Miss Ram and Karma Meet

The issue is, how can the Court decide, there is NO SERIOUS ISSUE to be heard? The government only comes into play because they were the acquirers, and a politician, Dale Marshall, spoke to the matter. When this story broke in March, I fully expected a court challenge. The news it has been declined is beyond belief. It is one thing to hear the case and have a result, another entirely to find “no serious issue to be tried”.

Northern Observer

It is fair to disclose our hand on the subject of Miss Ram. The way she has done business in Barbados over the years does not recommend her to this blogmaster. She has generously donated to both major political parties i.e. BLP and DLP. Her training as a lawyer allowed her to grease the system for the benefit of all.

However it will not prevent the BU household from creating blog space to invite opinions on the matter at hand. Government has moved full steam ahead to acquire the property known as Liquidation Centre owned by Ms Ram on Lower Bay Street to facilitate the construction of the Hyatt Hotel.

For years she has operated businesses in Barbados with questionable working working conditions. Hundreds of words can be posted about Furniture Limited. There is an instant in 2012 it failed a health inspection and was forced to suspend operations.

For years Ms Ram was allowed by authorities to operate a hardware cum retail Store on Lower Broad Street. It was a common sight to observe forklifts, 10 wheelers and other heavy duty vehicles loading and offloading items to support the business. The fact that it was an inconvenience to pedestrians and vehicular traffic in the area seemed inconsequential.

The preamble notwithstanding it is important government treats with citizens fairly. The issue at hand is that government and Ms Ram have been unable to reach an agreement on a price for the property where the Liquidation Centre is located. The inability of the parties to reach agreement has prevented the mobilization of the Hyatt project. She sought injunctive relief from the High Court last weekend and to quote a local press report:

In response, the owners sought injunctive relief through the High Court, which dismissed the application on the basis that there was no serious issue to be tried. The company then sought a stay of execution, which the court also rejected.

Some are arguing that government has no bone in the fight between Ms Ram and the Hyatt developer. The Land Acquisition Act  Section 5 (1) 3 is very clear:

Nothing in this section shall be deemed to prevent the acquisitions of lands for public purposes by private treaty.

However the other side to the debate is that the Lower Bay Street area has been included in government’s redevelopment plan and others businesses previously located on the strip north of the Liquidation Centre have vacated.

As it stands the police and government have taken control of the property. The country waits to see if the warehouse will be razed or whether Ms Ram will do what she has been adept at through then years; litigation.





    ya dealing with small island crooks who are KNOWN THIEVES and criminals…


    if am not mistaken…it is a franchise being utilized..


  • MariposaNovember 20, 2019 9:57 PM

    It is easy for u to advice people who have lost a job on how they should be happy
    One can easily bet that your pantry has food and your bills are paid
    Sometimes it makes for wonder how people can soeak on behalf of those whose shoes they have never walked in
    Those people made a statement because they are looking at a siruation where they might not be able to meet their obligations for who knows how long
    But here comes another long neck goose telling these out of job workers they should be happy


    I too lost a job once. It was one I loved and was told I was born to do. It was much more valuable than that lost by these workers. I was the victim of last in first out.

    But here I am. Still. And yes, happy.

    PS. I satisfied my love for that job by doing it on a voluntary basis in a different setting. While I was between jobs I satisfied another desire of mine. I made garden beds on my grandmother’s fertile land and grew some corn.

    Onward and upward people!


  • @ Enuff November 20, 2019 9:02 PM
    “What’s with the rambling? What does the word regeneration portray? That’s why in an earlier post I mentioned the word catalyst. Regeneration has to start somewhere. I don’t get your pints. You need to avail yourself of government’s plans. It is not just Hyatt!!”

    Enuff, like the big bad wolf, you can huff and puff as you like.

    The question still remains: Where is the money coming from to build the Hyatt Ziva (soon to be renamed the Hyatt Grand Barbados Resort)?

    Is it from FDI sources like the Beaches or the Four Seasons Reincarnated or Wyndham Sam Lords?

    Is it coming from another raid on the NIS funds or the Workers Housing Credit fund or from the same source as the Blue Horizon or even Coverley?

    If Barbados can’t even find money to buy proper fuel oil to keep its electricity supply alive, or to pay the foreign bondholders their dues, how on earth can the country find that moving target of US$ 175 million to construct a concrete tropical dream-world Hyatt hotel in a rat-infested shanty-looking town?

    Answer the question, Enuff, and stop with the rigmarole of circular BS!


  • From reading between the lines the hotel will be funded locally by the men in the background Maloney is representing.


  • @ the Sage Annunaki

    It is a heavily guarded secret AND IF THE RENTED JACKASS HEE HEE let’s go any hint of the participants HE WILL BE TOAST!

    It will be broadcast by Mugabe Mottley soon BUT ONLY SHE WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT cause it is only the responsibility of the Dictator Mugabe to dictate these things!


  • @ David November 21, 2019 8:16 AM
    “From reading between the lines the hotel will be funded locally by the men in the background Maloney is representing.”

    Similar ‘assurances’ were given (for almost a decade of tropical winters now) to the ‘certain’ restart of the cryogenically frozen Four Seasons project.

    Do you know, Blogmaster, who are those sleeping men of investment shadows hiding in the Bajan background that ‘bought out’ the Four Seasons graveyard?

    If you can’t answer that question maybe it ought to be posed to the consultant guru who has done a wonderful job in saving the country $ 5 billion in its debt restructuring mission-critical exercise.


  • @ David.

    Have You heard anything about the Samlords issue yet?


  • @Miller

    We know they are men in the background, Maloney does not have the means.


  • If we keep on reading between the lines it means it is about time we saw an optician. Let us start from the beginning: there is a piece of land kin a prime spot and a property developer decides to buy the land. In the meantime, he looks at the neighbouring property and thinks would it not be nice to also own that property; it would mean my proposed hotel could even be more elaborate and classy.
    All normal and expected. But instead of two private property owners negotiating a deal somehow the government becomes involved and, audaciously, decides to use the sledge hammer of compulsory purchase to crack the nut of a private property development.
    Forget the background noise of urban regeneration and a hotel corridor and other such rubbish. What is important is: who will be the ultimate freehold owner of the property?
    If not the property developer, will the owner be a third party, and if so who? If a third party owner, will the property owner have a leasehold, if so for how long?
    Apart from ownership (freehold or leasehold) of the property, has government under written any other goods or services for this property developer? If so, what?

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  • @John A

    The PM made fleeting mention in her address at the 81st. The project is being restructured, they looking for private investment partners.


  • Miller
    Come, come. Planning permission is planning permission. You know it is common practice for persons who do not even own the land to get planning permission? One can have the money but not permission and permission but not the money! Pemission is transferable. I think I hear “Mugabe” say shares are to be offered to Bajans too.

    Stop talking nonsense. The regeneration of Bridgetown is a government-led and facilitated initiative being implemented by private developers. A normal practice. MAM II is not behind the initiative. It is government’s vision for the area that is being delivered. All yuh need to read more, listen more and then talk.


  • @ Enuff November 21, 2019 9:44 AM

    Are you aware that the current MoT promised Bajans a Hyatt hotel construction commencement date of February 2020?

    Are you suggesting that the current MoT has put his little ‘foot’ in his big mouth by counting his construction chickens before the financial eggs have even been laid?

    Doesn’t such a specific start date sound very much déjà vu but with only a change in the colour of the mouthpiece from Sealy yellow to Symmonds red?

