is JAILED FOR LIFE….he could not run far enuff, i would drag him back and jail his evil ass.

    “Bolivian government vows to jail Evo Morales for rest of his life for ‘terrorism’
    Arturo Murillo claims an audio recording allegedly of Evo Morales shows former president incited unrest

    Matt Drake @matt_j_drake
    Sunday 24 November 2019 17:42

    The interior minister accused the exiled president of terrorism ( AFP via Getty Images )
    Bolivia’s interim government has vowed to jail former leader Evo Morales for life for “terrorism”, according to reports.

    Interior minister Arturo Murillo of Bolivia’s right-wing interim government claims Mr Morales incited anti-government protests which he claims amount to terrorism, according to The Guardian”.

  18. @ WURA-WAR-on-U December 1, 2019 1:47 PM
    “the Rasta groups are fragmented, that was the plot, they caught hold of the weak dancing Rasta and now everyone has to regroup…the groups need to come together and decide the best way forward with everyone on the same page and don’t allow themselves to be bribed with shite, ya already know the government is corrupt, sell out their own people and are deceitful …. so why would you be so dumb as to trust them at any time…”

    The Rasta “community” is just as disunited and easily manipulated for narrow (vested) political purposes as their ancestors were controlled and tied to the plantation system when the “Massa” played one group over the others (house negroes versus field hands’, tribe against tribe).

    How could a group which claims to be spiritually in tune with the Light allow itself to be so morally used and abused by a politically selfish and narrow-thinking administration when, just a few years back, they (the same members of the Rasta community) were treated as criminals and social pariahs?

    The innocent Jah-given marijuana plant provides the golden opportunity for black Bajans to create an industry in which they can be the main stakeholders unlike the old sugar industry and the modern-day housekeeping for the Massa called tourism where they are mainly hewers of wood (cooks and cashiers) and drawers of water (cleaners, maids and gardeners)?

    Why is that Rasta community allowing itself to be exploited by this kind of economic apartheid and blatant segregation on ‘sacramental’ grounds if they genuinely believe that the cannabis plant is a gift from the ‘Father’ in the Sky and should be partaken of according to the needs of each of his earthly (adult) children?

    Cannabis is either a plant given by their God (Jah) to mankind to be used in moderation (as has been done for millennia) or it is a creation of Satan to be abused in order to bring shame and disgrace to the human race.

    The Bajan Rastafari need to heed the words of the Prophet Bob Marley and genuinely liberate their minds from mental slavery by not allowing themselves to be exploited, used and then ‘refused’ by any agents of Babylon.

  19. Miller…Barbados missed the boat, the ship and the plane..lol

    The problem in the Rasta community, there is more than one group and you know how that goes, the weakest link in one of the groups grabbed a ticket to Ghana to dance at burying who knows what….when they are offered crap and they take it from these liars and frauds, they are setting themselves up….when all they have to do is STAY STRONG, don’t bend and don’t back down.


  20. “How could a group which claims to be spiritually in tune with the Light allow itself to be so morally used and abused by a politically selfish and narrow-thinking administration when, just a few years back, they (the same members of the Rasta community) were treated as criminals and social pariahs?”

    Very disheartening, when the same Rasta was at the marijuana conference and HIGHLIGHTED how both governments have for DECADES VIOLATED THE RIGHTS of Rasta and their families AND STILL ARE, yet he was the first to show weakness…used like an old tissue to be ridiculed and not trusted.

    let’s hope him and them learn something from this, if someone is violating your rights for years and all of a sudden they are doubly nice and offering free tickets, i would be the first to tell them stuff ya tickets, i don’t trust you, but not everyone is like that…no inner strength, short memory, shorter attention span…EASY TO RE-ENSLAVE the weakest links….or sell them to buyers..

  21. “The innocent Jah-given marijuana plant provides the golden opportunity for black Bajans to create an industry in which they can be the main stakeholders unlike the old sugar industry and the modern-day housekeeping for the Massa called tourism where they are mainly hewers of wood (cooks and cashiers) and drawers of water (cleaners, maids and gardeners)?”

    ya done know the trash in the parliament DO NOT WANT TO SEE RASTA OR THE BLACK MAJORITY getting wealthy off the plant, they already lined up their criminal minority friends/bribers to hog and tief everything while they line their pockets……but we shall see how that ends for them, this is not the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s..

    They do not want to see Rasta and the Black majority independent, wealthy and prospering, they are the low crawling black scum of the earth and always want to see their people DEPENDENT ON TIEFING MINORITIES AND LIVING IN POVERTY…..

  22. Problem i have with this Castleblack set up…weak black governments, this should have been a set up for the community in Jamaica, owned by Jamaicans managed by Jamaicans who should be the only ones benefitting….but ya black Caribbean governments are weak, they always have to DEPEND on someone else to do, mostly foreign, although i believe the dude was doing business in Jamaica before, but the government shoud be encouraging the population to do it themselves….all the wealth generated should stay in the majority population.