    So where is the IPO to invite cash-rich Bajans to invest in this reincarnated hotel due to start construction in 4 months time?

    Just can’t believe this is the same hotel project which has been in the DLP investment pipeline for over 5 years and now ‘stolen’ by your favourite administration.

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  • @ the Sage Annunaki

    Your language!

    The word IS NOT STOLEN it is “regenerated” which is an euphemism for Mugabe’s specialist grafting and total assimilation of your ideas

    AND WHEN THEY COME BACK, RETURN BY ANOTHER DOOR, youself ent know the TEIFED idea from your own.

    A hotel in Bridgetown, notwithstanding the issues with shy$e disposal for a 8 storey 380 room monstrosity, is an easier sell to investors than Paradise Hotel which is now heavily embroiled in litigation and contention.

    One day coming soon the people will rise up.

    Even though, AS YOU ARE SURE TO HAVE SEEN SAGE, the total disappearance of Political Content and the predominance of 3 scriptural columns THAT OF MY FELLOW MYOPE DR GP, with its meaningful content and the other two and every topic under the sun AND RECENT ISLANDWIDE DARKNESS.

    “Keep them reading stoopidness AND WE DUN WIN DE FIGHT!


  • peterlawrencethompson

    I agree that squinting to read between the lines often promotes hallucination.
    However, I do not believe that Maloney’s company holds the title on the old Harbour Police lot. Your questions about who will ultimately own that as well as the ex-Mirchandani property are the pertinent ones.

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  • ” A wide variety of stakeholders can expect to hear about investment opportunities for the proposed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) when an investors’ conference takes place later this month.”


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  • 10 to 18 storeys.

    ” buildings from ten to 18 storeys high going up at the nearby Carlisle Bay site to form the 380-room and 40-condo Hyatt Ziva Barbados.”


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  • “The word IS NOT STOLEN it is “regenerated” which is an euphemism for Mugabe’s specialist grafting and total assimilation of your ideas.”

    Miller…ya gotta keep with the lingo, lol

    or on one of your trips to Barbados ya might find yaself on the seabridge between Accra and Bridgetown.

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    At the recent Town Hall meeting about the Hyatt project we were informed that 40% ownership would be available to Barbadians. 40% of US$175 million is US$70 million. I hope that it is not the GOB’s intention to raid the NIS to help raise this… that would be unconscionable. The list of Bajans or Barbados residents with pockets deep enough for this scale of risk is short:
    * William Paul Doyle,
    * Rihanna,
    * Kyffin Donald Simpson,
    * Sir Charles “COW” Williams,
    * Michael Barry Tabor,
    * Dermot Desmond,
    * J. P. McManus,
    * Eugene Melnyk.

    Have I left anyone off?? There is only one brown face in this list… only one investor without a penis too.

    For it to make sense to invest US$10 million in this project an investor should be worth at least US$100 million.

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  • Surely there will be a way For small guys to get a nibble.

    What you are describing is Rich get opportunities and richer

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    We tried it with the Almond Beach project and small investors lost their shirt.

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  • @PLT

    Don’t worry a full financial prospectus inclusive of a guaranteed ROI of 12% will be rolled out shortly. It will all be guaranteed by the Barbados Government. We will even give you a bond to hold with we coat or arms pun it!

    What more you want?

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    If you are trying to add up small investors who can afford to risk Bd$10,000 then you need to find fourteen thousand of them.

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  • @ PLT,

    I was one of the Almond Beach project small investors but only lost Casino money.

    The Annual reports were “educational “.

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    @John A
    Sounds tempting, but I sunk everything into St. Thomas beachfront lots.

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  • Well we will then only go as a last resort to the NIS to cover any “unforeseen shortfall.”

    Same song but different band.

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  • peterlawrencethompson

    My condolences… ABV is “trading” on the BSE at $0.02 today.

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  • @PLT

    Nice one, buy due to the 6 day water shortage being experienced there, if you going swim by your lot you will got to drive home to shower!


  • @PLT

    Here is what young students used to be taught in my time. In the UK, nobody ‘owns’ land. The freehold, as in full and absolute ownership is vested in the Crown or, in our language, the state. This dates back to William the Conqueror, and was only enshrined in modern UK law in 2002.
    It was in the 1925 Law of Property Act that legalised two forms of ownership: an estate in fee simple (freehold) and an estate for a term of years (leasehold).
    Fee simple was simply the amount paid to the monarch for the use of land in medieval times. It is ownership that is not often used. The last time it was used in the UK was during the Second World War, when farms were confiscated for use by the military.
    Interestingly, if oil or any other minerals are found under land held in freehold, the state claims a right to it; and we all know that modern communication has meant that the space above your land, that used by mobile phones etc, is claimed by the state.
    In Britain we have common land on which ordinary citizens have a right to roam.
    I say all that to say this: the state has a right to compulsorily purchase land in the public interest. It is not in the public interest (or public purpose), however, to deprive a private citizen of the ownership of his or her property then to hand it over to another private citizen.
    Bogus claims of urban regeneration, cloaked as a private/public initiative, is no excuse; it is worse when there is no publicly debated urban regeneration policy, but a poor substitute called a so-called hotel corridor masquerades as such a policy. Nonsense. In fact, the proposed 12-hotel corridor is against the interest of the Barbadian public.
    But in Barbados we do not debate these key concepts. Remember when the DPP dropped the case against a white Barbadian accused of drug smuggling “in the public interest”.
    That vague term was contemptuously never explained. Some of us believed it was not in the public interest to define officially the public interest in such cases because it is meaningless.
    In summary, it looks as if Ms Ram was robbed.

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  • If Ms Ram wants to really get this government to sit down with her de ole man will explain how she can do this SINCE I AM AN EXPERT AT THESE THINGS!



    2.LINK IT TO Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Tumblir accounts with a similar logo

    3.Create a go fund me page with a $1 requirement

    4.The Campaign will read something like “….The Barbados government has been the sole arbitrator in matters before the court where people who have land matter find themselves. Thousands of people have been disadvantaged over the years AND I MRS RAM HAVE DECIDED THAT THIS IS ENOUGH. The A use of the power of eminent domain has allowed the government of Mugabe Mottley to take my private land UNDER THE GUISE OF “public purposes” only SO THAT THIS GOVERNMENT CAN GIVE MY LAND TO A PRIVATE ENTITY MARRIOT

    MARRIOT, an international company would be hesitant to partner with this Mugabe government if they know that the Mollley crew has refused to give us fair compensation for the property at issue.

    AS A RESULT OF THIS we are prepared to collaborate with any and all Barbadians who have been similarly treated by this compulsory acquisition process a d find themselves subjected to this iniquitous and unjust system where the government acquires private property for public benefit which is another word for robbery.

    Anyone who wishes to join us in this class action suit may contact me at missramforjustice@kirpirlani.com


    MY FEE MS RAM WILL BE US$250,000 for this advice.

    I would have submitted this as an article here on Barbados Underground called Miss Ram Funding Unjust Compulsory Acquisition but I dont think that the Honourable Blogmaster…


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for all thank you


  • David BU

    I read that, in accordance with section 5 of the Land Acquisition Act, Cap. 228, Parliament approved the compulsory acquisition by the Crown of 7328.3 sq/m of land at Lower Bay Street more particularly described as the property of Tiny Tots Limited, “for the public purpose of tourism development.”

    Cabinet agreed to the acquisition on February 14, 2019 and it was expected “that after the acquisition, the property will be vested in the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc.”

    If the property is be vested in the BTII, would it not be owned by the Crown?

    George Payne told the House: “I have determined as Minister of Housing that as part of Government’s plans to revitalise Bridgetown and to enhance the tourism product, the property which is owned by Tiny Tots Ltd, currently occupied by an enterprise under the name of Liquidation Centre, would be required for tourism development.”

    He added it was “the intention of Government to engage a private developer with respect to the tourism aspect of it.”

    Perhaps you could answer the following questions:

    Is revitalizing Bridgetown and enhancing the tourism product deemed not to be “in the public interest?”

    Is government transferring the land to a private developer for tourism development on behalf of government………….. or is the land being transferred to the developer so he could develop the land in his own interest?

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  • I continue to marvel at how the Austin fella continues to shift the argument after being wrong on what is public purpose, the Rams and everything under the sun. Come with some strong arguments please. The question of viability is valid but what does it have to do with the proposal in planning, urban regeneration etc terms? I never see the TPD ask a fella to produce proof them got the $$$ to get permission to build. You get your permission and a time period to implement or it expires. All yuh grasping, conflating and look petty. At least Commissiong have and always had some sound arguments rooted in law. I find we as a people just talk big—we waan go heaven but doan waan die. Got champagne taste, want champagne but waan use a mauby recipe. Complain about Barbados being this densely populated island and don’t need more people, but happy to live overseas (or visit) show off but live in boxes in cities where the density makes Barbados situation small fries. Finally, we are all experts in everything!!🤣🤣


  • @ Enuff

    I continue to marvel at how the Austin fella continues to shift the argument after being wrong on what is public purpose, the Rams and everything under the sun. Come with some strong arguments please. The question of viability is valid but what does it have to do with the proposal in planning, urban regeneration etc terms? I never see the TPD ask a fella to produce proof them got the $$$ to get permission to build. You get your permission and a time period to implement or it expires…..(Quote)

    ????????? Is this your level of fabrication, or do you kind it difficult talking to black people? Plse explain the above. By the way, what is “public purpose”? In simple terms, plse.


  • The Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. is not a government agency or is it?


    Stuart Layne heheheheh

    Darcy Boyce heheheheh

    And now who heheheheheh

    The Accountant General has done any audits on that organisation?

    Are any reports available to the public?

    What is the corporate structure of that entity?

    Where does true ownership lie?

    Who is current management?

    How are they paid?

    To whom do they report?

    What contracts can they administer?

    Are there any contractual clauses which constraint BTII STAFF from personally benefiting from the operations of the BTII?

    Has the Financial Services Commission ever investigated the operations of this entity?



  • @Artax

    Good cold analysis as usual. The land is obviously vested in th Crown. We will have to wait to see how the transaction is consummated.


  • WELL, well, well, at least now the Rams know how it feels to be a Black Bajan, since they have had too much damn false privilege for too many years….given them by both governmnets…chips are being called in now..lol

    “Joseph November 21, 2019
    Drama and confusion erupted last evening during part of a public engagement called by the developers of the Hyatt Ziva Barbados Resort to share information and get feedback on the US$175 million project for Bay Street, The City.

    It was during the question and answer segment, that the voice of a businessman which is never heard in public, suddenly created a buzz inside the premises of the Copacabana Restaurant and Bar on Bay Street where the event was taking place.

    All heads soon turned in the direction of the front row as Ram Mirchandani – husband of the more vocal Asha Mrs Ram Mirchandani – rose from his seat beside her and shouted his way to the public microphone stand, where he and popular social commentator Mark Williams ran into each other.

    Mark Williams (left) and Ram Mirchandani during last night’s presentation.
    As both men competed for their chance to speak into the microphone – at times appearing to rub shoulders – Mirchandani ensured he was heard by continuous loud cries in protest against the Government’s decision to shut down the Liquidation Centre, owned by the couple, to make way for the Hyatt.

    The evidently distraught businessman told the developers who sat on a stage he wanted answers as to why the retail outlet was “taken away” without the Mirchandanis being paid “a single cent”.

    By this time, Williams having had control of the microphone periodically interrupted Mirchandani who refused to back down from his calls for payment.

    “I want to know who is paying for it [the acquired property]. Is it the …[inaudible] paying for it or the Government that is paying for it. [inaudible]… the property without paying a penny…is that the kind of Barbados we living in?” he asked in his off-mic voice as Williams interjected with comments such as “CLICO will pay”


  • “Barbadians are to have a hand in the final design of the US$175 million controversial Hyatt Ziva Resort on Bay Street, the City and the opportunity to own part of it.”



    Surely the majority of the financing is already in place.

    Now when is construction going to start on the revitalisation of the city of Bridgetown.


  • (Quote):
    Barbadians are to have a hand in the final design of the US$175 million controversial Hyatt Ziva Resort on Bay Street, the City and the opportunity to own part of it.

    Developer Mark Maloney said details of this investment potential would be shared by the financial institution arranging the funding even as he and his team await Town Planning permission to start building. (Unquote).

    We cannot yet understand how, in the light from Ziva, the Minister of Tourism can give a start date of February 2020 for hotel construction when there is still to be done so much consultation, assessment, reassessment and review before final approval is obtained.

    Is this financial institution providing the project financing a locally-based money house like Sagicor the Republic Bank, or one of Canadian-owned commercial banks on the auction block?


  • @Waru, this show of force by the government is a clear sign that we are going to see new economic players in Barbados.
    Mrs Ram is a dinosaur whose days are numbered.
    It is highly unlikely that the locals will benefit from any forthcoming economic development.


  • @ the Sage Annunaki

    When I was but a lad going school dere was a woman who sold sweeties in a house 5 gaps away.

    We was not allowed to go out of a 3 house perimeter but there was a fellow who was allowed to come to our house who offered to go for the sweets.

    $1.00 he said would buy us 10 sweeties so we scraped up 2 to buy 20 which were divided equally between 5 o us him included!

    One day, I grey bold and broke my parents rule and went to Ms Sargey place with $2

    Miss Sargey counted out 40 sweeties and gave me!

    That boy was getting 24 sweets from people who were constrained by our parents to venture forth.

    This investors of whom one is a celebrity ARE GOING TO BE ROBBED BLIND, line how Veco price at the Prison robbed bajans blind and the Highway robbed us blind BECAUSE WE LIKE SECRECY.

    A few idiots will be parted from their millions WATCH AND SEE A REPAT OF THE SIMON COWELL TRICKERY


  • @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Thou hast said it

    “…It is highly unlikely that the locals will benefit from any forthcoming economic development…”

    These fields and hills beyond recall ARE NO LONGER OUR VERY OWN!!!

    This is the death knell for Barbados



    She is killing the country ONE DAY AT A TIME, KILLING THE ALREADY DOCILE BAJAN PEOPLE and even her most loyal followers CANT SEE WHAT SHE IS DOING!

    But enough of this, where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise!