  23. But…the Jamaican government is owning 51% of any foreign company investing in the marijuana, that will keep the wannabe slave masters in line…lol

  24. Look though…the slave driver is fixing to tie the government up in court for another 40 years…lol

    ‘Mrs Ram’ appealing Govt’s decision
    MARIA BRADSHAW, mariabradshaw@nationnews.com

    Added 02 December 2019

    Prominent businesswoman Asha “Mrs Ram” Mirchandani is prepared to put up a legal battle that could go as far as the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) over how Government has proceeded with the compulsorily acquisition of her property.

    In an exclusive interview two weeks after the Ministry of Housing locked and bolted her Liquidation Centre on Bay Street, The City, with over $5 million worth of stock inside, a hurt Mirchandani revealed that an appeal against that decision would be heard in the High Court on Tuesday.

    “We have appealed because there has to be justice in this country,” she said, adding that “if required”, she would go to the CCJ “I am so hurt; the family is so hurt right now. I half-living, half-dead, that I wasted my life in a country which I thought was my home. You know how it feels?” she asked. Government had given the Mirchandanis a final deadline of November 4 to vacate the premises. (MB)”

  25. Your ancestors are showing you the way..

    “we want to live our lives without the manipulation of others .

    laini mataka .

    I am pleased to announce that my family decided this year that we will no longer participate in the white xmas ritual.

    We are not white Europeans nor are we Afropeans. We convened for years for the sake of “tradition”.
    No more.

    We are in the process of eliminating holidays that do not celebrate our Afrikan ancestors, culture and achievements and adopting/creating holidays that do.

    When you know better, you do better.

    Ase, Ase, Ase-o!

    Do Others celebrate Afrikan Blood Holidays !!!!

    So why would we blindy celebrate their traditions over Afrikan ones ?!”

  26. Still a lot to steal from Africa and still a lot of blind, asleep African descended people to re-enslave, particularly in the Caribbean and other western countries and Africa, they believe every lie that comes out of these criminal’s mouths…every lie that comes out of dirty politician’s and lawyer’s mouths…every lie that is in the public nuisance of a fraudulent bible written by europeans….that is how easily they will be RE-ENSLAVED..

    that is their business they want to be slaves again….since black people never want to learn anything about their history…

    ….marijuana is now a very useful weapon…

  27. Well…let’s see what the Mia government does, they are nowhere at the level AFRICA..will be WHEN THEY LEGALIZE and/or DECRIMINALIZE…but since they are not showing signs of doing either…no one needs them anyway..

    “Africa Must Abolish Colonial Anti-Cannabis Laws to Unlock a 7 Billion Dollar Industry
    The African cannabis industry is expected to be worth over US$7.1 billion by 2023. However, many countries will not benefit from the growth unless they abandon their colonial anti-cannabis laws. The time for legal change is now.”

  28. “Despite the intolerant legal attitude towards cannabis in most countries, the report says its use is widely tolerated by the public. One might even argue that cannabis use is engrained in many African societies as there is proof it has been used recreationally and medicinally for generations. For example, around three-quarters of the Basotho people of Lesotho have cultivated and used cannabis as medicine for over a Millenium. Simba Jama, writing for The Patriot also makes the point that cannabis sativa was cultivated and used in Southern Africa for a long time.

    The punitive drug policies are, therefore, a legacy of colonialism that now rests on nothing apart from intellectual laziness and internalised colonialism. The laws in many African states are “replete with racism”, as a South African court judgment noted in 2018. With the growth of the cannabis industry comes an opportunity to bury racist laws while empowering populations. This is not the time to keep romanticizing the conservative and oppressive laws of the colonizer. This is the time to truly free the continent, make billions and enrich communities.”

  29. This is what will happen to the majority Black population in Barbados if Mia is not watched , if all corrupt governments going forward in Barbados are not WATCHED….no variation of this DISENFRANCHISEMENT against Black people can be allowed in Barbados, NONE, NONE, NONE…


    When Margeaux Bruner looked into the possibility of getting a license to enter the blossoming marijuana industry, she realized she would face some barriers that might be impossible to overcome.

    The Novi resident has bachelor’s and master’s degrees and worked in the logistics industry, which would be handy skills if she was able to get a secure transporter license. But she also had gone through a divorce, which led to a bankruptcy that could be a disqualifying factor if she applied for a medical marijuana business license from the state.

    Plus, the financial requirements to get into the industry — a $6,000 state application fee, $66,000 state regulatory assessments, $5,000 application fee from a local municipality and proof of $200,000 in assets — were an exorbitant hurdle.

    More: Michigan could face competition after Illinois legislature approves recreational pot

    More: In the Upper Peninsula, weed is a lonely pursuit for its one and only dispensary

    “I understood very early on that I wouldn’t qualify. No. 1 was the capital requirement and I knew that the bankruptcy would potentially put me in jeopardy,” she said. “But I was still completely driven to get involved in the industry in some capacity.”

    She now is the political director for the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, a Lansing-based advocacy group for the marijuana industry.

    Novi resident Margeaux Bruner and the political director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association poses for a photo in Lansing. Bruner looked into getting a license for a marijuana business but said there were too many barriers for her to get approved.
    (Photo: Kathleen Gray)

    In that capacity, she has been able to see that the obstacles she confronted in getting directly involved in the marijuana industry are also problems facing others in the African American community.”

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