  • Asked a legal begal how does the court intrepret” public use” Outside those given which are deemed necessary for overall public use
    The reply given depends on the political leaning of the judge
    My retort was yea
    In other words legalize corruption


  • “@Waru, this show of force by the government is a clear sign that we are going to see new economic players in Barbados.
    Mrs Ram is a dinosaur whose days are numbered.
    It is highly unlikely that the locals will benefit from any forthcoming economic development.”

    yep…we certainly know how the game is played. a real shift is taking place, all the old bribers are being replaced…and of course none of it is meant to benefit the people, all the power plays are meant only to get the opportunity to dip their hands in what does not belong to any of them.

    problem for the self appointed slick leaders who believe no one is watching, now there are all kinds of moving parts which their lack of vision caused them not to foresee…lol


  • @ac
    you are being most disingenuous.
    Read @PLT at November 20, 2019 2:30 PM
    The concept of public doesn’t even enter to it.
    The GoB is creating a land bank. Hopefully they will be able to sell this land at cost + associated expenses, or more.
    The beauty to any investor, is they can make plans, seek permissions, without owning a sq.ft of land, and have a contractual guarantee, specific lands can be acquired, bought/leased, within a specified time period for $X.
    Ziva, you will note is all inclusive. So with the addition of Sandals, the forthcoming Beaches, the Elegant properties recently bought by Marriott, Mr Taylor’s all inclusive property (I forget the name), Mango Bay, Diva etc etc, the shift from the traditional hotel model to all inclusive, is well under way.


  • @ Northern Observer

    Are you saying the all-inclusive model is the best one for Barbados? At Almond a Banks was priced at Bds$10, just outside the gate it was $1.50. Tell me, which you would prefer as a visitor to Barbados>


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hal AustinNovember 22, 2019 7:31 AM “a Banks was priced at Bds$10, just outside the gate it was $1.50. Tell me, which you would prefer as a visitor to Barbados.”

    If you don’t want to mix with the great unwashed, $10 is the price you pay for a beer. LOL!!!


  • @HA
    I am not saying anything. I am making an Observation, the hotel model appears to be changing.
    My understanding and personal experience in all-inclusive establishments, is the Banks would be $0. There may be a surcharge for premium brands or premium cuts/foods, otherwise food and drink are included in the price. Ditto for activities.


  • @ Northern Observer,

    I realised you did not express an opinion, that was why I asked the question, which so far you have not answered.


  • @HA
    I don’t know enough about it. I have no opinion which is better or worse, they both have +’s and -‘s. We seem headed for a mix.


  • @ TLSN
    Not so fast about new players taking over, my friend. Chopping off the limbs and the trunk does not kill the roots.
    A word to the wise. As the elders would say: “Pick sense from that


  • @ William Skinner,

    These new players will be equally as ruthless as Mrs Ram. I was trying to say that the backward mindset of Mrs Ram and her cheap approach to businesses has been superceded. This government sees her as a yesterday player.

    These new boys have larger wallets than Mrs Ram. She will remain as a foot note in our history. Why did Barrow allow her into the country?


  • Some might very well say


  • In the Ram vs BLP series there are two villains Ram and govt
    There lies the crux of the story
    A story filled with lies abd deceptions


  • “My understanding and personal experience in all-inclusive establishments, is the Banks would be $0.”


    You are correct. The rates guests pay at an all-inclusive resort includes accommodation, food, beverages, entertainment, gratuities, transport from and to the airport, and activities such as water-sports (if available), island tours, etc.

    I also agree with your observation that there appears a shift from the traditional hotel model to all-inclusive concept. My problem with this model is, it is “all-exclusive” to the other players in the tourism industry.

    For example, Sandals signed an agreement that Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum would be the featured rum at ALL Sandals and Beaches Resorts.

    So, in Barbados, Appleton Estate rum is first choice, while Barbadian brands such as ESAF, Old Brigand, Cockspur, Mount Gay or Alleyne Arthur would be “on the back burner.” In other words, if a guest ordered a rum & coke, rum punch or any other rum based beverage, Appleton would be used, which is disadvantageous to local brands.


  • This blog is nuff sport yuh!! So determined to demonise the government, some persist in talking igrunce about public purpose. This is notwithstanding the evidence that the acquisition of private property by a public body/government to facilitate private sector projects as part of an urban regeneration exercise is not endemic to Buhbaduss. Man if I were the government I would actually restructure the BTII to be a development corporation with planning permission powers for major development applications within ALL special development areas. Wunna want growth through progressivec policies, processes and programmes or outdated ole talk and pickanoism? All yuh too wicked! (In muh best trini accent).🤣🤣


  • @ Hal

    Long before all inclusive brands came here, there were serious price differences. When Ordinary shops were selling banks beers for ninety cents hostels already had them approaching five dollars.
    Tourists back on the day we’re paying three or four dollars for a proper stake of dolphin in Baxter’s Road while Hotels back then had a flying fish dinner approaching twenty or twenty five dollars.
    It’s not accurate to state that all inclusive properties drive up prices. Truth is that we had high prices in the industry going back decades. Ask any taxi man or beach vendor about the disparities in prices and why tourists in St Lawerence gap back in the day were buying cases of beer and taking back to the hotels rather than buy beer at the hotels’ bar.


  • @enuff
    and similarly you persist with incomplete statements
    “notwithstanding the evidence that the acquisition of private property by a public body/government to facilitate private sector projects as part of an urban regeneration exercise is not endemic to Buhbaduss.”
    That is true. But only part of the wider truth.
    What you have conveniently omitted in this statement, is HOW the property is acquired.
    By private treaty? Frequently
    By compulsory acquisition? Very, very rarely.

    Why is this? Because government or its agency, rarely has to intervene where land is in high demand. The developer must determine the financial viability of any project. As public bodies can acquire by private treaty, similarly can land developers. The exceptions can be found when property is required for low income/public housing, community centres, schools, hospitals, roads, sewers, reservoirs, etc etc In other words, Public USE. Where it can be justified the land owner must part with the land for a lesser value, due to its intended public use and benefit.
    This concept of expanding almost anything as “Public Purpose”, solely it would appear, because it is under a banner of “Urban Regeneration”, is a joke.

    Can you not appreciate that by stepping in, and capping the value of the Mirchandani property, they have essentially capped the value of all similar lands in that “designated area”. Or any other future designated area. That any future developer of land, can now rely on the GoB to acquire by compulsory acquisition any lands they want/need for a “designated enterprise in a designated area”.

    Imagine if the private treaty price of the Mirchandani property, and the compulsory acquisition price was $25/sf or $2,000,000 different. Do you not think, it would have been better for the GoB to find some other mechanism to lower the acquisition cost, rather than set this precedent. Call it URGE, the Urban ReGeneration Enterprise fund. They could increase the land transfer tax in that area due to “designation” and subsequent increased land values, to provide the funding. Unlike legal precedent, it is understood such fiscal measures can be adopted and changed at whim. They are many ways to skin a cat?


  • Unrest ?

    Scores of Republic Bank workers are off the job and meeting with the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) as they protest among other things, management’s response to their job evaluations.



  • NO
    By all two both, keep up!! This is my final say on this thread and I will do some cut and paste.

    “Whilst a local authority may well encourage the owner(s) to bring forward development, and may even have offered to purchase the land direct, this will only get them so far if the owner(s) does not want to cooperate. In this scenario the only realistic option for the council is the compulsory acquisition of the land. Once acquired the land can then be marketed for development. This may seem a drastic action to some councillors, but it is more straightforward than they imagine. There are two compulsory purchase powers that can be used to acquire land required for development. One is contained in section 226(1)(a) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This provides for the compulsory acquisition of land to facilitate its development, redevelopment or improvement, provided that this will secure social, economic or environmental benefits. The other is contained in section 226(1)(b) of the 1990 Act. This provides for the compulsory acquisition of land where it is required for a purpose which it is necessary to achieve in the interests of the proper planning of the area. The DCLG online CPO guidance provides as follows: The [planning] power is intended to provide a positive tool to help acquiring authorities with planning powers to assemble land where this is necessary to implement proposals in their Local Plan or where strong planning justifications for the use of the power exist. This is strong encouragement for councils to take an interventionist role.”

    Does the above align with your narrow interpretation? Note there is acquisition and then marketing; or acquisition to implement proposals in a local plan. What are the proposals in the NPDP for Bay Street/Bridgetown? In any event, as PLT rightly stated, the government’s action is within all four corners of the Act. I dun wasting muh time.


  • I did NOT ask you if compulsory purchase powers were available. Or question them. I already agreed they were, as @PLT pointed out.
    I asked two questions
    1) Do you understand the precedent set, and what effect this has elsewhere?
    2) Do you not see there were other potential methods of acquisition?
    The Crown always has the “threat” of compulsory acquisition. At least under the current laws in Barbados, as quoted by @PLT.
    You have to know when certain bloggers who usually have contrary views suddenly align, that something is amiss.
    And when you QUOTE/C&P at least tell us where it came from. It sounds like UK or Canada terminology.


  • “…restructure the BTII to be a development corporation with planning permission powers for major development applications within ALL special development areas…”

    The Rented Jackass Hee Hee has spoken and while continuing to speak displays WHO HE IS NOT but where his expertise lies.

    He also has disclosed the next iteration of this government’s “Great March Stratification” by Mugabe

    Under that Great March Mugabe has started placing her people in Every Single Agency that makes decisions about government and governance in Barbados.

    This man is arrogant BUT THERE IS AN X FACTOR THAT IS CONFUSING de ole man!

    And I will explain.

    Hee Hee has the autonomy to voice his opinion AND TO EXPOSE SPECIFIC STRATEGIES without major sanction!

    His arrogance permit home to come to Barbados Underground AND VOICE THE PARTICULAR STRATEGIES THAT HE IS PRIVY TO AND RESPONSIBLE FOR.

    Therefore, who is he?

    He is not the classic poochlicker but seems to be a technocrat of some power who has transitioned across administrations WITHOUT ANT CONSTRAINTS.

    and he has a first hand knowledge of the land acquisition process WHICH THOUGH BIASED TO THIS ADMINISTRATION, is not as rabid as the 2nd of the Rabid Jackasses that Commander Theophillus Gazerts gets vex so easily.

    A high placed officer in Land Planning? who is not affected by administrative changes? With a vested interest in the reconstitution of the BTII?



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Northern at 6:36 p.m. “They could increase the land transfer tax in that area due to “designation” and subsequent increased land values, to provide the funding.”

    i doubt that property owners and potential in the area would be happy about paying this tax, since it could be seen as transferring cash from their pockets to their former neighbours bank account.

    They might ask “why me?’


  • Will restate this point for the last time.

    Avoid comments that seek to probe the identity of commenters.

    Avoid flaming other commenters.

    If you are other commenters need to be attack or use descriptive language feel free to direct at the blogmaster. Feel free to add to the lexicon – buffoon, jackass, simple, ignorant, illiterate etc.

    What BU does is whether the opinion clashes with the blogmaster you are free to post it. Challenge the other view but understand others are entitled.


  • @William

    The concept of all-inclusive is not just about prices and service, it is also about the tourist experience, mixing socially with locals, other than hotel staff. I have already written about my experience at Almond. Dreadful.
    At Sandals in Jamaica they tell tourists not to go out alone, not to go to the local shops, etc that crime is rampant. When brave people go out and mix with locals they are usually surprised that they are ordinary, decent people. It is Sandals’ way of ripping of people, mainly the terrified Yanks. The Brits usually go out and mix.
    Do a quick survey of Oistin’s: of the white tourists there on a Friday nights what percentage are Brits, Australians and Canadians and what Yanks? American tourists take the US with them (Kentucky, Macdonald’s, etc) while the Brits and Europeans seek to explore. It is a cultural thing.


  • Government has no business being involved in negotiations of a private sale. In most countries government can acquire land under eminent domain for projects such as widening a road, building plants for the delivery of utilities, etc. However, the owner should be compensated for the fair market value as determined by the court if there is disagreement.

    In this case it appears to be trying to steal the land on behalf of a corporation who disagrees with the owner on the fair market value. As you know the price of property in Barbados is outrageous, however that’s an individual decision for the buyer. While Mrs Ram may have bullied her way, she has contributed to the economy by employment of Barbadians, VAT, etc.

    What says Commissiong now that he has attached himself to government. The government should be concentrating on Electricity, Water & Sewage, roads!


  • Another insult to barbados name happened this week when one of barbados heroes Sir Everton Weeks a man whose name was known world wide as a cricket genius which helped to place barbados name in the international world
    To many shock and horror Sir Everton was treated with much disregard and disdain left for hours inside a hospital corridor before receiving treatment or even a bed
    What de hell has happened to this 166sq ft


  • November 23, 2019 5:50 AM
    @ Hal


    “The concept of all-inclusive is not just about prices and service, it is also about the tourist experience, mixing socially with locals, other than hotel staff. I have already written about my experience at Almond. Dreadful.
    At Sandals in Jamaica they tell tourists not to go out alone, not to go to the local shops, etc that crime is rampant. When brave people go out and mix with locals they are usually surprised that they are ordinary, decent people. It is Sandals’ way of ripping of people, mainly the terrified Yanks. The Brits usually go out and mix.
    Do a quick survey of Oistin’s: of the white tourists there on a Friday nights what percentage are Brits, Australians and Canadians and what Yanks? American tourists take the US with them (Kentucky, Macdonald’s, etc) while the Brits and Europeans seek to explore. It is a cultural thing.”

    Hal, encouraging guests to avoid locals is nothing new. Long before all inclusives , tourists were told to avoid beach vendors and even walking on St. Lawrence Gap. All inclusives still offer tours and the guests can mingle with locals if they so desire. The reason that all inclusives are gaining popularity has to do with simple convenience . For example a couple can put an entire vacation on a credit card and know they can enjoy food and beverage without any hard cash.
    Your comment about American tourists bringing their culture is way off base. If you talk to anybody in tourism , they would tell you that Americans spend a lot more cash than other tourists. You may need to hear west coast hoteliers on this point. The average American tourist is more eager to spend money with locals than any other group. Americans are always interested in local cuisine wherever they travel.
    Finally , again you are missing the tagret about english tourists. They are essentially tighter with money althought their numbers may be higher. Again,, anybody on the south coast will tell you that most english tourists will be more historically attached to Barbados . This is because of cricket and so on. This assualt on all inclusive properties is not based on hard business sense and the modern leisure market. Just take a look at modern cruise ships-they are like floating islands and hotels with every known convenience.
    I don’t think that the vendors at Oistins will agree with you.


  • @ William

    Not my experience in the Bahamas, Jamaica or Britain. The Brits spend their money responsibly, they are not tight. I live with them everyday.
    Want to see US tourism, look what happened during and after the Vietnam war: the R&R that turned Thailand in to a nation of prostitutes; look at the Philippines; and look at Japan, where the US marines are based.


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You said and I quote

    “…Avoid comments that seek to probe the identity of commenters…”

    I already know who he is!

    As he, and others here ALREADY KNOW WHO I AM and you know who supplied that information!

    I AM NOT ON THE PUERILE LEVEL OF EXPOSING HIS IDENTITY DAVID, the point and trajectory that I am coming from IS HIS INTENT!!

    But here is the thing about this.

    I am seeking to sensitize readers as to the Machiavellian Nature of these moves AND HOW THE BTII IS BEING RECONSTITUTED BEFORE OUR VERY EYES and that the designated parties have already been identified to control this critical entity!!!

    You have been given your instructions which are very plain


    So when you say and I quote

    “…Avoid flaming other commenters…” by the way the word is INFLAMING NOT FLAMING, what i discern is that collectively YOU HAVE DECIDED THAT THIS BARBADOS UNDERGROUND PLATFORM is being observed by too many international agencies of worth AND MUGABE DOES NOT LIKE IT!!


    Note that I said “incorporate it into their speeches AND NOT GOVERNMENT POLICY”


    You then move on to present this seemingly magnanimous gesture by saying “…you are other commenters need to be attack or use descriptive language feel free to direct at the blogmaster…”

    But those of us who do so and, often “…add to the lexicon – buffoon, jackass, simple, ignorant, illiterate etc…” as we refer to you, notice that later, in another blog, you use those opportunities to return the ire that you accumulate for our previous comments.

    My point is a simple one David King.

    These are the concerted actions OF A DICTATORSHIP UNDER DIRECTION OF MIA MOTTLEY!

    And while, at times, you pretend to be nationalistic, you are so blinded by the Koolaid laced with Cannabis, that you are selling bajans up the Assin Manso River AS PART OF A NEW ENSLAVEMENT BY THE PURPORTEDLY BLACK, NEW SLAVE MASTER MIA MOTTLEY.

    Just to prove my point about your selective IDENTITY PROTECTION PROGRAMME, I would ask you to revert TO YOUR OWN POSTS HERE IN CONVERSATIONS WITH MARIPOSA, FORMERLY AC.

    And readers will see that this “last warning” is biased in its extreme because you often called Angela or Carson or the specific person posting under the multiple user account!


    I have become something “different” David not what you and your Mugabe-ites are assessing me to be, I am “in tune” so that I

    But enough of this King because you simply cant understand at your place along …


    47 Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles.

    48 If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.


  • @ my fellow myope and apostate Dr. GP

    I would not ever seek to consider myself to be Jesus the Christ.

    But you are speaking about things that AFTER THEY DETERMINED IN THEIR HEARTS THAT THEY COULD NOT ALLOW HIM TO CONTINUE TO TEACH, they decided to kill him

    Verse 53 continues and I quote

    “…53 Then from that day forth they took counsel together for to put him to death.

    54 Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews; but went thence unto a country near to the wilderness, into a city called Ephraim, and there continued with his disciples…”

    Mugabe Amin has already sent 3 of her faction here to me in Ephraim, both virtually and physically.

    The most recent plot was thwarted.

    So here is the strategy.

    She understands that I am a ward of *** and, mindful that a public Khassoggi act would not be appreciated by ***, her first action is to “silence” my virtual voice!

    How can you do that Dr. GP, without it giving support to Piece the Legend ‘s claims that she is a wicked dictator?

    You use her agent here, the so called champion George Linnaeus Banks to sever this outlet UNDER ANY GUISE.

    So as you have noticed the 2 Rented Jackasses came and campaigned, on the premise of my “disrespect” on his blog. But that was not seen as enough of an excuse, NO PUN INTENDED.

    So now, the second line of action is, “you are causing people to think!

    To think about the underlying causes and agendas that MUGABE IS DEPLOYING!

    You are therefore a most dangerous man!


    Are you with me Dr. GP?

    Watch the watering down of the Barbados Underground topics, water Woes, Light problems, transport and buses etc.

    Suddenly people like Hal Austin and William Skinner and Wily E Coyote become enemies on Barbados Underground

    It is called Killing the Opposition

    De ole man tried to empower the Atherley Opposition AND HER AGENTS REPORTED THIS TO HER.

    Immediately I became EVEN MORE DANGEROUS THAN BEFORE , because Mugabe is aware OF WHERE OUR POWER LIES

    She has been shown the same thing that I’ve been shown AND WHILE THOSE AROUND HER DONT KNOW THE INSIDE STORY, she does!

    But more and more, people are starting to wake up AND SEE WHAT DE OLE MAN HAS BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS!

    She can only be beaten AT THE BALLOT BOX and this new Citizenship By Investment and all the other jobby, is part of the trickery WHICH HER PURPORTED PLANT, Reverend Atherley, is being alarmingly SILENT ABOUT!

    Because of a nation this Piece the Legend MUST DIE!

    If I died now, under suspicious circumstances Dr. GP, would you know?

    Would THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER announce my passing? would I get a column? Would it garner 10 posts? would the christian Grenville Phillips speak a word of kindness and ask that our Lord Jesus forgive my apostate soul and accept me into His Father’s Kingdom?

    Dont answer that




    47 Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles.

    48 If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.



    What do we? for this man doeth many miracles.If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.






  • I am neither privy to any government policies nor attached to or engaged with any government minister or agency. I don’t know of any planning officers, apart from Mark Cummins because he would have been in the news. Note I said know of, rather than know. I know Tin Foil seeks fame, but I neither know him, know of him nor care to him. Irrelevant! Some are so bent on being pickanoisettes that everything is Mugabian in nature and intent. The things I talk about are all in the literature, one just needs to read rather than pick up fire rage.


  • Dear fellow BU Readers

    The character known as Piece is mad af and/or takes himself too seriously!!🤣🤣🤣


  • @ Hee Hee the first of the Rented Jackasses

    Why would you rush here so rapidly to defend the indefensible?

    I can understand the response of the Honourable Blogmaster for my having put him on the spot!

    But you why did you come?

    I hope that EVERYONE HERE PUN BU is a witness to the fact dat de ole man mentioned NO RH NAMES!

    So why you post so at 4.41pm?

    I will not pinch my pickanoise teets!

    But looka my crosses fuh muh doah nuh!

    Wunna doan realise dat when de ole man post a truth AND WUNNA DOES RUN TO DEFEND UM PEOPLE DOES OPEN DEM EYES AND SAY “hmmmmm?”

    Doan say nuffin!

    Leh de ole man rant and rave!

    Till I get tired and guh long to sleep!


    But de Blogmaster is privy to the clicks AND DE IP ADDRESSES THAT HE CANT TRACE BACK TO *** so he notices dat de State Department and de Economic Section is watching the site



  • Heheheheh

    Now to the new offensive by the recently converted “BLP MULTIPLE USER IDENTITY” of SUFFICIENT UNTO THE DAY IS THE EVIL THEREOF.

    in one breath you call de ole man “an attention grabber” yet in another breath you run quickly to defend yourself and say WHO YOU ARE NOT!

    And all this Defense AGAINST A MADMAN?


    Dat mek sense to you?

    Ninja man does cuss Mugabe Mottley now and again.

    Do you see Mia up under the Treasury Building overhang CONVERSING WID NINJAMAN!

    Wunna see how you invalidation wunna argument AND GIVING MY STATEMENTS CREDENCE?

    Continue via de Honourable Blogmaster to say dat I disrespect he and dat I exposing anonymous bloggers identities rather ” you Piece is encouraging anonymous bloggers to conjecture as to the identity of other anonymous bloggers…”

    You can believe that shy$e?

    I is just a thorne in wunna sides yes?

    And Mugabe wants this thorn gone heheheheh

    Thank the Almighty there is still a United States Secret Service for wunna Khassoggi type despots



  • @ Enuff November 23, 2019 4:45 PM

    We can cunningly remember how this same mad hatter of a “Piece” was your big ‘blue-eyed boy of a master when from 2016 he was predicting the 30-0 red-washing of the then destructive lying party.

    Oh what ‘fairy-weather’ friends you red turncoats can be!


  • @ the Sage Annunaki

    You got to be careful with that noun “fairy” here


    Or you going get a stern warning too



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you about the word Fairy heheheheh





  • @Leader
    I am noticing the decline in your mental health.
    Moving from wearing tin foil to outright madness.
    It appears that others can remember when you were at your brilliant best with a 30-0 prediction.
    Now if you were to make the same prediction (0-30) for 2023, you are a mad old man.
    I have nothing more to do but to figure out where madness begins between 30-0 and 0-30.
    Comrade in arms.
    Commander Theo


  • Theo
    TinFoil is no soothsayer and if you want to ascribe such powers to him for his ‘prediction’ then he has clearly lost it with his continued mischaracterisation of me. I am however not surprised that the likes of you would encourage TinFoil in false accusations because the agenda trumps everything else, including basic decency. Then wunna get on BU and pretend to be paragons of virtue. Mad af and hypocrites all ah wunna.


  • @ Miller, Piece , et al

    I’m minding my business but I would like to know if Rock Hard cement is still operating on the Flour Mill / Harbour Road. I have not heard anything about it for a while.


  • PDP calls Government’s shutdown of Liquidation Centre ‘imprudent’

    The Opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development on Saturday condemned what it calls the “imprudent” manner in which Government, led by Attorney General Dale Marshall, acquired the Merchandani property in Bay Street, leaving scores of workers on the breadline just weeks before the start of the yuletide season.

    Spokesperson for the party Rev Paul Leacock told members of the media during a press conference at the West Wing, Parliament, that the Party was not defending businesswoman Asha Mrs Ram Merchandani whose property was compulsory acquired by Government earlier this year to make way for the construction of a Hyatt hotel.

    He also made it clear that the party was not questioning the rulings of the court, but was seriously concerned about the heavy handed execution of the ruling, which he said was insensitive, inconsiderate and inappropriate on several fronts, and must not go unnoticed.

    As he urged Government to be more circumspect in its management of the public’s affairs, Leacock said the party is also calling on members of the public to be vigilant because “today fuh me but tomorrow may be fuh you”.

    Leacock questioned why Government rushed headlong with the police to padlock the building, which housed the Liquidation Centre business, just mere weeks before Independence Day and the Christmas season when many businesses do their best commerce all year.

    He said on behalf of the people living in a democratic Barbados, the opposition wanted to know what would be lost if government had waited until the New Year to make the move, if workers would be compensated, and why Mrs Ram was not allowed to sell her property to the interested party directly.

    Leacock also raised questions as it relates to why government was disinheriting its own citizen to benefit a foreign entity, and what was the process used to identify Hyatt as a company to benefit from the acquisition as opposed to any other.

    “Is it true that the principals of the Liquidation property themselves had applied for permission to pursue similar development even if it was on a smaller scale? Why the haste to lock down the property while the price negotiation is still going on? Is government offering fair market value for the property?” Leacock asked.

    “Law by nature is unyielding and can appear harsh but governance, that is, the exercise of the rule of law is to be humane not a display of hubris towards its citizens. Additionally, Government is accountable to its citizenry not the other way around. Hence, we have legitimate right to hold the authorities accountable for actions that are insensitive and inconsiderate as is evident in this case,” he added.

    The spokesman, who said his party was duty bound to oppose inappropriate actions especially when there seemed to be an emerging pattern of heavy handedness, stated that one of the first acts of the Mia Mottley-led administration was its default on its Bonds owned by thousands of ordinary Barbadians, corporations, and churches who were severely disadvantaged.

    He said government unilaterally readjusted the terms and conditions of the contract, denying consideration, and noted that many patriotic Barbadians who invested in those financial instruments to save the country were told they would have to wait upwards of 15 years to receive their return, and to add insult to injury, the promised interest was to be reduced by 50 per cent or less.

    “Many have and will die before seeing their reduced returns because of Government’s abuse of its fiscal power. Such heavy handedness must not go uncensored in a democracy of justice and equity.

    “We are reminded in the scripture that power belongs to God, and Government to whom that power is lent is to be a servant of God for us for good. It is to be a terror to evil; it is not be a terror itself to those under its jurisdiction.

    “To good power we must be subject and not resistant paying tribute where it is due. Given the overwhelming mandate this Government has been graciously given, it must itself be gracious not abusive, for to whom much is given, much is required,” he said.

    Leacock stressed that power of compulsory acquisition of private property was one of the most drastic powers the state can exercise. Therefore, he said Government must ensure that when such power was exercised it was unquestionably for good national purpose.

    “Justice must be seen by the citizens to be done. Power must never appear to the citizens to be abusive by the state,” he said


  • @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    You notice my demotion too?

    From hero to zero!

    From Prophet to StraightJacket

    And, recently, leader of de Soon To Be Banned tribe!

    My “descent” in popularity officially occurred at my 18 to 12 prediction in favour of the PdP.

    But it was long before that Commander Gazzerts, it was way back when I publicly said that Mugabe was a despot and then showed pictures of her “weaker moments”

    It occurred when de ole man, seeing the signs that MUGABE MOTTLEY was not intent on changing what she was AND THAT “WE GOING WID OWEN” though he knew the type of scum she was, was himself so intent on winning AND REMAINING PRIME MINISTER, was not man enough to expose the slime called Mugabe

    Do you remember these Commander Theophillus?

    De ole man HAS NOT CHANGED in my opinion, it is just that, in the presence of a nation who, as opposed to being people ARE A BLIND SHEEPLE, what can one do to advance people speaking out AND VOTING AGAINST LEADERS WHO EMBRACE DRUGLORDS AS MODEL CITIZENS and invite them to Parliament AND NOT A FELLOW, including the existing church, says one thing!

    I was unpopular long but dem kept quiet about the anti Mugabe campaign because they WERE INSTRUCTED “DO NOT ENGAGE!”


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Commander Theophillus Gazerts thank you


  • @ Mariposa

    De ole man notes that EVEN YOU have adopted the PdP as your Party of Choice!!!

    You are not even quoting Verla De Pizza but have now embraced the PDP as your champion!

    This is understandable as your post a few moments ago verifies.

    But here is the thing, ITS LANGUAGE!

    “…PDP calls Government’s shutdown of Liquidation Centre ‘imprudent’…”

    This word “imprudent” is one of the doggie stroking words that is representative of the Leader of the Opposition whom people purport to be a Mia plant!

    The fact is that the Reverend Atherley is not a man of war, he is a peaceful man who believes that Mugabe Mottley is a servant of God!

    He refuses to accept that she, because of her dispositions, has been given over to a reprobate mind, and consequently WILL NOT BE NICE IN THIS UPCOMING BATTLE FOR THE COUNTRY BARBADOS.


    May Gid bless his Soul, but Joe IS A SLOW MAN!

    Getting the PdP in motion for the battle in January of 2021 is not the type of conflict that Joe is best outfitted for!

    And while this is harsh, the truth is that he HAS TO DELEGATE THESE DUTIES TO THE OTHERS WHOM GOD HAS SENT HIM!

    Let me share this with you Joe.


    ALL your indiscretions will be revealed in the most graphic way.

    Mugabe has no choice BUT TO DESTROY YOU!




  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Mariposa thank you


  • @ the Reverend Joseph Atherley

    I Piece the Legend bring you this Word!

    In the next General Elections in Barbados you WILL LOSE YOUR SEAT!

    But you already have an inkling of this BUT YOU ARE NOT SURE, so de ole man confirms this to you.

    History will record you as the politician whose “slaughter” at the Polls of Barbados brought about a major change that recentred the country!

    And I will tell you two of the 3 things de ole man was told to tell you TO YOUR FACE!

    1.Mugabe will ensure she makes you lose in the most despicable way “by destroying your credibility as a Man of God.”

    You should understand that Reverend Joe BUT YOU MUST TAKE HEART because that act of destroying you IS GOING TO MADE YOU STRONG!

    2.You are instructed to RUN IN ST MICHAEL NORTH EAST!

    Leave the Gibbs fellow AND FIGHT MIA MOTTLEY HERSELF Reverend Atherley!

    Watch now as the many pundits and other *** will come to rebut de ole Man’s instructions BUT YOU ARE NOT TO DOUBT ME but understand the truth that de ole man is delivering to you.


    and you must announce your candidacy for St Michael North East now.

    You are going to have to work twice as hard, IN BOTH CONSTITUENCIES BUT you have to let people understand WHY YOU, THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION AT 2019 must make this stand!

    3.De ole man CANNOT TELL YOU PART 3, BECAUSE I DO NOT WORK FOR THE PdP and I certainly do not work for the BLP or DLP and will not expose that part yet.

    De BLP agent feels he got it but he is but a traitor to The Word, and he shall earn “his reward”

    but I can tell you that I come to you IN THE NAME OF THE LIVING GOD who is not a man, nor a woman, nor and inbetweener like Mugabe.

    Listen to the Voice that He Will Send and be guided thereafter Reverend Atherley.

    You will see I push you, not because I want to, but because I am told to.


  • As promised de ole man posted the instructions but they haven’t shown yet.

    I will try to see if I can get the Honourable Blogmaster to post them as an article here called

    “Atherley YOU HAVE TO LOSE….TO WIN” but de ole man is sure that the Honourable Blogmaster will…


  • Enuff as you know this spineless guy theophilus is a known follower of Piece.Whatever Piece says he supports as if he does not have a mind of his own.If Piece was to claim the world will end tomorrow i believe theophilus would agree with him.I once asked him if he agrees with Piece constantly degrading and disrespecting the blogmaster he disappeared for a while and returned to skirt the issue.He has yet to answer the question go figure.Therefore do not be surprise at anything said by theophilus.The jackass Piece speaks as though he is some demi god when all he is an egotistical know it all.


  • So Ram did not fear Barbados when he/she were treating black people like slaves, but now that they are being treated like black people, they fear it….lol…he means no government has ever done that to the likes of him before, but now they are…GOOD…too much goddamn privilege extended to slave drivers on the island for too long….welcome to being Black in Barbados.

    “Mr Ram Mirchandani is a hurt businessman, and he is using his pain to send a message and warning to all property owners in Barbados.

    “I am hurting. We are virtually dead.

    “My business has been taken over without paying a penny. Is that fair? Is that the new policy of the Barbados government? No government has ever done this before. They have taken my property and they’ve taken my business. They’ve closed down my business… I’ve been shut out.

    “It’s a bloody shame. If that is the policy all other businesses have to be careful that the government can take it over without paying a penny because they feel like because they feel all the government [sic], the property belongs to the government….

    “That is the most grievous thing I’ve ever heard…

    “We’re hurt. It hurts when you take somebody’s property… you just take it over along with goods and so on. Is that fair?”

    And thus, he insisted, “All the businesses have to be now beware that your businesses can now be taken over.”

    At this point his microphone was cut.”


  • @WW&C
    and this is why the GoB acted as they did. They knew the owners were on the island’s “most disliked list”. Do you think if the BWU or NUPW or a pension fund owned this land they would have acted as they did?

    Just this morning, a former client called me. A decade ago, they considered moving business to Barbados and buying property; and I had to advise them, of the buggery and indecent acts laws. “Had to”, because I knew at least two of the principals were openly gay. They were recently in Barbados, and the message to me, related to this current Mirchandani issue. And their position at that former time, why ALL laws are so relevant, because you never know when, or why, they will be used?

    Given Barbados continues to rank among the worst, largely because of the life sentence available, and the very negative press this receives within the LGBTQ community continually, why this group in power haven’t sought to rectify this issue. Weeks ago, a regional group announced they were taking several of the governments to court on this very issue.


  • @NO

    The reforming/rewriting/redrafting of laws is not a priority for this Gov’t or should I write any Bajan Gov’t?

    The Gov’t will take “bold” steps when it comes to tackling economic/financial affairs but when it comes to some social issues it is as timid as a church mouse. Take the discussion re legalization of marijuana, there is no tyranny of the majority as it is promising to hold a referendum and at the same time proposing to allow the Rastafarian sect to use it for “sacramental” purposes. A Gov’t Minister (Toppin) is on record saying that he is opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana, however in your critique of the buggery laws you left out one salient point Bajans are still (publicly at least) very conservative and the DLP used to use the issue of liberalization of homosexual laws as a cudgel to beat the DLP over the head until the DLP became so deficient that it didn’t resonate with the electorate anymore.

    That Trudeauesque “The Gov’t has no business in the bedrooms of the nation” may fly in Canada (ask Scheer) but in Bimshire it is a no-go. I hope your clients weren’t thinking of establishing some tourist related business where there is a nude beach, just another example to drive the local clergy and laity mad.


  • @Sarge
    to my knowledge they were in pharmaceuticals. I cannot speak to any of their future plans for they were not shared with me at the time. I know the business stayed put, and they ultimately bought a large waterfront property in the Virgin Islands. That was primarily about flying time, though Bim got previously axed from consideration because of its laws. You cannot please everyone? Like so many other decisions, it isn’t the plethora of positives which win, it is avoidance of the deal breaker negatives. As you noted, ask Scheer. What did McKay note? He had a break away on an empty net, and didn’t score.

    I appreciate the apprehension to tackling social issues. The challenge is the bullying and harassment goes well beyond, what we John Q public know about. Those in the public realm, including journalists, avoid so much, due to abuse thrown at them via social media. The female MP’s and MPP’s get abused daily, including very specific threats. I have a friend, more via proximity of property than anything else, who is a well known female author who writes on topics affecting primarily women. She has shown me her social feed. It is not only disgusting, but unbelievable what some will say and threaten.


  • “The reforming/rewriting/redrafting of laws is not a priority for this Gov’t or should I write any Bajan Gov’t?”

    Yet they legislated and have established a law reform commission? Wunna gine go mad cussing me.



  • @ Enuff November 24, 2019 7:21 PM

    Shouldn’t be reading ‘law reform commission re-launched’ (once again)?

    What happened to the recommendations made by a precursor to the current commission? Was it christened the Forde Commission?

    More consultancy fees for the big boys including old family ties and friends aka political kith and kin.

    Now that you have a more ‘enlightened queen’ on the throne would the Commission be recommending the legal acceptance of same-sex marriages/partnership and the removal of the buggery laws from the statute books the same way the laws against Rastafarians using marijuana for sacramental purposes are being removed?


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